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REVIEWS OF AMC Crestwood 18 IN Illinois

Juliemarie Camery

It's the bathrooms that need help mopping would help, otherwise I love the reclining seats in the theater.


Everything was great except I feel like I’m the “love seats” the barrier should be farther back so it doesn’t make your arm/shoulder sore. Other than that, I had no complaints! Really good place with your typical movie food!!

Angie Rodea

Love it here!! It's never crowded with people or kids. We go for the Dolby theater room!!

Raul Espinoza

Great place to come with the family and have a good time specially on $5 Tuesday and great atmosphere....

Melinda Hermanek-Smith

It is ok, I thought they could do a better job updating it.


Great before noon, admission price.

Larry Carlock

Nice setup and good selection of gourmet dishes.

Duchaunne Mckee Sr

Went to see Godzilla, good movie with updatedall old monsters.

Nancy Darnel

Clean and great seating.

Cyndie Vandyke

Reclining seats and close bathrooms.

james lagreca

Nice place, but the popcorn is awful, taste burnt and stale.

Kasim Phillips

Great drinks and food at a descent price

Valentina Caceres

Quality of movie is always good. The place always feel dirty - specially the bathrooms. I can NEVER get their captions to work - I need them to fully understand movies - and I when I let them know all I get is a shrug of the shoulders and a "thank you for letting us know" but they NEVER get fixed. If you can - go to another movie theater.

John Kelley

I love this place because it's so nice and the people who work there are so awesome

Lisa Kurvers

5$ Tuesdays are reasonable..... Its family night for us and the employees were nice and helpful. Theater was clean. It's a pleasurable experience and fun.

gets wrecked

I know I'm 14 and all and wouldn't have much to say, but I think it was a pretty good experience. So CLEEEN

don sindelar sr

Theater needs to be cleaned better between shows

Anne Copps

The movie was great but the lobby was absolute chaos. Nobody took our tickets or told us where to go in the theater we easily could have gotten in without paying. We walk straight through to the concession area and then to r movie without anybody checking to see if we had tickets or had paid to get in. Will probably be going to the country club hills location from now on.

Shavon Cates

Love this movie theater

gloria verhulst

Been here a few times. Great place to watch movies. Reclining seats are great. Theatre is not overly cold which I appreciate. Good variety of movies. Can usually find something I want to watch. Good variety of food, snacks and beverages.

lamont myrick

I take my kids and I really enjoy the place

Malinda Barren

Nice place. Always have good experience when I go.

Bibiana Tohme

Great customer service. 5 stars to cashier 6060.

Del Wilson

Great customer service and location

Jeanine Jones

I would give it 5 stars but the bathrooms are never clean. The movie experience is always great.

Michellese Harvey

Theater smelled; carpet needs cleaning. Also, automated ticket machine is out of order but there is no sign stating this. This use to be in my top five but Cresrwood needs to step it up.

Niambi Ife Bailey

Even w/my mother's pushing our 'travel' to the theater to the LAST SECOND, we STILL made the show, AND this movie: "Spiderman: Enter the Spiderverse" (not sure if that was the title) was EXCELLENT!!! EXCELSIOR!!!

Karen Saulsberry

John Wick III was a continuous fight scene. I'll pass on the next sequel. Being a Stubs A lister has its benefits!

james M. Williams

It is always nice and clean and the people take care of you very well

i'm ur daddy

Love how they allow you to constantly refill your drink of choice with tons of deliciously hot and steamy butter :) #butterdrinks

Steve Flowers

Best place to take your kids nice and friendly place to go

Aurora Zepeda

Nice enjoy my movie

John W

Movie screens are decent. Yet when you walk in it's dirty trash and food all over. If it looks like that up front what about elsewhere hate to bring bugs home. Counters are sticky food all over spilled pop on the floor with just caution signs over it. Customer service up front getting tickets was nice but when ordering food employees drinking pop on the counter when making your purchase food all over items on the shelves tossed all over.

sparkle monkey

Nice clean safe good popcorn?!!! Very loud! Sound system.

Theresa Ware

It's close to Petco on 117th. They are clean inside lobby and in theatre. More quiet crowd than at Country Club Hills.

Sarah Elizabeth

This theater is pretty good for the most part... There are times the bathrooms are REALLY dirty, the counters by the food are REALLY dirty, and the seats in the actual theater are dirty! BUT like I said, for the most part this is my 'go to' theater...

Randy Hogan

Friendly staff, comfortable seats and all kinds of goodies to fill your hunger needs during the movie. (Become an amc member and earn points towards coupons and save on future ticket prices and concessions. Paying 10.00 for a large pop and popcorn is better than 17.00!!!)

Iona Wilcher

AMC fas a good variety of food to choose from, and there is not some mean looking person guarding the drinks.

Renee Jackson

I went on a Tuesday night nothing like the $5.00 Tuesday at Free popcorn here...this theater was empty. Popcorn was mostly crumbs, no Fanta or Minute soda/juice in None of the machines. The staff couldn't find my membership number using my email or my phone crazy even though i used it before...the butter was almost gone. It was a bad night. I've been here in the day and its been fine..i hope this was just an off night.

Rose Funovits

Comfy seats. Small theater so every seat is a great view.

Saud Salahuddin

Nice and clean. GREAT staff

Lawrence Daniels

Always a good time with good Tuesday Deals

raquel hill

Sometimes the orange chicken taste old... sometimes it's SO GOOD only if they make it fresh... I think they freez it or something cause I know the difference in the taste

Brandee Dorsey

I love this theater. Get your tickets early on Tuesday though because they sell fast. That’s really with any AMC theater though.

Jonathan Carson

Love AMC Crestwood. Always clean, nice staff, good experience everytime. As the only good Southside theatre

Robert Morow

It's fine. Movie theatre, expensive, ok environment.

Lenell Brantley

Had a good time with a friend.. Wonderful theatre.. Love the recliner chairs.. Almost took a nap..

marilyn Hughes

The Food service Employees are NASTY in the Food area. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw an employee Alexis handle payments scratch her head and then handle customers food

Avis Greer

Last time I was there, which was two months ago, I was issued a refund. I was ran out by field mice. I was by myself when I kept seeing something running pass me very fast. I left the theartre in a panic. I asked for Management and they were very nice. Minutes later another person came running out. I never got to see the movie. I know that those little critters are coming in from the cold but it is not conducive to enjoying a movie. It is a shame because Crestwood Theatre's is the only place I patronize. Maybe I will give them,a second chance.

Jackie Simpson

Staff was super nice and lines moved quick. Arrived to a filthy theater, though. Garbage cans outside door were overflowing and popcorn all along the aisles. The movie was extremely loud where even my kid was complaining.

Samantha Art3mis Cook

Love this place. Clean and good service

Allison Lively

Very nice theatre. Staff is friendly and the areas are very clean.

Shay Page

Good service clean theater the chairs are extra comfortable I'm definitely going back

Sheri Williams

Love the seating. Very comfortable unlike other theater

Mark Nambo

As good as any other theater. Clean. Fast moving. Good people work there. The only problem was that the curtain cut off an 1/8th of the top of the screen to where you can see the shadow of people's forehead through the curtain. I'm guessing they forgot to raise the curtain the full length up.

Jeffrey Whitler

Very nice, great staff, bar, recliners, real food available, good movie!

Gina Jones

Staff is always kind and helpful. Wheelchair accessibility is good. However, I wish there were more curb cuts so my boys did not have to roll down the street with the cars to roll on to the side walk. Also, I wish that there were more accessible parking spaces, and that the automatic doors actually worked.

James Dollar

The First time we visited this theater we liked everything about the place. good food, nice workers. Great seats in theater too.

S Lee

This theater has lots of screens playing new releases. However to make more money they offer different film formats. Unless you're really into editing, photography, or 3D for an action film it doesn't seem worth it to pay extra. When I go to the movies it's to enjoy an interesting "story" or to see a favorite actor. I am okay with a basic view at the best price. I understand they have to be competitive to stay in business with all the competition of bootleg, streaming services, and the significantly faster cycle from theaters to cable and streaming services these days. Selling these upgrades views along with the club memberships for frequent visitors increases revenue. The lower rating comes from the lobby area. There is a bar and a concession stand with your standard movie theater priced snacks!

Planet Daystorm Studios

Great service! Very clean. Nice and big theaters. Great food and snacks. Around a great experience.

JoAnne Brunker

Great place to see a movie

Shea Cromwell

My go to theatre!! Recliner Seats, Bar, Self Services for your tickets and condiments for your food!! Great theaters!!

Karen Bridges

It was terrible! I was in theater 7, seat D5. I could literally hear the movie in theater 8. I could even "feel" the bass from the other movie. Really made it hard to get into the movie

Felicia Roberts

Ordered the cinnamon bites they were hard and stale

JC Jackson

The wife and I seen the movie "Black and White"... I think that's the name of it with the office whom came back to her town to face a bunch of shenanigans between the cops and black people. Anyway the theater was nice and quiet... I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep

Robert Zett

Always enjoyable. Good employees

kathleen strenkowski

Nice greeting at ticket counter. Easy to choose your seats and the bucket of popcorn is only one dollar more than the bag and comes with a free refill! There is a bar and the theater and bathrooms are clean. The seats recline and the Dolby sound is excellent! Best movie theater I've ever been to!

Bethany Scherbarth

Relatively clean compared to many theaters. The sound in our auditorium was pretty loud for a drama. Nice recliners and some real food options along with the normal popcorn and candy.

Joy Janulis

Very good theater and very different than I've been here for four years ago

Matt Scott

This is my childhood theather and just came back here after not being at this location since 2014 and I loved it. The Dolby theater was incredible

margaret tobolaski

The service at the front counter is ridiculously slow

Brandi Madar

A great place to eat.

Cory Vicious

I Love this Theater. The popcorn is always hot. I also love the fact that there is a full bar. This is my movie theater of choice.

Lorraine Maldonado

Favorite AMC theater. Updated! Nice staff. Fast service. Can improve on cleaning, but their cleaning staff are also extremely friendly.

Renee Dole Finley

Nice lobby great friendly workers.


I always enjoy myself when I go to this theater. I love the margaritas made with patron and the hot dogs are the best. The staff is welcoming. I have a little OCD so the restroom could use more frequent attention especially on the weekends.

Linda Wells

Offers a full bar, good movie food menu and decent concession service. Theater is comfy.

Aaron Little

Nice theater good sound 3D movie's available fresh treats and there's a bar so you can have a cold beer with the film

De Scott


Angela Oliver

I Love Crestwood, the menu and prices are much better than most theater's that I have gone to, they even offer a kids pack in which most theater's Don't for a good value... I will only watch a movie at Crestwood it's worth the drive....

Diana Cardenas

Service is good. Counter help are nice. The floors are sticky tho.

chiken wing

Nice loved it will recommend.

Frederick Lee

My favorite theater. My wife and I drive by 2 other theaters to get to this 1.


Good place to go but I have been to better amc places

Nyoka Smith

Nice theater!! I will say if you looking for a place cost friendly, free parking, and recliner seats this is it.. I will definitely say go here if you don't want to go downtown, and spend all your money on parking, and the movie.. I love downtown, but this theater made me feel half way like I was downtown, because of the seats, and the cleanliness of the place. They also have a little bar inside if you want a little cocktail before your movie, and the washrooms were big, and clean which is very important because I hate public washroom. Definitely will go back!!

Michelle Andrews

The theater was clean and quiet. The popcorn was a little stale and burnt. The pretzel bites lacked flavor. So, I guess if I just came for the movie it was great! However, a night at the movies isn't complete without snacks! Which were lackluster, unfortunately.

Deanna Roberts

Movie was great. Place was not clean. Paper everywhere

One Love

Love this theater

Rowena Simms

This place is very modern now. It has been renovated. They have more food selections and a very big Bar area with a large TV screen. They also have reclining seats. The bathrooms have also been renovated with fast speed dryers.

James Mcginnis

Nice atmosphere. Just need more customer service employees

Davita Brooks

I loved the movie

Edith Vargas

Nice theater, always clean and great staff, I love the recliner seats. We went to see "The Joker", excellent sound system.

Ali Rivera

The manager Raquel is amazing. Great customer service.

Vicente Madrigal

I been going ther for years but today I was so disappointed the guys restroom was so nasty . The floor was all cover in pee and the smell was terrible!!!! Then I had a situation with my daughter seat where the girl that was seating there she said she got her tickets on line and didn’t want to give up her seat so I had to go get someone so they could ask her for her tickets and of course she didn’t have that seat but she wanted to be next to her guy !! Honestly I don’t know if I’ll go back after today, also the people that were seated next to me had snacks from the gas station and she would not shut up she was talking the whole time the movie us was playing

A Wes

Dolby screen was good but the rest of the theatre is a mess. Over flowing garbage cans everywhere, restroom was a smelly mess. The food was overpriced junk also....$12 for 3 small chicken tenders & cold fry's

the wasiel family

They have so many different theaters so lots of options for show times and of course they have the best seats!

Crista Murphy

Since the remodeling, this theater has become usable again. I hope they're able to keep it clean this time.

KeySun Nubi

A place you can still enjoy the movie. Nice upgrade too. A little pricey though, but good

Patricia Welch

Great staff-comfortable seating-great concession stand & the movie Breakthrough is a movie worth seeing, a real tear jerker for believers & non-believers. Thank you Crestwood Theatre for that wonderful first-time experience. We'll see you next time!!!

Daniela Estrada

Bathroom dirty.. but this amc has many theaters

felix ortega

Great place to watch a good movie

Joni Kelley

Saw Shaft. The movie was great. The seats were good. The service for popcorn and hotdogs was a little slow but it was hot when we got ir.

Juanita Bristow

Very nice seating. Comfortable. Would reccomend.

Tony Rosario

just another expnsive AMC. Dolby theater was good, great subwoofer. reclining seats go to about 35 degrees rather than 45 degrees.

michael lloyd

Very comfortable seating. Dolby sound, image and motion effects were nice and not overdone. Popcorn could be better....

Jerry Stevenson

Nice place but sometimes it’s not cleaned properly but decent

Matthew Hiatt

Seats are super comfy always have a great time here staff is all friendly

Nate Washup

I love going to this out of the way theater. It's clean and its modern and best of all in my opinion is the well kept climate control. They have the latest in comfort in the auditorium seating and a newly renovated concession area. There is also multi-options for ticket purchase. You can use the standard ticket agent or go high tech and use the auto self serve ticket kiosk. I wish I could have given them a 5 star rating and the only reason I did not is because they closed off the east side entrance to make way for the new high tech kitchen where the new selections of hot foods are prepared. It's a trade off that's well worth it but there is only one parking lot now; there once were two.

Stan Taylor

Nice theater but staff does not keep theater clean. Trash over flowing in trash bins. Popcorn area nasty. Just poor management when it comes to keeping the place clean

SteveandJane Morris

I come to this theater once in a while with my two children. Almost always, the staff is friendly with the occasional exception being the usual and random completely miserable looking teenager. The place is always fairly clean, considering the number of people coming through here on a daily basis. The one awful thing about this theater is that they put up the NO GUN signs at the entrance doors. I've seen different signs, some legal and sometimes not, but still. This sign ONLY tells us regular folks that this theater doesn't care about the criminals that may be carrying guns illegally... this sign tells us that this theater does NOT want law abiding family people, who have been background checked twice and have passed a live fire range test, people who are statistically 6 times LESS LIKELY to commit a crime than a police officer, to come into the theater for a two hour movie carrying their legally concealed firearm. I admit, I was sitting in the theater just knowing that anyone with evil intentions could easily bring an arsenal into this theater, but the theater management specifically does not want ME to carry, even though I am licensed and have no criminal record. Having that sign at the door made me feel UNSAFE. And it made me feel like someone out there didn't want me to have the means to protect my son and my little daughter. After seeing this sign today, I don't want to return. But as this place is very close to home, I will likely come back. It just sucks royally to know someone in management here is facilitating criminals and possible murderers to act with impunity.

joseph tripp

Very Comfortable seating

Chausse Manning

Always a great experience here ,the staff is always prompt and friendly. And the guest are always respectful to each other which makes the atmosphere fun.

Izzy Pettis

This place is pretty cool. The chairs are comfy. The staff is attentive.

Clinton Oshodi

I've had an awesome experience just about every time I've visited this theater. It's one of my favorite's and with the recent theater upgrades it's even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Chris Tucker

Toy story 4 is amazing movie ever and I love it

Lacheryl Davis

I had a good time relaxing watching the movie

David Koleno

Terrible popcorn, lousy personalities - a ghetto theater trying to look upscale!

Emily Sierra

Love the popcorn and cherry Sprite! I see lots of people complaining and giving one star ratings, and I understand the theater is sometimes messier than it should be, and that the east side of the building looks abandoned... but overall, its still very well off and cozy! Gonna continue to go as long as it exists!

Jo Q

I dont know when they redid it but it's really cute and comfortable

Steve Heckenast

Love the reclining seats. The Dolby is worth the extra price.


Very good theatre.

Taylor Foltz

I would leave zero Stars if I could how is a movie theater going to offer a free Premiere screening for members only and then allow the people to confirm how many people are coming with them and somehow sell too many tickets can't wait to cancel my family's membership

christopher hardemon

Being a A lister no waiting in line ,free reservations online and nice clean environment and comfortable reclining seats

Abe Ortiz

Liked it but the Dolby Cinema seats were less comfy than the seats in the regular rooms, they need to lean back more plus it was hot in there.

Gerardo Castaneda

Great place for movies, they have great seats nice service

Michelle Walker

My first time there. I really enjoyed my seating however when I had a taste for some popcorn my husband told me that the concession stand was closed around 9:30. I found that disappointing

Jacqueline Boykin

Had a little time so me and mom went to see "Overcomers" had a great time. Friendly people and great customer service. The movie was awesome you gotta check it out. Feel good movie with a lot of great takeaways.

Karina Paulenas

It is 12:23 and supposed to see a one show and this place isn't open. No one is answering the phones there's only one car in the parking lot. @12:28 employee answered my knocks on door. First show is at 1 so they open up at 12:30. I wish there was at least some sort of sign posted on the front anywhere letting patrons know this. Worker wad very polite, he gets 5 stars :)

Edith D

Saw ENDGAME. It was awesome! The theatre was clean and screen images were dynamic.


Very comfortable seats sit in the F lane or in the G lane

Mawile #303

Dont go opening day, its pretty chill every other day something big isn't releasing

Carlos Cuevas

Very comfortable setting all the way around.

Victoria Stout

VERY very nice!

Tava Rose

Fast customer service, and awesome theater rooms! Love the chairs!


I enjoy it very much

Elizabeth Kiss

We saw Peanut Butter Falcon which we highly recommend. AMC Crestwood is a comfortable clean theatre.

Dea Knapp

Nothing like racking on a rainy day to a good movie . Nice staff,full service bar and the usual movie food and bevs. A good go to place in the area.

Christina Johnson

The food was good. The theater was clean and comfortable. Staff was nice, clean bathrooms. I will be going back.

Omar Calderon

Nice place to getting fun with the family

Brenda Starr

Nice theatre. Nice xeats

Rocco Chiero

Totally remodeled . Organized well. Great surround sound and picture quality.

Christina Fern

I will never go back to this theatre! Mice and rude workers! The people at the front desk are super rude! It’s either old ladies or the Mexican broads who act like they hate their lives! There’s usually a black woman working during the days who is such a pleasure! I forgot her name but her nails are always done fancy! Now me and my son went to go see toy story and literally saw two mice run past the seats in front of us. We were in the first row on top and I looked down when I heard something, and literally Saw two mice! I was disgusted! This place is a disgrace! If I could leave a negative star I would!

Rhonda Skolnik

Nice theater. Clean washrooms. Large screens. Comfy seats. Register for a Stubs card, (free) and on Tuesdays tickets are $6 plus tax.

Jane Ware

The theatre is clean, very nice comfy seating.

Joe Torres

Clean and comfortable, I always go to the Dolby screens for quality and the sound is incredible

Derrick Jackson

It's Crestwood. Pretty much all theaters are the same now

Terry Towner

All of a sudden...the ticket taker wants to search my wife's purse? And she lets her. No one is subject to search.....or everyone is.

Karen Winters

Everything was great, quick and easy. Movie was great and food service was fast. Great place to take the family for a night out.


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