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REVIEWS OF Liberty Theatre IN Idaho

christine Herrera Akinduro

Such a quaint

Kristin Bulger

This is my favorite theater for second run and art film. Great selection and prices on concessions, too. Located in a historic theatre in beautiful Downtown Camas. A night out at the Liberty is a good night!

Gary Marc Remson

A beautiful theater and most helpful staff. I'll be coming back often.

Roxann Torres

Melanie Sanders

This place is great. Real popcorn with salt and canola oil with real melted butter as an option. No yellow popcorn flavor #4. The sound was great. Seats were comfortable and it was cozy in there. I'll be back.

Chani Henderson

Love this place! Loved it as a kid, love it as an adult and love what the current owners have done to keep up with the modern demands of movie theaters! Can't wait to take our son here in a few years

penny boelens

Good prices,good customer service and a clean theater. Definitely worth it!

Ruth Dey

Love the atmosphere and wonderful plays at such a great price. The artists are the best ever.

Evi Williams

Always enjoy the Liberty Theater..the range of movies is varied, snackbar is reasonable prices & staff is topnotch. Recommend highly

Brian Taylor

Duane Aragon

Nice local theater, staff is very friendly and the theater is clean. Lobby is pretty small, so if you have a larger group, be prepared to be really snug.

Marilyn Paige

Interesting history to this theater. The personnel were helpful and friendly. The only thing was I waited out in the rain for a half an hour only to get in and be told that the movie I wanted to see, I couldn't because the projector broke down

Jeffrey Scott

Great place for something different. Smaller and cozy. Comfortable seating and they even have reserved seating. It along side great restaurants and shops for before or after a movie. Love the foreign movies, Shakespeare, Opera, and ballet too. And yes they have all the popular and recent movies. Excellent for the family.

Jeffness Stuff

Clean and Classic. Great snacks! Very reasonable prices including admission prices. Seats are very roomy and cozy. And staff is very attentive.

LeAnn Vlietstra

It's one of our favorite places. Good snacks, welcoming staff, and friendly atmosphere. Great prices as well!


Wonderful theater. Cheap prices while getting a great experience!

Susan Ternyey

Watched National Theater's Hamlet... Excellent. Other similar caliber shows.

Joshua Jensen

Great place for ahor day

Thomas Cahill

Old home town theater, good prices, better popcorn than most

Ray Cox

Quaint and inexpensive.

Cathryn Moss

Two of the lady employees are needing some customer service training...been not so kind or friendly the last couple of times ...

Jonathan Conant

Cozy vintage theater with great popcorn and local brews. Comfortable seats, choice second-run films, and a quiet escape.

John Anthony

Love this place. It conveys the feeling of long gone times, when movies where hot and people were dressing up. At the same time and more importantly, thru the movies it shows it is a rare beacon of culture-something so rare nowadays. Thank you, Liberty Theatre !

Jon Zweiger

Such a great place downtown Camas. Second run movies at a great price and had a beer watching the movie. Loved it!

Destaney Berry

Sweet worker clean theatre and quiet! I went to see Aladdin with my fiance and we loved this location!

John McConnaughey

Nice gently refubished arts theater

Christopher Eaves

I classic Movie Palace with two screens. A main theater and smaller cozy movie parlor. I absolutely love this theater! Great selection of rotating films for both Hollywood Blockbusters and Independent Art House films. Locally owned and geared towards both casual film goers and cinephiles. As a Mr. Pibb and bag of corn guy, there are a lot of well priced concession food options. No need to sneak food in here. Please support local business and the cinema. #local #camas #cinema #movies

Roger Ellis

Good program, tourist town with a good entertaining location. Nice evening.

Mark Wales

The perfect theater in the perfect place. Great projection and sound. Lots of places in the village to eat/drink before or after. Effortless parking.

naomi royle

A great theater. They show really insightful movies along with the regular ones. Nice location.

Destinee Strickland

It's such an adorable theatre in a quaint little town. It has a retro vibe, the customer service is great. My sister and I went to see Game Night for only 5 bucks a piece...worth the 20 minute drive from Portland.

Carma BekebredeZarosinski Carma For Design - CfD

I cannot imagine--wait, yes I can because at one time, not so long ago, we were without "our" little theater in the heart of this thriving downtown area, what a black hole of despondancy! So, I CAN Imagine the missed laughter, tears & ponderings--all the various emotions a great flick, a classic, a MUST experience film gifts one. Thank you Rand, for bringing us culturally significant and outrageously goof-ball movies -- and ALL the rest that's sewn into "The Curtain" calls for Camas!! Carma G. Bekebrede-Zarosinski

Brodey Carpenter

Super odd and quirky. Great atmosphere, and a fun place to watch that movie you had been meaning to see that just some how slipped by a month or two ago.

Hank Itkin

The theater we ventured into was tiny but comfortable. This place has excellent prices for just barely second-run movies.

Joe Cochran

Used to love this place. But pricing increased. And has turned into yuppie place.

John Gibson

Just a wonderful experience. We are going back in 3 days. Not to be missed

Giovonie Gallamore

Nice little movie theater with a long history, great for tourists, and its a nice place for a quiet movie date

Jason Coe

I love our little town of Camas and liberty theatre is a huge part of our community if you can get down there and watch a movie. Brings you back to the simpler times in life.

poppy bfabs

Beer and wine selection is good, seating really comfy!

James Lugo

Charming movie theater.

Thomas Chidwick

I really enjoyinged talking with the staff there, they are really really nice people!! The look of the theater really fits with the style of downtown camas, very old and historic looking.

Wayne Winkler

Robert Ball

Great place to support the small guy. Prices arnt bad the reason why I didn't hive them 5 stars it kinda smells musty. Other then that it's a fun place

Bryan R

Love this place. Nicely renovated theater in downtown Camas. They've typically got a great selection of shows. My only complaint is that the beer is expensive.

Ethan Maffey

Great little theater. Cry rooms... smaller theaters for intimate shows and one large theater as well. Awesome soda selection... beer selection... and candy selection. Stay at the Camas Hotel Sun. - Thur. And get 2 free tickets.

Ann R.

Gorgeous restored historic building housing a wonderful theater! It's well-kept by it's very friendly and helpful staff. I wish this place were closer to my home I would go there every week. What a lovely experience!

Paul Carrow

Awesome! We watched the sing a long version of Bohemian Rhapsody with my 16 yr old daughter. We started singing quite as a mouse by the last half of the movie we were belting it out as she sunk down almost to the ground of embarrassment! What a night we had! Thank you for the memories and the affordable family prices.... We love this Theater ❤️

Deb Bohannon

I really enjoy this theatre. It always takes me back to younger days. I love the fact I can go watch a movie and come out still being able to hear and it didn't cost me a arm and a leg. Thank you Liberty Theatre for always a good night at the movies.

Mick Carpenter

Nice people and a fun venue. Not for the average consumer. Better!

Lisa Ferber

Such a great value for a family outing. Quiet atmosphere and beautiful old theater. I love how they play some of the great old classics too. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on the big screen was such a treat at Christmas, and ‘Groundhog Day’ ON Groundhog Day?! Awesome!


Great feature film selection at budget priced admission.

Lindy Nicholson-Grabb

Nostalgic and fairly priced

Alana Chun

Glad that Camas is keeping memories of theatre alive and well showing classic movies too. Snacks are reasonably priced. Clean environment and friendly staff.

Carry edwards

I have been going to the liberty theater since I was a little girl back when it was 99 cents to get in loved it then love it now.. not to keen though about them selling alcohol it's a theater not a bar but who am I to judge. I'll always go to liberty up till I die.

Ashton Bell

Jonathan Metz

The beer on tap makes it. Great experience. It's so nice to watch stills before a show instead of a bunch of dumb commercials.

Tyson Cobb

Great price for a fun old time movie theater. Great place to catch up on the popular movies.

Jenn Anderson

Always a good value for a family of 3-4 for the movies. The gentleman working today barked at my daughter for being on the landing of the balcony stairs so she could take a picture with the Harry Potter cardboard cut out, so that was weird. I wish it was more well attended. It never feels like there's enough people there to stay opened, at their prices. I love this theater - even though the seats aren't as comfortable as modern theaters.

Angie Hansen

Every few minutes a staff member entered and exited the movie theater letting the doors close loudly behind her. it made the movie experience very difficult to enjoy. the employee was trying to maintain the counter and watch the movie. I was not happy with my experience this time.

Michael McGuire

This is a Quant, older theater that has had a serious renovation recently, but lacks some of the polish of new buildings

Ronald Strickland

Nice quaint good prices

Iris Hoover

It was an excellent evening out. Very fine theater . I hadn't been there for a long time. The people we're great .It was great!

Steve G

Part of the fun was walking around the block in Camas. I'd only driven through there and didn't realize how nice the downtown area is. The building is old which is part of it's nostalgic appeal. The theater my film was playing was small. I mean, really small with maybe a couple dozen seats. It was interesting and entertaining. The ticket and concession prices are very reasonable. All in all, it's a fun place to see a movie.

Tobias Scherf

Glad we have a place like this. Great local place.

Jennifer Maben

The screen is a little smaller than I'm used to, but the sound was great and the screen was easy to get used to. Great staff and great service.

Steven W. Carper

Don't forgot to check on the theater it's showing at. If it's in the small theater, it will literally sell out after 20 tickets.

Ted Miller

Just saw Crimes of the heart. Great performance, laughed until I cried.

Josh Connell

Love what they've done with the theater. Fun place to go and their refurb of the theater really kicked off the revitalization of downtown

Nikholas Hubbard

Been going here since is was 99cents. Love how it's still around. My daughter and I got movies here regularly! Fresh movies every week, sweet!

Texanna Bossoff

Great, small theater with reasonable ticket prices! Also, a great selection of beers and reasonably priced snacks. Great sound system too.

Judy Noall

In addition to the good things that other reviewers have already mentioned, I appreciate the wonderful, diversified programming provided. There is something for everybody--kids (anime, sci-fi, stop action), old classics, operas, filmed European stage plays, current movies, foreign films with subtitles. Many of these offerings are unique to this theater. What a treasure in this small town!

Seth Eddy

Took my little girl and my lady there to see Aladdin and thought the theater was very nice, the sound quality was that of any theater I've been to and watching movie with a stage in front of it was really cool.


Great selection of snacks and drinks. Cheap admission price. Love everything about this theater.

alison bustos

I love the old time feel of this place! So much history. Cheaper than other theaters.

Kristie Brimhall

Love supporting local business. This theatre is small with a nostalgic feel and great atmosphere. We were excited to spend our afternoon here. This feeling was quickly ruined with the horrible customer service we received. The man who sold us our tickets was friendly and great. The girl at the concession stand was not friendly, and in fact, was extremely rude. After purchasing tickets, I purchased a large popcorn and to drinks. The drinks were not refillable, as in the larger, chain theaters. I was also okay paying an extra dollar to get butter on my popcorn. When we sat down, my daughter opened a can of Buble water she had brought with her. She also brought a small bag of grapes. YES I know outside food and drink are prohibited, so when the gal from gal from the concession stand immediately approached us, telling us she heard the drink being opened and that it was not allowed, we were surprised, yet understanding; after all, rules are rules. My daughter immediately got up and threw the drink in the trash. She put her unopened grapes back in her purse and that was that...or so we thought. The concession gal returned and confronted my daughter again, to which my daughter replied she had thrown it away. The gal then proceeded to go to the back of the dark theatre, turn on her flashlight, and search the garbage cans. She again approached my daughter and told her since she had seen the grapes, she was going to have to take them and hold them at the counter until the movie was over. The harassment of this employee was ridiculous and ruined our entire experience. I will not return to this theatre again. For a few dollars more, I will support the bigger chain theaters where the drinks and popcorn are refillable, the employees are friendly and do not harass the customers, and there is a large selection of showtimes and movies. Unfortunately, it is places like this that are adding to the extinction of small, local business.

Shawn Brittain

Just a nice hometown feel. Great popcorn and warm, smiling faces to greet you.

Rick Sievers

This is another fine example of a local independent Theater which must be supported by the public. A special place.

Brenton Clive

Fun, nostalgic vibe and the price is great. The viewing screen is a little subpar, but for the price it's adequate. Facilities were clean enough and seats were fairly comfortable. If the movies are there I'd definitely recommend it!

Sheyanne Bevard

Love this theater. Customer service is great. Love the old time feel, it's the most ideal place to go for a movie night. Highly recommend.

Gay Kane

Wasn't there. Walked by.

Ronald Fields

I want a blo

Sara Grembowski

Great little theater...Linda Ronstadt documentary was really good.

Lisa Graetz

Bruce Willis owns this wonderful building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beau Martin

Because they have fewer movies overall they're able to be selective. They make great picks for both theaters. Much higher quality than most theaters. Half the time I go to a regular theater I wind up disappointed, but I'm never disappointed here. It's a great place to run into people you know, if you live in Camas.

Joe Mucha

A cute nostalgic theater, great movies, great prices. :-)

Kaden Koudelka

ExpressionX RhymeCrimez

Great theater, highly recommend! Amazing staff and great movies for all ages! Great place for kids too! No to mention the awesome true Harry Potter butter beer

Jeremy Roberts

2 screens, 1 larger 1 smaller. Both nice.

Dell-Ann Benson

Bill Hooper

Great old school theater that is worthy of our business, every town should be so lucky

Richard Wentworth

Always fun to see a movie at this quaint little theater!

James Amato

Attraction vintage style theater. Small but really nice. Feels like you're going back in time to when movies were good. Before they were ruined by digital special effects. It would be nice to watch Casablanca here.

Raven Kitty

Warm, charming, great popcorn & beer!

Justin Reaves

My favorite movie theater ever! Great prices and always good seating. Best popcorn ever!! Thank you Liberty Theater!

Gristly Adams

Wish more towns kept these theaters.

Bonnie Almquist

A step back in this theater! Great staff...amenities are great, the theater is beautifully kept and so clean. Looking forward to many more visits to this jewel. Thank you!

Kyla Angulo

Pretty pricey. Seats are so uncomfortable Theater smelt like a wet dog.

MexicanoAmericano 707

Nice place to take the familia. Good familia fun time.

anita carroll

Really wanted to like this charming theater... But its so small and the seats are so old and uncomfortable. The screen felt like a living room TV.... Very small. Popcorn was good and prices were super low though.

Heather Payne

Fun little second run theater. We were late to the movie that we'd already seen. The lady selling us our tickets was really nice and made sure we got in to see the good part before it passed.


Our first visit to the liberty theatre. What a cute place and the people so nice. It reminds me of the old days. the best part is my husband had plenty of leg room (he is 6'4"). We live in Portland, but will definitely be back.

Tina Simmons

Super cute local theater with new and vintage movies

Mark W Silliman

Comfortable, classic theater with friendly staff, good beers and wines, wonderful small theater in addition to the main room.

Cloudy- Mars911

Jean Bradford

Always a great theater to catch independent movies.... Camas is lucky to have this "jewel"!!!

Angie Laws

Reasonably priced movies and snacks - friendly service!

Donette Weston-Woon

We love this theatre every time we visit!!!! The staff is so friendly and they give you the small town service and feel we all like.

Maren Clark

Best place to get a feel for back in the day while you watch a movie, great service and comfortable seating.

Diana Lowe

Went here with my 4 year old and she loved it. Theater has the booster seats available. They are very affordable and pretty recent movies. Great location in the heart of downtown Camas. Friendly staff and a good variety of snacks. The theater is very cute!

holly mora

Corinne La Fors

Beautiful theater, great prices and they have 3 d showings for cheap.

Bud Hayes

Such a wonderful little theater. Sure it is no longer got the bleeding edge theater technology, though it is still pretty good. It makes up for it with descent pricing and a big dose of soul. I've been to the high end places and the perks are nice, but at the Liberty you come home with the entertainment you wanted and your arms and legs intact!

Debbie Hunt

Cute, quaint little theater.

Freakinkat Productions

Always love seeing movies here and the vintage design just makes it better

Tyler Smith

It was cheep and an amazing place to be

Taira Shields

I love this place. My kids like it too. They always have a wide variety of movies playing here. You cant beat the prices on anything. Great for family outings and date night.

Violet S.

A throwback, even for the people who weren't alive to experience it's earlier years - the place is well taken care of, and has such a nostalgic feel to it. A physical, public time capsule. ♥️

Chelsey Smith

Soon much fun to watch yellow submarine on the big screen

Mason Lord

What an absolutely amazing and beautiful theatre. I'll be coming back for sure

Karen Jassenoff

Absolutely the cleanest bathroom I've ever seen! The theater is immaculate. The staff amazing. What a wonderful experience!

Katherine Baxter

Love this theater. Grear food ans drink choices too.

PHS Ventures

Quaint old style movie theater. Exceptionally affordable prices. Nice selection of beverages and concessions are priced affordable! Highly recommended if you want to get away from all that comes with the big cinema houses.

Nicholas Calais

We were in the little theater today, super fun and small space to watch a movie with friends! As always, the popcorn with real butter was amazing

Danielle Mall

This is such a great little gem. Just a small town theater, with second run films, but everything is decently priced. You also get to support a local business. The only complaint I have about my visit here was the other movie-goers. They seemed to have completely forgotten theater etiquette. They still couldn't completely ruin the experience though, due to the charm of the theater and staff. Will definitely check to see what's playing here first before I go anywhere else.

Gina Johnson

Great quaint little theatre in the heart of downtown Camas. Good food and price's with friendly staff, can't beat that! Get there early the food lines build up

Hawg Dawg

My wife and I visited the Liberty Theater on Saturday. We were very happy with the employees and the theater until after the film started. From that point, there were other patrons consuming alcohol and getting loud, and the employees were running back and forth through the theater entrance in order to access the snack bar. Both activities were not particularly conducive to patrons being able to watch the film without loud interruptions and distractions. Liberty Theater needs to install another set of double doors between the existing double doors and the theater to enable patrons the ability to watch a film without unnecessary disruptions. We will not be returning to the Liberty Theater for the reasons stated above. Even still, the theater itself appears to be well maintained and clean. It's historical architecture is fantastic, its seats were very comfortable, and the interior decorum was beautifully vintage. It's just too bad that inebriated and loud patrons and the snack bar access noise disrupted our film detracted from an otherwise pleasant and pleasing experience.

Jeffrey Joubert

Classic movie venue. Very historic vibe. Great evening prices and truly reasonable concession prices.

Cindy Wood

Wonderful theater!! Delicious popcorn, friendly atmosphere, and it's seriously the first movie theater I didn't need to wear my ear plugs in. I took my 3 year old son to see his first movie: Peanuts. He loved it and wanted to watch it again. The popcorn is amazing! My son ate 1 1/2 small bags of it LOL. I will be coming back soon.

Suzi Ayres

The seats are quite narrow and the cup holders didn't hold my water bottle. In the theater you could hear everything in the lobby.

Sharon McElroy

I love coming to Camas and to the Liberty. The prices are great on movies and concessions. The theater is always clean.The staff are always friendly and helpful. Thank you!


The seat that you sit in are Very uncomfortable I wont be going there no more

Rob Robertson

If you like cozy and small theaters this is the one. Local and inexpensive. But take your own food, their food selection is wanting of serious improvement.

Hare Typer

Would like to come here more often but dread sitting in the seats that are too narrow and sink too far down into them and the chair arms don't move, very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for every person of different heights ages and sizes in my family, none of us could get comfortable. Love the Liberty but wish they'd invest in better seats.

Martin Stephenson

Loved it

Steven Wren

Independent movie house. Wonderful choices of film.


Nice people. Very small though. Great prices!

Stephen Gerrish

Art Deco venue for wonderful Company of Fools productions.

Cherie St. Marie

We had a good evening watching Miria. Excellent movie and the people who work there are super nice. Popcorn,soda and snacks was also enjoyed.

Brynn Johns

Very professional production. We enjoyed the play. Ticketing, parking and admission were seamless. Seats were comfortable. Set was well done.

Garrett Stone

I really enjoy seeing movies here these days, but I really wish they would either keep the counter open later, it remind you to buy your second drink before you go in, so you don't wind up with a dry throat halfway through a movie, because the counter closes at 9pm (inconvenient for an 8:30 film). However the staff is always nice and I really enjoy coming here with friends

terry glucoft

Best hometown theater in the Nw also great popcorn

Jeff Lantz

History and value. Support you local businesses while visiting history. Good prices and friendly staff.

Amber Cyr

I love that they also show indie movies as well as new releases. They also have the best movie popcorn I have ever had!

Sean Smith

Jenni Simpson

Love this smaller size theater with balcony.

Michelle Eggers

Pricey but cute. I love that it is independently owned. Could use a remodel.

Lumina O' Wisp

Such a historic theater, I have enjoyed coming to movies here for more than 50 years.

Chris Butler

Fun hometown gem. I give it five stars because Liberty Theatre is what I think of when I think of a small town theater. It is clean, plays a great variety of movies, and caters to young and old.

Matt Hayes

It's OUR classic theater. Not first release movies, but that's why the price is perfect. Two theaters - the Granada is small, but intimate. And they have 3D. And beer/wine. Great place to take the family, and definitely out of town visitors. Support the Liberty - keep it running in Camas!

Kristi Vaz

Hands down, best movie theater around! So many snacks, helpful staff, and best of all great prices! And for the Harry Potter fans, BUTTER BEER!


Easily the best theatre for viewing movies that have been out for a while in the Camas-Washougal-Vancouver area. The tickets are very cheap. The popcorn is cheap, and tastes more home made than chain cinemas do. Very historic and appealing. However, the secondary theatre room (Grenada) is small enough to be someone's personal theatre at their house. I'd try to go to a movie in the main theatre room. Also has ice cream and snacks attached to it next door.

Vern Peterson

Always fun..took my old-fashioned I used to love as a child..highly recommend the experience.

Greg Hazen

Great! Comfortable seats, nice theater.

Don Mix

I always have a good time at The Liberty Theater. Second run art house, with some good films not on another screen in the Metro Area. Several places to eat within walking distance, make a night of it. They have a great selection of snacks that no one else has. Great, a reminder to keep your (damn) feet off of the seats.


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