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REVIEWS OF Magic Lantern Cinema IN Idaho

Ira Shapiro

simone williams

Everything is bad.

Glenda Cox

I Love the Magic Lantern!!!

Maija Eerkes

Since we live in the Wood River Valley part-time, we usually wait until we get here to go to the theater. Magic Lantern is convenient, friendly and a no-hassle experience. It's not like going to the theater in a larger market, where you have to get in line well in advance. Generally, you can show up 10-15 minutes ahead of time, and get a great seat. It's always a good experience. Wear layers; it can be a little bit chilly in the winter.

Logan Wilson

Richard Paul Tschetter

Christopher Weston

This was a pretty awesome experience, got to essentially have private screening of Avenger's Endgame. I love this little place, has a lot of nostalgic significance as my grandparents used to take me here as a kid. I really like the fact that they sell beer (they'll even give a cup full of ice, to keep your second Brew cold until you're ready to drink it).

Caitlin Hart

I adore this place. It is small and simple. No frills and no fuss. The perfect fit for small town Ketchum. Happy to support a local business!

Jay Myers

Great theater in Ketchum all seats $5 on Tuesday. Reasonable concessions prices, damn good popcorn and beer and wine sold as well.

Connie Earhart

Cool, funky. You can order lattes, wine or beer. Good snacks, great movie selection.

Toni Himmelman

Paul Hartzell

J. Erik Christensen

Always a good time

Trent Buehler

Horrible. The lady accepting money was extremely rude. She had difficulties adding simple math and was very unfriendly when I asked for a military discount for myself and a senior discount for my father. I will never go here again.

kurt bob

Good adult movie selections clean friendly environment

JT DeGioia

Noel Jensen

Love this independently owned theater! It's quirky in all the right ways and the popcorn is always good. First run movies, annual film festivals and fun special events make this a wonderful place.

Bill Bryant


rhonda aliah

Nice older theater. Smaller rooms but very comfortable.

Liza Qaddourah

It's PERFECT for our town! Friendly, good popcorn, great movies! Note: cash only!

Chatham Baker

As small town theaters go, this is the best. The effort the theater makes to bring in independent movies along with the blockbusters is awesome. Beer and a slice of pizza while I watch a movie? Yes please. This place is great.

Pam Bailey


Kristin Anderson

Dain Hamilton

Michael Aaskov

I'm here to set the record straight - The magic lantern in Ketchum is arguably the BEST place in the Contiguous United States to go enjoy a movie. The negative reviews for this place are completely incongruous with my MANY (30+) experiences at this fine establishment.

Marie Fogli

Red-haired lady at the box office is INCREDIBLY, surly and rude. Also, acoustics in screening rooms is lousy; one can clearly hear the movie in the other theater. They projectionist started the wrong movie, stopped it, then started the correct movie without a utterance of an apology.

Lark Sundsmo

Cute old theater

Maggie wisby

Patti Corkins

David Dike

Chance Sundquist

A fun place to go when you want something different. I like getting a bite near by and being able to walk a few blocks to the theater. But be sure to have cash on you because they don't accept cards.

Jaryn Mcknight

1st class service!

Amy Nelson

Emma Schmillen

Nice place but rude lady selling tickets

Tyler Ace Wolfley

An awesome movie theater with great sound, wonderful picture and comfy seats

Lauren Bishop

4 screens all nice theaters.

Coleston Pluzak

One of the best theaters in Toronto, they always play cool movies, not just whatever standard fare. It's cheap it's easy to get seats. Has a cool vibe.

Hailey Stam

Emily Knowles

Beware - twice we have taken kids to see a rated G movie at this movie theater and have had to sit through rated R movie trailers. Mentioned it to the owner and he absolutely didn't care.

Marlin McKinney

Tica Moncrief

Deborah Kadish

Comfortable - clean - great snacks I'm lobby

Jay Phipps

Noelle LaFleur

Stef ZZ

Nice vibe. I really like the decor! Sounds and picture quality are very good. The restrooms are always clean.

Zaytrixx Gaming

Marie Hall

How to describe this. Until recently my husband and I frequented this small movie theater at least once a month and were pretty satisfied. Until today. Today we purchase tickets and then the young man by the door requested to search my purse! I was flabbergasted. My purse is what i treasure as my private space...even my husband wouldn't dare to go in without my permission! I argued with the guy but he would not the end i showed him the contents of my purse and promptly requested a refund. I will not be treated like a criminal. If they want to invade people's privacy they should at least put up a written warning so customers are not surprised and offended. In the end we decided to start going to Hailey for any movies we want to see.

Marc Ramos

Link Ellis

Cash only and it's 2019! Get with the times! And sometimes the screening times are not correct. Otherwise a decent cinema. Sometimes they don't seem to clean between shows, which seems a little lazy. Get there early as it can take a while to get in.

Sarah Busdon

great small town theater

Lindsey Gavin

Fun and small! And shows great films

debra mcdon ald

Danielle O'Very-Smania

Brett Crandall

Nice small theater but the box office staff made it abundantly clear when we bought our tickets that young children were not really welcome... even to see The Lion King.

Catalina Mendez

Long Wang

Maryann Peik

An odd spot to see a movie. Older place with a very limited concession stand. We went at the 1:30 showing hoping to have a hotdog or slice of pizza for lunch, but only had popcorn and candy. Was told pizza was arriving at 4pm. Weird. It did have a nice selection of alcoholic drinks which helped.

Harrison Zanuck

Larry Palm

Porter T. Dansie

Paloma Siempre

The two older women that work there (selling tickets and working at the concession stand) were extremely rude and condescending to my father. It was shocking because their actions and way of treating others doesn't reflect the overall kindness shown by so many other businesses and employees in the quaint, special little town of Ketchum. When I contacted the owner to share my experience, he could have cared less- and was defensive/deflective and accusatory (despite not being present at the time of the incident I was sharing)... in hind-site, his response and unprofessionalism makes sense because many of the other reviews reflect similar experiences that I had- and nothing is done. It was disappointing to say the least. Will never return.

Remington Novak

Support your local theater!! Love this place and all the memories!


Dan Mullins

Chad Stuart

We have been going here for years and have lived in the valley for over 30 years. The lady taking tickets could be nicer. She also wouldn't accept our local check for items at the snack counter. By now, credit cards should be accepted. We enjoy the Hailey theater so much more.

Evan Lister Stelma

Kyle Sela

Awesome little local theater. Super friendly staff. We love going to the movies here. Thankfully not a megaplex.

afurahå brehånn

David A.

Simeon Thomas

Kyle Niedrich

Cash only. Cool vibe. Old theater. See my pic of the seating. Comfortable seats.

Everett Slavik

Rick Ryerson

Riley Flynn


Friendly staff, but the popcorn had a strange taste. I was also upset when they played misogynistic ads before the film. I get how using old black and white 1940s film clips is supposed to be nostalgic, but times have changed and women deserve respect.


Very caran, Nice people.

Nathan van Rij

Ben Simpson

holly mora

Fantastic. We just watched the Lion King in comfy seats and a glass of wine

Nate Duncan

It's not the most up-to-date or unique theater, but the food prices a fair and tickets arent over-priced.


Robert Hamlin

The original movie theater in the valley. Unlike the other guys it's locally owned and operated and has been for somewhere around 40 years. The Magic Lantern has oozed charm ever since it was a single screen shack used for dirty flicks and AA meetings in the off hours. As a result some of the employees can seem a bit... peculiar. It's always been this way and it works just fine. As for the prices, they are lower than you'll find in Seattle. Blame the studios, they keep increasing their share of each ticket. If you support local business and would like to enjoy a beer with your film then this is the spot!

Jerry Atkinson

Love this place

jasmine berier

Hank Blanco

Allllllways the best!!

Dale Scofield

This place real cool .

Ed Fort

Pfillip Tepper

Angel mendoza

The lady upstairs with a shrude scowl acted like a cotton headed ninny muggins. But the lady downstairs was very nice and approachable. Because of the first woman we decided not to see a movie here.

Tudor Mereacre

hank blanco

Wonderful as always. Great family movie choices

Libby Roberts


Diablo Going Green

No lines, small-town feel, people don't talk or use their cell phones in the theater.

Bradford Bosley

Nice screening rooms.

Sean Finegan

Betsy T

Nice downtown location. Good popcorn and seats are comfortable.

Stephen Gerrish

Like having your private home theater.

Robert Whelan

Timothy Strong

Interesting little place. Cash only, you have been warned. They do serve alcohol, so they get 4 stars!

This Guy

Micah Kipple

Mary Glahn

Usually love going here but the woman working concessions was so rude it ruined the entire experience.

Breana K

This movie theater only takes cash. Inside the do have the normal consestions, plus wine and beer and what not. The had some of the fun seasonings for popcorn. The seats were comfortable.

Shawn Lunt

Great little theater.

jeff cooper

Arlyn Cheney

Tyrell Gentry

Screening rooms were a great experience.


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