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9701 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont, IL 60018, United States

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REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN Rosemont 12 IN Illinois

Brandon James

Terrible customer service. Only 1 person works at the counter for selling tickets while 3 others just sit around doing nothing. My movie was starting in five minutes and the person in front of me was taking 20 minutes to select seats. Waste of time and gas.

Myisha Mosley

These seats are disgustingly filthy. I took photos of the seats before I sat down. We had D Box seats, I seriously considered leaving, asking for a refund and going to another theatre. Never again

Theresa Strand

Planned a night out from the grind of the city. Came out to enjoy dine food at Bogart bar and grill....trip advisor is SO outdated. Had been closed for a while and there is no longer dine in opportunities for the theatre. Staff didn't seem to care so much....popcorn counter staff...Evelyn to be exact....offered comp small popcorns...that really helped!!! Thanks Evelyn!! Every little effort matters

rahul nair

Its one of ma favorite movie spot...

James Box

I like the theater during the day as the check tickets as you enter the theater but at night anyone can just walk in and dont get me started about people being on the phone

Scarah Fulci

This lovely theater was open 24 hours to show Avengers Endgame. There is parking in the parking structure across the street free for the AMC theater. The theater was clean and very big. I enjoyed the theater with reclining seats. Especially for movies that are 3 hours long.

Stella Rojo

It was "OK" considering some theaters seating nowadays. This place is extremely large to accommodate many people and many movies.

Chris Ramirez

great area but employees are clueless and care less about the customers. I took my bike and tried to find a bike rack. waited 15 min to try and get a manager and ask if there's a bike rack in the area because the employee's had no idea. The manager said " I Don't know I'm not from the area". Turns out there's a bike rack in the parking lot for the amc theater. How are you a manager at theater and not know that? Unless theres a special screening, I will not return to this theater.

Silvia Kovacs-Langan

Large, comfy seats. Very clean. Prices much lower than when it was Muvico.

Norman Brieno

This place was so much better as Muvico, since the take over the place is starting to look run down. Overflowing garbage out of every trash bin, carpet doesn't look like it's been vacuumed in days. When I went into the theater for my movie there was still garbage all over the place from the last showing and the seats were filthy. AMC ruined this theater!

Gregory Downer

Best amc theatre

Oleksandr Pulyk

Bartender who’s name is Djunko or smth on a second floor is unexpected and he kind of showing that he is the owner of the entire AMC. He’s always looks tired and when u asking him to do a drink he looks like “Oh man, really, again”. Won’t go to the bar there again.

brandon krause

I love the new Dolby cinema that they added here still has that new smell

Will Jones

Nice ambience and really comfy chairs. Was pretty empty when I went but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely had a classic old school luxury feel. You buy your own tickets here on screen. That could be a plus for some and a minus for others. It was a pretty simple interface so I enjoyed the process.

Jaclyn Z

I love the seats here I enjoyed my movie

Amy Jiang

Used AMC yellow tickets but still had to pay extra per person since it was a "Dolby cinema". Had no choice since the movie we wanted to watch was only in Dolby? Reclining chairs were super comfy though. Free parking with validation.

Max Paulson

It’s gone downhill as the years go on. Went recently, tables in the bar area are dirty (sticky) but drinks were good. The theater itself was really messy, they really did a haphazard job cleaning it since there were paper towels and popcorn everywhere before the movie started. Also, it was uncomfortably warm and humid in here too. However, great size screen.

Forrest Terry

The theater and showing were fine but one woman in the audience brought small children who she allowed to talk loudly and run freely on the stairs. Why would the theater allow admittance to children when the movie was rated R?

Mika Beach

Has a good set up with concessions, but the kill to this theatre in the seats are a uncomfortable mess. It distracts from the movie as im constantly repositioning myself to be comfortable. This place would be something else, if it just had better seats.

Martin Sanchez

People may say the place is trashed up but nobody ever goes to the movies to check out the place. So shut up and enjoy the movie because that’s what I did. This theater is huge and nice

Antonio V

Great theatre. Love the seats and free parking as well.

Alexey Grand

We Were last weekend on terminator 6, in the Dolby room, sound of this cinema so so bad, no bass at all my home theater much much better with Yamaha theater. Fix it please !!!

douglas sims

The Lion King was amazing in 3D

Alyaa Essam

The staff were friendly and helpful. The bathrooms and the theatre were really clean. The seats were very comfortable while I was watching the movie. 10/10 would recommend and I would love to visit again.

Ramona Ramos

Very nice and comfortable theatre . The margarita was also excellent.

Rafael Sanchez

Prices are super affordable.. most important free parking. Very classy perfect for a moive date night

joshua diforti

Always a great time here

Silvia Hinojosa

Love the new recliner seats.

Ana garcia

Great clean place and like the hours they have available.

Matt Miecznikowski

It's really good they got bought out they were really getting to expense. AMC really saved this place and it seems like parking is free here now when you get your ticket validated. The bar area upstairs it really nice but that does have a premium price on drinks.

Rëyâ Pøtætø

I love this place because there are so many movies you can choose to watch and inside its spacious, comfortable, relaxing somehow, etc. What's new about it is that they now are making more space for the theater and they have very comfortable seats which can turn into beds'. There is also a little tray in which you can use to put on your snacks and your beverages.

leslie woo

The theater was awesome however seats are old musty and I swear I feel like I have lice now...

Bethany Thomas

Excellent service, staff was very nice

Matthew Sepanik

An underrated theatre. Tons of parking and restaurants surround it. The theatre is what you would expect from an AMC with stadium seating. They also have a later cheap show than most others in the area.

Tony Cooney

If you like a good movie this is the place to be.

Laura Brody

This theater is outdated and dirty. The bathroom was littered with trash. The stall I was in was out of toilet paper. The theater itself was also trashed. We had to wipe off our seats before we sat down. The seats were the smaller, older type. Mine only reclined if you were pushing against something, so I spent the movie sitting super straight up. Concession stands closed early, so no refills. Definitely not worth the price we paid, although it should have been clean regardless of price.

Tanja Kensinger

Nice seats. Great sound and clear screen. Bar upstairs. Reasonable prices on tickets and concessions

Layna Davis

My experience at the theater was great but the only fault was the photo booth. It absolutely did not work at it was a waste of 3 dollars. In addition to that, the photo booth should accept change or at least give your change back.

Nicole Zeri

Not to busy for a Sunday. Nice and quiet

Matthew Blanski

The tuesday deal made a fine moviegoing experience all the more worth it.

Stephanie Clark

Theater was clean.The seats are ok, wide and the cushioning sufficient. The sound system was way too loud it actually hurt. They validate parking so that's a plus. Didn't get any snacks so unsure how the concession stand ranks. Overall a good date night place

Delargo Lee

Seats are too small. Tight fit getting in and out

Karen Roman

I love that AMC the people are very nice I will go back.

Dustin Hoffart

The Dolby Atmos theatre is amazing

Marshall Morrison

Recently remodeled and they have the reclining soafa chairs, it felt like I was in my own living room with a 50 foot screen as my TV, truly an awesome experience!

Samira Assani

I love going there for the first show

Patricia Harris

Beautiful theater. Great parking garage they will validate so it is complimentary. Too bad they did not open until 12pm & would not open at least the outer doors to let people get out of the cold to wait where you purchase the tickets before you go past those doors to get inside. The special movie we were there to see started late and had technical issues. First no picture then no sound. Then they had to rewind the "movie" that was not a movie, but a Dish DVR movie. After the movie finished no usher was there & they never turned on the house lights. People had to turn on their cell phone flashlight apps to help see where they were going to leave the packed theater.

Rolando Rivas

It's great, especially when craving curly fries!

Peter Chmura

They do not have dream lounger seats. Their seats are not very comfortable. The screen is tiny. Overall not a good value for the money. Marcus theater has the same amenities for a much lower price and they have comfortable dream lounger seats. I would not recommend this AMC theater.


In the process of remodeling when it is finished. The place is nothing to brag about yet. The service is nice and bathrooms and theaters are clean.

Piotr Walczak

Nice theater. Charges "convenience fee" to book of their own websight.

Paul M

This is my go to movie theater. It's never overcrowded and the parking is free with validation.

Yesenia Roa

Free parking, great customer service, but the seats where not clean when we walked in there was a lot of popcorn like if they didnt sweep.. Napkins in the seat that's why I gave it a 3 star.. Other than that it was a great theather...

sean sain

Watched the game had some drinks,then enjoyed a movie

frederic jouhet

Very nice theater, friendly staff, covered parking very close.


Service terrible tonight, all soda machines down for atleast 20 minutes by the time the soda machine was fixed my food was cold. Not impressed tonight at all.

rich rivas

I liked everything about it, $4.99 matinees, free parking, clean & roomy restrooms, it's gonna be my solely AMC theater !!

Patrick Callahan

Dirty floors, even for a theatre. Didn't dim the lights for the movie, didn't start the movie until someone had to tell them to start it. The captioning device battery died half way through the movie because I don't think they charge them properly. There are many other theaters in the area. Go to those.

Fayezin Islam

Good movie theater. Big and spacious seats. They often screen new Bollywood movies. Staff is friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

Nathan O

Their dolby theater feels like has older version of recliner seat but overall its great.

Erik Kellogg

Quality of movie was good. Service was fine. Theater wasn't cleaned up for our show and was pretty gross. Also some dude was sleeping in the seats in the back row.

Mark Fratella

One of the lower tier AMC's in the area. Consistently dirty. Rude staff.

Actfast Appliance repair

Always come here with my wife and kids great place very clean and the workers are very polite

Bernie Vitello

Dirty lounge and the swivel tables connected to the seats were all not wiped down. The Coke products were out or out of order in 3 machines and no jalapenos for my nachos.i did like the Dolby theater experience though.

Payton The Potato

seemed pretty clean and the workers looked like they were happy to be there :)

Pedro Serrano

My family & I love this theater! We've never had an issue or complaint. Always clean, for the most part, seats are comfortable. They have great food selections and the Coca Cola Freestyle machine where you can create your own flavor of soda. Awesome place!

Nicole Kingbird

This theater was so unique and beautiful. It had all the old school theater details but the upgraded amenities. But... It was sooooo dirty!

Kristina Franceschi

Comfy chairs and excellent sound. Popcorn was stale.

Joel Villarreal

Huge movie theater good vibes watching movies there

Hilda Aresa

Love this location. Free small parking lot on west side of entrance. Otherwise can park in garage directly across and get parking ticket validated. Clean with several movie viewing options. Great price for matinees.

Lota Ayson

Hotel Cinema. Ambience/ Privacy not crowded. ( feeling just at Home)

Hothman Misane

Awesome location in the greater Chicago area. Surrounded with restaurants, bars and hotels. The bar inside was cool and the staff were all great.

Scott Gould

Food was good and the movie was great. The staff was friendly. Loved the subway tilework in the restrooms. BUT I was a little disgusted by the general dirtiness. One man was sweeping the huge auditorium by himself. He tried, I'll give him that. But the red seats were actually looking a bit black. I didn't want to sit in them. The carpet in the halls is worn and appears as it hasn't been vacuumed in a week. The urinals had some sort of dried nastiness on top.

Calvin Wainwright

Sound was incredible! Bass rattles the seats and screen! It's also cool that they let you pick your seats.

Nazim Khan

Good theater but need to get power seats already. And only 1 register open at the concession stand on a weekend to handle a line of people

She Pisces

The theater itself is beautiful. But we bought 1 plain hotdog with fries, 2 tiny white castle like burgers with fries and 2 medium sodas. Our total came to over $42. And that was WITH the AMC premiere membership. It was soo not worth it.


they charged for parking. I will never come there again

joey 60W99

This location is near by to amazing restaurants and attractions. As soon as you walk in you notice the classic scenery aswell as the new. This location is equiped with advanced seating options such as reserved seating and retractable sofas. Aswell as their theater that puts you directly in the movie with special affects such as smoke , water, smells, and movement.

Manuel Pena Jr

It has a nice old fashioned feel and reasonably priced tickets. The seating is comfortable and staff is friendly.

Justin Sorci

In my opinion it's a nice theater, but it's a lot of work parking in the garage getting in the elevators if your up high and then the concession lines we're long and if you are in the theater with the balcony you have to get on another elevator

Kinky People

Excellent place to watch a movie comfortable seats!!

Gaby Rodriguez

Love the movie theater here. So clean and great costumer service. Love the way there is a special line for people with the special awards program. Love the fact they validate your parking ticket. Bathrooms are very clean and you have to choose your seats when buying your tickets which is great and to sure your tickets and seats!

Jason Coolidge

Absolute great place to watch a film and have dinner in the neighborhood.

Daryl Williams

I went to this theater when it was called Muvico now the place needs to be fixed up. The seats are worn and they need to be upgraded like all the new AMC Theaters. I still give this theater 5 stars because of the size and the roomies seat upstairs


Easy parking that's a plus. Also they will validate your parking. Very big theater, clean & friendly employees. Watch the 3d D-box very cool experience.

Tabby Cummings

Came here for dinner and a movie with my daughter. Website says dine in..... went in theater and then realize it’s not a dine in and had to go out to the front to get drinks and some crappy food...... will not be back ..... Yorktown is where we will be and stay from now on

Pete Perricone

Great place to go for dinner and a movie, also if your 21 they have a bar that you can get a drink while watching your movie. Newly redesigned theaters with seating for the regular movie buff and the handicap. Plus upgraded Dolby Digital Surround Sound Systems. Plus Free Parking.

A. Franco

Nice seats. Good prices for tickets. Good theater screens.

Antonietta Tesfaye

Imagine anticipating the greatest Blockbuster of the season, the avengers and you go to the theater but the screen is all black. That is the experience a blind or visually impaired person Hass to deal with. We overcome this by technology known as audio described. . But the movie theater screws up and gives you a device that does not work. Now you sitting there for three hours hearing everything that's going on but cannot imagine the scene and really know the movie. That's the experience I had today. It is really degrading that A person with a disability gets treated this way. It's unexcusable and it causes irreparable damage. I can never go back and experience this movie even if I was to see it again with the correct device. The ending has been blown for me. . Now if this was a fluke it's unfortunate but it's a 50-50 shot every time I go to the movie theater to see movies at this particular theater. . This is happening more frequently and I see nothing to make sure that this is taken care of and it won't happen again. There has been no improvements. This is against the ADA. I will definitely be filing with them. Again, if this was just a one time episode, it can't be excused but it is continuously happening. First I have to wait for a manager to program the device and to make it worse, I waited 15 minutes to even get a manager to program it. This leads me to believe that no one knows or cares to do it right. I get apologies and advice that I should have gotten one of my party to leave the movie theater to go back to the manager and asked for a different device. So your answer is not only to ruin the movie for me but another member of my party to go Hunt down a manager and maybe just maybe, this manager knows what he's doing.

Gineesh Pillai

This theater is amazing!! I went with a few of my friends and we really enjoyed watching Avengers Endgame in Dolby here. The sound and picture quality was amazing and the seats were really great and comfortable!! We will be watching most of the movies here from now on!

Maximus Carontus

Our favorite place to watch a movie! Very clean, lots of (free) parking, huge theaters, dbox (moving seats with speakers built in), and the VIP seats which are basically big loveseats with servers that bring food and drinks. Hands down best option around for movie night!

Abhay Shah

Theater is not as good it used to be. Now that other AMC have been upgraded, this theater looks outdated. The srats are not cleaned, there is some type of smell and looks bit dingy. The staff is really friendly.

CB Photography

Lovely theater aside from the fact that the lounge seats are awkward. They do not fully recline. Your legs have to sit in bent position. My knees ached terribly halfway through the movie. I could not get comfortable at all. Seating is what determines where I go for movies. So I won’t be back here. Otherwise, very nice place.

Terry Livingston

They have a great location. The hallways were awesome. Dbox seats was a different experience. Food and service was just ok. They didn't ask me if I was a stub card member at box or concession. Snacks were not accessible, you pick from a display a crew member get it from a cart that was used as a seat.

Gary Frontier

Great Experience Loved the Theatre. After growing up watching the Wizard of OZ on TV at Thanksgiving or Christmas - watched it on the Silver Screen for the 1st time ever. Great to see again in this Theatre..!

Robert Goetter

Seems like this place is definitely getting run down. Not keeping up with basic maintenance.

Randy Mack

Great atmosphere and the 3D Dbox seatare incredible

Molly Anderson

The theater is nice. Me and my friends, a large group, bought tickets, food, and drinks. After the movie, we were standing by a wall out of the way, talking, saying good byes, and deciding where to go next, when one of rosemont's mall ninja "public safety"officers wearing "thin blue line" logos all over came by to tell us to get out.

Heather Jobé

Its beautiful place great price tickets but thought the seats where the ones they show cause in front but they are not an kinda musky smelling . Hope you like old red velvet and the food is good and priced well ..

Mohammed R.

Decent. Use to recliner seats at other theaters. These seats don't recline but they give you a lot of room and the seats can rock some, so you don't feel cramped up. There is parking in a garage across street, they have a machine to validate your ticket after watching your movie.

Matthew King

very nice movie theater - parking situation seems to be sorted out and we usually have good luck finding a spot in the garage which you can validate

Nick Stiglic

I am NOT a fan of the new recliners and tray tables. For us bigger guys these tray tables are not comfortable. Also there was no air on in the theater. I realize it's 60 outside, so I'm not expecting AC, but some kind of air circulation would be nice. Then of course a group of 4 people literally sit 2 and 2 on each side of me.... and talk to each other over me!! I move to the end of the aisle... of course then they slide down so they are now 4 together. I am sitting comfy now, well until a couple comes to tell me im in their seats...i move down 2 rows all the way off to the side... once again, sir you're in our seats...i move again... same thing. I finally left the theater without even seeing the movie. I will not be returning to this theater which is a shame as I've been here probably 50+ times.

Mary Berrum

It was good. People respected the assigned seating. Foods a little pricey but what do you expect when going to a movie theater

Christopher Thomas

Great theater. Newly remodeled. Heated reclining seats. Great location. You will not be disappointed.

Lachezar Barovski

Our seats were taken due to booking error so we could not see the movie. We were offered re-admission passes, but no refund... The food court credit card readers do not work and you have to manually type in your card number. The seats are outdated and not very clear. The staff is not very helpful or knowledgeable to help you if they bother. This is not the first or second time I have been having issues in this theater and I keep asking myself why do I bother going there when there are a bunch of other better options. Do yourself a favor and go to a different cinema or if you insist on AMC... do not go to this specific one.

classyninja56 _

I'm sorry but I just went to the theater last week and then today went to the one on Melrose and boy let me tell you I paid half the price at the Melrose theater and they have the most comfortable I have ever sat in and they recline I will probably never set foot into this theater again after discovering the glory that is the cenemark on Melrose

Elba Cortes

Just ok. Staff at counter slow

Chris Dunn

It's an AMC. I liked it better before all the seats became reserved.

Jovi Alexander

Set in the balcony to watch a movie and was awesome

Michaela Garcia

Went to see the new Bumblebee movie in D-Box. Fun experience. WOULD do it again. Pretty much the seat shakes, moves and vibrates with every action scene for a more immersive experience in 3D.

Suboor Rehman

They got 3d Xbox, love it


Theater is top quality. We went for a Dolby Cinema viewing and the overall experience was great. The recliners were comfortable, the audio was very loud, and the view was perfect from the upper level.

Glenn Paveza

The Dolby Cinema was great!

Blaidd Mathúin

What an amazing atmosphere! I am an AMC member and have been to many AMCs across America...this one had the most unique and quaint feel...being an old theatre in a prior life! Love it! If waiting at O'Hare with long enough layover, check this place out!!!

Michael Magic

Beautiful theater. Always a great time here with my family.

Madan Mohan Reddy

Loved to go always to this location and perfect for all entertainments. Near by have lots entertaining places.. lots of theatre and love it.. free parking and easy to park . Lots of space parking available. Staff is so helpful and their guidance. To reach out to that location, lots of transportation and free rides available

Cathi Lehman-Buschmeier

This is a huge movie theatre that has a ton of options to choose from. You can watch a "regular" movie or upgrade to 3 and 4D option. There is also an option ti upgrade your ticket to see in a thetre that also is a restraunt. The only thing that I do not care for is having to validate my parking prior to leaving, in order to avoid having to pay for it. Also, prior to AMC purchasing this theatre, the prior company gave free movie posters. As kitchie as it was, it was still cool. I kinda miss that.

Agustina Flores

Beutiful theater. Big, declining seats and beer lol what more do can you want. Joker was awesome

Lucian S

Under construction and very dirty, speakers full of dust

elena castro

never coming back, I had a really bad experience, last night 10/08/2019 really bad customer service. the manager was unprofessional, unhelpful and rude, the co-worker there was also rude and unprofessional

Griff Taylor

Excellent Theatre. Nice, Cozy. Great Service!

Danny Duran

This theater has declined since the days when it was run by Muvico. Today we visited this theater because the location is convenient and it didn't take long for us to remember why we usually make the drive to the AMC in Oakbrook. Half of the concession stand is completely shut down, and the one upstairs, I can't recall the last time I saw someone working behind it. The line was long, and although there were only 4 people in front of me in the "Premier" line, it still took over 15 minutes to get our popcorn and drinks. The drink and butter station was an mess like always. Sticky pop on the floor and butter and popcorn everywhere. We went upstairs to what used to be the upscale experience. Remember that? Free popcorn with your ticket purchase, a dedicated snack stand, alcoholic drinks, not anymore. Even the seats are dilapidated and threadbare. Finally, on the way out, my wife wanted to refill the popcorn, which you can do with the purchase of a large. But first we stopped to refill our drinks, on the far side drink station. While there, we noticed a horrible smell coming from the that side of the kitchen. We passed on the popcorn refill, we didn't trust it not to be contaminated with something. I did give them 2 stars because some of the employees seem to care and make an effort, but it doesn't seem that management provides the tools or hours that they need to do their jobs.

Melissa Nelson

Such a disappointing experience. Went to see Joker last night. The girl at the door who checked our tickets directed us to the wrong level and apparently did so with several other customers. It caused major confusion and fighting over seats since they have the same seat #s on their upper level and lower level. Food was horrible and popcorn wasn't even done right. Uncomfortable seats. A total disappointment. Won't be coming back.

Kara Michalec

This place was very nice, clean and had friendly employees. However, they no longer have Dine-In shows, which they say they have on their website & what we went there exclusively for today. Even the employees admitted it states it on their website, but hasn't been offered in a long time. Please update your website so people don't drive over an hour away to come to your establishment for dinner and a movie!

Mark Porcello

Now that it is an AMC, it is not as good as when it was Muvico. Now they are remodeling and everything is in disarray.

Askar Talantbek uulu

The DOLBY cinema at this place is huge and almost brand new I guess. It was a great expreience, sounds and seats are very comfy, we watched MB international. Really liked it.

Azhar Malik

Great Prices. Great Sound System And Great Seating Really Love This Theater

Pete sumthin

After seeing in Dobly, I can't watch in a regular theater or even IMAX again....Dolby is the way to go! The help can be better, but overall very nice experience.. I'm very glad we went to this location. The seating was spot on.. recliners, space, little personal tables for snack/drinks. Lighting was completely dark other than the screen, which is the way it should be (I think Hollywood Blvd theaters keeps the lights dim during the movie...big mistake) As far as the Popcorn, it was very very good, didn't feel bloated from eating it, nachos were crisp, cheese was nice and warm..they also give 2 cups of cheese with nachos, customary. They have a bar on top floor, which we'll try out next time. Overall, very clean! From the theater itself to the hallways and bathrooms.. worth every penny! Thank you AMC. Always been the best.

Jonathon Pucek

Rosemont is great, but this theater is trash. They haven't renovated at all unlike every other theater. They also forgot to turn off the lights for half of the movie. Sure the lights might have been an isolated accident, but I don't get the impression this theater really cares.

Detric Black

Great theater. Always clean. The staff Is friendly.

Jasmin Lopez

Just wish they had reclining seats

Jose Perez

I love the Dolby theater rooms. Very comfy

Terrence White

loved the D box seats!!

Kamil P

Excellent for date night.

Deborah Davis

Love this theater, all shows before 2 are 4.99. This is such a great deal and they have bags to fill up popcorn to share if you have AMC membership!

Prit Patel

Place was preety good. Exterior looks royal. But, sound quality was not so good.

Joel De Leon

Plenty of parking. Plenty of theatre rooms. Great concessions.

Nick Kupinski

This is a good theatre, depending on the day and time the price can be cheaper than what you'd expect or way more than what you'd expect. The theatres themselves are all nice and clean and don't have uber sticky floors. Every time I've gone, there have been no issues and the people who also go have never caused an issue.

karen love

The theater was one of the dirtiest I have ever visited! Floors covered in popcorn and very sticky! Seats were filthy. Women's bathroom dirty, floors covered in tissue, stalls nasty and had to go to at least 4 stalls before I found one with toilet paper and clean enough to use. Don't think I will ever tell anyone to visit this location.

Oksana Tepla

Nice, cozy auditoriums. Love heating seats!

Rafal Stefaniak

Love this AMC!. Free garage parking, D-box seats and great food. What more to want when seeing a movie? Adult beverage maybe? Well just head upstairs you won't be disappointed.

Benjamin Collins

Love this theater, lots of room with wide chairs that lean back, clear audio great picture. You can even get a beer while watching the movie. Food is a bit pricey but the movie tickets themselves are cheap

ml Chung

Nice theater comfortable seats. We have the balcony seats which are the best seats to enjoy our movie

james walton

Excellent venue to catch a movie at spacious clean and many frills this theater is located near a nice entertainment center with a ice skating rink and also an indoor skydiving platform. There is plenty of parking and you're able to get a stamp for your parking ticket to save money. This is also located close to the casino and O'Hare airport.

Michael & Terry Menosky

Absolutely gorgeous theatre! Captures the essence of the old school and modernizes it to today's standards. Currently still under renovations, but beautiful nonetheless.

Marcin L

Used to like this theater when it was muvico. Since AMC took over- not sure what happened but all employees act like they dont care. It is dirty everywhere. Soft drinks machine are always out of soda- even cup lids are not where they are supposed to be, instead they are laying down in packages on top of cups dispensers. When I came on to see move at 9pm theater's lobby was completely empty from customers but myself and my wife. I don't know what job expectations employees have but I guess they could have refill soda machine and put cup lids in place instead of them all being on their cell phones... I used to enjoy coming here but I guess I will drive extra few miles somewhere else now. I just dont get how there is no common sense or hospitality anymore... times are changing and nobody gives a dime about that anymore. I would feel ashamed if somebody came to my place of work and it was like that. Anyways...

Lucy Wagendorf

Great praises good movies comfortable seats even if they don't recline. Prices are often discounted depending on time of day. Free and easy parking.

Zachariah Paul

Best theater value in the Chicago land area. The best theaters are the lettered ones. Saw a night movie there (Black Klansman), paid $9 for a ticket with a buddy and had the entire back of the theater to ourselves with some upgraded level type of seats. The best bang for your buck


AMC DINE-IN Rosemont 12 en Illinois
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