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REVIEWS OF Garland Theater IN Idaho

Tammie Hampton

Ive loved coming to the garland since i was in school!

Juliya Fox

Always fun to come here. My first movie theatre experience was watching Aladdin at the Garland. Now roughly 25 years later I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and that was a ton of fun. Look forward to doing it again!

Jason Bailey

Havent entered this place in over a decade but it was pretty cool than so.......

Ann Nesbitt

Great local theater. Serves veer wine and real food. Enjoy historical aspect and realize that generations of Spokanites have enjoyed movies in these seats.

Stephen Mitchell

Good for the price lots of parking .now theirs a bar even better

Celia Sogge

Love the ticket price and the access to restaurant food. I have always enjoyed the old style large screen and the beautiful architecture of the building.

Robert Riggs

A theater that is cheap because they run the movies after the big theater quit showing the movies. This way if you want to see it again you can at a cheaper price.

Elizabeth Ross

This theater needs a deep cleaning and some better lighting. The crowds there are usually moderately friendly and not pushy. The food's good and better price than most other theaters.

Sally Rose

Excellent experience! You can actually afford to go to the movies, including popcorn! The little attached bar is a nice place to wait for your movie to start. We had a wonderful time and are great full this little gem is still in operation!


Love this place but today you guys disappointed me. Please, next time have two people at the cash register, it looks bad when there's only one person doing all the work when there's obviously more employees that can help out so customers like me don't have to end up leaving after missing the first 5 minutes of the movie.

LeAnn Noone

Very disappointed that they seem to have sold out... Hipsters moved in, prices are now what you'd pretty much pay at another theatre. So sad.

Scott Laird

We love the Garland Theater. Great place to take the family without blowing the budget. The movies they play have been out for a while, but still before Redbox. Theater is always clean and doesn't have a funky smell like a lot of other cheaper theaters. They have a good food selection. Not Just Popcorn and candy. Free parking and cheap tickets

Abraham Matelich

this establishment has been here since I was a kid I have memories of growing up and going to movies hear the staff is very welcoming and kind and overall great experience.

T Stone

Local theater, independent, what’s not to like! If you have patience you can see a movie in a theater for 5.00$’s. They have beverages available in the attached bar or the snack bar. Have been here several times and the crowd has never been obnoxious. It’s a great experience. Try it! Check out the website for movies and times.

Charlie Hagens

Parking lot Nazis over at us bank towed our car at 10p.m. so everyone in the garland district takes a hit because of them. Thank them but we're never coming back to garland. Good luck with the whole quaint walking district bull.

Suzanne Pullman

A cozy place to watch movies for $2.50 a person.

Lorie Keller

Love this theater and the employees really keep it clean!

Tony Tayaceful

Just when seen Shazam keep up the good movies... I'll be back I sure

Kate Star

I love this theater and the appearance of it, the updated seats and the fact that you can get adult beverages and food is a nice perk.

Flower Pennington

I love bringing my family here watching the movies eating popcorn and their drinks are fairly cheap this is the best theater to go to


Who doesnt love the Garland theatre?

Doctor Roca

This was a lot of fun. They have a groovy little bar and it was a great movie going experience for the price. I will be back.

Kristen Farrow

Great place to take all the kids! Friendly place and we love the bottomless popcorn. So happy the Garland is still open after all this time.

Jon Reeves

Great price for tickets and popcorn. Thoroughly enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody

Shirley Sundstrom

The Garland theater was very clean and the kids that we're working was very nice and friendly it was a guy and two girls I wish I got there names

Shira White tiger 2000

The service is good. Just needs better seats.

Amy McCaffree

Fun, old theater for discount movies, on second-run basis. Nice lobby, fun decor. Huge theater. Sometimes the seat backs seem too high, but now that my kids are getting taller, it's working better for them to see. Theater does have plastic boosters seats for small children. My kids just didn't find these very comfortable, and they were sort of slippy on the fabric seats. Seats have cup holders and moveable armrests. Excellent screen and sound quality. Friendly service. Good concessions.

Joseph Bromley

Awesome place to watch a flick or get a drink or do both. Super great staff.

r shearer

Nice little single screen theater, people are nice, great deals on afternoon matinees, endless popcorn

John Thomas

Grand old theater in great shape.

Danielle Cox

Comfortable seating with lots of leg room. It can be a bit chilly so bring a sweater. Prices are great. They very kind employees.

Deanna Horton

Love this place. What isn't there to love about the Garland? You can grab a beer next door, then some popcorn, see that movie youbwsnted to for a decent price. Relax for a bit in this beautiful old theater and enjoy yourself.

Chris Potter

I started going to the Garland Theater ~ 1975. It was a terrific place to go to for movies until ~ 20 yrs ago. The Garland Dollar Theater was it's hay-day. Movie selection has sucked since.

Rick Enzler

Watched movies here when I was a kid over 50 years ago. I love being able to have a beer with my popcorn instead of soda. Friendly attendants and very clean theater. Haven't been here when dinner is being served yet but really want to try that as well. Two big thumbs up.

PJ Priestley

This is the best little movie house. It always feels like I am at the Majestic! I feel like I have been transported back in time. The employees are friendly.

Rodger Bardwell

Experience the feeling of going to movies like you did when you were a kid, but with better seats. And better sound. And it's just great.

Nadine Kramer

We love going to the Garland they have great seats, yummy popcorn and we always look forward to going. And of course you can't beat the prices!

Brayday 1130

The old feel is amazing

Bryan Varney

Such a great theater ❤️ Our photography group got to spend an hour inside sitting there place up! Thank you Garland Theater for being so accommodating!

Jessica Doucette

Very this place!

S.G. Price

Great Prices, Awesome staff. Always clean and enjoyable! Highly recomend!!!!

Kyle Croft

Great spot, what a local gem! Saw "The Princess Bride" tonight, great service, very clean, and always a super fun crowd!

Dante Cummings

I love the garland theater! I never go to the regular theater because I know that eventually the movies I want to see will show at the garland at some point and it’s worth it to wait and watch it here! The atmosphere is amazing and the bottomless popcorn you can get for $7 is way better than popcorn you can get literally anywhere else! There are so many seats and they have many special events where they play older movies such as the Princess Bride! Usually those movies play on a Tuesday night as well when tickets are only $2.50!

Dan Dupler

A Spokane gem worth visiting.

Blood Wolf

I was with my girlfriend who uses a walker, the bathrooms are not handicap friendly, and there is no handicap parking. Movie was good though!

Jeff Neal

What can I say, this place is a landmark. It's worth a visit

Gabriel Mendoza

Super cheap movie watching. $2.50-$5. Wine and Beer during the movie. Great historical atmosphere. Favorite theatre.

Jerry Quinn

An iconic theater. Huge credit to the owners who have managed to keep this classic theater going while many have fallen (Lyons Avenue, North Division 6, Newport Cinemas, United Artists, East Sprague and countless Drive In theaters)

Steve Berndt

Best theater around. Still retains most of its Art Deco style architecture. Shows free movies sometimes. Only five bucks of show, concessions are concessions at a movie theater you know a little extra but they got to make a profit somehow. Well worth buying a popcorn and soda to help support a local business and excellent theater. Up-to-date sound system just as good as any other theater that you pay 15 to 20 bucks for.

trash man

It's super expensive, but the popcorn is delicious and the seats are comfortable.

Jenniffer Cooke

Great prices, friendly staff.


Old local theatre with continuous seating. Fun place. Very community centered.

Michael Murphy

Great place too take my (sun) to watch a movie together, not to crowded. We watched "Small Foot", $5 a piece isn't bad. Didn't hear any fowl language, which IS AMAZING these day's. It's CRAZY how the F%*& word has become common place in every sentence and every where you go. I DON'T want my sun to hear it and use it. Sorry, long winded.

Kelsey Garcia

Love the value!!! For $21 I could take my son to a movie and get bottomless popcorn and a large drink to share! Any other theater it would cost that much for just movie tickets!

Robin Kaplan

What a unique wedding venue!

missile pen

Went here on a school trip. It was pretty fun, the theater is huge. The bathrooms however are really small.

Jenny Pierson

Spokane Treasure! Recent upgrades have given the theater a facelift without losing the charm. Good movie selection... Great and reasonable concession stand... And drinks close by if you are so inclined.

Casey Riendeau

Love the garland! Been going for years and now they have booze. Life's good. Eat at GORDYS!

Chris Willis

I love this movie theater! It always makes me feel nostalgic!

Shawna Hutchings

We took the whole family to see Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer today. I was worried either the crowd we would have to sit apart or worse, they would be at capacity. Obviously I forgot how big it is in there! Clearly nothing to worry about. Comfy chairs and the best prices in town! Sound us pretty good too!!

Heather Isaacs

I love this place! So nostalgic. Staff is always awesome and prices are good. My reason for not giving 5 stars is that I wish the sound was upgraded. But I am a life time loyal customer. I love the Garland!

Danyelle Hoisington

A great cheap way to go to the movies with your family or friends! One of my favorite movie theaters. Once a month, they have the new movies to come there.

James Jordan

Beautiful theater. Inexpensive

Robert Moss

Cheap price for movies but high seats which makes it difficult for kids to see the movie unless they sit in the higher level. This level is quite a bit farther back and gives a smaller view of the screen.

Ren Nawee

Great old theater with single screen, cheap tickets, second run & classic movies. All kinds of goodies on the menu, including grilled cheese sandwiches, beers, booze, and, of course, popcorn. There was a lot more, but I had already eaten & wasn't hungry at all. Too bad, bc I really wanted to try that grilled cheese.

Theresa Richards

Love this theatre, keep playing the older movies. Love the nostalgia

Jesse Bowers

Garland always been a great movie theater since I was knee-high to a grasshopper always super nice customer service and now he's got great flicks

Travis Lee

Great old building! Good place to take the family!

Laura Pirrie

First timer to Garland Theater, impressive. Discount prices, classics movies, friendly, clean, great popcorn. Definitely will be going back!

Jon Bowne

Great theater. No bad seats.

Valerie Holloway

Love the price, but was charged too much that night for my movie. $6.53 was charged then $5.00. The last charge was popcorn and two drinks. I will go back and show them their mistake.

Judy Mayulianos

Good movie, good price.....

Mike Patton

A great place for a date on the cheap. Also a good spot to see some nostalgia movies on the big screen. Its clean and the staff is super friendly. Great selection of hot food as well.

ninpen moo

Always have a great time employees are always nice

Amy Calkins

Fun theater with bar and food. Seats are comfy.

Trish Parker

The prices are great, the food they offer is pretty good but the last time I was there the employees were rude and seemed to be too busy in their social life’s to properly care for customers

Bio Gaming

It's cheap and a pretty good place just don't go there at night...

Richard Kennedy

First time in area. Stopped into catch a movie. Cool theater, superb price. Had a really enjoyable experience here.

Valorie Hunter

Awesome place to go to the movies! Between the great ticket price, the low concession stand prices and the fact that you can get beer and wine, it's our new favorite theater. Is been remodeled nicely as well and hold lots of people. We will definitely be going there often.

Frerin Durin

I have always loved this place. Cheap prices for movies.

Debi Jacobson

I went to a movie here for the first time recently and was shocked when I walked in. Why have i not brought my kids here. I have nothing bad to say. Loved... prices, people, lobby, bathrooms, seating.. !!

Shane Ridley-Stevens

A fun place see a movie

Janice Baker

We had a wonderful experience at the Garland..Will always go back again.

Paul Lugo

I have been going here for 20 yrs they use to be a $1 , then when it was sold they. Made some improvement price went up all along staying the best and most inexpensive place in twn , the movies got thin for a bit , because it was hard for them to get film, so they went digital and raised the price to $5bucks. This has always been a clean and safe place for families, also the owner does everything she can to keep the prices adorable for families. One of the reasons for the beer and wine , license was to keep prices dwn and increase rev. But a great place.

Sarah Bibby

Best deal in town, beer in the theater, too! Love it!

Christopher Romero

Older theater, but well kept up. Enjoyed the flick.

Unknown Uberdriver

I love this theater! They show quirky, beloved movies all the time and the theater is beautiful inside and out. The prices are sane. And it’s amazing how much better the experience is of watching classic films on a big screen with a packed theater of fans. It’s in a great part of town, too, so you can wander around afterward and enjoy the Garland District.

Heath Phillips

Great for a old theater, they have good grilled cheese sandwiches and pulled pork, along with a decent selection of beer.

Carol Stevens

Can't beat it five dollars for a movie. And I just saw Bohemian Rhapsody fantastic

John O'Brien

We absolutely love this place! Art Decoencore movie house with all the usual movie snacks plus casual food and adult beverage choices too. One of our favorite spots in Spokane!

Darlene Harms

I think The Garland Theater is a jewel that the Garland neighborhood can be justly proud of. I enjoy patronizing the older theaters. They have so much character to offer. The employee's that I meet were helpful snd engaging. Loved it.

Bunny Walker

As always, The Garland Theater breathes life into our little town, thanks to the dedication of the ownership to remain Spokane's People's Theater. It's a gorgeous piece of history, and an incredible contemporary venue for so many occasions. Bravissimmo, Garland Theater!

Ryem Abrahamson

You're allowed to interact with the movie, so it's a different atmosphere than if you go to Regal or AMC. But the food is great. The staff are nice. It's relatively cheap compared to the others as well. They're always having deals (summer with free movies), movie marathons (like I've seen all of the Twilight movies there and a lot of Ghibli movies), cultured movies, and of course cult classics.

Naomi Lee

I love that you can have a drink or dinner here now. The seats are more comfy also

Jacob Parton

Best place to see a movie

Roberto Tarin Jr

I seriously love the Garland Theatre! I definitely am a movie fanatic and the fact that they host movie specials and have trivia nights it's awesome! I certainly dog the whole vibe of that place. It's almost like your at home except you have to pay for everything lol

Robert Joyce

Classy second run movie theater. Half the price of first run theaters. Beautifully restored art deco architecture. Have a beer or a great hamburger while you watch the movie.

Mia Carmickle

A staple for entertainment in Spokane. Excellent service and great prices. I love how much love you can feel from the owners and staff. Awesome concession choices and won't cost an are and a leg.

Busy Bee

Prices 0k. The theater is older with just one theater.. staff excellent . You will enjoy your self.

owen jones

Absolutely amazing theatre. I attended the Trail Running Film Festival and I will definitely be back to watch more films.

Larry Mace

Its a great old time theater with modern conveniences. You can even have beer or wine and yet is still a family friendly environment.

Eric Stroyan

Great place for a movie! Been coming for years, and will continue too! Excellent prices.

Griffon James

Saw Rocky Horror here, great experience!

Iconic Ian Gaming

Low prices kind staff and amazing movies theaters can't get any better than that.

Dawn Lyden

Have visited this place alot and enjoy there popcorn and now they have beer as while


Fun theatre with great prices. The Bon Bon, the attached bar, has inventive cocktails and reasonably-priced small food options.

Mari Pritzl

Love it! Never crowded. Inexpensive, big room seats, you can drink alcohol while watching the movie. Great place. The bar serves food. Fun place.

Keat Shankle

Awesome fun! Could use a good cleaning as it does smell a little old. Definitely one of Spokane's must sees!

Kelly Riddle

We love the Garland. Awesome hometown feel, classic movie going. Cheap ticket prices, reasonable concessions. Massive theatre space! One our favorite weekend activities for going cheap!

Cereal Sarah

The Garland is Spokane's Longest Running Independent Theatre. Opened in 1945, it's a pristine example of Art Deco Architecture with its straight lines and angles. Attached to the side is the vintage cocktail bar, Bon Bon. It may not show the newest releases, but if you can wait a week or two, it's a cheap alternative to have a lazy night in but also out.

Derek Grosshuesch

Great prices plus BEER!


Good place to take your family on a budget!!

Beep Boop

A local favorite that's been around for so many years. The theater is HUGE, old, and beautiful. Prices are cheaper because the movies are not the most recent, but the atmosphere of this place is incredible and worth the trip even if the movie isn't 7/10+. Popcorn is good, average pricing on that, along with all other concession items. Bathrooms are vintage style and well kept up.

James Machado

Last chance to catch it on the big screen, and at a reasonable price. Garland specialises in almost to dvd movies.

Katelyn Ward

Love this theatre! It’s always clean, the food is great, and tickets are cheap. What’s not to love?!


love em to death but lads your seats are startin to get icky

Sophie Ptree

Friendly staff, good seating, and a large snack selection.

Cora Glass

Can't beat the price and clean and comfortable inside.

Slightly Twisted

Love this place it reminds me of my childhood

Dylan Bridegroom

A wonderful, vintage theater in cool, trendy Garland district.

Jamisha Smith

Cute little movie theater that I can take my child to for very reasonable prices. These are the prices a theater should have. We had a great time and there are a ton of seats. My husband was able to drink his favorite beer, while watching a movie. Great offerings for a theater that isnt so large. There are usually only a few movies at a time, but its so much fun to just go and do. There is an attached bar, and the employees at the concession stand try their hardest to accomodate your requests. We loved it, and we will be going again. Take your grandchildren and your children old enough to watch.

Kathy Castillo

I enjoy taking my family here because its lowkey and inexpensive.

Coastie Stacie

Good popcorn for a good price, most staff are friendly, and mostly shows good movies. Some of the more adult films should be shown at various times so you can beat the crowds, same with some of the children's movies. Adults also like to see them, without dealing with the craziness and hundreds of children. Haha. I wish there was also a way that if you're coming to a PG-13 or higher film, you must leave your small children/babies at home with a sitter or something. It's very irritating to hear a screaming child in a theater.

David Nall

My daughter and I saw Howl's Moving Castle here. I was shocked at how huge the theater was! They only have one showing at a time, and the theater gets quite full. It's a fun place to watch a movie, because the crowd really gets into the show. You hear lots of laughing and exclamations during the movie. If you are looking for a quiet showing, this wouldn't be the place for you. The shows are inexpensive.

Juan Carrillo

Why pay more when you can have a full size screen and beer at the theater plus really good nachos

Sean Horn

Missed it for a long time, an excellent value, a fine single screen cinema

Aimi Blair

My friend has his wedding there, such a great idea.

Some Dude

Awesome family fun

Heidi Smith

It's a come see theater. The only place that is affordable to go for a movie. Good place for dates or to take the whole family.

Robert Thorson

If you are tired of the generic big franchise theaters, and would like a unique experience within a historic local landmark; plan a night in the Garland District. Get a cocktail (or play bingo) at the conjoined bar Bon Bon, then get your (cheap) movie tickets and grab a beer and bottomless popcorn tub from the concession stand. If you play your cards right, it won't even matter if the movie is good or bad, you'll be well fed and suffer no thirst in the most comfortable chairs modern movie-going has to offer.

Paula Sandaker

This is such a great family place and its more affordable!

Conor Lynch

Excellent place to take the family, or a cheap date. Staff is always friendly!

Donald Conrad

Went here to enjoy movie with my family. Instead got to hear people all around me talk about things that were not an electric rodent.

James Fararo

Awesome! Butter and salt your own popcorn and have a mikes hard lemonade in the theatre or a beer. Movie itself is very reasonable! If you can part with the 3d expensive effects and the lounge seats and just want to go to the movies then come support this small business thats been around for years! Love this place.

Levi Abrams

Local business, new seats more comfortable.

Kyle Ziemer

Good movie theater.

Patrick Bunch

Great movies at fantastic prices. Snacks are outrageously expensive! Buy Walmart and bring with you. Popcorn is the BEST

Mark Blanchard

Wonderful, clean facility. A must do in Spokane.

Lois Irene Johnson

Couldn't hear real well.


Good place for a cheap movie! $5 tickets tax included. I got a bottomless tub of popcorn a large soda and a small candy for $13 plus tax. Came out to $14 and some change. Went to seen Lego Movie 2. Lots of kids making noise and laughing, was not worried about my lil youngsters being loud or obnoxious. Great classic movie theater atmosphere. They serve beer and wine too! I'll definitely go back

Life adventures with Jeremy Cash

My favorite theater in town, now you drink and watch a flick!!!!$

David Sherwood

For being the cheap priced theater, it is a really nice place. It's a large theater and the upper level has lots of leg room. They have more upscale food and have actual drinks available. The regular concessions used to be moderately priced, but now they are just as much as regal or village centre. Thank washington voters for raising minimum wage. Still though, very nice place

Loretta Sharbono

Vintage theater doing great things like cult classic midnight viewings. A family favorite destination when we want to see a film on the big screen but don't have much to spend.

James Glantz

I love this place. I'm so glad that they remain so popular.

Tony Penders

I love the Garland and at least two of those stars are nostalgic--its an older, kinda run down, but huge movie theater that plays 2d run, 3rd, run and specialty movies (like Miyazaki films from time to time) and has carved out a niche in Spokane by being cheap and also by selling wine and booze close by. Ah, yes, excellent corporate decision, there! The free movies are nice for the kids, and there are occasional amazing offers on the big screen- saw The Shining there a few weeks back, so there you go. Could really use a make-over, but it will never happen--its barely struggling along now.

Jeremy Turrell

Love this place. Old fashion movie theater seating, lighting, balcony seats, the decor, it's how the movies should be, affordable and exciting. Had a great night with my family of 3 and the price tag was under $50, try that at Regal cinemas, a must go!

Sharlene Dunn

Great price to go to the movies, especially on Wednesday when they are only $2.50. The concession prices aren't bad either.I don't know where else you could take 4 people and get a refillable popcorn, 2 large sodas and two large candies for around $35! And I love the old time feel of the theater!

David Inguanzo

Old fashion theater, Aladdin was great, good prices!

Shae Blackwell

The best kind of theater. Bar attached and comfy seats. Best $2.50 you'll spend on a Tuesday in Spokane.

Kat Boren

Always a good choice for a movie place plus no seating charts. Lol

Thurmin Xavier

An excellent theater with an attached bar. They have delicious food and excellent popcorn. A lovely experience alone, with a date, or the family.

Jordan Cook

Always a fun experience, but the place is old lol

Laura Mcniel

A great theater to watch favorite movies

Amanda Barnhart

Love the popcorn & lots of choices for food too!

Jordan Woods

What a cool place. I'm so excited and nostalgic that the Garland Theater is up and still kicking. It wasn't that long ago that all theaters resembled what this place encompasses. I must say on special occasions and showings it gets a little packed, but I remember coming here decades ago when it was the dollar theater and it's still pretty darn fun. I can't help but to try and hold back a grin the whole time I'm sitting and watching whatever I might be there to enjoy. It's definitely a great place to go catch a flick and get the movie theatre experience for a fraction of the cost. You may have to wait, but it's absolutely worth it! Check it out, you won't regret it!

Andrew Nava

Love the inspiring directors making movies. Love the short films

David Lynch

Love the Midnight Movies and other classic movie showings here! Watched my daughter's favorite movie tonight: "Clue"


Midnight movies are so fun


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