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6950 W State St, Boise, ID 83714 Located in: Northgate Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Northgate Reel Theatre IN Idaho

Al Rea

Inexpensive theater, but reasonably nice. Good seats. Rarely crowded. Free showing of BSU football games.


Great theater! Clean and affordable with friendly staff. Nice seats and surround sound. It's nice to go to a movie without spending a fortune.

Scott Dowdle

Kind of old, but if you missed a movie the first time around this is good place to catch it.

Carol Lofsvold

Nice clean facility and the price for a ticket is crazy good. Wednesday thru Monday, $3. Tuesday, $1.

Mark Pemble

One of the best theaters for the price.

Brayden Stevens

For a theatre that charges three bucks a ticket (one dollar on teusdays) I didn't expect such a high quality cinema. It felt like the theatre in the village, just in a smaller building.

Terri Ellis

I love this theater, but the popcorn is terrible. I'm hoping the manager/owner will read this and take steps to improve it. Every time I've had it, it's been cold. The oil they put on it tastes like cooking oil. It's tasteless and gross. If they had much better quality popcorn, and premium butter oil, I would get it every time. I would happily pay more money for it too. It would make me want to come to the movies more often. Now, I just sit and watch a movie with nothing to nom on. It's really a shame too. The theater is nice and clean. The people are always friendly. The seats are comfortable. Aside from covering the emergency exit, so you don't have to see the light in the stairwell, when watching a movie (in at least one theater), it's a wonderful experience. Please Mr. Owner, improve the quality of your popcorn and turn this into a 5-star review! Also, a major problem with this theater is that they list showtimes for the following few days. After you make plans, they change the showtimes and you have forever missed your 3D movie.

Levi King

Always a great place to go with family and friends for a movie night! Its cheap but the theaters are high quality

Armored Wolf

A nice alternative if OPC is to far away.

Vince A

Good place for movies and seats are comfortable. Snacks? Ohh bring your fat wallet! $8 for popcorn! Clean and accommodating

Melissa Wagner

Definitely a "cheap" theater but a good one and worth it! Quick service and almost-to-DVD-time new movies for cheap! And $1 Tuesdays are the best!

Kathy Zuckerman

The price is always right. Movies go here after they are done showing at the regular theaters. Always clean.

Xombie Xakhzhjzjsz

Movie was great, but my kids were too loud. Fountain drinks you can refill yourself!!! No more waiting!!!


Friendly, clean, and comfortable. Great prices too!

Chase Wilkerson

CHEAP tickets, comfortable seats, definitely going to go more often. The Happy Time Murders was effing hilarious!

Debbie Calvin

Was fun


Great cheap theater! Small town feel, clean, and Tuesdays movies are $1. Selection a little dated but affordable.

Patty Cruz

Love Tuesday dollars day

Janelle Ogletree

Seats were comfy and generously sized. Theater is clean and staff is friendly. Can't beat refreshment or ticket prices, so if you can wait a little bit for that movie you're wanting to see to hit the discount theaters, it's worth it for the money you'll save. Good for a no frills night out.

Allison Brewington

A great value! The theater is clean, comfortable nice plush seats, and the food is a great price.

Craftin Bev

went to go see a couple of movies I'm in a wheelchair but my daughter says the seats were comfortable. The only downside is trying to get into the bathroom in my wheelchair it was very difficult. Plus the $3 hot dogs, they're frozen and the heat them up in the microwave they were not edible

Staci Falconer

Friendly staff, comfortable seats, and reasonably priced concessions.

bobby petersen

Great Movie deals in a clean comfortable theater with an awesome sound system.

k mac

This is a great theatre, affordable tickets, food, and a nice enough atmosphere. Nice to have a cheap date night or to take your entire family to the movies without having to break the bank.

Wally & Lisa Bowen

Nice theater. Very clean.

Stephen Reynolds

Good price. Dated theater

Paul VS

Clean, cheap, very comfortable chairs. Great place to take the family.

Andrew Adams

Love this theater, and Tuesday they offer unbeatable prices. I recently worked a few door over and always looked forward to catching a showing after Tuesdays shifts.

May Wong

Had an oscar party. Gr8 fun.

Scott Standefer

Great movies great movie ticket prices

Cathy Salazar

Comfy seats

Paula Saunders

We love this little theater the staff is amazing and the price for tickets WOW you can't beat them anywhere!! The seats are so comfy!


Great discounted prices. Doesn't seem to take long to get the latest movies either. Theaters are clean. Concession stand has good selection. Popcorn is on point. Bathrooms are clean. Staff are friendly.

Patricia Koleini

Comfortable seats. Good movies. Great ptices!

Sarah Mita

I love the $1 Tuesday movies!!! I've never had a bad experience at this theater.

Arlene Spencer

It was great , my grand son love it

Terry Rogers

Went with family to see "Show Dogs", and I think I had more fun than the kids! Great summer time activity at .50 cents apiece on Wednesday mornings!

Rich Mecier

Nice dollar theater. Price is Right.

KenWendy Potter

$3 for the ticket price, always clean, great place to watch movies.

Yolanda Navarette

Nice and clean nice employees and best of all great food and especially the price thank u definitely will return back

James Kirschbaum

Great movie theater at very reasonable prices. It is in my top five places to patronize in Boise.

Rex Burch

Love the $1 Tuesdays

Christina Herrmann

Can't beat the price. This theater is clean, and the seats are comfortable. Great selection of movies!

chris A

Cheap movies. Affordable for a single dad. Bring a sweatshirt. Friendly staff.

Nellie Anacabe

It's so nice to have current movies available at a decent price. Families, senior citizen and lower income people can treat themselves to a movie and can still get a drink or treat for the same price of admission at other theatre's in our area!!!

charles jones

Old school theater feel cheap admission but the concessions is were the charge up the price

Kimberly Badigian

Great bargain theater. Comfortable sitting and friendly staff plus lots of movies to pick from.

Jorge Reyes

Great way to watch discounted movies.

Faith Robinett

It was a lot of fun to watch the BSU football game at the theater. Go Broncos!

Micheal Coski

Professional, but I missed the tables you used to be able to sit at.

Julie Shifflett

The staff was amazing. The theater was very clean, and a great selection of movies.

Bronwen Walters

Best place to see 15 movies for the price of a first-run.

Judy Partin

Love this place! Great place to take in an afternoon movie.. Great price as well.

Pam Purkett

Fantastic price for tickets. Of you get the combo popcorn and pop, refills are free. So this makes it a great deal. Comfortable chairs too.

kimberly wilson

Wow! new faces on the buildings at Northgate Shopping Center! Great location.

Jeff Harris

A favorite place for my wife & I to sneak in Hollyweird's Political Statements & propaganda.

Sara F

Friendly staff, chairs are comfortable.. Sometimes need more staff to help clean

Yves Pogue

Still one of my favorite movie theaters. You could pay more and watch it sooner, but why when with a little patience you can watch in a quality theatre at 1/4 the price.


Great theater for less expensive movie going. $1 tuesdays.

Tonya Markkula

Very clean friendly employees thank you so much.... enjoyed the movie last night and the opportunity to come to the theater

William Johnson

They've really cleaned this place up. It's fun to go watch a movie here and only pay a couple bucks.

Clancy Passey

The price can't be beat and it's still a pretty nice, comfortable theater. Thanks for the affordable trip to the movies, Reel Theatre!

Amiee Elliott

The movie was great, but the service, popcorn, and restroom cleanliness sucked. And when i was on my way to my car with my date, i was asked by some random stranger if i new where to get some good stuff, (ie.illegal drugs). I was scared of being at this theater at night in the dark. Beware!

Marit Welker

This is a discount movie theater. I loved the relaxed environment. Don't expect the glitz of a normal movie theater, but the prices more than compensate. The seats are comfortable, the selection of movies is great, and the service is very friendly and efficient. I love going here. Tuesday nights they have the original low priced tickets. I haven't been for a while, but they used to be $1. I know they only make money on the refreshments they sell, so I always buy something - but I usually do at first run theaters, too. Good selection and great quality. Definitely give them a try! The only drawback is the parking. If you know the way, always park behind the theater. It's much less crowded.

Michael Schoenhut

Great 2nd run movie house. Expensive snacks

Scott Kirchmar

Great place for a value entertainment experience! The concessions are the best price in town and they even show Boise State games on the big screen.

Yvonne Shue

How can you possibly have a bad time at the movie theater.

Marissa Beck

One of my favorite movie theaters to go to. Big screens and comfy seats and the people that work there are nice too :)

Jim Steele

If you're willing to wait a month or three, you can get movies for three bucks here. These guys are competing with online guys like Vudu, however, and my impression is that they're losing. But the popcorn is good.

Kacee Walker

Clean facility. Friendly staff. Affordable prices. Definitely a must for a budget friendly family night out.

Laura LeFavour

Great place to go for an inexpensive movie. Comfy seats and great sound. Concessions are a bit pricey though.

Der Panther

Northgate Reel Theater is low price ($3 Wed. - Mon., $1 Tue.). They have 6 theaters with comfortable seating. The concessions are fairly inexpensive and the sizes are comparable to the bigger theaters in the area. The theater is situated in a shopping complex on a highly-traveled road. I've been there many times and greatly enjoyed seeing recently released films at a much lower price.

Kody Kharrl

It was cheaper than the other ones and just as good

Brandie Broberg

Great seats, clean, clerk was friendly and nice!!

Janet Smith

Love, love, love this theatre. It's is clean and comfortable. Very cheap and pretty good popcorn.

Jonathan Smith

Nice little theater clean great price for movies and popcorn has lots of butter .

Richard Baldwin

Awesome, comfortable seating, 5 star surround system.!


my ear was bleeding heavily and one of the employees said "oh jeez" before turning and walking away

Lavella Renee Estes-Kulp

I enjoyed the movie and cleanliness of the theaters! Can't beat the price either! Staff was curious and kind

Carol Palmer

Great place to go to if you missed your movie when it first came out!! Want an inexpensive date nite, and comfy seats!!!!!

scott stubblefield

Seats are Not comfy. Too wavy. Bad for back.

Heidi Hecht

Nice people. Clean theater

Sunshine Window & Blind Cleaning Inc. Greg Reid

I love this theater. Movies are cheap and the popcorn good. What else is better.

Josh Stanley

I like the reel theater's they are a great low cost night out at the movies and you dont usually have to put up with all the crowds

Janl Wieber

Super friendly!! Terrific prices on Tuesday!! It's on our calendar as a destination party place. And, great fries!!!!!!!

Nikita Lott

Great place to go if you want to save some dough!

Donald Thomas

Great discount theater, clean, friendly staff. can get busy be patient at times lots of children during weekend daytime

Steven Bryan

My Fav theater on the North end! Value priced tickets and great popcorn! ❤️❤️

Rex Larsen

Love Northgate's Seats & Prices. Staff is great, too.

Julie Van Hee

Great affordable movie theater with excellent staff.

Spring Soteropoulos

Love the variety of movies and the awesome customer service I always get when I'm there.

Doris Kelley

Good theater

Bill Graham

Pretty good place to go The staff is friendly and organized Seating is older and comfortable Snackbar has some unlimited refill deals too We will be back

Bradley Marshall

Comfortable, clean and modern. And I love the $1 Tuesdays!!!!

Dave Gempler

Always a Great deal on a movie, comfortable and roomy

Frank Baillargeon

Clean and comfortable. Lots of recent movie options. Best value in Treasure Valley.

April Rathbun

Dirty bathrooms

Kendra Kelley

Great theater to see movies at a discount!

Dale Colyer

Tuesday is dollar movie day. Good pop corn

Jonathan Maxwell

I love this place! $3 movies. Only a buck on Tuesdays!

Paul Sweeney

Great affordable theater. Good prices on the food and drink combo w an unlimited option. Good parking and good service!

Whitney DeHaven

You can't beat this place for the price. Pay attention when buying snacks though. I got my kids a small drink and small popcorn and after I paid I realized large combos would have been cheaper. Not the cleanest theater ever, but tickets are a dollar on Tuesdays.

Emily Donnellan

Love this theater. The chairs have a little recline to them and are very comfortable. Tickets are cheap but the movies they play are older. I'm fine with this. I'd rather wait and see a movie at this theater than anywhere else in the treasure valley.

Chris Scott

Such a great little theater. My wife and I saw The Secret Life Of Pets 2. We got drinks and popcorn and tickets for hardly anything. Love this place

Jeremy M. Lemro

This is an awesome theater to watch a movie at. Even though they play movies that are already out on DVD it's great to see them in the theater. Prices are affordable and it's a very family-friendly place. Can't go wrong.

Lisa Von Behren

Comfy seats and friendly staff.

David Thompson

I love this place but there's one thing that drives me crazy and that's that the screens are covered with dust. Please clean the screens!!

charles schisel

Movies are great! People are good!


There's something about this place that makes you feel so welcomed. The staff is always ready to assist you, and even after the movie is over, the guys that clean up are so friendly. Makes you want to come back! Love this place!

Grayson Gersten

This place is very clean and so affordable. They aren't pushy with the concessions, but have lots of options. We typically go fairly late in the evening and there's never a crowd. We've been the only ones in the theater most times. Easy parking, usually right in front of the theater. The sound and seating have been upgraded and is great.

Helen Birch

Kind of a laid back theater! But clean & the movies are not too bad! Viewed Adrift today!! Low admission prices especially on Tuesday! Will go back!

Scott Walker

Good sound, good screens, low ticket prices. Great place to see top films on the big screen cheap. Food and drinks are spendy. Good seats, but not stadium style, so don't sit behind a tall guy.

Sean Hall

Great place to see movies that have been out for awhile. Clean and the do discounts on Tuesday

Rick Spaeth

Great theater. Prices and facilities are the best!!!


Great for a date night!

Adam Reno

Great old fashioned movie theater vibe. Feels like I'm back in the 90s, but with better seats :) This is a "dollar theater" that plays shows that have been out for awhile.

Sarah Krupp

Updated seats and soda mix station, clean and bright, disappointed in the stale tasting popcorn tonight but otherwise always good.

Don Johnson

Best local theater ever... We love you!

Angie Combs

Not bad for a "second run" movie house. Great popcorn also!

bob weideman

Great place to watch a show

Gary Dickson

Great deal

Genger Galloway

Great little movie theater.

Ariana Jenks

Diggin the nostalgic vibes!

GD Reviews

Would give 5 stars as theatre was clean and seats comfortable. But they pull movies that are posted day before. So u plan a movie that isn't there or at time u thought.

Brent Trimble

Decent priced. Not overly clean, but I kind of expect that for a discount movie theater. I have been there many times and would return again is showing a movie I wanted to see.

Heather Martzall

Only theater ill go to because its inexpensive

Ella Brown

It's super cheap and the movies are good quality, not very crowded

Kelly Schwarz

Great place to take kids

Adjuster Idaho

Awesome staff. Best seats in the Boise Boise any theater. Love the legroom! Free refills on popcorn and soda!

Melodie Turner

Comfy seats and a great price for blockbuster movies if you're willing to wait for them to come to an economically priced theater.

Max Hobe

Awesome prices and staff. Free college football on the big screen and you can get incredible Indian cuisine next door at Madhuban. I'd never do this or suggest it, but there's a liquor store there too for spiking your sodas.

David Orr

Super staff and you cannot beat the deal.

The Brian Paul

Great people, great experience, and great value.

Bekah Keck

Mediocre movies showing. The place looks pretty dingy every time I’ve gone. But their snacks aren’t too overly priced and their ticket prices are cheap so ya win some lose some.

Sheila Lundquist

We love going to the Reel Theatre. Great price, comfortable and the movie takes us away to bother place.

Michael Armand

Great place to enjoy a good priced movie.

John Buren

Love this place. Cheap tickets, clean theater, good movies.

Connie Ebanez

Love those Deals, our clients are thrilled!!

Alejandro Vega

Great place for an affordable and great time out of the house for the family


Like coming here on Tuesday's ! Saw shazam.

Derrek Perron

Awesome prices, movies and snacks. Great help!

Edge Ortmann

I enjoy this theater, econo.ical for the family and all pop has free refills.

Scott McDaniel

Second-run movies but really good prices and customer service

Jeff Cook

Great place to see movies.

Sam Johnson

The movie tickets are affordable. The popcorn and soda deal are great! What blows my mind is... $1 MOVIE TICKETS ON TUESDAYS!!!!!

cristina mcneil

Great place, nice and clean. Got my last popcorn refill for free!

Cathy Merritt

Friendly and fast service.

Arlyn Cheney

My three grandsons and I love coming here. The movies are always ones we haven't seen before and we can watch a movie, eat popcorn and get a big cup of water for under $21! The theaters are always clean as well as the restrooms!


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