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3711 E Longwing Ln, Meridian, ID 83646 Located in: The Village at Meridian

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REVIEWS OF Village Cinema IN Idaho

Todd Bernhardt

A great movie theater. Ordering tickets ahead of time is quick and easy, and picking them up at the automated machine is pretty straight forward. The seats are very comfortable and even recline!

George Mosgrove

Awesome new seating! Nicest cinema around!

Art Medina

This is one of the best entertainment Cinema in the treasure valley, not only for go catch a movie but also to go have a meal. The Village, is what we call this beautiful complex of stores and restaurants and of course the Movie theatre. It’s a really nice place to take the family shopping or just to take a walk and enjoy the many different retail stores that share this beautiful out door Mall.

ray merical

Our favorite cinema in the whole valley. Most comfortable seating available.

Eileen Mitchell

The reclining seats were the best!!

Tallia W

Make sure to download their app. Buy your tickets ahead then either print or use the app. Food at the dine in part of the theater is great.

Daniel Ramos

The village is a great place to go. Great people amd a great atmosphere. I always enjoy it.

Dakota Mader

Theatre itself was comfy and classy, however they failed to clean up any of the trash left behind by previous attendies which caused people to switch seats. This normally would not be that much of an issue however my wife was with me and suffers from severe anxiety and having many people around when we specifically chose seats away from everyone she was very uncomfortable the entire movie.

Carmen Westre

The bar upstairs is awesome... Paris is AMAZING!!

Marc Peirce

Loved the new power reciners, very comfortable and roomy

April Sunshine

Definitely recommend the theatre with the wonderful comfortable recliners!!! Oh so nice I almost fell asleep.n

Phil Adcock

Great theater!! Comfy seats, good popcorn and great for people watching after

Janelle Thompson

I went in to see a Isn't It Romantic today and asked for ticket for the showing at 4:40 pm. When I google searched The Village Cinema in Meridian it told me the movie I wanted to see was AT 4:40. When I arrived, the gentleman at the ticket stand told me there was no showing at 4:40 pm, it was at 4 PM. I told him that is not what I found online and that was what I came to see. I asked for a free movie ticket as the website gave me wrong information. He said okay, but then this older gentleman with white hair asked me what the problem with the showing was. I told him and he told me I was wrong and that I went to the wrong website. I told him I went to the Village at Meridian Cinemas website and he said "You can't Google it. Google will always give you the wrong information." ...... I told him that wasn't my problem, that it was his, and he proceeded to very rudely try and argue with me that I went to the wrong website and I had to go to some other random cinema west website. How the heck was I suppose to know that, first of all? And secondly, why would he try and argue with the customer? I have had a horribly stressful week and just wanted to go see a movie in peace. It's not my fault that when I do an internet search for a movie at your location, that wrong information is posted! That's YOUR fault, Village at meridian cinema! Not the guests! You need to fix the problem or redirect the search engine so this doesn't happen to other people. This man needs to be repremanded for the way he treated me. I had to stop HIM to tell him I wasn't going to argue with him!!! What the heck?! The guy who originally was going to check me out at the ticket stand brought me a free movie pass, which I appreciate, but I'm giving you a horrible review because it is well deserved. Who argues with customers? Horrible customer service!

Juliano Sferle

For the Treasure Valley, it is hands down the best option to see a movie. The drinks for the VIP are a bit overpriced but still worth watching a flick with a brew in hand.

Kim Smith

Getting back to what theaters should be - I love this place! Amazing restaurant, lovely bar, comfortable theater seats, and knowledgeable, super-friendly staff. Plus the occasional classic movie screening!

Lisa Burger

When My Mom son and I went to the Lion King ..they only had front row seats available.. We noticed there were seats that were open .. When people buy them and not use their tickets ..They need to be available to the public.. This morning I have eye strain.. The movie was early it was at 3:30 in the afternoon..

Mina Hoskins

Amazing cinema. Typical snacks unless you do the vip deal, then you get a bigger and better veriety, and it's brought to you, so very convenient. The seats are a bit uncomfortable even though they have a bit of slide reclining. I'm 5'6" and the pillowed spot for the head was still in an uncomfortable spot for me so hopefully you're short enough or tall enough to miss it entirely.

Christina Goldsmith

The movie kept glitching and we had to sit in dark while they fixed it twice. Not worth the money. A waste of time. There are better theatres that are less expensive with out the issues.

Daniel Hunt

So much to like. Drinks up top. $5 Tuesdays. Reclining seats. The list goes on and on.

Janie Nyborg

We were there tonight Watching Dark Phoenix. We bought three tickets in the luxury seatings. The movie projector wasn’t able to play the movie about 30 minutes into the movie. It kept pausing then cutting out. A guy came in and apologize for the inconvenience and said to go to the box office and they will refund our tickets. That’s awesome for the tickets refund. But what about the soda, candy and popcorn we bought for the movie. Why didn’t we get refund for that? I feel like that’s the least they can do for the inconvenience. We did set that time aside and drive there.

John McRae

Love the 21 and older seats! Nothing like eating food while you watch a great movie!

Teri Campbell

Extremely overpriced! A matinee for one adult with two kids is almost $25 and if you get two popcorn‘s and two sodas that is almost $30. I know that they have to make money but that is ridiculous. The seats and theaters are amazing though. The VIP 21 and up section is fabulous for those not wanting to be around kids

Paul Dymen

Very covetable reclining seats and great snacks!

Misty I

Love this cinema, love the upkeep, reserving seats, location, the vibe, it's my favorite theater!!!


Comfy seats, love the matinee pricing and the over 21 theater.

Gino Colaianni

Clean and attractive decor. Popcorn not very fluffy.

David Attwater

Sound quality is awesome and the seating with recliner is comfortable

Michael Smith

A little overpriced, however I believe most people would admit that's in part why one would venture here. The seating and overall quality of the cinema certainly justify the marginally more expensive cost. Don't bother with the wine and dine fancy seats unless you're ready to effectively quadruple your ticket cost in food and drink. It's not a negative as it's good food, yet just go expecting to pay a premium.

Dayn Slaathaug

What can I say, VIP 21 hooked me like a heroin habit from day 1. Now I can't watch movies any other way. Here's a tip "Even if you are only going to get a few beers and snacks grab a menu at the ticket taker and the wait staff will come find you in your seat, it is better than standing in line."

Commuter Services

Just a great atmosphere to meet others for a talk. Of course the movie experience was better with this open entry environment. The eating area upstairs lends a nice atmosphere for pre or post movie experience. The best thing I liked was the ability to have a bag of popcorn for a member of our group that just wanted to hang with their friend.

melissa s

The reclining seats, though plush, slip back. You have to be uncomfortable holding them in place. Unless you pay for the theaters that has the electric seats or weigh 250 pounds and then your weight may hold it still.

Wade Dorrell

Best mainstream cinema in the valley as of 2019, with some high-end recliner seating at prices comparable to other area screens that don't. Unfortunately, it's one of few good reasons to visit The Village, and the ticket ordering experience needs to be improved to clarify and be specific about what you get.

Monica Dalton

Went n saw "it" chapter 2 in dbox. Our chairs didnt work for the first half hour. 16 bucks n it didnt work. Asking for assistance was difficult cause they cant find the manager. When they did he was distracted and impatient. Popcorn always good and theatre is clean.

Birgit Ph

We love the new recliner seats - man, they are comfortable! Also enjoy the VIP over-21 section, where a beer costs about the same as a coke.


Nice and clean upscale theater. The do offer VIP lounge and you can order food and adult beverages. Restrooms are clean. If you arrive early you can grab a bite to eat or drink up stairs at the on-site bistro.

Jonas Umberger

My family and I had a great time

Thomas Snow

comfortable seats, most are reclining. matinee is the best time to go. The only drawback of this place is you pretty much have to walk through the mall to get there.

Daniel Hines

Giving it 5 stars because they really do everything very well. Not my favorite theater but only because it seems to be the busiest. My favourite thing about this place and the whole village area in general is that everyone goes there so I can get stuff done else where without the crowds. No fault of their own this place is beautifully maintained and the concessions are top notch.

Nicxia Garcia

I love the movie theater and the chairs, it's an amazing place to have a girls night out

Lina Little

The seats are super comfortable and they recline backwards and they also have a foot rest that is electronically controlled.

Angel Gilliam

Very clean!! Had amazing sound!!! Was really comfortable!! Awesome movie experience!! ❤


Best around, not to big, plenty of room and great recliners

Jim Smith

Awesome seating very clean


Very enjoyable theater to view a movie

Steve W

Nice theater. Pleasant staff. This theater is definently busier than any other in town. Even on off nights. But they still seem to hit the mark for 5 stars. Well done Village Cinema.


The village cinema is nice. Not to crowded, and its kept clean. They do have a 21+ seating area for specific movies which is nice. You can order food and enjoy being at the movies.


Comfortable seats, recently they did some maintenance and it's much better/everything works now. Typical theatre prices. I've always have a good experience with the staff.

Oscar Williamson

Great place. We dont drink but the VIP 21 was worth doing. Ordered a meal amd a date and watched A movie. Will be going back .

Terri Lee Miller

Love seeing movies with my grandkids here

Stacey Carson

The movie volume was so loud in Theater 1 that I nearly left after 30 minutes. I should have worn noise canceling headphones.

Ben Harris

In an incredibly central location, the Village Cinema is one of my favorite theaters to go to. With nearby shops and restaurants and a classic movie going atmosphere, this theater is preferred out of any other in the Treasure Valley. With comfy reclining seats and ticket/concession prices that are on par with Idaho's several Regal cinemas, there's no reason to see a movie anywhere else.

Jorge Reyes

First time sitting in recliners, made watching a 2 1/2 hour movie more enjoyable.

James James

Great service! The staff is friendly and amicable, the food was fantastic, and the service was impeccable. Greatest day ever!

Amel Veltri

Best theater in town, I would pay $20 a ticket and still come here if it was that much

Jamison Price

Went and saw the Joker VIP section. Hands down I will never see a movie (unless with my son) sitting in the lower sections. Food and a beer while you watch the movie in their comfortable chairs is so worth the extra couple bucks. Been going VIP since they opened.

Michael Clark

The sound and luxury is very nice. No theater does luxury better than here. Large arm rests and seating, they really want you to have a good time here and don't seem as worried about packing in as many seats as possible like other theaters I have been to. I went to 3D but even the normal theaters are very nice and comfortable.

Paige Wirta

i always have a good experience at the village. prices aren’t crazy compared to other theaters, and the popcorn is great. they have a good candy and beverage selection as well. seats are comfortable and there’s not a bad place to sit when you’re in a theater.

Sam Finnell

A pleasant experience every time! Chairs are extremely comfy with tray tables and an option to recline! Same movie prices, better theatre

J Negs

Very fun with friends. This cinema is probably the best in the valley. There are lots of different theaters so there all aways movies showing at times that fit your schedule. Newer movies are always full so make sure to pre buy those tickets on fandango. It is also in a very good location after the movie you can walk around shops and just enjoy your time there. Tickets are a little of expensive than other places but the quality and experience make up for that

Stephanie Farley

I love this theater. Screens are large.. seats are comfy... service is amazing

Troplisk Gmail

Recently they installed much wider, comfy seats - some of which even recline. The seats also have a swivel tray with cupholder to put your stuff on. Love the new improvements! No rubbing elbows with your fellow movie goers. Sound and visual quality have always been great as well.

Cornelia Sprung

Nice that you can have a cocktail in the theatre. The VIP seating is worth it.

Idaho BuckHunter

VIP seating is awesome. Great service and clean.

Holly D

It's nice here and usually clean.

Tonya Markkula

Had some issues with the ticket people I had questions about the movie theater haven't been to Idaho in 11 yrs so I was curious about the cinema but the customer service rep not only wasn't polite but talked to me like I was retarded.... haven't been fully inside or seen a movie... I'm sure its awesome but there were some issues.... how ever the rest of the village was so neat and friendly and very clean

colter johnson

Really fun. We got VIP tickets, the seats were comfortable, and it wasn't too far from the screen or anything. The servers were friendly and helpful. The price of the food was high though, so we only got ice cream and an appetizer, which were good. If we go again we'll either get normal seats (without getting food) or just get ice cream.

april gates

Wonderful move theater!

Nancy Stolberg

This is our favorite theater in the area. Comfortable seating and it's fun to spend a couple dollars more for the balcony 21 adult seating where you can have a cocktail and limited menu with extra large seating. Go early for this option as they do not serve during the movie

deanna fowers

Love the VIP loft, the only problem is when buying tickets on line there should be restrictions on purchasing seats that leave only 1 seat on either side of 2 sold seats.

Mona Martinez

Love going here with my family. Best time to go is probably late at night, cause after your movie u have a beautiful village to walk around in.

bigboy marks

Super clean Really big chairs in vip good food

Elon Folkes

The seats had a swing around tray to hold the food in front of you and the seats had power recliners. What. ! Now that's how you watch a movie. Spacious.

Desirae Escandon

Loved the recline seats just not the prices

Samantha Holloway

Our experience today was awful. We came in to watch Dark Phoenix (new X-Men movie) which we were so excited for. The minute we sat down, the trailers were skipping and the audio was crackling loudly. Then the movie started and the skipping and crackling were non stop. People kept getting up to complain to management but nothing was done. The movie had been playing for about an hour when the movie just stopped working. Then a male manager turned on all the lights in the theater and came in and rudely “explained” what was happening and that they were going to work on it. People asked questions when he was done speaking, and he literally turned around and walked off without a care in the world. I’m very disappointed in the quality of the movie, management taking forever to address the problem, and feeling like no one at Village Cinema cared about the problem. I probably won’t come back for a long time, if ever again.

Michelle Hermann

Love this place to see a movie! Best seats in town! Tried the motion seats for Captain Marvel and it was awesome!

Heather Miller

Always love this theater. The new recliner seats are super comfortable, you can reserve seats ahead of time, and the popcorn is good! Hubby and I also love splurging on VIP once in awhile. Delicious food and more private seating make for a more special date night!

Maurie Denner

Multiplex delivers 1st run movies with really good popcorn!

Jason D

Love $5 Tuesday movies, seats are comfortable, and the theater is just nice.

J Smith

Pretty cool theater with reclining chairs and drink holders/ table attached.

Douglas Hoover

Great theater. Pick your own seats when you buy tickets. Lots of fun stuff (food, shops) in the village complex.

Karen Carpenter

Great. Seats sooo comfortable

Sharice Martin

The fluffy, reclining seats are amazing!!!

Nancy Cole

VIP area serves great food and drinks as you relax in comfortable chairs watching a movie.

Ellen Haffner

We had a great experience. The staff were friendly and very helpful! Comfy seats!

Kirstyn Bowers

I loooove this theater now that they got the recliner seats. Even if you aren't able to go to a $5 Tuesday the prices are still insanely reasonable for the matinee which is the only other time I will go. My next stop is to try their 21 VIP section. The staff is friendly and nice and they keep the whole theater well maintained.

Pradip Adhikari

One of the worst movie cinema house I have ever visited. Is there Idaho code and authority to control the quality and monitor the customer spending. ??

Manda Newb

Beautiful theater and great value! Best. Popcorn. Ever!!!

Hannah Shea

When I first walked in I was captivated by everything, yet it wasn't overwhelming. I loved the art on the walls and the red carpet feel of the place. And as someone who has some physical issues, I appreciate that they have the reclining seats. I don't go to movie often but I will be coming back to this theater.

Rainey Roecker

All ways clean and decent in prices and all ways up to date on on movies love this place.

Tracy Chen

Love going there for $5 Tuesdays. They do have assigned seating FYI.

Lee Scott

Captain Marvel was inspiring. Sitting next to my own marvelous wife to watch it made it even better. Theatre is clean, quick and comfy seats.

Jeremy Bergeson

Love Village Cinema. Reserved seating is the way to go; it just makes it easy. The seats are comfortable. And the surroundings make each visit great.

Connor Homer

Wonderful theater with great service. Love being able to come in on Tuesday to get the 5 dollar deal

Derek Dains

Really like this theater. Smaller theaters that are clean and comfortable

Tina Cuen

Love having Assigned Seating as well as VIP SEATS. The theater is Always Clean.

Dustin Morris

Best theater I've ever been to. V.I.P. is the way to go if you're 21 and older! Food and drinks delivered to your seat!

Whitney Hendrickson

This was going to be a 2 star review. Our showing was canceled, so we were automatically given tickets to a different movie which had started much earlier. Asked to be put into the correct movie, whatever the next showing was. Instead, we received more tickets to the incorrect showing. Gentleman at the box office obviously didn’t want to be there. Refused us a refund at this point, as we had been late. We were not late for the showing we purchased in advance, but rather the movie they auto ticketed us for. Honestly we are easy to please but at this point we were so frustrated I just wanted to go home. Allison went above and beyond to help us. We absolutely will be back and it’s because she was so professional and took care of the problem immediately. Thank you!!!

Dawn Randall

Best seats ever recliners was so comfortable to lay back and watch movie.... Friendly staff movie was great...It was a nice time plus you feel like you get moneys worth with the great recliners...

Glenn Tourville

Always a great theater to watch a good movie!


Paid 5 bucks on a Tuesday to have my own power recliner in front of a high def big screen. This is what heaven must be like.

Jamie Nonemaker

Polite staff, super comfortable seats!!!

Patrick Mcdowell5

Village Cinema is our go to movie theater. It's beautiful, clean and prices are reasonable. Added attractions include surrounding shops and great restaurants. If you wish, you can pay a little extra for the V I P (21 years or older) and have you favorite drink and/or some pretty decent grub. Highly recommend.

Patricia Smith

This is a new modern theater. It has food service and reclining chairs. Also is set up for handicap.

Kathy Carr

I went Tuesday and it was awesome. $5 to watch a movie, yes!! However they got me on that $5 coke and $8 popcorn...nice recliners, tho. Gotta pay for those somehow ☺

Aaron Wagner

Great place to watch a movie. Very comfortable seating

Darrell Broughton

My wife and I enjoyed the movie. I feel the VIP is overated. The seats didn't recline. It was a different experience and the food was great. That was an enjoyable experience. One Time.

Carolyn Rapp

Great experience doing V P

Reyanne Germann

Wow, clean, comfortable and affordable. We went on a Tuesday and it was only $15 for three of us to go. The seats were wide, and so comfortable that I actually feel asleep during the movie. Shhhh don't tell me husband. ;-)

Trent Giles

Holy smokes. If you want to feel like you are visiting Buckingham palace then head over to village cinema. Very very nice facilities! Have not tried the dine and watch option upstairs but will be trying soon.

Kristin Curtis

I boycotted this theater for a while purely because I hate reserved seating. I like going to movies spur of the moment and reserved seating makes that really difficult. But when I finally went, it's a good theater. I really like the recliners.

Jeremy Steik

Great theatre. Awesome location. Comfortable seating.

Paul Bull

This was the best movie experience I have ever had. I usually hate going to the movies but my wife loves it. So I decided to take her on a date to the movie. We got there for the afternoon matinee and I thought the prices were very fair. But the best part was the seating. We were up on the VIP 21+ balcony in the most comfortable chairs I have ever watched a movie in. Like my home recliner. The food and drinks we ordered were delivered right to our chairs. So cool! This may make me a movie goer after all. I can watch a good movie with my favorite adult beverage in a comfy chair. Win-win! Highly recommended!

Bethany Jansson

Good sound, fair prices, comfortable reclining seats. If it hadn't been for the teenage couple sitting next to me, doing everything they could to have sex in the seats except for the actual act itself, I would give it 5 stars. I think my disapproving-mom-like glares and uncomfortable sighs being cast to the young couple every couple of minutes made the young girl uncomfortable enough to try and straighten her clothes and pull his hands out of her pants. As for the boy and his hormones, he couldn't care less...

Andrew Henry

Great theater, awesome seating. The front seats at the screen are nice and comfortable. Convenient little tables for personal snacks and drinks is a plus.

Sawyer bazzle

Comfortable seating and a medium size theater makes watching a movie very enjoyable

Nathanael Simper

Great service, great theaters, and great prices.

Joaquin Teton

Awesome cinema right here. Reclining seats, VIP 21 is legit, full bar beer & spirits. Food and drinks are brought to you while you watch your movie. Staff is friendly.

Rebecca Kooyers

I love the village as a whole. The cinema has comfy seating. The new electric recliners are great!!


My husband and I love coming to the Village Cinema. I love that you can reserve your seat ahead of time, just make sure if you are going to a popular movie or to opening weekend you buy your tickets ahead of time. Super comfy chairs and friendly staff. The VIP 21+ is an awesome feature, you are away from the crowd and you can order drinks and food right from your seat. Makes for a great date night!

Jordan Allen

Best theater in Idaho. Wonderful movie watching experience.

Andrew Chojnacky

The first time I walked in here, I wasn't sure I was in the right place, felt too fancy lol. But it is great, reasonable prices, $5 Tuesdays (great for date night), a VIP section for adults that's offers drinks and food, plus some of the best theater seats around. Village Cinema is the best place to see a movie!

David Wynn

Excellent cinema and beautiful set up

Ross H

Used to be five stars, quickly approaching three stars. Love the VIP section and meal service. Unfortunately they are not maintaining the building and facilities very well. The bathrooms have broken things, many decor items are broken/missing, and they are not keeping things as clean as they should. (Look at the vents in the restroom ceilings).

Dawn Wilson

Nice theater. Love the reclining seats and little moveable tables for snacks. Buying tickets online and picking your seat is a little dysfunctional though. The site shows some seats blocked or not available. Then you get there and no one else is even at this movie.

Summer MacPherson

Best place in the Treasure Valley to catch a flick. VIP seating allows you to order food and drink from a server, the seats are comfortable and the Valet parking is always fast and friendly.

Arthur Patterson

Great Cinema, not much else to say. It gets the job done.

Kory Harper

Love this theater, prices are very competitive. They somehow manage to keep them down after upgrading. New reclining seats, Dolby Atmos sound, and huge screens.

Grayson Gersten

Love that you can select your seats in advance. It saves you from going early to find seats.

Nichole Di Dio

High class movie theater. Always get the 21+ seating if you can.

Mario Chesser

Great theater experience, would to have dinner there

Chris Scott

Such a great movie theater. Comfortable reclining seats. Delicious food

d c

Great place to see a movie. Seating is nice, theaters aren't too big, parking is good, prices aren't too expensive. The over 21 seats are worth the up charge, large seats with lots of space, if you get there 30+ minutes early you can even be waiting on and order food before the movie, including adult beverages. They also show classic movies which are awesome to see in the a new theater, and Tuesday's are still $5.

Glenn Lovell

First time at the Village; after cruising through 2 car lanes and spotting the valet parking for $6, can't say enough good things about that! The kid at the theater ticket desk was helpful, and so was the ticket-taker upstairs going to the VIP21 area. However, for first-time guests, there wasn't any guidance at the theater doors. No visible menus or signs and the waitress didn't say anything to us in the theater, so we went outside and spotted a couple menus that were lying on top of the concessions counter. Food was excellent and was worth the price.

Seth Bucy

My favorite movie theatre. Reasonable prices for tickets and snacks/food. The leather reclining seats are just the best. Love seeing films here.

Todd Ashworth

VIP is the only way to go! Bar, food and drinks to your seat. Nice chairs and huge legroom.

Spencer Ingram

I sat in theater 14 and wasnt paying attention to my seat. There were blue arrows. No way! The seats are motorized and they recline. Most comfortable. Not all seats recline, but if you have a chance to buy the seats that recline, do it. Also, I appreciate that this theater was the first to introduce 5 dollar Tuesdays to the treasure valley which forced all the other theaters to follow suit. Capitalism and free markets work in favor of the consumer in this instance. Assigned seating also a plus. Allows for buying tickets online and still guarenteeing a great seat.


Great movie theatre, snacks are overpriced but the seats are amazing.

Jesse Lintz

Upgraded seats! Pleasant experience

Krishna Ray

I went to enjoy a movie show The Lion King with my family. The movie & the whole atmosphere fully enjoyed by me.

Lauren Silva

Village Cinema is the best theater I have ever visited! The prices are better than Regal and the Village has nicer staff. In fact, I just watched a movie and got a chance to use Village Cinema's new luxury electric recliners, and OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was the best theater going experience I have ever had! The recliners are AMAZING!! I have back problems, so I have always had issues with every movie theater's seats, but not with these new recliners! I have never finished watching a movie in a theater and not been in at least a little pain, until now that is! Thank you Village Cinema, thank you so much!

Anastasia Pelletier

I love the village theater due to the balcony. Its for 21 or older but they have a full bar and full restaurant with huge chairs so you can get comfy! The people are nice food is served at your chair fairly quick and having the option to sit in a balcony to watch a movie do i need to say more? And on Tuesday's its only $7 a ticket so prices are awesome too!

Mike Morgan

Absolutely love this theater. Nothing short of amazing. Reclining seat theater's are the bomb

Joshua Ramos

The best deal in town on a Tuesday. You can get VIP tickets for only 5 bucks. They wait on you, option to get alcohol with food, comfy seats and a balcony seating area and friendly staff. Regal is never getting my $ ever again.

Liam Gillmore

Satisfied as always. How do you go wrong with reclining chairs and a good movie.

Suzy Nesbella

I always enjoy going to the Village Cinema. It's clean, modern, easy to navigate. And I love the option to sit in the adult section and enjoy an adult beverage or have food delivered to your seat.

Joy Salas

Very nice theater. Great employees. Sat in the VIP section. Can honestly say....the regular reclining seats are more comfortable.VIP would be more comfortable if they were recliners.

Devlin Harn

There should not be a front row it is way too close very disappointed.

Celeste Goodale

It was fabulous. We sat in double Theater seat rockers (Love seat style) waiters came in and took our orders for dinner and, served it to us while we watched the movie. Huge movie screen! Beautiful building, truly a lovely experience.

Diane Riffle

We sat in the VIP-21 and we were disappointed. We got there and the area was filthy, the server had to clean the seats. They got our order for dinner wrong twice. When it did come, the breas was soggy, the cold slaw was nothing but raw cabbage in a bowl. The seats were horribly uncomfortable. From now on, we will sit in the regular theater and eat at the bar after the movie. So disappointed....... the server sure tried and the movie was great!

Jamey Holloway

One stop shopping for a great night out. Get appetizers and a couple drinks at the bistro then head into your 21+ theatre to have wine and watch a movie!? How cool is that? Really the whole location is high end and feels like a destination. Additionally having events on location have been fantastic as well. Clients love it and feel like it's such a treat! Works well for any appreciation events!

Ashley Nalder

The Village Cinema is pretty awesome , for us it's always a great experience.

Seth Matheson

Fun place. Good food (pricey though). The seats are fairly comfortable unless you have broad shoulders then you're pretty crammed.

Caleb Clark

Food is generally good quality, and movies are great audio/video quality, and employees are always friendly and helpful. -1 Star for removing the soft pretzels with beer cheese, they were the single greatest thing on the VIP Menu.

Jeff Schooley

We absolutely love this theater. Best experience in the Boise area if you're in the mood for a movie.

LeeAnna Goodman

The theater is great, the seats are comfy but the staff needs work. For the amount of money a person pays per ticket and at the concessions, I would think things would be smooth for the guest. Wrong. They messed up our meal order, it was incorrect and delivered well before my husband had a chance to get back to his seat. Once he got back to his seat, he had to leave AGAIN in order to have the meal corrected. I later found out, the reason he initially took so long to get back from the actual order AND MISSED THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE is because the “VIP” staff made him go downstairs for a specific drink rather than getting it themselves and delivering it to us. So not only did he have to go downstairs and come back up, he had to leave the theater after getting seated because the order was wrong. We don’t arrive early to a movie just to miss it because of the staff. What ever happened to going ‘above and beyond’ for your guest. Disappointed in the customer service/staff.

Patti Hall

The folks are terrific. The seats are so comfy.

Lawrence Valanski

Great movie theater. Prices are decent, seats are comfortable, and areas are kept very clean. I have never had any problems, or bad experiences with this place. The location is great for activities before or after seeing a movie. Parking can be difficult if you plan on being close, but if you don’t mind a small walk then parking spots are always available.

Jessica Skeen

This has been a good place to watch a movie since it opened, but they recently updated the seating. Now it is a great place to watch a movie. With the new reclining seats, you can enjoy watching something on the big screen and still be every bit as comfortable as you would be at home.


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