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REVIEWS OF AMC Schererville 12 IN Illinois

Dave Sobilo

Good place to catch a flick

Barry Morris

A little disappointed overall in the cleanliness of the theater. Piles of debris and garbage cans outside theater in the hallway. I don't know how they stay in business when 7 people are at a film.

Angela Sannasardo

The the movie theater is a great place to watch the movie when it 1st. Comes out and great butter popcorn and slushies.

Darius Brown

Wasnt happy with the customer service that was given. Popcorn wasnt even good I would rate the popcorn alone a 1 of 5. I would however give them another chance because certainly everyone has an "off" day.

Dan Francis

Nice theatre, I think amc theatres are slightly overpriced on tickets and concessions in general but I'll likely visit again.

Bonita L. Howard

I enjoy going here for movies during the early part of the afternoon. It's always so peaceful & quiet and you can really hear what's going on while watching the movie due to the more mature audience. Seats are very comfy too.

Thomas McNichols

No cellphones were opened during the movie! This was the first time I have been there when you choose your seat before you enter the theater.

Larry Carlock

Concession stand offering a special but the people behind the counter don't let you know like they usually do.

Katherine Reyna

Thank you! Its very nice. How was yours?

Charles Copeland

Scary stories to tell in the dark is a lame movie!

Katherine Collins

The food and drink options as well as their quality were good. There are self serve drink stations which were convenient. The temperature of the theater was comfortable rather than the typical sweater weather conditions I've grown accustomed to elsewhere. The sound and visual quality of the movie were high. The sound was not ear piercingly loud. I didn't like that they stopped offering popcorn an hour before 1 of the movies was finished. Our movie had at least 30 minutes left and we were eager for a refill on our giant overpriced popcorn bucket. The seating was cramped. I kept bumping elbows with the person next to me and the as rests were plastic and scrstchy. I ended up sitting in an awkward position trying to avoid the scraping and bumping until finally it got so bad I decided to move and sit by myself.

Rex Goatley

Pretty decent place to go see a movie, sneak your own food and drinks in unless you want to pay 100 dollars for a popcorn and a drink. It was pretty clean and the staff was professional. Buy your tickets online because getting them before the show is a hassle, there are certain lines where you can ONLY pay cash and they're not clearly marked.

Dave Hunt

Little warm, staff was great price were perfect

Michael J

A nice theater. Staff is pleasant. Needs to update to the more comfortable seats. They're decent though. Easy access to restrooms & concession stand.

Travis Read

We frequent this theater. The staff is always nice.

Tamora Williams

Nice clean show I wish they upgraded to the stadium seating.

Michael Moustakas

The theater is nice. However change the seats.

Jessica Kempke

Always a good time

MrFilmoreJr .

It's kinda dirty. The prices are way too high!

big fox

Sup im monkey hehe the robotic eagle was amazing.

Sheldon Durant

Good atmosphere to watch a movie.

Cristian Garcia

AMC 12 is actually newer and better than 16. Is more organized and the seats are better. We always enjoy coming here

Hector De La Rosa

Bathrooms are horrible. Seats are dirty. The popcorn at the concession stand is extra salty giving the public diabetes and heart problems.

Janice Roush

Always like viewing a movie here. Wish they would get the red reclining chairs.


Last visit purchased hotdogs where bun warm, hotdog cool

To J

I saw 2 movies this day. The first theater was entirely too warm and had a broken armrest with no signage which I didn't notice until I scratched my arm. The second theater was cooler but still warm. This may be due to the fact that it was warmer than the previous day but this should have been taken into account and the air should have been adjusted. Overall, it was an average experience.

Fabian Rosado

It's an average theater that does what it's supposed to. They do not support Tap-N-Pay, which is not much of an issue, but I would like to see it's implementation.

Christopher Oddo

The only reason I gave them 3 stars is because of the wonderful employees. Super helpful & friendly. The seating seemed pretty uncomfortable.

Elysian Dreams

Nice place to see a movie. Took a star off because there was a huge mess (popcorn, wrappers, etc.) in the seating areas made before our showing started, probably from the showing before ours. They usually clean up between movie showing times so don't know what happened there. The women's toilets were a bit of a mess too. For the most part though, nice staff, fairly comfortable stadium seating & no major distractions during the movie showing.

Emily Noel

I came in the other day to see happy death day 2u and was so happy with service I received. Geena was behind the concession stand and she was super friendly, warm, and outgoing. She was a beam of sunshine on a cold, winter day. I was also surprised by how fresh the popcorn tasted and now incredibly clean the bathrooms were. Will definitely be coming back soon!!

April Dunmore

The theater needs to upgrade to reclining chairs.

Fearless Nev

Okay place they dont have reclining seats even though they say they do in there adds.I saw Captain Marvel it was a good movie.

Nikola Sreckovic

Great place for weekend time out with family or friends!

Fernandos Matthews

The theater is nice there seat are a little tight, please update seating.

Elder Navarrete

I just go here to watch movies with my friends and family. Theaters are decent and chairs are ok to sit on unless you are watching a 3+ hour movie then your bum will start getting tired. The food and snacks are overly priced but I wouldn't know the quality of the food since I never bought any food.

R.D. Garay

Good place to catch a matinee.


Excellent place to see a movie.

Lisa Marie

Nice staff, comfortable seats and good eats.

Nicole McCormick

I really like that they still honor The AMC Stubs Premier members. Some of the AMC Theaters do not acknowledge the Stubs Premier members. What sense does it make to pay the annual membership fee if it is not acknowledged? Thanks Schererville AMC!

Damien Hernandez

Good place to see a movie, clean theaters, clean restrooms, friendly staff. My negatives would be no recliners or assigned seats. Come on upgrade already. Also popcorn is sometimes not fresh or too many crumbs. This place would be a 5 if you only installed recliners get with the times already.

Michael Franklin

A decent venue for movies. With the Stubs and Popcorn Bucket promos you have the makings of a pretty cheap date. The soda is self serve so you could go crazy with Coke Freestyle flavor combinations. Stubs members have express lines at the box office and concession stand, don't hate me 'cause I'm special. The overall appearance of the lobby, theaters, and restroom is clean. My only gripe is the inability to raise the armrests-drink holders between seats.

Angie M.

It was ok the one in Portage is better.

Stacy Gibson

Nice and clean, workers were friendly and happy to help..

Valencia Shannon

Always a good time.

Scott Pyle

Movies are nice here too

Cameron Martin

Bland popcorn. Very basic seats. Everything else was fine and clean though.

David Lipps

Always fun for the kids. They have made upgrades to their payment options to limit waiting in line. The 16 is the same.

jim debok

Good place to see a movie.

Kristin Hackenson

Very clean and great movie quality, with a fast and efficient ticket purchasing.

Dorothy King

Great customer service, very friendly staff and clean facility. Great picture quality as well.

Marty Zaborski

It's a decent movie theater outside of being outdated, needs new recliners and it be perfect

G. G.

Ticket buying experience wasn't the best, very busy. They try to force customers to the kiosk. 3 separate lines separated by stubs membership without any difference in how the ticket sellers choose the next customer.

Peyton Williams

Nice theatre not crowded great screens

Joellen Seberger

LOVE this place, best variety of shows& times. I do like when the popcorn/pop is discounted too.

Jonathan Laud

Enjoyed the movie. Staff is very friendly, the theater was clean, not too crowded, line moved pretty quickly . Food and drinks are a bit pricey.

Tina Arteaga

First of we came on a Monday, so I expected the place to be clean. Our ticket taker was nice. The food counter was dirty! Plus the young girl who waited on us needed more training. The movie seats where good. The bathrooms not so good! It's a Monday so all stalls should have had toilet paper!

Samuel Rivera

Always enjoy going there for movies I like. Service is always good, in my opinion.

Cheryl Clark

Nice theater Line to pick up tickets doesn't exist! There is some confusion at confession stand, the Premiere customer is suppose to get faster service, someone needs to inform the staff. The theater is clean so are the wash rooms.

Ileana G.R.H

Typical AMC theater. Great for movies but a little pricey on concessions.

Max Begovich

This is a good theater because they always have a large selection of shows playing and a wide variety of times for each show. Plus the staff are really nice, on more than one occasion they've set aside a popcorn refill for me when I was at …

T Thom

I feel like the movie theatre it self was ok. Over priced prices make sense because it is a movie theatre. Also, customer service was really good the food came out quicker than you would expect. So no problems there. The seats weren't the most comfortable, but they weren't horrible. Just don't put your phone on your lap lol. Fell right through the hole. Picking seats is also good. Letters are on the floor numbers are on the seats. So that system is pretty good except when it's dark. if you want to spend 15$ on pretzel bites and large icee this is the place for you. I feel people forget to rate the theatre for the theatre and rate it for the movie. So hopefully this helps.

Beverley Holeman

Nice theater, they keep it clean between shows


Very clean and love the theater.

Glenda Rininger

Good seating. Good popcorn. Good movie.

Adonis Wiley

No frills seats aren't comfortable

Google User

A wonderful theater. Lots of movies available every day. A great place to take your family or a date.

Patricia Holloway

So expensive. Really only have it two stars because 1. Now you can reserve seating, and 2. They serve French fries. Otherwise, AMC blows. Their rewards program isn't even good anymore. Ugh

Marie Bishop

Great helpful staff. Comfortable atmosphere.

Amber Jennings

Very well kept theater. The guys at the front desk are great, they are always very friendly! Great atmosphere here, family approves.

Rick H

It's a good theater has nice reclining seats. IMAX decent food.

Diane Harris

Very polite staff and accommodations are usually clean and available. I really like this theater. We go there all the time.

queen b

Clean, and accessible. Pleasant movie experience.


The theater doesn't have nice seats. And they try to assign seats.

Angela Marshall

Clean, friendly workers, love discount Tuesday

James Jones

Place is clean and people are respectful.

Laura Lomeli

Great workers, clean and worth every penny.

Naomi Rivera

Always a good clean movie theater

j corse

The place was empty at 11 am and i really enjoyed that.

Doug MacFeely

Theater is well love and well used, could do with a remodel to have some of the nicer amenities that newer theaters have.

Kenneth Crooks

Good theater experience... however, our local theaters need to start serving food and adult beverages

tinnekke .

Clean facility with courteous staff

Anonymous J

Im am so disappointed in the new ASSIGNED SEATING, this was the worst movies expierince we have ever had here. We were smashed in like Sardines and only 1/2 the theater was filled. I will never take my family here again ,especially when the average night can get upto $100 a visit... If people cant get thier early or time then they snoose they loose. I will wait for these movies to stream before we go back to another AMC again... NOTE: why dosent managment offer assigned seating on the first 2weeks of a movies instead of the entire time its out. That way family's likd ours can wait a bit untill the movie has no more assigned seeting. Then we would make the visit to the theater. That would be a good compromise for all your customers.....

Chris Bonessa

They need to bring these theaters up to the standards of their other theaters. People tell me that other AMC facilities are really awesome. Can't say that about the one's in Schererville.

Chloe Quintana

The AMC manger, Walter, at showplace 12 is a great guy. He was very helpful and a chill guy!

Nicholas Davis

I really cannot say much about this visit because the parking lot was extremely crowded so I decided to watch avengers another day also in the past visits the facility was clean nice lighting and friendly employees

Dr. Georgene Collins

Clean and comfortable theater. I like picking our seats when we buy the tickets.

Karen Bauer

I like these theaters - however it would be nice if they perhaps changed some things up and installed some dream lounger chairs. However - it's a theater - it's clean and the staff is nice. :-)

T. C

Great place. Clean theaters.

Joe Anderson

Excellent service and very clean.

Elizabeth Ensweiler

You now apparently have to pick seating as you are paying for tickets and it ruins the movie going experience. It is way better picking seats as you would have normally. Why change something that is not broken. Causes more problems than solving. Seen a couple arguments over it. I really don’t see a reason for it. I hope they get rid of this policy. I would give 5 stars otherwise.

juana flores

I been coming here for years now but today Connor greeted my 4 girls and I with so much excitement so polite. I had to ask him for his name. He mention how he just started working and how today was the first day left alone. He was full of …

Rich Gomez

Place is very clean. Staff has been friendly and helpful when I've needed assistance. Although concession is expensive, I help reduce my costs by going before 12 noon where cost are generally $5.49 per admission. It's a very safe and comfortable environment. Great family atmosphere but not noisy. Surrounding business district provides additional amenities for after-movie fun also. Bathrooms are very clean. Parking lots are safe. Well, I hope this covers everything.

Jennifer Morin

Love going here

Marc Martinez

Best movie theatre in the area several years ago. Has been dethroned by nearby options with recliners and full bars.

Crystal Patton

And "The Lion King" was absolutely wonderful!!!

Cheryl Gordon

Nothing wrong with the theatre or employees, just that (in general) movie theatre prices are way too high.

Matthew Smith

Chairs were a bit uncomfortable/worn out

Gaming Gold41

Really like the self serve area! Very clean.

Gori Syed

I took my grandkids to watch aquaman. They loved the show but the wahole theater was empty. I was surprised to see that. Perhaps it was because it was 6pm on Sunday. The popcorn was also stale.I don't thunk that they even a made a second batch. I give it a 4 star because it was ckean and the attendants were polite.

James Johnston

We were passing though and decided to stop for a movie, keep in mind me and my family have been to a lot of different AMC’s up and down the country. The biggest selling point on the large popcorn and drinks are (FREE REFILS) so you can imagine my wife’s shock when 5 mins into a movie that started at 9 pm go’s to get a refill can’t as staff have shut down the drinks machines and popcorn and are proceeding to do their nightly clean. My 2 biggest problems are 1 I feel that this was dishonest as don’t sell items under the pretense that you can get more of when you can’t. 2 I felt staff were just trying to finish up early instead of focusing on the customers needs. We were there in the summer of 2018, so hopfully they have changed the way they do business but I needed to say my bit on this matter.

William Meegan

Great Place And Staff!!

Tonya Hill

Go to movie theater.....just love it

Timothy Stephens

Cool theater. Pre seating selection would be nice though.

Jessica Ramirez

Madeline was incredibly rude to me and my son. Not only was she rude to me, but she was also incredibly rude to her fellow employees. She clapped at them and told them to help us even though she could’ve. I said that to her out loud and she rolled her eyes at me and scoffed. I cannot believe that she is a “crew lead.” Disgraceful. So sad to see that these are the people you promote in this company. Will definitely not be coming back. I’ll go to cinemark from now on. Worth the drive to not be treated like trash. Hope she gets talked to and reprimanded.


I prefer the 12 to the 16 (right down the street) if I can see a movie here rather than there. The 12 is less crowded :)

Michael Blejski

Cleanish theatres, clean bathrooms, fast service, no complaints other than the employees all seem miserable. Morale is at like a -1/10. I'm not sure if they need better mindsets, better pay, or better management, but something should change


Went there for Endgame and had a fabulous time. People there are super nice and respectful.

emri foreit

Went to this theatre and paid for me and my friend to see the new movie, Pet Sematary. When I went to pay with an $100 bill, my change was cut short by $20. I IMMEDIATELY turned around and explained to them that I was missing a $20 bill, and maybe the worker, Ben, had not given it to me. A woman named Courtney claimed she had checked the drawer, and she said they didn’t have it. Based on what they did, they were basically insinuating that I was lying. I had to file a police report and file a complaint with corporate. I advise not to go to this theatre or deal with these workers.

Edward Lerma

Great looking decor and service is great. Most comfortable seats of any movie theater around here.

Felicia Alexander

Theater seats needs to be updated and if it was an lil warmer inside the theater itll made the movie more enjoyable.. I was freezing

junior amitoelau

It's a clean show place.. but I feel that they need to renovate the seating. Felt a bit small

Cristina Shanahan

Very friendly people, we saw how to train your dragon 3, very good screen, very clean facility.

Mark Bratton

Newer facility. Standard Cinemaplex-like fare. Well maintained. We'd cancelled & upgraded our tix and the employee that helped us was most helpful in recognizing that transaction, getting us in line quickly for the film.

Diamond Kelley

A pretty large theater with many rooms and several movies to pick from. The parking lot is a decently big size, which is great because this place gets crowded pretty quickly. There's a bunch of foods and snacks to choose from as well since AMC has their own menu.

Delia Wilkerson

Wonderful theatre. Very clean and the staff is awesome!

Doreen Dommer

They don't have the comfy seats and we usually don't purchase drinks or snacks for to price. The volume of the movie wasn't overly loud which is surprising. I hate to have to use ear plugsvt to great s movie.

Jacob Peters

Alright movie was good went to see Godzilla. But the seat I was in wasn't. Movie theater 3 seat M7. You can feel the springs and the arm rest is good just a metal slab thing

tammie longino

Was nice and clean.

Stephen Muenstermann

I really like this place. However, not to excited about the new kiosks. The stubs card did not work with them. We had to get someone to process the tickets.

Cass ha

Very good movie theater. Clean theater, freindly staff, free refills on popcorn & sodas. Insanely huge soda drinks!! Candy & nachos could be a wee cheaper, otherwise very good movie experience.

Patrick Connelly

Nice to see a movie with family, but movies are just starting to get Soo gosh darn expensive!!!

Bruce Loggins

Need reclining seats

Jazmin Montoya

Usually clean. Always has the latest movies. Staff is always pleasant. However, you cant quite cuddle here. The armrests don't lift up.

Amanda Chavez

Always love coming here very clean and the staff is always nice i always get fresh popcorn

Anthony Hart

Great movie theater quiet and no Riff Raff

clendi2002 .

Audio quality is good.

Heather Lynn Harris

I came here on my 29th birthday to see Ralph Breaks the Internet. The ticket prices were high for me and my mom. Almost $20.00. But, on the plus side, there are plenty of snacks, and drinks to choose from. They even list the prices of candy. Their popcorn sizes can be generous. There are 3 Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and 2 frozen drink stands. It's like all you can drink between the two when you buy a drink, so you really get your money's worth. You also have the option of becoming a member

Martha Garcia

It's just fun


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