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REVIEWS OF Regal Edwards Grand Teton IN Idaho

Oscar Pena

Great place to watch a movie and the service is very good

Marc Sunderland

Haven't been here in almost 20 years. It has kept up with the changes in technology and still does a great job. In my opinion the screen feels bigger than other theatres in the area. Went and saw the Avengers End Game and the only thing I felt was lacking in the theatre was really good speakers. I mean, the ones they have are OK, but when you pay $30 for two tickets to a show, I'm expecting a top notch experience and this is the one area that they fell short in.

Rajiv Khadka

Nice movie theater in town.

Collette Pifer

Was very cold in theater. Took until close to the end of the movie to warm up. People brought blankets with them. Bbrrr

Paula Holsinger

Clean, fresh popcorn is great! Very pleased with assigned seating. Only thing I wish they had is better chairs, the aisles are close together & cramped, so sitting in one position for length of time is hard for some people

Ron Telford

Great big multi screen cinema. What more to say.


The quality of the movie was great. The sound system was great, and the chairs were incredibly comfortable. I ordered some cinnamon bun things and I missed the previews so that was a downside and the movie was expensive a person, but the popcorn wasn't stale and it was a pleasant experience. If I was paid more I'd definitely spend more time here!.

John Albertson

Timing is everything when you want to see a movie without a crowd

Leslie Hanna

Very knowledgeable very helpful staff. Concessions workers are quite fast and very gentle and friendly.

Lynette Wilson

Edwards is a good theater, but the prices are so high for concessions! They take good care of the theater and have all new releases.

Julie D

A decent place to watch movies. It is very over priced. With the prices so high I expect the seats to be comfortable to sit in. The concessions always seem to take forever, but I don’t know how you would fix that. However, the atmosphere is pretty fun and now they offer for seating to be chosen before you get there which is much better.

Mason Miller

Pretty cool theater. Fairly clean too.

Devin Bowman

Well, it's a beautiful complex... However the prices are the steepest anywhere I've ever been, including large metropolitan areas.

Still WorshipTruth

The theater is huge! Had to get there early to get good seats.

Jonathan Baker

Come on with the special edition tins. Man I won't every see a movie opening weekend because people. But other than that. Not too bad there. A little pricey for a matinee though.

james noe

Clean and relaxing. Food prices stupid..

Elizabeth Mashburn

Went and saw End game! So good. I will definitely be buying it when it first comes out.

Dj Barry

Movie was good. Expensive food as always, but enjoyed the movie.

Kevin Newman

Snacks are ridiculously expensive, but that's normal for a movie theater. I like theaters with recliners, but otherwise it was good.

Benjamin Klipfel

Nice theater but expensive and you might as well buy the movie and watch on your home theater for the price. Lucky to get in and out for 70$ for 4 people.

Pancake Lover

Excellent theaters, prices are outrageous!

Stephen O'Connor

Comfortable, and relaxing environment for movie viewing!

Jennifer Nelson

Expensive but a nice theater!

Derek Empey

Good place to see a movie. The new seats are very nice.

Stephanie Magee

I have been to this theater 4 times since I moved to Idaho Falls in May. 3 of those times, the theater has lost power in the middle of a movie and taken about 15 minutes to get the projector back up and running. 1 time the power went out and they kept telling us “it’ll just be 10 more minutes”..they said that 4 times. After 40 minutes of waiting in the theater, we hadn’t heard back from anyone about the new status. A patron came back in and said a worker said they couldn’t get it running and we needed to leave. A worker didn’t even come in and tell us that. The line at the refund desk was outrageously long, filled with the angry people from an entire theater. I asked if I could come back tomorrow to get my refund and I was told I could only get it that day. I would get no refund if I didn’t stand in that line for an hour and wait while 1 person helped us all. You guys need to look into your power supply and customer service. I have lived in 5 states and 11 cities and have never had so much trouble with a movie theater. I will not be going to back.

Mischelle Walker

So expensive, the guy let us stare at menu forever deciding something for dinner then tell me we cant cook that is closed he could have told me that right away. Have been going to a different theater but wanted to try Edward's again still paid alot of money for a large soda that was dr.pib I'll keep going else where

It's a Taylor thing

I love going here, it's a nice clean theatre and the movie tickets are reasonably priced. Although I never get anything from the concessions stand because it is really overpriced for everything.

Luke Kimball

Big nice theater. Same old expensive snacks

Tanisha Shedden

We love this place. Has lots of food options, its not as dirty as most theaters, and it has comfortable seating

Stephanie Cunningham

I was super excited to see they did planned seating when you bought your tickets. I do wish the chairs were more comfy. Everything else was pretty good though!

brichelle davies

Worst service from the ticket seller. Not respectful and awful costumer service

Karen Cox

I've been to theaters across the country, and this is by far the worst. It stinks, the chairs smell really bad, and they don't even bother to sweep up the popcorn or trash on the floor. There was literally soda cups, and popcorn buckets in seats left by the previous people. The theaters only have numbers on them, and don't say which movie is playing. I would rather drive to Pocatello to avoid this place again.

Greg Rix

Great theater, wonderful seats with great sound. Drinks and popcorn very expensive.

Big Dog Transportation LLC

Great Summer Movies. Gonna go every week


Great experience, clean theater, friendly staff. Will go again

Tiffany Lowe

Turned my mom and brother away (who is in a wheelchair) because they filled all of the care taker spots with people who don’t need them, and instead of moving a physically able person to another seat, she just snapped at my mother and turned her away. My brother never gets out of the house, it takes hours to get him up and ready for this, just for some ignorant young lady to turn them away. She is a young blonde at the ticket booth. Shame on you. Those spots are there for a reason.

Sean Vedro

Comfortable rocking chairs and not a bad seat in the house. The staff is polite and the theatre is one of the cleanest I've ever been in. Easily the best theatre in town.

Ned M.

It's annoying to have to pick a seat when buying tickets and hardly anyone is in the theater. You could just sit anywhere anyway, but then someone else wants to sit in their "assigned" seats, even if it's right next to you.

Jon Farrell

Edwards is a good theatre. I've been here many times and never had complaints. The staff always has been helpful and the theatre's clean and comfortable.

Savannah Medina

They've got great, comfortable seats, handicap accessible options, decent prices on both tickets & food, & the staff is always friendly!

Denise Denise

Nice clean several theaters staff was friendly

Daniel Gonzalez

The theater is dirty. The ambiance is pretty bad, the movie started and the lights were still on. They finally turned the lights off several minutes after the movie started (the movie, not the previews). Then when the movie ended they didn't turn the lights on making difficult to exit. There is only one bathroom and if you are on the north side of the theater you have to go across the entry and the concessions, having to battle all the people coming in and in line for concessions to get to it. To top it off, the seating is not assigned.

Trent Mikesell

It was ok. The seats aren't super comfortable.

Shannon Jacobson

Great sound, seats, and screen. But it's definitely bordering on the edge of reason, the prices they charge for EVERYTHING! There are cool tools they have to help someone with disabilities, glasses or box with subtitles, headphones and secret elevators for wheelchairs.

Cody Clark

Great theater always clean and lots of movies and movies times! Great place to go!

Larry Stoffregan

Enjoyed Queen movie. Want to see it again.

Donald Johnson

The theater policy on NOT answering a door at night after the doors are locked is for the employee safety. There is NO method of communication available between personnel and anyone outside the building. This means that given external circumstances, law enforcement is required to show up! Should law enforcement NOT be readily available a serious situation has possibilities for negative results. Had there been a communication method available, the requirement for law enforcement may have been avoided. What Edwards management is telling their employees is that they can not be trusted to evaluate a situation and make a decision. I was going to wait for a movie to finish and enter when patrons exited otherwise. I was able to retrieve my identification with the assistance of law enforcement. A more positive possibility may have helped??? Thank you.

Just Me

They now have assigned seating which I don't understand when it's a theater. This is not like a luxury theater where the seats recline. I enjoyed the movie. Loved they had multi lines open to buy tickets. Concession was good choices with great pricing.

Skyler Parker

Very clean theater with tons of selection. Would vote 5 stars if the concessions weren't so pricy. Remember to ask for your veteran, senior, or student discount!

Shanda Weil

Good theater, they do their best to keep things clean have good seats and play a good selection of movies.

Emma-Lea Jacklin Warsaw

Think of a big flashy movie theater. Congratulations, you have envisioned Edward's Grand Teton. Now go watch whatever movie you're thinking of seeing. this place is fine, haven't had a bad experience. Bless the poor poor staff on Endgame opening night, yall are the true heros.

nicholas jones

Comfy seats and great sound... The concessions prices are a bit exorbitant, at 9 bucks for a bucket of popcorn. I'm not advocating breaking the rules, but if one were to bring their own snacks with them... this becomes a more affordable experience! 3.5 stars

Carmen McKellar

I love Edwards, but their new seats are so uncomfortable. I just spent 2 hours constantly shifting and went home with the worst back pain I've had in years.

John Hyland

Best theaters in town...

Lorna Bowman

Just came from a movie. The movie was great, first popcorn was ok. Got a refill on the popcorn and it tasted like cleaner. Not sure what that was about. A little disturbing.

Adan Luna Beltran

I'm hear on vacation from California. My kids wanted to see Godzilla so I came here. This theater is very nice with spacious seats.The popcorn n sweets were pretty good...

Ryan Sanford

Nice enough...prices are a bit high, but that's how it goes when you're the only big name theater in town.

Kelly Watkins

Prices are a bit too steep. Especially for having such uncomfortable seats and the theaters having poor heating and cooling. Our theater was much too warm, especially for a packed theater for a day or two after a movie premier. Snack prices are higher than most movie theaters are as well. But very friendly and helpful staff.

Jill Williams

Comfy seats. Great sound,

Lilla E.

This place is good to watch movies. They have great quality and a big TV. The chairs in the theaters are very comfortable and cozy. There are numbers of movies constantly going on and it's very enjoyable if you like movies. They play new movies and dont keep movies that have been out for months already. They have delicious popcorn, drinks, and snacks. I will haveto say, it is pretty expensive for certain things...but I love going there to watch movies.

Mayra Ruvalcaba

Nice movie theater for this area. We moved here from Austin, TX so coming from a big city we weren't sure what expect as the theater options there are vast. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Noob Network

Awesome theater. The speakers are perfectly balanced. Not too loud or quiet. Just right. Great employees and I always look forward to watching films here.


I went to see Alita the movie it was awesome I recommend it for people who like action movies


Good experience during the film.... But no soap in the dispensers in the rest room was not a good look. Especially when you sit through a 3 hour film and a flock of people all use the rest room at the same time.

Diego Marquez

The experience was great and the employees were all nice and welcoming!

Giovanni Rustici

The screen had giant lines going through it

H Ramirez

The building is beautiful and the seating is nice. You now have to purchase your seats at the time you buy tickets. They also inspected the inside of my purse. When purchasing concessions, bring lots of extra money. A small popcorn and a water cost over $12.00. The environment was nice but not sure it's worth the price.

Holli Karinen

Great service clean and stocked restrooms

Laurel Briggs

Nice theatre. Great options now for food not just snacks

Casey Gilson

Great movies u pick yr seat popcorn clean vacinity

LoDiZZle Dabadollipofdaisy

Great theater went to see a matinee and obviously I went and saw Avengers endgame with my buddy and my son and got great seats and my three year old got in for free so can't really beat that

Tyler Brundage

Sometimes are busier than others, but really good theater and fast service too at the counter!


I was so excited to go see Unplanned, but I didn't even get to see it, because the woman behind the counter selling tickets told me their rules are to not allow anyone under 6 into a rated R movie. I had brought my still nursing baby with me along with two thirteen year old girls. I've been to other rated R movies where parent's took little ones in. I was very disappointed!

Rusty Shackleford

Seats were comfy but the rows are too close together. Good sound and picture.

Chad Reynolds

Beautiful theater. Great 3-D and quality staff. Love taking my girls to movies here!!

The Last Straw

I absolutely love this movie theater. Best theater around hands down

Travis Stump

The staff was top notch. The seating/picture/and audio quality were sub par. If you were to have larger screens and better sound systems with nicer seating, this would easily become 4.5 stars. Also, my wife paid $17 for a small popcorn, a $1 box of candy, and a water. I expect concessions to be overpriced, but not THAT overpriced.

Connie Hatch

Because this Theater is one of the best theaters I've ever seen! Friendly staff and AMAZING popcorn.

Roger Burns

Clean and comfortable!

Sarah B

Just needs updated bathrooms! Seats are good, staff is good. Sometimes the lines are a little long when you wouldn't expect them to be. The bathrooms are a mess though. Water always flooding on counters, some sinks don't work...just worn out. Bad design for crowds.

Samuel Hancock

Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand sitting in those seats. I'd rather wait until I can stream a movie from the comfort of my 1960's La-Z-Boy.

Kris Arjona

This theater is nice but behind the times on concessions. They need to get the refill your own drink stations, although I did see one customer butter station. It would also be nice if they got the yearly refill bucket for popcorn. If Pocatello can have the bucket for YEARS, a larger city should be able to figure it out & make money on it. The seating in the theater we went to was very comfortable. It was clean. The floor was not sticky.

Jaden_is_my_name _

Reserved seats will kill this theater it either you get there a bit early and get good seats or you arrive late and get bad seats it the person's fault for arriving late come on time for christ sakes my opinion used to be a 5 stars but now that there are reserved seats its a three also if you arrive early how do you know which seats are reserved.

Zack Ellis

I took my grandmother out to see Aladdin Saturday June 8 theater 12 430 show. Issue 1 we had to wait for the theater to be cleaned, because other movie patrons are too lazy to take out their own garbage or clean up after themselves. Issue 2 there were projector issues. Issue 3 that we had to put with parents that had to bring in their babies, which fine but hard to enjoy when the babies were crying and screaming. So this is my first negative experience all others have been great.

Ann Dahl

Hard for handicap people to get out of the chairs but other than the theater was goog

J. Macall Arnold

I love this theater. I have memories of waiting outside in line with my family as we waited at the premier for each new Harry Potter movie! Oh the joys before online seat reserving! I still get excited when I come here with my husband for date night ❤️

Kirstin Korinko

5 stars because it's the only theater that shows any good movies in this part of the state. You can't find much north of IF

Jordan Tway

Classic theater experience. Fairly priced tickets and concessions (for a movie theater). Runs current movies.

Amanda Harper

I’ve been going to Edwards for years and honestly this place has started to go down hill. The price of tickets are always climbing, but it seems like the cleanliness of the place is declining. The bathrooms need a major update!! It could be great again, but it’s in need of an update!

J Mang

This place is crazy expensive, it is probably a good idea to eat before you come here

David Hudson

Nice theater, and kind staff. However, the tuning of the av equipment is way off. Particularly audio - the volume was so loud in the last two movies I went to that it was legitimately painful. This has to be addressed - it could absolutely cause hearing damage it's so overboard

Vegan Sunflower

Great movies!but too expensive. Better to wait until it comes to paramount or redbox!

Anthony Quist

This theater is well kept and clean, the sound and video quality are fantastic, I really enjoy going here to watch movies. The staff are really friendly too, I asked one of them about coupons, and he told exactly where to find them.

Brandon Leatham

Assigned seating sucks. Takes FOREVER to buy a ticket by the time everyone looks at the screen and asks questions. First come first served is way better so you can pick your seat based on the theater and comfort while you are standing in it. The screen to choose seats did not even match the theater. Very irritating before ya blow $50 for 2 to see a movie with popcorn and soda. Make Redbox sound much better.

Rachael McIntire

Was very clean and quiet, the seats were super comfortable, only complaint is that is was freezing cold, the fans were on high and only a few people in the theater, had it been a full theater it probably would have been fine

Jacobs Garage

Great place to go out on a date

Glen Smith

Extremely nice and clean movie theater. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Karie Caldwell

Nicest and biggest theater in town. The prices are too high and so is the food. We don't take the whole family much because of it. There are smaller theaters that are much more reasonable that we'll choose unless we want to splurge on a newer release.


Very nice theater. Well kept & extremely clean. As with any movie concession offerings were very expensive & I had to wait 30 + mins for 1 Cinnabon which was minuscule @ best. Seating was very comfortable & spacious with a banging sound system. We took my granddaughter to see the new Mary Poppins & it was quite different from the original but great nonetheless.

Hailey Gittens

Very clean and very nice staff

Dave Kidd

$9 for a matinee? Must be good to be the Monopoly in town. Most other theaters I've been to are $5 for a matinee

Jessica Hull

Great 3d movies

Preston Nichols

Really good theatre I love the staff here they are always super friendly. Tickets are about the same if everywhere else and the seats are super comfortable for movie theatre seats. I did notice the other day though that one of the theatres looks like the screen was folded and then rolled out and you could see the creases.

John Rice

Opening night for Aquaman, best show, great customer service by the staff! Very blessed to have Edwards here in IF!

Jane Bahr

I'm not sure I like the reserved seating. We could not tell where are seats would be located when we picked where we were going to sit. I can see reserving seats being helpful in a large movies setting, there were few people in the movie theater and we did not like where our seats were at because we could not tell from their map where they would be located. The movie and the sound were terrific.

Ben Oliver

Been here a couple times, and even though I initially had my worst experience there today with them not being able to play the movie after 20 min. They handled it professionally and quickly with making sure I was still able to see it later that night and that I still got into another movie that day on top of that. So I can't reccomend these guys enough!

Ana García

Great place. Good prices.

Kinz and Kate Reeves

Seats were comfy but without reserved seating you have to show up really early for your movie. The popcorn was average. We enjoyed our experience at this theater.

Scott Condie

Very expensive and not true recliner seats. Other cities have much better choices for theaters, too bad we don't have other choices as well

Kevin Gardner

I can now give you a 5 star. Assigned seating is the best because your guarenteed the seat you want so no getting there 1 hour early to get the one you want. Also one of the best overall staff i have seen. Friendly and nice and keep the theater clean

Joe Bugg

Yes this movie theater was pretty good. Did not have to wait long to get my popcorn and drink. They had nice reclining seats that were comfortable. Overall experience really good

Matthew Cox

One expensive theater. The price is good when you catch the matinee

JaNae Caires

It was expensive, the theater was dirty and it was so unbelievably hot!! None of us could enjoy the movie. We would have left if we wouldn’t have paid so much to see the movie.

Scott Nelson

For the area that it is in, it eased the cramped feet syndrome that you get which the others in the area when you have a frame of 6'2. The rooms for the least popular films are still too small to my liking. But that is my fault for going to them after they are moved from the big rooms with the giant screens. I will go back if it is the comfort I want, but I must plan on near 20 bucks.

Gabriel Alexander

My wife and I live in Rexburg and find this place well-worth the drive. We’re both a bit geeky when it comes to theaters and the projection quality as well as sound quality are much better here compared to other theaters around town. Their arcade could use an update, but it can be fun.

Norma Thomas

Very nice movie theater. Seats were comfortable. Sound and picture quality was excellent.

Sharon Kennedy

Theater is clean and the staff is friendly. We have a great time whenever we go there. We would go to more movies, but they are expensive. The tickets and concessions are the highest price in the area.

Randomly Rachelanne

Very nice theater! Nice seating and view. About average on prices.

LoLo Brinkman

We're from out of town just visiting Idaho. Decent theater. I have no complaints. I do prefer reclining chairs, but not a huge deal. Thanks to the staff for keeping it clean and friendly.

Justin Hegsted

Good theater. Great staff. Generally very clean. Only thing to make it better - assigned seating at time of purchase. Let’s get that figured out!

Antonio Plascencia

It was clean, staff were courteous and the snacks were delicious


was on they preview had no sound then they had no lights for anyone to find their seat; finally got sound and it blasted you away then the lights they left on until finally the movie and corrected all problems

Heather Martin

Perhaps if you're going to start assigning seats you could find a way to let patrons who've been coming for 13 years know so they won't waste money on seats in the front row,; seats they have no choice but to sit in even though they arrived at the theater over s half hour early. And maybe, just maybe, don't put in a front row so close that's it's virtually useless.

Kaysten Sorenson

Had a good experience. It's convenient to be able to pick your seats now.

Corbin Cook

Concessions are too pricey, there is no reason why a bottle of water should cost 5 dollars

Makay Terry

I love coming to Edwards it's my favorite theater. It has high quality sound and video and always has the newest movies!

Gabriel Soto

Very good movie theater but not as good as other regal theaters.

Tiffany Bean

Good, other than the theatre being 90 degrees while watching a 3 hour movie.

Laura Holverson

Good place to have a good time

Lydia Potter

Great place to watch movies!

mikail shamy

Nice theater

Ashleigh Denise Argyle

Large theaters with comfortable chairs. There are a lot of food options including pizzas, street tacos, and wings - plus more traditional choices like soda, popcorn, and candy. Large bathrooms.

Hayley Park

It's nice but the amount u pay for a movie and treats is ridiculous. I'll just wait to see the movie when it comes to paramount. I can see it there and pay 3 times less

Zach Speck

Little pricey, but overall a good place to catch a movie. I recommend it, but be prepared to pay a little extra.

Shelly Elliott

Movie theater seating really nice but drinks and snacks are really pricey.

Brian Bates

Great theater, reserved seating is now required too.

Joni Hiatt

Very expensive! I called and let the manager know of an issue that occurred. Pops were warm and popcorn tasted like it was a month Old. I called the manger he said you should of complained the day it happened. We shouldn’t have to we paid over $30 for it.

Kevin Duty

Nice, new style theatre with stadium seating and self serve ticket kiosks. No flavor bar for dosing your popcorn though

Jessie Mullins

This is probably the most expensive theater I've been too, but between my hubby and me, it's 23 dollars. And they allow my emotional support dog to be with me. Idk of any other theater who would do that.

Jasmine Moody

I wish they had better seats and nicer staff. Besides that... it's perfectly fine!

Dave Brooks

Edwards has finally started selling specific seats. This is a great plus, and something we have missed from theaters out of state.

John M.

Good Theater. Nice Staff. Comfy Seats. Good Sound. I Like It.

Quirky smurf

It is a standard regal theater but seeing as how it's in a not-too-large town everything is neat, the wait times are pretty short, and everything is pretty clean. The staff is friendly and seating is comfortable. The screens are large and bright and the sound is pretty good. It would get 5 stars but like most regal theaters it is kind of expensive.

Sharon h a l l

Love this theater. Clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. Great comfortable seating

michael tilley

Great atmosphere. Clean and not too crowded.

Rhonda Wheelwright

They are remodeling, so it's messy and the theater we were in got really hot and stuffy the A/C wasn't on... Maybe part of the remodeling, but uncomfortable all the same.


I love that they added assigned seating to this theater. Service here is great. The theater is clean and well maintained. We enjoy coming here for movie premieres.

Harmony Bade

The movie selections are always fresh and great! Expect movie theater prices for high quality, oversized everything. A fantastic experience!

Xavier Loose

Such a nice place! A accidently ordered too many tickets online but they refunded them without any hassle and they switched our showing because we were late and we got some really nice seats

Shauna Wescott

The movie was great. The fact that it cost $40 for my toddler and me to watch a movie is ridiculous!! That was for tickets, popcorn and drinks. No snacks or any extras.

Elliot Corona

They have great movies like the dragon Ball super was so good and I was glad to see it threr

Dug Bagley

Expensive prices. Tacky decor. Movie broke down. Wasn't offered any compensation for wasted time / irritation. But I guess that's what happens when you have no real competition, eh?

Beth Detwiler

They have definitely made some upgrades since we were there last! When you purchase your tickets, you can pick your seat as well! That is such a cool and helpful feature! The popcorn was better this last time as well, probably all that extra butter!

Joseph Kay

They decided to cancel all other movies for Endgame. They didnt post it anywhere. The person selling tickets is who informed us of it. When I asked to speak with a manager about it, he came out and said that the theater that was playing the movie we wanted to see had a broken projector. He was very clearly lying. When I repeated what the ticket salesperson said, he very clearly lied again to us. It is sad to see someone who completely lacks any backbone or ability to be honest.

Ethan Williams

As a customer: Fantastic, price are a bit high, but love the environment and the employees are the nicest you've ever met. As a employee: Training was a 6/10. When you order the special foods they go to the chef in the back. Apparently one item (the gooey bites or something like that) doesn't go to the chef and you have to tell him manually. I was never told this and had a customer wait for 25 minutes after his movie started because I was new and nobody told me. There were a few other times I wasn't taught something and I felt horrible for the customer waiting. So glad the other employees took time to teach from the lack of training received. Managers were nice and had good work ethic though.

Gage Reeder

I go to this theater pretty regularly. I usually don't buy my tickets from them (I'm a big fan of fandango) but I've never had a problem getting in. The staff are nice and the popcorn is always super buttery, how I like it, but it is not always the cleanest. I understand that it cant be spotless, especially with movies playing all the time, but when you walk down a row and cant step one place without hearing a piece of popcorn crack under your shoe, there is a problem. It would be a 5 star if not for that.

Kelsee Allison

I actually think this theater has reasonably priced tickets. The concessions are a bit spendy but the atmosphere is really nice. Seats are comfortable for a theater seat also. Sound system is great as well.

Video Master

I always love the popcorn, there friendly customer support and the seating.


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