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REVIEWS OF Regal Kapolei Commons IN Hawaii

Trae Boogie

I'm more about the theater experience meaning seating, sound, and screen quality. This is one of the best theaters I've been to and I used to work for Regal before. I do like the options they have for food as well. Since theaters make their money from concessions I expect them to be a bit pricey. Also it's nice to have a quality theater on the westside so I don't have to go to town or Pearl City.

George Morales

My favorite movie theater!


Movie theatre is great! Comfortable seating with great ticket pricing. However, Stephanie the manager at the concession stand is very unprofessional and she lacks horrible customer service. The gentleman helping me at the food stand was friendly but the Monster Energy Drink that I bought was warm, so I asked for another one. The second one that he brought out was also warm so I asked for a refund. He told me that he needed a manager to give me the refund and that is where Stephanie comes in the picture. She walks up with a bad attitude right off the bat . All she said was “I need your card”, with an attitude. I put my card on the counter and she swipes for the refund. Then after swiping she throws my card on the counter, rolls her eyes and walks away. No words, no acknowledgement, nothing. The worst part is, all the customers behind me witnessed it and that puts a bad rep to your guys name. As a manager of customer service, you should be showing a good example. If you work in the customer service industry, your job is to represent your company in the best way possible. I definitely don’t recommend asking for any refunds, otherwise you have to deal with the manager’s crappy attitude.

Carmen Newkirk

It was nice and comfortable. A little pricey, it was $23 for 2 during matinee. There was a line for consessions but we had gone to lunch first so we didn’t get any. The seats were comfortable.

Savik Fraguela

Do NOT get seats in the first 2 rows!!! In normal theatres, the front rows suck, but at least you can still consider them an option. In this theatre, the front rows are so close to the screen that you can't even see what's happening on the 30ft distorted monster that looms above you- way way way too close to be even remotely viewable. Also the concession stand is crazy overpriced, I'm talking $5 for a bottle of water. yah. All in all, good quality theatre apart from the above problems. only go if you can sneak in your own food and get a mid-back row seat.


This place is great with one minor setback. When you enter the lobby, it's very inviting. They have lounge chairs you can use while waiting for the rest of your party to either arrive or use the bathroom. Staff are generally friendly and will provide assistance when asked Food choices could use some additions. Add COFFEE to the menu please! There are times that I have no choice but to catch a late night show, but would like to stay up for the entire movie. Coffee choices would be very much appreciated!

Celeste Rogers

Comfortable seating and easy ticketing let's you avoid lines

apjitm hawaiindia

Love this theater, food is a bit pricey.

Jeb Baker

Me and my wife visit this theater a couple times a month and we love it. It's clean, the reserved seating is great, and the staff helpful. The older gentleman that takes your ticket has a great attitude and makes it an overall excellent experience.

Diga Prints

great new theater with leather reclining chairs!

Jimmy Van Bokhoven

Great theater, nice leather recliner seats, very cozy, can"t bring your own food or drinks inside, plenty of restaurants surrounding the theater.

Kalila Storm

It was fantastic, one of the people couldn't come to the movie so I was able to refund that ticket. Mahalo Nui Loa I will definitely go there again.


A fine movie theatre with decent food and nice staff. Order tickets online early in the day to get better seats!


Good snacks. Like the cheetos popcorn they have. Reclining seats great. Near restaurants and target good.

Jan man

The ladys was great. They help me with my order veey fast. Mahalo

Kelsey Hoover

We go here for date night all the time! The food is good its always clean and everyone is always friendly.

Denna Helm

My first time here very clean and warm atmosphere

Allan Davis

Nice theater but wish the food wasnt so expensive!


My preferred theater for west side. I like this theater cause it's less cramped and the seats are bigger. Always clean. Good customer service. Not five star cause the concession is a little slow. Prices are slightly higher than other theaters. Most likely cause of less seats in theaters.

Keith Kuniyasu

Seriously need to turn up the volume on their fire alarm. Why is there just one alarm in the theatre? Worse, it's at the back of the theatre.


Very comfortable movie experience. They have interactive games to play before the movie starts.

Annette Kakazu

Booked seats on-line. BEWARE !!!! What looks like the last row on their stupid Atom is actually the front row. They have the orientation of the seats backwards! AND NEVER EVER SIT IN THE FRONT ROW YOU CAN'T SEE THE SCREEN, UNLESS YOU STAND ON YOUR HEAD. of course the theater could give a sh-t. Actually had to stop employee to remind him to get the pre-ordered/pre-paid large popcorn (one half hour into the movie), I have no doubt that if we didn't, we would have not received it.

DeathStar Gamer1

The seating was very comfortable and allowed you to kinda lay down and give you a relaxing view of whatever your watching.

Kendall Kahl

Best prices for movies.

Xander Amatore

I tapped a guy on the shoulder, thinking it was Nicholas Cage. It turns out it was just my neighbor. Still a thrilling experience.

Molly Young

Viewed Aquaman, in luxurious seats. Great venue.


Of course it's pricey but once every so many months won't hurt to go OUT to watch a NEW movie(this is what I do

Dianna Smith

Located in Kapolei Commons, Regal 12 offers movies in standard format: 2-dimensional, as well as 3-d. Even when popular 3-d movies are playing, they have plenty of complementary glasses. The customer service is excellent. Even when it is busy, the staff remains friendly and professional. The chairs recline and the temperature is not too low-- though I would recommend bringing a sweater or a jacket-- and the sound is at a good volume. The concession stand offers hot foods: burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and unique snacks/island favorites. Shakas and mahalos to the staff.

Honu Joe

Just a suggestion: Would be great if you could pre-order your popcorn and soda, etc, inadvace via an app. Once parked you can place your order online and by the time you walk over and pickup your tickets your food is ready and you dont have to wait in line or miss the beginning of the movie.

Tiffany Chapman

My favorite place on island to watch movies. Super comfy seats that are clean. The employees are also friendly and helpful.

John Halemano

Love the recliner seats. Enjoyable experience with kids. Lots of leg room!

Mac Dre

Good theater usually not to busy

Charmz Accio

The theater is clean and their seats are roomy. I like how the seats can go back in a position where your head feel very comfortable not like other theater seats where my neck always aches halfway thru the movie.

Leilani Nelson

Went to see Rambo: Last Blood. Good movie! We were there with my dad who is in a wheel chair, so we sat in the handicapped section. The theater was clean and free of debris when approaching our seats. The reclining seats were very comfortable too. The bathroom I went into was also clean. I would recommend visiting this theater.

Eddie G

One of the best movie experience I have had in a long time.


I just moved to the island in 2018 and I heard about this amazing new theater with new everything!!! I saw a great movie at a really nice movie theater. I had an amazing evening dating myself.

D Reynolds Sr

Very nice screens, sound, and seats.. not so friendly staff

Davis Muramoto

Terrifically comfortable seats with tables and a not too cold theater. The movie was great too!

John Doyle

Nice recliner chairs and all new, too.

Michael Watson

First time here. Seating was amazing. They recline. Surround system is awesome and so was the price for the food. I definitely will be coming back

Brigette Calamaan

I get to pre purchase my tickets ahead of time which works great for us as a family

Zac Fliss

Seats are comfortable, ticket prices are a bit high compared to consolidated, the sound system is top notch. Note to all : if you get the refill on the popcorn, do it all at one time because it's not really refillable after the first time. It's really only a single refill. A policy - which I was informed of - is the way they've always done it. Other competing theatres offer unlimited popcorn refills.

tasha teixeira

Seats got me sold. Lots of snack choices clean and online tickets it super convenient

Nate Tai

Awesome Theater! Clean!

Brenda C

Great theatre, only need to improve turn around time at snack bar.

Paulo Salas

Great place for a movie

Nathaniel A

They have an amazing theater overall. The recliner seats are unique and special. The burger also was good .

Bernice Fiori

To much money just to watch a movie and averthing is alcart popcorn and drinks and candy, hotdogs . I spent over $65.00 just for the food, and over $93.00 for the Tickets 12 and up u pay the Adult price 4kids n 2adult.

kevin hashimoto

Great screens and sound system with titan lux and Dolby atmos. Reasonable prices for tickets and condiments. Buy tickets online and pick up at the self serve kiosk. Good and helpful staff.

Jessica Franco

Love this theater. So many restaurants right outside of it. So clean, reserved seating and recliners. Really can’t get much better. Love love love this regal theater!!

L Williams

Nearest theater in Waianae.

Greg Jackson

Great staff, clean where we sat, lines weren't long, good job

Cresencia Iese

Can't get any better than that!


Awesome theatre, reclining seats but the prices for movies, food and drink are quite high. Expect to spend $100 if you bring the family and want food/drink.

Stephen Smith

Well kept movie theater with friendly staff. Modernized seating which is great with the ability to repurchase so you can get the seats you want without having to show up hours prior.


Ok I live far away from this place and I will NOT go anywhere else! Recliner reserved seating and no paper ticket to print. Convenience at its finest!

Arielle Matthews

Love the food love the seating what's not to love here

Latoya Williams

Ticket line was slow. Only 3 guest in line , but friendly


Friendly service and a joyful atmosphere. The popcorn was really kernally but i still ate it. The seats are really comfortable!!

Jenny Rhodes

Great car show tonight

Luvs Ramos

My family of 7 & I LOVE the food!!! Staff are always welcoming and patient!! Wish there was at least a small drink to go with burger/fries. Other than that we always look forward to the reclining chairs

Guy Stevens

Very expensive. For the price of two matinee tickets you could wait a couple of weeks and buy the movie on blue ray, watch it in the quiet of your own home as many times as you like with popcorn that isn't all hulls and unpopped kernels.

Justin Williams

Hobbs and Shaw was Excellent. Very clean theatre

eric k

Worst movie theater experience in memory. Confession forgot to give part of order. Movie started almost 1 hour late. After the first 30 minutes someone stood near the door and said something about technical difficulties and we should be good to go in 5 to 6 minutes. 25 minutes later the film abruptly started with the lights staying on almost 20 minutes into the movie. No apology or explanation after the movie.

Josiaha Hickerson

Been here many of times. Never had any issues always clean always friendly.

Dean Benedict

One of the best theaters we’ve been to in many years! Very comfy leather Seats in the theater with electric reclining leg rests & easy swing away food & drink trays; fantastic sound; good staff! Everything was great including the quality of the popcorn. The only problem was the oil in the popcorn leaked right through the bag and all over us. Need better bags for the popcorn.

Memory Olomua

It's a wonderful place to take your family to watch movies. Just they need WiFi there but the chairs are awesome and the food is great too..

Larry Moore

Very comfortable. Great experience!

Angie Ayars

Had THE best seats, everrr! And totally enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody! The seats are super comfy! The popcorn was super fresh, with free refills on our popcorn and drink! Deeelish and great time!!!

Da Jboii

Best place to watch movies with the family and friends.

Cheryl Kelii

Clean environment. Good food. Great recliners. Great staff.

Alexander Ventura

If you’re looking to enjoy a movie and have a new born baby or even a baby of a couple of months, you’re going to waste your time coming here. Even though your little one isn’t aware of what’s going on, they won’t let them in the movie. The other movie theaters don’t have this rule so I would advise to go to another movie theater.

TJ Staup

Clean comfortable and convenient location. On top of that if you buy your tickets on Orbits you can purchase the concessions in the app and have them delivered to your seat!

tino palacio

I liked the movie and the recliner chair. Snacks and seated at the front row was not favorable, expensive treats, but it is what it is, every theater sell their snacks at a high cost.

Steve Painter

Very nice movie theater. Most expensive Regal theater on the island. Saw the green book which was an excellent movie. Would definitely go back here if cheaper theaters are not showing what I want to see.

Mary Chambrella

Great place to see a movie!!

Laura Trilles

Love this theatre. All of the seats are recliners which is really nice. There are also very nice dining option near the theater so you can have dinner before you see your film- nice if you don’t want concessions. The only issue I have with this place is several of the screens are small and only two rows of seats are elevated away from the screen. I don’t like to sit super close to the screens because I get motion sickness. This means you have to buy tickets in advance. I try for at least a day in advance. All the seat are reserved so that is great. Also they just started using Atom for ticketing and it is super easy. Make buy tickets early very convenient.

danielle Hernandez

Our go to theater. Seats are comfy! However, last time we were waiting in the concession line for 25 minutes (we timed it), so we were late for our movie. Come during less peak times.

Toshi Hines

We love this theater. Just recommend coming at least 20 minutes before your movie. The wait period for food can take a while.

Elizabeth Pamela

Huge seats. Assigned seating isn't really true tho. Be prepared for that.

Georgia Vignac

Nice theater, friendly staff never tried the food though

Alyssa Alcos

I remember my phone fell under the seats, I lifted the recliner up and was immediately disgusted... popcorn, junk food, spills all underneath gross. Buuutttttt I do like their food selections more than consolidated theaters.

Laura Heath

Love this theater. Always clean, great customer service, love the fact that I can get my tickets on my app, and it’s convenient. The manager Staysia was amazing with helping us figure out tickets and seats. Great overall place to see a movie comfortably for not a crazy amount of money.

Jasmine Agader

Kayleanna Has Wonderful Customer Service. Very nice. And quick as well. Outstanding.

Kris Miyashiro

Clean, comfortable chairs, good eats. Perfect for watching movies!

clifford ballesteros

Clean, food is good and fair prices, kimo is really great, rest rooms are very clean,.

Vera Bedan

Good facility. Ample parking, clean facilities, friendly staff. However when I went to watch a 10am showing on a weekday, the concession stand did not seem ready at all for that first wave of customers. There was no sense of urgency from the cashiers, it was like they didn't expect people to buy drinks and popcorn. It took over 10 minutes to get an order of one pretzel. I would go again, but on a full stomach. I would suggest adding vending machine for those who'd just want something to drink.

j glover

I love it. Great seats and clean

Josh Abraham

The theater is so clean and new. I enjoyed how much room I had to eat in my seat. The food was great.m!


Food is pretty bad, but everything else is good

Maija Kemper

Movie theater fantastic, movie not so good!

Chad Yoshimoto

Great place and make sure to use the Atom app

Tremaine Dawson

Love their theater and their reclining chairs!

Ruya Mh

This is our go to movie theater! Love the recliner seats and the customer service this place provides. Please make sure to grab a sweater, it’s very cold in all the auditoriums.

Dhayzxen mahiaimancao

Watch Endgame While Apart Of Fan Event! No Spoilers...

Justin Mercado

A gentleman named Kimo was extremely friendly and courteous. Theatre was comfortable and clean.

Adrian Mosley

Plush seating. The absolute best. Food is sky high though, but what movie theater concession isn't. At least the food was good. The workers are friendly too. I won't watch anywhere else.

Guin Caracol

The matinee was perfect! The staff is friendly and the popcorn was fresh. A great experience.

Lydia Garza

Reserved seats, recliners and loved my Aquaman tin and cup!


fantastic they had a really great preview for the movie about the Westside life it was called the West side story and it was so awesome I love that preview

Brenda Chase

Just a heads up, when ordering Margarita pizza, 4 out of 5 times it comes without the basil. Thus is the reason I order and without basil it is bland and the tomatoes are not ripe 2 times. However the last time they fixed it and delivered to me in theatre, which was great. Today the manager refunded me and apologized said their supplier is not filling orders properly. Still a great theatre. I notice safety is a concern 2 times during movie a worker comes in and checks the door that leads to outside of theatre to make sure it is locked. At first it was distracting, but small price to pay to ensure safety of customers.

Ellen Smith

Comfy clean reclining seats

Michael Goodknecht

Seats are comfortable, parking is plentiful, food line is well thought out. I enjoy going there. It's worth the drive from Pearl City.

Joseph Pelikan

I always enjoy the theater. Comfy seats and friendly staff.

Cory Helliangao

The popcorn was so crunchy

Perky Patti

Conveniently located in Kapolei Commons. Great hours. Lots of food choices. Join their Regal Club to earn points for food, tickets and merchandise. Certain days club members get half off popcorn.

Deborah L Marquez

From Chicago enjoyed the movie theater it was very comfy very clean love that they brought your popcorn and drinks to you. Bathrooms were amazing clean enjoyed ourselves.

Jeanna Flores

Love the re liners. So comfortable . And join the regal club for one fee a month and see unlimited movie as many times as you want for 21.00 a month.

Arthur Magallanes


Jose Gonzalez

Great spot. Large comfortable recliners. Very clean. Pop corn is fresh. Using the atoms app, you can buy tickets and snacks ahead of time. They bring your snacks and drinks to your seat.

Diane Adams

Very comfortable.

Robert Morales

Nice atmosphere for watching your favorite movie

jason allen

Amazing theater. Very comfortable reclining seats.

Edgar Lopez

Great customer service!

Herlin Contreras

i love the seats. the theatre is beautiful and the staff is helpful. i reccomend downloading their app and racking up points. the best thing about their app though is that you can buy tickets for any screening for anywhere so you don't have to come earlier just to get good seats

Lisa Berg

The movie was very enjoyable experience was due the place is neat and clean as clean as you can keep the movie theater. The wait staff and people helping out or excellent. And I love the cushy chairs if you're going to have to watch a movie outside of home this is the place to go it's worth a little extra. PS I still like to watch movies at home so I gave it for it's a very good rating for me. Lisa

Lori Sorensen

Great venue for movies. Comfy seats!

Joshua Truesdale

Always clean, easy check-in when you buy online. Great selection of snacks. Haven't had a bad experience yet.

Big Z Daddy

The a/c could be cooler makes movie watching fun & comfortable.

Gina Gallard

There's rarely a long wait at the concession which is a plus.

cristopher pennock

Good but expensive. They charge extra because they are a luxury theater

Karla R

The new Marshalls store is great and friendly staff, will be back.

Todd Doi

Usually this places is great, and my favorite theater on the island. But the past few times I've been here, there have been issues. One on occasion, they decided to change the starting time of the movie. Ticket counter displayed one time, the sign outside the theater had the same time, but they started playing it over 15 minutes early and most of us missed the beginning of the movie since we're used to 10 minutes of trailers beginning at the "movie start time." On another occasion, the 3D movie started in 2D and they stopped the movie after 10 minutes, then restarted it in 3D and had to fast forward each trailer until the beginning of the movie. The one positive was that an employee was extremely helpful and sweet. She took my order very politely, and I moved to the hot food pick-up area. Apparently it took them 19 minutes to put Kimchee on a hot dog because nobody came out with my order. From her counter at the other end she saw me still standing at the pick-up area waiting for my order, and she approached me and asked if my order had come out yet. She went into the back and immediately came out with it and apologized twice for the long wait. I will specifically go to her counter during my next visit. Big thank you to Darien. Other than that, this is the cleanest theater on Oahu, with the softest reclining chairs.

kimo napolitano

Comfortably seating upscale food 2 thumbs up

Cedric Howard

Great Atmosphere and Great Service...

jimmy kemper

Pretty expensive but we had fun and was comfortable while enjoying the movie.

Rachie P

We love this theater! Very comfortable and luxurious. You can reserve your seats and pay online. That can be a good and bad thing. Even though there's a diagram of the seating, I chose seats that were still too close to the screen. Since it wasn't a full movie we just moved and hoped no one else would come... as usual everything is expensive. Even our matinee movie was over $10. But you definitely are getting your monies worth with the quality of the theater and the comfort. We will definitely be visiting again soon but we'll have to take advantage of any deals that come by. I think there's 50% off popcorn on Tuesday's, a points reward program and sometimes a deal with gift card purchases.

Larry O'Brien, Jr.

I enjoy going to this theater. I like how the theater is nice and updated. I think the team did a good job keep it in business. I like the recliner seats have inside the theater. More deals for the snack bar for cost less. I use the Regal review card to get a discount on snacks and also buying tickets online. I do have a good experience going to this theater. Change from 4 stars to 5.

Nicole Kamalu

Nice reclining seats.

Jonathan Saavedra

Absolutely love this theater, great picture and sound. AWESOME FOOD, and we received great service, as my friend was in a wheel chair and we ordered a lot, the staff volunteered to bring our food to our theater seats so we could get situated. Highly Recommended. Only gripe (and it's not the staff's fault) this theater is very far away from Kaneohe, I was able to get the EV charger at Target, and walk over, but wish they had a similar theater on the Windward Side. I love Regal Windward, but another renovation may be in order to bring to similar standard as Regal Kapolei Commons 12, especially the sound system.

Allan Monteza

Great place to see the latest movie.

Michele Guanzon

Kapolei's best theater!

Cornell Thompson

Nice comfortable seats, concession stand was a bit slow though

monty kupaa

I will say I mostly hate this place but the only reason why I come there is just got the price of the tickets and the chairs. Mostly everything they have for food is very much over priced and the couple of things that are even worth buying are the large drink, some ice cream candy, and the cheese sticks they have and even those have a problem. They never give you enough sauce to eat all of the sticks


This is my favorite theatre on Oahu. Before I start I just want to say get regal rewards it pays off. Anyway parking is always easy and close and the location is also close to on and off ramps so no problems getting there. The food is good the people are great and the sound and screens are tops. What I call luxury seating it is just awesome. Feels like your at home. Clean? Yes. The lobby seating concessions theatre and restrooms are clean. So you can relax and enjoy a good movie.

Tezrah Sotelo

Apparently they are not a movie theater that is accommodating to families with young children in strollers. We purposely waited till my toddler who is two years of age to fall asleep to watch a movie in which she did and fell asleep in her stroller. Purchased our tickets via the app and was told when we arrived there that we weren't able to go in and watch the movie we paid for already because it is a rated R movie in which they do not allow children under the age of 6 to be allowed in. We have never had any problems in the past with seeing Rated R films with our kids let alone just our baby from when she was months old. If it was a said rule from the time they opened business then there is an issue with how their business is run with consistency in what and when they allow the rules to apply. They never gave us any issues going with my kids until today. All staff should be retrained because not all are familiar nor abide by said policy. Consistency is what’s lacked. I asked the manager Stan Domingo what difference does it make if she is sleeping, she won't be watching the movie anyway and he dares to say "it's more so for a mature audience to accommodate those people say if she (my sleeping toddler) were to cry." I could not believe my ears. I asked him so if we were to go watch a movie with a different rating and she were to cry what difference would it make?! So it's not the fact that it's a rated R movie it's the fact that you are saying my child would be a disturbance, in which he had nothing to say after that. I will not be coming back here with my family and will let everyone know as well to not come here anymore.

Randy Medina

Comfy recliners with a table

Larry Mayfield

Today we watched the 11:20am 3D Black Panther feature film. Although we enjoyed the movie we were very disappointed that the 3D feature did not perform during the previews and the opening sequences of the main feature. An attendant wrongfully informed me that only the main feature was in 3D and not the previews. When we, which included other patrons in the theater at the time, informed an attendant of the lack of 3D, the problem was eventually rectified. We asked about having the movie restarted but received only an apology for our dissatisfaction, for which we had all paid extra.

Spicy Meatball

Best movie house as far as I'm concerned. It's always clean, staff are welcoming, always smiling and friendly. Very efficient.

John Castillo

Our favorite movie theater on Oahu. There's a pretty good assortment of snacks in the theater, and a ton of places right outside the door if you'd prefer other types of food. The seats are super comfortable, just be sure to reserve your tickets ahead of time to get the best seats. Lastly, use the Regal app to maximize your experience! You can get free stuff with enough purchases.

Lani Duke

I love the fact that you are able to buy tickets in advance and choose your seats as well. quick process when you get there and through the door. the drinks are self serve and if you buy a large popcorn and save the bag you can take it back to the counter for a free refill same day. Recliner seats with tables make it a comfortable movie experience.

Cra H

Have to say, hands down, the best theater I have been to In a very long time! Love the recliners and the fact that sitting in the last row was better than sitting anywhere else. Staff is pretty chill and helped a lot during concessions. Going again to see avengers with my wife today. Don’t pass this theater up! Makes movie viewing a pleasure.

Chris Montealegre

Comfy chairs, great service. Variety of food n pretty quick run through the line evem if its long most of the time. Plus there are plenty of stores near by if you buy a ticket for later

Charlie S

The theater is nice and clean. The staff is very polite. This is my go to movie theater!

Melissa Sadanaga

Loved how clean the theater was and the reclining chairs. I hope they add better/more parking soon!

Joaquin Diaz

This theater offers all of the modern amenities for a moviegoer. They food is great and the service is fast. The theaters are comfortable and equipped with modern sound and screen quality. The seats are comfortable and the viewing is good because the seats recline. This helps when sitting too close to the screen. Regal has done a great job with this new theater.

R Quia

Clean and friendly atmosphere.. Always a joy to watch a movie here

DC Rocks

Love the seats. Too comfortable. I paid 11 bucks for a nap.

Faalua Tafaoa

Love this place. Nice reclining seats. Good eats. Good movies

Tyler Chan

Best pop corn but no soap in the mens bathrooms. And to top it off, the management knows this. Not good when you have a sign saying all employees must wash there hands, lol. I'm not an employee but always wash hands. One star?

Jacob Manning

Theater is very nice over all seats are comfortable they recline and have a swivel table, picture quality of the screen was nice and sound quality was pretty good at first, but after the fire alarm seemed to but allot louder to the point where some moments of the film where being over driven and a little too loud. During our visit theater had a fire alarm evacuation, in which the staff seemed very inexperienced and a little unprofessional, most staff did not seem to be aware of what to do or where to tell patrons to go, or what would happen in the event tickets or sales would need to be refunded.

Deanna Alcorn

This theater is very nice. The recliners are soft and comfortable. Everything was very clean. The picture and sound was great! Staff was very friendly, as well.


Fairly nice Regal theatre. I believe this was the first "luxury" theatre in Hawaii with reclining seats and a swiveling tray. The concession stand has all the regulars as well as more premium fare...that is actually decently priced...for movie food. Unfortunately the soda and butter are behind the counter so you will need to stand in line to refill a soda and you can't overload the butter like at places that keep it out front. After or before the movie there are a decent amount of places to eat at as well.

DazJokahz n Dazzy

Nice place for an event


The location is great. But during the daytime, make sure your car has those windshield sun reflectors since it heats your car to, I guess, 114°F or 46°C. Also, don't forget to wear sunscreen and stay under shade between 10am-1pm it's hot. But the theater-wise, it's really good.

William Bess

Love the seating!!! Love the chairs!!! Clean threatre!!!

Happy Cool

Good customer service. Saw movie in PLF, very good. The loaded potatoes were great! The only reason I didn't rate a 5 star, the popcorn didn't taste right and the onion rings were disappointing for $4.99.

Jephree Mika

Expensive prices but very comfy seating. Tbh, its worth the seating and screen quality.


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Regal Dole Cannery IMAX &...
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