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REVIEWS OF Centre Theatre IN Idaho

Devin Scoresby

Great theatre to bring your family to see a movie and still leave with some money in your pocket. Picture is good and so is the sound!

Bruce Moore

I grew up going was fun then as it is now with my grandkids.

Spencer Elder

Love how this is modernized and plays new movies but still has the old downtown feel

Courtney Price

Love this theater and their staff! Super friendly. You feel like you're an old friend:)

Jesse Dickson

It was nice to go to a new movie with my daughter at a cheaper rate and without the crowd that the Edwards has. The new seats are a nice upgrade.

Justin Fullmer

Nice, friendly, atmosphere. Better than the big box offices!

Ryan H.

Very pleasant experience. Great screens. Just needs to expand and turn up the sound.

Holly Summers

It's nice to go to a theater and see a new movie without breaking the bank. It's historic, but upgraded.


Good quality movie but the chairs were a bit uncomfortable

Craig Checketts

Older but well kept theater that shows first run movies at reasonable admission prices and concessions. Great for taking the family to!

comment a

Great place but people need to learn to shut up during a damn movie


Glad they are getting new movies now! The theatre reeks of urine and mold. It needs a severe upgrade. The seating is placed really odd and cramped. The price is really great though so the bad parts are easier to handle.

marcy spilker

The oldest standing theatre family owned and great prices

Liz White

Love the atmosphere. Friendly staff. Like that they get first run movies too.

Joey Whalen

Very clean, prices are amazing,

Cristian Aponte

Very old rooms and screen and quality was ok and everything was very little, space, room, screen. Smelled a bit funny too. But movie and snacks were cheap in comparison to bigger movie theaters. Nice experience overall

Hayden Austin

The movie theatre is small and doesn't have the best visual and audio quality. However their prices for concessions and tickets are cheap considering they are now playing newly released movies. A ticket will cost $7.00. I had a great time viewing JUMANJI.


My husband and I really enjoy Centre Theatre. It is never packed and we especially enjoy the upstairs theatre. Price of a first run flick with popcorn and soda is under $20. Cozy, fun, nostalgic, environment.

Zombie Jake Heaton

Kind of a fun little theater that reminds me of the "cheap theater" from when I was a kid in the 80s.

Adam Rowbury

Great little theater. Nice people. Good prices.

Stephen Marx

First run movies. Inexpensive and clean.

Frank Tomasetti

Nice place to catch a movie downtown. Right in the center of town and not too expensive.

C Winn

Bad experience, don't go anymore

Russell Jenkins

Inexpensive and fun

Kade Marquez

Classic old theater with good prices, tasty popcorn, and good service. The location does make parking a task at times, but it's worth supporting a local downtown business.

Carol Baldwin

Good place for 1st run movies at a discount.

Tyler Hernandez

Great local theater

merrill page

Great prices for first-run movies! Less expensive for primetime movies then matinee prices at the other first rum theater in town. Screen is a little smaller, seeding is a little cramped. Overall great experience

John Fielding

Out of liberty is awesome

Steph Robertson

Very nice people and good seating.

Solid Waste

1st time visiting this theater. Affordable prices, unique vintage theater. Enjoyed the experience very much. Restrooms are small and showing their age.

Holly Lattimore

Very nice staff, was available seating, if you arrived early, and movie was hilarious (Jumangi). Older building in downtown IF.

dscott 858

good theater good prices cheaper then edwards theaters

James Gill

A good theater to see movies.

Kristi Larson

Clean and enjoyable. The theater was really cold though (and I typically like colder temps, my own home thermostat is set to 63 in the winter). The popcorn could be better, but it's a fun little theater!

Ashley Doll

Cheap movies, sticky floors.

K Conklin

My family went for the first time and we loved it. It has old charm and is very unique. They play current movies and have two screens. Our movie played in the upstairs theater and it was awesome. I felt like a little kid in awe and wonder, haha. I gave it 4 stars because we went for the first showing of the day, and the ladies restroom had not been cleaned and the trash cans were full. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt because we drove by the day before, which was New Year's Day, and the line was insane. So I figure it's not normally that busy and they got behind. However, when we went, it wasn't busy at all.

rhonda aliah

Old fashioned well maintained theater.

Chassidy Curtis

We love tue center theater

Reena Chrysler

Great prices on tickets and snacks.

Jeff Henry

Awesome locally owned theater. Improving every year. Way better experience than going the big commercial theater route. We took a family of seven to a first run movie and got popcorn and drinks cheaper than just the tickets would have been at EDWARDS

Ned M.

The downtown atmosphere is really improving lately. It's nice to come here for first run movies instead of always having to go to Edward's in Ammon.

Mari Krueger

Great Theater great service

Tiffany Hendricks

My hubby and I really enjoy that this theater has an old school feel. Have nothing but love for this place!!!

Jennifer Hunter

Great for cheap shows with kids

Joaquin Palacios

Really nice comfy and cozy good service really affordable

Alecia Johnson

Family friendly, great service, and fantastic prices!

Jan A. Cullen

Great sound fun time, thanks for giving us a different movie theater in town.

Cam B

Over all it was nice the theater seats were a little cramped but not Bad, reason why give it 3 stars, is they really need to do a better job of cleaning the floor.

David Flagler

It was quite an experience for me trying to find a seat in the dark. For my taste, the sound was too loud. The popcorn was stale. And the bathroom looked clean but smelled like urine. I didn't like the seating, the heads of the people in front of me were within inches of my feet, you have to be very careful when crossing your legs. Many people were dangling their legs over the seats in front of them.

Jason Byron

Better popcorn and better price than larger theaters.

J'Lene Webb

It's expensive for what they have to offer. It smells so foul throughout that want to throw up. I like it has new movies, but nothing else is very good about it.

Cody Olson

Great movies

John Hyland

Good place if the movie is good. Clean, good picture and sound, excellent price for movie, popcorn and pop.

Edna Hill

Nice to have a discount day on Tuesday's. It's also nice to have the snacks at a reasonable price. Thank you, Centre Theatre.

Gerald Ball

Great place to watch a movie on a cheaper budget

steve strickland

Great family entertainment. Great ticket prices and great concession prices. Clean facility and awesome first run movies.

AJ O'Brien

Reminds me of the good old days of a movie popcorn and now the have plugings to charge your phones with while you watch the movie

Justin Potter

Reasonably priced, fun times

Michael Sorenson

Small theater with limited seating. Great Popcorn. Good Price. The bad:Guests for the next showing were allowed to enter the theater before credits had finished (Marvel Movie so we had to wait for the snips in the credits).

Marco Hancock

I wish I lived in Downtown longer! Loved our visits to the Centre! Great Service for a Great Price!


Food was very good, and service was pleasant. Would go again, plenty of options to try, very filling and fair portions.

Jason Dartnell

Small old but quaint

Art Coronado

Real cheap and the prices on food are great too


Good movie theater, it is kinda small. The crew is awesome and the place is pretty nice

Travis Parker

So this place is owned by the same folks that own the paramount theater. It’s tucked away in downtown IDAHO falls. For a long time, I had no clue where it was. But now that I’ve found it, I love it. The construction of the theaters is very interesting. It’s old, it’s got a historic feeling to it and I think they like it that way. The sound system is great. Seats aren’t bad. Price is on the spot!!. My only complaint is that their popcorn could be better.

Stephen Miner

It's cheap, by all means, so if you want to see one of the two movies they have at one time (it's a small place), then it's awesome for a cheap night out. But with that, it's a cheaper experience. The theatre is small (which some people are into), the concessions is really only ever run by one person (which is ok, because it's never busy), and it's nothing spectacular, but for a simple movie date easy on your wallet, it's the best in the town. Edit: it's been five months, and it's a little different now. They still feature only a couple movies at a given time (which are cycling, so it's a decent variety), but the movies they offer are more of the well-known and newer Blockbuster hits, so the selection is actually awesome. It's still a smaller place run by one or two people at a time, but it's also somewhere you can see the popular films for about 1/4 the price of the other major theatres (Edwards in particular) in Idaho falls.

Austin Hill

This theater is wonderful! Ever since they started showing first run movies and upgraded their seats my wife and I haven't stopped coming here, at least 2 or 3 times a month. Not to mention the prices are affordable so you can go get some ice cream after the movie. The best thing about The Centre is the POPCORN!! Always fresh and the butter they put on it is great! Very friendly service as well!

Larren Covert

Great value. Awesome seats. Wonderful experience.

H Ramirez

Love this theater! Prices are great, service was excellent and it was very clean

Emily Disney

I love going to the movies. I get for new ones you guys now offer resevered seating which is great but it also sucks. Went last weekend to see lion king and it was so packed their were hardly any seats, people were just sitting wherever they felt like even when it was reserved and then the while system crashed and you guys didnt even realize you kept selling tickets and letting people in when their was no room and then had to have people leave because it was sold out. I also wish you guys would put in a changing table for parents who have small babies or toddlers in the restrooms all you guys have in the women's bathroom is a small tile counter which is what I had to end up using to change my 3 month old baby on and I didnt want to be changing her on the floor. We needed up getting a refund after all of this chaos and went some where else.

Sherry Sloan

We saw the Fighting Preacher and it was outstanding.

jonathan saunders

movies are getting expensive. you would think that as much as they charge for concessions. They would be able to let people watch the movies for free, and still make a lot of money

Charlie Denning

Popcorn was gross and the lights kept flickering. And worker's were rude.

hxuwh dh1uh c.f.

It's a great place especially for the price but sometimes there is still popcorn on the floor and spilled drinks, but other than that it's great, the best part is there isn't usually too many people

Devyn Herrick

Definitely an old theatre, but that's also a little bit of the charm. The seats were okay, but not quite sloped enough so I had position myself to see around the person in front of me. Also there were hecklers in the same theatre that sort of ruined the experience. But that's not necessarily the theatre's fault.

Chad Russell

This theater is one of the most often overlooked places to catch a movie in Idaho Falls. The prices are lower than the other places in Idaho Falls but there is usually only 2 features available. It is kind of small. However, it is comfortable. I have been here only a few times but I have enjoyed them all. I recommend going here is you have nothing else to do.

James Cook

Awesome little theater. Decent prices on concessions. We loved it!

David Houck

A classic theatre and a good movie u s still dun.

Dan Hillam

Nice old theater with upgraded seating and sound. Always a nice experience.

Troy Allen

Loved the old time movie theater

Kenny Cortinas

Love this theater! My kids and I are here almost every weekend! The staff and prices are amazing just wish they had better parking.

Tyler Crom

Good small place for movies

Ryan Romander

Love it. Inexpensive, but comfortable.

della ybarra

Great place for family. Great prices!

Adrianne Elliott

I love this theater! I've been going there since I was a little girl. They put in new seats not too long ago, which are very comfortable. I also love that when I go there I'm supporting a local business.

mary smith

They oversold the show I went to so it was overly crowded and distractingly noisy. If not for that I would have given a higher rating . Be aware since it is just a two screen theater you might not get into the show you want . It is located downtown so parking is extremely difficult to find. It is cheaper but I would say on the weekends at least you are better off going to the more expensive theater

Mark Flatland

Friendly staff, good movies, and good treats.


For a family on a budget, this is a great place that you can take your family. For a fraction of a big movie theaters single person ticket prices, you can take 2 people! Plus the owners of the theater are local to IF. Support local businesses! Through no fault of the owners, parking can be troublesome to find.

Brenna Clyde

There are only two theaters and two bathrooms. The bathroom stalls do not have locks and the doors are only four feet tall. Other than that, the concessions are great as well as the quality of the movie was great.

Vegan Sunflower

Thia is a cute little old fashioned theater with good prices on tickets and snacks

David Warden

No frills budget theater but they are playing first run movies and have great popcorn.

Scott Ashby

Pretty old theater. And the tickets weren't as cheap as I thought they should be. I'd rather pay a few extra dollars and go to a nice theater.

Brandon Lott

Such a fun place to go and catch a flick, a fun old building. they have done a lot to update the place over the last few years, Great 3D, newer seats in the upstairs theater. Friendly staff. overall a great place.

Paula Jacobsen

Had a hard time finding parking . I don't walk well and stairs are an obstacle and the bathrooms was downstairs. I like the Paramount better if they only had the same movies.

Stu Morrill

Great place and great prices. Concessions is much better and cheaper than AMC. At the Center Twin there is reserved seating which is awesome and matinee is only $5. The only bad thing is they don't have stadium seating but I'm tall so I don't care.

LaTisha Skinner

Love the prices and the people

melissa andrews

Thank you guys for all you do.. my husband and I love Comming here. The people who run this place, make it feel like you are home... great people. Great buisness... LOVE THIS PLACE

Leihm Patterson

Clean and well kept. The staff is always smiling and more than happy to help me and my family with what we need. It all really does not make you want to leave, which is great! Parmount Theatre is an amazing and great experience for the whole family!

Natashia Loder

My husband and I love this place! Cheap and reasonable! Staff is kind! And it has the cute old theater feel! Love it!

anthony ruiz

Great place for a first date guys.

Caitlin Croft

Prices are great. Staff always friendly. Lots of treats to pick from while at the concession stand. You can now go online and purchase tickets and your seats. Family friendly. My issue is the actual theaters themselves- uncomfortable seats, setup makes watching the movie hard, and movie screens older/lesser quality.

Robert Williams

Definite upgrade to the sound system and the screen is decent.

Cameron Secaur

Nice little theatre


This place is nice and quiet. It's a bit old but adds character.

Joseph Haga

Nice local theater. Prices are reasonable and its great that they are getting new movie releases. It just needs to be updated a bit considering how old it is.

Todd Simon

If you like an older style this is the place. Built in the early 1900's. It has had some updates from the original format ( upper and lower area was one theater) they created the upstairs theater and the bathrooms are all original. They have first run movies at a great price and the concessions are a great value.

Adam Rudd

Rocking chairs, unbeatable prices on concessions! No stadium seating though.

Kaitlynn Landon

Great service and great prices! Lovely staff and The owner himself came down to apologise for the movie starting a few minutes late.

Drew Harris

I saw the Shazam there and it was epic!

David Oliver

New seats, good popcorn, and first-run movies as second-run prices. 5/5

Spencer Plate

It is great to have a cheap option to see movies. This theater is $5.50 before 5:30! It also tends to play movies upon, or very soon upon, release. It had Avengers: Endgame on its day of release. I took my family to see it, and we were very pleasantly surprised at its very comfortable seats. Usually discount theaters are crummy, but this one is really great.

Mommy Sanity

The theater could use some updating..... but the price and treats are really reasonably priced. I like that they dont seem out to empty people's pocket books. I will continue to go to movies here instead of the big movie theaters.

Phil Simard

Local theater in the center of town, good matinee prices good all-around prices, movies a little later but the prices in the snacks make it worth it nice comfortable theater.

Nicholas Hunt

It's 2019 you do that charge extra for plastic. If it's that expensive I suggest you find a new company to handle those transactions.

Ken Stephens

Love the Centre. Super happy they became a first run theater. Although they don't have a larger selection of movies I'm okay with that because their prices and concessions is cheaper. They're worth going to.

Robert Kingsford

Cheaper option for first run movies. They have made some improvements to the theater recently.

Johnny's Moving Trailers

A great date night that for a super reasonable price.

Hada Ward

Always a great experience!! My family and I love going.

Kent McCosh

Good theater, have good movies for a reasonable price and popcorn is delicious

Ryan Smith

Had a great time watching Bumblebee. Good experience.

Chris Charnock

Fun little low cost theater. My son loves going to movies here because he likes their kids bundle with the popcorn, tootsie roll and a soda and dad likes the price.


Great old school movie theater. If you are looking for a place too see new movies at like prices this is the place

Andrew Woodbury

Way better than spending a fortune at regal cinemas!

Cindy Munoz

Decent prices, but horrible seating. This place could definitely use an upgrade!


Movie started 10 mins late and the chairs were very stained and dirty between the arm rests was gross

Dane Artis

Reasonably priced. Very small and a little bit of bad vibes. But worth it for a good movie.

Fernando Garcia

Very good popcorn! Staff very willing to help.

Eli Coon

Top place for new releases. New seats and excellent deal. Customer service is Awesome

Robert Brady

The most affordable place in town to see new release movies. Seats are comfy.

Ralph Sexton

Though it is a smaller theater, it is kept clean and well maintained. The seats are comfortable. The price is good. The people are friendly. I recommend it, especially if you can't afford to go to the Edwards.

Logan Randall

Great price! Nice staff.

jaszdrummer, playing Out-of-the-Box

Cannot say enough good things about this establishment. For the price it is outstanding. Excellent customer service, good snacks and family friendly atmosphere. I especially enjoy the music and advertising before each movie. It is locally owned and operated and I support that wholeheartedly.

Rex Cluff

Good films at good prices

Josiah Elmer

This place is laughable. The seats lean way back whether you want them to or not, the tickets were overpriced, the movie screen was foggy, and when I went into the bathroom they had a shower curtain as a door for the stall. I definitely will not be coming back here

Ryan Joos

Great little old theater in downtown IF. I love going there. There's something really cool about it in comparison to the huge newer theaters.

Brett Clyde

It's a small theater. From lobby to theaters it's small. HOWEVER, it's a great price and still a great experience.

Dug Bagley

Great prices, old theater

Eilene Page

Good old fashioned venue for new movies at a great discount. It isn't bright and flashy... But it is a great place where the movie, popcorn and a drink and other concessions don't require a second mortgage.

Spencer Trejo

Love that they are playing newer movies. Much cheaper then the big theater.

Meredith Sleight

The prices were fair and the service was good. The experience itself was far from magical. The seats aren't elevated and the bathrooms are far from terrific. Still, a decent theatre.

Bruce Diehl

Cheap, but not very clear screen. Audio was okay. A lot of crying kids though.

Allen Swanson

Just movie house wasn't expecting much

Leonardo Noronha Santos

Family Staff, great place. History was written there

Christapher Clark

Cheap theater some theater rooms are set up horribly, Their mate over on channing and 17th is set up way better

Doug Cook

Helpful staff. Great selection of movies. Screen and sound quality were fantastic. Better popcorn than the large theater in town.

Jayesh Shah

Good place... cheap tickets especially if you have kids and they want a lot of popcorn

Michelle Willis

The seat here are comfy hi back seats. Really enjoyed our family outing there.


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