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REVIEWS OF Ontario Luxe Reel Theatre IN Idaho

Cathy Zacharias

The theatre is nice, my family and I have lived here for 10 years and we have only discovered a couple problems. The carpets need to be replaced/cleaned. The prices have only gone up from when we’ve been here and the projectors went down for an hour while my daughter was watching a movie with her entire grade. With the exception of these mishaps, it’s a nice, quaint little theatre.

Mkc Vlogs

Not the most clean or comfortable but grate price

Courtney Fry

Only okay. It needs new seats. Screens are mediocre, service is slow if movie is busy. No fault of the staff. They were polite and cool. They just need more people working concessions.

Floyd No.2

The staff was friendly and check in was fast. The theater was dirty. The seats were broken down and sticky. The carpet was wore out and filthy. The floors and hand rails need repainted. Other Reel theaters have better seats. This one charges full price for cappy seats while less expensive Reel theaters have better seating. Time for a remodel Reel. this is an update. The Reel went in and put in all new reclining chairs. My question is why did you not use the same comfortable chairs that you put in at the Caldwell Luxe? While this is a nice upgrade the chairs are small and cramped with no neck rest. I will be going to Caldwell. You still get my money, just not in Ontario.

mary Winton

They are doing an upgrade and putting in reclining seating in all yhe theaters. Makes for a better and more comfortable experience

Britta Brashears

A place is in desperate need of a remodel if you feel like you need to take a shower after visiting. But hey... it's the only movie theater in the area... which I guess is why they've been able to put off getting new seats and carpet for so long.

jason blomgren

Only place in town we could find arcade games

Robert Harvey

Good never a line.

Tim Partlow

Recently remodeled with New sound, carpet and recliners

Leah Norris

We are so happy that your prices are fair, and you offer the latest in movies, but if you offer online tickets, then put some signage up for the line or offer a speedy line. Theres no advantage to buying online, PLUS a $5 fee. Also, how about a separate concession line from ticket line so the entire party doesn't have to wait.

Marianna Marble



Very nice clean and the seats are awesome

Boybord 1

The theater is pretty clean, they have excellent service and the seats are comfortable. They got some new recliners for the cinemas and they allow you to recline in them and charge your phone while watching the movie.

Thomas Tomaskovich

We were suprised that They've Upgraded their Seating! Leather Recliners, swivel tables and cup holders. I recommend you check out this place Soon. Great employees and good times at th show. We'll be there again Soon!


The chairs are amazing and so is the sound quality

Jacob Beaty

Decent little theater in Ontario. Friendly staff. Starting to seem a little dated compared to newer theaters.

Sonja Weeks

I was excited about Avenger Endgame 3D. I arrived to locked doors and a oversee theater that smelt like a locker room. Excuses from everyone about not having arranged seats. So people can set where ever. This is what ushers used to be for. And there were several milling about. I have been here once andY will drive anywhere else to see a movie. The theater is in disarray detour construction. Was not a big movie release setting

Ricardo Del Valle Ortega

Amazing Chairs

Ramona Allred

Great little movie theater.

Griffin Hewitt

I moved to Ontario almost a year ago and I've always been happy with my visits to The Reel. Sure, I've gotten disappointed when movies I've wanted to see haven't showed up (like, REALLY disappointed sometimes). I actually don't have any complaints about the facility or any aspects of it. I love the $5.00 Reel Deal -- simply can't be beat. And come on, the seats are fine, at the least the ones I've sat in are. As a side notes, I looked through my ticket stubs and noticed something funny... every movie I've seen there begins with the letter "H". Weird.

Rodney Eden

Movie was absolutely horrible. Theater is great.

Dottie Cate

Seen Lego Movie 2 and and it was good! Service is always good

Linda Anderson

Good service. Fun time.

Justin Hunt

The people working here are very friendly and helpful. It's a smaller theater but very comfortable.

Jenifer Sanders

Clean friendly place. Snack price's are sky high .

Rachel Hatcher

Glad they got recliners just irritating you have to reserve a seat now instead of just picking it when you get in there.

Star Means

They have put in new, roomy chairs. That recline totally. And have trays attached, for popcorn and drink to go in. Very classy!

Linda DeWitt

I got a little lost on my first time. Good thing I had the grandkids with me to help find my way. Good experience.

Esmeralda Lopez

Now that the theater has new recycling seats it's better than ever.

Carmen Mendez

Love their new chairs they have their

Luis Villegas

The movie was great, but the popcorn tasted old and the movie was to loud for my son. We watched toy story 4 and he wanted to take his hearing aids of cause of how loud the movie was. I don't think it really needs to be that loud.

Cynthia Calderon

I liked the theater before because it has really sweet staff. But now they have reclining chairs!!!! Wow!!!

Shelly Will

Very comfortable seating!

Matt Lighten

This theater has been renovated with comfortable chairs, new carpet and new sound system. Much better than before. 5 stars.

Omega Prime81

Great theatre and great workers was very happy as usual

Tonya McCall

It was really dirty. But the unforgivable was cold, stale popcorn!

Roxanna Lynn

Good movies. have senior discountd.

Anastajia Silvia

Upgraded facilities with upgraded prices.

Yvonne Nelson

The new reclining seats are very comfortable!

Carol Brown

Went to see The Mule, it said it was playing but wasn't, disappointed but watched the Upside and it was amazing! So all is well! The Mule wasn't playing until 7 but when googled Ontario Reel Theater it said it was playing at 1:20!

Erin Kissler

Ridiculously priced. Just moved to Ontario and prices are way more then there Nampa location. No dollar days :( This isn't Edwards people!!

Chad Ivie

Updated, clean. Great comfortable seats

Teresa Kilpatrick

Great new movies and hospitality and not too expensive soon to have new luxury chairs

Chris Peden

Not a bad place to visit. Lines tend to be long at times but manageable. Popcorn. Is decent and theater seems to be clean most of the time. Bathrooms could use some attention but isn't horrible. Seats don't recline and the arm rests don't raise which are down falls to me but not to bad over all.


The new reclining seats are nice, but if you are tall like me you might want to bring something to use a headrest.

Charlotte Barton

Great new seats but at the price increase and with the new construction still going on it made for about experience.

Esteban Marquez

We love the Reel Theather that's where we take are grandkiddos

Barb Patton

For the prices...pretty good food.

Joe Hernandez

Awesome theater nice on inside very clean and great staff.

Steph Smith

Our local theater with newly updated recliners to relax in comfort for the show!

Chloe Savage

The seats are very nice except for the fact that when I saw mine, it had popcorn and smeared chocolate all over it. I cleaned it myself. If the seat was clean then I would give 5 stars.

Dan Bellamy

I visited when passing through town. The staff was really nice and I love the character of the theater. That said, it's pretty old and needs some work right now, but it also seemed like they were doing some renovations. So, go check it out. I got the impression that in its heyday, this was a really nice theater, and I think once I get some renovations done it can be really special again.

Crash 517

I was disappointed with the new reclining seats, seats don't have any lower back support. My lower back was hurting halfway through the movie. The blue light for the reclining control on the chair was shining in my eyes through the entire movie (Really Annoying), definitely not worth the increase in price of admission... I definitely prefer the seats they had before they started remodeling. They also need 1 register dedicated to ticket purchases, 2 registers dedicated to ticket purchases when it gets busy.

Tiffany Carter

Very clean and efficient and the movies are good.

Fred Roberts

It is a clean facility nicely located between east 5th ave. and Idaho ave. They are reasonably priced and offer all of the standard theatre fare. Such as candy, popcorn, icee's and pop. They offer movies in standard and 3D as well and screen all new releases.

Toua Strong

Great place to catch a show to beat the heat. We had the theater all by or self.

Mellissa Coon

Good deals on movies..

Holly Borgholthaus

It was a great experience, except that the fun soda machine went out. The workers all did a really good job.

Maryanne Sharp-Drozek

These guys are always bringing in new movies it's clean an friendly staff. Reasonable price for movies. Love there popcorn they always give you more than enough on it.

William Robyn Foiles

We like it

Russell Howes

Nice comfortable seats popcorn wasn't that great but overall 3 and a half Stars

Michelle Coiteux

Loved the new reclining seats! There is a little more room between people and a much better tray for drinks and goodies!

george fuentes

Great place.

Claudia Villegas

Price's went up too high

Johnny Gonzales

Great prices and atmosphere..prices on snacks a little high though

Richard Kaylena Frates

Wish it was cheaper but the facilities are being upgraded.

Amy Riley

Prices not consistent with other reel theatre pricing. This location is priced more like the Reel Luxe theatres.

Micki Ahmuty

Reclining chairs were amazing to watch the movie to!

Sappilly Ever After

Good place, great staff! Would be a five but i always feel like I'm in a freezer. Bring a blanket and you're golden.

Veronica Almaraz

We love the sitting and go almost every week

Sharon Baughman

Since the remodel it's amazing. Watched Avengers Endgame in a reclining seat

Terri Steele

This is a nice theater with all the new movies showing. Clean and nice...people don't put up with rude patrons using cell phones and talking through the movie, so if you are one of those people you will get told to stop. So that makes it even nicer. Check it out.

Richard Simerly

Very nice after the remodel. Expect to pay more per seat though.

Billie Signer

It was wonderful and I love the movie

Dawn Ebaugh

Love the new seats. Great customer service. Favorite place for a movie

Genny Welch

The new seats are recliners. You feel like you're in your own living room. The snack bar is still overpriced but the popcorn is good.

Sarah Jackson

In the process of remodeling and will have better seats soon!

Esperanza Medina

Remodel is great very relaxing

Charles Robinson

Great theater, comfy chairs that recline

Mega Man

Really nice theater experience

Donna Cramer

Movie time real theater ontario. Oregon

Tamera Ackerman, Burnett, Dierks, Smith, Powell

I truly wish there were a way for the hearing impaired to use headphones, Theirs or bring our personal Bluetooth headphones. I miss out on lots of stuff but the action parts are great. So I usually just wait until it comes out on DVD/Redbox so I can use my headphones and CC.

charles jayne

The movie house was great , very small capacity, but the buttered popcorn was fantastic, and reasonable, 6 $ adult Movie was bad ,El Royal

Hawkman 2081

Fun movies

Juan Ramirez

Usually good but the projectors go down randomly. Not too often though

Erica Pruett

Love the new seats.

Susan Trbovich

Went here with a friend. Nice and clean however, the prices were (in my opinion), rediculous! I mean $12.00 for us to get in that was after our senior discount, and we saw a matinee!

Oneshot Onekill

Always have a good experience when coming here, sometimes get the place to yourself.

Andrew Anderson

Great prices and friendly staff!

Annie Cleaver

The new chairs and set up is great but as always it's freezing.


Both wife and myself became ill after eating buttered popcorn at this theater. The only thing good is the price. The theater is old and the seats are not very comfortable. You would think that the Reel Theater group would spend some money to at least makes this place not make you feel dirty after seeing a show. We live in Payette and would enjoy a theater that was close to home. We travel to Nampa or Emmett when we want to see a movie. It is to bad we had to write such a bad review, but these are the facts.

Mike Reilly

I got to tell you this is a great theater but it's not the theater that I go there for it's the fantastic array of first-run movies my whole family went it was a great Christmas Eve thank you Ontario reel theater for a excellent day

Kathie Edwards

Best local theater. Clean, friendly staff, nice place to take the family, reasonable prices (except for the snacks).

Ryan Bjornberg

The rooms can be cramped or to low so if you sit in the back you only see people's heads. But good selection of movies and snacks, as well as an arcade.

Star Means

Great comfortable seats...

Debbie Harden

Like for close by. Was not crowded

Gina Price

Nice new and nice atmosphere, but really are paying for it in ticket prices.

Jessica Reed

They have new chairs!!

matthew Handy

Employees are great, they're Usher's to family bonding experiences and should be treated as such adjust the lighting

Charlynn Shelton

I love the new theater seats

Daniel Fox

Always a good time

Kirsten Buckmaster

The remodel is amazing and love the $5 reel deal just enough popcorn and a small drink!

Bret Karnes

Very good theaters,nice people.

Amy Stinnett

Good selection of movies and reasonable price. The theaters need new seats with raisable arms and more previews. Rarely crowded or too loud

Vicki Hitch

Nice theater. Clean and reasonably priced, especially for seniors. I just wish the seats were a bit more comfy and it seemed really cold in our theater,#8

Cindy Tudor

Nice theatre & berth good prices. Need to turn on more lights before show starts. Notice numerous people having trouble with lighting and finding their way to their seats.

Greg T

Recently remodeled theater. Very nice seating. There is actually electronic reclining seats. Thanks for the upgrade, it's nice

Arlette Elizondo

I love this place

Karrie Wardlow

Great movie. Great service.

Giovani Alonso

Love it hope they get upgraded seats soon

Stephen Fenske

Love the new seats! Keep up the great work.

Linda Matejcek

New recliner seats with little tray tables very handy always a good price to get in nice staff

don hawkins

Very relaxing now since recliners have been installed....staff was very nice

Vickie Rollins

Best service seats and movies with the kiddos

Jessica Kress

Saw Jurassic World 2 here. It was quality sound for such a small theater, but the seats were small and elbow to elbow. The theater didn't have that clean feeling, several toilets were clogged and the carpets look like they could use a shampoo or to be replaced entirely. Also the snacks and beverages were very over priced (typical)

John Kamenicky

The seats were amazing they had phone charges and the seats reclined

Eugene Sugar

It is a much better theatre since they have done all of the improvements.

Yvonne Murphy

Popcorn was stale!! It wasn't worth $10 for popcorn and drink.

Dallan Esplin

The new seats were awesome

Donadette Arguilez

Nice new recliner seats not bad for a small town.

M Labbe

Great little theater! Clean and good prices. Very friendly staff.

Joseph Johnston

It was great! We saw Captain Marvel. They are doing renovations right now, so we had to get our tickets in the front outside, but im curious to see what they change.

Jesse Burgess

What the movie should feel like. Not some giant theater where you have to park half a mile from the doors with 10,000 people. Comfortable seats fast ticket line.

Paul Gomez

We purchased our movie tickets on Friday morning so that when we arrived that evening we would be able to walk right in and watch our movie without having to stand in the ticket line. We arrived that evening & noticed a big line and said to ourselves “we are so lucky we don’t have to wait in that big line since we purchased our tickets earlier today.” We walked right up to the concession stand to order some popcorn & drinks & a person in that big line said, “excuse me sir, the back of the line for the tickets starts back there. I looked at her and said, “oh we already purchased our tickets earlier we’re just coming up here to get our popcorn & drinks.” She then said, “this line is for movie ticket purchases & concessions.” I found it ridiculous that I, or anyone else would have to stand in that big line just to purchase any kind of concessions. My question to theater management is, Why not open up another register or two and make them just for concession purchases only? One customer said, “ I think you just go around to the back to those two windows over there and you can buy concessions only. I walked around to those two windows and there was a sign that said, “this is for popcorn refills only.” I guess the big question is, why don’t you guys have a register or two for concession purchases only? Why make customers stand in line again, who purchased their tickets earlier in the day, just to get some concessions?

Erika Tyree

Had lots of fun! Enjoyed the movie

Robert Swetland

Horrible customer service, movies showing and times dont always match website, service is slow at it's best, and you frequently will end up with something other than what you order. More than once we have shown up only to find that they have changed show times after checking them online.

Jody Stringer

The new recliner seats are fantastic. Everything has been upgraded in the theater and it's so nice.

Kay Jones

Knowing there was a class group there that had been planned for almost 2 months, I was disappointed that they started the movie before all the students were in the theater. They were only a few minutes behind due to the concession helps slowness in getting our people through.


Recliners with drink holders is the bomb!

Abby Normal

Previews start 15-20 minutes before listed Showtime so if you think you're on time for the movie you'll be late. Arrive early,

Jason Jungling

The new seats are comfy, there are not as many seats in theater so if you're planning on going, go early

Dillon Starr

I had not been to this theater in a while, but the remodel looks great. I loved the reclining seats.

Bonny Dunn-brown

Love the new seating

Krys Cox

The theater was clean the movie was perfect and we had a good time. But I thought too small popcorns and two waters and was charged $9 was a little excessive!

Nicole Carter

This is the best theatre I have ever been to. The remodel turned out amazing. The recliners were so comfortable. Will definitely plan on going to many more movies there.

Shari Wilson

It was awesome 5 stars


Very comfortable seating.

Kerry Brown

Nice seats and great remodel!


They have totally remodeled the Theater. The seating now us AWESOME! All seats recline. All seats have cup holders. All seats are very roomy. All seats have plenty of leg room. Te staff are very friendly and accommodating. We have been to Nampa and Boise to see the rare movie not being shown here. The comfort and experience is better here than what we experience there.No comparison after the remodel. Highly recommend.

Patrick from Idaho

The staff struggled to figure out their own printable gift card...even the manager that night couldn't figure it out. The next day's manager confirmed it was valid and apologized. Besides this one particular situation this movie theatre and it's staff are great. It's nice to have something like this locally to take your family out to once in a while. The prices are not cheap but the entertainment value and buttery popcorn are worth every penny.

Shane Benjamin

They are in the middle of remodeling and it's going to be awesome when they are done. They have reclining seats with a tray that's movable.

Lyssa Dionne

Great fun! Clean! Good service!

Bruce Nagasaka

Long line to get tickets for various movies. Line was very slow. As made our way closer, we realized the ticket line was also selling concessions. So people were late to their movie because staff was busy filling orders instead of just selling tickets. One positive thing, people were so frustrated waiting, they left. We moved up but still took 30 min to get tickets.

Adjuster Idaho

I do not like the new high prices.

Ethan Starr

The new seats are amazing and service is very fast.

Stormi Sorrell

So, usually the service is pretty good, but there’s a few people who work there that have been so rude. I love the remodel, but seriously.. could the employees be a bit more kind?

Tom Collins

Great power reclining seating!

Brooks Dame

Good theatre with 8 screens. Clean and fair price compared to the bigger cities.


The remodel is awesome. Thank you for the revamp

jerry cate

They replaced all the seating with recliners. Updated the place.

RoseMarie Strong

The new theater is awesome I still think the concessions are priced way too high though it's really rediculous there really is no reason to charge so much for pop and popcorn and candy


Watched Blade Runner there last night. Price was great seats not the most comfortable but the staff was awesome! After the movie my car had a dead battery. One of the staff (nice young man with a clean older Ford with a huge winch of the front) came out and jump started my car. The staff is friendly, they care and it shows. I will be back! Thanks again.

Shaun Elorrieta

Very nice theater, felt like the good old days

Karl Koeppen

Love the new seats. Still under construction with the remodel, but a lot more comfortable seats.

Dallas Ruehlen

It was pretty dirty when we went. But had good screen, decent seats, and your typical decent theater sound. Ill go back

Frank Hallock

Their new recliner seats are amazing!

Dorothy Starkey

Nice and need cc

Misty Parent

Staff is abrupt...when i complained about the movie being interrupted by others in room staff ignored me...they have increased prices but need to wrok on staff and food


Not bad.. but seems to be getting run down. The floor was sticky also.

Theresa Arritola

We always enjoy going there, but after the remodel Wow!!! We loved it!!

Chase Hollibaugh

Watched captain marvel at matinee showing and had a great time with my 3 children for a decent price.

Joe Black

Very friendly place. Good selection of movies. Always improving. Great customer service.


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