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658 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761 Located in: Wharf Cinema Center Shops

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REVIEWS OF Regal Wharf Cinema Center IN Hawaii

Lela Goettl

Hard to notice that there is a theatre in the Warf

V Van Quick

We were so entertained by the production Ulalena! That group performed perfectly! Must see show whether that be date night or family night.

Amy Fuqua

Friendly and clean movie theater

Carole Pluta


Chad Hohman

Nice clean theater.

Todd Grunow

We love this little movie theater! Come give this small business some business! They only have three movies showing at a time, so be sure to pull them up online to see what’s playing.

britney saysombath

This place needs major renovations its waaay outdated and reeks of mold! Nasty!

Art Spartan

Fun place

Douglas G

Right in the Lahaina action

Laura Finn

I love this theater

Matt Taylor

Small, dirty, seat cushions in bad shape. But hey, your watching a movie in Maui. That's kind of cool.

Karen Packard

A fun show. Small but seating comfortable

Connor Sears

Small, uncomfortable seats & my whole family thought the place smelled like urine.

Kassandra Combest

Small and friendly

Erica Blue

Shows great movies (Fast and Furious 8), good customer service, but...the smell is very noticeable to the point where you don't feel comfortable enough to sit back in the chairs or daring enough to eat the food despite the "PASS for food certificate" on display.

Ari Spence

Movie quality was great but the place stunk like it had never been cleaned. Perhaps mold or mildew, or maybe years of dirt. To be honest, it smelled like pee. If you're expecting a clean movie experience, avoid at all costs.

Mark Stang

Shops and food, don't miss the museum


We enjoy our time together in hana

Rosa Powell

Greatest prices

J.P. S.

Great place, great bar "Down the Hatch" better off going to the bathroom in the street however.

Tariq Khan

Horrible smell, staff is kind but dang find yourself another theater...

Owen Deveny


Jake Juarez

Great staff, alot of fun

Walter Jones

Nice collection of touristy shops and restaurants.

Tanner Gordon

The theater was too small.

Anthony B

Nice little local cinema. Take a break from the heat right here.

prowl clone 3

It's always love live pono

Bill Ridenour

Fast repair service and friendly staff

Stephen Chuang

Small and dated theater, reminding me of the venues in the 80s.

Bernadine Ranger

Good parking

Bala Srinivasan

Nice movie theater.

Dinah Shih

Eventhough it's small, it's got very comfy seats. Good experience overall

Tai Ung

Good if you want to watch a cheap movie.

not clea, not nice

David Veteikis

It is what it is. For what it is, it ain't bad. Except for the restroom situation. Nowhere to put them = outside of theaters and a walk around to reenter. Been several times in last 15 years. No real complains.

James Jackson

The theatre is old, seats are horrible., food is okay, staff are okay too.

Taylor Martin

Run down movie theater. If you're not expecting clean, go for it.

Eliza Smith

A good theater

Michael Petersen

It's the only real movie theater on the west side, so pretty much only go there out of necessity. Maui Mall on the other side is way better accommodations. Expect drinks and popcorn to be considerably smaller here than on the mainland, and the actual theaters are more reminiscent of dollar theaters in terms of size, picture quality, and sound quality. Staff is also pretty unprepared for any crowds, so try to go at non-peak hours. Bottom line if you can make it to the other side for the movie, do it.

Becky Bland

New chairs

Valerie Kaehuaea


Jim Jackson

Fun, fun, fun!!! Validated parking, bus transfer station, movie theater, Thai restaurant ( a bit over priced), other restaurants and bars and access to Front Street

Jana-Nicole Laborte

Needs a remodel but it serves its purpose.

Leslie A.

Great quaint theater, they do care about their customers. My family and I had an incident with my husbands skate board after a few months of coming to this theater. They are not allowed, and the manner in which it was handled by one of the male managers was unprofessional. I submitted a complaint to regal corporate and a different manager personally contacted me to apologize and make up for our trouble that day. It was greatly appreciated and courteous of them to do! thank you!

John Sands

Service with a smile

richard nuttall

Nice place to catch up on a movie while spending the day on front St.

Michael Dougan

Super comfortable but very limited screen size.

Amanda Funkhouser

Snack line can be slow, show up a little early

Anokh Singh Dhillon

We had a great experience there! Please do not be deterred by the other negative reviews - the theater was clean, the food was good, and the staff were very friendly.

Candee Olafson

Outstanding service from the regal cinema and comfortable seating....and popcorn and goodies are yummy

Robert Slade

Its pretty old but the three screens is the only movie theater option on west maui

Constantin Novoselsky

a village cinema

Jeff Pizzagoni

Outstanding tour of one of Catalina Island's hostorical monuments!! Top current movies once a night. Cant wait to go back!!

DJ Cosmic Shark

Awesome place! Always an enjoyable experience. Don't forget to ask them about old posters! They give them away for free!

Jordan Lewis

5 dollars on Tuesdays, cant be beat!

Wai Chan


Adonia Bryant

Nice quaint theatre!

Joseph Cosenza

Alot better since they installed new seats. I'm happy I don't have to drive to the other side to see a movie anymore.

Suski J

Difficult to find. Hard seats and very cramped.


Cheap, but the seats were very old and falling apart.

Colin B

Any movie house is good especially when they have a great movie, don't eat the popcorn or the cola just take water with you.

Dorothea Birchem Engeldorf

Unfriendly manager, odor, uncomfortable seats.

Daniel Call

This is an old-school theater, with small open seats and a center aisle. It's great for the throwback experience to what movies were like in the 90's and earlier. Except that the bathroom is literally outside the theater!

Steve Gall

Saw Elvis impersonator there great show.

Michael Hartz


Jim Culp

Good theatre

Kandice Kartchner

Expensive but fun

Brian Green

very small. Crammed rows, uncomfortable chairs. But it's a regal on West Maui so, that's nice

Eric McCumber

3 screens, some 3D, cold a/c & new releases weekly...!

Lance Cobb

Lots of great previews so you can be late cause the parking is horrific.

Mele Seini

My brothers and I went to this little theater last night not expecting much since there were only three movies showing. What we got was excellent service! I don’t know the names of the two workers serving us last night, but they were really nice and pleasant. One of the workers brought us more popcorn bc they overhead me telling my brothers we were probably going to finish our first bag before the movie started. The excellence did not stop there. Our family was all the way in Kahului when I realized I lost my jacket with a roll of cash in one of the pockets. I quickly retraced and called this theater again not expecting much. I spoke with Elena and she quickly retrieved my jacket. Another employee, Alika then helped me when I called back asking if there was anything in the pockets bc I had a flight in about 2 hours and didn’t want to drive all the way back to Lahaina for just my jacket. When I got there everything was still in my jacket and the two workers there were fast and efficient in helping me. I would definitely recommend everyone to go to this theater due to the friendly and honest employees:)

kenia bautista

Small place that bring me back memories of how thing use to be i really like it

Warren Vinzant

Great place to watch a movie

Jack Pflum

Very inconsistent. Past two times I went they had closed early. Not happy

Travis McMahand

Nice theater with very nice and friendly staff.

Elise O'Bayley

An adorable little shopping center with a nice variety of shops and food. Great for a leisurely stroll.

Chelsea Sharshel

Quiet, small, comfortable

Brooke Whitehead

Movie started at 10:15 and we were there at 10:30 and the lady didn't let us in !!!! Movie Theater sucks !

Jayah Bayol

Very good

Beeta Z

It was a little confusing to find the theater because it was on the top floor at the back of the Plaza. However for locals, I'm sure they know where it is. I went to go see star wars during release and since the theater is small, we had to wait outside before our showing. The seating is decent but if you're short, hopefully you won't get a tall person sitting in front of you.

Isabella H

It is good busy but all good. there are some good places to eat for ex. Shave ice, cool cat cafe, captain jacks,

Todd Rosen

Small, intimate, and close by.

David Reid

Good little cinema in West Maui. Park in lot behind building for free to hours of parking and validation! Only cost one dollar!

Chris Corey

It was one of two options on Maui for seeing new releases. The screen was dirty and the projector was not great, there was a screen door effect. One other reviewer mentioned it, but it is worth repeating, the seats are UNCOMFORTABLE! A worker came in three times to check that the exit door was shut, which was a little distracting. Also it is on the top floor, so don't wander around looking for it on the main level.

Erin Osmak

Service was slow but the theater was otherwise nice. Prices were surprisingly reasonable.

Dane Love

Awesome show


Mike Finley Jennifer

Paul Baughman

Service was top notch but the theatre is old and does not offer RPX or anything like that. The theatre itself is in the back of the shopping center on the top floor, it took us a while to find it. They do offer everything you will find at other regal cinema and you can scan your phone to get in if you buy your tickets online.

Philip Johnson

Small theater. Ok for a weeknight movie when we arent willing to drive to other side of island but really old and in major need of rennovation with modernization.

Gayle Schild

Nice theatre, clean, well organized.

peter graves

Very expensive drinks and popcorn with no obvious prices.

Karim Pike

Thanks my

Nathan Laborte

Friendly staff theater was actually nice and clean.

Mike Shatzman

Cool place to be on a very hot day. Small and intimate theaters with a good sound system.


Good regal theater with I Max and blasting stereo sound

J Moore

Enjoyed our movie, but just barely. Only two workers there and they were letting in a lot of young local kids with no supervision. They were loud and rude before, during and after the show. You have to leave the theater to go to the bathroom, so go before the show. Food/drink prices were really high.

Partha Ray

Lots of shops and nice food.

Shannon Grause

The most disgusting theater ever. Smells like feral cats. Cup holders thick with grime. Nasty concrete floors. Wet and nasty restroom located outside theater. Uncomfortable seats. Could not enjoy movie for fear of what lurks inside the theater. Could not believe a business could be run this poorly.

Jazmen Thomas

Small theater but the attendant was very kind.

E Bal

Lots of shops and restaurants

Zac Boeckel

Small theater but really great experience

zachary williams

I don't even want to know what's in those seats... however sound and screen are okay

Hero Brinekraft

Good popcorn, 3d and sound system!

Alfonso Pena

Loved this place! Felt nostalgic coming here, reminded me of how movie theaters used to be before they turned into multiplexes with a gazillion screens. Simple yet great video and sound. Not stadium sitting, just good old fashioned movie watching experience.

Mariah King

A minor inconvenience delayed the movie from starting, but the staff was so nice about it, nobody cared! Nice little movie theater, and great staff!

Olga A

Everything great but very uncomfortable seats...

Millard Campbell

Nice Place.

Robert Newbigging

Not as bad as the recent reviews suggest. Certainly needs some modernization. The video and sound quality was great. Popcorn was a little bland.

Michael Yap

I go for the Tuesday five dollars day movie when I can hot dog popcorns half price but you have to other regal card at the window also 3d movies are eight dollars+. It is the best bargain for movie night on the island I think.its in the Lahaina warf Cinema center

Evan Ohashi-White

Great movie theatre with new comfortable chairs. Stellar sound reproduction and high quality screens.

James FitzGerald

Movie choices fine Popcorn was stale, place smelled bad everywhere like mold/mildew Cinemas not most clear screen

Vicky McGinnis

So nice, got out of the heat of the middle of the day to enjoy a movie. A bit dated but at least doesn't smell like locker room socks as many others do.

David S

Nice home town theater, very clean, great service.

El Bonbom


Steven Martin

The cinema's great big spaces seats Nice and clean. I specially like the $5 Tuesdays. Next week I'm going to watch the lion king! Come and join me. :)

Lakima King

Best popcorn

Nickie Cole

Good place to get out of the house and go watch a movie

Susan Su

Worst movie theater I've been to. Low quality food and stinky broken chairs in small stadiums

Becky Brashears

Very comfy small theater

linda finch

Great movie

Christopher Tronolone

Great place to escape the he Lahaina Heat. Clean theatres and friendly staff.

Marla Braun-Ortega

Wow! Watched a movie at the Wharf Cinema in Lahaina for the first time in 15 years. Last experience was disgusting. I am happy that the theater finally went thru some much needed renovations. New Chairs are comfortable and clean. Theater didn’t smell. Finally we could enjoy the movie. We will return. Happy I don’t have to drive to the other side anymore to watch movies.

danyelle goitia

The seats and stadium were a bit dingy. Staff were kind

Nope You

matinee is best order just a drink and popcorn!

Constantino C. Ruiz

“Considering the fact that this Theater has been here for a very very long time, it would actually be Great if it had a little bit of an upgrade, needs a few you know adjustments,modifications, a new look so that way it attracts more travelers, and also us local People can come out more and enjoy the night out with family, friends and meet new people. “

Anthony Freda

Old school charm with modern seating. A nice place to take two hours out of the sun.

Marty Salgado

Theatre was clean and seats were like new. Movie was above average quality. Someone wrote the opposite. That's farthest from the truth. Staff was friendly and accommodating.

Adam Buechler

Small local theater. It only has 3 film rooms. The place is well maintained and has AC. A great place to go when you need to get out of the son. For locals there is a discount on Tuesday night.

Kristi Thompson

I have no idea what is wrong with these people that have given this place a negative review. We were in Lahaina it was hot and it was humid we only had a couple days left in our vacation and we were running low on things to do so we went to the movies. Best idea ever. The theater was nice and cool it was so refreshing from the outside heat. We bought two tickets to see Ready Player One, which we absolutely loved, we got popcorn, candy, soda and nachos and it was all excellent, fresh, and wonderful. The two guys that were there working were awesome, super nice to us, and made us feel like we were the most important people that had come in there that day. They have awesome seats that feel brand new, the whole theater was clean & even the floor it was immaculate. None of the sticking flip-flops when you’re trying to walk down the aisle stuff! There was probably 75 seats in the theater so it’s not large but it is just right, the screen is still huge the sound is awesome and we were thrilled with our experience.

Tiffany Yamada

It needs an update

Pamela Gatfield

Fun little theater. Good escape from the Lahaina heat.

Gregory Ray

Good varietal entertainment.

Vajra Varaha

This is horrible theatre. Smells of mold. Small cramped space. Inattentive staff. Stale popcorn. Drive to Kahului if you want to go to a movie. This place is grungy as possible and your feet stick to the floor. Chairs are small and disgusting. Note to manager: stop wasting our time responding to these reviews. Actually upgrade the theatre or sell it to someone who will.

Humberto Guevara JR


Evelyn Z

Little cute cinema to watch the latest movies. Enough space to sit!

Tricethel Arriaga

They got new chairs.

Kealohi Kenui

Old. Outdated. Seat's worn out. Sticky floors. Full price movies in a run down wore out theatre.

RJ Hix


Shoots Productions

Always with latest releases. Pricy popcorn and candies. Bring your own stuff but don't let them know.

Jessica Miller

Closest to Lahaina but needs updating

Andrew Garcia

It's an older theater in an older district. It does have a smell but of an older building not filth. They don't offer much on snacks. Over all okay for the theater.

Lea Gomez

Not the best...but it is a theater

VanPorter Holdings

Extremely rude staff. Made us wait 20 minutes while the manager was serving popcorn to give us a refund and acted like it was the biggest inconvienance even though they sold us tickets to a sold out show. I know this is the only theatre in Lahaina but I would do any other activity besides this one.

Michelle Barrera

Everyone is always very nice. It's close to home so its very convenient. And the movie showings are always great!

Harry Wachob

Nice reprieve in small but comfortable theater

Dawn Coxmartin

Very eclectic centre. Several levels of restaurants and shops. Lots to do there and it's great location.

Cindy Yocum

Fantastic place, all chairs recline with foot rests and the aisles or wide enough that you do not have to stand to let someone walk past.

Oscar Chavez Moya

I have to write something great about everyone in this theatre. I feel like they know us by name and they make us feel like ohana. As a single dad of 3 I pick and choose want entertainment we want to invest our time and money in and we always chose the wharf. Especially on Tuesday for 5 dollar movies. We are so happy that this Gem is in our neighborhood and that we get the privaledge to be part of the regal family. I finally got a free movie ticket reward on just by going to see my favorite flicks. Great snack bar selection, only wish they had hot pretzel with cheese that would be my only wish. Other than that 5 Stars!!!! Please visit from anywhere around the world, the experience is unbelievable , Mahalo Family!

Kenny R

Being the only theater left on the west side were kinda stuck. This theater though now had brand new comfortable seats! I was really amazed. Plenty of room and no smell. The new facelift worked!

codeh d

Until a year ago I would have easily given this movie theater one or two stars but they've taken out some seats making the seats that are available more roomy while also making them higher quality. It's still not the theater I prefer going to as it's only got 3 screens and no reservations however it is much more conveniently located

Tracey Graham

The best west side

Jacob Troller

Decent theater, a little understaffed, at the time, but I enjoyed my experience enough.

ginny ripp

Was able to pre purchase tickets for a showing later this evening. Staff was friendly.

Ryan Wood

Best kept secret on Front St! Huge, cheap parking lot that's half price with any purchase from a shop. Even a $6 purchase. Cute old "mall" with friendly shops and good food places. Skip the chaos and park here, get validated, and walk Front St. from here.

Denton Johnson

Average... But where else are you going to go on the West Side of Maui??

Anja Numa

Last theaters left in Lahaina. Polite staff.

Chase Harrison

Small place, only three screens.

Angel Avila

Nice small theater good place to check out first run movies on this side of the island


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