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2104 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651

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REVIEWS OF Nampa Reel Theatre IN Idaho

Liza Maldonado

Love $1.00 Tuesday! Staff is always friendly!

Leesa Glover

Cute little theater and its cheap 25$ for 3 people and i got popcorn , soda and 2 boxs of candy

Taylor Smith

Really has come a long way as far as inside the theater. I would like to see them give the place a bit of a facelift.

Charlene Imeson

Love $ tuesday in the afternoon.

Jamie Majors

Nice! Great seats!

Chris Burch

Just as nice as the expensive theaters at half the price

Gary Warder

Movie prices are good but snack prices are about the same as the first run theaters

Mark Navarrete

This is a great place to have a night out. You can watch 3 movies for the price of 1 at the regular/new movies theatre. If you go on tuesday you can watch like 10 lol. The place is clean, good prices on movie tickets and just a good place to watch movies. I recommend this place a good movie theatre to go to.

Guin Carson

We love this place! Yes, it's a dollar theater, but the seats are comfortable, the popcorn is salty... What more do you need?

Brittany May

Probably my favorite theatre. I know it’s not the fanciest but it has given me some of my best memories through the years

joey marshall

Nice place with accurately priced tickets. There isnt really to much else to say :).

Blake Horne

Best place to watch the latest movies cheap!

Juliana McCready

I love taking the kiddos here. The low cost is perfect for families. Tuesday dollar movies are the best! The seats aren't the most comfy and your butt will probably go numb, but its clean with very friendly staff.

Happi Daye

It was my granddaughter's 1st time at a movie theater; so I'm glad the staff was polite- and both the theater & bathroom were very clean.

Eric Gumbo

Always get my moneys worth

Naomi I De La Fuente

Great Team Members .. And The Service Is On Point ..I Love This Place .

Andrew Adams

Having been located in this very spot since I was a child and possibly much longer, the Nampa Reel is a landmark of the area. Furthermore with great movies offered at unbeatable prices they have a cornerstone on the market when it comes to group activities. Tuesday nights top the bill with Even more affordable pricing.

Paul Wolcott

Went and saw Shazam and it was good. Spoiler, waiting for the second one to come out.

Keira Velasquez

Good moives are always playing good moives

Stephanie Covarrubias

Love going to the Reel! Perfect t when you need to get out and you're on a budget!

Rich Siler

Great people. Clean theater. Need to fix the handicapped toilet in the men's room. Has been out of order for over six weeks. Need to put a paper towel dispenser in rest room also.

Berl Utter

My sister and I went and seen The Dogs Journey it was the best movie I have seen in a long time.

david leeper

For the price to get in...I have no complaints! Popcorn etc is reasonably priced as well.

Beverly Moss

Fun place and they keep it clean.

Leonardo Ocampo

This is a great place to come very economic My kids love it. Staff very super friendly she even recommend me wat popcorn to buy with a super smile in her face I defitnit recommend this place...

Bryan Frye

I can not count how many times I went to this theater. But since then none have lived up to it.


Awesome, bring your home cooked dinner.

Daniel Hickman

Great place for a cheap movie. Seats are not the best, but can't expect too much for the price

Jason W

They upgraded the speakers a few years back and the sound is awesome. Prices are great.

Andrew- Lynes

The Reel Theatre is a nice discount theater. The lobby and restrooms were nice and clean. The seats in the actual theaters are pretty basic but also seem to be in good shape. I am sure I will return again.

Christina Imeson

Great prices comfortable seats

Ora May Winston

Very nice low budget movie theater. Friendly staff, $3.00 each makes affordable for families, or date.

Samantha Williams

This is our family theatre of choice! We do not go to the big pricey theatre. PROS: fits our budget, nice and small, has clean theatres and facilities, always has a good crowd (no rude encounters,) friendly staff and great service!

Addie Peck

I reccomend going on Tuesdays! Its $1 exactly per person!

Cindy Campbell

So much fun! Theater is clean and staff is friendly. We will return.

Jason Bowers

Great popcorn and soda prices, awesome staff real friendly, and best of all movie prices out of this world. Great job to the owners and staff. Keep it up

Rex Burch

Great theater at a great price!

Tanya Papp

Great place to watch a movie if you dont want to spend $100 to bring your family to the movies. Not the nicest - a little run down. But over all a good value

Elfs Alt

This is a great place to take the kiddos. You're actually able to see movies and have a drinks and popcorn without taking out a second mortgage. It's kept very clean and the seats are very comfortable.

Felicia Norris

Tuesday dollar deal love it!

Janette Hart

It was fun and affordable

Hailey Gould

Always a great, cheap experience for my toddler

Tigerlillie96!!! !

I love this place but the biggest problem I have is that IT IS STICKY!!!!! I understand that people spill and sometimes the workers can't see it until later but seriously everything is sticky..... But other than that the place is great. They have friendly service and good movies.

Matthew Isham

Great cheap theater. I love that I can wait a while and pay less than half the price for a good movie.

Randon Clayton

I've had a glitchy movie here a few times... Seems kinda prolific

Shayla Hutchison

Great prices! Decent seats. Clean. Yummy popcorn

Jerry Jensen

Nice clean environment.

David Young

A cheap theatre with the exact same movies as everywhere else

Evelin Ordonez

Best place ever On Tuesday only $ 1 Wow

Judah LoVato

We enjoy these "rerun" theaters in the area- a more affordable price while maintaining the theater experience. This particular location was especially well kept and pleasant compared to the one I've visited before.

Skye McCloud

Super comfy, superb quality, and SUPER CHEAP! ABSOLUTELY worth the time and Money if there is any movies you've wanted to see but never had the money for! Keep on Keeping On!

James Kimball

Had fun, but the theatre was pretty dirty at the onset.

James lister

Basic cheap movie theater experience. The popcorn was stale but the seats were uncomfortable but only three dollars

William Fuentez

Great place to go see movies that just left the big theaters, great price!

Matt Prien

Nice place but some of the theatres speakers seem to have no woofers

Darenda Walker

Lower Cost. Clean and they have good concessions. Friendly staff. Our go to for a movie out.

itsjust a.j.

I had a nice time

Vicki Hull

Quiet, nice place.

Jim Searles

Nice reasonable place to see a show.

King Vlogger06

Outside entry way was very littered. Movie experience was nice. Friendly workers. Great prices!

David will

My favorite theater, just wait a couple week for blockbusters to hit and we go crazy on the snack bar

Santos Salinas

Spendy but I like going there

Joanne Willey

It was a very nice theater. Comfortable, not too big. Employees were great and very helpful.

Mopar Man

They have good deals on popcorn, soda, and candy. Had an issue with our movie not playing they quickly fixed it though. Can't beat the price either!

Jack Linton

Pretty good for some cheap seats!

David Odonnell

Not bad for a cheap movie. Kind of dirty . Seats are comfy.

ghost figure

The juan guy was nice. He has nice but

Tori Deines

I like the price of this theater the seats then the screens. Sometimes the movies playing at this Stater or are out on video. Great place to take a family.

Sherry Hancock

Coke machines all out of order

Elias Francisco

Affordable price for the family to see the newly released movies on the big screen. The matinée is a great deal. There is also a discount night and you can't beat the price that they have to be able to go to the theatre. Nice, and clean place for you and your family to enjoy. The kid's that work there, are great kid's who do their jobs. My family and I have a great time together for a reasonable price.

Kris Peacock

Great prices if you can wait to see the movie. Pretty clean for a discount theater. I honestly have no complaints since I can watch movies at a 66% discount.


We always love going here not only are they a great price to see a movie but they have the BEST popcorn ever. I literally wait for the movies to come here at this location to watch and eat the best popcorn:)

Charla Lane

Good movies clean theater and good popcorn

Ethan Barrus

Great place to see movies for cheap. Great date night idea!

Carolina Salinas

Great place to enjoy a movie on a budget!

John Yancey

Super nice staff. Needs a good cleaning but always worth a few bucks.

Norma Herrera

You can’t beat this price for a fun family day. Enjoy going there with my family and so cost efficient we end up with 3-4 extra friends with us too. Great place to meet other moms and enjoy a great time without breaking the bank. And what a cheap date with my marvelous hubby. Fun! Comfortable seats!!!

James Gibson

I really enjoy the low cost of this theater. It's not super fancy or new, which really isn't a bad thing. Quick friendly service at the food and ticket counter as well.

Tony Norton

Good place to watch second run movies. They put new seating in a few years ago and they are very comfortable. The sound system is excellent and they have all the snacks you could want at the snack bar. Tuesday is dollar day all day long which I really like.

Ming Chong

Great place, staff is really nice and they do whatever they can to keep things clean. One girl in particular, grace, seems really lazy.

Brian Davis

This is a low budget type of theater. It shows second run movies (the ones who have been out at Edwards and the like). That being said, if you are like me and my husband, we don't need plush carpet, fancy food, etc. to enjoy a good movie. We just saw the new Avengers movie, got 2 jumbo drinks and 1 jumbo popcorn and our total was $20. And if you go on Tuesday, it's even cheaper! The seats are comfortable, a variety of popular movies are shown and the popcorn tastes good. What more do you need?

Anthony Blair

The movies and the place is great

C Jensen

One dollar on tuesdays is so awesome...

Alexander Young

If you don't mind going to a lower based movie theater to see a movie with comfortable seating I recommend going here. The seats are so comfortable you would fall asleep in them, but make sure you watch the movie otherwise you will miss something happen in the movie.


Definitely worth going on Tuesday for $1.

B Flamm

Great place to take your family. Affordable tickets, casual atmosphere Caldwell location is great too.

Rebekah Ballard

My husband and I really like this theater. It's clean, the movies are inexpensive, and the service has always been great.

Lawrence Wilson

Clean, friendly, inexpensive, seats are not too bad. Popcorn and soda for a reasonable price. Seeing Godzilla, King of Monsters, on the big screen, with my wife, on our anniversary - priceless.

'Ala Lutui

Popcorn is stale and its freezing in the theatres


Always watch movies here. Tickets are cheap, snacks or cheap-ish. Never had a bad experience.

Chalese Riley

Great price and good for families with young kids.

Lethal K

Always great to catch movies for a great price, plus I can buy a popcorn and drink with the savings!

Kat Styles

The seats r not uncomfortable but the movies r amazing

Morgan Walser

Quality for the money, especially on Tuesdays, is great.

Brian Letellier

Excellent value. Nice place

Daniel Bonham

Iconic and good prices. Not the most comfortable seats and I didn't have a whole lot of leg room though.

Carson Augustine

So, I LOVE this theater. It's been a staple for me for 20 years. I took my oldest kid there, my youngest kid there and will likely still be taking grandkids there if I get the chance. Great prices. Great service. Great screens and sound.

Douglas Arledge

Really nice place to relax and watch a movie...

Athena C

Its expensive i like the real theater better

Tairex Clayton

The prices are desirable, but the movie kept glitching and lagging during the screening.

Nonya Business

This is a great place to go see a movie cheaper than the first run prices. The seats have fold up arm rests so large people can sit comfortably. It is clean and quiet. I will come again!

It's Just Sadye

I went here with my family. It has great prices but the candy boxes are 5.00$. There is a deal where you can get popcorn and soda for 9 dollars. It's old fashioned. It has a mini arcade in the front! If you love to save money and watch movies. You should go here! BEST THEATER EVER!!!!!

Eddie Perez

$3 for a movie not bad if you didn't catch a show when it first came out. $20 for 2 tickets and soda n popcorn with red vines is a good deal. Oh and the popcorn is better here. Excellent selection of soda and its self serve so you don't get a full cup of ice and little soda. The seats have good leg room but not the most comfortable. The floor is sticky but it surely must be a safety issue. Nobody wants to slip n fall. I found half a jumbo jack in the cup holder so I figured they like to give free samples. It wasn't bad.

Holden Blackmer

Can't complain! Movies are super cheap and popcorn is what you'd expect from a movie theater!

linda pogue

Great prices for sure but with that comes less comfort n lots of screaming kids n crying babies. Lol

Andy Birch

When I was a kid, the movies was a magical place to go! It was a treat and often a tradition my parents shared with us! The smell of popcorn and the dimmed lights set the mood for the magic that is about to excited our other senses! I love The Reel! A great time with your family without breaking the bank with those other guys! The intimate theaters take me back!

Matt Halverson

Always nice to be able to take a family of 5 to the movies for less than a 100 these days. Love this place!

Marah Sendoza

I know it's cheep to take the kids here but it's purdy dirty and run down. But it's a good cheep place to take kids

Melissa Campbell

Great prices and they have a lot of show times. They now have a rewards card which is an added bonus!

David Ludlow

Good spot, and they have a Lord of the Rings banner hidding in the lobby.

Jonathon Wilde

Nice theater for a cheap movie. Lots of room for the seats. Busy.

Marie Hansen

The price is great, the lines are short, they have a new digital drink machine with a large variety of flavors, the theater was clean, and the employees were pleasant.

Mark Poulsen

One of the worst movie theater experiences of my life. We have 5 kids, and spent $50 we asked for 3 trays, they said they were .25 each and wouldn't spare the extra dollar. The trays that gas stations give away for free. On top of that, the movie started 15 minutes late. The concession clerks were not very nice.

Jim Coles

Comfortable seats ,affordable prices.

Jacob Spencer

Great way to see a movie on a budget! Theater is old but clean. Popcorn is good and they have the make your own soda flavor machine, which is nice. Free refills! Service is always pretty good so I'll keep coming back.

Steven A

You can beat $3 movies and cheaper popcorn and drink. They don't seem to have anyone take tickets so I'm not sure how they know if everyone has paid that goes through the doors. The staff was friendly and the updated lay back chairs are nice.

Heartonmysleeve Panhead

Actual movies for $3 and under- it's amazing. Plus great vintage vibes

Haven Hackworth

I've been going here since I was a toddler, always a good experience. Clean and organized. Friendly and helpful staff. Good place to have in our community.

valerie Reynolds

Great place to watch $1.00 movies on Tuesdays.

Maurice Lewis

It's a great value. The staff is friendly and the experience never disappoints.

Nataiva Klinkefus

Love taking my kids

Sophia Pinon

Friendly staff and the movie experience was good theater had reclining seats but not comfortable at all my body hurt by the time movie ended

Jim Simmons

Great theater to see a slightly older movie for super cheap. My girlfriend wanted popcorn but was nervous about how old the current popcorn was (its popcorn geez lol) but regardless the manager made her fresh popcorn and even brought it to her in the theater. Great customer service! More people need to try this theater out.

Tony Yanez

The best place for a large family! I Love $1 Tuesdays


Best budget movie theatre

Trevor Northrop

Was nice and quiet to watch the movie, and everybody was really nice!

Cynthia Byron

We go here all the time to see movies. Comfortable seats, reasonable deals for movie theater concessions, and awesome ticket prices. If it weren't for the Reel, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the theater experience nearly as often.

jimmy navarro

So they have a ticket window and dont use it?! Longine to get in and you have to buy tickets for your movie at the concession counter? Tip: go and extra 20min to allow time for this.

Michele McDermid

The movie theatre is understaffed for how popular this place is on cheap movie night. It's not clean, but the seats are comfortable.

Urie Strebel

We have really enjoyed going to these theaters. They are clean, have friendly staff and aren't super expensive. The chairs appear to have been recently replaced. Most of the times we've gone, it wasn't too crowded. Plus, there are free refills when you buy the food combos.

Preston Atamanczyk

Great movie price and comfortable theater seats. Fast and friendly service.The goodies are outrageously priced, which is typical. I love their soda selection. Just not the cleanest theater. If it was cleaner I would give them 5 stars.

Teresa Salinas

Good buttery popcorn yummo

Joseph Anderson

Good cheap place to watch newmovies.

Elena Torrez

Always have a positive experience. Snack bar is as expensive as any other theatre but makes up for it in selection and prices of movies.

Derrick Tuning

Been here twice and enjoyed it.

Darrell McQuaid

Wonderful little theatre with great sound and clear picture. Clean with great friendly staff. Movie prices and snack base really reasonable

Doug Thompson

Best place in the valley for a discount movie experience!

Maria L Lopez Garcia

Great experience! Friendly staff and great prices

Adjuster Idaho

Love this place! Don't ever change to higher prices please! This one has the best seats in the area. The country club overland one is too tight on leg room. The Northgate is great like the Nampa. I will never go back to the Ontario or lux theaters. Overpriced.

Clarissa Cormier

Best price for a family time together.

Tiffany Valenzuela

$3 tickets. Newer seats. Fancy soda machines. Good popcorn. What else do you need? Go here a lot.

Beth Stanley

Good prices

Anthony & Rosalinda Ramos

Great prices but the newer seats are not the most comfortable.

Tammy Lorcher

Great place. Comfy chairs and deals on popcorn with soda.

Craig Campbell

Tuesday dollar movies is awesome. I also really like the kids sizes.

Raven Feather

Usually love going here, never too crowded. However this last visit was entirely ruined. I took my daughter to see a movie and this group of kids behind us were ruining the whole experience for alot of us in the theatre. When we asked for a refund or new movie ticket because we couldn't enjoy the on we paid for, we were denied the movie goer right, and suggested watching a movie on a different night when the younger crowd wouldn't be likely to be there.

Joy Rachelle

Great movie quality and 3d sound plus great 3d with glasses

Ghoti Lost

Wonderful staff clean theater comfy seats

Aaron Jones

I LOVE this theater! They may not have "luxuary" seating but at $3 a ticket I'm happy to sit on the floor. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate having the Reel theater in Nampa. I wish the one in Caldwell was like the one in Nampa. We go every chance we get! If your looking for a cheap date or a family night our I highly recommend.

Shylah Eells

Inexpensive movie theater but it got a facelift a while back. It's nice for the money.

Stephanie Smith

Clean. Cheap seats. Love to see good deals on concessions. They'd sell more tickets and food.

Toni Barnes

It was clean and not to cold or hot. Comfortable.

Christine Martin

Great place to go for a night out. Kind staff and great movie price!

Mario Valenzuela

Have visited many times with my family. Great experience, great staff, yummy popcorn and drinks and we always enjoy our visit.

Lacey Lee

They hire a lot of teens that I'm sure don't even know how to keep their rooms clean.... So i won't rate based on cleanliness. However service,movie selection, food, ect. Def 5 star for me!

Grace Saathoff

It's not nice to have to carve out your liver in order to see a movie. I always really love the Reel Theatre because I'm poor but still want to be relevant with the social culture. Thanks for providing quality entertainment.

Jeff Hoffman

We go on $1.00 Tuesday. The movies have been out for a few months before they start showing here but if you don't mind waiting, this is the place to go.

Kirk Whittig

Nice, clean, not crowded and reasonably priced. My preferred theater.


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