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REVIEWS OF Magic Valley Cinema 13 IN Idaho

Joshua Wilson

I handed a full cup of whiskey to the kid working concessions expecting a little coke and he poured the whole thing out. Jerk move kid.

Jared Carter

It is a normal movie theater and you don’t have reserved seating. My previous review stated not able to earn rewards, I was just notified you can earn rewards. I have never been prompted about being a rewards member or to sign up, but now that I know I will look forward to my next visit. Your usually able to find a seat quickly. I understand upgrades are in the works and am excited to see them come to fruition.

Gwendolyn Lockaby

I love the caramel pop corn but the website and the actual times are not always accurate! Figured this out tonight but I'll be back for sure.

St. Brad

Showed up 5 min after a movie start time and the doors were locked.pretty sad you don't want additional customers..... especially considering the length of

David Dunnihoo

This is a fun theater! Of course all the mainstream movies are playing! The concessions are plentiful, try the frosted popcorn! There is an arcade and fun center if you arrive early and need to keep the kids occupied. The premium features available in the seats are well worth the experience, even if you just treat yourself one time, try it!

Coun7er Str1ke

Same as every other cinema

Steve Pickett

The place was dirty and the popcorn was old, the Carmel corn didn't work and will probably not work for a long time at the concession stand. POOR MANAGEMENT

Tim Lucas

Outdated uncomfortable seating.

London L.

Good place with a large concession stand, arcade, and always pretty much has the latest movies for show. However, concession prices are exorbitant as theaters tend to be, so you're better off not buying there. Good movies and comfy seats, even DBox seating for a more expensive price.

Sarah Shipman

Wide variety of show's and show times. Prices are reasonable. Friendly service.

Dawn Parks

Good people. Clean. Comfortable

Edog Sup

Lots of theaters easy to get seats!!

Amber Sardegna

Fun but expencive

Coc God

This is the best place to watch a movie

Joshua Sisk

Failed to have a movie in 3D, started the movie 15 minutes late, couldn't fix any technical issues, and no one staffed seemed to care. Definitely cannot, will not, and do not recommend this theater. Unfortunately, Twin is screwed, as they're the only ones in town. Some competition would do them good.

Lil Bud

Can i go to the it movie with my 16 yr old freind and my 14 yr old cousin im turning 12 tomorrow so it it fine if i can go watch it chapter 2? I never get nightmares.

Jason Coombs

Saw Avengers:Endgame. Always fun.

Juan Cano

The moives are good the popcorn not so good taste like a day old popcorn that is the worst popcorn

Alyssa Virts

Movie prices are getting ridiculously expensive these days, not their fault tho. This place needs some better arcade games. Newer.

Rob Aladin

Movie cut out six times but they refunded and rewound one of the skipped climaxes.

Gilbert Reyes

Don't understand why concession stands have to over price everything

Elizabeth Aiello

Easy to get to, convenient location.

Mary Kay Alkire

Always a pleasure too come and watch a movie on the big screen

Katie Knight

Fun to go to once in a while. As usual, snacks are very expensive.

Mike kerr

Awesome watched IT chapter 2

Base Pr1me

Terrible track record. Have had a successful movie experience < 40% of the time. Sound is usually the big problem, with front and surround speakers out in various theaters. You can complain, but they don't fix it. The giant screen is a great concept, but run by an under powered projector, which makes it dim and dull. Also, most theaters, you can see the texture of whatever they're using for their screen materials. Many theaters have bleeding exit lights. The theater has VERY comfortable seats and pretty tasty popcorn. My family typically heads to Boise for 100% positive experience and track record. I'd continue increased business here if all the sound problems were fixed. I can overlook other issues, but when the sound is out of balance, it detracts from a film.

Damion Murphy

Good movie theater

M. M

Small theaters. Clean. Nice experience for out of towners

East Penguin

The popcorn wasn't fresh or warm.

Craig Belveal

It's nice and new set conveniently in the mall. But l truly miss all the other locations that were all over town. I enjoyed the having the choice to choose where l wanted to go. All the drive ins are gone now goodbye to that part of Americana. I guess l feel like my entertainment options have become corporate mainstream.

Martin Molesworth

The seats are kind of uncomfortable but that's in all movie theaters pretty much.

Zombie Slayer9000

I just watched joker Loved the cinema and the movie

Josh Johnson

I met my boss and another manager at the theater. My peers had purchased their tickets online and went to the concessions. I purchased my ticket from the young man behind the ticket counter. He was very friendly and helpful. He complemented my cologne. (He got you two stars). As we walked back to enter the theater hallway the ticket taker noticed that I had a different ticket time than my peers. We produced the online receipt showing we had all paid for the same show. They had printed and given my co workers the wrong ticket. We were asked to wait while she located a manager to fix the problem. I pointed out the error was on the theaters side and our movie had already started. We waited patiently while she told us how it messes up their counts if we went in the wrong theater. We finally had to get a little angry and tell her we weren't going to miss any more of our movie while she found someone to fix the theaters error. She yelled at us as we walked down to our movie. Fortunately I don't live in Twin and don't have to go back to watch a movie there again.

Travis Hartman

I have been to this theater two times. Once when Blade Runner 2049 came out and once when Once Upon A Time In Hollywood came out. I was in two different screens for each movie and both of them had a blown out speaker. You can get away with a lot of sub-par things in a movie theater, but you cannot have poor audio or video. Nothing should take you out of the movie experience. I sincerely wish there was another option for watching new movies in Twin Falls. I've been to dingy run-down dollar theaters that still manage to have good audio and video. There's absolutely no reason to let patrons into a movie where the speakers crackle whenever any amount of bass is played. Edit: In response to the owner. Screen 1, left rear speaker. Don't remember which screen Blade Runner was in because it was a year ago, but I do remember it was also a speaker on the left side.

Miad Saboori

Love this. They accept credit and debit cards. Have D box chairs which are fun. Snacks are typical movie theater ones, with popcorn, soda, candy, and etc.

Robert Derrick

Went and saw Lion King. Had a new thought on "The circle of Life" my kids were toddlers when the first one came out. It was fun to hear their kids reactions with this one.

Robert Brown

Great every thing even the sets

Jason Chesley

We’ve recently moved to Twin Falls from a bigger city. We have a lot of experience watching movies in theaters. This theater is disappointing. Many of the screens are very small for a normal theater price. The sound in some of the theaters is completely not up to standard. Non-stadium seating. It’s too bad they have a monopoly in Twin. No competition seems to result in a worse movie experience for us consumers. We have even considered driving to Burley or Boise to watch an anticipated movie. Good popcorn.

Stella Star

Very good time, the chairs were very comfortable, a total plus in my book. I think they could turn up the volume a few notches for sure but over all it was a good experience, just seen GLASS wow great movie worth every dime.

Olin Gardner

Vast improvement over the old Roper 12. Comfy seats, wide variety of showings and continually making It better.

Josie Hatfield

Staff is good black mold coming from air vents can't be healthy.

Alicia Rodriguez

Well it's the only movie theater in town.

Peggy Sue Conner

Love this theater its huge and the seating is awesome. Plus you can order a pizza how cool is that

Brandi Grammer

I love the way it's set up they have really comfortable chairs and seating it's a nice place to watch movies

Candi Nielsen

Awesome movies and great prices!!

Paul Henderson

Great prices and amazing theater experience!

Marc Hughes

A jaw dropping ripoff. Locked out of the theater like a criminal for being a few minutes after a 10:15 showtime, cause god forbid you not want to sit through 20 minutes of previews. They will never ever get my business. I’d sooner drive 2 hours to Pocatello and use that theater than pay these slime bags. Horrid.

Tru Delano

Purchased our tickets for the date night we rarely get. Ordered soda, candy, popcorn, hotdog and pretzels, because...go big or go home. Was told the oven was off and there was only one hotdog. Ok... Here’s your one dog, 2 sodas and candy. We will deliver the popcorn and pretzel. 40 minutes later my husband went out to ask about the stuff we still Did t have. They laughed and handed it to him. No apology or anything. Screw this. For $50. I will never plan or recommend a date or anything else here.

luis salazar

Spendy as most movies are, the theater was muggy and smelled like the seats need to be replaced

Penelope Cyr-Lorenson

Great theater for a night out. Comfy seats and great selection of movies!

Bryan Bacon

Comfy seats. Fair prices.

Alejandra Vargas

We like the cinema 13 , a time really good in family all time!

Tyler Goodrich

I don't know why I bought tickets online they didn't even ask for tickets when I came in.

Skyler Hotchkiss

We watched Aladdin 10 out of 10, Great Seats too

Justin Stewart

Good for the area, wish they had more variety of movies

Cory Moore

Just got done watching captain marvel. Pretty good movie but not one of Marvel's best. Can't wait for avengers the end game next.

Durzo Blint

Very clean great movie experience.

Holy War

Awesome place to watch movies with friends, family or a date! Thank you!

Rick Henry

Saw Spiderman !! Good flick !!

Zachary Kelsey

Compared to most big city cinema's Magic Valley Cinema 13 really is outdated and behind the times. They don't have reserved seating, except for dbox seats, and their "giant screens" are small compared to larger markets. Sadly it is the only option in it is the best and the worst. If you are thinking about catching a noon movie be sure to get there extra early as I am pretty sure they put the slower employees on the lunch crowd and you will get stuck watching your clock knowing that you are going to miss the previews...and then knowing that you are going to miss that start of the movie...but your kids are insistent that have to have candy an popcorn.

Erica B

Staff doesnt always seem onto of things. Is pricey and makes it hard to go more offten.

Debbie Okarma

After the show started we got asked to move the seats were reserved but nothing was marked how are you to know what is taken and what isn't

Dyani4 7

Pretty clean, service was great as always the food court cost more then the movies lol but we had a great time watching Toy Story....To Infinity and beyond!

Lisa Salkoff

We saw toy story 4 and it was reallygood

Jeri Claridge

The seats are comfortable and EVERY seat offers a great view. The staff are friendly, the theatres are very clean. And it's easy access everywhere

Nikki Hatfield

Very impressed. Some of my family lives here and some of us are from out of state, including myself. We decided we wanted to take the kids to a movie and they picked Smallfoot. First of all, it was very clean and the staff was patient as we figured out how many tickets we needed. When we got into the theatre, it was very loud. My cousin with us has Down syndrome and has sensory issues when its loud. It was loud to the rest of us even and when I asked if they could turn the volume down a bit, the gentleman helped right away. And a lady even offered headphones to try to muffle the sound. They were very accommodating and I highly recommend them! Thank you for making a great experience and going above and beyond.

Lynda F

Twin Falls your concession prices are too high.

Lisa Lint

We don't get to go out much. My husband is a disabled veteran. We love this theater a very pleasant experience.

R Mikhael Presher

Place was clean, popcorn was perhaps overly oily and salty, staff is super friendly, sound quality is fair...a little tin-y and mostly in front, seats are roomy... not a huge fan of the rocking feature. Overall good experience.

K. Wilson

Paid to see Venom at 1:30 There were 30 minutes of COMMERCIALS, not trailers, and at 2:00 we got to watch 25 minutes of Little Foot before they finally played Venom. I remember now why I just wait for things to get to Netflix.

Noctan Nights

The only movie theatre near me, but also very polished with comfortable seating. Like all theatres though everything non ticket related is ridiculously overpriced.

Char Herd-Shallenberger

Good variety of theaters and show times. Clean bathrooms. Crazy expensive concessions.

Jacob Hansen

Great movie viewing experience

Brittney Wadsworth

I’ve always seen excellent service here. We bought movie tickets online and our personal schedule changed so we needed to switch our movie time at the ticket office; the guy who helped us was amazing and quick, the service was handled so kindly and respectfully.

Donna Laswell

It's been 20 years since I've gone to the movies. Prices are a little high the movie The Place itself was fantastic I'll definitely go again

Richard Osenga

Projector Sucks & Seats for Giants Watched Solo: A Star Wars Story in theater 13. The first 1/3 of the film is dark, shadowy, I’d seen it 2 days earlier and it was fine at another theater. At Magic Valley Cinema it was simply outlines on the screen. This is called a lack of equipment maintenance. Seats: I’m not small (6 foot with bodybuilder frame) and the seats were uncomfortable, cutting off circulation behind the knees. My 5’ 6” wife was miserable. So keep all this in mind.

Amanda Holden


Brian Deel

I know it's how they pay their bills but dang them concessions are expensive.

Matt Sherick

Nice theatre, good movie prices!

Roberto Cadena

Is,it a very nice place.

Carl Capps

Only place in town for new releases and most of the time it is a pleasant viewing experience here. Staff has always been considerate and prices are reasonable. Theaters have always been clean and the seats are comfortable for a long sit. Plus if you get the biggest popc6and biggest drink you get a free refill. We always grab it on our way out my wife loves the popcorn.

Maria L Robles

Very nice people Clean theater Helpful Had no problems at all

dumb things dad does

Quality viewing experience

Matt Tubbs

I've been here many times and have had a good experience most of the time. The theatre are cleaned pretty good. Sometimes I end up with sticky feet. This last time we had technical difficulties, where the screen was black for a minute or two. Then came back on. We were not compensated at all.

Norman Felise

My favorite place in town to watch a matinee.

Brandon Longoria

Good family fun

Hector Diaz

Some of the best movie experiences I've ever encountered here at Twin Falls. 5/5 :)

Andy Klimes

They don't always bring the best movies here. All the money in the world has been nominated for awards, and they haven't brought it yet and it was released a week ago. This theater did the same thing last year. I love star wars, but do we really need half the theater screens showing it? Time for some competition in town.

Tyler Miller

Funny story about this place.The guy who got it opened used to talk about how Roper was dishonest with how he dealt with the community. Complained that he pushed other businesses out. Bragged about how he was going to be different and give twin falls a stand up theater company. The prices were great at first. Once roper closed shop they jack prices up a dollar or more past what roper ever did. At least roper did contribute some of his money back to the community. This place is a solid theater the only downside is they straight up rob you because there are no options. Guess I’ll look into alternative options to watch new movies at my home instead. Guess I can save the money I would spend on the movies and buy a popcorn machine so I can make the same popcorn since that’s the best part of the theater anyway.

Jennifer Thompson

Always very clean and a good experience

Bobby Delano

Great theater,very well managed, clean and user friendly.

Greg Borgholthaus

They were very nice.

Travis Bair

Went and saw End Game. Great fun for a date night movie. Clean

Justin Tibbetts

It's a smaller mall but the addition of the kids playground makes it better.

Mama Bear Mandie Wilson

The theater was nice and clean! The people at the snack bar were absolutely so horrendous I almost asked for a refund on our ticket before we even watch the movie! Seriously I'm from out of town and was absolutely appalled by the customer service! I will never return when I'm going through town again. But I did like the comfy seats in the theater....prices were great on the theater tickets but completely Beyond outrageous on the snack bar but what else could you expect from a theater these days right?

Elizabeth gonzalez

The place is clean and it's a bit cheaper if u go durning the week.

Paula Clelland

6 people on our theater! Love it!

Tyrel n Jamalyn Davis

Always clean and comfortable!

kathy mitchell

I love this movie theater. The employees are all very nice. Theater is comfortable. Only could be better if they served frozen Jack and coke. Like they do in New Orleans.

William Winder

So, the theatre is decent, the seats are nice, the snacks are okay priced. I paid around $100 for me and my family to go watch Beauty and the Beast. Good enough movie, but the sniveling, complaining, teenager behind us made the whole experience painful! After confronting the whiner and then explaining the issue to management - after listening to her complain through the entire movie - I was placated with replacement tickets, which were not for a 3D movie. The rude girl, who had the audacity to make excuses for her behavior rather than apologize and shut up was never even approached about her relentless bickering. Come to find out, my replacement tickets will only work for a "normal" viewing of a film that has been out for at least two weeks. I just hope the girls date, who cowered in the seat next to her when I asked her to be quiet, realizes the error of his ways and finds someone more deserving to spend his hard-earned money on. I will be back - to use the free tickets, but I know why I have trouble going to theatres now. After shelling out a C- note to take my family out to a movie I expect others to be respectful. Guess I'll just have to continue viewing movies from the comforts of my own home. At least the manager tried to remedy the situation. I'm sure people complain in order to get free tickets, but I was only trying to enjoy the movie.

Robert Sharp

Great movie theater

Jacob Wardell

Great place, wasn't terribly crowded.

Karen Constantineau

We loved the movie but the speakers in theatre #6 were blown and there were many parts of the movie that we couldn't hear due to the crackling. Since it is the only choice in Twin Falls for movies, it could definitely stand to have improvements and maybe a remodel.


Sneak in your own candy because the price of snacks and food here will take a hit out of your bank. Great place for a big screen movie experience

Kenny Roeper

Saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at 11:50a. Theatre was clean, bathrooms not so much.

Tanis Satterthwaite

Expensive as all movie theaters are. Nice seats. Nothing worth noting. I enjoy my time.

Lost _Child

It was nice.

Desiree Gillespie

A bit overpriced, but clean and good sized.

Claudia Harvey

In the past four weeks I've really been noticing some negative things happening at the theatre. Twice I've gotten charged for an adult ticket when I've specially asked for a child ticket with the child standing right next to me. They are 7 and 10 so they can't be mistaken for an adult. Then I went in asking for a gift card for a specific amount on it. After I got home I noticed they added 2 dollars more to the card and charged me for it. (Which is fine but that's not what I asked for). Then yesterday during spring break they have one of the children's movies in the tiniest theatre there is. It was sold out because of having less than 40 seats. With all the children out of school this week I was surprised this particular children's movie were in such a small theatre. We then got our tickets for the later showing and again was charged for 2 adult tickets instead of one being a childs ticket. While our ticket was being torn there was an off duty employee visiting with the ticket taker. They were both young men. The off duty boy was cursing loudly to his fellow employee regarding work issues. I rushed my granddaughter by him so she wouldn't have to hear his vulgar mouth. A woman sitting next to us left her coat behind so we took it to an employee who kindly took it for us to the box office. The kid behind the counter threw the coat 8 ft or so and on a pile on the floor. I indicated to him that that was pretty rude how he was treating this woman's expensive coat. He raised his hands to me saying, what?? Just stared at me. I have talked to management twice regarding the issues but it's obvious nothing has changed. I've been so disappointed by the lack of adult supervision there and lack of concern for customers by some of their employees. Be careful, they will overcharge you!

Joslin Hawk

The theater for toy story 4 was a little on the messy bide but over all it was pretty good

Marika Russell

Nice friendly place to watch a movie, great popcorn too.

Vivek Iyer

The only Cineplex in a town of 50000. Not bad.

Douglas Kern

Great place to watch the latest movies

Rhonda Baker

Very expensive tickets and food!!!! Movie quality was good

mechell cross

Great theater setup, lots of options, great customer service, one of my favorite places for a family fun activity.

Jennifer Moss

Usually a great experience. Give yourself enough time on a weekend.

Ashley Courtright

Food was very expensive! Too experience.

Corben Scotton

Being the only theater in Twin, it's your only option if you want to see a movie. I went and saw Endgame with my wife tonight and I wasn't impressed by the theater. It's usually clean and nice with a balanced amount of staff but tonight was very understaffed, there were piles of popcorn and cups and wrappers anywhere on the floor it could be kicked, the bathrooms were gross, and there was little, if any, AC going. The lobby was warm, but the movie room got so hot I had sweat running down my back and forehead. I get that it's a big release and busy time, but there's no reason to have no moving cool air when the tickets are being sold out. Very disappointed this visit.


The room where our movie was playing was on the small side with only one side of stairs all the way up. If people had to go or come in your row they have to pass infront of you. The movie i went to see was a box hit and the little room was full.No seats to choose from. Besides that, the place is clean and well kept. Other rooms are bigger

Todd Rambur

Great venue. Staff is amazing.

Kristy Thacker

I like this theater, but it's also the only theater around my area. I think it is outrageously expensive. We don't go very long because we easily can drop $50 for a family of 4. Let me tell you, that is with matinee price. They did have a grinch character outside of the theater- that was pretty cool.

Bob Moulson

Not worth the money. $60 for two kids and two adults for the matinee? We got the kids their own snack box and then we shared a popcorn and a drink. Seats are to close for leaning back unless you want the person behind you kicking your seat, which they do anyway. Rent the movie when it comes out and enjoy it at home.

Stan Bohman

Its a nice theater. The don't keep it as clean as i think the could. And their concessions are priced way to high in my opinion.

Bladen Ansgar

Excellent theater with very good prices. Seats are comfortable. Staff work fast and theaters are well maintained. Anytime I've encountered an issue the staff gets on it right away and corrects it.

Bunny Bouncer

It's really nice

Mindy Hopp

Foods over priced, everything else is great! I love going to the movies here! Matinees start at noon everyday!

Bill Presher

Pricey but good place to see a movie.

Sarge's Corner

Nice theaters, pretty clean floors when I went to see Captain Marvel. The guys at the snack bar were pretty chill and helpful as well.

Elboe Succ

Good sound system, Nice Seats, Big Screens, and Friendly Service.

Judy Gonzalski

Nice theatre. After just a few years they have some wear on the seats. There are a lot of choices a giant screen seats that move with the sounds and what's going on in the movie; those are way more expensive. We can usually find something we want to watch. As with all theaters the concessions are quite expensive.

Kelsey Low

If you’re looking to be treated like the scum on someone’s shoe, come on in and try to buy a movie ticket here. If you are able to obtain tickets, make your way into the theatre to kick back in brick hard seats and have your eardrums blown out by the preshow soundtrack. That real small town hostile hospitality.

Matilda Wolfe

Sad that this is the only theater in town. The floor is disgusting and the theater chairs seem like they’ve never been cleaned. The bathrooms seem clean but it depends what time of day you go. The staff are friendly but that’s about it.

Zalanah Taylor

Pretty great service but always crowded in the lobby.

Terry Mullinix

Great movie. The chairs should be replaced in #13. House keeping could be a lot better. Food was left on the floor and walked on. We were there when hardly anyone was around but nobody was cleaning up when they should have. A lot of people showed up later and that's when the food got walked on and into the carpet.

Connie Stickler

Concession prices alittle high but everything was clean and employees were very nice

Dora Estep

Love watching movies.

Mark Rudolph

The concession/snack bar area ceiling & walls are NASTY/FILTHY dirty. Kind of gross's you out when you see the drinks & food you are purchasing are underneath ALL THAT. On the other hand theatre is cool and comfortable. I honestly think food prices are "way" over priced. But that's why most of us bring in Costco water & snacks from The Dollar Store/WalMart in our wives purses!! But always have to get theatre popcorn!! I would love as a contractor to give them a bid to clean & repaint the concession area!!

Regan Willmore

The theater could use a little updating but it is the only one in town. We keep going back so it must not be too bad.

Kristi Bassler

Always have a great time!

Sheri H

Is always clean and friendly. If you need the closed captioning device, though, I strongly recommend you ask then to send someone in to verify it gets activated for your movie. They only get it done about half the time and then your choice us tough it out or miss the first 10-15 min. of the movie while you run back out to the lobby.

Dustin Scott

Nice cinema inside a mall so you watch a ml movie, shop and then let the kids run their energy off at the inside park they have in the mall. Nice place, but a little pricey for tickets and food and drink.

Wes Byington

This is the only theater for big movies in town and they know it. Ticket prices are like rent in New York, too damn high, concessions are priced like you're buying the same stuff from walmart but on Rodéo drive Beverly hills.

alex pozdnyakov

Great theater but do not go 4. d- box it's just a weast of 20$

Darcie Turner

I can't believe how much it costs to get in. and buy popcorn and a drink, and candy, I remember when I was a teenager it cost under $20 bucks and I always got popcorn, 2 different candies a large drink and a pickle, every one would be able to go, now you have to be rich to be able to go $45 to $60 bucks ,just to have clean and sober fun,

Meredith Haney

We don't go to the movies very often because of the price, but some movies are worth watching on the big screen:) The theaters are always clean and the staff is friendly. The popcorn is fresh and the soda has a nice ratio of ice:soda. We enjoy getting the kids movie pack for the littles and the booster seats. Today was our first time sitting in the reserved seats, which was fun because they moved and reacted to parts of the movie. Only place in town to go and see a movie, and if the prices were a little less I'd give 5 stars:)

Matt Hoffman

Amazing love going to them is with my family and friends

Beverly Shook

Nice movie theater. It's nice it is connected to the mall for added entertainment and grabbing items before heading to your next place. Lines are long usually especially snack line. Maybe another person at the counter or staff working together more efficiently. Theaters feel clean.

Bryan Arrington

I love going to the movies

Gary Carkin

Pricey bur comfortable..bring an armour truck for snack bar...

Griselda Coronado

Always have a good time.

j carr

It harkens back to old theaters that didn't have double doors. If I were bound to a wheelchair I don't think I would like it much.

Gary Dugan

It's were I watched a movie

Rebecca Overlin

Great loved Lion King

Katy Oliverson

Great theater with comfy seating.

Daniel corsini

Great theaters. I can't wait to try the luxury-type theater.

Brian Ontheroad

Nice place Of course everything is ridiculously expensive, it almost runs the experience, but what are you going to do? Rant over. We saw the lion king and it was an amazing movie, very true to the original.

Bosco & Boa's Dad

Favorite place to go before or after dinner. Tonight I saw an artsy movie after visiting a neighbor in the hospital, buying 2 books, and having burgers at Mc D's. Could have had Olive Garden. It's right in front of the theatre. Lots of good food at this mall. There is even an IHOP for when you don't know what to eat.

Mike Austin



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