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REVIEWS OF AMC Ford City 14 IN Illinois

Maria Sokolowski

Comfortable chairs polite staff tuesdays are awesome

Arnulfo Vazquez Alcazar

Best movie theaters. I love AMC.

Xpider Chinakate are basically ignored. Lack of greeting. Employees not very welcoming. For the $ one would expect better treatment...

Judith Bucio

I like that you can select your sits and they are very comfortable.

Dana Williams

Very clean and the seating is awesome. The staff very friendly and helpful.

Ronda Jacox

the cost of tickets are way to high. Loved my bartender funny and POSITIVE big tip for him

slim lzbn

The seats the favorite spot! I haven't been here since they remodeled and boy did they! U can learn back in the chair to full bed status lol. About 4 feet of room in front of you with the chair all the way down. Lift the arm rest up to get your cuddle on. Get you some drinks from the bar..some food. You're good to go.

Valerie Donelson

People talking during entire movie. The theater seats small like urine. Seats are dirty and falling apart. I was disappointed with that. Could not get comfortable during the entire movie. Felt as if something was crawling on me. I will not be back.

Treece G

Great theatre, love the seats, sound is great. Love the AMC Stubs Premiere rewards as well.

Esther Johnson

Service was GOOD; hiwever, the "wait time" of waiting to be served should be Improved~in terms of more cashiers or some services (given on the outside) should be directed/sent to inside & not handled outside when there are long lines of people waiting to get in!! ☆Particularly, when new "great~5-Star" Movies are being featured...

Dionne Bostic

Clean, very comfortable seats & decent food


First time coming to this theater after their renovation. And i was not disappointed. Great atmosphere, lovely staff. Seating and floors nice and clean. I would definitely come back.

Silvia Sosa

Wow, things have changed. Everything has been upgraded. A lot more variety of food/snacks. They now serve alcohol. Seats recline. I'll be going back.

Lorettica Appleton

I love ford city movie theatre the seats are comfortable and I can go shopping right after.

Christopher Cline

Pricey snacks but you'll be quite comfortable watching your movie

Luther Stoudemire

I only have to say a couple things about this great amc theater. The popcorn and nachos are great. The seats ate incredibly comfortable which has caused me to fail asleep without really trying, and the last thing which is something personal but they have a charging station for electric cars.

Angela Brooks

Enjoyed myself. Theater was great!

Gaeron Gruber

Kinda dingy. But the experience was overall pretty good.

Oscar Olmos

Great place clean friendly people

Elizabeth Uriostegui

Seats are jacked up but they work. They seems to have only 1 person working in front to buy tickets when i go. Nights and weekends.

Crystal Imperial

I gave you the three the movies are great but the prices have skyrocketed especially just for a popcorn and a soda the not so they're not the same nothing's the same like it used to be and it's very expensive but as I am a mother I have to take my kids to the movies and they love watching movies they love the theaters so that's why I give it at 3 just because of the prices and they don't have the nachos like they used to have they come in a little a little packet like the Lunchable packets would a couple of Tostitos chips and some nacho cheese that's about it they're not the same at all the popcorn is still great but other than that everything else has changed! Any questions feel free to ask

Lawanda Wade

Great Movie!! Love the seats in this theater!

Francisco Cruz

Had a great time!

Acouple Critics

We went to this location to watch a screener for the movie "The Girl and the Spider's Web". The movie theater is located in the rear of the mall which is good because it's not crowded. The inside is very spacious. The staff there was also very helpful and professional. Now for some of the negatives: The inside appeared to be a little outdated. The carpet looked dingy and the bathroom was unkempt. Many of the recliner chairs were dirty and it appeared that someone walked in mud and smeared their muddy shoes on the seats. The employees were great but the movie theater needs to be remodeled.

Angela Sims

Theater #7 was just too cold today...otherwise a great experience

Athena Zone

This theatre had nice comfortable and reclining seat. That was the only good thing about this theatre floor was slippery, popcorn was still (they did gave a fresh bag when went to the counter), the restroom had water on the floor and 10 minutes for the movie end the house light came on. When I went to speak the manger about the I got assistance manager said that was the person the stay the movie up and that seat the wrong timer on the movie. There was no sorry nor apology at all.

Hickman Shataysha


Kameron Gamil!

Went to this location for the bar. Went to a late show and all the employees were so eager to get off they closed everything early. They were arguing about letting me and a few others in the line buy popcorneither tho they still had popcorn left. There needs to be a night manager here holding everyone accountable for do their job no matter if theyre ready to go or not❗I'll stay in my area next time..

Ronald Smith

It's been yrs. Scene I've gone to a movie!!! This is cool!!!

Chris Homes

Nice theater place

Tatee TheQueen

Been my go to for the longest but since they have upgraded to the recliner chairs and offer no wait in line wit card I go all the time food isn't to pricey staff is friendly and theatre is always clean when I go

Eric Martinez

Theater was pretty clean, staff was nice and my family enjoyed this movie theater over all.

Nicholas Plada

All the years i have come here, i have never been asked to get in line for a refill for my popcorn. Disappointing..... Sorry i can't base this review off of one bad expirience. I do like the seating arrangements and love the popcorn.

David Lopez

The seats are a bit narrow but comfortable.

Venessa Balderas

Actually it's been 4ever since I've been 2 this theater extremely surprised it was completely different. Luv da seating will return of I hav 2.

Jose Hernandez

Too pricey and the sits are old and ripped but the employees are great good service

Joshua Wright

It's a pretty typical movie theater. 14 screens with mostly new releases, some have 3d, but not all. As with any theater snacks are ridiculously overpriced and don't even look at the bar. You can buy a six pack of mid level beer for less than a "large" beer.

Renee Smith

My recent visit to Ford City AMC was pleasant. The staff were courteous and polite. The theater was clean and well managed.

Chitown Veteran

Love this place. I Always come here

Charteia Woodard

I'm giving it 3 stars because I'm not understanding why was the air conditioning on in the month of November when its cold outside

Vince Rosales

Had a fun time. Ate good food and watched an awesome movie.

Edith Rodríguez

I was surprised to see a newer, nicer theater space.

Magical Potato

Very chill environment, many people came to see the Toy Story 4 release so it was crowded. The ladies giving the popcorn weren't too rude this time and I had a nice time here with my family.

William Abitang

I enjoy watching the latest scifi movie!

Deanna Gll

Wonderful Place to go and watch

Cardell Purdie

Nice comfortable seating. Reserving your seat either online, at the kiosk, or ticket window is a must. The theatre is clean. The staff is polite and helpful. Restrooms are normally clean. Plenty of snack and movie treats are available -- over priced, of course. Beer and wine are also available. If there was a way to detect the talkers and phone users, this would be a five star theater.

Rosie Marshall

It was really nice! Those recliners will put you to sleep!

Grow together 360.

Fixed up really nice but the bar was to expensive and short staffed. Good place for a movie but I recommend you sneak you own booze in

Johnnie Rambo

I went to the movie with my grandson and his mother to see Toy Story 4 on Thursday, July 18 at 8:40pm showing. I noticed when we sat down it was extremely humid, hot in the theater. I immediately asked for the manager (before the movie started) to please turn the air on it is very uncomfortable no air circulating. He stated it will be on as soon as the movie starts. An hour into the movie I get up go back to the desk and ask for the manager. He comes, very unconcerned as I stated to him it’s still hot, the air is not on. At that moment he says, “you are the only one complaining, the air conditioner is broke”. Here’s my issue: the manager had an opportunity to tell me before the movie started that the air conditioner was not working. Instead he lied and was unapologetic about it and offered me a pass if I wanted to leave. Really I spent approximately $75 for movie and food to be lied to. So unfair and poor customer service. My last visit at Ford City Theater

Armen Alvarez

A very comfortable and convenient place to visit with family and friends

Artina Graves

The seats are comfortable. The people are nice. I always enjoy my time at AMC.

Mz Sundae

Seats are falling apart .. it was popcorn and food all over the floor not to mention it as an gym room order. Good screen but that's all. Didn't buy refreshments.

Yarita Alfaro

Nice. Its gone under major changes. Not the way I remember it growing up. Very comfortable sitting area. Service was so-so.

sean sain

Been going there for a long time I use to love seeing the security on horseback

Lucia Valadez

Needs to update looking kind gettho

Paul Regis

Clean and cozy cinema. Washrooms were kept clean. During the movie two bright lights came on and stayed up for a good 30 minutes

Kebert Xela

This place is smaller than other AMC theaters, but it's clean and nice for travelers flying into Midway and staying nearby. They have all the usual snacks but also serve dinner in some of the theaters, the seats recline and the staff is average, neither outstanding nor sub-par. There's probably nicer theaters further out into the suburbs. The immediate area kind of has an industrial feel to it, and there's a "dying" mall right across from the theater; but is it necessary to go farther away just to sit in a newer building? No, AMC Ford City gets the job done without making you feel like you're sitting in the ghetto.

Jorge Hernandez

They have comfy seats and liquor now but screen quality is low

Randall Dyer

Facility is nice and clean; had a great experience.....

maurice McClellan

We had so much fun the people that works there is quick and nice

Christopher Boyd Sr.

My fiance and I love the double reclining chairs at this theater. You can lift the arm rest in the middle of the seat and get really close to each other as if you were sitting on a loveseat. They even allowed us to bring in our own steel 30 ounce tumblers to fill with ice water as we don't care for a lot of sugary drinks

Terry Harris

I had a great experience...however it's best to go on half price Tuesday...a movie and popcorn can be expensive

L Hu

Good prices. Clean and modern theater. Great and comfy seats.

Christian Ortiz

good place they have gotten better with telling people to be quiet but there is still alot of people trying to get everyones attention by screaming during the movies or saying stuff like look behind you it bothers me so much they need to be more strict and kick that people out. everything also i liked.

Carr Davis

Love the AMC, movies are great and the deals are pretty good also depending on what you get.

Samona Pie Walker

Hey bought three tickets spent over $40 at the concession stand husband got thirsty I needed some water for his diabetes and they wouldn't even give me a cup

Angelina Prince

Love love love the new update theatre! So comfortable and clean!

Gloria Vargas

It was great for a Monday no lines

brittany hendricks

I’ve been two Ford City Theaters twice and this will be my final time. I purchased two pre-advanced tickets to see the Movie “Ma” . Only to get there and the movie time has changed from 9:30pm to 10pm. Didn’t receive a an updated email , nothing . Waited an hour , got through the previews to be approached by teenagers stating we stole there seats . Originally security seated us , spoke with management gave me and my husband passes so I decided not to move. Got approached by management to leave . I will never return . No one should any who paid days in advanced have to move seats or be asked to leave for another show time .

veronica zazueta

This theater has gotten a lot of upgrades! I love coming here because it's so close to home. I do t have any complaints

keka L

Heat was BLAZIN. I was extremely warm during the movie and I kept nodding out. I refilled my Icee 4times because I was trying to cool down. I ordered a 3feature (chicken and waffles, fries and cookie) and I didn't receive a cookie.

Evelyn Tirado

It's a nice place to watch movies.

Angeles Rendon


L'Mekka Edwards

I love their seats. I saw Hustlers

lateasha hopson

my family loves to come here comfortable and no drama.

Barbara Gaston

Very nice theater. If you like reclining seats, this is the place for you.

Tina Hampton

Popcorn machine was down. Long lines. Very frustrating. Overall the movie was good

Saul Torres

Cup holders literally have water due to the high humidity level inside the theater. Carpet is extremely slippery and wet, stench is overwhelming and the seats are all sticky. no A/C? It’s nearly 100 degrees outside!

Cindy Flores

Usually good customer service. As an A-lister its very much appreciated

Javonna Stepney

Nice place but the bathrooms were nasty, where you get your condiments for your popcorn and your food had stuff everywhere. Also it was only one pop machine working, the movie theater was try to fix it. Inside the movie theater was nice & comfy

oluwatobi Awodunmila

Went to see the movie "joker" but seat was wet ans dirty ..

Sherman Hall

I was appalled by how filthy this show was. I went last week on the 28th of October and i went 11/2. It's a shame because i grew up attending Ford city shows. However the manager is need to be fired!!!

Juwayne Bruh

This place has some great food. Surprisingly filling. The gyros are the best.

Thomas The gAzelle

I visited this theater because it was more convenient for me upon being in the area at my internship site which is in the Ford City area. I visited it to see the movie Avengers: Endgame, a movie that many die-hard Marvel Comics lovers like myself anticipated seeing since Avengers: Infinity War. Ok, now the first time I visited AMC Ford City 14, I ended up leaving due to it being congested because it put me several minutes into the movie I visited to see which was Captain Marvel. With that, I recommend arriving early, using the ticket machine or purchasing your ticket(s) online in order to avoid the herd trickling in. To coincide with a half-filled parking lot at Ford City Mall, AMC does have a nice sized parking lot of its own, which does get filled throughout the week. So, parking is far from an issue at this location, but bring your walking shoes in case you end up parking in the Ford City Mall lot once the AMC lot gets congested with vehicles. I did not get the chance to purchase from the concession because of there being a long line, but I did get the chance to look around prior to entering the assigned room of my movie. The cleanliness is typical to any other theater, but I do give AMC credit because with the amount of clientele it gets, the theater looks well kept. Once I entered, I located my seat which the alphabet letter is located along the wall and the number of the seat is located on the arm-rest. I loved the reclining chairs, even though I felt like a total geek playing with it while others where sitting relaxed. The chairs added lots of comfort and I do not even recall moving around in discomfort which most theater chairs are. With that, AMC Ford City 14 has won my heart, and I would gladly return. Thomas G

Lovely Arielle

I love amc!

Valerie Shorter

What I didn't like about here is they try to limit you to one (1) refill when I thought it was unlimited refills for premiere members. I think the lady just had a problem when she saw my child come back for a refill and seemed to follow us as butter is being put on popcorn and filling my soda. I don't like coming to this particular theatre anyway.

Eduardo Jimenez

Has fancy seats but over priced food

Darlene Jackson

I love the comfortable reclining seats. I really enjoyed watching movies at this theater... very clean... friendly, polite staff, but the movie food and treats are overpriced. Overall, I had a great time.

Yvette Bouquet

Clean theater comfortable recling seating great sound system. I go to the matinee because it's not crowded at that time. You can see all the new releases and buy your tickets online so there is no wait.

Patricia Green

Love this theater because you can always get comfortable and always get 3D glasses

Deion Wright

They have really done a good job with the new chairs and there's a bar too! Plenty of arm room with new reclining chairs.

Raquel Cervantes

Need to focus on chair cleaning

Karen Moret

Because the seats are so comfortable.

Anthony Garcia

Service is okay but at least its fast. Food is obviously nothing five-star, but its alright enough to eat while watching a movie. Place is not always very clean. "Sticky" could describe it pretty well.

Anne Davis

I love this place. The theater is nice and clean. The food is great

firework blast

Those seats are everything! Love it!

Sebastian Cardozo-Valencia

Looks great after the renovation. Really clean theater. Love the amount of theaters they have which makes them have a more movies and more show times.

Jermar Griggs

I went and seen ready or not great movie and the cashier let me know how I could save more money by using my discount card

Rosendo Castillo

I really enjoyed my movie. I didn't know they had reclining chairs so that was a pleasant surprise.

Enereida Lopez

Great seats and a lot of movie selections and times. I’m a stubs member, so I never wait long at confession stand. The only thing they need to work on is sweeping the whole place including the washrooms.

Nathan Gonzalez

Its improved during the past years, but there's still more time for more improvements. I easily sneaked In food through my bag. It could've mind as well been an AK-47. Security is very weak.

Jerry Ruiz

Very expensive! $14.50 per ticket, large popcorn $7.50, large soda $8.50. $48.00 total one movie. FYI, sneak your own snacks.

Nena Lopez

Always clean!!! Unlike cinema on Roosevelt

Erik M

Customers a ghetto fabulous and are likely to get into a fight when you tell them to shut their yaps during a movie but the actual theater and staff are acceptable

Pat Kieltyka

Pretty nice! Would go again.


Theater screens have been blurry for a couple years now. They are out of focus. Also they are really dim. I've told the theater about it many times but it still doesn't seem to be fixed. I've heard it's because they don't take the 3d lens filter off. Been coming here for over 13 years.

Abigail guzman

Great movies but need to fix the recliners

Michael teynor

Good theater nice recliner seats went to the 605 pm showing and I think I was one of 3 or 4 people.

Jesus Palma

Watched the fight there and I th was great. The seats are sooo comfortable, they recline al and the way back

Andy Suarez

Love the recliner seats. They also have a bar and it's definitely a good place to watch movies. Only problem is that it could be a little cleaner.

Rosa Martinez

Comfortable and very nice people.

Yung Kam

Great for date night daytime activity or just to get out of the house

Frances Lennix

The popcorn was super salty but the theater was nice. The seats were comfortable and clean.

Jesus Sanchez

Good movie theater. The staff was kind and the movie was great.

Fitzgerald Samedy

Very comfortable. The seats are leather and reclines. I'm not sure if there like that in the standard theater. I know it's like that in the 3D.

Joshua Boyar

Greatly improved over the years. There was a time I wouldn't come here even if I was paid to do so. My only issue with the place is their entrance policy. You can't arrive early and wait inside. They ask you to leave until 30 minutes before your showing. I assume it's just a method of keeping shenanigans to a minimum so it's not a big deal.

KeeNisha Fox

47 Meters under (Uncaged) was a Great Movie... Go see it

Rene Roman

I tend to gravitate more towards this particular AMC Theater because their show rooms are still holding up and to me they are the most presentable ones. I'm glad they went with a bar for those who can enjoy an alcoholic beverage before their movie. As far as the picture and sound of their movies, definitely another thumbs up here. I have not had a bad experience at this theater yet and I have been coming here for years. Employees are very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend that you download their app and become a member of either the Premier or A List. If you go to the movies often, both these memberships just give you soo much back and will make your visits a lot more speedy and rewarding. It's all about the convenience and how quick and easy things are done for the consumer so yeah, it's worth it. Good job AMC.

Donnie Reams

Went to AMC movie. Guy was actually talking on his phone while the movie was playing. Behind me a woman talked thoughtout the entire movie. Seats was big and comfortable with reclining capabilities. Unfortunately mine did not work.

Reyna Monrreal

Great theater. Always clean and very friendly employees.

CJDubzick - Topic

Probably now my favorite theatre in the area. Customer service was great and process was as expected. But when I sat in those seats, it was over. Most comfortable movie theater reclining seats I've ever been in.

rolando mota

Im here now n my seat doesnt recline smfh

Tawanna Cheeks

Horrible not clean popcorn nasty as hell

Lalo Magana

Great to watch movies and get popped corn

Rocio Diaz

Recliners are a good commodity. Very comfortable

Renato Guzman

Cleanliness could be better but solid for the most part. Pretty standard theater, wish it had Dolby though!

jessie cervantes

Love this theater best service I've had her was from Justin Santos and Raul Moreno very helpful n kind always help no matter what they r doing

oliver mason

The theater on the inside Is beautiful. But the bar is over priced. 13$ for a shot ummmm jump off a bridge with that. The bottle cost 20. No need to say I was going to order a new dring but they didnt have the full ingredients to make a mojito..... I am not blaming the bartender at all for those issues, he was extremely nice about it, but I did not order a drink. I ordered a hot dog with everything but they gave it to me with nothing. The lights were on for about 5 minutes after the movie started which could be a simple mistake but come onnnn. There are a bunch of kids working there, that is not an issue but when somebody walks in, please stop the conversation and assist the customer. I dont want to miss what I paid for only to hear about how Bobby cheated on keke. Everybody was nice so I have no true issue with the staff. Overall, I would go back..... with my own alcohol.

Crystal MoonEra Brown

Comfortable reclining seats plus the popcorn is the bomb! They offer cheddar, caramel, and regular.

Myron Ford

Nice friendly and clean. Good service.

Rafael Trinidad

Tuesday's.. Sheap movies love it


Love the seats but I hate that I was not let in 20 minutes before my movie like I could’ve been waiting. In line to get snacks for that time with my two kids I mean they need to make changes

Pamela Hendricks

I go here regularly to see a movie. This time I went to go see Spiderman. It was so good. The place was clean, I didn't get any hassles over anything only when they told me I couldn't bring any bags in there.

Giavonni Robertson

Great place for a date Great service Hilarious content very thrilling place

Irene Soria

You have to wait a long line to get your popcorn and the soda machines are not working. They were trying to give a bottle of water fir a 3.99 soda. I didn't like it at all. And the theater it was very loud and i was all away in the last sit. Terrible.

Bobby Grouch

You have such good prices and you know that I'm up have a discount it's even better for me I just love this place could so fun and it's easy to have fun too I just like it there because of all the great movies they show

Dominique Brown

My children love coming to this place. Friendly staff

alejandra palomino

Popcorn machine was down, ovens were down, half of the soft drinks were out of order.

Denise Bates

Gee, after reading the other reviews, I could have given a five star but the last time out there was a while back and things have changed. Like prices and snacks. I guess you can’t run a place as nice as it has become without a price’s AG

Willis Wade Jr.

not spectacular, but decent. no complaints

Noribel Soto

Its been remodeled and is clean, never have an issue going here. Hope it stays this way

darwin glenn

Gave it a four because nothing's perfect

Richard Garcia Jr

Great service great seats to relax and enjoy the movie .

Casey H

Really enjoyed ugly Dolls #kids movie. My kids had a ball, great service I pre paid my tickets online haven't staff was attentive and the bar tender was knowledgeable about all movies and drinks.

John Martinez

As being one of the few places where you can actually reserve a specific seat or seats whether online on app or when you go up to the window in person and the fact that they recline that alone is a given reason why I specifically select here. Then add to it the fact that they have so many Cedar sections so there's always something to watch and snacks to eat. That's why I'm an A-list member.

Deborah G

Don't like the self serving condiment stands and they are too close to the rest rooms. Why?

cute star

There is great food and and nice comfortable chairs

K. Jaye

This is a theater where the staff doesn't seem to put the customers' needs first and the patrons talk throughout the film. The theater has reclining seats & a bar though.

David Rosales

Always love the recliner seats, close to home for me about 20 minutes out and no major hiccups as opposed to some other theaters.

Shantelle R

Love the kind of new renovation! I've been coming to this theater for years.

Sarah Fields

Enjoyed the theater. Appearance was presentable and the chairs recline as well. Alcohol is available for purchase for the adults.

Charissa Anaya

I like this place better then AMC Cicero. Love that the seats recline

Kathy Burke

Go there for the convenience. The seats are also some of the most comfortable out of the AMC chains. The issue is lack of food options, cleanliness is also high. Bathrooms are not kept up well & when I sat down in my seat, there was a ticket stub for a 2pm showing in my cupholder (my show was at 5pm). The corridor is a little cramped & disorganized. Also, there are usually staff members talking across the room, sometimes business, but also to complain about having a break or something else random.

fernando rosales

Better than it was years ago. Clean and fast service.

Roy W Holston Jr

Came to see Gemini Man and Harriet. Saw Gemini Man waiting on Harriet.

Candace Stokes

Movie was great as well as my seats

walter nails

Nice place reclining chairs

Christopher Hoffman

Very good people smile all around popcorn fresh restroom clean all around good time


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