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REVIEWS OF Paramount 5 IN Idaho

Jonathan Hansen

This is where I saw Dark Knight Rises and a ton of other movies in college so good. One of the last movies I saw here was Lego Batman I died laughing the entire time. Food is always pricey though so sneak in your own stuff.

CH Pack

Nice cheap theater. Good place for a movie date.

Olivia Dixon

Love cheap theaters.

David Davenport

It is a nice place to see movies at a bargain price. We choose to go there often for a quick date.

The basic Idahoan

Nice all around! good food. Great staff, well maintained. Cheaper than most movie theaters!

Robert Foremaster

Very clean, nice seats, prices are low

Matthew Allred

Nice cheap theatre to bring big groups and KIDS to.

Brenden Shannon

Great Popcorn, Good Soda selection, and very friendly staff. We go often for these reasons.

Renato Silveira

Love taking the family there!

Nacho Beez

The popcorn kinda sucks but other than that its great

Marcie Smith

Got there at 6:25 for 6:30 show. Only one couple in front of us and 4 employees behind the counter. It took them 10 minutes to get to us buying tickets. Just sayin it was pathetic service as they talked to each other about popping more pop corn or getting someone candy. Maybe they were all new.

Sean Kuiken

Little nice theater for good price. Perfect if you are fine with waiting for a movie or want to rewatch it.

Dawson Chapman

Great cheap seats in Rexburg. The prices are great and they continue to make improvements and updates as needed. Be aware that it attracts a huge college crowd but beyond that they have been an excellent staple to my weekend entertainment.

Arthur Brown

Cheap movies, the popcorn is OK, and nobody gets bugged when you refill it ten times in one movie. Same with soda. Also, the staff is friendly, so even if it isn't always the cleanest place, it is a fun, cheap place to take your date.

Justin Benziger

Paramount 5 is great for a cheap movie. They have great deals. Not the best movie theater. In the theater I was in, the screen didn’t cover the entire wall, so we had to turn our heads in order to watch the movie. I’ve also heard complaints that the walls aren’t that sound proof and you can hear the sound from the movies in the theaters next door, but I didn’t notice this.

Jacob Christensen

Best popcorn around. All digital screens.

Karissa McCurdy

I love it because it's cheaper than fat cats and it is ford able

Truman Ricks

Cheap price, but the experience is anything but cheap. Would recommend to everyone.

John Miller

Four of us got in, bought popcorn and three large drinks for less than $25. It's an older theater and the individual theaters are long and narrow and the screen may be small for those in the very back. Overall a great value and very polite young people running things.

Rich RUssell

Great experience. Way cheaper than in Seattle. I got 2 tickets popcorn and drinks for cheaper than just a ticket in Seattle.

Joe Kerr

Fun, economical family activity or a thrifty date. They regularly show great movies that are just out of more expensive movie complexes and before they arrive (if ever) to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

Samuel H.

Good theater for students or good if you don't want to spend much money to see a movie. They don't have the most new movies other theaters would but still projecting recent ones. Very Kind service and the building is in good enough conditions.

Kevin Matos

Great price and value. Used glass card and got refillable large popcorn practically for free. Fun for FHE groups too

Miriam Butts

The prices can be really cheap (sometimes they have $2 movies) but the theatre is old and is set up very weird. The seats are divided into two sides making the best seats (center seats directly in front of the screen) a walking area. You can also hear a movie playing next to you while you’re waiting for you’re movie to start, however I never noticed the noise while watching the movie. Not a top quality theater, but cheap!


Amazing staff, food and prices. We absolutely love this place!

Jacob Earl

Fair price for movies, about what you'd expect for a cheap theater. Nothing fancy. The seats actually are a little nicer and can lean back... Just check to make sure they are not broken.

Marvin Frandsen

Good entertainment at a great price.

Alan Pina

Great movies cheap price

teresa ashment

Clean theater and low cost

Diana Gilmore

Attentive personnel, affordable, I love bringing the whole family!

Jair Rivera

Poor managment. They charged me for a ticket and their ticket printing machine wasn't working. They told me not to worry and just come 10 min before the movie started. When I got there an hr latter 10min before the the movie started they didn't believe me and had to wait for the laddy that charged me for the tickets to say she did charged me for the tickets.

Pashlick Boyce

I love Paramount 5. Best prices, great movies!

Elliott Bull

Not stadium seating but a great little theater. Good staff. Good prices.

Darron Swenson

Very affordable


If you want to watch really good movies for a cheap price paramount five is the best option you have... specially on Tuesday tickets are $2.50 that day

Grant Ward

We. Love. Paramount 5. We pay just under $12 TOTAL for 2 matinee tickets and a large combo. The seats are really comfortable, the quality and price of concessions are awesome, we've never had overcrowding for any showing, and the staff are generally well behaved. The only down side to this theater is a) you have to wait an extra month or two (sometimes longer) for releases, and b) very rarely there will be an issue with the projector or speakers. We've only had an issue once, and the next time it was resolved. If you really crave the expensive feel of a big theater, this isn't the place for you. If you'd like to see movie, but don't want to pay the price, wait and see it here!

Griffin Hagen

Tickets here are very affordable and its a great place to go to.

Alfredo Sanchez

The movies are cheaper than fat cats. The personal was really good in costumer service. The food was better than expected. It makes me feel welcome in this theater. I really like this theater.

Mckay Cloward

Always love going here, great deals, clean theaters, it's a Rexburg treasure.

Joe Merritt

P Best value for a movie!

Misty Crain

It's a great theater for movies at a cheap price The movie plex has fun concessions, great movie selection (especially for our little area), and it's a happy, friendly, fun environment. Safe for the kiddos and totally affordable. So glad we have a theater like this in our area!

jenny .2

All prices are reasonably priced whether it is admission, popcorn or drinks! They show all the latest movies too! We were a group of 5, and were shocked at the prices while visiting. Too bad we can't get these prices back home.

Shannon Jacobson

We Always have a great experience here. Let your kids bring quarters because there is a fun old fashioned pinball machine and starwars game my family love and they are inexpensive.

Just Me

Great movie house! Lots of snack choices. Low price

Nick Shutt

Great cheap theater with good popcorn. Only reason it's 4 starts is because the theaters are sometimes sticky and some chairs are broken but you just ignore that.

Mary Hernandez

Fantastic Price's and they usually have new releases faster then others. The popcorn is great, bathrooms are clean and the seats are still comfortable!

Wade Treasure

Inexpensive movie night.

sofie casassa

We love coming here and honestly they have the best popcorn in town. The place is clean, the staff is friendly and the tickets are super affordable!

Tyler Rossi

If you've been wanting to see a movie for a while and don't want to pay full price for it, this is the place to go. It's my favorite

Jared Bennett

Great Movies at the price they should be.

Paige Jackson

Cheap movies, cheap popcorn. Seats are surprisingly comfy. You'll almost never have to get there early to get a good spot because the theaters are always empty

Danika Lambert

It’s a cheap theatre- so obviously it won’t have reclining chairs and the AC seemed to be broken. But other than that we always have a good time here. They show good movies for a discount, GREAT prices on popcorn, and the employees are always very friendly. Fun for a little date night. :)

Levi Baguley

Cheap prices. Great theater.

Sean G-Revenant

I'm from iowa and used to paying way to much for a ticket and popcorn and soda. So when I paid less then 10 dollars for all 3 I could have passed out lol great staff and selection.

Keysha Smith

It was really nice and affordable, great drink and treat selection.

Gretchen Rowe

They have great deals on Tuesdays and the theatres are nice quality.

kendall jackson

Never coming back- my husband and I payed for a movie, during the whole entire movie someone’s baby was screaming. We said something about it and no one cared at all. There was “nothing they could do”. I would think there is something they could do, they just cared about one family’s experience over another’s + the whole theater. They can keep their policy of allowing screaming babies in their theaters, but we won’t be back to find out.

Joshua Sevy

It was good. But I did think it was a tad bit inappropriate that when I came out to refill my drink and use the restroom that two employees were cuddling each other on the counter. Other than that great service and great theater.

Ryan Allen

Yes! I love this place! Tickets are the cheapest here and they still sell good movies. They are released a little later than the rest but it is definitely worth it. Especially when I don't mind waiting for a movie for 7 dollars off each ticket. It's never too crowded here but it's such a good deal. The popcorn of course is great and the theater size is good too. Always a favorite of mine.

Dorothy Zohner

Had a fun experience with my students. They are very accommodating to small groups.

Ethan McCord

Super great cheap theater! Literally the best prices by a long shot.

Monica Hillman

Good movie theater. Food is typical theater food. Not any kind of food that is amazing.

Jenny Waahila

Best popcorn in SE Idaho.

Spencer Kendall

This is a great place to see movies for cheap, especially if you want to see a movie again before you can buy it. The popcorn, drinks, and food are very reasonable for a movie theater. You can get 2 tickets, 2 drinks, and a large popcorn for the price of just 2 tickets at a normal theater.

Miriam Sevy

So fun. Cheap. Good popcorn. They also have icees and apple beer and that’s a big deal.

Fiona Chenault

If you love movies at a great price this is the place for you! They have amazing popcorn and drinks and an amazing staff, I would definitely recommend it!

Laurel Briggs

Nice theatre. Friendly staff and great prices

sherazade ali

So this rating is based on affordability and not quality. The price is awesome! The popcorn good and snack options also. The only thing is that the place is simple and not as high quality but the movie and sound is great quality! If your main purpose is to see a movie and have fun this is the place to be. Just remember its not fancy but still fun!

Tyler Brundage

The best cheap theater in town!

Matt Jacobson

If you are looking for cheap fun then this is the place to go. Tickets are just a few dollars.

Jenifer Barker

With 6 kids, this theatre and its excellent prices are the only reason we can afford to go to the movies. Even concessions are great price. Skip the big expensive theatres. Whatever you want to see will be here in a few weeks at a fraction of the cost.

Aaron Roberts

I love going to matinees here. It's not as loud, or busy as fatcats. And it's cheaper.

Joseph Wisden

Not super fancy, but super adorable. Perfect for those who are okay with not being the first to see new movies.

Cameron Johnson

Cheapest theater in town! It's nothing fancy but if you just want to watch a movie, it's great! Normally takes a couple weeks after release for a new movie to hit here, but it's worth the wait if you are spending all of your money in college or have kids. Great date place too!

Dave Foster

This is my favorite movie theater in South eastern Idaho. The prices are affordable enough that I can take my whole family and even get snacks and popcorn. The seats are comfortable. I definitely recommend this theater. It's worth waiting a few months for the news releases to make it here.

Rusty Shackleford

Seats aren't that comfy. A metal divider keeps couples from cuddling. But its cheap enough to enjoy a good movie. Fun place to go on dates.

Shem Walker

I love this place. Cheap tickets, and great seats. Best theater in town

Laura James

Staff were very friendly and helpful to me. The lobby inside was filled with smoke and smelt of burnt popcorn but I wasn't bothered by it. The screens are large and quality is good. The seats are basic but you get what you pay for. I bring in my own blanket and have had no trouble doing so. Food is still up there price wise. Large drink was $3.50 and was the size of a McDonald's medium. I have been before where the movie didn't work but was given 2 free movie tickets in return, so no complaints there. Great for college students or families on a budget.

Jared Jenson

Very pleasantly surprised. Got to the movie theater 3 minutes before the show started. Line was super backed up, and I figured I'd be in the theater 15 minutes after it started. I was in the movie theater with a large bowl of popcorn right as the first commercial was playing. They're super fast! Friendly service and fantastic prices!

Alaura Self

Love it! The ONLY thing I don't like is you can't push the armrests up. So if you want to friend zone someone take them to Paramount, but if you want to cuddle w/ someone then take them to Fat Cats. (I'm married now so it doesn't matter, but it should still be an option)

Brady Quinton

Cheap theater is always a good deal! Obviously not going to have the best quality seats and stuff but that don't matter when a ticket is less than 5 dollars.

Martin Burdick

Great prices for movies. Extremely slow lines. They need separate lines for tickets and concessions.

Frank Asbell

Great value to see a movie. Not always the most recent movies but fun place.

Sadie Schwendiman

Comfy seats. Good popcorn. Great movies!

Javier Benitez

Great prices here! My wife and I love coming here. You can get unlimited popcorn, 2 refillable drinks and 2 tickets for 15ish dollars which is a great deal. Sound quality in the theaters aren't the best, but for the price the value is definitely there. They have some excellent items here in terms of food, though the nachos aren't my favorite!

Lacey Perrenoud

Our family loves this place and it is always family friendly.

Martin Bunker

Really relaxed place and prices on tickets and food is awesome.

Kyle Duda

Very good prices.

Shanelle Titensor

Great service, great refreshments with Pepsi products, super affordable for the entire family, all around fantastic theater!

Gerard Kolz

Paramount 5 is an awesome place to go for dates and just to see movies on a big screen. The movies have often times been out for a while but the tickets are extremely cheap. I went on so many dates to this place for this reason. It is also fairly close by to multiple restaurants and even some candy stores. It's worth it to go here just for the price.

Kory Nowland

Great theater. Locally known as the cheap seats. Yes you have to wait a little longer for the movies to get here but you can take a family of 4 to the movies for under $20 and depending on your ages you can even add popcorn and drinks to your tickets for under $20

Celisse Babb

I dont mind waiting to see a movie to pay a lot less! Perfect prices for a fun date!

Jordan Tway

Great theater for a great price! Lost my wallet there once and the employees were very kind and called me and returned it.

Daniel Reed

Watched Shazam, they have great prices even when it isn't Tuesday night

Donut Supreme

This movie theater is a very affordable selection but doesn't give up the quality.

Jacob Petersen

It's the day-old bread of the movie theater world! Just as great as the original, but substantial discounts on price. Kid friendly with booster seats that help keep the folding seats from closing and swallowing your children, and a wide variety of films. Fair prices on popcorn and snacks, and enough theater rooms for quite a few shows. Friendly and respectful staff. Love it!

Isaac Lawrence

A nice cheap seat movie theater, enough said

Kyler Anderson

Movies for a fantastic price! Listen, as is contractually obligated for "cheap" theaters the floor WILL be at least a bit sticky, and picking a seat is playing Russian roulette (broken, not broken? Some unholy middle ground?) but if your complaining you have missed the point entirely. The tickets were only $3.50, $2.50 on Tuesdays! This is Exactly the kind of cinema that made me fall in love with the movie going experience as a child. They even have the EXACT same child combo treat box as back when i was a kid! (Pretty sure it's even the same graphics on the outside.) If you have a couple hours to kill anywhere nearby, i highly recommend spending them in this cathedral of classic American small town cinema.

Lilly Bigelow

I love this place! The movies are cheap, on Tuesday they do 2.50$ movies.

Cheyenne Sandstrom

I've been here twice and each time there was no atmosphere of customer service. The cashiers didn't greet us or ask how they could help, we had to ask them if they were going to help us or not. The first night we went there there were kids running around and running right in front of CUSTOMERS. Turns out they were the owners children. Not okay or safe. The movie theatre aspect is great in terms of price, sound, and movie selection. But definitely some training and coaching opportunities for the staff.

Jonathan Pierson

Great cheap movies. Good popcorn and snacks for a decent price. Fun for date nights!

Richard Hawkins

Great cheap theater. Just make sure that the movie you're seeing isn't already on Redbox, which most of them are. Just to save some money.

Tim Vickery

Good place watch a movie & a d they have some great bargain prices too!

Jake Stovall

Great place to go for date night. Fun and friendly place.

William A.

Your run of the mill "cheapie" theater. Though, unlike its rivals, it actually offers reasonably priced concessions. In addition, the concessions are more extensive than those you would expect to find at a normal theater, as they offer "actual" food such as hotdogs, pretzels, and more.

Andy Perez

The food is desgusting but everything else is good

LaChelle Chacon

The prices are great and they always have amazing shows and the service, soda and popcorn are great

Mitch Sullivan

Good place to take the family for movie night.

Sabrina Luthy

Great movies and food but it’s always freezing! I focused more on how I couldn’t feel my toes than on the actual movie

Caleb Mahon

If you are willing to wait a few months to watch new movies, this is a wonderful place to go! I go here all the time and I am never let down. They have a comfortable theater, great low prices, and some pretty great snacks!

Drew Hill

My absolute favorite place to watch movies!! Perfect place to avoid all the expensive over priced tickets and popcorn that fat cats trys to sell. The movies are well worth the wait for paramount 5

Boston City

Cheap and good

Avery Van Wagner

Great theater with cheap tickets. You won't spend a small fortune to see one movie. Some of the theater seats are broken, but other than that it's a decent place.

Landon Durtschi

This theater is great, simply because it's so cheap. The prices are unbeatable. I suppose if you're rich you should to a nicer theater though.

Patrick Bjornn

For an inexpensive movie theater, this place does a phenomenal job. The picture is good, the sound is good, and the concessions are great. And staff is always friendly.

Paije Peck

Great place for cheap movies! Pretty good quality too.

Christian Fialho

Your standard cheap theater. All the good movies, over-priced snacks. Good ticket prices. Clean theaters.

Courtney Barraza-Wilks

Love it here. Great prices, good staff. Clean. Usually not too busy, and audiences here usually have the sense not to talk the whole movie, which I can't say for some other theaters I've paid 15 bucks to sit in. Only possible complaint would be that they keep it a little chilly inside, but all the better to bring your date to right?

Samuel Cook

It is a cheap theater, so don't expect something super classy, but it does a good job for the price

Rob Call

This movie theater does a great job for the price you pay for movies. Not a first run theater but the tickets are cheap and the concessions aren't super ridiculous

Francisco Leon

Can't argue with the prices, overall experience is pretty good, not the highest of high end theaters, but for the price, I really have no complaints. Friendly staff.

John M.C.

This place is a blessing to college students who just want to watch movies. It's better than what I thought it would be. Treat yo' self here on Tuesdays.

Trevor McMaster

Good prices, but terrible seats. You end up reclined into the lap of the person behind you without any way not to recline that far. Looking around the theater half of the people were leaning forward in their seats, the others were practically laying down.

Codi Farley

They are an older theater by far but seats arent horrible. The staff has always been super friendly. They have great popcorn and really good pricing on popcorn and pop combos. The ticket prices aren't bad. If you go for a matinee movie it's only $2.50!

jared kimball

Great prices for great food and entertainment. Also comfortable seating.

Craig Crandall

We did the matinee. Fair price to get in and concessions too.

Zach Speck

This place always seems to be dirty and run down, but at least it doesn't break your bank when you go. I go here often and would recommend it, just don't have too high of expectations.

C. M. Ballentine

We love this place. It may not be fancy, but its cheap, clean, and everything runs smoothly. I've always left thinking "I'm so glad we have this place close by!" The workers and friendly. The bathrooms are clean. The snacks are tasty (there's always a line-which I am happy to say moves quickly). A worker even updated the size of my drink for free, and no reason! There is a lot to like about this place.

Melissa Middleton

I love this theater. Great prices for tickets and concessions. Cool atmosphere also, its not pretentious or overwhelming. Only downside is the occassional rude college kid that talks through the movie... but most the time people are considerate.

Jared Riddick

Been coming here for eleven years. A small theater, but the staff is always friendly and the place is clean. While it might be a little bit old, it's still a fantastic theater and a great place to go for a family activity.

KayReah Warner

I went to this theater the first day they showed Jumanjii and I was super impressed. The crowd was going way out the door and there was next to no space in the entry. However, the employees were all super cheerful and kind. They moved the line along incredibly fast and had everyone into the theater in record time.

Nola Harris

Great value and great employees!

Kendal May

Fun little theatre! Not very many people which was nice. The tickets were definitely the right price. Overall, a positive experience!

Jake Wright

Nice place. Nothing too special, but tickets and concessions are cheap and everything seemed pretty clean. Screen was good quality albeit the theater room itself was fairly small. But if you want a giant screen in a huge room then theres other places that cost a little more.

Stephanie Hunter

Affordable movies at a great price.

Tyrell Johnson

Kinda dirty and 2 stalls and 1 wash your hands were out of order in the men's restroom

Josiah Elmer

This is a really nice theater for the price it is at, not the ideal movie experience but definitely a good deal

Melody Hall

This theater is super cheap. With ticket prices at $3.50 for an adult I really enjoy coming here because it means I can afford to also buy popcorn and soda at the theater and not just a movie ticket. The downside is they typically only get the movies after it's been out in the regular theater for quite a while.

Bart Mower

A great place to see movies, and very affordable.

Andrew Dursteler

A great cheap theater to enjoy the flix just know there may be screaming children

Joseph Hitchcock

It's a small theater. But it is cozy and the seats don't make my butt fall asleep so it's a pass for me.

Rick Corder

Very small narrow theatre. Nice for its size.

Cody Dunn

Super cheap movies, could use some updates and was somewhat dirty

Carol Sevy

The popcorn is the very best. The price is right. They are increasing their prices. Hopefully they can fix the seats that are broken. totally support the increase. They work hard!

Crystal White

Great prices and a comfy

Jeff A

We were visiting from out of state and were surprised at how reasonable the ticket prices were. It is a great theater.

M Fowler

Still just $2.50 for a ticket on Tuesdays and the Seats are the most comfortable in town! Great place!

Leonardo Noronha Santos

Very nice place. Family friendly. Recommended


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