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REVIEWS OF Village Centre Cinemas at Eastside Marketplace IN Idaho

Puppy Girl


Tonya Lilley Keller

Jessi Michaelson

Eric Lynne

Had a terrible time was there to see The Mummy and didn't even get to see any of the movie they said the projector wasn't working and we had just gotten popcorn and other snacks for a full movie. Then they said sorry can't start the movie because it's not working they didn't even give a full refund, ridiculous we had about $17 in tickets and $13 in snacks so this place is just a waste of money and will screw you over at the first chance they get.

True Wyatt

Family went to see a movie, it was great.

Brian Bowles

Jason Thomas

This is the only place in town you can get genuine ICEEs. They also have the 100 flavor coke machine thing. Good concessions and good movies.

George Miller

Ayyy, my friends work here aswell, that's epic

Patti Massingale

Caleb Moore

Great service - friendly folks. Great movies, great showtimes.

Terry Townsend

Little run down. Decent theater.

David Morse

The theaters are ok, concessions are limited. but they are not very good about informing customers when there is a line and where it will start. Ended up coming early and still ended up behind bunch of people because they came after us. All because we didn't know where they wanted us to start a line. Mildly frustrating.

dabombdabomb 67

Ian Rowley

i like there machine for pop and different drinks

Jenna Garcia



John Smith

I love movies. They're nearby, clean, and get Marvel collectible cups.

CAS skadark

Adriana Rosas

The seating is terrible. The view of the screen is obstructed by the people in front of you. It smells really bad, like a combination of cigarette smoke and sweat. Their is also a pole in the middle of one of the rooms which completely blocks half of the screen.

Debra Whiteley

Good theater, it is on the smaller side with 4 screens but it's clean and tidy. I read one review that says it has flat seating, not on a slope so you can't see over people in front of you well. That is only if you are sitting in the four or so does directly in front of the screen. I give four not five stars because I have been there a few times and there is so little seating available that I have had to sit in the front rows with my kids which was horrible for me, (the kids loved it).


poor screen, size, and sound

Kristi Dickinson

Toby Uhlenkott

Teegra's Talents

Really great staff, The less comfortable and pretty screens then other cinemas is made up for by being right in front of the toddler play center and pediatrician ( for those with little ones

Lee Rosselli

The Mongolian grill was great

A Pok

Best place in town to catch a movie.

Keri Loyd

Jan Palmer

Chelsea Mckelway

Gun but expensive

Kasey Hamilton


Kristy Tiede

matteo bridges

Good movie, no a/c. I think it came on twice during the 2.5h film....was uncomfortable at numerous times during the movie......people like to bring jackets to movies for fear of getting cold.....I was upset I had to wear pants...

Jon Meyer

Good clean theater, run efficiently and on time.

Jared Sharp

justin gibbs

Always clean and always experience friendly staff

Aesthetic Baby

I mean.. The seats are a problem... Everything else is perfect it's awesome

Mike Morton

Savvy Blake

Stephen Jacobson

Morgan Brockman

Small, so not a whole lot of options for showtimes or even movies, but their screens are digital and that and their sound setup are just as good as the Regal in my hometown. Seats don't recline or do anything special, but are fine to get me through a two-hour movie. A lot of the screens do have a row or two with incline issues, however. As in a row might be the same height as the one in front of you making it unlikely you'll see much of the movie if someone sits in front of you, but this isn't really a problem unless you sit down before you notice it. A bit expensive at $12, $8 matinee, but understandable being the only cinemas in the area.

Juniper H-M

Tezra Barnes

Peter Vandersteen

Catherine McGregor

My granddaughter and I were really looking forward to seeing Leap a few weeks ago and we were rudely told the showings were canceled! I even checked the website before we went. This theater is a waste of time and money.

David Dinsmore

Nice, quiet alternative to the more rachous Village Centre in Pullman

Brad Ruder

Hani Elhajj

A small theater with obstructed views due to the badly-leveled seats. Make sure to pick your seat carefully when you enter!

John Echave

Katie Adams

Good, clean, but not many theaters.

Jacob Keith

Joshua Weller

Moscow Cinema - five stars I always go here to watch the new movies. The employees are kind and and helpful depending on what you ask them- some of them are probably under experienced so don't be too hard on them. The movie experience is wonderful as in It's Worth theater ticket. It's really loud but it doesn't hurt your ears. The picture on the big screen is amazing. It is what you would expect of a typical movie theater. Make sure you watch their prices though so you can get a good deal. I believe they offer a senior discount but don't take my word on it.

Andrew Hartman

Ellea Camarillo

Bri Austin

Steve Otten

Alicia Carr

Could use some updates but the staff is friendly

TopFan #1


shellie schemmer

Jonathon Keller

Nice place

Alyssa Andersen

Extremely small theater, it works well most of the time but when new popular movies come out the line is ridiculous and tickets are sold out quickly. One of the theaters has a column to the side which is really weird to me. At the end of the day it's a small theater that does the job but if you are expecting a typical larger theater experience I would go to Pullman.

Sam Finnell

Always have a great experience here! Great staff and movies for cheap on Saturdays!

Frank Barta

Lindsay Rodriguez

Elizabeth McLaughlin

I love the soda and all the people that work are awesome and the seats are so comfortable

Nick O

Absolutely the rudest theater I've ever been to. I went with my two young children and as we proceeded to buy a tub of popcorn, 3 slushies and candies, i was told that i can only buy a tub of popcorn if i also purchase to medium drinks. I expressed how ridiculous that is and the manager on duty simoly walked away from me. I contaced management via email and tjey responed tjat its their policy. Its absolutely ridiculous that here in a America, one cant simply buy a single tub of popcorn to pass around like old times with your kids.

Alan Stogin

On top of the theatre being messy and smelling bad, the guy working at the box office was rude and had no clue what he was doing. We were given company tickets but they would not let us use them. Turns out that opening weekend for this theatre is like three weeks.

Katie Dougherty

Mark Anthony

N. M.

Decided to go to a matinee with a friend. Showed up at 2 for the 2:20 showing as stated on the website and in the showing times outside of the theater, and there was no one there. When someone finally opened the box office at 2:25 there were many people waiting. The girl working the booth said that they actually only do matinee showings on weekends. This isn't stated anywhere on the website or on the show times at the theater. A group behind us asked if we would receive a discount to the next showing because we had all been waiting for half an hour. She said no. They asked to speak to a manager, she said she was the manager and sorry, she wouldn't do anything for us. I've been to a weekday matinee at this theater before so it sounds like someone was late to work and decided to lie through her teeth. And if that isn't the case, this theater has very, very poor management. I've been a loyal customer of this local business for 5 years - this one interaction will have me taking my business elsewhere. From the sound of it, the same is true of the other disgruntled customers in line.


The employees are the nicest people in Idaho. I never really liked seeing movies in theaters because the cinema in my hometown was staffed by the meanest people. My experience in this cinema has changed my opinion about seeing movies in the theater.

Jeremy Kermott

Kids love the play place, and the tree with the slide in it is back!

Betty Rhodes

Close to home, clean, convient show times.

chelz maygreger

Eric Burton

Natalia K

Used to come here for a movie, but the theater is not that comfortable. Switched to Pullman.

James Deskins

Rebecca Frost

Small theater with only 4 screens, however it is clean, rarely crowded and the popcorn is fresh and better than most other places.

bad luck blue

Colby Bland

I don't go to the movies all that often, but this place has always been solid. Way better than heading over to Pullman. There's also a play area for little kids outside.

Dragonrider Magic

Nice and clean. Friendly staff. Flat seating , so hard to see screen for shorter people. Excellent sound system .

Caitlyn Probasco

Madi T

Brittnay Vernon

00 00

This is the only movie theater to catch the latest movies so what can I say? It says you cannot take food from the outside but everything works here. It's a bit small but there are no other theaters to compare it to.

Amelia Black

Dane Kowalick

Kinda an outdated theatre. It's small and the seating isn't very confident but you won't find anything better in Moscow, so eh.

jacob mercer

Nick Carter

Patrick Wilson

Bryce Wilcomb

I've always had a good experience coming here, and staff is friendly. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is they won't give a refund for sold out showings. But they're still the best movie theater in town in my opinion.

Brett Stewart

Went to see Joker. As we sat down in Screen #3, I noticed a chirping/scratching sound coming from one of the right speakers during the movie and the projector wasn't displaying the entire image. On either side of the screen there were two vertical black and blue bars that were cutting off the display from top to bottom. I told the attendant about the issue and she said they were aware of the blown speaker as well as the projector and were waiting on a projectionist. They still sold tickets to people knowing full well that they needed to address issues first. It's really not worth spending $11 per ticket on that.

Anna Jones

Nicholas Rozier

Chelsea Holstad

Very uncomfortable seats! When the screen is up higher than the seats, the seats need to recline atleast a bit to be comfortable! You should put recliner Lazy Boy type seats in there like theaters in Spokane did.

sierra wright

Doesn't always have all the big movies (like love, Simon etc) and if there aren't a lot of people in a theatre they might forget to start your movie or start it late. Very friendly and understanding staff however.

Phil Davis

Way too hot inside the theater. Could not finish watching Endgame.

Andrew Henderson

It's a very small but nice theater. The seating is flat, not elevated seating like most theaters. This can cause obstructed vision if you're short or have a particularly tall person seated in front of you.

Jason Bledsoe

James Fields

Ariel Popp

Kind customer service, well maintained theater.

Jennifer Petersen

This facility is family friendly, clean & seating is comfortable. I went to see Dumbo this evening & it is fun entertainment for the entire family.

Seth Forrest

Justin Tatham

Susan Segota

No heat in winter. Very cold. Bring gloves, and no I'm not exaggerating.

Kathleen Herriott

Very interesting because the mall is so small. Family and student friendly.

Trevor Humble

Heather Cockrum

Sandy Frisbey

a b

Really small, so it's not too crowded. Feels old-fashioned.

laurie cortright

Tyler Ward

Reasonable prices. Clean, but uncomfortable seating.

Laura Deshler

Easy to use.

Pacamama '97

They are clean and work to quickly get you in even at the food court.

Douglas Stephens

Nick Avery

Annette Rogers

Awesome sauce!

Emilia rainey

It is really good but the only thing is that it smells weird .

diane sampson

Icra Nosferatu

Don't go to 3D showings here. Otherwise, a pretty decent theater.

Eric Cox

Clean and nice.

Alex Cornwall

Clean and orderly. Good movie times.

Chrisanne Oliver

Movie theater with multiple movies. Fountain sodas with free refills, fresh popcorn and sweets galore! Courteous staff and clean restrooms.

Rebecca Lawton

Bradley Sheets

David Watkins

Sandra Collins

Jerry Crumley

Chuck Harris

Dayne D

Theresa Blakesley

I mean, it's a theatre. Nothing special.

Drake Balius

Clean and the sound system was nice.

shiva adhikari

Neil McIlmoil

audrey holt

Frank Chen

Saulius Bračiulis

cabikitty #1

Karen Lewis

David Monzingo

My favorite good deals on food yummy popcorn.

Alex Attano

Great popcorn, great theater

Tim Allen

Debbie Powell

Kristopher Rawson

Went to see captain marvel in 3d, but the 3d did not work, had to wait 45 minutes for the 2d version. Cinemas need to be updated aswell.


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