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7701 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83709 Located in: Boise Spectrum Center

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REVIEWS OF Regal Edwards Boise & IMAX IN Idaho

Teresa Maynes

We really like this Regal theatre. A cool vibe, comfortable seats, good parking, and lots of deals. They tend to get the best movies, too

Jenna Newsom

Nice theater! We like to go there watch movies, every time made us happy.

BJ Crangle

Pee Wee Herman would love it the chairs are so comfy!

Matthew Smith

Fun theater that I enjoy visiting with my daughter. Great place to see new films.

Delta Bravo

Amazing experience, this theater brings back the magic movie experience of your youth.

LightBulb_ Productions

G8 time killer and or movie-date night, or 2 take sum buddies to a g8 film. Rely nice place.

Rob Ringen

Great theater. Comfortable with good sound. Pretty good selection at concessions. Lots of parking. Surrounded by a few shops and restaurants. There's also an IMax.

Carolyn Haney

The theater is clean, seats are nice, food is good. It is the closest theater to me so it is the one I usually go to. However, they keep it way to cold. I wear 2 shirts with a jacket. That is not right. They need to take it easy on the AC. Not everyone is going through menopause.

Allison Power

This is our go to movie spot. They recently renovated the food court area next door to the theaters and Mad MAC is nearby! The theaters are always clean and they offer great regal deals

Like Mike Reviews

So this place now offers unlimited movies for 18 bucks a month how can you pass that up! I see movies at least 5 times a week now and every time I come in here I'm greeted warmly and respectfully. The guy that takes the tickets always cracks a joke and always has a conversation. It is a warm and friendly very wonderful theater.

David Elliott

Short wait to get the tickets on a Thursday night as only two windows were open. After that everything was great. They are now doing reserved seating for most shows.

John Reed

Very comfortable seats but prices were outrageous on the snacks.

Lori Slavin

Downton Abbey, great movie!

Anna Calder

I have been coming here for years and I always love coming here, the staff are pretty nice. Food is okay. Service is pretty good. I will be back.

Bryan Taylor

Welp Regal, it's been fun. Went to see John Wick 3 this weekend, a rated R movie with lots of actions, lights, sound blaring with gun shots and fighting and...well you know how those action movies are? Anyways, nice couple came in with their new born baby that cried during the movie. Actually I guess they weren't a nice couple, since they brought a baby to the theater, to watch a rated R movie. Went to go see Spiderman on July 3rd. New born baby right in the middle of the theater, cooing and crying during the whole movie. Once again, not rated R, but an action movie with lots of sound, bass, flashing lights. Couldn't you reserve a section up front or in the back of the theater for newborns? Now I guess, is it my responsibility to put up with these people who made the choice to have children and bring them to the theater, full well knowing that a baby isn't going to silently sit through a 2 to 3 hour movie? Or should it be the responsibility of the theater to turn away parents with babies and say something along the lines of, "We have patrons who are paying full price for a movie and would like to enjoy their movie going experience without having to listen to a baby the entire time. Also maybe don't bring a baby to a theater that can be loud and damage a child's hearing." Sure, I can speak to some of your staff members about it, but they won't do anything about it other than give me extra movie tickets to another screening with babies in it. Is there no way that you can have adult only screenings of adult type movies? I know you must be struggling for customers this year with the lack luster movies coming out. Is that why you allow parents to bring in their noise machines? Regardless, I guess I'll go to the Village and watch movies from the VIP 21 section, where all I have to deal with is people looking at their phones on full brightness and drunk people who won't stop talking during the movie. PS - Parents, if you have a baby, that's your choice. Maybe stay home with them and lose out on going to movies for awhile. I don't bring my drinking buddies to your kids school talent show and throw a party.

Alice Puente

Hobbs and Shaw, Fun movie to watch.

Marc Brown

Not this visit, but a previous visit, one of the employees went out of their way to make it a five star experience for my daughter and me. It's a large theater complex with lots of theaters, so more seating and better show times. Seating is assigned when you buy your ticket, so you're not struggling to find an empty seat (especially convenient I'm large groups). Seating is comfortable and clean. There are also lots restaurants, etc literally across the street. They have IMAX too! This is my go-to theater for new releases even though another Edwards theater is much closer to me (I've had some bad experiences at the one near me, but great ones at the 21).

Lourae Young

Enjoyed the atmosphere and the layout of concession stands with comfortable seating. There is also handicapped access.

Patty Cruz

Great movie but the machine to buy tickets was not working and we miss the opening of the movie

Melissa H.

I don't go to the movies often but went with the family/kids to see the new Dora movie. The chairs are comfortable. Food prices are spendy. The refillable bucket of popcorn is $8. What a deal when you have a family of 5 sharing.

Josh Kitts

Great movie....but my only comment is that when I bought the popcorn and my drink I was told that I would get free refills of my drink if I should my recipe. Well that's was a joke.... after the movie I went to get my refill and I was told that it would cost me a dollar.......either a)this is a false statement or b) they are trying to ripe me off once again.

jennifer crawford

We went to see a free screening of Long Shot with Seth Rogen And Charlize Theron. Fred Flarsky is a gifted and free-spirited journalist who has a knack for getting into trouble. Charlotte Field is one of the most influential women in the world -- a smart, sophisticated and accomplished politician. It was very funny. Edward's is a great place to hang out with friends, grab something to eat or drink. There are several restaurants and place to hang. The staff is friendly and the prices aren't too bad as far as movies go, the concessions have a wide variety of options. Overall a great place.

J. C.

Way over-zealous on the ‘no outside food or drink’ policy. IT’S 10AM! TRYING TO SEE TOY STORY 4 WITH MY DAUGHTER! IIM GOING TO HAVE COFFEE WITH ME! Guy taking tickets was super rude. Not coming back. Just because you have a policy doesn’t mean it’s a good policy.

Nicholas Wilson

I absolutely LOVE the theater! The movies are fantastic, the staff is mode than willing to help, and the overall experience is one that my family will be continuing on a regular basis.

Randy Randy

We went to edwards for a nice time & to watch a movie we wanted to see, knowing that this place is over priced in all areas of there service. We went into the movie theater and our seats where taken by a older couple so we just sat in other seats, instead of having them move. Well us being 61 years old ourselves, we where sitting there then younger gals came in and where looking for there seats, they Told people behind us that they where in there seats, made a big scene about it, so these people starting checking there tickets and told them they where wrong, well it ended up we where in there seats and told us to move, we told them older couple in front of us had ours and there are plenty of empty seats, they then made a bigger scene & went and got a guy who worked there, He came up told us they paid for these seats. Well I asked them is it that big of a deal they said yes and there money was better then ours. Then the younger gals told me to f—- off !! In front of this employee, which did not go over real well! I said you should have some respect, which obviously she has none. Employee did nothing about the foul language and had no manager skills whatsoever! He made the older couple in front of us move, which they had time moving very good. We moved to also, the young gals kept there bad language up. It did interrupt everyone else in the theater. We asked for money back and the manager name & number at this point. We decided to stay and finish movie. Afterward went up to desk and wanted manager name, the young kid at desk wanted to know what happened, problem with that was he was the employee there. He then lied said he was not aware of any problems. This young man without any balls, lied to us. I have never been treated with such disrespect and the language that was coming out of these gals mouth was very offensive at the least. I would of thought that this employee should of said something and escorted these young , disrespectful brats out the door, but no and he lied about even knowing anything. I’m very upset about this whole thing. We will never go back and I hope others won’t. Very none professional besides the prices and disrespectful people who work there and there service is the worse. Sad , the way younger generations act!! Then the whole time we where there they just made comments through movie . Bad service, poor management, along with over priced in every way. Sad you can’t go to a movie anymore and actually enjoy your night out and spend your hard earned money and get treated like this!!!!!!!

Remfleg D

New assigned seating makes meeting people a less than enjoyable experience. Plus allows no flexibility if you are sitting next to loud people. Would other wise rate a 4 or 5. It was our preferred theater now we are reconsidering.

Abraham Rushton

Very nice. Everything is clean. In my experience even the walking paths to chairs were clean. Large screens and wonderful sound.

Derrick Fontes

I've been going to this theatre since I was a little boy and I've never been disappointed with the service. They keep the theatre very clean and it's a great place for friends, family, or even a date night. ;)

Marissa Widmer

I love this theater! The staff is always courteous and helpful. We always go on Tuesdays to save money.


Nice theater. Clean. Good popcorn. Clean bathrooms. I like how you can select seats now. Comfortable seats that rock w/ cup holders. Staff are friendly. Someone is always around cleaning and sweeping. No sticky floors. I like this venue better then going to the village of meridian theater.

James Laskie

I just took my wife and kids to see Aladdin . They put us in a theatre with NO air conditioner . When I approached the manager about it . He explained to me that it has been that way for over a week and temperatures have reached above 80 degrees in there . We were miserable . The movie was good but I will not be going back to that theatre again . The fact that they are willing to keep filling a theatre with no a.c. ,with no warning, and an insincere apology at the end is a disgrace . To me that is unacceptable . I do not recommend this theatre !

Richard Utri

I really do lover their Tuesday pricing here. The service and atmosphere are good, the reserved seating is nice too. If only the rest of their nights were priced reason ably too.

Aj York

I was double charged for tickets, when I was trying to get a refund. The kid actually charged my card again instead of giving me my money back. They were no help at all. Sent me to corporate. Corporate was no help at all... It has been 4 months and I still do not have a refund. They took $80 from my bank account and literally have not given it back... isn't that called stealing?

Athena Detrempe

This theater is older and it shows a bit. The movies are still great, the seating is comfortable and the concessions are easy to navigate and make purchases from. I'm not sure how I feel about having to pick your seat when you buy your tickets and having an assigned seat. The other theaters I've experienced that in other states where we lived had nice leather reclining and heated seats. I don't mind picking before I get in the theater if every seat is that comfortable. As it is I have to choose for a regular theater seat and then feel like I can't change if it's not good once I get in the theater.

Nick Wright

Been going here since it first opened. It has almost always been a clean environment and a great place to grab a flick. Theaters are great. It is never really completely full, which is great for us (though I'm sure the theater would like it otherwise). They have a great new surrounding shops to support it as well.

Marie Caudillo

My to go to... For the best movie time!!!

Obed Saenz

This theater is the best in the valley! Not only are the staff friendly and helpful, the managers are always willing to assist customers, too. We once reserved tickets for the wrong show and were worried that we we would lose our money. However, the manager said "No problem, it happens", and allowed us to view the intended show. THAT'S customer service at its best!

de davis-guy

Beautiful theater with a great variety of shows and food options. They took out the candy and toy machines so my little ones were very upset, tho. No more Good and Plenty at the movies

Everett Radakovich

The retro 60s vibe the neon lights inside give is pretty awesome. The theaters themselves do not lack, good seating and arrangments avalible. Toy story 4 was very enjoyable here.

Allen Dubin

Very nice movie complex. Something for everyone. Great Tuesday low price tickets. Helpful cashier advised us to download their app to save on ticket prices

Liz Cushman

Very beautiful theater, clean. I respect that they show independent films that aren't shown everywhere.

Melinda Morris

Speakers were too loud, seats were uncomfortable and popcorn didn’t taste good at all.

Ross B

Seats are mediocre for the the cost of the ticket. Screen quality is acceptable. They asked for a receipt to get a popcorn refill. Considering it cost over $20 for popcorn and drinks I would hope they would make it easy to watch the movie but instead you have to go back into the movie theatre to dig around in your jacket pocket hoping you didn't throw out your receipt like most normal people. Will not be returning to any Edwards in the future. Better service from Reel Theaters.

Tim Simpson

I like this theater it gets busy at peak times, but usually a nice night out.

John Denham

This is a fantastic , clean and welcoming theater. The seats are comfortable and the staff is nice. There are arcade games in their grand foyer to play while you wait. Multiple concessions locations and well placed restrooms make getting through the theater easier and help when you need to dash out for a quick break or snack.

George Marinay

The theater in the village makes this place look like a joke but it still isn't bad if you want to get a quick in and out

Katie Putnam

Pricey, but, that's to be expected. Clean, friendly, up to date.

Clive Greeff

Lots of parking and 21 cinemas make it a perfect place to watch movies. A little pricey for matinees .

Sean Chamberlain

I only go here when the place is empty. Or maybe it's always empty. It's really big. The seats are comfortable but dated compared to other theaters nearby.

Frances Widener

Long lines at ticketing ....long lines at concessions person at the help......these conditions have made us late for almost every movie these past 6 mos.... even when we arrive 20 -25 minutes early.....

Dina Rasquinha

I think the best thing about this place is the anime screenings. They even ran Lelouch. Like Wow!

Melody Woodard

Went to watch the Avengers Endgame 6pm showing of movie because I didn't see cheaper price sign I didn't buy any food I thought about it but prices are insane normally. They should have more signs saying prices are lower on Tuesday. Loved the movie though and the theater was pretty clean only other complaint is on the screen it says no texting during movie. As long as phone is on silent I see no problem. Anyways I usually dont text during movie because I'd rather watch the movie but I received a very important text and responded back and the guy next to me was like being super rude about it. I wasn't purposely ignoring rule but sometimes you have to answer messages.

Cara Cagno

I do not recommend IMAX unless you want your eardrums blown out

Grace Ocker

Nice theater and staff. Comfortable chairs and good popcorn to accommodate them. You can either purchase tickets online, in person at the ticket booth, or at a ticket kiosk. By far my favorite theater to go to within the treasure valley.

Jessica Dougherty

I love going to this theater. It is in a great location by some delicious restaurants so date night (dinner and a movie) is easy and fun.

Raydel Perez

The visuals and sound effects are awsome in the theaters. The service at concessions wasn't so great, and that's why I gave it 4 stars. If they improve next time, I would easily give them 5 stars.

Pam Linn

My daughter and I go every Tuesday when we can. The staff is very friendly and the theater tries very hard to stay clean. The seats are also very comfortable.

Danny Paz

Nice place. Recommended for Tuesdays.

Christy Lounsbury

We are from out of town and went to the IMAX last night. We waited in line for probably 20 minutes for our popcorn and drinks because there was only one kid there to help everyone. He was super calm and doing his best. Right before we are almost at the counter, another 2 employees show up. The girl was so rude to him asking if the theatre was even ready for people to go in. He was BUSY helping the whole line of people getting there treats. She was belittling him in front of everyone and making that “I’m so mad and annoyed right now” body language in front of everyone. As we finally got our stuff and headed to the movie, she was there to take our tickets. Not once did she look up or smile at us or even say a word to us. Charlie, you in in the wrong job! You need somewhere to work where you don’t deal with the public.

Alejandro Ortiz

Worst theater I think I’ve ever been to. Stood in line for 15 and only moved about 3 people. All the lines were the same. They have everyone using screens at the counter now. We left cause movie was starting and still didn’t have our tickets. HORRIBLE

Leann Weathers

Large, clean, well maintained. Would be a five of seats were updated to the recliners that most Regal theaters have now. (Got a sore bottom.) Plus they charge the same as updated places. We enjoyed the movie and will be back!

Adequate Johnson

Great fun if you have it in your budget. Clean and well maintained.

Ivy Myles

I have to say, the assigned seats makes me feel like a 5 year old and the snacks are overpriced. I personally love this theater other than those 2 irritants. They have great cherry icees, and the people are really nice. The seats are comfy too, and they play really good movies.

Marvella Stadler

If you go-to more than two movies a month you need to get the unlimited plan they offer Well worth the $18 a month Check it out!!

Cindy Peterson Bigham

This was a very enjoyable outing. Staff was very helpful the cinema was clean. And food was ok.

Javier Ruiz

Great theater! But a bit on the over priced snacks and drinks. The seats are uncomfortable for a fluffy guy like myself

Jesse Bowers

Took my kids to the movies there and was impressed with the theater. Very clean, floors were not sticky and you pick your seats when you pay for the tickets.

William Johnson

I've been a long time patron to this theatre because I did not like how the village was set up with picking your seats. Now that Edwards has done this it makes it difficult for me to want to continue going to this establishnent. Plus I've had many rude encounters with employees who don't seem to really care if you have a problem. Still it is a clean establishnent and if you like having assigned seats it's the place for you. It's not usually packed during the day unless there's a Pixar movie showing or its 5 dollar Tuesday

Zach Barnes

This was actually quite enjoyable - I thought it was a little spendy, but in retrospect, I think it was worth it. I think it was $16.25 per person, and it's something that I would consider doing regularly.

Paul Erkel

Nice theatre. There's nothing wrong with it, not really, but it's got a culture that's very corporate-feeling. By that I mean the employees are very superficial, they put up a facade that's typical of corporations. You know how, when you're on hold, you get that recording saying "your call is very important to us." Then back on hold for awhile. Like I said, there's nothing wrong with it, the food is typical movie fare (overpriced but what you'd expect) and the theatres are clean. We greatly prefer the Majestic, for the reason it's NOT a corporation and the culture reflects that. They really go out of their way to make people feel somewhat special, and that they appreciate your business (they don't just say they do, they SHOW that they do, and they charge a little less too). One complaint that's not so personal to my own bias-the "choose your seat" requirement is just annoying. 3 of 5 stars, not bad, nothing special.

Nate Bernard

I've always had a mixed experience here. Food is always pretty decent but for the price you'd expect quite a bit better. Also was in a movie when the audio cut in out and sounded like blown speakers. I brought it to their attention with high hopes of getting another ticket for a different film. But no luck. Definitely enjoy IMAX though

Michelle Barnes

The movie was great but the food was over priced and the worst I've EVER had. See the show don't eat .

Johanna Huber

Love this theatre. Beautiful, clean, great employees. Seats are so comfy. Tuesdays are bargain day. See you again soon.

Dan Hiben

Went last week for afternoon movie. Checked out price on internet before leaving. $13.25 per ticket. My wife and I were charged $15.00 per ticket. On the ticket itself showed a face value of $13.25. I asked the young man who took tickets at entry why the discrepancy and he did not know??? Stadium seating policy will ensure we don't come back. Too bad used to be our favorite theater.


Auditorium 10 had blown out speakers and sounded worse than my sound system at home. Beyond that though, great seats, big theater, good service. The experience should be about the movie and that was not the best.

Matt Twogood

Good screens, screens could be cleaner though. Reflective spots make some screens hard to focus on.

Chasen Callaway

Been going to Edwards forever. Staff is always friendly and facility is always kept clean. I like them much better than the village cinema

Eric no name

I’ve been to this theater many times. Saw Aquaman here. Saw Spider Man Homecoming here. Name a movie I probably saw it here. Hell I went and saw Teen Titans Go at this theater. I have given this theater money since June. Coming once, twice, sometimes three times every month. Today I was met with the worst customer service experience. I was planning on seeing a movie but I asked to quickly use the bathroom. The agent demanded NO. Buy something first then you can use the bathroom. Well now not only am I not going to see my movie here but I’m never going to this theater again. I hope losing a 6 month customer was worth it. I wonder how many customers you’ll keep being rude to. Your not the only big movie theater in town.

John Dzwilewski

You can save a lot of money by going on Tuesdays. The popcorn is too expensive along with the soda pop so try to resist!

Scott Michaud

It's a very clean movie theater with great current movies. If you like pizza there's a great New York style Pizzeria right across from it.

Ruebin B

Very disappointed with my experience at Regal Edwards Boise. The audio quality in the colleseum theater room was of poor quality. It sounded like a speaker was blown out. Kinda sounds like when your friend blasts his favorite song on his cellphone. Distorted. It just dismays me from the whole theater experience. It wasn't the worse sound in the world but I go to be enveloped in story and it distracted me from experiencing that. I can have a better experience at home and it makes me sad to say that.

Dave McCuen

This theater is still my favorite place to see movies. Harks back to a time when you expected a theater to have LOTS of really big theaters inside. The Village cinema had like one giant screen I think. The rest are all glorified family rooms. I hate that place. Majestic is newer of course but kind of . . . I don't know. It's fine. Anyway I love Edward's. My favorite place to watch movies. I'm so glad they set up the new line gizmo for the concessions so you don't have to worry about picking the best line. Thank you for that! And I got free popcorn tonight with my regal points. And I got to see MI6 in a giant theater with great sound. It was awesome.

C Jensen

I will see Star Wars 9 here in December...


Nice, comfortable and great prices and seats

Debra Mcknight

I have been a loyal Regal Crown Club member at this Edward's Theater for many many years. I have seen more than 80 movies since January. I review movies for friends. I understand that reserve seating will soon be implemented. I am sorry to hear that. I do not frequent theaters that use reserved seating. I prefer to select a seat not near other people and I get up and move if someone sits too close, especially in the winter.

Lisa Fernandez

Amazing for my son Anthony fernandez who's been hospitalized since feb.8,th when himself.his dad my other two sons were in head on collision David h48, Tre'D 24, Baby David A.T.22 died. My son Anthony had bought in advance ticket captain marvel in IMAX but couldn't even get refunded for his purchase but him & baby sister Johnni Fernandez20 went to watch it together was extremely difficult wo them there w them not mention Anthony has t.b.i. amnesia, loss right eye, blurry right eye, broken ribs,broken thumb surgery on it, facial surgery plates inserted,left eye reattached, corotied artery surgery coil inserted & brain surgery 5days before Anthony & johnni went to movie he has severe more injuries thank u for not starring or judging while he was crying. Also why cant he be reenburst for IMAX tickets he purchased before this tragedy. 7 tickets thanku

Tevin Leyba

Very comfy movie theater. Love the seats, how they rock and have very squishy, plush headrests. It's a movie theater, so prices are all very similar. But I love Edward's because they are part of regal which has the regal crown club. Which is awesome because it acts as a loyalty card and frequent visitor rewards to get free drinks/popcorn/ and even movies.

Johnny Devriese

They force you to pick assigned seats and then never enforce that people sit where they are supposed to -- chaos ensues. Gave feedback to a manager that this is poor, and he mentioned that nobody likes it and the system is only in place so they can make more money on concessions.

Cassie Roberts

Nice, clean theater. Of course the food, snacks and drinks are overpriced but I chalk that up to every theater.

Patrick Wangoi

Great to spend time with family, but a little expensive for a movie, popcorn, and a drink. The place is very clean. The staff Are helpful in directing clients inside.

Jacob Parker

IMax 3D is amazing. High definition, not dimmed out like other 3D projections, and the level of depth is huge! It's so good it looks like you can reach out and touch things. I wish I had gone here for Ready Player One, that would have been amazing!

Glowing Trebstep

The seats are comfortable. The rooms where you watch the movies are big!

Alex Eells

I went to the IMAX with a group of 8 on a Saturday night. The tickets were bought online at the Boise, Idaho theater. Some how the tickets were bought for another IMAX in another STATE (SCAM?), we found this out after our group was confronted by a couple of groups about the seats we scheduled ahead of time online. Other IMAX watchers said they had the same issues as we did. I have always wanted to go to the IMAX for years but it was a little spendy, I thought that meant and amazing experience better than Edwards Theaters. It was NOT better than Edwards, seats were not comfortable, people end up buying their tickets online for some other IMAX, and it was not worth the money for a mediocre theater.

Ron Seewald

Getting a little worn. I don't care for the reserved seating since it makes it hard to coordinate with other couples.

Holden Blackmer

Really nice movie theater, one of the fanciest Regals I've been to. They lose one star for the $11 ticket cost, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the staff is really friendly and helpful!

Chloe Kathleen

I used to love this theatre, but lately I have been treated so poorly every time I have come. Most recently, I tried to see a new (R) horror movie with my friends and sister - all of us being 17 or older. The lady at the counter wouldn’t let me (aged 20) buy tickets for my sister and I because she didn’t have her ID with her - but she doesn’t have an ID at all so there was no possible way to do what your representative asked of us. I understand there are rules the employees must follow but this representative was extremely rude and demeaning when we only asked if there was another way to prove her age or if there was another person we could talk to since she was obviously busy. I don’t plan on giving Edwards anymore of my money and I plan on letting all friends and family know about my bad experience.

Bernice Larsen

Crazy for concessions but great movie atmosphere

Luis Fonseca

Love the theatre, for some reason though I feel certain theatres have volume lower, don't know if it's just me

Shawn Jefferds

We had a theater we loved in Arizona, but having moved to Boise last year, hoped to find another place we loved, this is it!

Owen Miller

Fantastic theater. Good ticket prices, seating, etc.!

Brandon Insco

Good theater. Seems a bit small for IMAX however

rigo cuevas

Couldn't get a refill without a receipt made me have to walk back and forth. Missed a good portion of the movie.

Ronnie Garner

Pretty spendy if u have the moneybits cool. But. A bit hi just for a aquick peek at a movie. To find out it kinda sucks. Waste of money truely. And the food courts even worse. Can watch two movies at what a popcorn drink n a box of any candy. Costs you.

Cecilia Imberti

Nice building, sound and picture quality are impressive. The staff is friendly and professional. The only reason I give it 4 starts instead of 5 is that the popcorn we bought was stale; the prices of snacks are high enough that should guarantee freshness. After asking to have it changed for fresh popcorn we were able to enjoy the movie and the refreshments.

Joshua Larson

Clean place, great movie, good vibes.

Kendra Kelley

We like this theater. When we go on Tuesdays we always go early if we are buying from the concession stand because the lines are really long because of the big crowd

Kyle Green

Quick lines for how busy. Saw them open more windows to handle the influx. Glad we get to pick seating now.

Shaun Blodgett

Lobe to take my son to a new movie every month. Its ao worth it when u know it makes ur kids happy. Keep it up Edwards

Cj Farrow

Went to see Aladdin today. Waiting in line to buy a ticket, was the second one in line. The family in front of us got their ticket, waited for about 30 seconds for another family who cut us, did a separate transaction from the people they met, then waiting and another group of their friends cut, did the same, and all 3 groups left. The employee did not tell them to wait. Just allowed it. When I went to the window I said “what’s the point of a line right?” The employee didn’t even apologize.

Jonathan Andrews

Excellent service and rather clean, extremely awesome and it might be my 1st choice for all my movie viewing!

Sarah Ostrom

Love the place. So easier to get tickets online and right to the theater. It's always clean and had great service.

kin galeg

Hello I want to know if you have movies with subtitles in Spanish? Thanks

R Giles

Always enjoy this theater. Always clean and fun.

David Campbell

Had to go here to see the movie. Driving in the rain. Great movie!

Randolfo Hernández

Big screen good seats and pleanty of restrooms

Michelle Greim

Always a fun experience. Great staff. The food prices are ridiculous though.

Sharayah sherry

Always a great experience with large screens! Love coming here!

Jacee Thacker

I really don't like that we have to choose our seats ahead of time. They are clean, prices are comparable to other theaters and it's in a good location to find a place to eat before hand.

Nichole Di Dio

I've been going here since I was a kid! How can I rate a place like that? There are definitely things they could do better to improve the movie experience and make it more affordable for their constituency. They used to be the only major movie theater in the valley and I'm worried they won't be able to survive the competition. $5 Tuesdays are ideal. I'll always go to the theater on Tuesdays when I go if I can. The biggest thing they have going for them is location, size and history. It's fun to bring a big group and enjoy a couple hours at the theater.

BroadMan Knives

Great facility. A little pricy on the food side but really comfortable.


Great experience- enjoyed the movie

Scott Walker

IMAX screens once considered big are now just average. The seats are terrible. It is just old and not up to snuff. And they have the gall to charge extra for the "big screen!" That's a hard no. I'll be going to the Village from now on.

Teresa Johnson

We got our tickets online and got right in. They don't have water cups like the Nampa theatre and the women's restrooms seem run down and dirty.

Local Contributor

A sub par experience in the 21st century. Disgruntled employees (come on, be friendly and you'll have more patrons), dirty environment, and lack of architectural/design planning (bathrooms are poorly located, etc.). In fact, the 80's called and they want their theatre design back. It was surprising how small each theater actually was, not to mention the inadequate sound quality. Boise is a growing market, and it's time that someone built a proper theater experience ... unfortunately, this is not it.


Great show. MIB.


Theater was nice and clean and spacious. Staff is friendly

Sarah Krupp

Decent movie screens and seats, horrible employees and customer service. So slow...

Chris Scott

Fun theater and delicious popcorn. I'd say it's well worth checking out. Espessically for the IMAX. Only thing really missing is that you can't reserve your seats

Lacey Ashley

Great theater. Little pricy but great quality

Nick Figura

Edwards is great as usual. We got pretty often so we used our regal unlimited pass. Friendly staff and good service like usual.

Vickie Babbitt

Loved the movie overcome and need more movies like that. Thank you. . Clean polite staff

Rob Heidemann

Great location! The screens are awesome and the sound is amazing!

James Gomez

An employee named Kenney helped us out on getting our snacks. He was very knowledgeable on what was available and the special promotion on the buy a popcorn and a drink get a captian marvel shirt free. Outstanding service.

Mili Christensen

Very clean, comfortable seating, and good concessions. Amazing quality IMAX theater!

Brent Trimble

Great place to see a movie. Snacks are good, but like all movie theaters the snacks are way over priced. Oh well, you know that going in. Good theater, good seats, good sound, good quality. Will go again.

Daphne Day

I used to love coming here at least twice a week but ever since they started doing assign seating I have hated every second. First I was sat behind a very tall person and I couldn't see half the movie. Another time I was next to a person who wouldn't stop talking throughout the whole movie. The last time I went was next to a kid who was playing music on his phone DURING the movie. I believe me had seen he was spoiling the movie the entire time. Until they stop the assigned seating I am never going to this theater again.

Maverick Boldt

Movies are tons of fun for a reasonable price! Theaters are always clean and comfy! 5/5

Titus McGuirk

The establishment was great: 4 stars; The employees: 5 stars; the price of movie is sometimes 2 stars.

Chris Shifflet

Movie was great, food was good, but when I stepped out to get my one free refill of soda, after waiting in the ordering line, I was informed that without my receipt, which my wife had back in the theature. The staff would not budge an inch to accommodate the customer. I missed even more of the movie and with nothing to show for it. They should remove the 1 refill on sodas or give unlimited. This I between policy is just garbage. Very angry. Bad experience.

syko_ stacey

Matilda Wolfe

Went to see Endgame, I liked the fact that we could do reserve seating. The seats were a little too small for comfort and it was difficult to navigate around people.

Charles Ragsdale

Clean, great screens and seats. Prices well prices in thaters nowadays are crazy so this one is pretty standard

Trish_Ellis Andrews

If they weren't so ridiculously priced, it'd be 5 stars.

Sam Ho S M

First time to this cinema watched Captain Marvel.. Good experience and very comfortable watching the show.

Brian Payne

Been around for a long time and they keep improving the location. Never have a problem with Edwards.

Jessica A

Great experience over all.

Isaac Fenison

Went to watch Lion King and it was fantastic. Seats can be better! If you spend this much money on a Cinema then spend quite a bit on the seating. Other than that it's great.

Richard Wilson

Usually provide adequate to good service at the 25-30 movies I see per year. Today the manager was terrible - frustrating, rude, & condescending.

Rene' Lopez

Staffing is great! Theater is kept clean. Ladies room always well kept up with cleanliness. Huge kudos to that! Thank you Edwards 21 Boise!

Hello Good Bye

Good theater and well kept, always has at least 1 good show to see. Prices are a little high to me. But it is what it is.

Courtney R.

Great theater! I love that it has enough screens to have a good selection of movies to see at any given time. Well kept and fun atmosphere. My kids love it here.

William johnson

Love this place. Although I'm still a little taken back by their new select a seat. Still fun to go to.


This movie theater has been great since it was built. There are plenty of screens here which provides a lot of movie options. I would love to see them upgrade the sound and seating. Recliners would be an awesome feature here.

Crystal Loughran

RC to a great the service is great but the walk from the parking lot into the cha was a little long for a handicap person

YouTube viewer

My girlfriend and I drive 30 minutes out of the way when this theater has movies we wanna see! Definitely worth the drive, best movie theater food I've had and super clean theaters.

Hannah DalSoglio

Always very clean, good popcorn, friendly staff. Spiderman: Far From Home was fantastic!

Jerimiah Campbell

As long as they let me keep rating this place I will rate it a 2. I love this theater, always have since they built it, they do the 5 dollar Tuesdays, it's clean, the screens are big the sound is good. So why The 2? Assigned seating. I despise it. I like the age old tradition of getting to the theater early with your friends to get a good seat. Not having to wait forever in line because your waiting for everyone to try and pick a seat off a screen. You pay a general admission price and that should mean general admission seats.


Expensive, but I always love going to this theater. Tuesdays they have amazing deals!!


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