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700 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, United States Located in: Navy Pier

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Where is AMC Navy Pier IMAX?


Sam Casey

Chicago's flagship IMAX. Doesn't get better.

Etienne Salvant

Okay now I know I said that Navy Pier is overrated, but IMAX certainly isnt. Great sound, impressive visuals and an all around better movie experience.

Gaspar Betancourt

Single theater, but a top notch movie going experience.

Riley Lynch

If you’re interested in seeing an IMAX or 3D movie, this theater is the place to do it. A huge screen and theatre built for the increased perspective of the wide IMAX picture, giving you a fantastic view from practically every seat.

Caolán Meehan

Was good but far too expensive... paid $42 for two non-3d IMAX tickets

Kartik Mahendra

Better screen and viewing experience when compared to the other AMCs, but seating is better at the North Michigan one. And since it's a tourist spot, ride share costs suffer a hike.

Arth Shah

This Theater is at a beautiful location. You can spend all day here. This is real IMAX not just IMAX name. The seats are soft and comfortable but the seats does not recline enough, so it gets little uncomfortable after a while, and there is also less space between rows. But it's all worth it with the huge screen amazing sound

Chris Eis

Nice, clean theatre with a HUGE screen. Watched the new Jurassic World in IMAX and couldn't have asked for a better venue. Their Tuesday drink and popcorn special can't be beat!

Alexander Clemons

This is my absolute favorite place to watch a movie in the city.

lupe pettit

Just plain awesome and it gets you out of the elements hot or cold.

Judy Jackson

Too loud. Nice otherwise.

vickie odonnel

Super cool place to take kids - or anyone. Love this place.

Brian Boone

Sunday was my 1st time ever going to Navy Pier theater and I'm an AMC Alist member and which means I get to see 3 movies per week at any theater all to pay for is snacks , and the list is $21.99 per month. So far I've visited all AMC theaters downtown Chicago and Fordcity and Navy Pier is the tops , my favorite theater for IMAX, Navy pier theater is kind of like a stadium.

Erasmus Cedernaes

Perhaps I am a bit sensitive, but I felt that the volume was a bit too high. The snacks sortiment is quite limited. There could be more space for the legs. Why does the movie use only 2/3 of the screen? It's still ginormous though!

Gaile Jackson be out.side.i.loving it

Enrique D

Love action films on their moster big screen (60x86ft).

Deborah Foster


Steven Haupert

Biggest screen in the city and great sound quality. Seats are also comfy enough. Downside is having to get all the way to Navy Pier and try to avoid high priced parking & other tourist trappings.

Fransua Andrade

Great theatre, huge screen.

TheTide IsHigh

This place is awesome! The sound is amazing

Jason Fortner

Awesome experiance little pricey though

Miguel Corral

the only downside is it is limited on movie selection

Omar Valle

It's all nicely remodeled it looks totally different now great job

Britt Daiss

Tried to enjoy Rogue One as a family. 2 of us had to leave before the previews were over because of the insane volume. I expect "spectacular sound" to mean amazing surround sound effects, not a level of decibles so crazy as to drive two of us out of the theater and leave the other with a splitting headache. If you're taking small children, bring earmuffs. (That said the screen is incredible.)

Fernando Hortellani

I've already watched two movies here, one in July and one in November 2018. Both had a very wide aspect ratio that just filled a little portion of the screen vertically, and the image was positioned so high up on the screen that you needed to look slightly up even when seated in the last few rows. So you will just pay for an expensive ticket to watch a regular sized movie with two giant black bars. The experience may be better for movies that are actually made for the IMAX format, but that's never clearly advertised anyway. I regularly watch movies in IMAX theaters and usually like the experience. Having visited a few different locations (at least three in the United States and two in Brazil), I would say that not one of these other IMAX theaters was more disappointing than the Navy Pier IMAX.

Athena Zone

The sound and was great. The only thing that suck about this place the restroom location. You have to walk a out to the walk area to go the the restroom.

Gursagar Singh

You could literally just walk into any theater! Its a little pricey but was deff worth it. Although, i definitely didnt like that perishables were out in the open for anyone and everyone to spread their germs on. Relatively clean. Its a movie theater at the end of the day...

Ian Joe

Awesome theater to watch a new movie

Javier Solano

Best movie experience with Imax 3D

Bumble Bee

Why isn't this theater showing moves in 3D anymore? They are only showing the latest movies in pancake mode! They used to show the latest blockbusters in 3D at this theater but now Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Dumbo, Shazam! have only had 2D showings here. Guess I won't be visiting this theater anymore. I have no interest in watching movies in flat mode when they have a 3D version available elsewhere. This used to be the best theater in Chicago because you got a laser IMAX projector combined with stereoscopic 3D. It's the only laser IMAX projector theater in Chicago, and there is no better theater experience than that. I saw Alpha here in 3D IMAX and it was fantastic! But laser IMAX just isn't worth it if it means having to watch the movie in 2D. If I'm gonna have to watch a movie in 2D then I'd rather wait for the 4K Blu-ray release and watch it on my 4K TV instead.

Cynthia Coleman

Best theater!

Job Carbajal

Beautiful place

Mike Glaze

Views of the city from the pier are amazing ,even better if you take a boat tour

Redivel Pardo

Very nice and clean.

Elsie Bourne

Fun place to relax with Imax movie theatre, restaurant, children museum and park nearby. Ferris wheel to ride.

Sebastian Izquierdo

Comfy seats, excellent sound system and the screen was impressive as usual ... went to see Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday and am SO glad I chose this place!!!! The staff were meh (they seemed bored with it all) but did their job well regardless, the check in was smooth and the bathroom was nearby which is a plus. The upgrades to Navy Pier are great too.


Love this place.

Casey Jepsen

The staff weren’t very friendly or helpful.

Kendall Wynne

The new seats in what made the experience good

Seth Burch

Fantastic theatre! Very clean. Would come here again for a movie!

Harsha Mandayam Sampath

Watched MIB...

Carolyn Rankhorn

So the movie was great, but the Imax experience was way over rated. I have a theatre back home that has more comfortable seating and better sound. It wasn't a bar experience by any means just honestly isn't worth the extra money you spend. If you have kids they would probably love it though


Nice area for tourists like me. Has a bit of everything

Leroy Foster

I expected more but it was still good experience.

Olabimpe Olaniyan

The seats were kinda sticky by the 9 pm showing. Seats don't really recline/aren't that comfortable but it's not horrible. Staff was nice enough. Alcohol available to purchase

Mike Winger

Great screen

Sean Boyle

Other than the fact that it is located on Navy Pier, this is a fantastic theatre. The seats are super comfortable, with a great view of the enormous screen from every one. The sound system here is better than any other theatre downtown. They also screen 3D movies, which can be quite an experience in IMAX. The tickets aren't cheap, but I would rather spend the money on a great movie experience here than at a smaller venue closer to home.

Michael Meredith

The navy pier IMAX theatre is a very great place to watch a movie. It has one of the largest movie screens i have ever seen. the experience is amazing it almost feels like your there with the amazing 3D affects and the the fantastic audio built in. its a great place to see the latest hit movies.

Estela Duhart

Buy your tickets online and avoid the line. Pricey but with it.

Michael Boyadjian

The experience is, of course, bigger and better than the typical movie theater. If you see a movie that is specifically filmed in IMAX, it's even better still. The seats are nothing special and it can actually get tight if you sit between two larger people. The concessions snacks are marked up higher than usual, so be prepared for that. When the film is over, they make you exit upstairs instead of the way you came in, which isn't a problem for me, but individuals that have trouble with stairs may have some issues.

Marilyn Devine

Love this movie theatre!!

Jesus Cruz

Don't think twice . Like Nike,, just do it .. YOLO

James Rickel

Best imax screen in the city.

Steve Nowicki

Best theater experience I've ever had! Nothing can beat this right now!

scarlett san

Not as big as I thought but still a much better experience than the normal theaters

George Ohler

The screen and movie quality were impressive, but the idea that it's a theater itself is comical. They have a single vending cooler with a severely limited selection of Pepsi 20oz products, little to no concession (8 or so candies to select) and no popcorn! Ironically it's AMC, which partners with Coca-cola too.

mark stonkus

Touristy overpriced fun & IMAX!

Shabala Deshpande

Nice place for good times with family and friends

Aman Bodawala

No comment.... best experience to watch a awesome and most awaited movie of the year there

Angela Crosby

It was great can't wait to see the next one

Kirti Sanchana

Amazing place and great sound system! A great location too!!

Cailan Shannon

The eye masks is expensive, but that is to be expected when you go to see movie at Navy Pier. The staff was kind, the seats were comfortable, and the movie viewing experience was spectacular. This is a fun adventure for an occasional family ordeal, but make sure to spend some time walking around Navy Pier and sightseeing while you're down there.

Alaina Pierce

seeing endgame still made me cry but atleast I could hear eveything

Mary Hildebrandt

Great IMAX theater! It's a fun location being on Navy Pier. They only have the one theater, and the concession/ticketing line is the same line, so it can get kind of long. I always have a good time here, though.

Evelyn Tirado

Nice place to watch movies

Christopher Ryan

Thieter was nice they only show one movie at a time. It was kinda understaffed when I was there took me a while to get my popcorn.

Rose Langguth

This particular AMC theater goes right to the movie versus showing previews and that's what sets it apart! Personally, I like previews as it gives the audience a peak at upcoming attractions. The stadium seating and IMAX made the experience that much more immersive.

Daniele Paolo Scarpazza

Unfortunately, spurious light coming from the projection room ruins the dark sequences with square white halos covering some 30% of the screen. You would expect more for attention to these details in an IMAX theater. Also, failure to calibrate volume control (excessively loud, to the point of making the loud sequences uncomfortably loud). Made the movie less enjoyable. Would rather go to the non-IMAX AMC on Illinois St.

chuck durham

The best place to watch movies

Louis Hernandez

Great IMAX theater!

Alma Torres

My grandkids loved it, then we took a water taxi back (could use some benches)

brenda tyler

I really enjoy the environment of Navy Pier IMAX theater it was my daughter's very first time going to IMAX theater and she really enjoyed it.. we went to go see the Avengers and she really really enjoyed going to Navy Pier IMAX and I really want to thank you guys for making her day and our very first IMAX experience really really enjoyable

Elliott Serrano

Best IMAX theater in the city. Go for the picture quality and sound.

Keisha Carothers

So sorry I did not take pictures. However, I enjoyed myself there. Comfortable seating, good popcorn and the staff was very kind. Usually when the staff is young, they lack in customer service and professionalism, but these young people were respectful, professional and I even observed how well they worked together as a team. Did I mention, how good and fresh the popcorn was...

Paul Moreno

Love this theater. Worth every penny I paid...absolutely coming back for any new action movies..worth the drive and money. Highly recommended

Brad Wales

Haven't been to this theater in years but saw avengers here tonight and thought it was pretty great. Seats aren't like the recliner theaters but they are comfy leather and have a some rocking to them. The prices are high but I think it was worth it for a movie I really wanted to see shot in this format. The screen is ridiculously big and the seating is sharply stadium style so we felt pretty immersed in the movie. Main critiques would be price of tickets and concessions (though the food was fine) and they could use a better sound system. Overall happy though. Pro tip: walk a few blocks away from the pier if you're getting an Uber. We walked for about 10 minutes, chatted about the movie, and had our fares go down about 50-60% from what it was at the pier

David Kinsey

You need to know what you're getting into with this theatre. They claim to have the best sound and visual experience around, and not to sell them short it really is pretty good. 3D is a little overrated in my book, but if your looking for something a bit different than a normal movie experience, checking out a flick here isn't a bad idea.


One of the Largest screen in the world. Never seen a movie in such a big screen. Best everything was good.

jesse sanchez

The best place in Chicago period

Mark Emmons

Always great to see the large screen...makes even bad movies enjoyable.

Cesar Moreno

Great screen!!!

Jelena Predaina

Enjoyed watching Furious 7 in IMAX at a discount thanks to Groupon! The experience itself was wonderful with clear picture quality and bigger-than-life surround sound! I was less than impressed with the cleanliness of the establishment and if updates are to be made in the future, I would think cup holders in the arm rests as opposed to on the floor in front of the seats would be a good idea...definitely held on to my drink throughout the movie.

Wences Lopez



There was a constant beeping going on. Unbearable.

balu subramanya

Oh my god ! My expression says it all. A very big screen and it feels amazing to watch any movie.

Ben Weidemann

Very expensive for a big screen version of movies in the theatre. Worth it with a movie pass, but otherwise it is a bit inconvenient and their service/food options are limited

donald maas

Excellent theater on the Navy Pier

Demetrius Lawry

Having travelled many cities within the U.S. and abroad I must say this theater is not IMAX quality. The normal IMAX theaters have good snack menu's and I bought something from the same building at Mc'Donalds and was told I cant bring anything in their theater but I could buy something from their bland menu like popcorn or nachos or a very small flat pizza or loads of candy.......I am sorry this is unacceptable. I have to admit it was clean however no inside restroom you have to go around the corner....wait I cant bring something into the theater and no in and out yet I have to go out the theater to use the restroom? Although the place was clean it was just not the IMAX AMC quality I was used too next time while in Chicago Ill look elesewhere!

judy warner

Huge screen/GREAT sound system/interactive seats=fabulous experience!!!!!! But, quite expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gokhan Arik

This place has "real" IMAX. If you have been watching IMAX movies at AMC (most of their locations don't have real IMAX, but IMAX Digital) you will be surprised when you see the screen size. Seats and the gap between rows could be better. Overall nice place. I recommend seeing IMAX 3D movies at this place.

Aaron Carr

The theater itself is good. Navy Pier is undergoing a lot of changes so be prepared for that


Ok is movie but ads were man and some showed way to many times. One literally one play three times back to back. Is there going to be a new type of screening can pay for with out awful ads?

Ethan Baughey

With the recent renovation of this location a lot of things have gotten a lot better. Everything is clean and up to date and ready for brand new set of theater goers. I would highly recommend coming and catching a movie today.

Curtis D Hunt

Kyle went out of his way to help me through my struggle in getting tickets for my girlfriend and I. Avenger's Endgame tickets sold quickly and the website even went done, but Kyle helped me out big time!

Jasper Holt

Just a great experience

Stephen Gombas

Went to see the Apollo 11 IMAX film. It was awe inspiring. The detail and quality of the footage was top notch. Theatre was clean and the seats are nice.

Jerry Thornhill

What is going on with this theater? My wife and I used to love this theater for summer blockbuster movies. We have a yearly tradition of going here, but there are absolutely no show times listed now, you can't buy tickets on any website or app, and no one answers the phone. Looks like the tradition may be over.

David Hong

The seats don't recline, but that's the only negative. There is one big screen and it's massive, clear, and worthy of a visit. Honestly this is the movie Plus it's located at Navy Pier so you get a good view of the city after the movie.

Hongmeng Yang

It is a small IMAX theater, probably just one or two show rooms. The screen is more square than the other IMAX screen I have seen in San Francisco. It feels higher while narrower than the other IMAX screen. So the image won’t take the whole space of the screen itself. It is a little bit cold inside lol, so if you go in winter please bring your scarf or blanket with you. The distance between the seats is much smaller than I expect, even you just put a backpack on the ground, you will feel it sticking with you. But overall it is a good theater!

alex koerner

Great place to go

Sidhant Dewan

big screen, an actual IMAX theater experience

Jeffrey Tschiltsch

Improvements over the last couple of years (dual 4k laser projectors, new seats, screen) have made this theater worth going to again.

Sneha Goel

Clean and high quality movie experience

Samantha Garcia

Went for a free screening of the house with a clock in it's walls. Awesome seats and large screen.

Rich Sabatino

I go to Chicago 2 times a year. I went a few weeks ago and I had to take the time to write the review. All I can say is wow...... what a great staff. I was checking out some of the upcoming movies and the manager Andrew took time out of his day and talked to me about the upcoming schedule. When I went into the movie the Staff was so nice and polite. I wish I lived closer so that I could take his great staff for my own business. Andrew Keep up the great work see you and your staff again in the summer...

Elias Rafael Alves Ferreira Dias

Great seats. Great screen.

Kooladie Adams


John Neff

Got a Chance to Witness "Beauty and the Beast" on this MASSIVE screen; and let me tell you, it was worth every penny. The staff was really friendly, just wish they had a popcorn concession stand inside the theater itself- but there is a popcorn place outside it Garrets I believe? Anyways, if you want to make your night special and are close to this place, go!

Susan Laws

The Lion King at IMAX was AMAZING!!

Jorge Cardona

This theater is so much better since AMC took over. The seats are much more comfortable and there's a bit more room. Would be perfect if it had recliner seating, but you can't get everything you wish for.

Katie Galvin

It was a little too loud. Even my child was complaining about it. But otherwise, it was great...easy to book tickets and enter, and the seats were really comfy. We got seats right up front but they were fine. I have to think that every seat in the house is good

set c

Awesome screen, comfortable seats. Nice theater

Xavier Jimenez

Nice sounds

David Moore

While the screen is a true IMAX (not IMAX Experience), the theater itself is not too great. The seating is very old. The floors were not clean. There was very little vending available and at only one small counter. The volume was a bit high for my family.

Dan Gocek

This is a newly renovated laser IMAX theater, and the only one with laser technology in Chicago. This is the only theater/screen at navy pier (there are no non-imax theaters). The tickets are very pricey, even for 2D showings ($20+). Concessions are standard. Parking at navy pier is super expensive and the nearest CTA stop is a bit of a walk, so you either have to take the bus or pay for an Uber/parking, with Uber/parking just further increasing the cost of an already expensive experience. That said, the screen looks amazing and is great for big blockbusters, especially those filmed with IMAX cameras.

Hazim Jokhadar

Biggest and greatest screen in Chicago! Every great film deserves a screen like that. Clean and comfortable seats.

Kyle Miller

Awesome, gigantic screen

Karsten Paaris

Incredible. State of the art Imax.

Kannan Ramaswamy

Place looks nicer after the remodel. Better seats.

Akshit Agarwal

Best screen in Chicagoland.

Agustina Flores

Awesome sound and pic

Kerri Tolliver

I always have a great time while here at the theater.

Jay Jayson

I love this theater. The IMAX screen is awe-inspiring. If you have a choice between watching a movie at the regular theater and IMAX, choose IMAX!! All seats are good seats but I prefer the ones at the back. The staff is helpful. They'll tell you if there are extra scenes at the end of the credits that you should stay for.

Rote Pixel

Found it hard to find at first, but WOW, what a massive screen. Saw Mission Impossible: Fallout here and it was a great experience. Clean theatre, relaxed atmosphere, a bit grumpy concession staff, but I recommend that you watch your next blockbuster here.

Travis Dixon

Saw a movie. Was great. Had a lot of fun

Acton Gorton

Small snack station. Huge screen and great sound. You have to exit to the mall to use the restroom.

J Davidson

The manager on duty tonight is the best. He gave me two passes since I missed half the movie due to my 1yr old daughter crying. It wasn't his idea to bring a year old to Star Wars. So, I much appreciated the passes. Also, the staff was very friendly and the IMAX was extremely clean.

Gail Oesterle

For the last five movies I saw here, there were ... ~People playing on their phones during the movie. Couldn't get an usher, and I had to tell them to knock it myself (3x). ~People having actual discussions during the movie ~Children literally going up and down the aisle and talking during the movie. (Movie started at 7:30 p.m. - Kid was 4/5, and clearly not prepared for a PG-13 movie) Ushers are often nowhere to be seen once the movie starts. I think I may have had a string of bad luck (I've seen about 20 movies here in the past 3 years -- Usually with respectful patrons -- 2019 has just been rough). I'll probably start going to different theaters closer to home though since IMAX is meant to immerse and the audience completely prevents me from doing that.

Patrick Cavanaugh

Great theatre. Don't sit to close!

alejandro perez

Nice place to be with family and friends but a little expensive $30 parking flat rate.

paul flynn

Pricey but great

Kenneth Watkins

Nice chairs. Clean.

Alen Zulfic

Overpriced dump, it’s why nobody goes here anymore

Glen Foster

It's a nice clean theater and the screen is top notch. The sound was LOUD. I'll regain my hearing soon enough.

Tom Michael

Omg. Should try at least once-in-a-lifetime.

Josh E.

A pretty good theater. Half of the fun of going here is the area that it is in. If you're a film freak like me, it's a must.

SS Chandu

Amazing experience..

D Berry

Was extremely disappointed after visiting this theater since it had been under construction. Not even sure what was constructed besides adding a bar. Went to the evening show with my 3 boys and husband to see Black Panther and there was 1 line for snacks and food which was super long with 1 cashier and 1 other person getting the order. I figured arriving 20 mins early should be enough time but I missed the first 10 mins of the movie because of the line. Bathroom is 2 miles from the theater, had to walk the long walk of beautiful construction going on to find it. All shops were closed due to construction so no Garretts popcorn to take in the theater unless you buy before getting there. The price for the theater is ridiculous due to the fact no recliner seats and its not a dine in theater but just regular uncomfortable seats and no room to walk past other people. I told my husband we can always try things one time but this one we will not be returning. We have a better experience at the $4 movie theater in Melrose Park. I thought the construction was to get better seatings and upgrade the theater. Total waste of my money plus parking no discount at $28 after tickets costing nearly another $20 per person. No no no we will not be returning.

Rafael Guzman

Great place to watch a huge movie. No validated parking though.

dre thompson

Newly remodeled floor top ceiling Imax screen

Rahul Agarwal

Its always to visit Navy Pier on weekends. You can enjoy beach, bear, movie, shows everything at one place. Recently they started doing renovation of this place and still fun is not compromised. Fireworks at navy pier are amazing. If you want a right spot schedule 1-2 hours early. They organized wonderfest recently. I visited last year and it was fun.

Dave A.

Nice renovated Imax theater.

Frances Ibarra

Melvina Sanders was a lot of help very professional and very informative about the place also assisted me with my app.

Jay Tee

Great theater!

Jennifer Dennie

One of the nicest theaters I have been to. Very comfortable chairs.

Pavan Lakkavajjula

The best IMAX in Midwest, not sure if everyone knows that not all IMAX are original huge IMAX screens, mostly they are the digital IMAX with smaller screens, this one is those few original IMAX 70mm huge screens

justin schoeberl

Awsome loved it huge nice and not as expensive as one might think

Michael Banks

Light from the entrance hallways still spills all over the bottom half of the screen and really washes it out during dark scenes. IMAX is advertised as the best possible projection experience but if the screen is not shielded from ambient light, the most expensive projectors in the world are worth almost nothing. The experience is not worth the premium ticket prices.

Jason Shomo

Hugeeee screen. Awesome sound. And the 3d glasses are more comfortable than your average imax theater. This is IMAX the way it was intended.

Jimmy Johnson

Real cool theater to see Toy Story 4 at!

Rodrigue Carneiro

Just WOW ! Avengers 3D max was awesome !!!

John Orellana

Very very nice.

John Snow

The screen/projector is damaged! There are multiple vertical, visible black lines running down the screen that really disturbed my viewing experience. Compound that with below average seat comfort and being behind in IMAX projector technology and I would think very carefully before recommending this theater to a friend. Not what I was expecting from what I thought was the best screen in Chicago.

Preet Patel

The screen is really hige and sound system is also stunning.

George H

Just had a great time

Lara Robeznieks

Reasonably priced IMAX theatre. The facility could use an update, but the overall quality of the movie was great! It felt like I was experiencing every moment aong with the actors. It's a very cool experience I would recommend to every movie-goer!

Vinicius Ambrosi

It's the place to go if you want the real IMAX. The only problem is going downtown, but if you like the movie and you have the time, there is really no other option.

Sue Defelice

Disappointed that I couldn't find online info like showtimes and titles and all my transportation publicly led to no viewing. I guess they only show one movie


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