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2085 Niagara St, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

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REVIEWS OF Paramount Triplex Theatre IN Idaho

Amy Minzghor

Can't beat the price! Perfect for families and for a date night that won't break the bank.

Lee Duplessis

Love this place. Good people, nice place, good prices.

Kurtis Moser

I don’t find it very good for business to never answer your phone and only let it ring 2-3 times then let people go to a voice mailbox that is always full and and can’t except any new messages.

David Pruitt

The date was great, chose the right girl to go with. The theater was quick to get us what we needed and made it easy to enjoy without annoying flashlights of people being served mid movie like other theaters.

Yulese Lincoln

Super tasty popcorn! Great prices for admissions and concessions. Friendly staff. Love that they sell Carmel Apple Suckers!

Janet Grubb

Very dated, sound on the speakers in the movie is always too quiet. They get the "new" movies pretty quickly, so that's nice. Fresh popcorn.

Zechariah Judy

The popcorn was great, and it's so nice seeing a movie I can afford.

Lil mouse

It's a good place, for the price. Needs an updated appearance though

John Albertson

Free refill on large popcorn and large drink combo deal great value if you go early in the day it's not very crowded

M'Kay Cauble

I gave this place 5 stars because of the price. We only paid $9.00 for 3 people to see a movie. That is pretty impressive! The theatres aren't the best, but I think the price makes it all worth it!

Naomi Wheeler

Great..not crowded, clean and friendly staff

Lynette Wilson

I love the paramount theater! It's such a great value for both the movie and concessions! The movie was $4 and for a large popcorn and a big refillable drink it was only $6. It's well taken care of and clean.

Brenda Anderson

Fantastic. Prices were great. Seating comfortable. Volume just right. Not so blaring loud like some theatres.

Larry Stegall, Jr.

It's a little run down, but its inexpensive. They also do new and old movies which I like. I work a lot and don't always have the time to go see new movies. So the ability to go see new movies that have been out a while is nice.

Lanna Kernstv rfft

Love this theater! The popcorn is awesome

Nancy Webbet

All the help are very friendly. Welcoming

whitney ammon

Not to bad


Convenient Location. Cheap Movie Ticket Prices. Concession has reasonable Deals. Friendly Staff. Only Complaint Is They Need To Invest In Upgrading Some Of Their Seating In Certain Theaters, As They are Very Worn And Uncomfortable. Overall Excellent Place To Go To Watch First Run Flicks That Have Already Played At The Larger Cinema.

Frankie Grant

I really hate this Theater because it doesn't have the access for deaf and hard of hearing. They don't have any closed caption. Edward theater is the best they have glasses and look through it is captio!

Richard Craft

Great place for a movie. Popcorn, employees and seating all fantastic.

Kelly Hayes

Great price!

Shalin Richards

Not the fanciest place to be -but great service & overall great experience!

Carol Baldwin

Good place to watch movies without spending a fortune. It's cold in the winter so bring a jacket.

Mark Carlson

Great prices. Great service.

Dan Sheets

Very fun and worth the small cost. Popcorn isn't great, but still worth the cost. We go here very often.

Kameron Otte

Great place to take the whole family for a movie - great staff and a fun place for a way cheaper than the pricey Edward's option. If you can wait for a few weeks after the movies come out, buy all means head over to Paramount!

Derek Empey

Good place to catch a movie and spend less money.

SteeleSoccer Dog0218

Very good! Always clean when i go! Cheap too, which is good cause i dont have a job

Shauna Hoogland

This theater is great! They offer a wide variety of movies for less than the big movie theater. Their popcorn and candy selection is great and low prices. You can even get different popcorn and drink options. They also work with the local schools for field trips and summer movie cards.

Paul Martinez

Decent comfort for the price. A soda and popcorn are reasonable unlike the Edwards.. Sound is also very good. Great place for a family adventure!!

Melissa Johnson

Best place to see a cheap movie. Popcorn is better and far cheaper than Edwards.

Lydia Brisciano

Great for your dollar but the concession stand is not great for your dollar

Alma Hansen

Always fun and friendly. Very affordable and clean. Today they were giving away their old movie posters as and added bonus to our day.

Paden Rasmussen

The staff was young yet very respectful and helpful. The theater was clean and well taken care of. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

Lacie Peterson

Not bad for a 'cheap theater' experience

Cali Cook

Great theater. We really like it here. They always have a good selection of movies. And they have a floss pick dispenser machine. How perfect and thoughtful is that!

Beth Wood

Nice theater. The place is old and the seats are stiff, but they keep it clean and you can't complain about the prices! My only real complain is about the popcorn, but every person has their own opinion.

Indio Loco

Good deals

Ned M.

Good place for a cheap movie, just make sure to bring cash.

Stu Draper

Can't beat the price. Not the most comfy seats and angle looking at screen, but gets 5 stars for best bang for buck. Even the movie treats are less expensive!

An G

This place is awesome! They have actually put money into it, making the seating more comfortable. Tickets and treats are priced good!

nick klein

Good movies for nice price

Eli Lewis

Love the seating. Lots of room, cool video games and pin ball. Staff seems to be mainly from high school but they work hard and smile (a lot). Easy to get lost finding your movie as well but overall Paramount Rocks.

Jennifer Hunter

Love the kids packs

Theresa Flannery

Great place to take the family. Relaxed and affordable.

Rebecca Jespersen

I love this theater. It's affordable and has a good selection of movies. My husband and I have been here many times and I expect we'll visit many more times in the future!

Jason Martin

Great prices, good theater rooms, but I was absolutely shocked when I was told that if I used a card, there would be a finance charge! Apparently this place is still living in the early 90's, it would be nice to avoid such things. I would happily pay it if it were just included in the price, but don't charge me extra to pay you!

Rees 33

Pretty good

Clyde Acor

Awesome and cheap theater but charge you extra everytime you use your debit card.

Calvin Cunningham

Its a good spot to go with the family. And its cheaper than going to edwards.

nicholas jones

Much better prices vs the big theater


Great prices and comfortable seating. Staff was extremely friendly.

Chris McIntosh

Great movie, better popcorn than anywhere else. Not much of a slant to the floor, but doesn't matter, we had the whole place to ourselves.

Kyrstan Crandell

Seats were sticky, popcorn everywhere. Movie kept cutting out.

Chris Peterson

We've been attending here for over two decades love the people love the prices thanks so much for your good friendly service.

Corey Schenk

A little run down but there staff is good plus there prices are great

Jeff Beltran

Cheap prices for drinks and the movies.

Cody Olson

Great movies and great value

Edna Hill

Very affordable tickets, the snacks are extremely affordable also. The staff is friendly and if you have questions, they are always willing to answer them for you. In some magazine's, they have discount tickets, for the month of the magazine, such as buy one ticket and get one free. Enjoy your time at the show.

Eugene Engmann

Great place for the money and awesome staff. Would recommend it to anyone on a budget who needs a decent experience.

Quirino Torres

Just looked inside can't rated.

Marco Hancock

Always a good deal at the Paramount & Centre Twin. Have you bought candy here? They sell sixlets for a Quarter.

Mason T

Good choice for a theater & cheaper viewing. Can be a little dirty in some places. Great viewing experience for people of all ages.

Chris Thomerson

Great little theater! While it's older and smaller than others they more than make up for it by having great prices, on both tickets and snacks. One time I went in on a Sunday not realizing they were closed due to a employee appreciation day and they invited myself and my entire family to stay and join them! Fantastic place!

Audrey Malone

Great prices, comfy seats, loads of snack choices. Ironport soda on tap!

Charity Shaw

I love how we can take the whole family for 20 bucks.

melanie hansen

Always love going to the movies here!

Aaron & Erin Harris

Decent screens and sound, though some of the seats are pretty bad. Otherwise, we love the tickets prices and the popcorn/drinks.

Golden Pigs12

Best movies


Nice price on movies an the Best popcorn

scott hanson

A nice, smaller theater offering comfortable seating and unobstructed viewing no matter the size of the person in front of you. ( The gentleman in front of me was well over 6'6") The staff was very accommodating and friendly and the concession prices were lower than any theater I've been to in decades. We'll definitely be returning for a movie here.

Monica Hillman

Affordable movie going experience. Can get snacks at the front.

Mark Franklin

Audio video equipment is good, seating a little older. Great prices on admission and snacks

Kolby Hyde Misty Welker

Great place if your on a budget!

Travis Parker

The price is perfect. The concessions have a wide variety. The atmosphere itself is quite dated and needs some work, but hey, you’re there for a cheap movie! The popcorn isn’t very good so I never get it. But my kids love the cheap candy and drinks. I usually always wait for Edwards to “pass” the movies onto paramount because you just can beat the the service is prompt and pretty friendly.

Tombstone Land

At Paramount theaters they show second run movies. That means that they aren't brand new movies. It is a well maintained facility. The concections they have here are amazing. They sell diffrent sizes of Popcorn. Small Medium, Large, and extra large. Same sizes apply as the sodas. At Paramount you can also purchase Pizzas and Pretzels. The tickets are very cheap. $5 for a child 1-12 and $7.50 for 13 and up. The great thing aboit this theatre is that you don't need to reserve seats. Just walk in there buy your tickets and watch your movie.

Jennifer Poulsen

The popcorn was very cold not much butter other than that was pretty good

S Lurch

Love the summer movie! Great place to spend time.

Douglas Brown

Awesome place for a cheap date. They don't gouge you on the popcorn and soda. The tickets are a lot cheaper and the experience is just a little lower than Edwards at a fraction of the price. Many movies are well worth waiting to watch them here.

LoDiZZle Dabadollipofdaisy

I recently went to the Paramount to see the new movie Pitch Perfect 3. It was a Friday night so I assumed that it was going to be pretty busy and also know from previous experience that the movie theaters are not that big and do not seat that many. But surprisingly we got in and there was hardly anyone in the theater and the movie quality was actually pretty good and the price is a lot better than Edwards Theater at about 8 to $9 a ticket.

Matt Jacobson

Best customer service I've ever received from a movie theater. I'm very impressed!

Laura Stewart-Burch

Great place to see a movie. There's plenty of leg room, the seats are comfortable and the snacks are affordable. The picture quality is great and I would recommend it to anyone.

jonathan saunders

Its a good theater for a fair price. small but comfortable seats

joe anderson

The date night special is so cool. Drinks, popcorn and a movie for cheaper than the movie tickets at the first run theater in town. The quality is good for picture and sound plus the snacks are affordable so you can have the whole movie experience.

Remington Paulsen

I enjoy coming here immennsly. The price is great and if you go during the day or a weekday evening it is never so busy you can't see what you went to see. Sound quality is great picture quality is good as well. The prices here are great to. Really great if you have a small budget but want to go to the movies.

Kate Knowles

They are so nice over there. The prices to see a movies are the absolute best! It's an all around great place to stop by and see a movie.

James Cook

Great cheap theater for the family

Larry Gilmore

Nice theater with decent facilities, movies, and refreshments. All very affordable.

Jim Picanco Jr.

I have been coming to the Paramount theatre since it was built in its current location. Previous to that, I remember going to the original, where the Colonial now resides. This theater is always a great time, the staff are always courteous, attentive to your needs, and it's clean, not to mention affordable. Keep up the hard work, and continue treating your customers the way you do, and this will thrive for many more generations!


Really nice but a little dirty, really good prices also and movie quality is great.

Connie Hatch

A little more busy than Edwards but a great low price menu! Love it there!

Roger Burns

Website was easy to navigate!

Debra Wixom

Great time

Caden Smith

Really cheap for a pretty nice place.

ERik Nango

You won't be murder

Austyn Thornton

I love watching movies here. The experience is always great and the atmosphere in the theatres is perfect for watching movies.

Braden Foremaster

I'm from Vegas and we have NO cheap theaters. This is amazing!!!

David W Fulton

Really cheap only $3 for old people dang good place to go to the movies

Jordan Tway

Good prices all around. Seats are satisfactory but could use improvement. Overall great theater and reccomend it to anyone.

shonda queen

I love the family atmosphere!

mary smith

Don't expect anything fancy but it is a great choice for families , especially with littles. The prices are very reasonable and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful


A group of friends and I rented a theater for playing Super Smash Bros was a blast! You should be able to rent a theater of your own if you ask the right person.

Max Medema

Great service, great value but so much cheaper than the other local movie theatre. They don't get the new movies right away, but they show them after Edwards has moved on. Well worth the wait, great place to take friends!

Vegan Sunflower

Great movies and prices on food and tickets

Jeffrey Wass

Fantastic venue for shows and delivers a historic experience in downtown IF.

michelle johnson

Glad I can take all my kids! Good prices

amanda mickelsen

We love the Paramount!! Great service, great prices!

Lisa Porter Korous Newkirk

Love the atmosphere

Paula Jacobsen

We like the price, small close parking lot, polite employees but have a hard time finding out what's playing when?

Sage Teichert

An affordable place to take the family. My kids love it.

Stu Morrill

This is the best. Super affordable and such a great place to take the family.

Michael Walker

Kinda old and grungy, but I like the ambiance of a classic old theater and the prices are great.

Lance Eliazar

Can not best the price. New release movie for $4! Cheap eats. Neatly kept theater. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Jan Sasinouski

Good Moves for great price.

Naomi Ockerman

Love going to the movies here popcorn is fantastic and cheaper than some places ♡♡♡¡

Jerry Smith

I love this place good price and service. They are also very helpful and friendly.

Sara Martinez

Wonderful discount theatre that is on par with newer (and full-price) movie theaters I've visited!! It's not trashy, falling apart, dirty, or uncomfortably "aged" in any way, from appearence, to quality, to overall feel of theatre. $4.00 movies? Why yes please! And yes I can afford popcorn and a drink with that:) 100% suggest going here it you live in the Idaho Falls area, or if you're in town and want to catch a good movie! We most recently watched The Greatest Showman here. No complaints at all:)

Karen Barzee

Great place clean affordable comfy

Adam Walker

Nothing fancy but good place.

Russel Miner

Went to see a movie that was no longer at edwards. They're great for an inexpensive date night.

Suzanne Dahl

Very good value discount theater

Bron Spencer

They are continually trying to improve their theaters and it's always nice to only pay a few dollars for full movie experience.

Spencer Plate

Great theater! It plays older movies, but it is so cheap. Every Black Friday, they sell tickets redeemable anytime for $2 per ticket! Great price, great deal, and still a pretty big screen for a budget theater. Very impressive.

Jonathan Shurts

Always excellent customer service! And the food is awesome!

Mommy Sanity

Small theater but the price is lower so it makes the fact that it's small easier to handle. The chairs. Ould use some love.... some are broken and need repaired.

Mariah E

The popcorn is sometimes too salty, but the place is usually clean and the staff is friendly. Budget movies here are a pretty good idea.

eric hamlin

It’s a dollar theater. Need I say more. But we love going there. Prices are awesome and it’s usually nice and slow.

Shawn Figueroa

Affordable family show house in Idaho Falls. Bargain theater.

Robert Kingsford

It's hard to beat the price. Wait a couple weeks to see as movie and save tons of money! This place is great for a cheaper theater!

1 million subs with no video challenge

It's cheap and has good movies

Chris Charnock

Great place to catch a movie with the family. Awesome prices and well maintained. Fun place for the kids to watch movies without breaking the bank!

William Johnson

Great value, fresh popcorn.

Laura Holverson

It was a casual family friendly place

Bethany Hardin

Fantastic prices across the board. A lot cheaper than Edwards. Movies that go through Edwards typically come about a month or so later here. Popcorn is great and the soda selection is excellent.

Eric Velasquez

This is a wonderful theater when we want to see a movie on that big screen with the family, but don't want to break the bank. Great popcorn and soda deals and a clean environment. We'll keep coming back, and they accept movie pass!

Tina Kulani

Took granddaughter to a movie.we had a great time.

Meri Eddington

Love, love, love this place. Much cheaper then other theaters. And the concessions have a good variety and are reasonably priced.

Eli Coon

Paramount is awesome. The family that runs the cheap seats all around town. The Lott's are the most amazing people.

Robert Brady

Great little theater. There actually have 4 screens. New seating in the back of #2.

Faith Lewis

Always enjoy going to the movies here.

Elizabeth Williams

The staff is so nice and their popcorn is ten times better then Edwards. Great prices, worth the wait to see movies here rather than Edwards.

Jessie Mullins

Don't expect to be helped when their stocking. My hubby and I just went in to get tickets for a 6:45 movie. They were stocking some things. We yelled excuse me like 4 times and were ignored. They could have at least said just a min or something. But no. They choose to ignore us until they were done, and then we were helped and got out tickets. Otherwise, good and cheap place to watch a movie.

Wayne Richins

Thank you for providing us with an affordable way to see a movie as a family

Tyrell Johnson

Not to bad

Cecilia Perdomo

love the price and the service . good people !

Kristi Eldridge

Good theater and reasonable prices. Love the kid movies

Rhonda Wheelwright

We love this theater! Great price for tickets and snacks! Staff can be young but are helpful and respectful in my experience. Go support these guys and keep them in business!

Cam Smith

Brandon is great to work with. We have done many, many office get togethers' for our patients over at the Paramount Theatre and every time, its been a huge success. These guys are amazing and are a great help and support during the event. Great Theatre and the kids love going there! Thank You! Cameron Smith

Derek Thomason

Low ticket prices and affordable concessions by pleasant and helpful staff with quality seating and equipment creates a great moviegoing experience.

Kyle Larsen

Love the paramount. Great prices, great popcorn! The Lott family is top-notch and does a great job with the theater!

Shantel Martinez

Good movies cheap prices

Eric Burgan

Inexpensive family or date night! Go catch a flick and enjoy some tasty snacks. They also share these awesome 20 dollar punch cards that are totally worth the purchase!

Dana Bucher

You get what you pay for. Old theater with discounted older movies, but if that is all you are looking for, this place is for you. Love that they offer the paramount theater program for schools to bring students for class trips. Fun little place that makes going to the theater reasonable for large families!

Branded Auto

Great theater for a great price.

Eric Turner

You will love the experience. Management goes out of their way to help you have the best experience possible.

Jeff Long

Great value for money

Monkie Cat

The summer kid series is the best thing ever. 12 tickets for $5, and affordable snacks to go with.


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