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The recliners were such a wonderful idea. The floor is never sticky from soda or popcorn like some theaters, the movies have wonderful sound and picture, and even though you may think the chairs are cramped and you'll be too close to someone, they have so much room you don't have to worry.

Tabitha Loveall

I have good memories from here, even from when I was little. Tonight though, I saw Instant Family, 6:40pm showing. It was a good movie except for in the beginning. Someone decided to spray perfume, got a headache from it. I wanted to leave but didn't, tickets are not cheap lol. So guys, you know how you have "Please silence your phone" ad? Could you also maybe add a "Please don't spray perfume in the theater" ad as well?

Stephen Carlsson

Reserved seats are a great idea if you get them ahead then you can pick where you want to sit and not fight to get in and sit where you have to and not where you want to.

Kathryn Smith

Loved the movie ❤️, love the seats

Adam Huguenin

Love the recliner that they have at this theater, the Spokane valley needs them

Angela Alas

It’s great in my opinion better than the one downtown. Go here if you’re not normal haha it’s a great day quite place for shopping you don’t have to pretend like you have money or are a billionaire

John Rose

Theater was great, the movie was not what we expected but o-well you can't pick them all.


Theater is always clean, and staff is super nice... They never do any of the promotions (trading cards first weekend or fan-night goodies), but do the day early showings though.

Susan Burgi

Good movie very relaxing

Robin Zielke

We always have a good time! :)

Julia Hannigan

Good ole fashion entertainment

Erin Kosanke

Nice chairs. Staff was friendly and helpful. Very clean.

Megan Christianson

You kind of expect the high price for concessions these days. But, you'd think that if you're going to pay that much, you could at least expect a vermin free experience. Well, apparently management is aware that they have a mouse problem in at least 1 of their theaters (theater 2, to be precise). This didn't alarm them at all, they just kind of shrugged it off. The mice were playing right under my chair, it was really disturbing. They serve food there, children are all over the place, I thought about calling the frickin' health department if only because they didn't really seem to care when we told them about it. Hopefully, they get the issue taken care of, but please be aware before you bring a date or your family to the movies.

Robert Trumbull

good but to high price

Jeremy Rainbow

Great place. Awesome projectors, stadium seating, reserved seats that recline... Just wish it wasn't so expensive.

Ashley Maxwell

Great food and snacks, staff was patient (despite all the rage for Endgame having just come out [great movie might I add]) and seats were fantastic!

Cher Olson

Haven't visited in a white until just recently. Love the new layout and recliners.

Zachary McGiveran

The theater was one of the best I've been in

Marla Stephenson

Movie house and seats were phenomenal,,BUT I froze.

Cathy Stephens

Super my grandson liked Dumbo

Belinda Howes

Very clean and the seats are super comfy! Most of the staff were very nice.

Matthew Melton

Movie prices are crazy high anywhere you go for first run showings. It's ridiculous their app charges a $3 convince fee for booking. The reserve seating is nice and comfortable, they had very nice concessions workers, but set up in a very inefficient way. They had four lines set up, but two of the lines had to share one register. Other than that confusion, it was a standard movie going experience. I personally dislike that their bathrooms only have air dryers and don't have paper towels as an option.

Eileen Smith

Totally disappointed with Sears and their selection of clothes/shoes also incredibly offended by staff behaving like anyone looking at you is a thief. I mean Jesus. Sorry you're going out of biz and the criminals are taking full advantage but not everyone is there to steal no matter how frumpy their clothes. (I had been working outside all day and was dirty and tired, needed a tool to complete job which I didn't buy due to staffs attitude, went to harbor freight across town instead)

Margo Mossburg

The pricing for concessions is way out of hand. The theatre is clean but staff can barely answer any questions or acknowledge we were standing in front of them asking something. They wanted to take a ticket and get us out of the way because they could not be bothered. We got some tickets as a gift yet they made us pay extra because of the seats that recline? Really? Pay extra for the seats that were put in years ago? The lines were amazing when they make people pick their seats so the cashiers are slow and can barely make change. No wonder I like smaller movie chains with less commercials, a lot less bodies and less slow people working for them.

Brenda Longacre

I'm totally spoiled by these comfy recliners. Attending the theater is such a pleasant experience now.

wyate powell

The only problem is that you can't be on your phone during the movie example if you have someone babysitting your kids and you have to check up on them periodically you have to exit the movie to check up on them kind of thing the only thing that sucks about it as far as prices go not so great but the quality of the movie versus the comfortability of the theater is great

Kathi M

Comfortable reclining seats, try the pretzels, they're delicious!

jamie seiler

Movie was great but we almost missed the beginning due to only 1 person working at the concessions area. We even showed up 15 mins early. There was plenty of staff looking board that could have jumped in and helped but didn't.

Tanya Yanez

Lovely theatre..comfy seats. Nice sound. Little expensive.

Shannon Hopfinger

The powered reclining seats are super comfortable.

rob g

Very kind staff and great service but the prices could be better. Besides that the experience was Nice.

Ben Reno

Thought it was great! Definitely will go back.

John Ross

Great theatre, had a terrible experience with another movie goer but the staff are helpful

Sarah Tiedeman

It's a theater not bad super comfy new seats.

Chris malpass

two people were havin sex on the top seats :-(

Justin Robinson

I enjoy being able to choose my seating. More so I enjoy the reclining seats themselves.

Sean Alexander

Kinda spendy but what theater isn't anymore right? They have really comfy recliner's at this theatre so the experience is pretty good over all, pretty clean too.

ginger chris

Sleeper cell meet-up, ha no. nice seats that you can reserve, good staff, interesting snack stuff


Awesome seating and reclining comfy seats!!

James Sherr

It's great! This mall has a decent variety of consumer goods.

Sabrina Cowley

Went to the children's show at 10 am! Theater was clean, recliner chairs very comfortable. The popcorn was hot and the staff was very friendly!

Draztic Measures

Pick your own seats! Reclining seats! Love it

Chris Simpson

The reclining lazyboy like chairs are amazing. Lots of space between rows and very clean theaters

lori little

Theater is great! AquaMan was CGI rich and storyline poor. I'm not a 5th grader.

Joy Adams

Overall my experience at regal has been good. Love the reclining seats and the staff is nice. However there needs to be a new rule about people taking there shoes off. They are not at home and we should not have to smell someone's foot odor the whole movie.

jesse chaney

Like the new seats but don't like there always sold out of good seats .

Simon Simons

Best seats in Spokane. We drive over 60 miles just so we can reserve and have adjustable seating. I have back issues. These seats are comfortable.

Patty Reeder

Great place to see a movie. Comfortable and roomy reclining seats!

Muhammad Rhmtallh

I love it

Paul Martin

My favorite theater in Spokane! Reserved seats are awesome!

Mike Gregory

Seats are amazing. Also the movie choices are great. Only reason it didn't score a five is the concessions. I get that the only real way a movie theater makes any money on a brand new release movie is the concessions. I also don't mind paying more for that fact. I just feel theirs is a little blown out of proportion.

Danyon Greymoon

A lot of movie theaters don't understand the value of comfortable seats. The regal in Northtown has the best seats in Spokane. In addition, the lines aren't that long and there are a lot of food options near by.

Tom Perry

Modern, comfortable seating, good sound, and projection, and first run movies, and convenient parking too!

A Dyer

Great seats but concessions. I miss pocketing a 20 and getting 2 tickets, 2 drinks and a large refillable popcorn. We need throwback days of classic disny movies and 20 gets you above listed.

Halle Khyian

Have you ever been here? If not it's a MUST!!!! I'm 7 months pregnant and let me just say sitting for 3 hours is a little tired some and sore on my back. But sitting in a big comfy recliner made me feel right at home!! 10/10 would recommend for the chairs alone!!

Doug Canfield

Cleanliness could use some serious attention. The last 2 movies I have been to there have been projector issues at the beginning of the show that required someone from the crowd to go ask for assistance since they are apparently not monitored.

Bus driver 007

Just got here and was a little put off by the friendliness of the attendant Emma. My wife and I have never been to this Theater and she seemed annoyed that we did not understand the process. Beyond that the ceiling is phenomenal and very comfortable.

Wendy Mokhtari

It was awesome,but my husband wasnt happy that they do not serve foot long hot dogs

Amy Meyer

Clean theatre in a good location. Heard sirens from something going down Wellesley during the movie though.


Great mall. Lots of things going on.

jake welder

Large comfortable reclining seats. Clean for a movie theater. Super quick entry with prepaid tickets. Skipped the snack bar, although others were enjoying it. A few arcade games out front. Movie sound was clear and not too loud. Stairs in the theatre were noticeably loud when people walked up and down during the movie. Bathroom was fine. Much better experience than amc in river park square. Parking is free, close, and easy.


Very good theater with super comfortable reclining seats and foot rests. Staff is friendly. Great experience overall.

Bronsun Severns

One of the best theatre recliners ive seen. Very comfortable. Prices may still be like most seen at theatres. I rated this a four star merely because I feel the staff could have used more customer service skills.

Serenity Cougar

If i could give zero stars i would, I Tried to go into a movie with my boyfriend (it chapter 2) and we watch scary movies all the time, when my mom went to pay for the tickets they wouldn't let us in because we were underaged but they would let my 5 year old little brother go in by himself.

mark querio

Shari and I go to northtown mall movies at least once a week even when we're really broke like now and we just enjoy it it's our date day and that's for where we spend part of it almost every Saturday we also have a fandango card and then it's gotten us free movies and discounts on their already overpriced stuff like all theaters.

Betsy Weaver

Very friendly staff. Yummy treats

Kristy Waller

Love those reclining seats.

Savanna S

Love this theater. It has the reclining seats and great employees. Highly recommended!

Morgan Saul

Comfortable seating and helpful staff. Love the reclining chairs.

Famous Twins

You will always find what you are looking for here at the Northtown mall. The food court seems endless. You can make a day of it. I am amazed what a shopping experience it was.

Alice Bendy

New seats are awesome! I enjoyed the movie so much more, and so did my son. It was his second time to see a movie in theaters and the new chairs kept my five year old from continuously getting up and down off the seats.

Laura Carroll

The recliner seats are very nice, and really improves the experience! It does seem like there are always really long lines for popcorn and soda, and only about a third of the registers were open. I ordered my tickets online but we needed to change the times. We waited in line for about 15 minutes only to be told we needed to go inside to customer service instead. I wish they had a sign that helped clarify that.

Christy Barnhart

Love the theater, clean... could use a beer tho

Lynn Whitaker

Love the seating! Chairs fully recline using electric controls found on the inside of each armrest! I also had earned a free small popcorn from the cinema rewards program that I was able to cash in towards the purchase of a large popcorn! Very clean theater!

Creative Concepts

Reclining seats are great. The people arent loud during the movie like at downtown mall

Adelyn Knoll

It's a good mall

Sheryl Buchheit

Avengers endgame great movie my grandson and I love the reclining seats that was fantastic great time

Karl Schichtel

Clean quiet great employees and a wonderful movie.

Jon Healy

There theatre there is maybe #1 in town. Between them & AMC Dolby digital. Good for shopping, the list start is for the food court. Legit comic book shop & they got some trampoline jump thing that's fun for kids


The service is always really good and nice sized seats that recline.

M7chelle Huskinson

Our favorite movie theater. We have a regal closer to us. But, we know the staff here and the seats are more comfortable.

George A

Great seats for relaxing while viewing.

Abdulrazik Mohamed

Great place to watch. Aquaman in 3D was amazing. Enjoy movie without getting tired on the auto adjustable seats.

Ducker Ducker

Great movie, awesome staff

SuziQ he

Love this place! The seats are recliners which is nice. Popcorn is good. The only sad thing is that they do NOT have discounts on Tuesdays like some other theaters do.

Tyler Lehman

Had to sit in very front row next to loud kids with the parents loud as well. popcorn was not good I requested extra butter and got barely any, also was old popcorn. Please step up the food game make it worth my 7 bucks

Kevin Walton

Reclining seats! I really don't like the assigned seating, though.

Jason Fajardo

Drinks and popcorn are a little pricey but they're great otherwise. Buy your tickets online so and choose your seats, that way it doesnt matter what time you show up

Lincoln Kaye

Lion King great way to relax

Michele Lelle

Great theater..but way too expensive for the snacks

Elmer Ingram

I really like this place. Free parking, nice staff, clean atmosphere & comfortable seats! And did I mention, they have Icee's !

Ricki Lagozzino

Large clean cinema. The reclining chairs are great. My son thinks I am crazy for continuing to go to my little movie theatre instead of making this place or AMC Cinemas my go to movie place. The seats are great, and he loves all of the previews. We go to the movies at least once a week, and the seats here really are more comfortable than where we go. Still I get tired of so many commercials, and, movie previews. the price is fair for large chain theatres, and I like my little theatre with the 2 commercials, one preview, and paying $10 less. It really depends on your preference.

Alex Shannon

Good place to see a movie. Nice n clean. They're trying to rob you blind with their concession prices, but what movie theater doesnt these days

Sandy Morris

Watched the new Grinch movie. Bought tickets on line which was horrible, but got great seats, theater was clean and easy to get to seats, almost empty. Bathrooms and lobby well cared for. Movie started on time. Fun time!

Jessica Vanveen

Great movie... great place!!!

Steven Brown

I did a job for this company and learned disgusting secrets they hold... I took a video for proof but don't know where to post it. If anybody knows where I can upload for the public to view let me know. The secret. Mold all over The worst. They keep used fecal toilet plungers inside there kitchen. I walked back there in back corner of kitchen and shelt urine and poo and realized that they have biohazard product in the Kitchen!!!!!!!!!

Freddie Beck

Nice, clean theater to watch movies in! The app is also super easy to use!

Areana Dechand

Glad i had a 25 dolla gift card or i would have spent $50 on movies for 2 people!!! Soda should NOT BE $7 and we left with the hugest headache due to the sound being too loud. Great seating but im still in love with wandermere theature (:

Brighton Burris

It's not bad

Will Dornquast

Very comfortable almost fell asleep

Branson Morris

This theater has big auditoriums and reclining seats in every one. It is a high quality theater, it is a great place to watch a movie you've been wanting to see after a long day of shopping or just to take family, friends or even a date.

Tabooboo D-Kurtz

Don't like what is happening with movie theaters, less personal, assigned seats. Not as fun.

Janet Curlott

My favorite movie house Clean and friendly workers

Sieg Fichte

I've really enjoyed coming here since they remodeled with the reclining chairs. It really feels like watching a movie at home. The service is very good too. If I could wave a wand and change something it would be for them to allow the customer to butter their own popcorn. If that were to change I would never go to another theater again lol.

Lele Nelson

Favorite place to watch movies as comfortable and reclining seats. Also by joining regal club you earn points and can get free movies and popcorn, and can redeem for movie items.

Nate 1234

Love comeing here this place is one of the best theater's in spokane. Great seqts that recline back so you can be emerged into your movie great staff and everything just bring your own snacks because there way over priced lol 8 dollars for a thing of candy

Daniel Griese

Good movie "it chapter 2"

Richard Stengel

The service was good but the food is just way over priced

REZIVOR since93

Good theater. I do wish the Northtown Regal theater would just allow people to pick their sears once they enter the theater. I understand, picking seats in advance can have a benefit. But, I guess I'm kinda more for the old way of seeing a film. The seats are very comfortable. Staff are friendly, prices for food are..well, a typical theater (overpriced, lol). I would recommend going to see a film here.

Kelly Riddle

We go here often. They have the reclining padded seats, always a win! All their theaters are assigned seating only. They no longer offer the dollar movie Tuesdays like the one in the Valley. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They have a kiosk for buying tickets if you don't like waiting in line. Their theaters are big. They have nice bathrooms.

Jacob Luster

The seats are nice and comfy. They are wide, leather, and electric recliners. Also, they are reserved, so you dont have to show up as early if you buy your ticket beforehand.

Rhonda Johnson

I had a prepaid ticket that I did not read the fine print for, it said it needed to be printed. Instead of turning us away the manager was able to access the tickets in his system and was able to print and process them. Taking those extra five minutes to help me out meant so much, we will definitely be back!

Robert Lee

Sweet prices for the movies and I'm not a movie theater type of person.

Judy Oliver

Great movie, fabulous seating and a great movie. Many thanks to Lori for inviting me along.Thanks for the great night... Love you.

Bert Freeman

Expensive but plush. Very comfortable movie experience

Chelsy James

Love this movie theater! Comfortable and the food is great!

seth fifield

Great theater nice screens will return soon

Jaci Callender

Comfy recliners. Good popcorn. Clean


Co,sessions is getting waaaaaay to expensive but the seating is nice and staff are always great.

Lindsey Reeves

Comfy seats

Kai Marquez

Fantastic theature. Really comfortable seating and great sound and picture quality. Plus even has a rewards program that gives you perks like a free popcorn and so forth. Deffinately the place to see a movie in spokane.

Tina Richardson

Thought we were the only ones in the theater. Nope one other couple. The date was great.

Camille Rogers

I used to love this theatre! However today we went to see Us (which was very interesting!) and during the movie the fire alarm went off. Well at least thats what we are told. The alarm in our theatre did not go off! It wasn't until another patron went out to figure out why our movie shut off that we found out there was a fire alarm. We gathered our things and left the theatre but as we were leaving, they were already letting people back in the building! This felt very unsafe to me. But they told us they were starting our movies back up so we decided to stay. My friends and I were discussing getting a refill before re-entering and one of my friends mentioned that there wasn't anyone at the popcorn stand yet and a passing by employee snarkily replied that it was due to a fire evacuation despite the fact that we weren't speaking to her. Customer service is very important to me and I do not appreciate being treated this way or being forgotten about when a mall wide fire alarm was going off! Every theatre should have been checked for patrons.

Kristen McCain

Worst customer service. I accidentally left my car keys in the theater and was told to leave my name and # and the cleaning crew who doesn't come until 3am will look for them. The staff was unwilling to help in any way. After paying $28 for tickets and then spending another $20 at the concession stand I expected slightly better customer service other than "there's nothing we can do right now."

Ian Lindsey

Best theatre ive ever been to ❤

Shaun Krause

Pretty average movie going experience, food is more expensive and less choices for drinks than that of the other theaters in town. Does have reclining seats which is good.

Johannah Flambouras

Nice, clean and accommodating theaters!

Satwik Dasgupta

Seats are great and actually much better option to watch movies than AMC because of free parking at the mall. Flipside is that these guys don't have anything like the $5 Tuesday thing

Kayla Berg

Love the reclining seats! Only problem I have is their 2 first rows are WAY too close to the screen. We saw zombieland two, and not seeing the whole screen within a single frame of eye sight, made it a little straining on the neck.

James Caro

There reclining seats are amazing love this theater two enthusiastic thumbs up

Dark Angel Girl

Other then hitting a little bit of a age varivacation speed bump for my friend when she was buying her movie ticket for Joker everything else was great.

Katherine Smith

This is a great theater! They have reserved seating with leather recliner seats! They've managed to make a theater more home like and I really enjoy seeing movies here now! Added bonus are the fathom events that Regal does regularly! Very fun times!

Ann Schroeder

Free parking! Great seat selection for the movie Downton Abby! Good popcorn and Diet Coke!

Marco Ramirez

I've always liked this theater because of the freaking awesome recliner seats but today I experienced something new. I took my 3yr old to see the new how to train your dragon movie and as I was about to put the diaper bag on the floor I saw a mouse running from under her seat to the seats in front of us. I know mice are in more places than we are aware of but seeing it just makes it real and is something I would have preferred not seeing.

Sally Gregerson

We saw five feet very good!

Zoe Cunnington

I love this mall because it has all these great stores but somehow is never full of people. Plenty of parking.

Raymond Eppel

The staff was very helpful and friendly. The seats are comfortable. The movie was totally awesome. Even though the prices are a bit high it's still great.

Chris Perkins

Night of the Living Dead. Yes. EDIT: You could get 5 stars by being content with 4 stars and looking to your industry and practices for opportunities for excellence rather than burdening me with giving you 5-star ideas. I'm an educational coordinator, not a cinema manager. Still, thanks for showing NotLD. It was my first viewing.

Yousreng He

My favorite part for this cinema is the seat is much comfortable to seat for a long hour movie show than some other cinemas.

New EMIL-W Customer

Good movie, great seats (recliners)

Leona-lynn Becker

The seating is my favorite. They do a lot of fun off meta showings like when they played Studio Ghibli movies during the summer. I probably don't need to tell you that the food and drinks cost more than gold per troy ounce but I'm going to anyway. The food and drinks cost more than gold per troy ounce. You should always sneak in your own snacks. Otherwise it's pretty awesome.

Gen Fiorino

Expensive! Movie prices were about par for the area, but it seemed like refreshment stand prices were a bit much for what we got esp. drinks.

Seth Berg

Two large drinks was 15 dollars. But that stupid shit is not uncommon for a movie theater. The reclining seats are very nice. BUT THE MENS URINALS NEEDS DIVIDERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! I think I got some splash from the guy next to me :-( ill give this a tree rating because of this

Dawn Mixey

The recliners are great, and because they are assigned seating we don't have to be there super early

Adam Culp

Nice reclining chairs, food and snacks are way overpriced though, would have gave five stars but fifteen dollars for a popcorn and a drink is way, way out of line.

Kahlil Tilbury

Good theater. However, service can be rude at times.

MrsMoula 1st

Comfortable seats no lie I always fall asleep. Nice theaters

Ryan Grant

Good seats, prices are in line with what other theaters charge.

James McDonald

Comfortable seating, a happy escape!

Matt Olfson

Always a pleasure to go to the movies here. The comfortable reclining seats will spoil you. However, it is best is you buy your tickets in advance (I use Fandango) because they have assigned/reserved seating. It can be a bit pricey though, but that's to be expected these days.

Kat Boren

Good time. Okay food. Bathrooms are kinda gross & smell like an outhouse though.

Kat Konyu

Awesome seating. Food is expensive though.

BJ Bourassa

Awesome chairs sat on 3rd row from screen. Felt a little like imax screen. Great experience!

Michael Wallstrom

Had a great time as usual at Chili's, and the new Blue Zoo Aquarium!


We saw Ma here. Nice reclining seats. It was a small room, which was fine with me. I didn’t like the options at the concession stand.

James Pulaski

Zero stars would have been more accurate. Lame service at the snack counter. Took a lot longer than it should have to get popcorn and soda. Had to wait for one of the five employees to finally open another register after the line had grown to epic proportions. And of course the prices are out of control, but we've gotten so used to it that anyone who complains is "out of touch". More people need to complain. We shouldn't have to pay exorbitant prices for lame service and lamer movies.

Jaydra Erchul-Johnson

The best theatre in town. Best prices, best seating, best parking and best service. Thank you for adding butter halfway through my popcorn and offering trays to me when you saw I had children. ❤️ the little things!

Melody Denton

Nice movie theater


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