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REVIEWS OF Regal Riverstone IN Idaho

H. A. Barker

Went to see #captainmarvel this afternoon, lucked out and hit 3D time and fortunate for me (unfortunate for theater) just a couple people in theater so got best seat and projector person kept it going like it should to see the second extra at end of credits with lights off, yay!

Elyahna Hughes

This is a comfortable movie place with comfortable movie seats and delishish popcorn

Curtis Campbell

Great little theater with nice shops around it. We will be back for some Brazilian Steakhouse and Coldstone!

Big Valley

A big step up now that you can select your seat! I will go there more often now. Once I upgrade to better seats, I'll give it the five stars

N Clever

Nice clean theatre with lots of movie options and times. The location is great, surrounded by tons of cool restaurants and plenty of free parking.

Jewelry Maker

Love going here to watch a movie.... and just found the photo booth lol

Sean McIlvenna

Only thing they're really missing is reclining seats. The seats KILL my back. :( sound, video and service is great though!

Cameron Doggett

Great place for a movie, like all theatres, the concessions are overpriced and the audiences are rude but overall the theatre is nice.

Casey Vanwormer

The assigned seating will make me rethink seeing shows... heard people arguing over a seat, and was packed into a few row with people while half the theater was actually empty!! Bad business, what's next Regal, different prices for the most popular seats in the theater!!

Dd Willi

popcorn is improved but needs to be more full kernels

Joanne Ashworth

No parking for handicapped and steps lots of then to get to the ticket booth. We tried to watch the movie but someone was letting their little kids run around and the manager I spoke to could have cared less. We are senior citizens and it is a treat so we left very disappointed!

patrick conroy

The cinema asked me what they could do different to make it better after i left a 3 star rating. So i am bumping them up to a 4. There wasn't anything wrong. Had plenty of leg room. Looked pretty well kept. Pricey but what theater isn't tbh. Thing was there wasn't anything to really impress me either.

Gerald D. Reidt

Ample comfortable seating. Ridiculous when as a senior couple you have to pay $18.00 for a show that used to be $7.00 not but a few years ago.

lanu love light

Service good prices for popcorn and pop cost to much

vera Oneal

I wish I could put a 0 star review I worked there and they don’t treat staff well. I got into a very bad car accident and I had a doctors note saying I couldn’t work I got a call every single day asking where I was. I worked Christmas, thanksgiving and New Years. I would walk into to work and they’d ask me to come back in two hours they are insanely unorganized. My friend threw up at work and they told her “ good thing you’re not in concessions” I would be scheduled for a 6 hour shift and they’d let me go 5 minutes before 6 hours so I wouldn’t legally have to have a break. One of the managers treated EVERYONE poorly. Also they decided to demote almost all of managers to regular employees. They’re understaffed so next time you go in check under your seats they push all the food underneath them because it saves time.

Carol Maden

I'm proud of their courage and consideration for the diversity of thought, freedom of faith, and willingness to embrace controversial societal issues in Regal's showing the movie "Unplanned". The theatre was sold out and they added a second theatre for a concurrent showing. This is true responsiveness to desires of their community. Thank you Regal Thratres of Coeur d'Alene.

Undercover Legacy

I saw the 730pm Avengers end game movie. I had to ask twice for the ac to be turned on in a 3hr movie tonight and they still never turned it on until the Last half hour. It was Hot, Stuffy and STUNK. The popcorn was Stale and I had to pay 6$ Just for a freaking WATER in a cup! The soap dispensers in the women's room also wouldn't dispense any soap to wash my hands with Add to it that we had to book a half hour later because you can't pick seating nor can they tell what there is or isn't and the seats really? are they Never going to join the rest of civilization and update those awful things? I'd rather stay in Spokane for my movies better all around experience over Idaho. I don't plan to ever go back.


Good theatre! I would like to have reclining seats!

Andrew Zimmerman

Went to see Spiderman: far from home and while the facility is clean and appears to be well run, we were crammed into a tiny theater with seating arrangements that nobody seemed to abide by.

Nate Parker

My overall experience here was great! I came almost an hour early to be sure I'd get good seats and glad I did. The audio quality was good too, not so loud it hurts your ears but still a good volume to feel like you're right there with the actors. Popcorn was fresh with just the right amount of butter. The seats were comfortable I just wish they could recline a little bit. Overall this is a great theater!

Tim Gant

It's a great theater, of course confessions will cost you your first born child... but iy's good

Jenika Cervin

It’s a nice theater and staff are nice, but they’re very over priced. I payed $18 for a water, 1 small bag of candy, and a pretzel. Not worth it to me.


It's a very nice theater and it's priced that way

Deanna Horton

Nice, clean smaller theaters. This was our first time visiting this complex. Our theater was small, intimate and we hsppened to be the only ones seeing our movie this night, but i would go back to this Regal cinemas again. They even has a birthday party room!

Mark Zurfluh

The Riverstone Regal Theater is our favorite movie house in the area. The seating is comfortable and the chairs rock a few inches. The rows are steep so seeing over the head of the person in the next row is never a problem. The Regal Club Card gives points toward food and movie tickets which we use regularly. It is well maintained and cleaned.

Tom Richards

Nothing wrong here - it is a chain multi-plex just like all the others. No reserved seating, no loveseats, snack bar is just as overpriced as all movie theater snack bars. It is the only first-run movie theater in town so they don't have much reason to do anything special. Regal does show classic movies every month - full ticket price but it is fun to see old classis 'the way they were intended' on a big screen.

Koleen Harden

Boeheim I am a nut hazel french vanilla wat? Rhapsody mmmhmm delish

Ian Liddle

Great variety of times / showings with so many screens, good location with options for dining and dessert nearby. Loads of convenient parking. A bit paranoid with the MoviePass policies, but likely out of necessity. My only complaint is the lack of automated ticketing kiosks, especially when they get busy.

Randy Bohach

Great place

bluerose 360

Great theater. Kind of spendy on snacks and drinks. Comfy seats and friendly staff

Judie McCutcheon

Been here many times & still like it a lot. Would like it a lot more if they lower the price of popcorn & cokes, they are highway robbery. We are retired & on a limited income & love taking our four young great grand kids to your theater but can't afford to buy them the goodies. Thank you


Lots of space great sound system.

Jesse Knight

Looking forward to a lot of movies coming soon, Dark Phoenix would be next!

Judy Frank

Popcorn was burnt!? Previews and ads were endless, and I usually enjoy them to some extent, but this was way too much. Otherwise, no problems and the bathroom was clean.

Lexi Johnson

Great service here, clean theater

Melissa Ward

Nice theater. Convenient location for dinner and a movie. And popcorn. With candy. And a giant refillable soda. Then some ice cream. Next door. We always leave full and entertained.

Nathan Scott

Love the staff and love the movie options. But if your going to show a later movie should keep the condiments available for purchase.

Vincenzo Brandi

A little pricey for how crowded you feel. Popcorn is usually good, service is slow, and the removal of the queue line causes uncertainty while trying to get concessions.

Sam Morris

It's ok. They have a good selection of movies showing and the staff is courteous and helpful. However, the seats are uncomfortable and the restrooms are subpar by almost any standard.

Mary Mantach

The employee who helped us at the concession stand was very courteous

Josh Foshee

Great spot to come to get your movie fix. Only thing they need is recliners!!!!


High prices but the best theater in town kappa.

Rick Madsen

Clean nice theater. Not really much else to say.

Linda Turner

Nice crew works there, friendly and courteous. Saw HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, HIDDEN WORLD.

Sammie Pearce

I hate the chairs. They feel way too short in the seat.

MrClean Massacre

Great place to see a movie. Never have any technical issues

Kennedy Dinkel

Great seats and movie quality. Good snacks and an overall good experience.


Love the facility. Clean. Nice staff. Clear screens

Stacy B

Clean, comfortable movie theater.

carol loomer

Print your tickets on line so you don't have to wait. Popcorn costs more than the tickets

Anna Johnson

This theater is very well located and is very welcoming with great movies to show, the only problem with this theater is that the prices are rediculously high, and if you do plan on going make sure to reserve some seats online so you aren't stuck in the front row.

Keith Peterson

Great movies and lots of showtimes, but the cost makes it tough to go see new releases more than once or twice a year

Classic TV Animator

A bit expensive but a nice place to see a movie.

Robert VanValkenburg

Very friendly and clean. All around great theater.

Sarah Pyke

Great theater that isn’t too full or busy. Staff is helpful and nice. The location is prime. Check out the Cold Store next door or the frozen yogurt place across the street. The cinema is in a safe location, walking to your car at night is not a problem. Enjoy the movies!

Samantha Green

Staff always friendly, theatre always organized, clean and efficient, movie quality great...but what is up with the blah popcorn? Total lack of flavor...big disappointment. Keep in mind we get ours without added butter but it is warm and tasty that way most anywhere else.

Addison Banker

Very good

Dena Scales

I'm thankful for our theater. It's pretty pricey, but every once in a while I love going. It's clean, the staff is friendly, and the seats are comfy. Close to home, centrally located, great for residents and vacationers. Lots of food places near by. Close to freeway exit. Great location for date night.

Michelle Rene Garcia

Clean and staff seems to be well trained. This is our local movie hangout.

Sue Spafford

I think wasting people's time choosing seat before you go in is ridiculous. There were 3 people in the whole theater and we had to sign up? It slows the line down and takes away any spontaneity that makes movie going fun. There were many registers to sell treats and one poor guy trying to handle the whole other register was trying to deal with a problem. I doubt very much that I will ever go back. I can't imagine others won't feel the same way.

Sandy Clemons

Great popcorn! Nice staff, clean building. Parking is pretty easy.

Jim Smith

Clean & awesome employees... The young man at the Snack Counter is very kind...

Heather Mardian-Connell

My Favorite place hands down. Add friendly Staff, Comfortable seating and never been overly crowded in theater. I'm sure they plan ahead for openings and other popular titles as I've seen more than 1 of the same movie playing in 2 of their theaters . Also love the location in Riverstone, you've got a restaurant & cold stone on either side !!! I'd say that's a perfect Date Night, Family Fun, Girls Night even a night for yourself!

Amy Julian

Nice and clean but the theaters were sooo small like 10 rows. Smallest theater room I've been in. Arm rests you had to arm wrestle to get down.

Nancy Harris

Always a good time at the movies!

carissa spray

It was clean, no sticky floors. But I think they forgot to turn on the air, because it got pretty warm.

Viki Bean

Loved this theater. Nice seating and great surrounding area.

Dustin Ashby

Always a good place to take the wife and/or kids for a night of relaxation and good movies.

Grove Ayers

This Regal is better than many. Well-run and well-maintained, with a friendly staff. The adjacency to good food options and local shopping helps, too. Do yourself a favor and purchase your tickets online before you go. Saves a lot of time!

Cross Kelly

Concessions are just too darned expensive. Their should be a law !

Donna Staub

The theater itself is great but the new policy of moving ticket buying inside to the concessions is frustrating. It honestly isn't worth leaving home to go stand in a line and wait 15 min to buy a ticket. Regal- change back your policy!

Elke Helmuth

Nice theater space, comfortable seats, big screens/good sound -- however that's where it ends. I keep searching - in vain - for Good Films. Today I checked the movies line-up and nearly All of them had lousy ratings-- which appears to be the norm for this theater and Regal cinemas in general! WHO is in charge of selecting these movies? Are you ever checking critics reviews or are decisions strictly based on which movies make the quickest buck -that is, mostly movies for teens and tweens. Please! Out of the many movies on your schedule, show at least a couple that are considered "good or excellent" by film critics at large and are in the adult films category (vs teen/tween flicks). Thanks much!

Jason Buscema

Nice theater, clean but very small. The front couple of rows are so close to the screen you can’t really see the whole thing. We sat in the far back and it was fine. Just really small!

Harry James

I like that somewhere along the lines, they changed their policy and allow you to bring your own water in. Or at least that's what they assume is in my water bottle.

Mike Hansen

The same great movies. Nice clean theater. Affordable snacks. And on top of all of that the movies cost less. How could you go wrong?

mj ferguson

Awesome place, good service best movie theater I've been to.

Jerry Hahn

Great theatet!

Cyndie Bronowski

Nice, comfortable and clean.

LDJ Studios

Several recent screenings have had issues. One showing was distorted with projection smudges of some sort, while another had volume issues making it hard to hear what characters were saying. For the money I expect a high quality experience. Hope to see it fixed.

Laura Hamblen

way over priced

Veronica Butler

Very clean, and seats are very comfortable to lay back in..

Phillip Harrington

Best theater I have been too. It's perfectly located by Red Robin and 2 ice cream shops and a whiskey distillery. Great seating. Enjoyable atmosphere. Perfect location

Derek Jeffries

Clean and well laid out cinema. The staff here is friendly, and the place is clean and has none of the usual smells associated with theaters. The seating is more spacious than other Regals I have been to which was very nice. I hate feeling like I am stuck for a two hour movie. Here you can lean back and relax. While this is sort of the only place in town to see a movie, I'm glad they have not let that get in the way of quality service and features.

Mary L Jones

Friendly employees, fast service, clean and on time.

Tony Tuttle

#reclinerseats #datenight awesome theater! If you get the regal app you can even save up points and redeem them for stuff like popcorn, shirts, and even a movie itself :D

kristy kershner

Love movies...concessions are often slow and not well managed, you could stand there for a while watching people who work there lookibg like they cannot take proper initiative. Ask for extra help to motivate and come a little early. The theaters are clean and well taken care of.

John Brown

Very nice. Good parking and interesting stores near by. Much better than a down town Spokane but a little further for us.

Krista Franz

Can't give 5 stars until they upgrade to the same reclining seats as the other Regal's in the area.

Raymond Horn

Coulda had better seats but other then that i liked it

Ryan Favor

Great place for movies. Concessions are high. Just sneak in your own stuff! ;D

Rick Huber

Love this theater but my son and I were there last night and both got very sick from the popcorn

Timothy Fundin

Comfortable seating with exception of the shared arm rest. Not including the price of snacks, everything else was quite pleasant.

Roger Prescott

Pricey Admission And Horribly Overpriced Concessions Even If It Is For First Run Movies. Nice Seating In Stadium Style Fashion. We Only Go When We Don't Want To Wait For The Movie To Go To The Cheaper, But, Just As Nice Second Run, Hayden Discount Theater Or For It To Come Out On Video.

Sherry Sayre

Nice big theater with covered parking. Could use reclining seats.

Anna Taylor

Pretty clean and the staff is always friendly. Food is decent, not super amazing but satisfying if you need something during the movie. If you want to see the latest popular movie, they'll have it.

Marshall Houx

I think assigned seating in an almost empty theater is so stupid especially at the prices being charged makes me not go to the movies anymore so disappointed

James Shepherd

The other side of Heaven Ii was great! The popcorn and sodas we're astronomically over priced...we drank their tap water...yuck! We won't ever go back

Tee Branham

Very nice movie theater, nice staff. Floors were not sticky, and the arm rest weren't beat up. Sadly they don't serve beer at this location or they would of got 5 stars.

Julie Gates

Fun but spendy

Charles Oyedeji

Very nice and spacious theater with lots of movie selections.

Aubrey Garcia

Pretty expensive we spend 100 for our family of 4 to see a movie. But it is nicer than our movie theater back home.

Jason Blain

Very clean and very orderly. This theatre typically has 3D screens for new films. Do not forget your Regal card if you have one.

Jeannette Hammell

Nice theater. I paid over $18 for three waters!!

Shauna Olson

A great theatre for the whole family. People are friendly and clean


Nice theater, could be cleaner, but, went on Endgame opening weekend. Chairs were just a bit too close together for me, overall though, good theater, good staff, great location (food and bars close by).

Andrew Stillions

Me and my wife just love this place we just moved here last march and it was a very very nice get away for us......all of our family is out of state back home. some my wife and our three kids will be alone for Christmas

Kim Hurlbert

The theater feels like it needs updating. New carpet, the displays tidied up, walls washed/painted, the theater rooms floors thoroughly cleaned and sanitized because they have a particular food and people smell, and maybe aquire new seats in the theater. That afternoons entertainment cost us around $50.00, for 2 of us! Amazing!

Slightly Twisted

Need to upgrade the seating but other than that great.

Ray Hindman

I think they are a little over priced but deffinitely one of the better of the many theaters ive been too

Carol Krahenbuhl

Nice seats. Clean place. A variety of Food options to buy. Clean restrooms. Multiple movie options. They offer senior citizens tickets.

G Roberts

Good prices & friendly cashier's

David Nall

Beautiful and clean. I would give it five stars if they had recliner seats. I enjoy Regal, but if I had a nearby choice I would choose AMC.

Jonathan Gump

It's ok it's not very old but it feels like it kinda dirty and just a bunch of teenagers work there and they don't seem happy to be there and that it's a job

chiken da gr8

It's a nice, clean theater, but it is lacking compared to other Regal cinemas. It doesn't have the nice leather seats with the buttons to raise the foot rest. You also have to get your tickets outside, meaning if it's cold you're going to be cold for longer. Other than that it's a nice theater.

Jordan Mcgee

Overall good experience, typical overpriced movie theater food. Our group of 3 had 2 free tickets so we only had to pay for 1, however the person at the front was confused on how to use the free tickets. We saw Into the Spiderverse and we were the only people in the theater, lead to a pretty enjoyable experience. If we had to pay for all of our tickets we would have gone somewhere cheaper.

Mr, R Baskin

What a nice facility. Seats are spacious and there is also an arcade. I was a little overwhelmed by the size of a "small" soda so beware and share, especially with small children. Parking is close by with handicap access so that is Handy. Also you can purchase tickets on line or in theater.

Logan miller

They really need to upgrade the seating and let you pick where you want your seats as you order your tickets like most of your newer ones. As far as pricing typical expensive theater. But it is a clean theater and the staff is pretty friendly they also do offer a lot of various food choices and snacks although very overpriced, at least they offer them.

Kimberly Breen

Clean place with nice staff. Great popcorn! They definitely need to figure out a better way of calling for customers when waiting at the concession stand. The employee at the very end of the counter was yelling to the other end of the counter where customers are waiting to receive help and order food. He was really loud and really annoying so Regal definitely needs to figure out a better way to flag customers. Other wise great night!

Amber Snowder

Prices are high, but the theater is accommodating and in a beautiful location.

J Wilson

I have always liked this theater. It is surrounded by different resturaunts. Quick go through, not a lot of waiting :)

Devin Crawford

Comfortable seating, good audio and visual stimulation.

Vishy Lishy

Concessions cost way too much these days!!

sharis peak

We drove half hour to get there only to find out they only do reserved seating now... . So all the seats left would scatter our family separately. So no not very helpful to pay $10 for a youth ticket but you can’t sit with your children. Edited to remove another star because if you try to reserve seating online they charge you a bonus "convenience fee" on top of your ticket fee. So basically we have to drive a half hour and take our chances that we can sit together or pay an extra fee....uh no thank you. Glad you guys are finding ways to make a lot of money but I will find other things to do with my family.

Christy Dion

Many screens at this theatre. Parking structure is free with handicapped parking. Get tickets at the window, or online. Great concessions. Senior pricing, as well as AARP discounts. Friendly staff. Very clean venue. It helps that it's only 5 minutes from my apartment!

Steve Harvey

We sat down, watched a good movie the hot up and left.

Maureen Jordan

Good place to go to watch a movie. Comfy seats, very clean

Patrick Fristoe

Very clean, and very friendly staff, especially considering it's a bunch of teenagers working the concessions stand. Theaters are clean, audio/video is excellent, and the atmosphere is what you'd expect. Prices are steep though, as anyone should come to expect considering concessions are how any theater makes money. Tickets are $12-$13 and food and drinks are $6-$8 per item, so plan on spending at least $25 per person coming here. Thank you, Regal Cinemas! Enjoy the show!

Sharon Ingham

While traveling, my husband and I saw Downton Abbey on its opening weekend. Auditorium was clean and temperature was comfortable. Food and drink.......cost is always amazing!

John Archibald

Watched Angel has fallen really good movie.

Random Stuff

We are currently in the time zone known commonly as endgame

Glenn McWilson

Nice amenities, just need recliner chairs!

Sara Stewart

Nice theater in a cute shopping center, sadly no recliner seats yet.

Eric Schenkenberger

Always has a good selection of movies. They offer kids (11 and under), seniors (60+), students and military discounts.

Wendy S

Decent movie theatre. Popcorn and a pop was like $16. The chairs were comfy. It was a newer theatre. The only parking is a little walk away. Really really slow lines at consession stand, but buying tickets was quick and easy.

Toni Herrick

$6 for a cup of ice water is Crazy! But other than that it was good:)

Sara Jackson

This theater is really nice and clean. Stadium seats are comfortable.

Jared Martin

The staff are friendly and always greet you with a caring word. Seats don't recline but they definitely feel great through a two hour movie.

malachiJHC •

Everything is good with this movie theater except the prices of foods and drinks. They are SUPER overpriced .

Sabrina Brown

Amazing theater and great size rooms! Box office is outside sadly, so when it's cold, it's cold. Also has a small arcade area near the concessions which is cool

Albert Aranda

The staff will go above and beyond the call of duty in providing excellent service!

Justin Hoffman

Standard movie theater, but the lack of cell signal is one of the most annoying things I've ever experienced at a theater. If you show up early for a movie to get good seats, expect to sit without internet until the movie starts. Makes going to the movies alone drag if you have any time to burn.

Caleb Wagner

Every time I go here I leave happy from a very amazing experience!


Great place. Friendly and clean.

Kegan S.

Went and saw It: Chapter 2, while I was a little apprehensive about the reserved seating it was pretty cool getting the prime seats ahead of time. I will say I do like buying the tickets out front not in with the snacks but I'm sentimental. Overall great time!

Jacques Croom

We are regular attendees. The location, staff, selection, and cleanliness are unsurpassed. We ran into an issue the last time we arrived and Joseph (?) assisted us and we arrived at a quick solution to remedy the problem. Thanks for being great partners in our community.

Robert Braniff

This is the only major theater in town. I'm not sure how much to expect. It sucks you can't order beer, concessions are pricey, and the seats are just decent. Enjoy your movie

Eric Fleming

Ordered my ticket online. As long as you find the right seats, your golden

Bonnie Brown

Very good movie (5 feet apart) .

Jesse Hubbard

Pre purchased endgame tickets and showed 30 min early to find they overbooked the theater. Unacceptable.

Laura Buddrius

Ridiculous that it costs that much, more than dinner

Native Grounds Homestead

Good place for a night out

Misty Glades

Saw mary poppins, it was really great.

Rudogg Aripa

Great customer service always clean inside and out I will always come back for fresh popcorn and a pop thank you for having good team work. It makes the dream work....

Janet Adams

Kid at refreshment part could of been friendlier. A SMALL BOTTLE OF WATER IS OVER 5.00 DOLLARS? REALLY? But other staff friendly and movie really good

Laura Vallieres

Great location and always good customer service. Do yourself a favor though and purchase tickets online to skip purchasing there. Very convenient.

Dustin Thompson

Good movie environment, $6 for a bottled water. Prices are horrid. Tickets are spendy too.

Elizabeth McCormick

The cost of tickets and snacks are high, but it doesn't take away from my experiences when I come to view a new film. The service is comfortable and quick, the seating is wonderful, and the films are captivating. I prefer Regal to any other theater when I have the cash.

Robert Hayes

Loved Aladdin, the total experience was great!!!


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