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REVIEWS OF Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas IN Hawaii

joe doulin

Nice place horrible service

William Yan

Terrible service. The manager Max and attendant Maria confiscated our bags with shopping purchases on entry. 8 Attendants gathered around to enforce amd argue in turn, citing incorrect laws and policies. Drinks and food way overpriced, seats uncomfortable. All in all, would not recommend would not come back. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Jeramy Madrid

Great place to enjoy good drinks and live music with Marcilino Palafox, oh and they have the best movie theater on the big island.

Lindsay Gamster

Excellent date night! Our food was perfect, service was amazing, great drinks and the theatre was perfect! Fish n chips were the best I’ve ever had and my husband’s fish tacos were delicious as well. We loved the lilikoi margaritas and don’t leave without trying the salted caramel spiked shake!!! Couldn’t have been a better night out. Would also be perfect for a fun family night. Highly recommended!

Bay Golfin Byrd

We ordered our tickets and showed up a few minutes before the movie thinking we could just scan and walk right in. Long story short, you can’t. You’ll have to wait in line to print your tickets and then the usher will walk each group individually to your seats so you’ll wait in line there too. You’ll also probably want to order food (everything we had was delicious) so give yourself plenty of time. The only downside is that the seats don’t recline so we were kind of awkwardly upright but like I said the food was really good and it's a really nice theater!

Karen Lea Bergstrom

Great ..good being able to have a cocktail and pupus and watch in comfortable seating for a movie

Anthony Nichols

Good beer and whiskey selection at this theater. The food menu looked good but I didnt have anything off the menu.

Freya Van Housen

Clean, Friendly, and Fun! Wish there were more movie options. We go often!

Alix 710

Food, drinks, & service are always great. Every other Thursday they are bringing in live music-- the piano player made the atmosphere so much more enjoyable! I highly recommend the poke nachos.

Terangi B_96743

Nice theaters with comfortable seats that have little swivel tables for food. Speaking of food, their restaurant is great too, my favorite grindz while watching movies is their poke nachos!


Seats dont recline. Eating dinners on the theater cause people to make more of a mess and chew to loud hence be rude. Stick with the basics and comfort and things will be better .

Melissa Isas

Sat at c7 and c8. Chairs does not recline therefore it was very uncomfortable. I had to sit between chairs.

Nic Roth

Small theater. Five stars with a caveat: they only show three movies at a time, so if you're not looking for one of those you are out of luck. We went on a Friday night 9pm showing and there was only one other couple in the entire theater! You can order food to be delivered to your seat inside, and the menu looks solid. The popcorn was fresh and as good as any other theater kernels. The staff was incredibly friendly!

Chris D

Great theater, great service and food. Just be prepared cause it ain't cheap. Would go again however.

Christopher Erickson

Actually pretty nice! Shorter people should bring a pillow to put behind their back because of how deep the seats are.

clark landrum

Pretty good food

Stephen Hoffmann

Drink a beer, eat a burger. You can get the food delivered to your seat! These are great reclining luxury seats as well with full trays for you to eat in front of the movie. They only show a few movies so check to make sure what you want is there! They also have a deal where some of the other nearby eateries can have their food delivered to your seat as well. Also, there is a full bar and you can get drunk watching your movie if you wish. Minus one star because while my burger was excellent, everyone else complained about their food not being worth the price.

JAked Again

Good place good price

Kevin Chiasson

Cinema seating and concept is great, dining in theater was not so good. Server came with no utensils, napkins. Pizza was tasty, but a soggy mess for eating in the theater. Would suggest crisper bottom to hold ingredients better.

Linda Palmer

Great seats. Unfortunately they dont all recline but still comfy and roomy with lots of leg room. Great sound. Definitely a plus that we dont have to drive to kona from waimea to see a movie. Ate at restaurant. Good food but a little pricey. Staff friendly. You can order food and drinks delivered to theatre but decided not.

Khristy Anderson

How does this have so many good reviews. Do not waste your money here if you’re looking for a good quality sound theatre. The luxury is just the lobby....that’s about it. The commercials are WAY louder than the movie and overall sound is not good. When we politely brought it up to the managers asking for a refund, they were all very rude and thought it was funny. The lady at the front insisted on saying to me, “You sure you don’t have personal issues?” Wow. I grew up here on the island and decided to bring my husband (who is not from here), and what a shame it was for him to witness these poor attitudes. Very high Makamaka (stuck up) management. Won’t be returning. Haven’t been back home to Hawaii in 14 years, how disappointing to deal with people like that. Not welcoming at all but I guess not everyone here knows how to exude love and Aloha. Waikoloa Luxury Cinema, take a step back and remember to be kind to ALL your guests.

Daniel Vedra

A really nice movie theatre with comfortable seats. The owner is lovely. The food and restaurant are amazing! Can't recommend enough.

Jose Castaneda

Just wow!!! Service was great and the food was delicious.

Runningbear Behrendt

They deliver your over priced food inside the theater and the drinks from the bar are just ok! The screen is smaller than normal.

Marie Fellenstein Hale

So much fun to enjoy a movie AND dinner & drinks. It's a bit pricey, but other movies have gotten so expensive that if you live in Waimea, Waikoloa Village or Kawaihae on the Big Island, then you save on gas not going to Kona. They also have live music, so you can enjoy dinner with live music and then see a movie... or have your dinner delivered right to your movie theater seat! Fun for a Date Night or Girls Night Out.

Aloha O Kona

Cool set up, family loves it

Ericka MacKenzie

This was a treat, great food, great drinks, super comfy seating....will come again next time we are in Hawaii!!

kelvin ting

The restaurant inside is v. good, you can take your drinks inside

Kona Freediver

Love this place. Every theater should be like this! Super awesome seats. Food is solid. Drinks are great and inventive with plenty of beer and wine options. The best thing about this place, almost no previews means movies start basically in time so get there early to reserve good seats and order some food/drink. Bathrooms are very nice as well. You can even reserve seats online ahead of time to ensure you get the spot you want! Seriously people why are you still reading this review just go already!

Janice Ogomori

Was awesome!!

Lateasha DeGuzman-gbor

I love this place we had such a good time when you in Hawaii at the movie theater

scott albecker

The rating would be higher if the prices were better, $9/beer is a little steep, while the food is definitely well thought out but pricey; while the tickets prices don't have reflect food price at all. It is a great date night spot once in a while, but food/price can be better other places. That being said, even when things were difficult for the staff due to internal changes in the beginning, I've NEVER had a difficult or unhappy staff dealing there. The people make the location, I'll go back anytime due to the fact that they are outstanding and welcoming!

Brent Hanson

Great service. Quality food and beverages. Comfortable seats and amazing picture. Rum spiked salted caramel milkshake is decadent.

jay failing

very comfortable, aloha service, beautiful full image, if they upgrade sound system will be five star...( like dolby) bit loud and not balanced otherwise great experience

Toma Mac

The food is really good! Restaurant is clean so is the theater and bathrooms.

Roslyn Singleton

Great area to walk with great new movie theater!

Ryan Moen

Super awesome comfortable recliners in 1st row only. Great bar, quattro formagio pizza chz toooo stinky for me but movie and bar, hell yeah! Good menu plenty to choose from lobster roll tacos amazeballs.

christina harper

It's not worth the ticket price just to have to go get my own drinks and sit on hard seats that don't recline or budge. If we need something to do then we will go, otherwise, prefer Regal in Kona.

Rick Scrivens

One of the best cinemas on the Big Island, I'd drive an extra hour so as not to be disappointed at a mult-cinema in Hilo.

Dan Joanisse

Very clean, cozy theater, seats were large and luxurious. We didn't order any food but the menu was varied. Washrooms were very tidy. Nice option to select your seats in advance but the cinema was mostly empty for our feature so it made no difference on this occasion. A little expensive but far superior to most movie experiences I've had in recent years!

Joseph Gray

Can’t reach anyone on phone and no way to order tickets on website. What a joke.

Tom Karren

Tourist trap! This is billed as a luxury cinema. In fact the seats are very uncomfortable. It’s a bit of a scam actually. Unless you are on the front row, the seats don’t recline, and are less comfortable than an airplane seat of you are tall. Also, the fake leather is very hot and doesn’t breath at all. This place has all the appearances of a luxury experience but not much actual luxury. Finally, like many things here, this theater is poorly managed. I complained and was told, ya, sorry, in fact we know that the seats are not comfortable for tall people. No offer was made to make things right.

Reyanna Tokuhara

My kids love it there..

Tim McCann

Nice seats. Great sound. Good food.

Hannah Peterschmidt

Super nice and service is great. If you want to feel fancy or have a little more of an exciting experience on the island I would totally recommend this theater over any!

Amber Hudnall

From the excellent staff to the good food, drinks and beautiful surroundings, I really enjoyed my time here today, felt like a mini vacation!

Charles Grace

Mike Partosan is the Man! Great service.

Richard Buneta

Great place! Very clean, professional, and the food was delicious! Would definitely recommend!

Daniel Hagedorn

Stop for a drink, stiffly poured from the hand of the Irish bartender, then proceed to the movies.

yji si

Awesome service, good food, beautiful glasses


You can pick your own seats here so you can see how busy it is before you get there. I always get their pepperoni pizza. I really enjoy that one

Brad Foust

Good Double Double, a little expensive. But do offer Kaima Aina discount.

Gary Hara

It awhile to get our tickets as the ticket guy was also working the concession stand. After getting the tickets we went to the theater and there was no one to collect the tickets so we eventually just walked in. There was a ticket person there when we left. The chairs are nice but they do not recline and I found that my neck position was not optimal. The concession was slow so we didn't get anything. Not worth the price.

Mary Vaughan

Fabulous food

Vasquez Shawn

Seats are kind of uncomfortable feels like they want to throw you out of them the whole time. I think the sounds and picture quality of the movie is better at makalapua

Tee Rev

It was a nice experience, my bf took me out for my birthday and it was a beautiful evening together, very much needed❤ Seats Were OK not that luxurious, thought all chairs reclined but seemed only first row did, food was OK, drinks OK, the whole experience of being on a date in a new setting was nice but the overall er experience I wasn't too happy especially because it was my birthday. Very horrible experience when I went to order a drink and was treated rudely all because I asked my original bartender to help me with my second round since she knew what I was having, the gentlemen that tired to help me threw his hands up, rolled his eyes, turned around and said " whatever?!!" When I questioned who he was I found out his name was Max, the general manager, never in my life have I been in shock to find out his title of being a manager and acting that way. I've been in customer service going on 30 years and would never get away with treating a customer that way. I really hope his heart was convicted and he realizes how horrible his actions were that night. Jus really needed to share my experience...I would've have at least gave it a 4 but he left such a bad taste in my mouth

Tom Zambeck

We have been there several times, ate a couple of times. Food was good , service was quick, seat were very comfortable. Nice to be able to pick the seats

J Kameenui Akau

Great seats, great food, and friendly service all throughout! Especially Mike, Teri, Angel, and Steph! What a gem in Waikoloa!

Josh Riley

Modern theater with big leather seats and food served to you in the theater. Small selection of movies but it is the only theater in the area until Kona so you gotta take what you can get. Nice open air bar area outside the theater for having a drink and eating. Live music too sometimes. I found the big leather seats to be uncomfortably designed and you can't lean back at all because the stepped floor gets in the way. The best seats are actually the first row because they are the only ones that can recline way back.

Edward Bessman

Great place to catch a movie... or two as it turned out for us. Seating is very nice and there is food and drink on hand that goes far beyond the usual movie theater fare. Very convenient for anyone staying at the Waikoloa resort.

Rayzor A

Usually limited to 3 movies. Comfortable seating with interesting food selection

Jared Duncan

Fantastic theater! Order the pizza it is delicious!

Randall Hancock

The food is awesome and the theater is always clean and comfortable.

Ryan Feeney

There was a large selection of decent food. The screens weren't the biggest I've ever seen, but they were a good size. The sound was a bit overpowering, defenitely not lacking.

Maya Maya

We love the food, seats, price.. all of it!

Carol Porter

Good service, tasty food, well-poured drinks in an airy bistro setting, before settling into comfy chairs for an excellent movie watching experience.

Chris Walker

Comfortable seating and good poke bowl.

Lynn Spiegel

Very nice and great people who work there

Breanna Nelson

Definitely the nicest theater on the island. Love that you can take in drinks and order food. Food was pretty good too.


Love it here. We always go to the first row. It's the only row u can fully recline and lift feet up. I was worried it was too close to the screen but it's not. It's great. We bring blankets and relax.

Nadra Angerman

Comfortable and clean movie theater with great eats!

John Kalahui Rosa

Nice and cozy theater. Ambience was great!

Tiffany Delostrico

The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because the seats are not as “luxurious” as I thought they would be. But overall experience was excellent & I think it’s a great place for a fun date or even just to chill. Yes, you will be paying a little more, but the money is worth it!

Rick Blackwell

Just enjoyed Jumanji this evening, was best movie experience. Then the live concert in court yard was a great bonus. Luxury Cinema is a great addition to Queens Market Place.

Kapono Ahuna

Luxury movie theaters nice seats free furikaki

Toby Kubler

Great comfy seats. Can pre purchase tickets as seats are assigned. Good quality sound and picture. Small and cozy. I didn't eat so can't comment on the food but had really large and nicely decorated patio with table service. Looked like a nice place for dinner and a movie. Also can get food delivered to you while in theatre. Can order beer and drinks at bar and bring them with you into theatre. Also regular popcorn and soda/candy like all theatres. Ticket prices are a little high at 15$ per adult but I think the seating, small theatre experience, and extra amenities makes it worth it. Would definitely return for a date night if they were showing something I wanted to see.

Hilaila Kabua

The tickets were way too overpriced. And the seats were really uncomfortable. I thought for “luxury cinemas” they would have comfortable reclining seats. It was just a bad experience overall, and the employees made me feel awkward and threatened, simply because im brown, but my friend is white. I did not think for a second we would bring racism to the theater.

Makayla MUA

Got to see Jurrasic World at the last showing tonight 6/26/2018 and by the time we walked out no one came to the doors to unlock front entrance for us to get out leaving everyone confused. So me my other half and my son went to use the bathroom to stall time and by the time we got out there was a crack in the entrance for people to get out.. so as we are walking my husband pushes the door wider for us to get out and I’m not sure what she was if she was a janitor or a security who worked for luxury cinemas, I’m not sure what her work title was, She then made a smart remark to us saying “Ho cousin” and slammed the glass entrance door rudely right behind us and having to open it back up for the next guest get through?! So I’m not sure what her problem was! So much for being born and raised on the island of Hawaii and getting disrespected! Where’s the Aloha!

Jodi Adams

Was super easy to book online, I saw the front seats reclined all the way so I booked those. I booked the tickets a week before, printed it out, and brought with. It was perfect, the printed tickets were accepted no fuss. Had a beer before the movie and brought it along. The sound and picture were amazing. The bathrooms were great. It was very affordable for a movie, kind of surprised between the happy hour beer, appetizers and discounted tickets. Very great experience and we had a great time. Everyone was extremely helpful and polite!


The best movie experience ever!

Luke Olmos

Our waiter was amazing and the pizza was very good. Great Tiki Glasses, nice seating outdoors.

christian zahn

Super chill place and fun staff

K ahalawehi

Expected reclining chairs for the ticket price. Only front row reclines. Really? Who comes to the movies to be in the front row. I mean if you say "Luxury Cinemas", you expect the chairs to recline. So disappointed!


Not as good as I-Pic but very great Theater i watched Black Panther there and

Sheila Latta

Very nice to be able to reserve your seats and pick up at the door. Comfortable seats and prices for food are reasonable. The surround sound system is nice. We will go again.

Ethan Olins

Loved the food and service

Deborah Ardolf

Did you know this cinema has Happy Hour? With a great appetizer menu? And local beer on draft? A must.

Mikey Argy

Very friendly helpful staff. And bonus thar food was delicious too. Well worth a visit.

Molly Hui

TERRIBLE, HUMILIATING EXPERIENCE! Ordered food that never came, went out to the concession stand to inquire. Got nothing but attitude from the cashier & manager. Upon exiting the owner yells at me from across the entrance, I approach him & he prefects to tell me that I didn't sit in the seats I purchased, how I cussed at his cashier & am banned from coming back. The show was full, I sat in the seats I purchased. I was treated inhumanly & degraded because the theatre is incompetent upon executing services they offer!

Rob A

Excellent experience, good sized screen for the location, really nice seats and food was great.

Austin Dorenkamp

I never thought I’d say that I ordered raw fish at a movie theater... But the Poke Nachos here are delicious!! Raw Ahi with fried wonton chips with a delicious sauce were perfect. My brother commented that they were the best nachos he’s ever had and I’d agree! Prices were very reasonable too. Fish tacos were good and fresh too!

Kim Geisler

Love love this place,great service,clean and beautiful restrooms ,bathrooms fit for a king Theater is clean and chairs are oversized and very comfortable and front row seating reclines !

Michelle Frisch

Love the Tuna Poke Nachos!

Stephanie Schilling

Very fun place to go to the movies - being served food in the theater is great.

Kyle Weyrick

Sit in first row.

Ryan Hogrebe

Great comfortable seats and beer selection. Happy hour from 2pm to 5 pm makes drinks a better value.

Gregory Firestone

Great experience I ordered a salad with chicken and they brought it to my seat. Very comfortable seating definitely worth the extra money. I would highly recommend this place for a date night.

John Bertram

Not just a theater but one of the best reasonably priced local restaurants in the region. This place has a great bar with one of the highest quality bartenders on the island. The menu has something for everyone. Great live music in the evenings and it's a really good movie theater, too!

Odge Rae

Great theater, very relaxing and clean. Very good surround sound, makes movies sound great! Definitely recommend!

Robert Sampimon

Comfy seats, great vision and food, food, wonderful food

Robin R

Comfy . Buy drinks n food for the flick at the entrance

Frank Even

Nice place, clear screens good food. Ticket prices are high though.

Annapurna Sarada

Very nice cinema and closer than Kona or Hilo for many of us. But DO NOT rely on their website for accurate information. They seem to change the times daily. We have missed the movie we wanted to see twice, after driving for 40 minutes, because the time given the night before was changed the next day. Also, their previews are only 8 minutes long, so don't be late.

Steve Butterfield

A very nice theater. Great dinner, drinks and movie all under one roof. A very fine movie experience.

Dale Doster

Nice theatre, but food quality not so great.

Gerard Newman

Comfortable seating, good food, nice selection at the bar, not noisy. A pleasant evening at the movies. Highly recommend!

Jw Tk

Nice theatre comfy roomy seats. They serve alcohol but you have to go to bar to order it but they'll bring it to your seat

Becky Holt

This is a great theater experience that our whole family enjoys. Prices are good, the food is pretty great, you can drink while you're watching the movie.

Lora Davis

Everything was great, with the exception of the volume. I think if they would tone down the sound than I would definitely give it a 5 star.

Adam Hornick

I love the theater. The staff has always been friendly and attentive, and the theaters themselves are great. Also some of the nicest bathrooms on the island.

Craig Konno

That is the best place to watch movies. Your food is delivered to your seat. Poke nachos was the bomb

shan cormie

Exactly what you would want for a movie night. Great food. Great service. I wish all theaters were like this

Patricia McClellan

Pamperd & Spoiled. This is the place to come on a date or with the family. We made a day of it. Took my son and 3 of his friends and Moms. We had cocktails (Ok the Moms' did), I had the blackened fish tacos and a Mohito. The seating here is so comfortable. You buy the tickets based on where you want to sit. Gosh I love this place! Excellent service, and they bring your dinner right to your seat. I felt like a princess!

Anna Vanatta

Was not very crowded, so it was easy to get last minute tickets and still have a good seat. Chairs are comfy but do not recline much, so I would sit further back. More sophisticated food selection than your typical movie theater (no "classic" nachos, but they still have popcorn and candy and other traditional options if you want those). Ample parking.

Kate Beltran

We had such a wonderful time. Hard to believe this place is brand new. Awesome retro vibe, great movies, great service and healthy pours. What's not to love?

George Ganser

Luxury it is not, overpriced is what it is. The chairs have no reclinering and you have this did high top table. The best thing is getting to pick your seat, but if a Regal is closer stick to that.

Edwin De Aguiar

More comfortable than regular theaters with plush seats, food service delivery to your seats, only bad factor is food prices ....but still enjoyable.

marjanne masterman

Nice theater. Good movie. Only wish...reclining seats. Not critical though.

Quinn Mueller

Luxury, it's all top of the line! If you want a cheap theater experience go to hilo or kona, you get what you pay for. Give yourself sobe time before the movie starts if you want adult drinks or some food delivered to your seat, they take time to make as the food is not fast food, it's good food, and the drinks are fancy so they take a minute (x's 88 people per movie showing). Tips are appreciated as with any bar restaurant. Be early and patient and you'll have a great time.

Jeff Ingman

What a great place to spend a relaxing evening and enjoy dinner with a show. The food is above what you would expect for a theatre and the seating is very comfortable inside for the showing. A little pricey so be prepared but who doesn't love a cold beer and a movie.

Gregg Oliva

Nice, but seats don't recline. Good food and bar options plus they serve at your seat. Live music in lounge at night was a nice touch. 3 stars because of high cost ($19) and no recline.

Meredith Oz

This is for the Bistro only. Food is exceptional, local beef on the amazing burger, pizza wood fired, my girl said her fries were up there with in n out, gorgeous fruit with the kids meal, all really good plus served hot. Bonus good service. A total gem!!

Bobbie Jo Botelho

Best theaters on the island.. worth its price.. employees very professional and friendly. Food is great. Drinks are excellent.. love this place

Maria Domingo

Poor quality cheese on pizza, hair on my poorly fried white fries, no chocolate chip cookies. Way understaffed, waited 15 minutes to order two cookies they never had. It says luxury cinema. Luxury is not poor food and understaffed cinema. Down graded the nice black napkins with cheap white ones........trying to collect a luxury movie ticket price and downgrading the quality of your experience....

Ferol Kolons

Love this place. So nice to have a place to eat and see movies in the Kohala resort area. The food is relatively good depending on what you order. Nice place to catch a movie on a hot summer day.

Blake MacKenzie

Fun place to go see a movie in Waikoloa. Fairly new and you can order dinner to your theater seat. Nice comfy recliner chairs and good sized screens. Looking forward to coming back when we visit the Big Island again.

Avery Juan

Great but too dark to eat dinner during the movie.

Raymond Rodrigues

Love this theater. Comfortable seats for my back pain. Excellent food. The sound and picture quality is the best on the island.

E Mirg

Food was good and service very helpful

Baudelia Sanchez

My self and my daughter love to go because you dont have to worry about popcorn or drinks they taken to you

Francois Bonet

You can eat good food or go see a movie or both with great service.


If staying in the Waikoloa area very convenient place to see a movie. Not sure I would call it luxury but the seats are better than other theaters but they do not recline. Staff was friendly. Did not order any food items other than popcorn which was hot

Brian K

Unique spin on diner and a movie. Overall solid.

Beth Luiz

The cinema is nice but not all of the chairs recline and the prices are way to much. It was my dads birthday and I saw they had a small pieces of pie so I bought him one and it was $9.

Jordan Kuanoni

Prices don't matter when it's a memorable experience

S. Colette Fukui

Wonderful experience set up seats online reclining seats selected. Great menu and had the guava cheesecake! Loved the table on our reclining cushy chairs. Will be going back again soon! The cleanliness of the bathrooms too were appealing as well.

francisco magana

Dinner & a movie. It was awesome!


If you are short, you will find the seats a little uncomfortable. The headrests are too puffy, and you will sink into the seats more. Only the front row right in front of the screen is reclined, so keep that noted when you arrive. However, the place was very nice, and the food was an okay for me. It is still a fixer-upper to be luxurious.


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