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1085 Bishop Blvd, Pullman, WA 99163

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REVIEWS OF Pullman Village Centre Cinemas IN Idaho


Clean, but pricey. Went to see the incredibles 2 and there were a variety of show times to choose from. Tend to carry movies longer than most cinemas. Small, and easy to find the theater you were assigned.

Karah Eileen Kious-McJoslin

Always fun with cheerful folk working.

Karen Wilson

Just your standard movie theatre bit,they bring in good shows and overall a nice facility for the area

George Miller

Too pretentious, too much Pullman, not enough Moscow

Matt Bevington

The people are nice. The movie selection is good. I like the seasonings for the popcorn. If you ask, they will let you put butter on half way. I just wish the seats reclined.

Steve Szablya

Great location. Always first run movies. Excellent concessions.

Tracy Myers

They took popcorn we had been eating and poured it back into the popcorn container when we asked for a refill. They had no idea what we had put on that popcorn or if we had coughed on it and were sick. Huge health code issue never mind anyone with food allergies. Do not eat anything from this place unless your okay with getting other customers leftovers.

David Bollinger

We love that the staff decorated the theater with an It 2 theme!

Arcinsaw L

Perfectly adequate theatre. Definitely not the most up to date, and occasionally its a little dirty, but hey. Having lived in different university towns my whole life, this theatre is above and beyond most.

David Morse

The stadium seating is decent, cleanliness isn't a problem, the concessions are standard and nothing special. No e-ticketing is available and while staff is decently trained, be aware that staff does not have the ability to deal with Movie pass subscribers. They offer to run cards for movies ineligible for moviepass subscription.

Ian Nyhus

Good clean theater. They don't have the biggest screens but for this area that's pretty normal.

Chris B

Nice local theatre. Never tp3o crowded.

Kathy Freund

Nice little town theater.

Michelle M

This is the second time we've gone where there's been problems. The first they didn't start the movie... And couldn't for some reason. The movie seriously started 30 min late. This time they turned off the movie about 20 minutes in

Elizabeth Wood

Good theater. Clean and well maintained. Love the self serve butter/topping bar for popcorn! Offers a $1 student discount on admission if you show your student ID.

Zachary Cadman

It'll have all the movies you want. And it's average price for a movie.

Justin Glover

Though it isn't a fancy theater by any means, my wife and I thoroughly enjoy going to this theatre. It has a very unique local feel to it, and the staff are always very pleasant. Their website could really use an update though, and there are a few repairs that need to be done in some places.

Erik Gomez

It's a good theather. The staff is always friendly. The lines move fairly quickly. It's also pretty well kept.

JT Bates

Really good movie theater. I mainly worry about screen size/quality and sound quality and they were both very good. Somewhat older seats but still quite comfortable.

Phantom Pyro

The staff are friendly and helpful, the seating is comfortable and the movie quality is very crisp. All around this is one of my top five movie theaters I've ever been to

Harry Pennington

Nothing special. Typical movie theater. No recliner seats.

William Gaskins

Many theaters to choose from is excellent.

Danielle H

Nice venue for watching movies. The chairs are comfy and there's usually a good amount of choice as to where to sit in the theatre, unless it's an opening night. The popcorn is consistently fresh and the soda machine is epic!

Annika Kiss

To expensive

G. Foster

People were vaping in my moive, last visit. Other than that one issue it's a good theatre.

Marv McCain

Reasonable prices to see movies. What else do you need? Movie monopoly in town.

Robert Shirley

Only cinema in Pullman. It's a decent small town cinema.

kwanyoung lee

Only movie theater, but quite good quality

Matthew Vecera

It’s a nice theater but they over charged me one night when I went to see Justice League and o wanted the movie cup I payed for the combo of $11.50 not knowing the cup was a medium drink and I asked since I paid for more if they could swap it out and they said they can’t that I needed to pay $5.25 for the drink

Jon Meyer

Clean multi-theatre Cineplex. Reasonably comfortable basic seats restrooms were clean and functional.

Jared Sharp

Love the fact that premier movies are on Thursdays. They try to keep a decent enough selection of movies and are usually fairly priced. Popcorn and soda and such are expensive, but that's just how movie theaters are...

Benji Heath

Brrrr!! Make sure to bring a blanket. I guess they don't want to have anybody get warm and cozy and fall asleep so they keep seating area very chilly. Also, bathroom was kind of dark. Gave me the creeps actually. I guess it was clean, but...?

Suellen Weller

I go to the movies every week. The theater is pretty. Seats are comfortable. Clean place in every aspect. Service is great!

Krupal Jadhav

The place is really neat and clean. Had a good movie watching experience.

Rachel Gingras

Best place to see a movie great prices on tickets and snacks! I try to take my family once a month

Eric Kilthau

Great service, clean bathrooms. And the girl I went with made everything better too.

Joshua Halverson

Good theater. A little high price but when you dont have any competition.

Holger Kleiner

Nice theater. Nothing special though.

Victor Navarrete

We liked it. Very clean and probably the best popcorn I had very much like targets didn’t taste stale after a couple min. Offered military discounts and wasn’t bad price wise. Good selection and movie times were offered.

Kim Mills

Comfortable seats the previews were quite long

Angela Mclain

I have seen several movies at this theater over the years. It is a nice clean place with good service. I just don't understand why they charge you a fee of $1.00 per ticket on top of the regular fee if you purchase them online.

Hannah Christensen

Easy ticket sales, easy to find the building, light traffic. Movies are current and seats are comfortable. Popcorn is good. Food is pricey but that's not uncommon for movie theaters.

Joshua Weller

Pullman Cinema - five stars Pullman Cinema is a wonderful place to go if you want to watch a movie in and Pullman. Every time I go there the sound is loud, however is clear and pleasant to the ears. The picture is of good quality. The whole building is clean and well-kept - it looks like a typical quality Cinema. The only con it has is price, but if you're looking for a fun time this is the place to go in Pullman for your a Movie. The staff are polite and we'll answer any questions that you have.

Max Grucella

A decent movie theater. The chairs need to be updated but always clean and well kept.

J Neuburger

Always a fun time to be had

Andrew Smith

It's a cinema, nothing amazing but also nothing bad

jose cruz

Great place for a gateway. Would differently come back.

Jimmy Silk

It's pretty much the only theater around campus. It's kinda small and the snacks, per usual, are real expensive. Decent venue.


Best place in the area for a movie. But if we have time and can plan better we will drive to Spokane for recliners and signed seating. Cannot really complain about prices because every theater in the country is this way, but I still complain as a whole. Other than not being an updated theater with more comfort or better yet a dining theater which I will go to more often, it is the best in a 60 mile radius.

Seth Muck

Dey aint got nuttin to watch!

Sam Finnell

Very nice theatre with reasonably priced tickets and friendly employees!

Chris Tennant

Lots of parking, good clean theater experience...

Caffeinated NPC Gaming

Friendly staff, clean bathrooms and averagely priced concessions. They delivered pizza (made in house) in the middle of a movie once. Fantastic service.

Megan SH

It's cheap, fun, and perfect to visit on a cold winter day, or a hot summer day!

Erik Kowalski

Decent movie theater. Usually when i visit its quieter than premeire night

Andy Marks

We saw Detective Pikachu here and it was a stellar experience! The theater doesn't seem to get very busy so there were very few people, the seating was comfortable, and the floors were clean. We even reached out to the staff online to ask about showtimes and they were very courteous and quick to respond.

Emily Goodwin

I live in Moscow but go to Pullman to see any movies because you are guaranteed a theater with stadium seating. Really wish Moscow would update all their theaters so I don't have to see the back of the person in front of me's head the whole movie.

Gear Jammin Johnny

Can't go wrong with a good theatre

Batmen Beyont

Great little place to watch the latest showings

Ashok Manoranjan

A great local theater that is fun for the whole family. Staff is friendly and they consistently carry a good, varied selection of major movie releases. Birthday parties (or parties of any sort) can be hosted here as well. I do wish that they carried independent films and/or documentaries but overall I've never had a bad experience at this theatre.

Malaki Eichenberg

About every time I go here during the summer there are old movies for a dollar, but the prices for food and drinks are getting bigger.

Jessie Penman

Great place just wish it wasnt so expensive to go to the movies

Beth Ficklin

It is awesome to have a movie in our little corner of the world.

Jason Moore

I enjoyed it! The pre-show ads were a little drab, but better than some I've seen!

brenda delgado

Good environment. Friendly staff. Clean bathrooms. Kid friendly. I just haven’t seen any upgrades and prices for food are rising. Since it’s the only one in town(hint hint). The game room is gone though.

Van Holloman

I really enjoyed coming here. It seems theater always have great movies showings. The movie snacks are good. Well besides being slightly over priced. Also this is the only theater in town that I am aware of.

Chelsea Miller

always a good time

Catherine Ulibarri

Great theaters, clean and you see well from very seat. They set the movies up so that the sound rarely spills into another theater.

Carlos True Morales

It's okay. I wish the selection of movies was greater, and I wish they played local short films as well as older films.

Natalia K

I like this theater way better that the one in Moscow, ID. All of the rooms have rows that go from high to low. I like that a lot.

James Deskins

Always a nice place to visit. All the latest movies and always clean and comfortable.

Jason Johnson

Great theater to watch new movies. Friendly staff, good popcorn and snacks.

Josiah Pearson

Never had any issues here. Clean theater spaces and decent quality systems. Great as far as local theaters go.

Josh Powers

nice staff, comfortable environment.

Selen Gürmen

Such a cool cinema place run by joyful people.

Colby Bland

It's a fine movie theater, pretty clean, good movie selection, but there's nothing to write home about.

Randy Orison

great theater. Like the movies and reason price. Was also very impressed they show the WSU games there. That will bring us all back to buy drinks and pop corn there instead of at the game.

Jacob Gravitt

Always the best! Cory is great. Ialways feel like im the most important customer when ever im there.

Ramesh Kr Sah

Nice place and fair prices

Steven Lew

My wife had one of the biggest pocket of infections in her jaw and the Dr said if she hadn't come in she would have died so thank for getting her in and helping with that .thank you

Timothy Neumann

Decent theater. A little old and small, but the nicest one in the area. I strongly advise avoiding anything 3D here though as it isn't updated enough for a good 3D experience.

Neil Bailey

Always clean, great service, seats are comfy:)

Gwen Palmer

Great theater in Pullman, Wa...usually clean unless busy weekend. Staff is friendly and lined usually move quickly. Refresments are $$$$ and movie tickets are too...only go as special treat.

Ah Minay

Poor movie selection. Wanted to see Hell or High Water (not exactly an indie art house movie) but nope, not playing here. They confiscate your bag before you go in, even if it has nothing in it, which if you don't have a car and travel by bike or walk is unfair because we have no place to put our bag. You have to butter your popcorn yourself which NEVER works, ends up being messy and uneven. Why in gods name would they not butter the popcorn? Why do consumers have to do everything now? Pour your own drink, butter your own popcorn.... don't get it. Isn't the theater supposed to be for the "experience?" Makes me want to stay home and save some money. Also- their mandatory concession combos are ridiculous, especially if you're just one person. You can't get a large drink and soda WITHOUT getting the candy too. They forced me to take the candy. Terrible, but probably par for this hick town. Bleh

Kevin Pickron

Clean, basic movie theatre experience, expect higher priced food items, with a positive smile.

Daniel Johnson

Clean theatre, good selection, and friendly staff.

Indigo Frappuccino

A sweet, classic cinema. Would come again.

Jordan Nelson

In general, it's the nicest movie theater in the Palouse. Nothing particularly special. Its a little annoying that Fandango doesn't work with Village Center Cinemas but they do accept MoviePass which is fantastic.

Dane Kowalick

Eh. It was ok. Probably the best you'll find in this area.

Ricki Lagozzino

We try to only go to Village Center Cinemas when we are at home, so when we were looking for a movie theater and saw this, this is where we chose to go. Felt like a bit of home

fidel solano

Went to watch last Jedi.very comfortable seating .

Doni Engfer

Great little theater, nothing fancy but I would rather lower ticket prices than recliners.

Karl S

Dated theatre, but very charming. Excellent prices, staff could be a bit more enthusiastic.

Kayla Ellis

Unlimited popcorn

sierra wright

Very friendly staff and good theatre set up!

Alex Martin Kay

I would say the experience here at Village Center Cinemas is that of any regular Cinema. Concessions are priced at theater sale and they have the usual amenities. More than enough rooms to screen movies, with enough space to keep you uncrimped. It's a clean place that's well-maintained, and when compared to the other available theaters in our region B, the Pullman Village Center cinema shines bright!

Helen Stevenson

Good movie, clean and neat BUT they sold me stale hard supposedly soft pretzel for $4. NOT OK. CHECK YOUR FOOD!! The garbage can got the treat. No one there that cared!!

Nathan Weller

Always polite and bring orders to your movie if they are preparing it. It's a great place with great employees

Dane Fjeld

Very clean, and early afternoon there was not another soul in the theater with me. Smaller theaters as well, so there was not really a bad seat. Will definitely visit again.

Camren Richards

Great cinema for a small town. Comphy seats and great selection of films. The only place around if you want to see a film.

Susan Cao

Good screen quality and sound level/balance.

Waymeth Boyes

Nice theater with stadium seating and good picture quality. Will definitely be back.


Nice theater!!

Ramesh Kumar Sah

Nice experience

Zoila M

Good place to watch movies and Cougar football games!

Ayla Kelley

Nice little theater

Reuben Concepcion

Decent theatre, stadium seating

michael waldorf

Standard movie theatre

Arnora Griffith

3D glasses are a heavier model but otherwise good service, clean, nice array of flavored dustings for popcorn.

Daniel Radach

Very nice small town theater has comfortable seating and lots of food items like pizza, hotdogs, and the normal stuff like, popcorn and candy along with coke freestyle fountains so you can have just about any coke product to drink.

James Arnold

This place was good. When I showed up I was greeted with a smile. The price wasnt too bad and the seating was great. I would say the only downside I had was that I went to a 3D movie and the glasses were obviously recycled. I don't have a problem with that but from the looks of the glasses they may not have been cleaned. Overall a solid place to go just bring a spritz of cleaner with you if you want to watch 3D.

Austin Sasquatch

Nice Price

Pacamama '97

Staff was friendly, building was clean, and parking was sufficient. I was there for the 12:40 showing on a Saturday and it was a good experience.

Jeremy Gerber

Not a bad place. But being in a college town quite often it is either noisy or they use their phones during the movie. It was not as bad this last time. Saw two people turn their phones on. And a couple lightly talked next to us. One of the phone users was an older man. The seats are okay, the concessions are great other than prices but that is everywhere. I give 4 stars because there are better more updated theaters than here. If we had the money to blow we'd go to Spokane to one of the theaters with recliners. With that said this theater is one of the best in the area.

Leila Brown

Your average theater. No complaints or standout things about it.

Vicky Monk

Best place for movies in Pullman.

Allison Halvorson

Great theatre. I gave it 4/5 only because I have been to one with lazy boy style chairs. These chairs were great though. I didn't buy anything so I can't comment on the munchies.

Wei Ching Liao

Great place for movie!

Tina Vatala

Love the staff and service!

Josiah Clemans

Watch end game here. It's better than any theater on the area including Moscow

Ryan Tey

Super awesome place with super awesome staff. They're very polite and I once got a personal apology just because some other movie patrons were loud during a movie. They really do their best to provide good customer service.

S Movius

Tuesday is student night at the theater $8 a ticket! Definitely worth a night outout for cheap.

Don Sokoloski

Nice theater I remember when they built it and have watched many movies here over the years.

Brian Meyers

Clean and well maintained. The sound system was good, no distortion that I could hear.

Robert Haney

It's a fun theater that plays great movies and has good prices while taking care of the students in the area by offering a discount on Tuesdays. And all their employees seem to be very happy.

Rea Leonard

Good movies. Quick service.

Mike Williams

This is a decent movie theatre. However, it is the only one in Pullman, and that is reflected in the service, which lacks enthusiasm (the employees seem to be unhappy and disturbed with your interruptions). And in the high prices, etc., reflect that this is a local monopoly.

Kaela Fisch

Really nice theater


Great location, cheap price. The seat was comfortable, it’s not a huge cinemas.

Andrew Foss

Nice people, nice place.

Debbie Sperry

The theater was clean and the seats were comfortable. We had a great time.

Carmen Bolyard

Love going to tje movie here. Best experience ever.

Allison Burnett

Good movie theater, but a little pricey.

Idaho N8ive

Pretty clean for theaters.

Marci Aye

Always a good experience..

Concerned Customer

With the cost of a movie these days, even a matinee, I should be able to go to the theater and buy fresh popcorn for my kids. Stop using day old popcorn (I hope not older). I used to work at a theater, it is not hard to make new corn. Stop serving old stale popcorn to your paying customers. It is cheap and disrespectful to people who pay good money to come to your movies. I have been to several matinees in the last year and not once has there been fresh popcorn. The employees even apologized and said that is how they are told to do it. Respect your customers and serve fresh food worth the money you are charging. I can only imagine what you do with other food products. I am very disappointed that you would serve stale old food to customers, especially children. Either be upfront and tell customers it's old or make new. Don't sell it, under the reasonable assumption that it is fresh, and make your employees lie or be embarrassed when the nasty taste of stale food is called out. This is a business decision that would make the customer experience closer to what they pay for and not cheating them out of quality service. Please be better for Pullman.

Iam MrFredRogersFan

Back in the days worked at downtown Pullman,Wa's Cordova Movie Theatre; hey Pullman Native M.C. of Pullman High School majored in Hospitality that I got hooked up unknowingly by Laura and the coworkers there when I was working there part time! Cordova Movie Theatre chain owner also owned the theatres in Moscow,Idaho downtown near University of Idaho. Back in the days it was so awesome! Pullman,WA WSU Bookstore down the WSU tracks; cannot believe student CadetPullman PD trooper gave me a traffic ticket going down that slope mid morning!

Aaron Wright

This theater hasn't made any improvements ever. It is exactly the same as the day it was built. It has stadium and floor seats; the floor seats are completely unusable. Unfortunately this is the only game in town. The same company owns the theaters in Pullman, Moscow, and Lewiston, so they feel no pressure to improve anything.

Ben Young

Good experience overall. Nice aesthetic, good quality screens, and the theaters are very clean. I wish the seats were a bit more cushy, but that's minor overall.

Ray William Johnson

Very very old theater. Also, no parking.... If you are going on a big weekend, good luck finding a spot.

Bryce Dale

Fun place and always above standard service!

Scott Bean

Staff is always friendly and courteous.

Mahmoud Alshair

It has big screens with good quality, I recommend it for those who didn't try it

Ashley Kanikkeberg

Its th best the palouse has to offer

Visceral Reaction

Needs to be updated.

Kayla Candler

Love the staff here. They were so great helping me with my daughters 1st bday party.

Sunktokeca Hota

Decent small town movie theater

Jeremy Shulke

I required subtitles due to a disability. However, I tried to use the odd contraption that supposed to give me subtitles. I twice it twice, and twice it failed. Employees seems to not know what is wrong. After that, I gave up on theaters, period.

Rick Shannep

Nice little cinema. Great seating.


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