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REVIEWS OF Regal Edwards Nampa Spectrum IN Idaho

lance sharp

Good theater we go in the afternoon not real crowded very nice.

Deanna Horton

A very well kept, beautiful theater. I don’t go anywhere else!

Sergio Del Vecchio

Great $5.50 Tuesday deal. Clean bathrooms and clean screen rooms. Food is expensive, but that's everywhere you go.

[GG] MarkDoesYoutube

This place is the best i can't afford to go again but for my birthday i got to go and see justice league and it was amazing huge screen awesome surround sound along with great service and good popcorn and pizza(the pizza was a little hot but when it cooled down it was the best pizza I've ever had) I'm planning on saving enough to see marvel end game there


My husband and I were the only ones in the movie it was an amazing birthday!! Free movie passes would be nice tho I got the refill size and by time I wanted my refills they were closed! They should stay open for those still in a movie feels like I paid for nothing.

Paul Haynes

The movie was great but it costs to much and i am a senior

Melissa Gonzales

Clean, easy to find, comfortable seats. Concessions too darn expensive though, movie theaters need to lower prices!!!

Carolann Brenton

Enjoyed movie. Manager was awesome very helpful

Mlani Thurston

I would have given 4 stars but sense they now have assigned seating I will take my business elsewhere. I understand assigning seats for a popular move the first week but for all movies all the time that's just stupid.

Bobbie Holt

It was clean. The prices are extremely high in my opinion. I really do not think it should cost more than $30 for 2 people to see a movie and get a drink and box of popcorn in the middle of the week.

Patato :3

It was amazing.I would love to go there again

Jane Rambo

We enjoyed the movie experience at Edwards Nampa last night. Seats were very comfortable. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. We will definitely go again in the near future . Thank you for the great experience.

John Dunn

I love this place, i love taking my kid here, clean and super friendly staff, i will keep coming here, just watch out for the twins i still dont know which one this the evil one,lol.

Denise Rader

Nice theater, huge bathroom with plenty of stalls!

Jonathan Morgan

Great theatre with good service and polite staff!

Jason Tyer

It's got it all and is near great restaurants.

Kurt Hardenbrook

Always friendly and a great venue especially to take family!

Jayme Ann

2 of us went and saw Jurassic World this evening. Wasn't busy at all for a Wednesday, there were only 6 of us in the theater. Got a soda and some free popcorn for hubby's birthday and it was a perfect night. Clean theatre too, btw

Barry Beattie

Great movie aleta battle angel

Kimberlee Jacobson

Way too many dumb and repeatative commercials before the movie. All ads and commercials. What happened to just watching up coming movies?

Danielle Fason

Everyone was nice and polite. Place was clean!

Polo Hinojosa

Friendly staff and pretty clean

Tonya Nunez

Its comfortable clean and the employees are friendly

Abe Rojas

I came hear to watch End Game. Great seats and so comfy. However I was shocked to see the concession prices. Holy cow outrageous and only the large drink is refillable. I mean $5 for a small drink and I can't refill it?! McDonald's has a $1 any drink size and are all refillable. Anyway, great theatre, seats, screens, just poor concession prices.

Dizzy BordN

Nice place a little loud but nice

Samantha Hornbeck

I was very impressed!!! I was visiting my niece and nephew last weekend and found this theater very easily and the staff was so friendly and helpful.

Steven Taylor

Real good theater real clean enough said

James Kennedy

Always up to date movies and good service

Charlie Hufft

Why people spend the kind of money they do in this place is completely baffling. Boycott this place. Just wait a month or two and the movie will be available all over the internet. $20 for popcorn. Not even kidding. Is the management smoking heroin? No, the customers are just dumb enough to pay it and this keeps them in business. Insane.

Coach Frost

Hey guys, Captain Marvel is spelled Captian Marvel on the Upcoming Movies reader board .

Amber Hawton-Hill

Clean! The last venue I went to had sticky floors which was a huge turn off. This place smells new still. Staff was super nice. Chairs are extremely comfortable. The arm rests fols up and the seats lean back. Movie wasn't too loud and the air temp wasn't too cold. Great night out! Don't forget to sign up for regal rewards to get points for free stuff!

John Perry

Great experience... found out they have a toddler booster seat that velcros to the seat so it doesn't slide off the seats so it made it easy for my toddler to see the movie

Dinosaur Kin

Seats were great, but none of the signs for the individual theaters had any indication of what movie was playing, which I thought was odd, and inconvenient.

Liz Cushman

Clean theater, snack bar attendant a little slow, but good experience

Charlotte Barton

The seats are bit outdated and the concessions are unfriendly priced.

Steve W

Older theater with less than desirable seats. Staff at the concession stand was a set of 3 teenagers that wouldn't greet or help. They were more concerned with talking than getting people through the line. Another younger kid had to come out from the back to help us even though the other 3 were standing there carrying on a conversation not doing anything else. He was nice and efficient. You can tell he's use to shouldering the weight of the crew.

Becky Shambley

When I went it was to see How to Train your dragon 3. The people were super friendly, the theater was clean. While I am not much for setting movies in theaters, it's important to me that when I do go, my feet not stick to the floor. The only downside is that since we were the only patrons in that particular theater that time, we had to go let the staff know to start the movie! I guess that's pretty understandable thought.

oscar silva

Nice place clean and love the popcorn with butter .. mm movies are awesome .


Nice theater. It wasn't crowded and seemed pretty clean and maintained. Speaker sound and screens were great.

Brian Crawford

Screen was hammered and sound system seems to be 20yrs old.

Mike Willard

A ripoff almost $6 for a 20 oz bottle of water

April Marie

Theater smells awful whenever we go, trash left in seats & area. For the price of movies I'd expect better. Been 2-3× & I cannot go back wondering what I might be sitting on that I can't see!

Pam Duff

We saw Mary Poppins. It was a good movie. The place was clean, the people were great! One employee helped my husband get to our car from the theater. (My hubby is having trouble walking) we exited through the back door which was a shorter distance to the car. This gentleman waited with my hubby while I got the car. That was definitely going out of the way to help! The concession people were great too! They had cheetoes popcorn! And made sure we got refills!

Joe Sabo

Good as always.

Victor Hernandez

Always clean too love the pooooopcorn...

Heather Williams

Comfortable, theater seating.

Amanda Bledsoe

It's always a pleasure to take my kids here. The staff is always happy and welcoming and the theaters are always clean.

Ben Harris

While it's not my favorite, I've been to this theater plenty of times, and I have yet to be disappointed. Friendly staff and a great location near restaurants. While traffic can get pretty atrocious, that doesn't reflect the quality of this theater.

Sadie Julian

I went with my sister last night to see La Llarona at the 8:15 showing and had nothing but a bunch of rude kids running around the theater, stomping up and down and back and forth through the seating, non-stop giggling and talking, and selfies and flashes being taken every other 5 minutes throughout the entire movie towards the screen. Worst movie experience in a theater... It was the Endgame premier or we would of been able to talk to someone at the counter without missing 20 minutes of the movie.

Babo Villegas

It's was a good visit

Grant Anderson

Getting a little older now. Can't quite compare to The Village, but still a great theater in Nampa.

Stephanie Sarchet

I like this theater dont get me wrong but since it opening it has gone down hill from where it once was, the seats and theatres are clean, but they dont offer salt for your popcorn and one of the butter machines is always out of order. Not just that but the overall mood of the employees seems a little down in the dumps, when people go to the movies they expect the full movie experience which I dont feel you get here.

Abdiel Rodriguez

A delightful experience! More than heavenly. Just a pure delight! Also the popcorn was a buttery sensation, melting from my mouth like a waterfall in the summer!

Evan Rose

Great staff and very comfortable seating.

Robert Hinojosa

Friendly service and very clean

Dallin leavitt

I love this theater. Great service prices of food are ridículos. I especially like the collussuem theater.

keith brown

Up to date movies not to crowded lots of parking today the ticket guy was funny


Had a great experience here watching Avengers Infinity War. Its less crowded than Edwards 21 in Boise. The staff were polite and helpful. The theater was clean. The soda and popcorn was good.

Angie Davis

Always great seats and Tuesdays are half price popcorn, woot whot

Andrew Mills

It's a movie theater what do you want?

Christopher DeBona

Excellent cinema experience! The price is high but that's anywhere. Edwards is a great chain here in the area and is a great place in small town idaho!

Robin Van Houten

Clean, comfortable seats

Charlene Sotelo

Great movies popcorn and pop spendy

saides jade

One of the best places to watch movies at.

John Opdyke

Good place to watch new releases. A little expensive but overall a good place.

Eric Ratzlaff

Movies here are consistently projected much too dimly. Apart from that, the theater is fine. Friendly staff, and the screening rooms are kept clean.

David S

Decent movie theater. Screens are a bit on the small side but do have stadium style seating. Sound quality was decent but lacked in definition on the surround channels. Overall volume seemed a bit low for the type of movie we were watching. The screen we were watching the movie on was damaged about half way up on the right side. During bright scenes this was a major distraction, similar to burnt out pixels on a monitor. The theater was clean and service was friendly. Popcorn left a lot to be desired and tasted a bit stale like it'd been sitting in the bin for a few hours.

Karen Bullington

Would have been better had the teen girl sitting next to us not decided it was so much more interesting to latch and inlatch the Velcro on her sandals repeatedly. Very rude and distracting from the movie.

Kacee Walker

Edwards is always clean, the staff are always friendly, an overall classy and comfortable place to go and the price isnt outrageous.

Mike Deblieck

Was clean and decent. Took kids matinee time. As normal concessions is expensive.

Linda Reilly

Love the theater

Makenna zimm

I do not like having to have a seat and you cant just pick one when you get in there.

Richard Massey

Great. I watched Avengers: Endgame 3D. It was awesome seats comftorable. A little pricey but definatly worth it

Tony Norton

Great atmosphere for movie watching. I like how we can add the butter to the popcorn ourselves. They already had good seating before but now the seating is even more comfortable with the new seating installed in the auditoriums. I have enjoyed watching movies here since it opened years ago. The lobbies and the decor in the theater very much add to the ambiance to add to the experience.

Rebecca Cannon

I brought my son and niece to watch Toy Story 4. I ordered a large popcorn 2 drinks. The girl helping us put ice in the cups using a scoop, while my niece was deciding on a drink the person helping us was serving popcorn. Danielle walked over stuck her two fingers inside the cups to pick them up together and asked what we wanted to drink. My response, first I'd like 2 new cups that don't have your fingers inside of them. She gave me a look, got new cups, scooped ice in them started to fill them, then went to her register to help someone else. It really is common sense not to stick your fingers inside an empty cup. Perhaps a training issue.

Lexy N.

This location has comfy seats, a clean facility and great/quick service. Expect a good time!

Janine Duran

Great place. Only complaint is between the tickets and a couple drinks with popcorn, we as a family cannnot go often as its pretty high priced.

Gerald Dugan

I watch the nutcracker movie it was awesome,they have good customer service.

Mikala Hellickson

Great staff and always clean!

Pamela Crouch

AWESOME!!! Took Grandkiddos to see Dumbo in 3D! What an amazing experience!!! All employees were so SWEET and helpful!!!

Boonies Lady

Excellent theater experience and plenty of choice seat. Great service at the snack bar, fast, friendly and always smiling. I definitely recommend these theatres if you in the area. (And if your curious, I saw Avengers: Infinity War.)

John B. Martin

Modern theater.. great sounds and seating

Lisa Fernandez

Great memories wonderful movies clean environment

Jennifer Tuttle

Had a great time with my family

Erik Thacker

Great environment, clean theater

Brad Scott

Great birthday experience!

Todd Scott

Maybe I'm just used to my fancy luxury theater in another state. It was a pretty crappy experience overall. First, the popcorn wasn't very crunchy, like it had been sitting around. Second, the butter tasted more like butter flavored something else but it certainly didn't taste like butter. Third, the seats were super uncomfortable but that would have been ok if the theater wasn't 75 degrees. The movie projector was also slightly out of focus making it hard to read any text on the screen on the far left or right of the screen. I know this all sounds petty but all added together it was pretty irritating. They're going to have to step up their game or someday one of those new fancy luxury theaters will come to town and put them out of business. I've seen it before and wouldn't take much. The staff seemed nice enough and I doubt any of what I mentioned was their fault.

Jose L

Great Tuesday deals! Seating is not my cup of tea as it does not recline as much as I would like it to, but it's not a deal breaker.

Brian Miller

Nice folks. The closed caption device worked very well.

Cole Bullard

Great place for family and friends! Had an amazing time taking my daughter (3 years old) to her first movie!!

Jessica Frias

Love the movies great place...the workers are so helpful

Jesse Christensen

Always a good day at the movie, unless it's cocoon that movie was awful.

Bryan Cook

Always Clean, pleasant place to visit.


We love this theater. Great customer service and atmosphere. $5 Tuesday

Roe Dudley

Most Expensive theater I have been to in the Valley, both ticket and food wise. Facilities clean, staff pleasant.

Albert Andrade

Movie I watched detective Pikachu it was a good movie

Darrell Broughton

Great movies, discounts with enough points on membership cards, good pricing, friendly staff, free refills on large popcorn, good parking, clean facility. Great seating. ENJOY a wonderful movie going experience.

Tina Slokan

Enjoyed Lion King. Purchased drink, popcorn & snacks. We like that we can add our own butter. Staff is friendly & bathrooms are clean.

Eddie Perez

I want a refund for the movie! The seats were comfortable a few years ago but not anymore. Good lord the cost of a movie is crazy except for on Tuesdays but who has time for that? I did discover a way to save some money at the theater (see pic) Ain't nothing wrong with it just get a new straw.

Dominic Crowl

Cool set up. Nice place. Butthe strong mold smell in the theatre will influence my decision in coming back here. My family and I are sensitive to mold and I could smell it and feel it in my chest, like every time we come across mold.

David Pena

The theater its self is good but the parking sucks

Sheree Donlon

Had bought on line. walked in they gave my ticket and in we went. Awesome

Kevin Hallman

Rambo last blood was awsome

Maxx Aguirre

A little over priced for what the valley has to offer but I'm sure that is Regals fault! Has some great restraunts and shopping nearby but does not offer alcohol, reclining seats, or reserved seating. The ONLY thing that separates them from the reel 2$ theater is they play new releases and that is ABSOLUTLY it (besides the cheaper prices at the reel!)

Lana Wilcox

We Love Edwards 14 but I feel bad for the poor people who cannot take their entire family to a movie and the concessions are over-the-top way too expensive people shouldn't have to pay the price of a full-blown dinner on the town comparable to Edwards concession stands it's shamefully too much.... A beverage (BEING 1)that cost MORE than a 12 pack at the LOCAL GROCERY store and you know every little kid would love to have a little bit of popcorn and Candy when they go to a movie..........

Esther Pearce

Wonderful, great prices and perfect popcorn


It was good however not letting people choose their own seats is not a good thing and the movie that I just got done watching today was not that great in fact I take that back it was bad and it's sad that it is so expensive to go to a movie and the movie was bad

Michele Hickman

The movie was good but the admission price and the concession prices are sky high!!

Bubba Bear

Love this place the only downside is that the popcorn is a bit inconsistent sometimes its perfect and sometimes you get half the bucket filled with kernels of popcorn.

April Rathbun

Theater was dirty and I found a used sanitary pad under my seat.

Kendra Kelley

I took my son and the theater was great, clean and picked up. The staff was struggling to keep up with the crowd but they had smiles which was nice to see!

Steven Allison

Great time, seen Zombieland Double Tap

Terry Tuckett

We had fun watching The Grinch together as a family. The theater was clean, but it did have a bit of a funky smell.

Anthony Nethington

I always go to this theater. Just seen the dragon ball super broly movie and loved it!

Dave Webb

Was good !

pennie wright

I want to love it.... just one person taking tickets, line was VERY long. 6.50 for a soda PULEEEZ!! popcorn is always yummy tho.

Jessica Kress

Insanely expensive!!! Movie was crowded and there was a year in the screen.

Keith Shepard

Great seats great popcorn wonderful experience

Katelyn Carter

Theater wasnt too cold or too hot and the staff is quick

Emily Garcia

The staff at the concession counter was awesome. They helped kids and I carry our large popcorn to our seats, I'm on crutches.

Aimee Murphy

Really clean theater great seating the guy with the popcorn counter was very much preoccupied with something else.

Arthur Patterson

They don't have VIP tickets available here.

james dowell

Just so expensive.

Angel Cowen

Went to the BTS movie with my daughter. Loved the reclining seats. Theatre was clean.

Sharon Exler

Good parking, easy access, ridiculous snack bar prices. It cost more for a popcorn and drink, than a matinee ticket. Better to RedBox it and snack at home.

Oslec Santos

Staffs were courteously professional and the concession stand crew always greets you with a smile. except for one major thing, it lacks security detail.

Joshua Pearson

Always a good experience here. Theaters are comfortable and clean. Picture and sound quality are above average. Food is outrageously over priced like most theaters which I never understood. In fact, I would give this rating 5 stars except they charge $6 for a bottle of WATER here! Who does that?? Change it people and I'll change my rating!

Bluebell Navaratna

Nice, clean, spacious, and a big parking lot .


Malefacent was Great! What a plot twist!


saw endgame with a friend, customer service was really nice. food and snacks are very expensive.

marc Davis

Run of the mill movie theater. Nothing was necessarily bad, but nothing stood out setting it apart from other local options.

Tanya Del Toro

We watched the movie "The Mule" staring Clint Eastwood.....very good movie

Dillon Starr

It always am very comfortable when I come here, so it's nice to come here and relax and watch a movie. The staff has always been polite and helpful.

Sirl Hoak

I'm sorry to say it was my first time in over 10 years going to the movies I took my great-granddaughter and the ticket person told me all the wrong information and gave me the wrong time to see the showing I think they need more training although the custodian was very very nice and very very helpful

Swedish 2 Deep Massage Therapy

Prices are getting out of control. Was trying to find the gold flakes I paid for in the popcorn but never found them.

James Vail

About a par-4 typical movie theaters sometimes I add new sings in the menu sometimes it don't. I recently tried the Cheetos popcorn it was interesting. I would have thought for the price I would have gotten more but unfortunately not. So if you're willing to splurge any want to try something new and you don't particularly care about expensive popcorn give the Cheetos popcorn a shot. But you can't go wrong with movie theater popcorn.

Torri McNabb

Great place to take my kiddo. Just wish they had the kids shows playing a bit later and more of them

Wayne Hawley

Great place for a family nite out, staff was friendly an the seating was confertible vs the old hard seats, id recomend going around noon as it gets busy an traffic is thick

Jordan Ray

Was told that I had to wait 5 minutes for a pretzel, not that big of deal, until 20 minutes later, the pretzel was still frozen. Got a refund, but still unhappy with the snarky service. Otherwise normal seating.

Thomas Watkins

While most other cinemas, including other Edwards, try to blow their roofs off with sound volume, this cinema set the volume at a comfortable level even for those near the front. It's standard 2000s stadium seating (doesn't have the reclining loveseats of the latest cinemas) that gives everyone a clear view of a huge screen. The screen appeared to be optimized for 1.85:1 movies--an older standard-- rather than today's 2.39:1 ratio standard, but admittedly that is difficult to tell for sure on that large a screen.

Anthony & Rosalinda Ramos

I love watching movies and am seriously considering purchasing the monthly rewards pass. Saw Rambo. Didn't go for the plot lol. It was mayhem short, to the point, deliberate take em out, done. Comfy seats, nice employees, clean atmosphere. We like it.

Katherine Wirtz

Great movie theater! They have a good selection of movies, and their concessions had a lot to choose from. The theatres themselves are clean, have plenty of seating, and have great sound! The staff was very friendly, and they were pleasant and helpful. If you're in the area, this is a great spot to catch a movie!

Susan Swartz

I love this theater! It is awesome! The people there are so friendly!

Felicia Morales

Cool & clean with great service.

Lileigh Rose

The endgame was a great movie, such friendly staff

Susan Wood

Great movies! Awesome popcorn, comfy seats!

Robert Umbaugh

Good clean movie theater, wished they would cook hotdogs before movies start, other than that great movie experiance.

Ted S

The theater is fine, but I'm a bit old fashioned. I don't like having to have a special card to get a discount, and I don't like choosing a numbered seat in advance. For making the process more complicated than going to the movies ever should be, 3 stars.

Teresa Koon

I enjoyed the friendly staff and the nice clean theater. The movie Little was hysterical!

Tia Desirena

Love this theater!! One of my favorite things about it is you can do your own butter on your popcorn

Mariana y Jose Paredes

I watched la llorona. Damn it was scary.

Patti Hall

Their website says a movie is playing, when you travel there to go, they tell you no it us not playing here.

Lawrence Valanski

Good movie theater. Entrance can get a little crowded with a big line forming behind the booth, but conveniently it has games that let you spend your money waiting. The staff is friendly and professional when dealing with customers. Prices are decent when compared to other theaters in the area. The seats are comfortable, and the entrance to every screen room is designed very well to block light from individuals coming in and out of the room. Overall great experience.

Kurt Crnich

The employees are always very nice. If you go in the afternoon it's very quick to get in, get your concessions and find a good seat for the movie. A very nice theater.

Waffle Cakes

The place is pretty expensive, I'll admit but you're actually getting what you pay for. When you walk in its like you're entering a mansion, the floors are all shiny and the building is so tall. The staff member that we met were nice and quick. When we entered the movie theater the projection was huge and the sound was amazing, if you have money to spend and want to watch new movie, this is the place for you.

Vaughn Warren

Great seating good snacks

Donald Peck

As theaters go this one is nice. Cushion chairs and clean facility. Be sure to ask about AARP discount for seniors.


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