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101 S Canyon St, West Yellowstone, MT 59758

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Where is Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre?

REVIEWS OF Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre IN Idaho

M Markel

Clean and welcoming.

Chad Knutson

The size of the screen is the only way to watch action films .. Great venue all in one shopping from souvineres to the best Hollywood movies

Aakash Desai

Friendly folks in the store and theatre

Natalie Levi

Way over priced


Great Place!! The Trading Post is the most reasonable place in town for gifts. Cut some stores prices in half!! Amazing!! Haven't seen a movie here yet, but I will report back when I do.

Nancy Leonard

My husband and I do date night at the IMax. We love it. Never met an employee that didn't have a smile for you.

Mike Bateman

We enjoyed it

Shan Guo

we come here for gift shopping, 3% tax is good.

Kerry H


Clayton Wilson

Off season is amazing

William Teach

Clean & nice seats. Yellowstone movie gives a perspective you don't get by a normal visit to the Park.

Scott Klawitter

Best place for yellowstone souvenirs.

Chelsea Pham

Interesting information of Yellowstone. The big screen imax is easy to watch.

Jay Myers

great IMAX reasonably priced

Kelly crow

We love this place!

Steven McGee

Interesting and informative

Myke Eder

I-max theatre with a yellow stone gift shop.

Lucas Handy

Awesome surround sound! Fun family activity!

Carol Baldwin

This is a great place to watch a movie, and I like the gift shop.

Greg van Rozenburg

Fantastic movie on Yellowstone National Park. Worth the visit.

Jake Carlisle

Clean theater

Christy Wortham

A fun place to relax after days of hiking. We watched the Yellowstone movie, and that was gorgeous on the huge screen! We also watched X-Men Apocalypse, and it was also great. They have 50-cent ice cream cones-- yummy! And a full movie concession area. Also a huge gift shop.

Natasha Shaty

Only one movie showing at a time. More of a gift shop vibe.

Eric Sitton

We watched the Yellowstone Imax movie and were impressed. Our young children stayed engaged throughout it. They have a decent gift shop for anything branded Yellowstone. We were pulling a camper and found some RV parking at the far end of the parking lot past the grizzly exhibit. It is tight to get into a space if other campers are already parked. We had to take up several car spots to get parked. We saw others park their rigs on the street but it is marked as no parking.

Jared Miller

Good sound

Garrett Braithwaite

Sarah Schneider

About the only positive here was cleanliness of the theatre (not the bathrooms). We go to a variety of luxury lounge theaters regularly: these are not luxury loungers as advertised, the popcorn was stale, and the male concessions stand clerk was unfriendly and unhelpful with answering questions. The gift shop looks nice, but we were there for the movie experience.

Karen Rollins

Not worth the 15.00 each

aatrox Grow

Great theater! Service was nice and friendly. Love it!

Tate Harrington

We love going to the giant screen movies here. We have seen several, including the last few star wars films. They are very reasonably priced for what their services are.

Garrett Smith

Rhythmic Attackers

Nice screen but the movie was not that great

Freddy Zane

Pretty cool, the movies are worth the cost and it has fun little gift shop. No complaints, great way to learn about yellowstone

Kelsy Porter

Awesome! Comfy seats, giant screen!

Raul Perez Jr

Nice place

Lorraine Petersen

Saw the Yellowstone movie, expected a drone type visual experience, was a history lesson.

alessandro signorini

Nice cinema


Amazing! Huge theater!

David G

Big screen. Clean place.

Cory Robinson

Very friendly employees, great screen/audio, and very reasonable concessions. One of my top theatre experiences.

Bruce Belliston

Very clean facility, well run. Very helpful employees. I highly recommend them!

Eric Mecham

Great place awesome staff, awesome owner, and an awesome theater.

Laurie Roney

Nice video. Only an hour.

Caleb Carlile

Great service, and awesome theatre. The Big screen is fantastic.

Tom Hannig


Bradley Hobbs

Fun to go to movies on vacation


Great experience!

Brad Jackman

Bog theatre, nice screen and sound.

Kyle Quick

Nice theater but DO NOT go watch the YellowStone National Park Movie. Cost $9 and lasts 30 min. Absolutely felt like I wasted 30 mins of my life. Otherwise very nice just DO NOT watch that movie.

A Notto

Great place to watch your favorite action movie. Dolby 360 sound is amazing.. guaranteed jump out of your seat during surprise action scenes. Buttered popcorn is there best. The premium seats are worth the upgrade price.

Brad Fabanich

Great staff and excellent experience. The sound system blows you away.

Marci Dawes-Flores

Ist time at this Imax. Traveled from Idaho to see Captain Marvel. The snack bar and the addmission fee was as reasonably priced. My only complaint is the sound wasn't as loud as I thought it could be. For an Imax, I thought the sound should have been louder. The AMC Big D theater is Pocatello has better sound. My only complaint was that.

Brad Hobbs

Love IMAX and prices for entry and concessions are reasonable.

Gal Pro

they have very good gift shop

Joseph Harris

Nice theater just outside Yellowstone national park.

Sean Gallagher

We didn't go to the theater but rather to the YTP Outlet Store that sold the tickets and led into the theater. There was a fairly large selection of items in the store but it didn't really offer "outlet" prices. As an example, a small bag of polished rocks, sold for $5.99 in every other West Yellowstone site we went into, sold for $7.99 here, PLUS they charged an extra $1.50 for the small bag! Go in to buy tickets to the IMAX but skip the YTP Outlet experience.

Cameron Hancock

Awesome movies

marion niedringhaus

A treat!! An IMAX theatre in the middle of nowhere. Great films, great seating, a.c.

Connor Lenz

Jared Curtis

This is by far the best place to buy yellowstone souvenirs. They have all the coolest merchandise, and the prices seem to be lower than most of the other places in town. The lobby, gift shop & theater were very clean- even the restrooms were immaculate. The staff at imax were so nice and accommodating, they just really go out of their way to make everyone have the finest theater experience imaginable. I would recommend to everyone visiting Yellowstone National Park that they stop by Imax Trading Post and check out all the great deals being offered every day.

Ja Yong Koo

Yellowstone IMAX movie is great to watch.


Best place to see New Movies in the I Max Theater

Barry Phillips

Great place for movies year around. Comfortable seating

Sophia Hahner

Matt Jacobson

Well worth the money. The screen is incredibly large and the sound is great!

Stephen Houck

They show real movies in the evening.

John Hoyt

Cheap prices. Clean facility.

Richard Petraski

A lot of swag to look through. Stadium seats on the top were nice. Good place to catch a flick.

Michael D. Wu

離黃石公園最近的電影院XD The nearest theater from Yellowstone to here.

Helmut Qualtinger

Es gibt nicht viele Filme, die man im IMAX Format sehen muss, die über die NationalParks schon. Steigert das Erlebnis, das man selbst im Park hatte, wenn man nochmals durch die Landschaft fliegt.

Peter Brill

Tolle Vorführung eines Films über den Yellowstone Nationalpark

Omar Aragon

.50 cent soft serve! I paid 20 dld inside Yellowstone Park

Jesper Hesthaven

Great show and lovely gift shop in the hall.

Anthony Raynor

A good collection of souvenirs. The staff were friendly. It was interesting to have an IMAX theater there, but I will admit I was a little underwhelmed by the Yellowstone National Park feature movie . I did not think my wife would go for three hours of the Avengers endgame.

Roman K

Just finished watching YELLOWSTONE at the West Yellowstone iMAX theater. I was shocked that the film was just over a half hour long, but yet we paid $9.25. The same amount where the previous night we saw a full length feature film called "The Hitman's Bodyguard". I've requested a refund for the two tickets for a very disappointing experience.

Jared Jensen

Not so amazing of a theater

Lori Hurst

I saw the movie Aquaman, I liked it . Theater was nice , enjoyed the visit

Enya Cooper

Always playing great movies! Biggest sound and screen in the state!

Jeff L

Nice thing to do while visiting the area, very affordable. A thing the locals like doing, was strange when more than half the theater sat to the right all grouped together.

Kevin Brewer

Very nice theater. Yellowstone film was only about 45 minutes long but nice.

Melissa Bartholomew

The theater and the gift shop area were nice. I give that portion 5 stars. My issue is that they promote the Yellowstone movie as a great thing to see when... 1. It’s 30 minutes long and you still pay full price. 2. This movie is at least 20 years old, no exaggeration, which means even the “modern” portion of the show isn’t up to date. 3. It’s not really an in-depth, informative review of the park like I was hoping. If you’re thinking about seeing the Yellowstone movie, skip it and read the Wikipedia page or watch a YouTube video instead and save yourself the money.


Wow that's a big screen!!!!

Jayme Crivello

Nice theater but employees were frustrating. We wanted to see 2 movies back to back so the girl at the ticket counter said if we come back and show our receipt from the 1st movie we can get a discount on the 2nd movie. She said she'd be gone by then but that we just need to show the receipt. Well when we came back out the other employees would not honor the discount. They said they havent done that in several years however there was another girl there who said she was new but that she had heard about this discount. It was really strange. They need to get all their staff on the same page.

Jonah Avila

Best huckleberry soft serve icecream! Cheap too.

Ami Buczek

I love that this IMAX shows blockbusters movies that generally rotate out every week with a new movie. I would suggest paying extra for the VIP section, you generally get the entire row to yourself and you are in the best position to see the movie.

Melissa Hurst

Fun experience for the family

Ashley Winningham

My first IMAX experience and i loved it ❤ definitely added to the yellowstone vibe

Luke Racette

Watched IMAX Yellowstone good little time consumer.

Bryce Carpenter

Comfortable and with friendly, helpful staff. I imagine they could get overwhelmed if there was a crowd but they probably staff it more heavily in the summer. I would rate it five stars but during our movie the film paused a few times. Almost like it was buffering. Not a huge issue and hopefully not a recurring one for them.

Boyd Wolz

When I go to a movie I am glad this is my movie theater. Great screen, awesome sound. Terrific staff right down to the blond kids that take tickets and clean up.

Cecil Conaghan


Brian Kay

Great experience for our family. Never miss the IMAX.

Kody Gardner

We watched Allegiant and must say it was a great movie and the IMAX experience was incredible. Couldn't believe the low price! My wife absolutely loved the gift shop. If you're in the area this is a must.

Carrie R Hess

Always good!

Jay Eagle

Excellent sound and picture. A bit pricey for 30 min flick


Great place friendly staff

Courtney Barraza-Wilks

Great shop and the big screen really is incredible to view things on. Plus, I think it's reasonably priced which makes us frequent visitors

Joel Adams

Loved the Yellowstone movie, but it was too short. Could have showed more of the park features.

S Chandani

wonderful experience, right price!


(Translated by Google) Euloston Grant (Original) يولوستون جيانت

Idaho Boy

It's the only IMAX theater around for miles and the best place to catch new movies when you are in the area. A nice touch of the city life in the small mountain town of West Yellowstone.

Chelsea G

What a fun center

Mskittie Ludaway

Nice love it

Ian Walker

Alot of fun. Line was very long to get in and waiting starts about an hour before the movie starts but great experience.

Chris Charnock

Really clean movie theater with comfortable seats and and amazing sound system, sometimes it was even too loud for me and I like loud things. We watched the image movie on national parks and it was amazing. If your in the area definitely take some time out of your day and watch a short iMax movie.

Sean Wheeler

It's a massive theatre but it can be quite a cluster when big movies are playing. For example, when the movie solo played they had people lining up in a very unorganized fashion and it led to a bunching up and a failure of an ability to move about in the gift shop. I would also not recommend the popcorn, they use some sort of cheddar topping instead of typical popcorn salt. The ice cream does look pretty tasty though.

Aless Cornejo

Love Yellowstone! The show was like a 40 mins history lesson about how Yellowstone was discovered. And after the show huckleberry ice cream shop!!

Chris Fried

Normal IMAX Theater with ticket prices below average.

Erin Cumin

They give you popcorn with your ticket. Comfy and fun movie theater!


Always enjoy seeing a movie here for a different experience.

Ofer Mor

Nice movie and big gift shop

Glen Rigney

Must see. Great movies.

Hans Roth

(Translated by Google) Excellent movie about the national park (Original) Excellenter Film über den Nationalpark

Kari Gilbert

Nice theater, clean. Worth the comfort to get the special seats.


Great stadium seating.

Honoree Brown

It's IMAX! Clean, not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. Great gift shop!

Steven Williams


John Ferreira

Fantastic, a good place to check out b4 going into the park

Chelsie Morris

Amazing Imax

Tom Brinkman

Jeff Peng

TheYellowstone IMAX影院擁有6層樓高的高屏和數字品質的環繞聲12000瓦特。該劇院位於交通便利的黃石國家公園和商會遊客中心在101南峽谷西面入口旁邊。劇院是全年開放。

Ross Wilson

Clean Theater with great equipment. Perfect place to see nature shows and high visual movies like Star Wars.

Woncherl Ha

Old technology

Stephanie Lyon

Best selection of Yellowstone souvenirs and clothing in the area. Great prices and a fun atmosphere. Go here first!

Mini Muralidharan and Srinath Kasturirangan

IMAX featuring Yellowstone at the west entrance. Also a good place for souvenir shopping. Beware of tour buses!

Olivia Wiki

Best ever!

Stan Baginskis


Ronald Duck

Great Big Screen experience! Popcorn is good.

Wendy Harvey

Was a good time at the movies.

ashley winningham

Gorgeous and informative

Deraj Artsmoob

It is very good

Isaac Ralphs

The popcorn maker may be slow on an opening night since they aren't usually dealing with that kind of population rush but the soft ice cream is a steal if a deal for $0.50 each, so just get the soft serve instead.

Emily Hargrove


Brandon Huston

Friendly staff and service!

Landon Pettit

Not bad. It's the only theater in the Yellowstone area. It's a little pricey, and only plays one feature film. Buts it's fun to go to.


Special treat for visiting Yellowstone.

Justin Thiessen

Really enjoyed the Yellowstone imax movie and the gift shop is reasonably priced and well tended to.


Awesome theater/gift shop. Comfortable and clean theater. A must stop when visiting the park.

Mac McKuhl

Build your own ice cream cones are the best deal in town

Debbie Smith

Loved the Yellowstone movie

tunA Kuru

It's name tells the truth, this is a giant screen. It's fun to watch a movie here. The sound system is recently upgraded and providing a full experience for your ears..

Miranda Martin

Kids loved it and we did too!

Brandon R

They have great 50 cent soft serve ice cream here that is perfect after a hot day at Yellowstone or working

Shuo Qiu

It is nice to have an preview of what you will can see at Yellowstone. But the movie is so boring.

Caela Mendini

Great theater

Hari Rawat


Timothy M Phillips

We got there just before the eruption. Amazing.

Kristina Abbey

On my visit I did a double feature of Yellowstone and Weather. It was my day to nerd it up and the staff of this theater made my experience great! Comfy seating, huge space, and yummy concessions. I highly recommend going here to see Yellowstone if you have a little downtime and want to relax for a bit before heading back out into the park or around town.

Richard Roybal

Watched Avengers infinity wars in Imax and it was Incredible . They have an awesome gift shop there too.


Typically has a few decent Imax showings. The 50 cent huckleberry cones are a classic, along with competitively priced merchandising selection, which is cheaper than Amazon on a regular basis.

Lydia Penrod

A great addition to any visit to Yellowstone.

Bernhard Hane

Yellowstone movie is mediocre.

Rebekah Mohr

It's a large screen theatre. Not sure it meets the definition of an IMAX theatre (the screen is flat - it does not wrap around). Decent but I'm not sure it was worth the price. The "upgraded" seats were in the last row. I would have preferred to sit more in the center and would not pay for the seats again.

Glenna Kelley

Fantastic theater

matt queen

Great place for gifts.

Samantha Hale

Wonderful prices and awesome theatre! They even delayed the movie a few minutes so everyone could get popcorn and find a seat. Treat prices are amazing! Love this small town theatre.

Brittany Hargis

While the theater itself and the seating are great, the actual movies are extremely short documentaries. That being said, it’s overpriced for what you get.


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