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REVIEWS OF Caldwell Luxe Reel Theatre IN Idaho

Veronica Hart

Nice theater, super comfy seats

Jeff Waldal

Saw the Downton Abbey movie. Staff is really friendly and attentive.

Bobbi Hutto

Great place, friendly, smiling, happy employees, love the recliners! Love the smaller theaters! Will be back for sure.

Lewis Ralstin

Nice theater. Sound was really good however: It was way too loud. It doesn't need to be that loud. John Wick movie had lots of gunfire & it actually hurt my ears a bit. It actually would of been normal with foam ear plugs..which told me it was too loud. Everything else was good at this theater.

Lindsay Mangum

I love this theater! The ticket prices are comparable to other theaters, but the concessions?! Best. Prices. Around!! I also like that you have an assigned seat. My only small complaint is that the volume sometimes is WAY too loud... Like ear piercing loud.

John Jason Lucas

We really loved this theater. The prices are reasonable and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Parking is a bit if a pain but doable. The recliners are top notch, my only complaint was that when reclined my food blocked my view...

James Barrett

We saw Aquaman... The volume on the movie was way too loud. And we miss the opening part of the movie because the lines were too long to get tickets. After about 15 minutes we realized people were able to buy movie tickets at the concession register. A great spot for a theater in Caldwell but still needs better staffing and improvements.

Cindy Sears

Very clean and comfortable also great customer service.


Our new movie theater! We live in Nampa and have been here at least half a dozen times now. I love that I can reserve my seats online and love the free refills with the Family Combos. The recliners are awesome and staff is so friendly.

Carol Murphy

Our experience was not the best. It would be great if the cashier at the ticket stand explained how their prossess works instead of expecting us to just know. The other thing is the theater floors and hallways were very trashed. We came back out to the same mess 2 hours later. They were not short on employees as some were standing around on the phone. I will stick with the other theaters in the valley.

Floyd No.2

Love this place. Friendly staff, fresh popcorn, clean restrooms and comfortable seats. They also have reclining seats.

Sarah Adams

It's nice and new but it is tiny. The lobby was crowded with a summer group and had to ask where to get our tickets because no one was at the ticket counter. The chairs are super comfy but the theater (at least the one we were in) was small. We arrived early and the theater was dark. They don't turn the lights on until 10 minutes before the start time, so we were using our phone's flash light to see and get situated. The staff was nice and it was clean.

Daniel Griffith

New theatre. Great seating. Paid more for recliner, well worth the dollar


I never expected to be treated to such an EPIC show as the life provided. This theater is nicer than the southerner mall's theater near Seattle. I can't stress how impressed and jealous I was that a theater like that exist in Caldwell Id. I highly recommend trying the Dolby atmos, it is so good!

James Peoples

Just discovered this place. It's right across the street from my favorite pizza place. Clean place. My favorite thing is they have recliners for just a dollar added to admission. Kinda felt like I was in my living room with a huge TV and an excellent sound system. This is my new movie theater.

Pamela Petersen

Price to hight . movie food is good

Melissa Gonzales

Clean, comfortable, enjoyed coming to relax and watch a movie while munching on popcorn with real butter. Friendly staff and parking around building was free.

Scottie Lewis

Single handedly one of the best theaters out there. The seats are super comfortable. Prices on concessions are rather fair, and movies are available in a timely manner. Theater has always seemed very clean.


Great recliners, latest movies but only one thing, if you can't get a recliner, don't go

Damon Waldron

Nice having a theatre in Caldwell well kept friendly staff.

Anna Cowan

Finally Caldwell has something fun! This was a clean, and beautiful movie theater. Recliners are nice but way too close to the screen for my taste. Overall loved it.

Ana Manzanares

I love going there cuz it's close to my home the people are great and they're always willing to help and it's always nice and clean

Tim Eide

Reason I gave 3 stars is the front row recliners are way to close unless you want to look literally straight up and be five feet from the screen do not reserve the front row. Plus the whole seat reservation thing is starting to get on my nerves. When you ars showed the seats its not actually the whole theater so its kind of misleading where you are sitting it has upset me more then once. Dont charge extra for recliners when the are rigjt up on the screen.

julie marie Francis

Prices are excellent. Service is great and friendly. And the whole establishment is kept clean

Jason Tyer

Parking can be a tad sketchy and some theatres small but it's uncrowded.

Violet Way

I love this theater. Only problem today was that the CC device didnt work in the theater I was in but I am only hard of hearing, not completely deaf and I have a heading aid so I made it work. Would really suck for those who were fully deaf... but chairs were comfy, sound was amazing, staff were friendly!

Sam Ranft

Absolutely crazy. Parking is a joke, I spent 18$ for just tickets, almost the same as Edwards, only to be seated in a room with like 30 seats. You can literally hear people eating around you even over the crazy loud movies. Also there were a few trains that went by that can be heard over the movies. I will definitely not be coming back here again.

Ben Rose

Nice theater plan ahead if it's a big movie. Seems the popularity sells out quick

Nick McDonald

I really liked the interior of this theater, movie quality and seating were superb. The parking design is not very well thought out though. Its like, where is all the parking? I was stressed trying to find a spot when it wasnt apparent to me where the majority of it was. All i saw was side street parking. Otherwise, Luxe Reel was great. Thanks!

Joe Hernandez

Always a great experience. And you can't beat the recliners. Best place to chill and watch a movie in town.

Derek Larson

Nice new theater, clean and up-to-date projection/sound. Why drive farther?

Mara Shepherd

By far the best theater I've been to. It's not the largest but the reclining seats are amazing. It's a whole new experience watching a movie while being that comfortable. I would reccomend bringing a blanket to make the experience even better.

Jeremy Villarreal

We love the reclining chairs, but steer clear of the overpriced microwaved hotdogs.

Dillan Tidwell

This is one of the nice theaters I’ve been in. Everything was fantastic and the prices are great. The only thing I would like better would be if you you could get your own butter on your popcorn. Awesome place.

Nathan Cook

Awesome place to go! Great owners I helped work on it and they gave everyone who helped free tickets and they were apart of the build themselves worked long hours running wire it turned out beautiful! On our way today to enjoy another movie

flash arrow

I love the Luxe Reel Theatre they have real butter soy free and great movies

Marshall Coleman

My wife and I were there for a horror movie, and the lights all kicked on half way through the show and stayed on for several minutes. It was the last showing, so the staff must have forgotten there was still a movie going. But, several people were very upset cause it ruined the scene.

Kaylene Rowe

Love this theater. They have recliner seats and I believe its only 1 dollar extra so worth it. They have food options like nachos and hotdogs which my son loves lol

pink Rose

We love the place clean, quite and the seats are the most comfortable it's like were home.

schnauzer pal

Great place! The reclining seats were awesome! Sound was amazing! Staff was very friendly! $11 for adults so it's a little pricey. Don't know how other theaters compare. Will go again just for the reclining seats! Nice to have a theater in Caldwell! Also, very clean

Terressa Fackrell

You got to check this out. Love the amenities. We will be back. Very Friendly and helpful staff. Glad to have this business in our town.

Lorraine Barden

I suggest the extra for the recliner theaters. It was awesome and beyond comfy. Movie was fantastic.

LeeAnne Mehling

New favorite theater! Extremely nice facility without the traffic of other bigger theaters. Theaters are clean with lots of leg room and comfy seats AND recliners as an option! Food prices were reasonable and everyone was friendly. You can even get refills! Going to be going to the movies a lot more now that I know this is a local option!

Misty Lorcher

Great comfy seats!

Tress Wilson

It was great. The recliners were awesome. It wasn't cramped like most theatre seating. It was nice to have your own space. The picture and sound quality was superb.

elena hunt

Best theatre I have been, soo comfortable with the seats( it reclines) great staff!

Jeff Harris

Nicest theatre in is coming to Eagle soon.

Marci Silva

I've been several times, the staff has always been friendly and the theater is clean. I like the seat options, as well as the option of reserving seats online ahead of time. This has been a great addition to the Caldwell area!

Jessica Barquet-Jordan

Great location! We enjoyed our visit and plan to visit more often.

paul bentley

Wow. Great addition to the "new" Caldwell. Recliners or rockers. Great sound. I like the soda refill bar accessible during the show. Caldwell is becoming a "go to" destination for a family friendly downtown, especially with the lights, ice skating, and now the Luxe Reel.

Matt Stacey

It was great. They have electric reclini.g seats, concessions seem a bit cheaper and they Dolby atmos. I'll be going there more often.

Matthew Simmons

I appreciate this theatres attempt to upgrade the facility. It is great they are the first theatre in the valley to put the reclining seats in the theatre. My only caution is this, if you think every seat in the theatre is reclining, you are wrong. So go early because there are only a few rows. The disappointment is real. I have felt it.

Tommy Barrett

It was absolutely terrific the sound was the best and you can feel every hit I definitely recommend everybody start going there

GG Anderson

Really nice theater. Great sound. Nice seats

Amado Luna

Fantastic spot for family. A little pricey.

john camarillo

Great place, little spendy but so comfortable

corinne forti

Very comfortable theatre with good selection of movies. Recliner seats. Parking availability could be improved.

Sin namon roll

Very good sound and visual, best spots are the very back. If the movie has Bass it will make the seat vibrate a little.

Hailee Aberasturi

Popcorn just tasted like it had been cooked for a while. A little stale..

David Odonnell

Great theatre. Friendly staff. Great sound , good picture. Comfortable recliner seat which i paid 1.00 more for. Choosing my seat when purchasing was the only thing i didn't care for. They should all be recliner seats. Otherwise it was a great time and i recommend to anyone.

Alex smith

The reclining seats are amazing. I would go to this theater just for the seats. Makes the whole experience that much better

Hope Reinertson

Super nice very clean and they have recliners for just a little extra and they are soooo worth it they also have little side tables.

Jeremy Luna

Best theater in the valley! Can't beat the reclining seats. Killer sound, great picture too.

Andrea Woodyard

Love the reclining seats. Top shelf movies and clean facilities. Go there every Saturday !

Damon Kidman

Its a good place to take the family or a special someone for a Date night. Nice employees. Has a decent selection of movies and is fair priced. Located in Downtown Caldwell, ID. If you're bored or want to see a new flick go and check it out and support the local business!

David S.

Nice, new, and clean. Hope it stays that way. It's got recliners and rockers, but I guess they all do these days. Same price as most other theaters. Free drink refills.

Lynette Poole

First time here. Was running late, as usual, but managed to get there in time for start of movie. Grandson (7) sat perfectly still throughout the whole movie, Toy Story 4. Granddaughters actually did amazing as well. Seats were comfy. I like the attached trays. Next time will be sure to get refreshments. My fault for being behind. Can't wait to go back again.

Carolina Salinas

Great place to enjoy movies! Love the buttered popcorn also.

Joani Bermudez

Great service and the best place ever to watch a movie.

Kahliem Burrow

Amazing only thing is the reclining chairs arent as comfy as they sound my feet kept falling asleep but other then that it was very good. Also it is very weird to watch movies there when the lights were still on XD

Hannah Shea

I loved the reclining seats, I have some physical issues so the option to recline was fantastic. I also have a lot of food allergies and sensitivities so it made me happy to see all the different nummies they had for you to choose from

Michelle George

Great location and we love the recliners! Excellent staff

Dan Solari

Excellent theater! Very comfortable, friendly service, great sound system as well. Electric recliners!

Victoria Smart

I prefer this theater over the Nampa theaters. Prices are affordable, the seats are comfortable, and the self serve concession refills are convenient!

B Flamm

Great place to take your family. Affordable tickets, casual atmosphere Nampa location is great too.

Autum Scott

A good theater but be careful ordering tickets online. The seats are backward so what looks like the back seats are actually in the front

Lawrence Wilson

Big pretty and the model of a modern theater. Reclining cushy seats, hands-free latrines, to include S corridors for "doors". Very reasonable prices to include concessions.

Jose L

Great prices on Tuesdays and optimum comfortable seating! Will definitely be back. :-)

Kayleena Hall

The theater was amazing. Loved it. Will definitely be back.

Ellen Yorgensen

Love this place! Would highly recommend


Nice place. The concessions are mediocre tasting but it was an overall nice experience.

Chrisie Avelar

Only been there once so far thats why I gave the 3 stars. Clean, nice friendly service. Comfortable recliners.

aidan jk

High quality audio in high quality vision great drinks quick candy great popcorn

christopher brown

Love the recliner seats here. Closer to home and reasonably priced. And again, love the recliner seats.

Ryan Batt

Love the reclining seats, very nice theater to have in Caldwell

Andrew Reay

Not a bad theater, but not fantastic. They seemed undermanned when I was there, so short lines took a very long time. Comfortable theater though! Big seats that are basically La Z Boys, and small theaters so it's not crowded.

Mary Mendoza

They got reclining chair and rockers. Good service. I love this theater!

Mike Malloy

Very comfortable, here is a place where you can not only watch, but experience a movie at a price that is a breath of fresh air.

Tyler Doyle

Best theater in the Treasure Valley. Plenty of leg room and luxury seating.

Roxanne Rodriguez

Had a great time and the customer service was very good..

Roe Dudley

Staff nice, and place comfortable. done well

Joseph Woodbridge

Great local theatre. Fun taking kids to movies

L. Vigil

Beautiful and modern. The theater is a wonderful addition to downtown Caldwell. We were super impressed by our visit this past Friday night. The staff is accommodating, the concessions and tickets are fairly priced, and the seats are ridiculously comfortable and lush. Looking forward to many more visits.

Darrell Broughton

Great clean facility. Love the reclining chairs and the table to set my food on. My wife and I will attend often. Great movies, and easy to find location. Great friendly Staff.

Melina Guzman

It was our first time there. The recliners were nice and comfy. The concession pricing was normal for a theater. Would definitely recommend it. My only complaint would be that it was freezing in there.

Txmptation Nxen

Amazing customer service. Food there is great. I also really liked how friendly one of your employees, Mauvey I think it was?

Mr. Richard

The theater is wonderful. The seats are fantastic.

Megan Jones

The movie was awesome! Helpful staff. Good pretzels too. The seats in the theater were so comfy, some people next to us fell asleep. Fully reclining, soft clean seats.

Will Secondi

We thought it was like the other Reel theaters buts a bit pricier. For 2 people it was $35.50 for 2 tickets, a drink and a popcorn. It did seem to be very nice so thats why its a nuetral review, try for yourself and see what you think.

Andy Birch

This place is phenomenal! The theaters are dynamite and the customer service is five star! Big time theater in a small town!

Daniel Shafer

The theater is great, but what really pisses me off is they don't hold any accountability. Every single time I've gone in people just sit where they want. We are honest and pay the upcharge for the recliners while half the people don't and still sit in the recliners. Last time i went a bunch of teenagers were sitting in our seats and we had to move over because they wouldn't move.

Katie Youngberg

Dollar theatre price, with recliner seats and all the new movies, not just reruns :)

Monica Puga

Movie comfort and affordability in one place. The Caldwell Luxe is fresh, clean, and comfortable. I always encounter great employees that serve my family with patience and friendliness.

Trevin Christensen

Stood in line for 20 Minutes for concessions. They had 3 people working and not very fast. They have a dedicated popcorn refill that people can just skip the line for, taking away one of the workers every two or three minutes from the 50+ people in line to fill up popcorn. Movie was supposed to start at 1:40. We walked in at 1:35 and another movie was still playing. We sat and watched the ending of another movie. Our movie started at 1:58. Almost 20 mins late. Movie was super loud as well. Not a normal volume compared to past films.

Cori Beynun

Not a bad seat in the house! The seats fully recline and there is plenty of room on the trays snacks and drinks. Also, the family add-ons are perfect for our kids. Definitely worth the drive!

Juan Castellanoz

Y'all got bomb popcorn

Rick Cross

Tuesday is for seniors, and it was full of them. Excellent recliner seats, and spacious leg room


Love having a theater close by! Comfortable seating and friendly staff, but parking is an issue. They should have put parking in front of the theater, not on the street. I would have given a 5 but the parking issue should be taken into consideration.

Casey Pettey

Best new theatre in Boise area. My wife had back surgery so we haven't been able to go to our regular theater. Because of the recliners they have she was able to sit comfortably for all of Hobbs and shaw and she wanted to know where they bought them so we could get one for home.

Roy kilroy

They give you a choice in seats. Rocker to recliner. Each seat has a tray with a drink holder. Self serve fountain for soft drinks. The only real problem is on the outside. Parking can rear it's ugly head. But I feel it's worth the little hassle of parking. Caldwell is going through a change some of 5he old still lingers. The new really shines. The only reason I have a 4 instead of a 5 star. The parking

Teresa Shively

We enjoy the recliner and rocker chair options in most theaters. It's terrific having a quality movie theater in my home town. One downside, wall insulation between theaters is a bit thin. There are times when you can really hear what's happening next door.

Ryan Christensen

Super nice theater. They need to start swapping out the rockers for more recliners. There are not enough. It's really caught on. Along with the assigned seating.

Robert Kingsford

Great theater with reclining seats.

Cheryl Ann Barker

Love this place! Amazing sound!!

Susan Bruce

Great movie theatre, clean & easy access, our first time here!! We saw the Lion King, great movie

Sasha Ramirez

Love it here just wish there were recliners towards the back of the theater.

Smack Mule

New in town. Second time I've been to this theater. Really like it. It's my preferred venue now. We'll kept. Super comfortable seating. Loud, clear sound. Really, no complaints.

Ruth Sparks

I love this theater. It’s great

Sergio Gutierrez

Best seats to watch movies in the valley!!!

Scott Carpenter

Comfortable chairs. Nice small theater atmosphere. Concession area was so dirty we could not use it. Every trash can in the lobby was overflowing. Theater double booked our seats on a sold out movie. So overall a major hassle to see a movie. We gave it a shot, but will most likely not make a return trip.

Wade Brown

An amazing theater!! Definitely worth the price of admission.

marc Davis

Great movie theater. Offers first run movies in smaller screening rooms and can you say reclining seats? Awesome!!! Take the family or just date night.


The best theatre. Awesome sound system. Seats are great. Puts the rest of the cinemas to shame. Even the fancy village theatre doesn’t compare when it comes to audio quality.

alonzo luna

Always a great experience at this theater.

My 9ers

Great place to watch a movie in Caldwell. No need to drive to Nampa or Boise.

Jeffrey Austin

Very nice clean and theater! Comfortable seats..Employees were very kind. Do not get confused with the "The Reel" in Nampa ...prices are not lower. Concession prices were reasonable! I would definitely go again!

Tabi Berg

The placing is pretty good, and the movies are recent. There is popcorn, drinks, along with candy and others. The seating is very soft, and the speakers play the volume at a good and comfortable setting that's not too lound nor to quiet. I would suggest this for anyone wanting to watch a movie on a big screen, but still in comfortable seating.

Malissa Melendez

Great night out with my family. Great prices and we love their reclining seats. Their snacks are way better priced than the other local theaters

Peggy Vargas

1st time. Great experience. Fantastic optional recliners. Small screening. We'll be back.

Bob Coulter

Tried their recliners...felt like I was in my own living room...I'm hooked!

Espy Cox

Great theater! I love that they offer the reclining seat option for an inexpensive up charge. The popcorn here is also very delicious. Clean location and a great price.

Yolanda Espinosa

I love coming to watch movies here ! I especially live the comfortable rocking chairs and delightful popcorn.

Cristian Ornelas

Loved it! The seats are very cozy and comfortable! A little too far forward but definitely very premium seats! Everything is fresh and new and beautiful! Definitely planning to come more often to this theater!

Tammi Tibbett

Love the recliners but pop corn is always tough

Aaron Ebanks

I love the option for sitting in the recliners. Staff is friendly and helpful. Theater is pretty clean too!

Kathy Chambers

Nice clean movie theaters. And the movie was great!

Russell Snow

Nice smaller theater. Comfortable seating.

craig stevens

This theater is amazing. Good prices great seats and really nice staff. We have seen several films here and have been really impressed.

Shari Wheeler

This theater is amazing! They have recliners with little tables to hold your goodies. Fair prices too boot!

Mollie Minow

A brand new theater in Caldwell Idaho is still in pristine condition. Very comfortable rocking or reclining chair options. The person's in the seat in front of you should never block your view, unless they are very tall.

Allene King

The new recliner chairs are amazing and electronic the only thing that would make this better would be cheaper concession stand, maybe deals or coupons

Donald Chadd

In the heart of the caldwell entertainment district clean movie theater RECLINING seats inside of theater fountain drinks so you can come refill your soda without having to go back to conssession counter big bags of popcorn. They also have nachos less than a mile away Indian creek steak house and golden palace chinese/ American food great way to spend an eveining or even a date

Darlene Harryman

Wonderful time on Christmas day. Theater is beautiful and staff were great. Caldwell is so lucky to have such a great place for friends and family.

Bryce and Rachel Perry

The chairs here are very comfortable. The armrests are cushined rather than the hard scratchy plastic kind. We bought our tickets online and the process was painless. I also loved that the theaters had fewer rows. We watched a movie in another theater in the area but have decided that we will come here in the future due to how nice it is and the cheaper ticket prices.

Cori Beasley

Super clean theater!

Sara Villanueva

They need a ticket window. Everytime I come the line is long. People take forever getting their snacks and tickets. It would be more efficient to have a window for tickets and then they can go to the snack counter...

Sara Stockwell

Very clean, with very comfy recliner chairs for only $1 extra. Great sound. Bohemian Rhapsody was excellent. ♡.♡


I have nothing but great things to say about this theater. It has become my favorite theater in the Valley because of the great amenities it offers: reclining seats, great sound, clean, and more. Parking can be a little challenging sometimes, just follow the street signs for the additional parking, it a 2 minute walk away.

Collin Conner

Great seats and has really good employees

James Fristad

Seated in comfort (meaning in a reclining chair) we enjoyed the amazing movie "Roma." A new establishment, this Reel location certainly is more than adequate in the luxury-tech department -- than an essentially rural town like Caldwell could ever have dreamed of.

Sharon Riker

We won't go to another theater, ever again. Best movie experience ever. Only complaint, it was very cold in there. We really enjoyed the reclining seats. Thank you.

Sarah Dunlap

The reclining seat are dangerous if you are a tired human!

Maggie Tapia

Another amazing experience so happy my family can stay in Caldwell and enjoy a great theater

Insane Rip

It was great but i fell like it was a little bit to expensive.

Shannon Liles

The best I've been to in a long time

sandy king

Great theater to go to . Friendly invironment. It's my place to go to now! No need to travel to Nampa to be atch a great movie when you have it right here in Caldwell.

Sean VanGenderen

Feel the movie you're watching. Great for action movies. The Recliners were some of the comfiest I've been on.

Heather Robinson

Love this theater! And they have added parking and advertise about it before the movie starts. Love the recliners and set up for refills. I really love seeing movies here.


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