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1000 Kamehameha Hwy #231, Pearl City, HI 96782 Located in: Pearl Highlands Center

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REVIEWS OF Regal Pearl Highlands IN Hawaii

Edward Keoho

Good seating. But as always very expensive.

Lawrence LeBlanc

I haven't been here in so long, but the upgrades are noticeable: reclining chairs, better surround sound, and more cashiers at the concession stands. Will definitely be back in the future. My only grip is the aisles. There should he seats for the elderly and handicapped on each aisle. By "forcing" elderly and handicapped individuals to sit in the front rows, Regal is limiting their viewing experience, especially in a 3D movie.

Patrick Robles

Attend movie at Pearl City. Good movie, popcorn and hotdogs, good deal pn Tuesdays. No crowds, good seats. Living in paradise.


I HATE movie theaters!!!! The snacks are WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! !!! For the price of a large popcorn and a large soda, you could have a nice meal at Zippy's or similar restaurants!!!!!! Better to sneak in your own food / snacks! !!!! And the ticket prices are also way too high!!!! Better to just wait until the movie comes out on a DVD or something like that! !!!!!! STAY HOME AND SAVE YOUR MONEY, because most all of the movies that they make now suck anyway !!!!

La Coleman

Peaceful and quiet theater with lots of snack options

John Ariola

Reclining seats matinee pricing before 4pm. Pretty standard snack bar unlike some of the fancier snack bars. Some of the screening rooms little small at less than 60 people. But otherwise very comfortable place to see a movie

Paige Wilson

Very nice theater especially scene the recent renovations that added recliners with reserved seating that you can get for the same ticket price as before. Usually very clean and the staff are friendly and when staffed properly very quick. Plus they have discounted tickets and concessions on Tuesdays!

karma H

They are good they just move to slow



Junel B.

Most frequent theater I go to. Great location with awesome and helpful employees. Smiles are always nice to receive.

Cindy Sumner

I been coming to Regal for a long time since 1999 till now 2018. And i just love it. Thankyou So very much ♡☆☆☆☆☆♡. C.l.S.

Dionne Berry

Very chill theater. Tons of easy parking and good snack selection.

stacey brown

John Wick was AWESOME

Ed Higgins

Great movie theatre

Elizabeth Quiocho

Comfortable recliner seating! Great,clean, quiet atmosphere


Nice atmosphere and workers are friendly. Not too crowded. Gotta work on popcorn btw...

Reid Kagemoto

My new favorite theater to take my son to the movies. It's minutes from home and buying our tickets online, we can stroll in at our leisure not having to worry about finding seats in the dark. We usually go in 15 minutes after the start time so we can avoid the previews. Theater is well maintained and the staff friendly. Did I mention recliner seats... Ahh!!!


Okay place. Reclining seats, but beware you can't come here to watch a rated R movie with your kids. I understand for bigger kids, but come on a baby.

Edmund Kahoohanohano

Excellent service, very clean and comfortable!

Cindy Loria

Clean amd nice place to watch your favorate movies. Nice staff

Tammy Cloreace

Everything was great, especially customer service. Loved the reclining seats!

M Williams

First time visit Regal cinema as I always went to other movie theatres .Loved their comfortable seats and staff were so friendly. I would definitely choose Regal from now on!

Anna Ferrari

Rude attendants and poor service. Shame to be a horrible regal they're usually great.

Local Hogs

My favorite theater for the family. Reasonably priced, convenient location and good selection of food at the concessions.

Johnorene Oliveira

It was nice to go to the movies during the day. A few people came to the movies, so the ticket line was short as well as the concession. It was nice that there were only 8 people (including ourselves) watching the movie. I enjoyed being at the theater.

LeTosa Anderson

Upgraded their theaters and its easy to find parking. If they would update their concession stand and maybe get more cashiers I would give a five star.


Just to let folks know if you lose any valuables inside the theater like your ID,credit card they will not let you go look for yourself

Matthew Martinson

Nice comfortable theater, please don't fall a sleep in the theater with the comfy chairs haha


We used the Atom app. Showed our label at door and at concession stand. It was all less than 5 minutes. Kids went to bathroom and by the time they came out, I was waiting for them with popcorn and drinks, staring at people in line. Headed to screen 4 enjoyed our reserved seating, (not sure how it is kept reserved without using Atom app) reclined in our seats, enjoying the movie. The staff was friendly and extremely helpful.

Melody Pai

Never know it requires reservations to watch a movie. At least food was good. Movie supposed start at 6:10, at 6:25 still showing previews.

Debbie McNutt

Nice theater, comfy seats, pleasant staff but long line on a Saturday night. There should be more than 2 cashiers selling tickets. Line was out to the parking lot.

Chauncey Pia

Standing in line for food and looking at 4 workers standing around not doing anything and no one helps me... waiting for a few minutes then just walked away...

Kimberly Acosta

Visited app not great for choosing seats. I had a party of 4, seats B 1,2, 3,4,5 were open. Tried to pick 4 together however the app said I had to leave 2 seats open between the wall or the other party. Didnt make sense. 2 of my family members were in the 1st row. Horrible seats....dont ever pick the first for! Enjoyed the refillable large ICEE!

Alan Saucer

They cut all the credits of all the movies. I missed so many of mavel end credits scenes. Other movies I really didn't care for credits. Good seats, good movies, good deals, good food, needs to make sure that the people are actually doing there job.

sunkissed lex

Later at night is better less crowded. More alone time with significant other

Sharmila Gurung

We often go here to watch movies cuz it's near and no hassle of traffic..very comfortable seats and great cinematic experience.. would suggest to bring blankets as it might get chilly.


Comfortable seats and great selection of foods.

amber blackburn

Cashiers are a bit slow, but the theater is clean and the seats are updating my score because we go about once a week, sometimes more, and the staff is just consistently slow and rude. The cashier today was tossing and slamming the people in front of us and ours (so I assume there were others) stuff around. There is an overweight white female manager, who stood around and hid at one point a few weekends ago while her only 2 cashier's were clearly suffering. I worked at a theater, as a manager, at a significantly larger and busier theater, this isn't acceptable. Your staff isnt going to succeed if your manager is lazy and her attitude is clearly why the staff Also sucks. We only go because it's the closest to us, but after our last several visits, I'm willing to drive further and pay more to go somewhere else.

Demetrius Thrasher

Was my first visit it's pretty legit. Only issue was it smelled foul until the movie started and the A/C was super cold which helped alot.

Kaua'i Kahikina

The theatres are set up weird. They didnt even turn off the lights when we watched our movie we had to complain and they didnt want to rewind it. Never again!

Nio Kim

Location wise its alright. The theater itself is comfortable and decent.

Rickey K

Recliner seats are awesome! They have actual food at ok prices too

Brendan Lewis

Nice new recliner seats, but the rest of the place is still rundown. Went here out of convenience. Kiosk outside doesn't work. Not an issue for the staff, as they weren't surprised.

Mary Uiagalelei

Best time to watch a movie, no crowds

Michele Villegas

We like this theater. Convenient parking, great reclining seats for the more popular movies. Their reward program is a nice perk. Employees are extremely helpful. One in particular was very patient with explaining how the reward upgrades work in the concession stand. The theater was at a good temperature..... not too warm or too cold.

Anthony Spadaro

The best movie experience in the area. Stadium style seats a major plus. Great concessions - the popcorn was fresh. And, they offer a military discount. Staff very friendly. Love this theater.

William Kurtz

The staff and management are friendly and helpful,the theatres are clean and comfortable,and the screen quality and sound are top notch.

Bonnie OHara

Love going here. Movie first, Sam's Club shopping second.

jean lindor

Very nice place to go for your movie night. Hmm however prepare to spend little more time over. Movie there do not start on time

Dave Derenski

I love the layout of this theater, the seats are amazing, the tickets are cheaper than the theaters around the area, sound quality is excellent, staff is super friendly, and parking is decent. However, this theater gets two stars because of the KIDS IN THE RATED R MOVIES. Couldn't get tickets to John Wick 3 at 10pm on a Monday because there were a group of 7 kids (in pajamas and carrying pillows) that bought the last row, and had to walk out of IT Chapter 2 because the whole last 3 rows were filled with talking kids that ignored their parents and everybody around them. The staff was courteous and professional and addressed the issue, but allowing kids to see Rated R films needs to be policed better, if not by parents, then by theater policy.

Reynaldo V. Pineda

Nice seats..


Enjoyed the experience. Just as long i stayed away from the expensive food! Lol

Mama Bear

I hate how inefficient their concession workers and "system" are. Restrooms and the whole place just feels and looks dirty. Just ick.

Michael Cotton

Best theater seats I have ever sat in! Very helpful and courteous staff. This is definitely my favorite theater in Honolulu!

Angela Tenchi

Everyone friendlier & customer service oriented since new, reclining, standard seating went in. Best Regal ticket pricing on island. Only place rewards can be used. I used my free ticket towards DEADPOOL 2 & I paid $1.57 surcharge, so I am super grateful to Regal since that movie left me in tears for 2hrs afterwards. Larger restrooms too. Concessions lack adult coffee though or 5star.

rNetwork Empire

Great place to watch the newest movies. Make sure to order tickets before you come to make sure you get the best seats, also to make sure you get any at all! If you do buy tickets online, make sure to keep the qr code and the digital numerical code as well. That way you can scan and go straight in.

Harry Hale

The temperature of the theatre was so cold I had to leave the theatre. The reclining seats, though very comfortable, make getting past fellow visitors almost impossible. I'm not sure that I will ever go back. Good sound and staff are nice except when I asked them to change the temperature. It seems staff should have the ability to control of theatre environment.

Kawika K

Joined the unlimited movies for $22+ per month at Regal. Saw Hobbs & Shaw, great action flix in very comfortable reclining seat while munching popcorn. Wonderful way to escape from same old same old and the humidity in Hawaii.

Kelsey Burden

Decent theater. Hate the amount of people who bring toddlers and kids who won't be quiet and need a phone to watch a show on into an adult violent movie. I left my kids at home because it wasnt a kid movie.

Josh Short

Great theater, staff are always friendly and helpful. I have never had a bad time at this theater and I go to the movies at least once a month.

jordan keith

Love the seating and the movie we saw was pristine in both audio quality and video quality. Will absolutely visit here again.

Care Murakami

Clean theater and friendly staff. Able to use digital pre-pay with assigned seating.

Jamie Chinen

Leather recliner chairs with better cup holders! And they didn't raise their prices! This is the best place to see movies! Located above Sam's club so it's a great location.

Fresa Brown

Small but nice, has all the luxuries of the big movie theaters without the crowds or the prices.

Dennis Finley

Pleasant experience very nice

Bert Okouchi

The wait in line to purchase the reclining chair tickets took too long and slow, it took 10-12 minutes to get my ticket, only one window was available for the 12 people in line. Ended up getting the very last row in the back of the small theatre that they chose to show the movie "Equalizer II", need to do better. Never in my life have I "EVER" sat in the last row.

Robert Heifler

I'm like consolidated their prices are more reasonable and their seats that recline are even better.

l. w.

All recliner theater, for a fraction of the price you'll pay at Ward in town. Cleaner too. Love that Regal's app has such generous rewards, and works hand-in-hand with the Atom movie app. We always book in advance so that we get the seats we want, no waiting in line or being stuck in that first row right in front of the screen. Concession stand is on par with the pricey food you'll find in most concession stands, although you can use the Regal app towards food here. Best deal is to go for the free small item, and then pay to upsize. Military discount applies here, although you'll have to book the seats in person, which can get a little inconvenient. Honestly, we'd rather pay the online booking fee and lose the military discount then deal with the hassle. And we get our money back in the rewards we get through the Regal app, in free food and free tickets. Tons of free parking, shares the same structure as Sam's Club and the rest in the Regal Highlands complex.

Matthew Brabec

This is my preferred theater I go to. Clean all around with reclining seats and lots of space. No need to tuck your legs when someone walks by. Reserved seating as well is a huge plus for me. Plenty of parking and well lit with ample shopping within walking distance.

Latoya Williams

I love the reclining seats

Jonathan Wallace

Was quite disappointed with our latest visit. Only had one person selling tickets and was taking their sweet time with each guest. Definitely the last time going to this theater especially on a Friday-Saturday night when everyone is out to watch the latest movie

Tim O'Neil

This is a theater that shows movies

Michael Onzuka

Great reclining seats. I wish they had better flavors of Icees.

Victoria Alvarez

Matinee price is great, most comfortable seats

Gary Hara

They have a special $6.00 ticket on Tuesdays at the highland theaters. I'm not sure if all the regal theaters have the same rate. All the theaters at the highlands have leather reclining seats that are very comfortable. You can get your ticket online and choose your seats in advance or you can choose your seats at the ticket counter. They provide free refills on the large bag of popcorn here as well. Parking can be an issues on some late afternoon evening hours. The staff members are friendly and helpful but the wait at the concession counter was very slow.

Gabriele Sotello

Plenty parking. Watch a movie. And eat at the food court..Also please come to Wat get kitchen 671-6611 we have gandule rice and panadila and pateles.

Patrick Benight

One of my go-to theaters on island. Comfortable seating, good parking availability, and great deals! Seats are all oversized motorized recliners for your comfort, parking is available on all 3 floors of their parking structure, and (at time of writing) Tuesdays are $6 movies all day. My only tip is to bring a light coat / jacket because it can get cold in there!

Makalauna Feliciano

Nice upgrade to recliner seats. Lines were a bit long to get food from concession but the staff were very kind. Would come again

Kainoa King

Very very grateful for the reclining chairs and wide walk ways. Was able to take my time using an walker..the guidelines of the night lights were perfect to navigate my way out and seat. Enjoying and relaxing...would do this again and again.

Luisa Finau

Love the Pearl Highland Theaters!! The theaters are brand new, clean, renovated with the plush reclining seats and never feels overcrowded! The prices are cheaper at the window than on those F*nd*ng* Apps so buy them there! Popcorn is delish with the common offering of popular movie snacks, to satisfy your cravings! Aside from the tight parking and filled parking lot, it's worth the drive away from home due to better seating and pricing than the theaters down the road from home!

Charles Bazard

Terrible experience. Computer down cash only. Couldn't get point credit on reward card. Asked about seating, if any were reserved and told open seating cause computer down. 5 minutes before movie starts manager asks my wife and me if we could come to another show cause people reserved our seats on line. Even though we were told open seating cause of computer failure. Drove fifteen miles for nothing. Ruined our day and wasted our time. Acted like we live around the corner. Will never go back to pearl highland. Wasted gas and bought food at theater. Had to go to competitor to see movie.

Frederick Lott

I'm enjoying the reclining seats and expanding snack menu's. Come early so you have time to wait 20 minutes in the concession line. Expediting orders quickly is not part of theater staff training...

Carol P

the unlimited Regal Movie pass is the way to go


Awesome time.....Had to change my tickets for a different time and was greeted with aloha. Was able to change my tickets with no problem. Mahalo Regal

Rachel Goodman

FREEZING. BRING A JACKET OR BLANKET. Seating can be reserved. Seats are super comfy and have motorized recline. The food is expensive as you expect at a theater, but the quality is very good.

Virginia Donato

What a wonderful experience! Comfort in reclining with wide chairs, wide aisles to get to your seats, very clean theater; makes watching the movie more enjoyable.

Anna Nicole

Rude attendant booked us for the wrong movie, by the time we found out the movie was completely booked so we were refunded. We asked for a complimentary ticket for the troubles and 45 min drive, was rudely shoved at as without a word. Will not be returning to this theatre ever again.

George Sturgis

Huge room comfortable reclining seats and the air conditioning system felt good

Walton Pan

Clean theater. Very nice. Concessions we're expensive

Leusoga Tuala-Tamaalelagi

Great staff and recliner chairs. Awesome!

Titi Kau'ilani Ricafort

Reclining seats are great! Too bad staff dont patrol better to.get idiots off their phones during movie

Wendell Kau

Clean, enjoyed movie in recliner seats.

Thomas Garrett

Was my favorite movie theater on island until they stopped selling $6 value tickets on Tuesdays. Maybe I’ll pop in on a rainy day once in a while to pay outrageous full prices. Consolidated Pearlridge is close and $7 on Tuesdays. Price is important for a large family like mine.

Alex Moore

The theaters here are clean and big. You have to reserve your seat when you buy your ticket. They do offer online ticket purchasing through ATOM Tickets which allows you to skip the line and walk straight in. Would definitely recommend buying tickets online before coming here.

Mae Fukushima

Lots of parking, nice place to watch a movie.

Stephen Lai

Great Tuesday deals

Aneulena Candelaria

I LOVE this theater! It's generally not asbusy as some of the other theaters on island. It's location next to Buffalo Wild Wings makes it easy to grab food and drinks before or after the movie. There is PLENTY of parking available as well. The seats are assigned and all of them recline as well. The staff is always polite and friendly, and the theaters are always clean before the movie begins. I highly recommend this theater!

P. Duane Permenter

Very nice, comfortable theater. The popcorn is fresh and the staff are friendly. The seats recline and are spacious. This is one of our favorite theaters between pearl city and kapolei.

Charles Hall

Seating chart on phone is stupid. Regal site always has problems.

EARL Wolfe

These theaters are really well maintained. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because of people like to use their cell phones in the theater while movie is playing and kids that often set next to you. They are with their parents who don't scold them and tell them to be still in the theater. They act like they have ants in their pants.

Harvey Chung

Great place for Grace Bible Services

David Marbley

I always liked this theatre, and now that they got the reclining seats it's even better. Plenty of parking too. They even have hot food, burgers, chicken, pizza and a lot of other snacks to watch the movie. Before & after the movie you can get your shopping in , you got Sam's club, Wal-Mart, Home Depot& a lot of other shops in a one block radius.


The theaters are clean. The upgraded reclining seats definitely improve the experience. But the concessions is ridiculous. Lines are consistently back to the doors and very slow moving. Maybe it could be improved by allowing DIY soda and popcorn butter stations. The staff is always friendly but appear overworked and display no sense of urgency.

Shane Dili

Same here. Good seating, but getting expensive with the tickets and food. Eat somewhere else before seeing a movie.

Keoni Littlejohn

Clean well appointed theater... all powered recliner seats.

Brian Brocato

Very clean, staff was friendly and the chairs are super comfortable!

David Sua

Great place to watch a movie. On Tuesday half off popcorn and $2 hotdogs.

Patricia Kapua

First of all you can not beat the price on Tuesdays $6.00 no where on this island for a great up to date movie. Their prices are even cheaper than Pearl Ridge--maybe only a dollar, but a dollar is a dollar--correct. The theater is always clean and wow about that concession stand. On Tuesdays again bargain day at the concession stand 1/2 off the popcorn and $2.00 for the hot dogs. Hello-- The staff seems to be always friendly and willing to assist their customers. Outstanding theater to go to and again the prices are great and now another feature is the point system where you can accumulate those points. Come on everyone give them a try. Why spend all that extra money when you can get a deal at Pearl Regal theater. The seating is so comfortable and roomy. Thanks for listening Tricia

Terry 808

Great theater seats that are spacious and comfortable. Popcorn is delicious and they offer a variety of foods. The staff is always friendly, courteous and helpful. Bathrooms are clean and a lot of stalls to accommodate a busy crowd. Spacious, delicious, courteous and clean bathrooms; add a good movie with family and/or friends, priceless . . . Thank you!

Ellen Smith

Great reclining seats, surround sound

Bill Bauman, Jr.

My go to theater, in now that I've got unlimited Regal.

j caetano

Clean, comfortable and friendly staff from what I saw.

Arte De Alcohol

I miss this! It is always clean and nice. Not too crowded.

Jaymie Ok

The workers are the best

Noelani Ah Yuen

Love the seats and the a/c!

Kordon Harmeyer

Yes we enjoy the Men in Black 4 movie this afternoon as a family it was nice we all enjoyed it for Father's Day weekend

david rita

It's a theater but small and same as any other theater food and drinks are a RIP off ....

Ruth Ah Hee

Although Olino is my fav theater, this theater has the best popcorn and butter. It would have been better if they had a table than just a recliner seat, it would have been a convenience.

Debra Caracol Person

Tuesday $6/per person special & large popcorn with refill for $4.61 what a deal. We turned on another couple and now we double date every week. Being retired we truly enjoy our weekly movie date at Regal Pearl highlands!

Amy Lee

Nice little theater with comfy seats. No fear of sitting close since there are super comfy reclining seats. Customer service is good and bathrooms are clean

Vicky P

The reclining chairs were phenomenal! I absolutely love a comfy chair in the theatre. The showing rooms were perfectly heighten so that you could recline and not have the row below cause any interference.

Linda Geagel

No tray table on the recliner seating. Auditorium smelled funky. Really nice employees.

Alex Parkes

This is a really nice theater! It is conveniently placed around a lot of other stores and restaurants so you can buy your tickets ahead of time and go shop around for a bit. The staff is pretty nice, as to be expected. The leather reclining seats are really comfy. Beware, bring a jacket or a blanket because the theaters are often times pretty cold! Overall a great experience!

Franklin Portillo

A lot better s eating after the renovations.

Allisha Lavarias-Dumlao

I really love this theatre. They have luxury seating which is awesome and comfortable. No food tray though, but that’s ok. I love being able to chose my seat and not having to wait in line before the movie starts to get a good seat. The popcorn is the best and their rewards program is even better! I am now a regal unlimited member and let me tell you that it is so worth it! I go to the movies so much now it’s great!

Royal Albino

Always loved this theater. Wonderful service majority of the times I visited. The deals are great here.

mark sebastian

Reclining seats, reasonable matinee prices.

sara kanna

Great theather. Lounge chairs and enough space for a small crowd instead of a bigger one. Its like watching a home theater with friends.


Great seats, clean, and not too expensive.

LeeAnn Kamakea

It was horrible. Didnt get to watch the movie we first wanted. Bought tickets for another movie got seated upfront and personal if you know what i mean. It sucked why do they even put the chairs that close to the screen. And the room was empty. You could see people's shadows walking across the screen through the whole movie. Never coming back sticking to the consolidated theaters they are better

Genesis Santos

Go here for most movie premieres. Better than Pearl ridge for sure.

Jonathan Thoennes

Good prices, place needs some updating, but it is cost effective so bring the family.


Loved the cheaper prices, the food selection and the Stadium Seating!

Mark Young

Didn't know they had new seats! Still hurts that it costs $10 for a large soda and a candy bar. #StopInflatedMovieSnackPrices Staff are nice though. Great way to spend 50 bucks while you wait till the traffic dies down.


First time sitting on reclining seats and wow it is comfortable. Went on Tuesday with half price tickets and food prices are discounted. And best yet it wasn't crazy busy at the 4 o'clock show till night shows, where when movie was done and went out of theater, wow it was busy.

Cornell Thompson

Nice and convenient

Aria Reisland

Much improved with new reclining cushy seating! However, the seats are a bit too low for the screens, and the screens are showing their age. Also, at least when I went, it seemed to be woefully understaffed.

Clarence Jack

It was awesome

Ivy DeGrafenread

Always great. Unfortunately last time the concessions associate killed the popcorn with butter. I had to throw it out.

Nate Kennaley

This place is definitely worth it if your a Regal Rewards Member. The downfall is that all the theaters on the island are way too expensive, but this one has great customer service. I have never had any issues with their employees. The location is also awesome. You can grab something to eat before or after the movie.

Andrew Doll

Great experience. Very clean theater. Reclining seats, massive cup holder. Bathrooms were clean

Jennifer Nakamura

reclining seats are cool. food is expensive like all other theaters on the island.

Linda Miyake

Reclining reserved seating is the best. If you buy your tickets through atom app you can get food preordered too.


Loved the new seats and being able to pre select seats

Aquanetta Sonognini

Wonderful and relaxing..good time to watch a movie. Equalizer 2..Danzel Washington has never been better. He is a good guy...kind man. Just love watching him on the big screen

Alexander Henriques

This is a very unique movie theater. First of all, you will see that there are seat assignments, just like very high-end theaters. The next thing you will see is that the seats are very comfortable, and they recline to a very respectable degree. It is like a home theater, as the seats are great and there are very few people in the room with you. However, the one negative thing I have to talk about is the pricing. The movie tickets themselves are not too bad, averaging at around 12-25 dollars per ticket. The food on the other hand is a whole different story. Popcorn alone can empty your wallet, especially if there is more than one person in your party. You also cannot bring your own food, either. Other than pricing, this place is a must visit. However, it is the price that earned this place a 4 star rating rather than a perfect score.

Joaquin Diaz

The movie theater has been renovated to accommodate recliner seats. Regal movie theaters are are always a pleasure to visit. The food is good. The prices for entry are reasonable. This theater is in a good location within Pearl Highlands. It is accessible by parking on the top deck or below. There is an escalator from the bottom deck bringing people right to the movie theater. The theater is clean, screen quality is good, and the sound is just right.

Faalua Tafaoa

Very nice and comfy seats, prices are reasonable more so if you have a rewards card. Great snacks available for every craving type.

Anthony Arquines

Much better theatre since the renovation this year. All seats are reserved and recliners.

Alvin Okubo

Regal has comfortable recliners wide for locals not skinny and tight like AMC recliners made for anorexic people. All AMC care about is money not customers comfort so that the customer would want to come back. Save your money and go to a theatre that is worth your money's value. REGAL CINEMAS

J. L. Haugen

Huge reclinjng seats are great and rely allow you to relax and enjoy the movie.

Neil Young

Good theater. Better than Dole as this Regal theater has recliner chairs. Food is still junk though

Jason Farquhar

My favorite theater on the island !


Previous review 4 stars. UPDATE for 05-28-19 So their AC is broken. It happens. How do they handle it? No notification prior to purchase. No "sorry" for the inconvenience. Might be acceptable from the regular crew but the supervisor manager? That's so's so easy to say sorry about that. This occurred on 05/28/2019 refund generated at about 0810 PM for the scheduled 8PM showing of Brightburn. And before anyone says it's just "sorry"...they train their box office workers to ask if you want to redeem points for a drink and or popcorn all the time (you know it costs EXTRA to have them redeem it for you right). Poor showing today Regal.

Kelly-Lynn Carvalho

The lines for concession were so long. Employees didnt seem friendly, perhaps overworked. But the seats were comfortable and it makes the movie enjoyable. Deapite the employees, i will be back.

Brian preston

It's a clean movie theater with big seats and isn't to expensive.


Surround sound was awesome

Shane Krios

Confortable seating and good theater food. Only thing is the screens seem a little dark. Some movies are just too dark by nature for their choice of brightness.


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