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REVIEWS OF Regal Edwards Nampa Gateway IN Idaho

Rebecca Whitaker

We go here often to watch movies. It is very clean and the people are friendly. We like it and will keep going there.

Karen Carlisle

Enjoyed taking grandkids for a couple of movies over Christmas break.

Kamik Gguid

So enormously expensive food

Deb Foss

It was great!!!

Isidro Zaragoza

Always a good theatre to watch the latest movies. It's a great place compared to most others on a Friday or Saturday night.

John Jason Lucas

Theater Manager contacted me and resolved the issue to my satisfaction. Going to try again. Ran out of water, so were selling cups to get your own water for $6.50... no exceptions. Wouldn't refund our movie tickets (we wanted to leave) or allow me to bring in my own bottle and insisted the important thing was the logo and drinking fountain water was the same as Bottled. The girl at the counter was nice but stated it had been an issue all day, perhaps why manager was rude.

Nancy Collins

Seats are comfortable. Food is overpriced but that's expected for a theater. Very clean. Biggest plus for me the floors are never sticky

Felix Haro

Love that they went to $5.86 on Tuesday. Concessions still spendy but worth what you get. Our go to theater.

Nathaniel M.

Good clean theater. I like going here because it's never packed and is easy to get to from the freeway.

John Smith

Clean, well designed, lots of showings, friendly staff, and fresh popcorn. I would suggest this location over the other Edwards in nampa, it's never packed and you don't have to fight for a parking spot or a theater seat. In my opinion it's better in almost every way. They have the newest movies as you would expect at the usual prices.

Amanda Dickson

Location excellent, staff was friendly, movie choices were new, bathroom was very clean. My only complaint has to do with seating. The seats are uncomfortable and the arm rest between seats is immovable. That makes a two hour+ movie feel much longer. Recently, I went to see a movie in San Antonio, Texas and was shocked to find that each seat in the theater was like a lounge chair/recliner. I was actually able to lie down and watch the movie. How cool is that? It was as comfortable as watching at home from my couch, if not better! I wish theaters in the Treasure Valley would follow their example.

Claudia Westling

Clean, friendly and wheelchair accessible.

Don Haakinson

Enjoyed my movie selection! I took my kids with me! Got two large drinks and a large popcorn! Nothing better than hot popcorn and cold drinks! Seating was very comfortable! The whole movie experience was awesome! The restrooms are clean and plenty of stalls ... So no waiting in line! My next movie will definitely be at this theater!

Dante Campagna

Great place to be

Shantell Sotelo

I personally love this movie theater! The staff are always nice and friendly even when its crowded.

Joe Grover

Clean, comfortable seats, some of the newest projection/sound equipment in the valley.

Patsy Jean Flaharty

Really nice , cozy and clean environment. Great.

Rubic Jude

This place had a man touching himself in the movie theatre!!! would not recommend going here at all.

Wendy McQueen

We always go to this theater for movies! Very nice stadium with great service.

Steven McGuire

Great experience with my grandkids.

Andrew Adams

This is one of my favorite locations to see movies because not only do I get the adventure that the movie brings, I also get a staff that is invested in making me feel welcomed and valued. Multiple staff have recalled me from previous trips, they ask about what I plan to see, and in small ways, as they are able they treat me as a friend.

Elizabeth Aiello

This theatre isn't as busy as a lot of others.

Naomi Rankin

I never complain online.... but had a really bad experience at this theater today with management. All he needed to do to remedy the problem was listen to my complaint, say sorry (because it was a team members accident) and then wish me well. Let's just say he didn't do any of this and then tried to make me feel bad about the situation. An all round horrible experience. Go to this theater because it's clean and usually not busy... but know that the people that work there really don't care about you so hopefully you never have to talk with them. :(

James Lindbloom

This theater is detrimental to your hearing and health. Why is it they think it's cute to turn the sound up to where it's actually painful? I had shooter's ear protection in and it was still excruciatingly loud, especially with the unnecessary 20 minutes of Previews. None of which had anything interesting ... mostly smoke and mirrors. It's also chilly in the stadium ... too cold to really be comfortable. This Is my last visit to Edwards and apparently others are opting out also. There were 10 customers in the stadium. The Clint Eastwood movie was good ... and had slightly less volume than the Previews. The seats were comfortable ... but the irritations were too much to make me want to return. Too bad ... because me and my friends are really the ones who have the money and remember the good old days when a movie had some sort of moral in the story. If I want to watch a movie from now on ... it'll be Amazon.

Ghabrielle Slater

Love this place!

Steven Taylor

Great theatre great employees

Chris Hatten

Nice place good video quality good sound quality, clean. It's your standard movie theater, overpriced soda and popcorn, but new movie titles and big screens.


Ok, prices are getting out of hand.

Mary Howell

I love Holly (a manager)!!! She really knows how to run a place, and it's perfectly out of reach to the point where not everybody knows about it so its never extremely busy. Great theater, great sound, great food 100%

John Anderson

Great staff...popcorn is delicious!

Amber Hawton-Hill

I love that we have a nice theater on this side of town! Sure its a little smaller than the other Edwards near by, but it fills a much-needed niche and is a nice get away for the family!


5 dallor Tuesday's r great

Tony Hill

Really like the seating in this theater and early evenings are usually not crowded at all.

Steven shelamer

Still the Edwards regal experience, I would argue better than some other movie theaters but not necessarily the best experience. Overall doing well for how much they cost.

Jim Johnston

Everybody here is very nice. My only complaint and this goes for every theater, they need to teach the kids running the concessions techniques for being a little faster.

Chad Maxton

Much better sound than the one across town.

Mariah Jenet

I'm a student at jobcorps in nampa and this theater is pretty close walking distance . I enjoy this theater :)

Jodi Reynolds

This theater is always very clean, and we never encounter any large crowds here, so we get good seats and fast service at the snack counter. It feels very modern and they have enough screens that there is generally a great selection of movies here. One thing we joke about in our family though is that they advertise Vitamin Water in the ads before the movies start, but they don't actually offer it at the concessions stand (we wish they did).

Donna Reade

We didnt even know this theater was here! Its kinda hidden. So glad we did! Clean, fresh, not overly packed with people.

Isladar Aberasturi

Clean theater. Rest rooms well taken care of. Typical overpriced beverages abd snacks. Your run of the mil theater

Motley LLC

This is our favourite theater. It's easy to get to and never as crowded AWD the other theaters in the valley.

Maria Diaz

Everyone is always so friendly at this location.

Jared Waters

It's a good place to watch a film. It's easy to get in.

Kimberly Costello

Great service, clean theaters, good prices. Our go to for movies.

Angel Garcia

Love this movie theater! The staff is always nice and the theater is always clean. I never have any issues here. They always have good snacks and drinks and the movies are good!

Randy Cleverly

Good theater with great customer service. They keep it clean. I will never give 5 stars when I have to spend over $20 for bucket of popcorn & 2 sodas (lg & sm). However, a small soda is apx 32oz & a large is around 48oz!

Lyndee Cluff

Nice clean theater, and usually not to busy

Elizabeth Bocanegra

Pretty nice. Nothing special but id definitely return.

Josh Witte

Be prepared for a long line, even during high demand times there is usually only one teller at the window

Jorge Reyes

They are always clean at this facility.

dakota anderson

Wouldnt let me movie

Matt Capell

We like going here as a family. Nice and clean and good environment.

Willim Daniel

Dont ever try calling the phone number for anything they make you listen to it for 10 min then just hang up on you. Terrible service.

Christine M

The last two times I’ve been there my show was in auditorium 1. Both times the lights flickered during the previews. It was really annoying and gave me a headache. I can’t believe they have not fixed it yet. Other than that, I have never experienced any problems with this theatre.

Genice Johnson

Enjoyed myself very much

Walt Riley

They changed their policy on Tuesday’s prices. You now have to have a regal card which I do. But I sent my kids in without it because its never mattered. Brooklyn sold tickets and didn’t bother to let them know the policy had changed so my kids had to pay double the cost. I called within a couple hour when I noticed the charge in my bank and she refused to do anything about it. NOT good customer service. And took advantage of kids. Luckily it’s a learning lesson for my kids.

William Fuentez

The theater is kind of hidden so doesn't get as big of crowds on opening days

Kate Baucom

This is our go to theater! It’s clean, has the most comfortable seats and the staff is always very friendly! Added bonus, it’s usually not as crowded as other theaters in the area.

Jeff King

Clean, comfortable, excellent sound. Snack bars and restrooms nearby.

Alexis Santiago

So much nicer that the other Edward's here in Nampa, very clean! And great service and people.

Mimi Rose

Really nice staff, clean atmosphere.

Matt Stacey

It's a good theater, good seats, good snacks.

Daniel M. Christensen

You’re basically alone in a theatre every time you go, so what’s not to love?

Christopher DeBona

It's a movie theater, but a modern one, which makes going to the movies much more fun and entertaining. The variety of the concessions is good, not great, but better than the normal variety. I will go back for sure. Update... Thank you for the reply, I hope to be able to see the latest spider man movie or any movie.

Saul Valadez

My man Grady helped me out tonight. He buttered up my popcorn like it was a warm biscuit. And I appreciate him for it. Give that man employee of the month!

Jessica Prien

Great seats, atmosphere and lighting!

corinne forti

Nice theater with very comfortable seats. Good selection of movies.

Vincent B

$30 for two large sodas a large popcorn and two little bags of Snickers. Holyshit.

Christine Compton

Very nice! Clean! Helpful associates.

Tim Boyd

Our favorite theater. Very consistent in service and quality. Very comfortable.

Zachary Moore

Love this area and this theater. Never very busy so easy to go with a group and find great seats. I watch many movies with the family and this is the best place to do that.

Jeremiah Leammon

Staff are extremely polite and helpful very clean and comfortable.

Eric Brenton

Good prices (compared to theater prices), friendly staff, and comfortable seats. Had a great time. Will definitely go back.

Vicente Sepulveda

It was very clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. We ordered popcorn and sodas. Both were tasty.

Scott Kirchmar

My new favorite theater! No assigned seating and a newer interior than the Boise spectrum plus it's close to home. Good parking availability and good snack options.

Travis W

Nampa theater, it's a decent theater in a pretty nice location. The screens are reasonably sized, atleast compared to others. Seating was clean and somewhat spacious, basically the same as others. Overall it's a decent theater to watch movies.

Thomas Gage

Quiet, never too packed and really polite staff.(: my favorite theatre out of Nampa's 3 choices


Love this theater. It's not as crowded as all the others.

Wendy Rudy

Very comfortable movie theater not always really busy love to go there.

Debbie Luther

Great place to see a movie but snack prices are to high.

Roy Bittick

Clean, nice staff, but prices are out of sight for popcorn and soda

Krystal Yates

I don't understand why it's legal to upcharge for water or not sell water from the fountain machines in any larger of containers than the tiny plastic cups. It's a level of super transparant greed that I can't respect. The fountains are too sparse and obviously not available in the theatres. As a nursing mother with two kids and a ton of other things to pack I cannot get behind overpaying for EVERYTHING with the other choice being smugling in my own water. I swear these places would get way more money from me if they were fair in their prices. Rediculous. Can some one start a movement? I don't have time to. #MakeWaterAffordable

Cody Allred

Love going to the movies as much as the next person and ever since they started doing half price Tuesday for people with a rewards card I catch myself going more often.

Tony Norton

The seating is very comfortable and the screen and sound system make for great viewing and enjoyment.

Lonnie Velasquez

I don't normally complain, but there were 3 kids that kept running up & down the stairs next to us & would not shut up. We asked them to be quiet several times & I didn't know where their parents were so I finally asked management if they could do something & they said they would come check it out. No one came & did anything!!! I had 5 kids in my group & they were quiet & respectful & watched the movie as best as they could with those brats disrupting every few minutes. Definitely won't be going back! Disappointed in spending so much on 8 movie tickets & couldn't really enjoy the movie!

Larry H

Nice theater, friendly staff.

Mike Reilly

The theater is elegant and its detail the movie was fantastic we saw Alpha me and my grandson and my wife always go to the movies together on Fridays and I got to tell you this is one of the nicest theater so we've been to so there

Amanda Mele

I prefer this theater (compared to edwards 14) and even will drive out of my way to go to it. The seating is really nice!

Jessica Goings

Great place, very clean & beautiful. Friendly staff

David Matheson

This is our favorite movie theater. Not sure I want to let the secret out how quiet and under used it is. Always get a great seat.

Lisa Fernandez

All of my sons as well as one my daughters thier dad& stepmom many cousins USED to always go here together! So Anthony & Johnni went to watch The Avengers in honor of thier dad& thier brothers since they had planned on watching it together! This way they did, there was few kids pointing & laughing at my son wearing eyepatch but he said Ma it's ok they're just kids. Great memories here thanku

Santa Christopher

People are very kind and polite and the theater wasn't very busy

Tevin Leyba

Very comfy movie theater. Love the seats, how they rock and have very squishy, plush headrests. It's a movie theater, so prices are all very similar. But I love Edward's because they are part of regal which has the regal crown club. Which is awesome because it acts as a loyalty card and frequent visitor rewards to get free drinks/popcorn/ and even movies.

SELINA Santiago

Movie was epicly awesome! The only downside being $10 for large popcorn and 1 free refill; they limit you now?! WTH!

Chrisie Avelar

Clean and friendly staff. I would give a 5 if they turned off the lights when the movie started not a few minutes into it. First time I experienced that.

Carl Zumwalt

No good for handicap. Floors are weird, seating sucks if you are not able to climb stairs

vickie lovejoy

We love going to the movies, but it's become far too expensive !!! $40.00 for one movie is pretty ridiculous. A matinee shouldn't be more than $5.00

Glowing Trebstep

It's the best theater near the garrity exit. The rooms are big. The surround sound is great.


My emotions were released because of those movies!!

Amy Stinnett

Staff is very helpful here. The place is always clean, and the seats are comfortable. Highly recommend.

Lana Wilcox

Concessions way to expensive, sent my 11 yr. Old grandson to get me a .25 cent water cup with ice ... he asked for a cuppa water they told him $6.

Esther Pearce

Great theater

Theresa work Mooney

The most uncomfortable seats next to the doller theter

Aymee Michels

We go to this theatre at least twice a month, they are great. I recommend the regal crown club for free snacks.

Alexandrea Durham

The restrooms were disgusting and the place want even busy. I'd rather go to the Edwards be 14 is father from my house but also cleaner

Maria Ekelund

Love Edwards, a little pricey for a single mom but still

Greg T

This is the only theater I can stand to go to. Never had any problems here. Seats are great.

Margaret Bartz

Have fun every time I go

Aaron Hammel

Great local theater with small lobby

Leonard Tannahill

Awesome. Saw the bumblebee movie

Richard Lopez

I love it its really nice place. They have good service, friendly people really clean.

Derrick Nalley

Great place to catch a movie with the family!

Rodney Frank

Favorite movie theater in treasure valley.

Chapporium :0

I didn't even go there

James Keck

I like this place because people hardly come to this theatre. We saw a newly released popular movie, and there was about 20 people in the entire theatre. Anywhere else, and it would have been at least triple the crowd. I shouldn't post this to keep my secret safe...

dee shuck

I love this movie theater. It's in my neighborhood, I wish I was closer, I'd go every chance I could. It's always clean, floors never sticky. Employees are nice and friendly. Speakers crack a little in theater #3. I would recommend this theater.

Jared Ferguson

Very nice theater. Not usually crowded! Shows all the best movies that are out.

maria hinojosa

Great place to watch your favorite movies!

Jeff Nelson

I like this place as parking always easy, seats are all in working order and comfortable

Dorothy Gutierrez

The theater was wonderful. Clean and cool. The staff was very helpful

Kathy Collins

Love this theater and they have caffeine free diet coke.

Michael Cousins

We love this theater. It's a bit smaller, and attracts a bit less people than the other Edwards theaters in the valley. Still very nice though.

Cabo Dog

Big plush luxury seats. Very clean and the Beautiful screen. Popcorn was fresh although expensive! All in all a very good visit

Kristin Cromwell

We love this theater. Clean and nice with comfortable seating. However...buying tickets online? There was a $10 "convenience fee". Umm?!?!

Micah Massey

My wife and I went to this place for the first time but we were sadly disappointed. We go to a 4 o'clock show and find out matinee ends at 4... Okay sounds like a theater who is failing and trying to make more money any way they can. We go to get popcorn and drinks. We can't find a price on their carnival screens because they keep changing every 2 seconds and they don't have combo prices. We find out they want $20 for popcorn and 2 drinks. Now it's confirmed that they're failing and trying to make money somehow by charging stupid prices for everything. Okay fine. Then we spend the next 2 hours in a freezing cold theater bundled under my wife's coat because they're too cheap to heat it. Popcorn was hit or miss. Tasted like they had old pieces mixed in with fresh pieces. The seats were comfortable though. So if you want to spend $40 for 2 people, have mediocre popcorn, and freeze while watching your movie, this is your place :D

Jeremiah Johnson

Great Little Theater to go catch a movie with the family. Nothing special or unique. The theater was clean and the employees were helpful.

Vickie Babbitt

Love watching movies the laughter

Andrea Hammond

Always clean and always prepared for you!

Justin Killian

Nice staff...need popcorn butter

skye whitewater

The only thing about this theatre that I dont like is that we cant really control how much butter we get. However. When we ask for alot more they are super friendly and do it just right!!

Kevin Anderson

Good prices and not a big crowd


Nice screens and sound quality, usually very clean and comfortable

Mattie Flores

Great to see see a movie not crowded fast and quiet

roy pardo

my favorite most cleanest theater to visit

Eloisa Ayala

Love to go Edwards Nampa to see a wonderful movie and eat popcorn because to me movie's with no popcorn it's like staying home and watch TV

Jenny Barrett

Clean facility & friendly staff. Would love to see more candy selections & maybe the fancy soda machines in the lobby for refills & flavor additives.

Jeremy Mease

They showed Endgame. 5 stars!

Samantha Newell

This is definitely the nicest theater in the area. It has nice studio seating so you don't have to worry about someone tall sitting in front of you. It also helps keep the noise down. The seating makes for a really immersive experience. It is certinly my favorite theater in the Treasure Valley. Ticket prices are no more expensive than any other Regal theater.

Matt Hopkins

It's a chain theater, you been to one you've been to them all. It's a shame the snacks are so incredibly unaffordable.

Ryan Terry

Go on Tuesdays for cheaper tickets and cheaper concessions if you're part of the Regal Crown Club. Sign up for the Regal Crown Club to earn points for free from purchases of tickets and concessions. Great clean theater, great sound system!

Willie Taylor

Nice theater. People are nice. Usually not too crowded. That is one reason I like going there.

Joshua Morris

Excellant cinema! Very comfortable seating

Astasia Amber

This is the 2nd time we have visited your theatre. And it was the 2nd time we went to a kids movie with our children where the volume was so loud that everyone was covering their ears. It was not an enjoyable experience. I don't believe that the decimals on a child's (even for an adult) movie should be that high. We asked that they turn it down and then other people went out to ask as well and it stayed that way for way too long and then towards the end of the film the volume went back up again. Hard to even think straight with how loud it was. Very unpleasant.

Charlene Murphy

These are some of the cleanest windows I have ever seen and the woman who sold me my ticket didn't even laugh when I told her the window needed to be cleaned. It was nice too because when the movie was over, my facial impression was still on the window so I could show my friends who didn't get to see my gracefulness at the time of the occurrence. I will always remember that night. Thank you for the memories, the movie and the friendliness.

jeff Stewart

Because of the way they clean this movie theater I will never go to another theater ever again! NOTHING IS SANITIZED IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING! INCLUDING THE ARM RESTS OF THE THEATER CHAIRS!

Madelaine and Audrey

Great place for a date or family time. It has great service and I have made many amazing memories there.

Jason Finley

Excellent theater, with little traffic making opening night of "Captain Marvel" enjoyable and comfortable.

Brolin Burke

One of our favorite places to watch a movie. Never seems to be crowded which is A-OK with me.

Bryan Arrington

I love movies. Nothing makes it better than a nice soda drink and their largest popcorn. Sitting there comfortable chairs watch the movie and eat.. Your in heaven.

Kevin Walker

Clean area to sit. Sound was amazing. Friendly folks.


This theater deserves zero stars. Tonight they sold us tickets to a show that had already started. Makes no sense. When we realized the mistake we were told we couldn’t get into the show time we wanted without management approval. We go up to swap out tickets and the person at the box office says “sorry I must have fat fingered the wrong time, and it just started and is only 5-10 minutes in”. Not apologetic at all. She wanted us to go to the movie that had already started! So they swap out tickets... for a SOLD OUT SHOW. There was absolutely nowhere to sit. They even said they knew it was sold out! So I’m questioning if they even know what they are doing at all. Are there a bunch of imbeciles working here or something? I know it’s mostly teenagers but they can’t all be that thick. The employee nor the manager were apologetic about their lack of customer service or attention to detail, and were reluctant to refund us the money we spent, but eventually did. What a joke. Don’t waste your time here. HORRIBLE customer service. Everyone working here looks like they hate their job especially the girl working in the box office tonight.

Tia Desirena

Love this Regal rewards and Movie Pass card.!! Seats are comfy and great nice theater!!!

Vincent Merritt

Fun movies, great service, great environment! Good for families and fun afternoons! Thanks guys!

Rudie Colon

The ladies at the snack bar were really nice about things. The movie itself is great and people were not loud inside the theater. Which is great because other theaters have loud people

Kurt Crnich

This is my favorite theater for new movies. Rarely is it crazy busy and it's always clean plus the employees are friendly and serve you will quickly. I've been going there a minimum of twice per month and have never had a poor experience.

Haley Pedersen

The best theatre in the valley! Love Regal Gateway 12!


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