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600 North Michigan, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

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Where is AMC DINE-IN 600 North Michigan 9?

REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN 600 North Michigan 9 IN Illinois

doug wiggins

Theater pretty cool & roomy. Bar & food of. Definitely need to get the outside appearance together, because if your not pay attention you wouldn't think it was the movie. Walk in the ruff looking lobby & got up escalators.

Abbigail Williams

It's a done in theater. They offer a few options for food and drink in addition to the concession stand with current movies on the big screen.

James Parks

My spouse and I go each week for dates on Tuesday. We enjoy the food and service. Sometimes the movies are good too.

kevin morgan

It's a great place to see a movie


Out of Food poor customer service Rude And un accommodating staff I was extremely disappointed in my movie experience at this place TRULY SMH.......

Deepak Devo

Best movie experience ever and watching avengers was awesome

Mitch Johnson

Entrance located Rush st @ Ohio st in unmarked doors, then up the escalators

Esai Rodriguez

Very nice and the food was great!

Sevon Brown

Rude employees, ended up not getting my money’s worth at the concession stand. And when i contacted customer service and filled out a complaint form, they took a WEEK to get back to me and never resolved the issue i had. Waste of time coming here and I advise everybody not to come here

Meg Borowski

Favorite movie theater downtown!! Huge cozy loveseats and it's dine in!

Jeff Bergstrom

One if the few really big screens downtown and the theater is nice. The concession stand is epically slow though. The staff is nice and doing things but efficiency is in the garbage. Took about fifteen minutes to service ten customers at a matinee. No seat service so you will not want to leave for food during the movie cuz you may miss a lot. Also, soda machine dispensed almost flat, warm soda and the ice dispensers had almost no ice. One of two butter dispensers was busted too.

Tim Bone

AMC Stubs A*List. Look into it . The Best Bargain in Cinema today.

corey nunley

One of my favorite theaters in town. The theaters are small so great picture and loud sounds and super comfy seats not overcrowded ever The reason it gets four stars is less screens than the AMC 21 no Dolby Atmos and parking is expensive

V. Puzinas

Very clean theater, polite staff. If you become one of their loyalty members, your benefits are deals at the concession and other stuff. Their basic loyalty program is free. If you pay for a membership which is something like $15 a year, you get priority seating and occasional free stuff. Well worth it if you like purchasing tickets online. I once went in to see a very popular film. When I arrived, there was a huge line. I discovered that by being a paid member, I could surpass the line and pretty much waltz right in. Don't drive here. It is in the middle of the city and the neighboring garage fees reflect that luxury. Best to take the train or uber.

Manny Canchola

Renovation time was very ugly.

Dion Mitchell

I love the fact that they give you what you ordered to you seat and the picture and sound is always excellent.

Paul Kraft

Tried to see One Night in Hollywood at 1:15. Not particularly busy. Waited in line. If you were paying with a card, you must use a kiosk. Only two working. Seems like it took 3-5 minutes for people to use the kiosk. How convenient. Finally got to one, did our transaction. Just as I was about to grab the tickets from the printer, the young man with glasses behind the counter grabs them, tears something off then hands us the “tickets”. They’re just the receipt. We have no reference to which theater it is, nor our seat assignments as he took those from us. Tried to buy items at concession stand. Two lines: one for “A-List”, the other for everyone else. There is ONE cashier. Only people in the A-List line are getting served. Line building in regular lane. After 8 minutes, we just gave up. Others behind us did, too. How much money does AMC lose at this theater because only A-List members get service. Make it to the theater, and our seats are already filled, and we don’t have our tickets proving they were ours. We left. Asked for manager after the guy behind the ticket counter makes a crack about US losing our tickets. Irritating. Manager arrives with clipboard. Not friendly. Doesn’t even make eye contact. Asked about the concession line: “those people paid for membership and must be served first”. Okay. Finally asked for refund and left. AMC lost about 40 bucks, and created very bad will. Great service. Not. Watch the movie on your TV at home.

Justice Terry

Leaves a lot to be desired. All food and drink orders must be placed at external desk which means if you want another drink or anything you have to interrupt your viewing experience to go order. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of this concept.


Above average AMC theater, offering premium food/snack choices in comparison to the standard fare. One of the cleanest AMC theaters in the United States.

Katherine Thompson

Great movie theater. Love the reclining seats. Dislike the prices.

Joe Valcik

Nice dine-in theater in downtown. Sound was and experience was great. Seats are very narrow and I'm not that big so they definetly wouldn't be very comfortable for a larger person. I like the bar service but wish you could order another drink right from your seat like some other theaters.

Ruby Raya

Easily one of the best ever movie experience in my whole life...

Gorgy Lira Blanco

Ok. So this is the history, me and my girlfriend were wanting to see a movie at 10:45 PM sunday since we work on week. So we buy the 34.99 tickets and we decide to eat there since it's a DINE IN AMC, when we arrived (from north chicago to the center by foot), some buses and a lyft (which I lost 10 dolars out of my pocket), after 1 hour we arrive there and they tell me the kitchen was closed and no more stock... I went mad, because of my time that was lost, I only give 2 stars because manager gave us 98% of our refund which was 30.99 ,and 2 free tickets, both of them not for dine in just a regular movie(you gotta pay more if you want some special feature on the cinema). This was the worst experience and disgusting time on an amc I ever had...

Walter Ziko

Really enjoyed my self

Deron Chester

We had a 3pm show and they had no burgers or shakes available. That was such a disappointment for all that was spent(tickets, parking n etc). Get it together guys.

Korhan Raif

Nice theater close to Michigan Avenue. Great pic and sound. Comfortable chairs. Little pricy. Not much personality.

Rob Adams

Pros: Comfy seats. Overall nice theater. Cons: Tried to order food and they didn't have pretzel bites so I changed my order to a hot dog. After placing the order they informed me they were out of hot dogs too. I changed the order to nachos and had to pay the additional cost. I was told they would deliver it to the theater... it never came. Got a refund after the movie. Disappointing experience.

Ethan Morgan

Small theater size makes it a more intimate experience. Nice recliners. Food is surprisingly good. Only negative is that tickets are a bit more expensive at this location.

Kennen Hutchison

Love the individual comfy reclining chairs! If if your movieis a bust, at least you can get a cozy 90 min nap in

Almig 5050

Great location, walking distance to The MAG MILE. The Seats are leather recliner wide with a small table so you can place your drink and food. You order at the counter then walk to your seat and they deliver the food while you're watching the movie.


Love this theater. The reclining chairs almost make you forget how expensive movies are, and it's great to have the dining option, but the sound can get super loud.

Della Wash

Staff is too slow when you are purchasing tickets very unorganized and not familiar with the register!

Brian Collender

First I will note the entrance to the theater is on Rush St, not Michigan Ave. Block 37 is a better dine in theater than this one. At this theater you order your food and they bring it to your seats. There are no waiters. Block 37 has waiters, but these theaters are bigger and are easier to get into. Seats are reclining. Trays at the seats are a little small. Sound is good and screen is big. Good place to see a movie.

Angel Alvarez

Enjoy food service while you watch a movie!

Diane Iglesias

The place was clean and the food is good

anthony easley

Enjoyed a 2pm showing of Gemini Man today, the friendly staff ,and cleanliness of the theater made my visit pleasurable.

Kamate Capital

Very nice to watch your favorite movie.

Chuck Green

Poorly run, while waiting for the balance of my party did not allow me into concessions, I am 50, not going to sneak in. Upstairs staff sitting around. For what they pay this could be a much better experience.

Wren Moor

Open, has a veritable stairway to heaven to get to the theater, and there is a good selection of foods

Curtis Coopwood

Service was good food ok food could have been a little better for the price

Freddie Ellis

Love the seating. The service is good as well! Usually pretty clean.

rohit bhal

Awesome theater. Had a wonderful dine-in experience, nice reclining seats

Nessa Arroyo

I would have given all 5 but when I went to the bathroom the trash was OVERFLOWING and literally all over the floor.

Dominque Mayfield-Turner

I love that they remodeled the place. No need to keep getting up to go get your food. They bring it to you omg I just love it. They have new chairs that makes you very comfortable.

Alisha Taylor

Its was hard to find even with the GPS but movie was good and the food was awesome.

Kent Dougherty

Food options are good. Nice theater.

Rick Alm

Last visit was not one of the better ones. Of the three soda machine on the main level one was "down", one only had about 1/2 of the products and the other 3/4. Upstairs was worse. Arrived and ordered food 20 minutes before the start of the movie and it finally arrived 40 minutes later 5 min after the start of the movie. Hopefully it was just a bad night and not the beginning of a trend.

Michael Xander

Not a true dine-in experience, I was disappointed. I thought it’s the same AMC Dine-in like the one at States St. Also the seats are too close together. I gave it 2 stars because of the location but that’s it.

Nathan Jones

Standard movie experience for us. It could have been an off night, but the snacks we wanted weren't available and the comfy seats were pretty dirty. So not bad, but not better than any other theater. I was expecting more.


I don't play baseball, so this the last time that I will order food. 30 minutes for 2 milk shakes and pretzel bites... 30 Minutes for 2 milk shakes and pretzel bites when they couldnt server over half of their menu because their fries were down. Waste of money to eat there.

Kimberly Reese

The drinks are so good the mararitas. Nachos cheese and peppers

Ainsley Faux

Solid movie theater in a great locations, but seeing food deliveries during a show was kind of distracting.

miguel chang

I love all the AMCs

L Hu

Prices can beva little steep depending on which AMC location you attend. Good movies. Theater are clean and modern and well maintained. Food is fresh and good. Staff is friendly and professional.

A.K. Weber

Decent screen image. The theatre I was in did not have raked seating so I felt like I have to look up at the screen even sitting in the back. My recliner was broken and didn't lean back as far as others.

magie mer

It's si Nice, remeber having a sheet is cold in the room

Belia Nunez

I was hoping they will take your order at your seat, unfortunately they do not. You order in the concession stand and they'll take it to your seat. However the drinks, you can only get one per ID, they are full of ice and you barely get any drink. If you want more you have to miss the movie to go back to the bar.

Angela Latona

Seeing a movie here is always a treat. Comfy seating is a big plus. I usually enjoy a snack too. The brussels sprouts, pretzel bites, and margarita pizza are all outstanding.

Damilola Usman

Very nice and decent place. Was quiet and not too crowded, comfortable reclining seats but I just think the prices for both the movies and food are quite expensive

Enrique Orosco

Food was bland and not worth the obscene price e charge. Ordered nachos which came soggy and bland, and they forgot one of my sides. Reclining chairs are really comfy, but half of the seats are uncomfortably too close to the screen


The best AMC ! Not too crowded, comfortable seats, good food

D Thomas

Good service but high prices

Jae Baker

The smell in theater #1 was horrendous and indescribable but eventually wasn’t so bad.Food was tasty and of course pricey. Drinks at the bar were watered down waiter wasn’t the friendliest. Staff was ok. Probably won’t come back though

Shayla Truong

My boyfriend and I come here maybe once a week! Thanks to the Stubs member ship❤️

Andjela Cukic

It is a good cinema with nice recliner seats but I prefer AMC Blok 37 because they have servers coming and taking your drink and food orders, here you have to order at the counter and then servers bring you the food, the drinks you have to take yourself.

Adheesh Saxena

It's a decent place. From the auditorium I reckon it must be an old AMC. The recliners seem compact and there is less room as compared to block 37 AMC dine in. I would prefer B37 over this place if the schedules work for me and if it were closer. Screens are tiny as well.

Gregory Lee

Good seats. Food orders and services are bad.

Rebecca Yoshitani

Seating is nice and comfy. Concept of ordering food to be brought to your seat is nice too - except when they are out of chicken which seriously restricts menu choices if you don't want a hamburger

Toyree Byrd

Very nice and spacious.

kc loquias

I love this... im in love with this cinema

Ayanna Watkins

Its a very clean establishment, and the food service was great didnt take to long. My only issues was where the restroom were located.

Yoon Soo Park

This is my favorite movie theater in downtown Chicago. The seats can be adjusted so that it can recline and stretch your legs. If you purchase food, the staff delivers it directly to your seat. We got the chocolate churros, which they was made fresh and delivered to us. The theater is also not as packed or busy as other places and you can purchase predesignated seats.

Teresa Thomas

Loved it. Order your food & they will bring it to you inside the theater to your seat. Very very nice inside but on the 14th floor (could be higher up) I can't remember exactly what floor.

Alyssa Grizenko

Clean theater, comfortable seats, and a good variety of picture options.

Jivesh Toor

Nice cinema right downtown for watching the latest movies on the big screen. They have a full bar, and a dine-in experience, so should you care to have your dinner while you watch your movie, it's all good! They have reclining seats with leg rests too which is plus!

Joseph Cato

Nice theater good movie quality. Chairs in dore need of repair and resizing

harry sinkaputt

Very nice cinema especially they can validate the parking ticket

*Me &U*

Love this place! They have great seating and good wings lol

Tammy Goulet Schrader

I loved this place. The seating was so comfortable, I wish I could have brought a seat home. Can get a bit pricey if you eat their in theater food but overall it was a great experience.

Mike Corrado

Reclining seats & quality sound are outstanding and have restored my faith in the long term viability of the movie theatre. Keep up the amazing work AMC!

Amanda Knapp

Amazing experience! Our food was delivered hot to our seats. Not nasty prepackaged nachos or something, but delicious flavorful shrimp and steak. Flavors that would have impressed me at a regular restaurant. However, I was enjoying while reclined in a comfortable leather seat watching a movie. Added bonus they validate parking in the garage access the street!

Carmalita Chenault

Loved it. Plan on being here again in November. Harriet will be playing! ❤️

Peter Schabinger

This theater has some of the most comfortable seats of any in the Chicago area that I’ve visited but it can’t compete with the luxury cinemas in Los Angeles, for example. I do find the tray tables to be in the way when I’m trying to sit down or stand up but I’m a big guy. If you’re smaller this wouldn’t be a problem. The food at the concession stand is OK, once again, for theaters in this area but doesn’t compete with high-end theaters elsewhere. The sound systems are good but keep in mind that the screens are smaller.

Eric Mathiasen

Food service is slow, you can't order from your seat or even from every floor, and some theatres send it so much bass it disrupts other films. Watching a quiet, sensitive scene with bass roaring through it isn't enjoyable. Two stars instead of just one, since it has a bar and comfortable, reclining seats, but there are better options downtown.

Lena Griffin

Nice staff, comfortable lazy-boys. Bar. Order food and drinks to your seat.

joel ramirez

I’ve NEVER done this to any theater because I love going to the movies & the experience that movie goers have but last time I will ever go to this theater. I purchased 4 tickets in the E row, towards the middle and once I got there some group was sitting in our seats. I told the ushers & after 10 mins of pretty much resolving nothing, the movie rolled & my friends & I simply sat down in the back in the handicap seats. What made things worse is that 1) they didn’t even re-accommodate is, we simply sat down ourselves as we were confused, during the previews hoping to get our original seats back 2) we purchased 4 however as our friend was literally parking her car I had to give her money back because the seats that we were resorted to sit in the back only had 3 spots. 3) No one surprisingly enough was available to talk too after the movie was over. Don’t say reserve seating if you over/re-sell tickets. Horrible experience. Hope it doesn’t happen to anyone.

Beatriz Beckford

One of the best movie watching experiences in the city.

Jamie Chambers

If you want sushi in your movie theater, this is the spot. It has a bar too with not outrageous prices and it’s HUGE! The seats full recline and are really cushy with little side tables and drink holders. If you wanna be comfortable and feel luxurious at the movies, go here!!

Dan Moffett

Nice place to catch an early morning movie. Place usually is not crowded during the morning. Nice seats and movie options.

Nick Maro

One of the better theaters in Chicago. The reclining seats are very nice and the theaters themselves are clean. The screens are clear and the sound systems are great.


Good service but some recliner chairs are not working properly.

David Hong

Nice theater. The auditoriums are usually pretty clean. The seats are very comfortable as well. Had a few free food tickets so I tried the food as well. Very mediocre food, but it's exactly what I expect. The only downside is that prices are a bit high here.

Michelle Lynch

Messes all over the floor in lobby and bathrooms were a mess! Popcorn was the worst I've had, cold and stale. Recliners were broken. Theater area was messy, candy wrappers everywhere, cups left over from prior showings.

ar young

Chill place. Friendly staff. Best times to be there are Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Anuoluwapo Daramola

With it being a downtown location expectations are limited. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody and were given horrible seats. They were uncomfortable they did not fully recline, the theater was not clean . All in all, I could have went elsewhere.

Joann Clark

It was great food good place clean in I love the place

Bobby Wojo

Not the best AMC DINE-IN in chicago, but there's little to complain about. A high quality theater if you're fine with the up charge.

Vincent Stokes

Not maintained. Dirty theatre, average food.

Adetutu Adeoye

Come watch a movie in a relaxed atmosphere. You sit with your legs lifted and relaxed! A nice wide screen in front with surround can have a nice meal before your movie starts too.

Jeff Reich

Good screen and sound. Comfortable recliner. Why bother calling it dine in? Online says to push a button at your seat to call a waiter - there are no buttons. You cannot order from your seat - which is not displayed anywhere.

Robert Corral

Best movie theater in the Loop!

Remmington VanAllen

Really enjoy the seating arrangement. Their seats are like sitting in overstuffed chairs, which allows you to recline and elevate your feet while watching the movie that are electronically controlled. Giving you the at home feeling watching a big screen. You have the option of using a lap table with a drink holder that swings over your lap to hold your consession items (soda, popcorn mixed cocktails, burgers,) that can be delivered to your seat at a specified time.


Loved recliner seats seen lego 2 sound was surround

Kelsey Ledyard

Awesome and comfortable place to watch a movie. Everything is clean and well taken care of. Plus you can order food and drinks to have with your movie.

Olga Gonzalez Latapi

Very nice. Try the theme drinks!

Christopher Richardson

Great theatre. We have seen many films here. The guy at the box office today had a great energy. Very knowledgeable on AMC stubs plans. Extremely friendly and helpful.. Good reflection of what I've seen from the staff here for the most part.

Alexander Rugabandana

Awesome experience...

you are the coolest person ever from kelly

I love this place from your fav person that likes going there keep up good work love u

Helen Kos

Great clean theatre good food great seats amd sound

Dan Putnam

great. but super expensive. good drinks


The couch was really comfortable.. The image quality and the sound also.. The movie OMG very artistic and epic

Korupt Gaming

This place is phenomenal. The ambiance is smooth. Ever care to pause everything grab a drink and relax while watching a movie? This place is my recommended stop. Even if it's a date, or by yourself. I love this theatre.

LaDesiree Williams

Good location amongst North Michigan Avenue shopping district. Theater is clean and staff is friendly.

Keith Rose

Slow counter service, dirty drink stations, all the soda machines are out of various syrups, broken escalators... Hopefully the food is worth the price and everything.

CJDubzick - Topic

Loved the atmosphere here. Team members were all friendly and the food was great. I was a little worried about it being movie theatre food, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Franklin Mendes

Just watch the Joker movie. We we left theater all employees were gone. Like ghost place. No one single employee. We had to figure it out our selfie how to validate the parking.

Kaiyu Li

Really enjoy watching movie alone here.

Naudia Chichester

So much fun! Seats are comfy food is great! A little pricey as I went during the week at noon with a kid and ended up spending over $30 on tickets alone

Tasha C

Very nice theater. Comfortable seating we didn't try the dining portion but the movie was great.

Eva Rully

Huge and comfy seats. It's also per-two so you can snuggle to your other half while watching the movies

Miriam Collins

My favorite movie experience ever! Great meals and milkshakes! Reclining seats, clean space, and a welcoming atmosphere!

Renato Guzman

Picture was great but the sound could definitely be more immersive. The theater could be cleaner, nobody would've cleaned our theater if we hadn't said anything and definitely needs a few more trash cans.

Daniel Onuoha

Pretty good experience. Fairly quiet during the movie. Only bad part was lights were on during previews.

Tom Johnson

Entrances are under construction. Theater is nice. Exit lights are distracting.

Bryan Sledge

Nice, quiet and clean.

Karsten Paaris

Nice theater. Relaxing seats

Sharon Locust

Loved this place highly recommend...

Juan Bravo

Parking is not to difficult here but I think they still Validate or at least take some money off. Its been a while since I came. I liked it here because it is not real dirty. Staff is friendly.


Loved the Movie atmosphere and Food/ Dinner meals are the Best ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Matthew Niedner

Signage/entrance from the street not great, but inside was just great. Clean, well-ordered. The paded chairs and theater set up was very upscale and comfortable.

Lov Nichols

AMC Dine In is one of the best things in existence. Great food. Great seats (very comfortable). Great employees. Awesome experience overall. Will definitely be going back.


Great location just off of Michigan Avenue. My young daughters enjoy the reclining seats to watch the movie and it's enjoyable to look over Michigan Ave to just look at the movement of people and vehicles below.

Jatin Johnson

Great place, wish it was a bit easier to find a parking spot though

Michael Potts

Great place.

Taharvey Davis

The theater was clean, and well appointed, the location is awesome if your making a day of it. the food was good ( dine in service is a great feature)... concessions and food prices are typically expensive. Parking is available across the street and validation is provided to help but I recommend public Transportation.

Kaleb Nygaard

This is one of those very nice, luxury movie theaters. It’s quite pricy, but you get what you pay for. The seats are large and comfortable and they bring the food straight to your seat.

Onisha Otaplive

Better new look and make sure the theater is clean always. Food is very expensive and members of Amc need more discounts. Thank you!

Diana C. Contreras M.

Comfortable seats, great sound and screen. The temperature in the auditorium was just perfect.

Nira Williams

Wow I don't know what to say.. this was my first time being to a dine-in theater. There is a bar here and a little restaurant. Enjoyed the movie!

Joel Gibson

It's incredibly expensive, as expected. Around $21 for a movie. However, the seats are recliners with electric control and the viewing area is large. This cinema does include assigned seating so it's important to get there early to avoid bad seats. Each time I've gone I've ended up with the front row due to lack of prior planning.

Jillian Goetz

Was excited to try a dine-in, but the kitchen was closed by 7pm. Not impressed with the loveseats having a hard divider in the middle of shared seats

Zack A

I bought my tickets online, the theater is very clean and the service is friendly. I left my phone in the theater and had to come in after they had closed and then employee helped me come in and retrieve my phone late at night even after they had closed. Very nice service will definitely come back here

Diana Lopez

It was my first time at this AMC theater. I actually passed the entrance twice, there's nothing to indicate those were the entry doors. There's no dine-in service, at least in the one I was in, there was no indication of the second floor of theaters. Other customers were helpful to inform me. I regret wasting my free entrance pass there, Block 37 is way better, roomier chairs too.

Diana Carreno

We ordered food and they take it to your seat. It took longer than expected and the order came out wrong. They fixed it and brought what we ordered, but at this point we were already 15 mins into the movie, plus 30 mins of trailers... We had to wait 45 mins total for a burger and a bowl.

Rich Magnolia

I was hesitant to go to a (Dine In) movie theatre, but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was in the actual theatre. The view from the lobby and the floor my movie was on was spectacular. More importantly is the size of the theatre, it has a nice size screen that really doesn’t have a bad seat to view the movie. Even though they serve food in this theatre, it’s not at all distracting. I was worried about food smells and eating noises. There was none, people make more noise with their popcorn and candy wrappers. The reclining seats in the theatre are clean, comfortable and well maintained. The best part was the fact that the chairs have leg rests, “I had ask my neighbor how to work it,” a little hint, press the big button on the inside left arm rest.

Marc-Grégor Campredon

The place is clean, safe and comfortable. It is a movie theater, and if everything goes well... probably fine. Food is basic but expensive. Volume was way too high during preview. Went to find an associate, told me it is just the preview. Movie started and was of course way too loud. After asking again. I decided to live the theater. Wasted money.


INice theater facility. They dont always have as many movies playing or have them playing as long as the other theaters in downtown Chicago, but it is still my go to theater.

JaVonne Harley

Poor service, out of a lot of menu items, incomplete dish. Manager made up for it with vouchers

Latisha Butler

My daughter had coupon for 21 oz icee and cameo popcorn and incompetent worker tried to give us a 16oz had made us wait 15 minutes for manager to tell her I'm correct instead of reading the coupon from the start

K. Jaye

Friendly ticket-taker. Seats recline and there is a bar. Multi-level with nice views

Tom Casolaro

Comfortable and clean theater, snack area, and restrooms. Employees are generally friendly and helpful. Theater/Company offers a variety of ticket options (discounts) along with a snack reward program. Can easily order tickets online and through APP. Ample parking and close to a police station. Convenient to interstate and a range of dining or shopping selections.

Rachel Schatz

Love the reclining seats and the food options but the theater is filthy, dark and run down.

Ben Mash

Usually I love this theater, but during the climax of the movie I was watching, the lights came on until the end


Very disappointed to see so much single use plastic. The dine-in option food is all served with plastic cutlery and comes on non reusable plastic trays. The movie experience itself was on par with most theaters in the area. Very comfortable seats but the volume was painfully loud. Given the numerous options for theaters in the area, I would rather spend my money at a business that is not contributing so heavily to the climate crisis. It's 2019 - time to step it up AMC. (Last I was there, the AMC at block 37 does not serve their food with plastic cutlery but uses real silverware.)

Raquel Ruiz

What this places needs in better wheelchair accessible doors to get into the bathroom!

Denise Foster

Great place to see a

Tina Rotter

Comfortable seating inside..exterior of theater needs cleaning..entry way and all escalators are dirty..pricey

Manuel Reyther

Astounding quality theater for a fair price. Though each theater is smaller than conventional AMC theaters, the seats are recliners with tons of space


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