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Where is Regal Edwards Boise Downtown?

REVIEWS OF Regal Edwards Boise Downtown IN Idaho

Stacy Wells

Great place to see a movie. Easy to park (3 - hour) validation, comfortable seating. Staff is pleasant.

that kid from idaho

regal does a good job for a movie theater but don't let it distract you from the fact that you can cram as many snickers bars down your pants and have an unforgettable time when watching cars 3

Caroline M

The theater is small and it's definitely old, parking is a little rough though

Sara Harrelson

You have to pay for all parking just to see a movie at this location. They told me that they cover your parking garage fee, but when we went to leave the garage, they still charged us.

Bubbling Books

We had the place almost all to ourselves. Great family outing

Eric Knowles

I see a lot of movies here because I live close and can walk. But even if I didn't, they validate for the parking garages.

Michael Yaromich

Good quality movie theater very professional very clean and very nice staff

Evan Williamson

You know how you like movies? You know how movies are shown in places? This is one of those places that shows those movies. And the staff are just delightful.

Jaydan Urwin

To start off I like this theater. It's downtown, the screens are nice, the staff is friendly, and the sound system is usually spot on. However, this last time was not as good. The clerk gave us tickets for the wrong showtime and of course we didn't notice until we got to the ticket taker. He then said we have to go back downstairs and get the right tickets. After waiting in line to get the right tickets and the manager getting frustrated at us like it's our fault we were given the wrong tickets and we were late for the movie. Now the theater was packed and there were no good seats left so we decided to move to the next showing. Once we made it back down the manager once again was less than understanding or apologetic but rather rolled her eyes at us while swapping them out. All of this to say I hope you get better service than we did and I hate to complain but to be essentially blamed for something we didn't cause and never once get a sorry that happened was disappointing. Will try again down the road but with precaution.

Shari Gomez

If you can handle parking downtown, you will love this place!

Katie Swenson

My husband and I went on a Thursday to see an 8pm showing. We had purchased our tickets online in advance and arrived with plenty of time to get seats before the movie started, but because there were only 2 (very unhelpful and rude) employees working at the time we ended up being late to the movie. We waited in the ticket line for 10+ minutes to be told they couldn't scan our mobile ticket there and that we had to wait in the concession line. We waited another 10 minutes and then finally got in. We will not be going back to this theater.

Justin Bryant

The people are nice and the place is clean. Favorite theater

Alayne Rice

The prices are always high, but the quality of the theaters are always good I feel. Clean theaters, high quality screens, decently comfy chairs. It doesn't beat the AMC I went to in the Midwest, but this isn't terrible.

A. Shaw

Three stars because the food is expensive. It was 5$ for a bag of sour patch kids. At the gas station, the same sized bag costs 1.50. Good seats and great surround sound though.

Carmen Westre

Nice theater.. clean and the people are super friendly! Good popcorn!

Rob Betlach

Went on a Friday afternoon and it was dead. Clean and nice people. Thumbs up from us!!

Eddy Svidgal

Typical movie-house but clean and well-laid out! Two small bottles of water and medium popcorn are $19 but they have to make their money somehow, so no complaints!

tox jimmylee

Great service


Good movie theater. It's not often very busy, despite being a pretty large theater

Marc Brown

I prefer Edwards 21. Not sure what the huge difference is, because they are owned by the same company, but I've had several problems involving customer service at the downtown location, but never at the 21. Parking sucks too.

Jeff Scaggs

Other than the price, all is well with John Wick.

Andrew Jordan

Large movie complex

Jason Miller

Pretty standard place but gets the job done! Seats were reasonably comfortable


Love the free parking in the garage when you see a movie

Linda Lowe

Nice theatre.

Seth Stansell

Great location and clean facilities. The wait for tickets or concession can be long, even with relatively few guests. They would get five stars with better staffing levels.

Jaime English

It's ok, couldn't get any service after the movie was over

Sean Vance

I went to see Once Upon a Time In Hollywood with Bells. It was the best theater experience anyone has ever had. Will be one of my favorite moments in my memories ❤️

Jimmy McJimFace

It was clean, a little small, but nice. The kid at the snack stand was overly aggressive running my card through and for some reason it wouldnt read. Maybe try not destroying my card before you tell me i cant purchase snacks for a three hour movie. Also, the lady checking tickets kind of just scanned my phone and then walked away without saying a word. So after twp different staff members left me just standing there feeling like an idiot, i just went in to the theater. The customer service at this joint definitely needs to be looked into. I don't care if they're just kids working a minimum wage job, smile and adress your customers.

Clay Foster

Great theater!

Michelle Marler

Great place to catch a flick downtown! We usually get sushi around the corner. We also like to sneak in snacks from the dollar tree.

Camas Robinson

We got the bottom of the popcorn kernels and it wasn’t even full! The movie got shutdown for 20 minutes with no explanation of why it did. The concessionist was rude and didn’t even give me my receipt for regal points. I’ll be sticking with the Overland movie theatre.

jeff aggson

Still a favorite place to go watch movies!

Jonas Umberger

Movie theater is ok. But plenty of restaurants and bar really close by


Great small-fish theater in downtown Boise.

Sylvia Esqueda

Went to see Rocket man. Wasn't busy at all probably because it was the matinee showing. There were only 5 of us in the theater. And, we were all "oldsters" (over 60 years of age!)

Annette Tierney

Too many stairs. Do not like escalators. Elevator was out of order. Prefer Edwards 21.

Marina Nuzum

Barely anyone comes here so there's good seating

Benjamin Tomlin

Nice theater. Seats were comfy. Price was right since I went to a maintanee show

Georgia Keshian

Great place, but limited hours. Would like to be able to go out to a late night movie.

Kagome Okami

It's a nice theater they do not sell everything the other ones do or other one and it is in a really nice area in downtown there is several other establishments that are that is close as well

Robert Goes

Be sure to bring your parking ticket with you, they will validate three hours. Great theater, good seating, right inside downtown.

Tessa Joy

Good quick staff and nice location fora date , movies and dinner

Nate Meier

Clean theatre with all the latest movies that are out. As usual, you play an arm and a leg for popcorn... so eat before and save some cash...

Travis Hoyt

This is a pretty good theater. It's not going to knock your socks off but the theaters are clean enough for me. The popcorn was a little stale which was a bummer, but it looks really cool with lots of neat colored lights everywhere. The sound was a little on the soft side for the film we saw (A Quiet Place, 2018) but it was acceptable. The staff we interacted with were really great though, which is not often my experience with many movie theaters.

Sean Wallaszek

Great place to catch a movie! If you're in school then bring your student ID for 2 bucks off


Seating is a bit dated. The chairs don't recline and are slightly uncomfortable. Parking is a pain and staff could smile. Other than that the movie was good!

Emilie Lewis

Very disappointed with the manager. Came to see a movie and no popcorn for 15 min?! Made us late for our movie. Then we ordered a pretzel. After paying for it they came back and said it would be a 10 min wait. The manager didnt even apologize. She said, "yeah, it happends". Further more we go to get our parking validation and can't find any employees anywhere. We stood around for about 10 min and then just left. Very poor management! Will not be back!

Linda O'Dowd

Love this place!

Chris Weimar

Very awesome place. Definitely comin back

Jeramie Kramer

2 stars after cutting the Moviepass customer from getting Regal points. We pay for the pass and we use it to pay you. We buy your overpriced popcorn and drinks. I will take my pass to another theatre and spend money there!! I visited your location 30 times this year.(23 before the movie pass) more!!

Jonah Spector

Never crowded.

Ryan Tilton

Had a great time. Show was very good.

T Pate

Absolute best theater in town.

Robert Dean

This is a pretty typical sterile corporate environment, that being said, it is clean, and a fairly easy system to maneuver. Just very impersonal environment. Nothing bad to say (other than prices, but I think we all know about major theater prices), just nothing overwhelmingly good to say either. I prefer the flicks' by far, but every now and again I sucker myself into having to see a major release film, and have to go here to see it.

Dom Ewing

Its kinda lame that like 3 times ive been here that a customer in the theatre has to remind the staff to either A. Dim the lights when the movie starts B. turn the volume up once the previews are over I just got back from seeing a movie tonight and 2 different customers got up to remind the staff. You shouldn't have to do that, you should go to a movie and sit back and enjoy. Not remind the staft how to do their jobs.

Katelyn Dudley

Super cute inside! I loved going here! Wish I knew you could get free parking though. Otherwise a lot of fun!

Alma Ramirez

Awesome customer service

Grace Ocker

Small but nice. It’s you usual Edwards but a little bit smaller. You’ve got your popcorn, your nachos, drinks, and candy. Only complaint is the parking situation, sometimes it’s hard to find a spot but it is downtown so what do you expect. Though, they do have a parking garage decently close to the theater but if there’s an event going on downtown, that thing will fill up quickly!


Nice location. Good sound. Clean. Good popcorn. Great deals if you are a member. No lines. Wasn't too cold inside. Parking was a little bit of a pain, because it's downtown and there is only street parking, but it's Boise and so there's always something available.

Brianna Dickens

Comfy seats and good service. All theaters pricy though.

Jessica Dougherty

You would think parking would be an issue when visiting this theater but it's not. There is a great parking garage just across the street that is free for a few hours if you're seeing a movie. The theater is clean and pretty well priced.

Dawn Lynn-Palmer

Had a nice date night with the hubby, not too crowed.

Anthony Christensen

Ordered our tickets online and just walked right in, that's is nice and concessions are priced similar to most concession stands

ricky bryan

This is a great little movie theater located in the heart of downtown Boise. The one problem that you are going to run into is looking for parking, it is in a little shopping complex with very little parking without going into a parking garage. The nice thing about this is that it is no more expensive than any other movie theater. Comfortable seats and a friendly staff make this a great establishment

Harry Oei

Good place to see a movie as it's downtown

jim bridgeman

Fun times.

Steve Westfall

I like the location downtown with lots of additional activities available. Although there aren't a lot of screens, they show the newest movies. Very clean and friendly staff.

Zohair Hadi

Everything was good except they keep it HOT in May. It was a little uncomfortable in the beginning but then I got used to it and focused on the movie. 3D is fun but everything seemed smaller but then I don't watch a lot of 3D so I'm assuming that's how it's supposed to be. All in all a good theater and prices seems fair. 25 for 2 people for 3D

chase kingsley

Favorite movie theater in Boise, nice small place with lots of great memories with friends. Would recommend to anyone.

Michael Tuszynski

This theater setting is average and seems like it's a bit dated. It was clean, but seats weren't comfortable and felt kinda cheap. Nothing like watching a movie at a Cinemark or Megaplex. Watched Solo there with some friends and the sound was incredibly loud. Now, I love loudness, but this was at a dangerous level and my ears still hurt. A member of our group went and told a theater employee that something was off with the sound, but nothing was done. Please have your employees check sound levels or you'll risk damaging ears (especially younger ears).

channing turner

Nice theater. The seats are comfy for me and concession prices are okay. Has been quite every time I have gone.

Amy Riley

Clean, great movies.

Todd Sowden

One of my favorite places to catch a movie in the heart of Boise.

Orin Alexander

Nice theatre, very comfortable and clean. A very good selection of movies. Lots to do around it if on a date, or just hanging with friends.

Kyle C

Cool place.


Nice place see a movie. Plus fun to go downtown. Remember to get parking validated. You can use the parking garage across the way.

Moin Ahmed

A movie theater in downtown is all what you want if you're traveling for business and have some free time in the evening and staying nearby. Due to my short stay I couldn't watch any show, though facility looked great.

Robert Menz

Cool theatre, really great customer service is why I like it, however parking here is hard to find.

Glenda Moorhouse

Great experience!

Dheeraj Kumar

Parking around can be difficult the first time.

Jesse Fleming

This edwards is just like the one on overland and cole except smaller, located downtown, and with an escalator in it that apparently we are discouraged from sliding down the railings on. Would have given it one more star if they had another escalator that wasnt as well watched. Oh hey dont forget to get your parking garage ticket validated too, otherwise you gotta pay. Geeze I have to remind you of everything. Also whoever you are (you know who you are) stop talkimg during the movies. It makes us all wanna fight you but we know we cant because someones kid is there.

Matthew Waltz

Go here quite a bit to see the latest movies.

Sharmaine McWhite

Friendly staff and always fresh popped corn

True Covenant

Only con is downtown parking is crazy.

Gary Allen

Our favorite mainstream theater. Lots of good places to eat nearly

Courtney J Rasmussen

I love this movie theater so much. It's in such a good location for dinner and a movie. It's also so big. It's my first choice for a movie night. It's always clean, the staff is wonderful and I've never gone and not felt cared for.


This theatre is small, quiet, and just what I need in my life when wanting to see a movie. The prices are crazy high as all theaters are these days. The parking is hard to find, but they do validate if you park in the garage. There are lots of places to eat/cocktails within short walking distance. It makes for a good date day/night location.

Danny Austin

Great location. Nice theaters.

Kenyon York-Byers

Prefer the overland one, but this is nice, too.


Unique setup. Nice Regal theater.

Polly Hawthorne

This theater was perfectly fine, but now that I've been spoiled with reclining seats, I can't give it give stars. I appreciate that they accept the Atom app. TMobile gives great movie deals through Atom on T-Mobile Tuesdays. Some theaters don't accept it.

Calvin Zito

There is parking across the street that the theater will voucher for up to 3 hours. It's always been available when I've gone. There are also many choices of restaurants that are nearby that make it a great place to go see a movie and grab something to eat.

tammy Ikonen

no matter what you want to see there is a nice place

Bob Ross

I enjoyed it


Better than the village! Less people, better seats. Better price!

Caesar Hunns

I get off work at 4:00 PM but my wife doesn't get off work till 7-7:30 PM and we live in Meridian. So before she gets off I catch a movie to pass the time before I need to pick her up. I have been going to this theatre almost every Friday for over two years now. I have not yet had a bad experience. I love the free parking. Yes free, if you time it right you get the first hour free in the garage and the validating at the theatre gives you another 2 hours. Only time I had to pay was watching The Lord of the Rings. wow super long. Another thing I like is the Regal card. not only I get in for a discount price, I am always getting free movie tickets and free popcorn or drinks. I find it is very clean and the staff is great. I like an escalator because an escalator can never break. It can only become stairs.

Tammy Ikonen

see a great movie play Arcade games oh my gosh it is a really great place to visit it truly is

Simon Newkirk

Great theatre, standard customer service!

Jeffry Black

Clean, good seating, and cheap matinees

Rene Duhamel

nice place with great staff

Laura Yvette

Clean with a nice atmosphere.

Natalya Besoushko

Good theater with large screens! Went to see Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody and it was great!

Josh Stanley

It's a nice theatre not as many people seem to go there and the seating is very comfortable

Dan Mullins

Always clean and comfortable. The place is full of hot guys that work there.

Sorina Melendez

Love this theater. Convenient location and friendly staff.

Donnie Risher

Played the dawn wall.. cool points

Mary Toutloff

Went in tonight 8-6 at 6pmto see Wonder Woman. All three employees that dealt with were friendly, prompt and helpful. They need to give lessons.

Himalya Joshi

It was great, good service and lots of variety

David Tilley

My son lost his wallet about a week ago. We called right after but got no help. My son couldn't remember the theater number he was in and no one working there could be bothered to look it up. I called today just to see if we got lucky. Chris the manager actually looked up the theater, looked for the wallet and found it. I love service like that. He should train the rest of the managers how to handle situations like that. Thanks Chris.

Lynden Jensen

I've gone here for 3 movies thus far over the past few years visiting and have been impressed. The only negative is that they don't have bathrooms after the ticket check so you have to bring your ticket out to get back in.

Brandon Insco

Small little theater, not the best seating, but it is in a convenient location ( for me ). Could be better, but going to weekday shows, it's abandoned and that's all I could ask for

Tobi Popoola

Aquaman 3D was amazing

Robert Spence

Nice clean theatres, friendly staff, less busy, easy parking to theatre as well as restaurant's and stores.

Ryan cook

Great service and clean theatres

Katie Nunnally

What a cool theater cant wait to go back

Danny Anderson

Easy parking and nice staff. Great experience.

Nate Marineau

I love this theater for it's size (not too big), and it's location (right downtown and easy to bike to). The employees are friendly, and the facility is always clean and well maintained. Picture and Sound system is great, and even with only 9 theaters, they seem to carry the movies I want to see.

Madison McGowan

Very unhappy with my service. The staff forgot about my food, and took their time getting me a refund, making me 10 minutes late for my movie. The manager Justin was extremely rude as well. I do not recommend coming when they are even slightly busy.

Justin Mauzey

I'd been a long time since I've gone to an Edwards. This was my first experience with the downtown location and it meet if not exceed my expectations. It was quiet, clean, comfy, and clear sounding. Can't really ask more for a movie experience.

Benjamin Bakaitis

Lines to fast, the theaters are comfortable enough, great location to other things to do

Robert McKay

Location is great, in BoDo, parking deck across the street, parking is validated, and lots close by for before or after the movie. Limited bicycle parking though.

Isaac Bottom

I'm lovin it

Summer MacPherson

Comfortable & Clean. The employees are nice and knowledgeable. Parking can sometimes be difficult so I would recommend calculating that in to allow time to find a space.

charles schisel

Surround sound is Amazing

Scott G

Love to catch a matinee on wednesday or thursday on the first show. Big drum of popcorn and largest coke no ice. So satisfied with this theater, great experience every time.

Jeff Nelson

Great theater especially in downtown area. Clean, modern, organized

Earl Root

Out of all the theaters I have gone to I have to say I like this one the best. Each time I have gone to it the employees have always been extremely nice.

Mikiel Montrose

The chairs are so comfy & the theatre is clean & lovely!

Cynthia Crawford

They often do not have first-run releases that are drawing crowds and getting good reviews, like Downton Abbey, and seem to hang on to second rate choices for extended periods of time. What a shame.

Ryan Stafford

If you want to watch a feature film in Downtown Boise then visit the Edwards Boise Downtown 9 theater. I watched the Transformers movie here on a Monday night and I was the only person here. I seriously had the entire theater all to myself, it was awesome. The theater employees are very polite and the snacks were tasty. The only issue I had was with the guy walking around with the red glow stick. He walked into the theater three times checking the emergency door. I'm not sure why, but it was distracting.

Jack Dadam

I go here all the time which my family and we always have such a good time the service is amazing movie theaters are always clean and the snacks are also good

Biarki Viorandr

I ordered my tickets in advance and could not make the showing. The manager was able to switch the times without a problem. I was so thankful.

Pete Jacobs

Fun place to see a movie, great location, easy parking lot with the garage nearby.

Doug Royer

And with Regal unlimited, great deal.

Taso Kinnas

Nice location, clean theaters, friendly staff.

Kevin Hines

Nothing extraordinary, just like any other Edward's. Staff are very nice and it was very clean. This is a smaller theater with only 9 screens, but being in the middle of downtown is very convenient.

Jason Portocarrero

The consistency of this theatre is what has earned it is fine stars.

Christine Spence

We like the location downtown and movie choices. Friendly service

Kyle Price

We like coming here a lot. Always clean and friendly!

Nick MacManus

Love the place! Great deals on Tuesdays and feel pretty lucky to have a theater downtown!

K Fenton

The staff there are always above family and I love movies at Edwards!

Kerry Fitzharris

I've never had a bad moment at this theater. Love the Regal Card benefits. Edwards 9 is so much more convenient for downtowners or people who live close to downtown (rather than having to go out to Edwards 21or the Village Cinema). Between Edwards 9 and The Flicks, movie-goers are set! Don't ever leave us, Edwards Boise Downtown 9!!!!!!

Alec F

Saw the incredibles 2. Good clean theater, good screen, easy to get around.

Martino Jones

It's your typical smaller movie theater. I liked it and it's an 8min walk from restaurants and hotels.


One of Boise's downtown movie theatres. Love going here. Tuesdays are half off tickets!

Roy Lujan

Love the escalator. :-)

John Maulin

It's a good movie theater and it runs the current movies that you might want to watch. It's busy on weekends or opening days but most of the time you can get in and get a really good see whenever you want.

Prabhanjana P

Closer to all location and best place to watch a movie... Beware, parking space is difficult to get during busy hours

Chao Tang

Close to home, usually quite.

Brandon McGee

Went to a 4 o'clock movie and had the theater to ourselves. Made for a great experience to see a movie on a Tuesday.

Riley Summers

Every time I go the experience is the same which I like and I love they will validate parking.


Great, clean movie theater. I couldn't believe it was completely dead on a Friday night. The stadium seating is comfortable. The sound and visual are good quality.

Kay Det

Very clean movie theatre. Their staff is friendly and smiling. I saw the movie Wonder and cried through the whole thing. Worth every penny.

Rick Sanchez

Really fun times. But there is one dude who works there that gives me and my friends the creeps. Would recommend staying away from him (you will know when you see him)

Mikayla Johnson

A little confusing on how to get tickets, but once you figure it out, it's small enough to not get lost in.

Danika Tracy

Nice staff, comfy chairs


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