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REVIEWS OF Teton Vu Drive In IN Idaho

Marc Sunderland

Fun hometown drive-in between Rexburg and Sugar City showing double features. Makes for a great family outing or date night during summer months. They serve a wonderful huckleberry shake at their snack bar (a personal favorite to grab between the 1st and 2nd movies).

Spencer Wilcoxson

Great employees. The parking lot is a little uneven which means when other people open their trucks you might not be able to see anymore.


Love the drive in experience. Massive bacon double cheeseburger 6 bucks delicious

Daughter of Our Father in Heaven

Love the prices and food options at the cafe.. current movies and cheap to take the whole fam!!

Adam S.

My wife and I love the drive in! Such a great way to see a movie and spend time together. Great quality, staff, service, and prices.

Tyson Hansen

Have to show up two hours early if you want a decent spot. If you're in a car then there's a very good chance you're going to be screwed by the SUV in front of you that opens their rear hatch. Or the guy in front of you ends up with a dead battery, so jumps his engine and then leaves it running the entire movie. The guy next to him then opens his truck door, obscuring your view, because he can no longer hear due to the car next to him. Drive-it's were great twenty or so years ago when most people drove smaller cars. Those days are gone.

Joseph Greene

Good drive in great experience. 2nd movies gets over really late.

joe odst

Not a bad local place if you want to enjoy some movies in th comfort of your own car. It have a great fantastic 70's theme to it. Though if you are going prepay the line for it is slower than the pay at the door line. The theater is a little small so it does get cramp. Over all though this is a great place to go to enjoy a night with freinds and family.

Laura Clay

Price is great for 2 movies. We enjoy coming to this drive in.

Thure Johnson

Hadn't been to a drive-in movie in years. Rexburg still has one and it way really fun.

Mitchell White

The drive in is always a fun activity but this one is only worth it if you sir in the very front. Make sure to get there early. It's also good to know if you bring your own food you have to pay a fee.

Cierra Anderson

We love the drive in. It is very reasonable compared to going to the theater, and the food is much better! They have the best huckleberry shake ever.

Celeste Burres

Love the drive in and that they have new movies. However, I don't like that the pushing their diner.

elias gamez

Love the drive in. Pretty inexpensive and great fun for the whole family.

Brenden Shannon

Very Affordable, great family environment, and if you desire 2 movies for the price of 1 regular movie ticket. For good parking be there earlier than 7:45PM.

Jennie Bush

Great prices for kids and so fun to be able to go to a drive-in!!!

Felipe Gonzalez

Ok, it's a good deal 2 movies for like 7 dollars. Good to go to cuttle with girlfriend, bad idea to go with group of friends, because movies are for one, max 2 people.

Hayden Nininger

Quality place, good staff. Food is a bit expensive, but you can't complain.

kenbra banks

I love drive ins it’s sad there aren’t more around. This one can get pretty crowded depending on the movie. The food isn’t the best and they charge to bring outside food in. We never had a problem seeing the movie but we were in a big truck

Sam Graham

Sweet drive in movie theater.

Lori Frandsen

Great food, great staff, great experience! My favorite part of every summer!

Josh Anderson

Foods not the best. Lot's of bugs landing on the ice cream. No thanks. BUT they make up for that with a decent price for 2 movies.

Zeithel Gonzalez

Good for children really love that I could have a date night with husband

breck Steele

Love the atmosphere here. Movies are fun to watch in the back of a pickup or on a couch

garrett costa

Love going to the movies here great food and great movies at excellent prices

Sean Walker

Food is a bit overpriced but other then that it is great.

Carolyn Andersen

Great place for a night out! Just wish summer sun didn't set so late! There's no way I can stay for the double feature. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Mark Carlson

Great place for families.

Joe Kerr

Fun family activity with double features on cool summer nights! The burgers and fries are awesome too!

Dallin Higgins

It was really cool, the pricing wasn't too bad, food was alright, only thing keeping the stars from being 5 was the bathrooms.

exceedingly curious

Fun experience. Usually shows a double feature. Concessions are a bit pricy but they have things like burgers and ice cream to accompany the normal things like popcorn.

Raffaele Fossa

I loved this place! It's one thing we think Americans do (because we see it in the movies). The only problem about it is that there's a structure Iike a small fast food right in the middle of the field and if you sit behind it, unless you have a truck, you won't be able to see the entire screen..

Sheila Perez

Reasonable prices and great place to take the kids

Joshua Ritchie

Clean your windshield bring good speakers

James Anderson

It's a pretty good drive in and it's a lot of fun for a group to go see, but unless you have an excellent set up for the audio (your car speakers won't help in the back of a pickup) than I wouldn't suggest going for a movie you care about or are interested in. If you don't care to much about the movie, than have at it.

Chris Hymas

I'm amazed this is still functioning. Great place

Jared Fulcher

Great value for the price of admission. Hamburgers and fries are top notch!

Grant Call

The shakes are amazing, and the employees are really good.

Brigham Tenney

Samuel Fry

Overall a decent place but, if you prepay they will make you sit in a long line and allow others who haven't payed for the movie yet in quickly. So, it seems better to not prepay. That is the main reason for the two stars.

Kyle Bringhurst

Nathanael Hodson

I love this place! It is an awesome place to come in the summer to watch some movies and get good food!

Ty Shiffler

Absolutely LOVE the drive in! Two movies for the price of one? Yes please. It's perfect for the whole family and we even bring our dog to enjoy the family time. They also have excellent food and good portions for the price.

Matthew Hans

For the price, a great experience. The diner has good food too, again at a good price.

The Heir of Blackbeard

Great service and fun to enjoy movies without others being loud.

Tara Hamby

The movies are late at night and sometimes end at 3am but other than that they are great and they have indoor bathrooms and a snack shack

Jewel Rose

Mary Marshall

Lucky to catch a 3 fer toward the end of the season! Nice people and lots of fun.

PJ Mitchell

A nice drive in movie place. The price for viewing and concessions were both very reasonable. You have the option of staying for one movie or two each night and if you show up a few minutes early or on a non-busy night you can get a good view.

Bria Judd

Food is AMAZING!!! Price is very family friendly and I've enjoyed every visit I've had.

Kade Godfrey

mileena vanity

I haven't been to a drive in since I was 9. I'm 18 now, and my boyfriend took me here. I love the place. the food is pricey but you really get what you pay for. bacon cheese fries are perfect. was a little disappointed in the nachos because the chips were very stale. but overall very good.

Kyle T

Very fun experience. We traveled to get here because the drive ins are slowly dying off and this was an amazing time!

Holli Hardgrove

Glad to still have a drive in open! We enjoyed ourselves

Adam Boone

A great drive-in theater.

Bruce Walker

Love the experience and food

sofie casassa

Fun and affordable. Make sure to bring blankets because it does get cold.

Jared Bennett

Great place to enjoy a movie. Just be sure to not let your battery died. Even if you do, they will help you jump your car.

Scott Veile

Web site is inaccurate on admission price. Their web site says $3.50 per adult. When you get to the gate is is $8.

Tanisha Hayes

Bryce Tarnasky

I enjoyed my experience here at this drive in. It is cool to actually know one of these still exist. I didn't buy any food while I was there, but it all looked really good. So when you go here you pay per person like any other movie, but you get to watch two shows. It averages out to be about the same price as Paramount 5 (at least when I went last). I would go back just for the experience.

Thomas Meersman

Go early or you will get a bad spot.

Tim Russon

Nothing to complain about. If you like drive ins, this place is great. You may want to bring a radio

Louise Barnes

Love the drive in

Peter Hibbard

Amazing. I have never been disappointed visiting Teton Vu. My wife and I frequented this drive in every Summer we lived in Rexburg with many different vehicles. It's a great set up (compared to other drive-ins, this is hands down the best we've been to for the parking and sound combo). The food is always excellent, and it's always a good time.

Gretchen Rowe

Nice theatre with good sound. It would've been nice if it was a little bit bigger so people up front wouldn't block your view.

Jim Burres

New diner is nice. Parking lot is ghetto. Good value for the price.

Tyler R

Great service and good movies can't beat the good Drive-In

Haley Evans

Love this place!

Kallie S

My favorite place to be during the summer!!!

Steve Burton

My wife and I have been going here for years. The staff here is excellent. They are always helpful. We bought some meals from the diner and accidentally ordered the wrong thing. They were quick to help change it when we picked up our food! Very cool of them!

Miriam Sevy

So fun and they bacon cheese fries kill me. The staff is so nice and everything is very affordable.

Rick Bassett

Always love to go to the drive in when in Rexburg!

Ianvs Maximvs

Absolutely fantastic place! Come whenever I can.

Zander Sawyer

Fun old school drive in. Doesn't have sound so make sure to either bring a radio or have your car on the entire time.


Roy Henson

Great food, good movies, just watch the weather, it rains sometimes

Jawob ble

Levi Edwards

Great drive in location, the food is generally pretty good!

Tyler Brundage

Always a great date night to go and see a movie inside your car and the food is great as well for an affordable price!

Luke Andersen

This place is pretty awesome, and it is what it is. You'll get a great, affordable double feature drive-in experience from this. But beware, they seek after a two dollar charge for outside food. Not for outside food period, mind you, but for each individual in the car who "has" food they require 2 dollars. The goal of this is clearly to discourage individuals from bringing in outside food, but the issues are this: it only punishes those who are honest, and the notion of "oh, well if you brought one pizza for all in the car, so each individual partaking in the pizza must then pay the 2 dollar fee" is rediculous. Making this even more redundant is that the two dollar fee just becomes a food voucher, which while it shows a sign of good will, makes the purpose clear: If you are bringing in outside food, you ought to buy food here too. I want to be clear, I have no issue paying two dollars for outside food, but trying to charge those who deem the food as being "theirs" is silly. It is ambiguous and confusing. Maybe define whether "theirs" is those who purchased or those eating? On the bright side, one can use the voucher they purchased the pizza they brought in for bottomless popcorn. Not a bad deal for consumers, but it highlights how silly this practice is.

Nolan Bybee

There is nothing like seeing a show with the family under to open sky! Loved it. They put on a great show with good food.

Michael Willson

Fun times and great management.


Great drive in with lots of room. Takes movie pass!

London Evertsen

I wouldn't suggest it for a first view of a movie. If you really want to see a good quality movie this isn't for you but if you going for comfort you can make it as comfortable as you would like.

Laura James

I love the drive in! Such a cool experience. The food is great, a little on the pricier side, but totally worth it!! Our car battery died and they had a jump starter for us to use. The staff were friendly.

Randy Poe

Good strong clear projector. Strong radio signal. Helpful Freindly staff. Screen needs repair. A fun double feature.

Robert Fowler

Well worth the money. Double features are always some of the best movies.

Danielle Andrews

A little rundown, but fun nonetheless

Kendra James

Emily Belleville

We love this drive in movie theater!! They have concessions and indoor bathrooms. For big popular movies it’s best to go online and prepay for your tickets, and print them from your email or have them on your phone. They have a line for prepaid tickets and it’s usually shorter.

Timothy Hughes

A treat

Alaura Self

Went to the flee market today! Dope!

Jason McEntire

It's cool to have a drive-in so close to town, and it's easy to find a good spot to park. It's also a pretty good deal to see two movies for the price of one at the regular theater. The bathroom needs some upkeep though, and I had to use a portapotty around the back since the only men's toilet is out of order.


Decent for a drive in

Dylan Noer

So awesome. The food was outstanding!


They have the front of parking rows elevated so that it can be easier to look up at the tall screen. Wish it was elevated just a tad more. Reed's Dairy ice cream is the best! Coaster-looking thing that lights up & vibrates when your order is ready. Makes it not packed at the order pick up area. Better price for a movie than the regular theater movie!

Jacob Smith

joshua skelton

Love that it is so cheap.

Kirstin Korinko

Nice retro feel and something everyone should expirence. When we went they didn't have flavoring for the popcorn so it was pretty gross. I'm also one to go to bed pretty early so when the second feature started it was extremely difficult to stay awake and so we left early. Over all I had lots of fun cuddled in the car watching the big screen.

Liz Towery

We absolutely love the drive in!

Becka Thornley

Little pricey food. Good portion sizes. Only for ppl who don't smoke! Im in my car only smoke one in 2 hrs and got told to put out, which I was fine with doing that. as I was waiting for worker to move away from my window he says put it out, I said I am. I don't want to ash it on you!!! .vap next time.. lol Don't miss living in this town!!!

kyleradam swisher


Zachary Hamilton

Good movies. Good concessions. Reasonable price.

James Larsen

Very disappointed in their slow service at their concession stand.

John Hamilton

Great place, service, and very family friendly.

Crimson Hawk

Really fun summer experience

RelyingSky 02

Its ok i just dont like that you have to keep your car battery on while the movie is playing

Caleb Mahon

This place is so retro. The diner look for the food court is nice. It's also super nice just to chill in your car and watch movies. They are really smart about it and start the movies at sundown. The only thing I'm not a fan of is their snack prices. Everything else is pretty fantastic though! Two new movies for less than the price of one brand new movie elsewhere.

Aiden Worth

Awesome Drive In and I would totally recommend it for anyone looking for an interesting date or take group movie in your truck. They usually show two movies and have a small restaurant in the middle for anything you might want to eat. Depending on your parking spot the screen might be really small. I would recommend getting there early to experience the social time everyone has before the movie starts.

Steven Melancon

How cool is it that drive-in theaters still exist! We saw The Dark Knight Rises here and it was a fun experience.

Ruth Galindo

(Translated by Google) All very well (Original) Muy bien todo

Ronny Nowland

Love this place!! Great deal to see 2 new movies, and the handmade burgers are huge, delicious, and cheap!!

Benjamin Hardy

Great experience! The food is great!

Clayton Wood

Amazing. Had a bit of trouble starting. But didn't wait too long. Great food. Good visuals.


Great place to go on a date

David Carter

Would be nice if they told you there restaurant had broken water pipe and not serving food on the web site

Ron Hunter


It's great fun! The food (hamburgers specifically) isn't that great though.

Mike Singleton

Would be good if pepole did not stand in front of you car and then drink and somoke by you car. Then some collage kids start swearing finally just left cuase I did not whant my kids to hear that wont be going back

Jen John

Always great to spend time with family

Mitchel Fowles

The food service is very slow and you miss half the movie waiting for food, if you don't wait at the food court you get forgotten. Besides that's its great

B Hoffman

Fun experience and surprisingly great food!

Jared Ferguson

Great spot for a date! Good video quality and no audio delay!

Riley Hunsaker

Good sound quality at a good price. Too bad there is only one screen so a max of two movies shown per night.

Spencer Bowen

Fantastic place to take the kids.

Eff Woolley

Love going when there's 2 movies I like.

Erika Kunzler

We brought our 6 kids and watched a double feature. It was pretty late when the movie ended, about 3 am. It was such a fun evening, our little ones fell asleep but the big kids had a great time.

Sara Batista

So fun and delish concessions! Perfect for the whole family and cheap family fun!

Jeremy Norman

2 movies when you pay to get in, you can bring outside food (if you have their little pass thing which was only a couple bucks) and AMAZING food

Joe Murphy

So fun!

Jessica McKinney

Fountain drinks were not calibrated right

darren birch

The food out of the drive-in is very good the sound and video quality are excellent I recommend this highly

Google User

Caroline F

I love this place. The food is great, the experience is fantastic, and even the prices aren't bad. I just wish that they would remodel a little, because it's a bit run-down, but literally everything else is amazing.

Nicole Loftus

They have good movies and good prices but the service isn't always so good. I was told to get back in my car by one employee when I walked up through the line to ask him a question.

Kenzie H. Harrington

This is one of our family faves! One of the last drives in in America and they dont disappoint! Great for families and friends alike.

Stephanie Hunter

Fun for the whole family, or as a date night! Come and enjoy the food as well!

Katelynd Richins

$8 per adult and $1 per kid 5 to 12. Two brand new movies with an intermission in between. Concessions and space for kids to run and play while you wait for the first movie. This place is AMAZING!!! A fun late night activity for the family under the stars!

Scott Smith

They don't kill you on food prices like most drive ins.

Jessica Humphries

We love going to the drive in! Great family environment and so fun for kids. It’s a great price for two movies and they are always new and relevant.

taylor branch

Film quality is good the sound is superb and has great radio connection. However the concessions is terrible. They are super slow I had to wait almost 30 minutes for a small shake. And if they could play the movie sound inside it would've been nice so that while you're waiting half an hour for your food you can still watch the movie

John Seal

Love watching a good flick here. The food is great as well!

Brandon R

Great not too expensive of a place to go and fun date night word of advice being your own food it's worth the $2 cost of bringing in outside food

Ryan Joos

The drive in is such an awesome thing to do during the summer. My wife and I have gone several times and have always really enjoyed it. The concessions are delicious, the movie quality is good and the sound quality is everything you need. I think it's a must-do during a Rexburg summer.

Morgan Sturm


It’s a fun experience going to the drive-in. Arrive early to get a good spot because it is a small space. It is in desperate need of some updates and upkeep. It looks extremely run down. Pricing is fair especially if you consider you get to see two movies for the price of one. Overall, it’s a fun place to go in the summertime.

Caleb Davidson

Great deals, no annoying audiance, just you in your car, in peace.

Mindi Martin

So fun!

Emma Martinson

Nice place for a fun movie night. Can get pretty cold here in Rexburg, so bundle up tight.

Bennett Bruner

Fun place to go see movies and hang out with friends

Louis Breton

Great retro experience, great prices for two movies. The site is clean and well maintained. The employees were polite and usefull. Concession prices are affordable. Big plus is that they are dog friendly.

Stephan O'Shaughnessy

2 movies for not even the price of 1! This by far is the best deal in town. Watch from you car, truck, or bring some lawn chairs. Food is good too!

Bobbie Geddes

Always great movies and food

jacka fan420

Grate quality

Micah Alma Cloward

A fantastic place for a first date or a 50th date!

Lindsie Tomita

I really like this place they have such great prices and choices of food in the concession stand the only thing I would change about this place is the size of the screen I would make it bigger !! Other then that I’m very please with this business


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