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REVIEWS OF The Roxy Theater IN Idaho

Holly Scott

Great theater showing indie movies at reasonable prices. They serve local beer and wine too which is kind of neat.

kashya boretsky

Local community cinema, can it get much better? The Roxy has everything including new releases, old cult classics, foreign films, National Theatre and Met Opera productions, live events, and they even host the International Wildlife Film Festival every year. You can rent out their theaters for your own events too! Most of their box office and concessions help is provided by volunteers and it is truly a wonderful place to volunteer! They also have a great beer, wine, and candy selection and their popcorn is organic!

bryan kass

This is the coolest theater I’ve ever been to by far. Beer, organic popcorn, great candy selection!!!

Dolores Andersen

Love that this is a theater with a social conscience and a sense of community.

Rachel Gordon

Such a fun place to go with friends or just for a date. Yummy popcorn and a wonderful atmosphere to experience classic and independent films. Cannot recommend enough to anyone looking to enjoy Missoula in style!

Mark Jarvis

Great home made popcorn. Nice venue.

Samantha Fife

Amazing theater that shows a great selection of movies, and also supports theater and festival type activities. Great beer and wine with wonderful organic/local popcorn and butter.

Katelynn Geist

The best place to see a movie in town!

Kevin Grastorf

I love that Missoula has an art house theatre. Great vibe. Loved "Spirited Away".

Michael Harry

What a great theater. Stellar idea on serving the popcorn, an actual popcorn bowl! Clean and cozy place. Try it out when your in town.

Jennifer K

Cozy, local theatre with everything from current films to cult classics. Nice community vibe and really good popcorn.

Michael Moore

Older theater, but great selection of mostly independent films.

Katie Zarn

Wonderful, charming venue! The wildlife film festival is fantastic here, and I love the small, cozy theaters. The popcorn has been stale on more than one occasion, but can't beat the price for the experience of watching a movie here so I'll keep trying. :)

Tobyas Ball

A nice theatre that is cozy and brings back the feeling of a movie from when I was a child. The popcorn is great and the availability of beer and wine ensures that we will return.


Love this small theater. Very friendly staff. Excellent popcorn. Small theaters. Great atmosphere.

Christopher Abell

Its a bit run down, but serious charm the society that runs it does a good job. All volunteers no paid positions and lots of killer retro movies playing on a regular basis. I hate the new monthly sign though.

Gabe Shaughnessy

Great little art theater, not sure why the clientele feel the need to talk through the movies. Maybe it's the beer. Yeah, it's probably the beer.

David Reid

Delightful community owned theatre with a well-curated selection of cult classics and art house films. Enjoy a beer or wine with your movie.

Charlotte Beatty

This place is fantastic. Best theater I've ever been to.

Alyosha Sønju

We do our best (I'm biased); kid friendly, neighbourhood friendly. Do check the website for up to date show times & event schedules- sometimes we've last minute changes that don't make it to print.

Joel S.

Great local theater. A classic.

Vault-Tec Representative

Nice feel to it, but it's small. The halls are a bit to narrow. Other than that, a nice theater.


Wonderful local and nostalgic feel. Plays a lot of cool movies at a cheap price, with a concession stand that doesn't require you to take out a loan to afford.

Paula Jimenez

The Roxy is always great! The people who work there are very kind and friendly.

و ميراندا ابو كافاتي باجرون باجي

They have a wide variety of films almost all the time

Joe Whistler

A wonderful community-based cinema theater!

James Westeren

Cute romantic old theater. Concessions and varying movies/art/comedy shows.

michelle kirsch

Good popcorn but the theatre is very small and the sound is not very good. Nice staff.

Tony Jablonski

Good films, prices, yummy popcorn, beer and wine. What more can you ask for?

Jake Baroch

Great films great prices

Ginnie Morey

Popcorn with REAL BUTTER....served in stainless steel bowls that they can wash instead of having to throw out paper bags! Yayyyy!!!! The movies they show are pretty awesome too....but the buttered popcorn (with toppings if you like) is wonderful!

pete h

This was a fun place to watch an old favorite!

Tyler Hendrick

Great intimate unprentious venue ran by some cool down to earth people!

Gail Bourguignon

Friendly folks, great concessions (including beer and wine), and movie selections that are smart and refreshing. Love the Roxy!

Devyn Deschamps

The family that owns the roxy keeps it clean, and shows great movies!

Jamie Lawrence

Art house theater with the nicest staff around. They also have seriously the best popcorn you’ll ever get at a theater too. Concessions prices are half what you pay elsewhere and the have cheap beer and wine to boot. Awesome theater.

Adam Keele

My favorite theater in town! Love being able to sit down with a beer and watch films I never got to see on the big screen. I'm also excited for their renovations coming up! I suggest following them on Facebook (if you do that nonsense) to keep up with what they're showing and events there.

Sandy Beaudette

Cute local theater. Good prices. We went our experience.

Nick Dorsey

It has everything you want from a local movie theater! Candy, popcorn, good movies, film revivals, and community!!!

Michelle McClain

I've loved seeing this place evolve over the years! I appreciate the love and dedication to our community ♡

Matthew Gehr

Great mix of mainstream stuff and movies or documentaries that you probably haven't seen if you're the average person. My fiance and I enjoy date nights here. They serve beer, hard cider, etc and there are several restaurants within close walking distance.

Seva Moskovko

Extremely friendly staff, great prices on everything including alcoholic beverages and popcorn. Everything is a perfect experience and the clientel at the Roxy is always good folks. A great bonus is some movies come out here before they do at the 2 AMC theaters in Missoula and they show many wonderful movies you would not see anywhere else. The many better food options are also why I go here. I have no complaints about this quaint community theater that has everything anyone can hope for.

Brad Lane

Not enough can be said about how great this local theater is. Not your place for overpriced blockbuster sequals, but instead quality movies for an affordable value. Often showing a variety of acclaimed, Indy or cult-classic favorites, the lineup seems to have different nuances each month. The comedy showcase at The Roxy will leave you with socks laughed clean off. Recommend to get a membership for free popcorn and discounted tickets.

Kayla Irish

A gem in Missoula. I personally was not a fan of the popcorn, and I recommend sitting closer to the back so you don't crane your neck. The Roxy provides amazing movies and culture for Missoula.

Trenton Thomas

Just a wholesome place overall

F White

Love having an alternative local movie house! And the best popcorn around.

Anna Moura

The new seats are comfortable, the staff is friendly and kind, the popcorn is yummy! Oh, and I can have a beer or wine. Perfecto!

Jethro Fisher

Best theater in town

Amber Armintrout

Boys got to see ET in an old school theatre. I'd probably check it out for myself if they play something I want to see.

sabrina bayha

Love this little local gem. Small showing rooms that make you feel like you're having your own special viewing. I love how they do the popcorn. They put it in metal bowls and put real butter m on it. The melted butter is mixed and distributed throughout the whole bowl, leaving every bite in buttery, salty, awesomeness. All the staff is super nice. If you want a real date night this place feels good. Cozy. Plus not putting your money in chain store feels good. Keep it alive Missoula, we love you.

courtney weatherman

Love this small, multiple-screen theater. Great beers, good fresh popcorn, and they play indie films, classics, and everything in between.

Michael Keefe

Great local theater, serves beer. Needs your support more than the one at the mall, shows all your old favorites and a few new ones.

Nevin Graves

It's so nice to have a community cinema for truly great works of art in film!

LanAnn Bryant

Always love The Roxy Theater. They have a wide variety of films you can't find any place else. The staff is very friendly too. Don't forget the popcorn (best ever)and a beer or wine. Everyone needs to buy their own disappears too fast! The theaters are small and quaint...takes me back to my childhood! They also have some great events they host. Enjoy!!

Barney Considine

The Roxy is comfortable, unpretentious, and an inexpensive alternative to the mainstream theaters. It shows older films and often includes films that have done well at Cannes. Last night, my wife and I watched an Avengers movie for a total of $16, including popcorn. The Roxy also runs special series like their wildlife film festival.

Shane Banzet

Cheap prices for food and drinks. Rustic community feeling. Happy to support this business.

Christopher Hawkins

Great place, friendly staff, nice seats and great show!

prickly pear

Great local theatre with lots of culture and class

Meg Ryan

Love it. Comfortable, affordable, beverages, a great cause. Thank you Roxy Theater!

Alex Anderlik

An amazing community cinema featuring independent new releases, classic film retrospectives, TV series, live music and comedy events, and more. As a nonprofit, everything at the Roxy is affordable and high-quality; their triple-organic popcorn is the best you'll ever have. The community of staff, volunteers, and moviegoers is strong and friendly, meaning great customer service and an even better experience as a volunteer. There is simply no better cinema, or volunteer opportunity, or community, in Missoula.

Emma Quick

I've always loved it here and will always keep coming back

Brian Lawrence

The Roxy has a great atmosphere and a great selection of films. The staff for my understanding our volunteers and everyone that I have encountered have been wonderful

Terry Lee Swab

I love supporting this unique historic theater that serves popcorn in stainless steal bowls with real butter and also the WINE!! Love this place! It doesn't matter to me what glitzy new place came to town, I'll stick with the Roxy.

Dee Andersen

Best place to see a movie in Miisoula, home of the metal popcorn bowl...Best snacks and BEER AND WINE!!!!

Lee Crawford

This is the only theater I know of that will show wonderful documentary films. Very glad to know of a theater like this in town.

Andy Morse

I was soooo impressed with this place. They mostly do local/independent movies but if they have something I'm interested in seeing, I will go here first!

Stephen Lippitt

Best little intimate movie theater I have ever been to. Great selection of movies, beer and wine available and the finest popcorn available.

Brandon Wasser

It's a quaint little theatre with 2 screens. Small crowd sizes and they sell beer. They also host the documentary film festivals and show obscure films and even cult classics like "The Goonies". Overall a great place that i highly recommend.

morgan rohan-smith

Nice theater with good indie movies. This place was great before the fire when there was one giant screen, and comfy seats. Now there's multiple screens and crappy seating.

Kate Brady

Great community theater that shows lots of films Missoula wouldn't otherwise get, especially since the Wilma stopped showing films. Wonderful concessions. Fresh popcorn with real butter and local beers. Comfortable, modern, albeit somewhat smallish theaters/screens.

Charlie Stortz

Great small Indy theater with funky movies. Serve big bowls of popcorn, beer and wine. Nice.

Caleb Potts

Despite disliking the auditorium theatre style, it was a good experience overall. The decorations were very Halloween-y for October, the prices were fair, and the staff was friendly.

Aimee Moore

Great seats. Great concessions. Inclusive spirit!

Eric Thomas

Fun place to see a movie and just as others have said, the popcorn is WONDERFUL!!

Garrett Smith

Fantastic theatre, great films, great sound system, great seats. Also, alcohol.

Sean Janzer

Great theater, gets a lot of varied movies. Not many with bit CGI robots voices by Gin Diesel though

Frank Bodlovic

It's been years since I've been to the Roxy and it was worth the visit. It's a Wonderful Life is a favorite of mine and seeing it on the big screen for First time was totally enjoyable. Congrats to the Roxy!

Ryan Engle

They play the best movies with reasonable prices on tickets and concessions. Plus they have beer and wine to enjoy with their awesome popcorn.

Sandra Gray

Cool Old Time Movie house. Right down to the chairs. Be sure to get there early. In the Winter, take a jacket, it gets chilly. Great experience!

Loklin Nord

Small but cozy place, great films. Theater is very tidy and beautiful.

Joel Sullivan

Love this theater. One of the best things about Missoula. Great independent and vintage films. Good concessions.

Tom Hoober

Very happy that this place exists to fill the void for offbeat Hollywood movies. You can find movies playing here that you couldn't for find except in large city releases. The throwback movies are awesome too.

David Lewis

FUN, old-theater atmosphere. The only one in the universe that serves popcorn in stainless steel bowls that must be returned to the counter! We loved it! Went to the 2017 Montana Film Festival and it was all great!

Benjamin Blakely

Super rad! I wish there where more places like this

Austin Davis

Definite trademark of Missoula. Local theater that is ran by awesome people and volunteers. It is a must see if you are in or around Missoula. The International Wildlife Film Festival is hosted there and is always a great turnout. Missoula Homegrown Comedy is another event there that is pretty comical. It sells out so if you go you should probably order tickets online before hand.

DeAndria Gutzmer

Love our Roxy Community Theatre & am a sustaining member! Besides bringing unique movies they offer this venue for specific events from Comedy, Educational, Musical to Mindfulness events which enriches our community!

Tighlar Betz

Best date nights

Denise Zbozny

Cultural gem for our community!

Project That is Life

Staff was very friendly and we had a good experience.

M. Gustave H.

I enjoyed the theater, but I would highly advise to others that you show up long before the movie starts. Seat's are not reserved and the seating, thus, is limited. I only found get a seat in the very front row, so close I could see the pixels. But that's not a fault against the theater. Loved seeing a movie with a full audience, hearing the laughs and the gasps. Not something you get often in bigger theaters.

Z Tulip

Friendly staff and volunteers here. They make the experience very enjoyable. They have a great variety of concessions, but I always get the Triple Organic Popcorn with butter and salt. ;P Theatres and bathrooms are always clean. Check out their website to see what's going on this month.

Gwendolyn Chilcote

The concession stand is the best I've ever experienced. From organic popcorn with free toppings like amino acids and nutritional yeast, local beers and reasonably priced candy, it's so refreshing. The diversity in films offered is eclectic and pertinent. Friendly knowledgeable staff make this the best movie night experience.

Rachel H

Beautiful, rich, cozy theater. No they don't get the big name big budget films, though what they do bring in are wonderful and inspiring or some of the classics. Worth every penny and more!

Elias bell

Great source of artsy and one of a kind movies. Good food and organic popcorn! Organic, now that's missoula!

doug murray

Great local theater but sit close to the back so you don't have to slouch or crane your neck to see.

Kennan M

Classic Missoula landmark. I've only seen a few movies here but the room I've been in was so small and intimate. They seem to be very involved in the community and get interesting movies that you won't see at the larger theaters. It's a must visit.

Larkin Matoon

Great staff, films, events and concessions. It gets better every year and having a membership offers discounts on all kinds of things.

Jennifer Ryan

Love the Roxy and new seats are fantastic

Lynn Parker

Kinetiscope was great again this year and the organic popcorn is delicious in its reusable bowl.

Alex Philp, Ph.D.

Best community theater in Missoula. Super fun.

Audrey Hardcastle

Nice theater, fairly comfortable seats.

Alphawolf 686

I watched some movies my class and I made. It was amazing.

Leo Koefelda

The Roxy is not somewhere where you go to simply see a show. When you are there, it is like traveling back in time with whomever you are with. As you enter, velvety red is all around and it is as fine as vintage wine. The snacks are delicious and remind you of all of your childhood favorites. The workers are very kind and friendly. As you watch the show, it is as though you are part of something, like a community. You’ve probably never met the people in the rows behind you, but because you’re all enjoying something together, you feel connected. The whole thing is a magical experience.

Jerry Frye

Songwriters showcase has amazing talent.

David V. Gray

Great local theater, special movie events and unique movies

Sheila Catterall

This nonprofit movie theater is dedicated to community entertainment for every age. I’ll never go to a mega movie theater again with high prices, grimy carpets, and phony popcorn with plastic seasoning. The Roxy rocks in all ways!!

Lathan Echols

Took 25 minutes after show time to show the premier; 1/4 of the popcorn tastes like dirt; no space AT ALL, the hallway is barely considered a 2 way hallway and the lobby is the size of a dining room; they sell too many tickets and there's not even enough seats. I gave it 5 stars because I don't wanna ruin the reputation of this place but you should consider tearing down the building and rebuild a new one.

Bearcat Şándor

Coffee, tea, beer, fixings for the popcorn, and comfortable seats. All that with short run Independent films! Awesome.

Esther Lyon Delsordo

My fav hometown theater. I love the laid back indy feel plus a unique lineup of films, real refreshment options and lots of memories.

Tom Maley

Independent community theater for small stage live and films the chain theaters aren't brave enough to show. Appreciate the LIVE simulcast of the Met Opera, National Theater and Bolshoi Ballet. Best concessions in town.

Heidi Starrett

Love The Roxy, an authentic community cinema experience!

Daniel Sullivan

A great independent theatre with that hometown charm. Recent renovations include comfortable new seats, making it as good as ever. Local independent films and old classics. The Roxy is the place to go for a real cinema experience.

Danielle Fazio

Amazing spot! Very original design and vibe. Great movie selection as well. Will be coming back if we travel through Missoula again.

Sydney Bollinger

The Roxy is the best movie theater in Missoula, and probably the best theater I've been to. Hands down. The people who work are are super friendly and the selection of films they play are stellar.

Shawn Figueroa

I love all the 80s retro movies back to the big screen ...

Caleb Hutchins

A cute, historic movie theatre run by friendly people who are clearly passionate about the movies they show. Surprisngly cheap movie tickets, showing a variety of current films, cult classics, foreign films, etc. Fresh popcorn served with actual real butter and salt, not chain theatre oil!

Bridget Johnson

Great movies, great popcorn, great community asset.

John Saltsman

It's the best theater for new and old films for many reasons. It's clean, the staff is super friendly, the popcorn is to die with lots of do it yourself fixins, the prices are reasonable, and above all, the content is ALWAYS leaps and bounds ahead of the big box theaters. It's just cool. You will love.

Alexander Finden

Classic movie theater with local, more healthy options for snacks and beers. Very affordable. Sometimes the screenings don't run so smooth, but I guess that's what you get with most oldschool local theaters.

Andy Henckel

Authentic, downtown hip strip theatre. Classy and locally run. Has production for school kids. A great venue and host to many local events.

Mary Jones

Roxy is the epitome of your old local movie theater. It's very DIY. I do wish they had more seating though. I've been standing multiple times.

Morgan S

Awesome place! Reminds of Coolidge Corner theater I Brookline, MA.

Rick Devrin

The theater was comfortable (new seats). The sound was good (new sound). *I have no comparison to the older items (first visit.) The floor is flat instead of stadium style, so the screen is high. (thankfully the seats rock back.) I watched "Yesterday" and was not disappointed by the showing (for a movie with a lot of music.) If return next time I'm in the area.

David Lundeen

Excellent place for Friday night out

Glenna Thon


Jonas Brown

I and my wife enjoyed this local theater.

Elvira Schirmer

Authentic, cosy and lovely staff

Vicki Treat

Great movie and an interesting theater. Will most likely visit the next time we are in Missoula over night

Breanna Bell

We saw Howl's Moving Castle and it was so fun. We love the Roxy and the popcorn is yum.

Danielle Vulpis

Love everything about this place! The staff, feel of it there and organic popcorn to boot!!

Denton McLean

Must-visit if you're in missoula

Maddy Ferguson

Beloved local theater that boasts a 35mm projector and rotating selection of old and new film selections + hosts musical & comedy events as well as serving organic popcorn in stainless steel bowls, beer, wine and much more.

Daniel Lehuta

Took clients from Opportunity Resources to the Roxy Theater for showing of our choice. Had treats, drinks and lots of fun! Great customer service too!

Ryan Merrill-Johnson

Great local theater, love they use reusable containers

Andrew Walsh

Best theater in town. It draws in good people, and good films. They host events like the montana film festival, as well as play great older movies such as studio ghibili films, space jam, and others that I was to young to appreciate in theaters. Thanks Roxy!

Noah Mackinnon

Great staff and a charming place. My favorite place in Missoula.

Wesley Delano

Great theatre, and an amazing asset to our lil'city.

deborah davenport

One of the best community art houses I have been to. Popcorn in a bowl reasonable prices good a.c. in 100 degree heat loved it!

David Dana

The private showing was awesome, I have to recommend this to my friends.

Ken Stolz

Eclectic mix of movies you won't see at the multiplexes. Support your local independent movie theater!

Huckle Penny

I love the popcorn here, it's a great place to bring the family or have a date. There is always a movie that the huge movie chains would never have. It's a great way to support local businesses and watch a cult classic!

Barbara R Hartman

Quaint little theater and absolutely the best popcorn!!

Katherine Hill

Sparkling with bygone era ambience. The Roxy is the perfect place to take your Sweetheart out for a fantastic date! This gem of a theater is sure to be a highlighted spot for you and yours now and in the future.

Madison Bertin

Love watching movies here. They play classics and the audience participation makes it all the better. Popcorn is $3, and they even sell booze ;) A+ Movie Theater

Curtis Newart

Fun little theater with a good selection of classics.

Elisabeth Marino

A beautiful old movie house with independent films thoughtfully chosen for quality. The snack options are unique and delicious. I will definitely be back!

Scott Biales

Free movie during film festival. Great prices and hip staff.

Trish Olsen

Enjoyed move and popcorn


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