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4368 Kukui Grove St, Lihue, HI 96766

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REVIEWS OF Kukui Grove Cinema 4 IN Hawaii

Taylor Hill

Awesome old school movie theater. Cheap prices and inexpensive snacks

Mark dickison

Make sure you have cash, they don't accept cards.

Fred Fennell

Hobbs and Shaw was great.

Jeffy P

It’s a theater with a big screen so that’s nice. Don’t dare try to ask for a cup for water. Even when I offered to pay for a cup with ice so that I could fill water from their water fountain they said it’s not allowed. So I bought a bottled water. They were friendly and asked if I want a cup of ice anyway and I said, “No, I’ll just take the bottle.” They said, “Sorry we have to pour it in the cup” ?!?! Why??? Also if you’re running late, don’t worry. They will play the movie on Hawaii time. AKA 15 mins late!

Pilar Ferroni

Cute movie theater, but don't expect to watch the movie you're planning to see at the time advertised. Was ready to see Crazy Rich Asians, but they showed Greatest Show on Earth and it spilled into the start time of CRA. HELLO! No such thing as as trailers instead?

Stephen W Carter

Great local theater serving visitors and residents of Lihue for over 33 years. The owner, Mrs. Blair, is personable and still welcoming guests to her theater. The concessions are fresh and very reasonable. Congratulations for refusing to pay exorbitant credit card merchant fees! Those offended by the "cash policy", only need to visit an ATM to produce the cash for entrance. The Kukui Grove 4 Cinemas bring the nostalgia of family theater kindness and entertainment which is rare in our modern world.


Good for a good time at the movies.

Steven Harris

In correct movie times on both the website and google. The guy running the place could not be any ruder no pre sold tickets and cash only probably the worst movie theatre in America

Mariah Henderson

Front desk lady/maybe owner was extremely rude and disrespectful to me as soon as I entered the theater. She did not allow me to bring an empty water bottle in to fill it up at the water fountains inside or even get a water cup from the concession stand. She continued to glare at my friend and I for the duration of the time we were there. She made the whole experience completely uncomfortable and if she truly is the owner, she needs to work on her attitude and making her paying customers feel welcomed. I have never experienced such awful customer service and do not recommend this place to anyone, unless they get rid of her.

Applegamer 192

Rude staff, unprofessional, the food is old and frankly disgusting, and in my opinion the worst of all is the actual movie room they smell, have a low quality projector not to mention the seat placement.

Pauline Viernes

The Spider Man movie was

Kevin Jones

1 of 2 places to watch movies on the island.

David Baker

Hassled for bringing water in for my wife. I purchased plenty of other snacks and drinks for my party. But they were very rude even after I told them she has to have water with her for medical reasons. Broken seats and not friendly

Robert Brown

If i could jump on and help to upgrade this theater I would. They are slowly evolving with the times. I think the owners and managers need to go to the mainland and check out some cool theaters to see what they can do to upgrade.

Deanna zeisler

Their sweet cream pretzels are amazing! Only 6 bucks for children & 9 for adults! Their popcorn & other concession food is very reasonably priced! I recommend it to the family! All the way from west central Illinois!

Ron DeVries

Old town theater. Picture was surprisingly good. Sound ... Meh. Seats are from the middle ages. Love that they serve Pepsi products at the fountain.

My Name isn't Jeff

Didn't even stay to watch a movie. The staff was extremely rude and said we couldn't take anything into the theater because it was a 'fire hazard' even though the rooms we made of brick. My mother couldn't even take her purse because it was 'dangerous'. Staff looked incredibly shady and was eyeing our bags up and down. Terrible place, I wouldn't go to it even if I was forced to eat nails

A.J.P. M.

Very comfortable. Sounds awesome and good snacks. Showed a sort of pre-movie before the actual movie. Different, but better than looking at a blank screen for 15 min. until the previews started

Bob and Linda Weiner

Slopes, so can see fine. Happy to pay cash for better than mainland prices. Owner couple work there every day!

Laverne Rodriguez

This theater is geared toward what the owners preferences. Everytime I hope to see a movie on the big screen I check the website its eather a superhero or Animation movie . And that all fine and well for the kids . But does it have to be every screen?

Anon X

i like indie theatres. no stadium seating.

Legendary Gamer

Pretty cool place. Cash only, pretty low tech. It's definitely not a fancy establishment, but staff is cool and lots of snack options.

chris c

Good thing they don't charge as much as a normal cinema.

Edgrr Vicoy

Only real movie theater on kauai

marc gerow

Just read all the 1 and 2 star reviews. It's all true. No Aloha. It's very sad that they run a business with no respect for customers. They need to go back to school and understand customer service 101.


Great place to take your family. All types of movies available.

Nette Manaday

Love Mrs. Blair and her staff. I hope people remember that they were here when nobody else was should a multi-plex/big box move in. They deserve our loyalty!!!

Asher Adams

Make sure to look up movie times on their website - the times are usually wrong on google. It's an older theater but we like it that way. More local style. The even serve up coconut water. They really should look into selling wine and beer here though. They would see much more revenue.

Chiarra Hennigan

Very small, cash only, but fun place to go chill and watch a movie. Think discount theater vibes!

Nina Shanklin

Apparently, if you try to beat the crowd at the consession and buy your ticket an hour early, a beastly woman will refuse to sell you tickets. I can understand having a policy to not "pre-sell tickets," but there is no need to be rude! God I pray for an AMC on Kauai to give these monopolized small businesses a taste of what customer service should be.

Bob Lehardy

This is one of two movie theaters I know of on Kauai. It's cozy, quiet and a very nice little theater. Cash only, but there is an ATM inside if you forget. Matinees are about $6, full price is about $9. Very nice snack bar with lots of treats that you would not find at a mainland theater. I think there are 8 screens, and they usually have some of the most popular movies (for example, Black Panther is showing now).

Jeffrey Leiendecker

It's what we have. Great place to stay cool and watch a movie

Melissa Marie Gwinner

It's been quite a while since I've been to the movies

Stephen Northcutt

CASH ONLY. Hey, it's what we have and it has air conditioning and dolby 7.1. Snack bar is standard, the more interesting things are on the sign on the right. Local guy in front of me was sad there were no raisnettes, if you want em, guess you will have to smuggle them in.

Bettylou Kanahele

Awesome! I love the service nd da nice people.

Jerika Bocalbos

It's the only movie theater on the island. CASH ONLY. Prices are decent for food and ticket price..but out of the 100 times I've been here it's always a coin toss on whether the popcorn is fresh or a day old stale. All of the food are microwave foods from costco other than their hot dogs.

Austin Cales

Doesn't take credit cards. Just a heads up

Karen Baker

We enjoy going to this theatre. 2 issues are on going: one they typically only run kid movies or action films so when we see something listed that more fits our taste we jump on it. Second, it is important to bring a sweater, often the theaters are ice cold uncomfortable.

Erin Brady

It's small (surprisingly so) and the line backs up outside, but overall, it wasn't bad. Ticket prices were what they all are today, but the concession prices were great. Not a bad stop if looking for a movie while on Kauai

Aaron Lester

I regret every time I come to this theater. The only reason for my continued patronage is to appease my children. Have had several mediocre to bad experiences in the past. Mostly with the management. Today was no different. Several women in front of me pay and enter with no issues carrying purses that rival the size of a military issue duffel bag. I enter carrying my fanny pack i.e. my discreet tactical diaper bag/wallet/phone holder which I carry over my shoulder. I get asked if I'm carrying a recording device in my bag. Wouldn't have been a problem if they asked everybody. It's just the principal. This is just one of the reasons my generation prefers staying at home and watching a downloaded torrent on our 4k home theater vs coming to the movie theater and getting ripped off for candy and food bought from our local Costco marked up 400%. This theater is a joke and should only be a last resort if your desperate to see a new release on opening weekend.

Sally Tenney

On our last afternoon on Kauai we wanted an air conditioned place to pass the rest of our time before our flight home. We found the right place and watched Aladdin in cool comfort. Popcorn and candy too!

Nathan Sawatzky

Sweet sound. Loved the old movie played before the feature.

Frank Betancourt

Clean & good service very nice atmosphere


Went to see Jumanji today. Went to the matinee. Second showing the line was almost to the back of the cinema.

Louis Wagner

Nice place and aloha people

Joanna Wheeler

Local style. Not your mainland mega movie experience but a Kauai small town experience.

MP Donahue

Small, Mom and Pop type place, rather refreshing these days! Four screens with First run movies

juvenal mojarro

Small theater that accepts cash only. The snacks were fairly priced and they seemed to have a large variety. They started the previews 20 min later than the start time. It's an ok theater if you are looking for something family friendly and it's raining out.

Brett Perkins

The place had a bad smell.

Tina Spatz

I think the movie theater survives mostly because of its monopoly on the island. There was nothing wrong with the showing of the movie and some of the theaters even had semi updated seats (the most updated thing in the building). Their website is confusing and makes it unclear which movie is showing when. The posting inside the theater is not much more helpful. Also this is 2018, don't all movie theaters serve drinks?

Ryan Freedman

I've heard Home Theater Systems that sounded better than this place. Theater one is terrible because the doors open up directly in to the lobby and the line for snacks. You can hear people talking in the lobby throughout the movie if you sit in back. There is no light shield, so when people get up and walk out the chatter and the light of the lobby flood into theater one. This was worse because the staff kept coming in and going out. I would not recommend paying money to see a movie in theater one.

JM Palacios

2 stars for being a movie theater, but it's basically the only one on Kauai. So they do what they want. Cash only for tickets and snacks. (So don't expect your free Fandango movie coupon to work.) Hard enough to even find movie showtimes, it only lists on Google and Fandango occasionally, so the most reliable way is to check their website. No outside food, but no gluten-free options, so you'll have to smuggle food in if you have food allergies. Small auditoriums and very few of them, so movies don't show very long, or will open later than they do everywhere else. On Friday and Saturday nights you'll probably see a line out the door, even if the movie is mostly empty. They just make you wait outside (even in the rain) until they are ready to let you in. Then they start the movies whenever they feel like it. If the movie is at 8:15 I expect at least the trailers to start playing at 8:15. Nope. For 15 minutes you'll be subject to whatever they feel like showing, usually a video of a random folk music concert. (At least for the live action Jungle Book they showed the cartoon first.) Then they start the trailers, which already last about 15 minutes. In short, it's awful, but it's the only place we have that offers more than one movie to watch, so we still go.

BrianandLayla Lankford

It's a ok theater. Don't bother buying any snacks there. Eat before you go.

Kaitlyn Gandara

Love the snacks and how they play a movie before the actual movie!

Clifford L

First time was ok movie was 6.50 thought was good price. Second time I went back was 9.00. Place smelt like some one posed on the floors and the people where rude.

Kana'i Durant

Unfortunately this is the only place to watch a movie. Not well maintainied, seats are uncomfortable and if its the last show at the end of the night, the owner turns off the air conditioning during the movie so its super hot, no air circulation at all.

Jamie Fugate

Bring cash they don't accept credit or debit cards.

Chanda Melgar

LITTLE sassy, kinda rude under pressure but ok for only theater n Kauai NO CHOOCE

alexander jones

Watched wonder woman it was cool they played some of thr old episodes before the movie

Samantha Barba

Not bad at all for an older, small theater. The seats are still old school, not stadium seating. The picture quality was great.

Dominique Williams

As good as it's going to get on this island

Notorious Pink

I love this theater and the owner! Dont care what anyone says, they have always been stand up people to me...

Mark Richards

Cash Only! Great old school theater. Film quality was top notch

Luke Losure

We enjoyed the Kukui Grove 4 Cinema. Although the lobby could use some renovations, the movie screen, seating, and sound in the theater were excellent for a small town theater.

Todd Brown

Great prices, great food

Daymion Brown

Heat theaters good sound and picture

Josh Ellamar

To be honest this place is the only theater on the island and they are very lucky that's the case.

Joe Vaccaro

Older place, cash only, but it is the only one on the island.

Macky Rodrigues

One of those rare family owned movie theaters in the state that has great reclined seating, armrests that moves up, and huge variety of refreshments and snacks, up to date sound system, 3D viewing and a friendly staff. It's like being right at home with family when I go there. That's how you are treated. Can't beat the admission princes too which is lower than the country average.

Leoni Texeira

Friendly and great place to watch movie relaxing.

linda sue Covey a frequent movie-going theatre buff, I'd have to say I'm a little hard on theatres. Spoiled actually. I like the larger size comfy seats; the extra leg room; and the stadium style seating. This theatre does have fairly comfortable seats in one of its auditoriums but it's a toss up as to which theatre you'll get. I've sat in both. The uncomfortable one is akin to a 70s' style movie house. The comfortable one actually has seats that tilt backwards, but in my experience the kids behind me kept pushing and kicking my seat. Not good for concentrating on the movie. No stadium style seating in any of the theatres so my last movie, the lady sitting directly in front of me had a big poof of hair that stood straight up on top of her head. It was all I could do to not ask her to please smooth her hair down. That poof of hair was dead center in the movie screen. Also, a strong threat is made by the theatre about using cell phones. A person will be asked to leave the theatre but there is no monitoring. Hence, cellphone lights flashing everywhere! Agh! I hate that! The ticket taking older lady is definitely unfriendly, maybe tired of tourists? No smiles, no hellos, no nothing. Straight line for a mouth and bad attitude! Her only though. The girls in the snack bar are friendly and efficient. Popcorn not quite that good but prices are decent. So! Basically this is a small town theatre, always packed, parking lots full, and no problem with attendance. It's sure better than not having any theatre at all.

Abbie Henningsgaard

Fun for a rainy evening in Kauai! Keep in mind fellow tourists, they only take cash, but they have an ATM inside.

Alan Cohen

Don't try to take a bottle of water in, they will tell you to leave it in the front or take it back to your car. I would have given it 1 star but the employees were nice, except the water Nazi who watched my son as he put the water back in the car. Guess he was doing his job, but they lost our food order, and any return business. Theaters in our area always let us bring plain water in. Made sure not to make any food purchase, so I can't comment on the food. I am used to nice theaters, this is not a nice theater. It smells inside, the seats are uncomfortable and the floor seems to slope up, maybe it's my imagination. Lucky for us it was slow and no one sat in front of us. Movie started on time, definitely not state of the art sound or picture. $9 a ticket, no matinee prices during the week. Cash only. Moviepass won't work in case you are curious. If you are used to new state of the art theaters, this is not the place to,go. We will not return. If you are on vacation here I would suggest you wait till you get home to see a movie, if you live here and this is your only choice, I am so sorry.

Michael Gomez

Absolutely terrible. Worst experience I've ever had at a theater. No handicapped parking, so I had to drop my disabled brother off at the front with my family so that I could go find parking all the way at the back of the lot. Came in to find they wouldn't sell my family my ticket without me standing right there so they were waiting forever and couldn't go get seated. Ticket seller was rude. Concessions people were rude. Bathrooms were not clean. The problem is that this is the only theater in this area of the island, so they know they can do whatever they want and you'll still show up. You'll have a better time watching Netflix at home.

Jess Reupert Callantine

Most bizarre movie experience I’ve ever had - Black Panther was supposed to start at 7:10 but by 7:20 we were all still waiting outside of the doors while they finished cleaning the theater. There was a mad dash for seats once the doors opened. It’s now 7:40 and we’re watching a Pink Floyd concert instead of previews. So confused.

Penelope Cyr-Lorenson

We go for a night or two at the movies when on vacation in Kauai and always find Kukui Grove a fun theater to go to. Great snacks, friendly people and top notch movies!

Jill Burzynski

I am spoiled by my fancy theater back home. This little theater did not have stadium seating and the rows were too close. When someone from the row behind us they would hold on to the back of our seat which would cause the seat to rock,

Tereia Rouse

Nice place to spend a rainy day! They did have surround sound They only have 4 screens but the theater holds a good size crowd. The chairs are in good condition and rock. The snacks are amazingly low priced! Normally I cringe at buying candy in the theater. The prices were so reasonable I brought 3 different kind and an icee! The only negative is they only accept cash.

Leslie von Brimer

Smelly and dirty. We really need a new theatre on Kauai. One time the film broke multiple times, one time everyone was seated and the movie was an hour late starting and one time sound only half the time. No refunds offered or given. Terrible place, jerk owner.

Mary Beth Lazaro

The staff is great and it is clear that the owner loves movies. The pre-show is always wonderful and thoughtful. While it is old it always seems clean and comfortable.


They confiscated my bottle without telling me in advance I couldn't have it. Then told me I can use the drinking fountain but not to fill a bottle.. pretty silly rule and put a total damper on otherwise nice time.

Julia Santy

Family friendly theater at a good price. Saw star wars and it was great. They do fun events for holidays too

L Snyder

This is one of the only movie theaters on Kauai, very old school, cash only, long waits for concessions, theater is closed for cleaning after shows so there is a big crowd of people in the waiting area, very expensive, even the matinees, not great quality seating or screen. I would rather watch movies at home.

Bryan Bishop

The best fourplex on Kauai. The sound is a little weak because they don't have enough sound proofing between theaters.

Ben Clawson

The prices for films are actually decent, considering they are the major theater on Kauai I'm surprised the prices are not higher. It's interesting, the decor inside takes me back to the mid 90s. Great if you want nostalgia. Their website is the weakest part of the theater. Misspellings, rants against film studios, and generally hard to understand show times and days. Besides that, I enjoy the fact that they are making an effort to show great "older" films during their film fests. A little touch up work here and there and this theater will be even more attractive.

J Berry

The prices are good for the movies and for any goodies you may want. It's not modern like any of the mainland theaters but it's a nice cozy little place with 4 theaters. The people are nice and it reminds you of going to the movies in the 70s and 80s.

Lori Wright

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody here today. The had a documentary playing for 20 min (or more) before the previews which was really interesting on WW1 and perfect for Veterans Day. Ticket prices were really fair @ $6 each . Concessions were affordable. We will definitely visit this theatre again.

edmund ripley

The place is dirty and stink and looks warned out. The sound sucks.

Dan Dennison

Worst theatre in the state of Hawaii. I travel all over the state and typically walk from hotels to see a movie and neither Regal or Consolidated restricts you carrying a pack with personal items into the theatre. Do they tell women they cant have purses? Claim it's for insurance reasons. I suspect its because they don't want people sneaking snacks in. Kauai is getting screwed by backwards theatre operator. Yuk, last visit.

Manu Dizon

Best tasting popcorn! No problems at all!

Mary Lucille Baker

Quaint little movie theatre. A bit art deco inside. Saw the farewell last night. Cheap tics

Mom Crave

Worst experience I’ve ever had at a movie theater. Literally made me put my backpack behind the counter like I was in junior high. Made me leave and go around the to the front just to re enter because they don’t like people coming from the back. I gladly snuck in all my food anyway.

Matt Fendall

Rude upon entering. What business doesn't accept cards? Cash only? Must be some under the table stuff. So then required my water that I purchased had to be poured into a cup which I did not see happen. Are you filling from the faucet? And then charging for it? Just a bad experience, movies should be fun.

Beth Watrous

Very nice little 4 plex.

Doc Wagner2

Nice people and nice and cool inside

Leonard E.

They should change their seats not adjustable.

Denise Robinson

Since there is no other movie theater...

alison dehart

Cool theater with comfy seats

Timothy Hand

This is a cash only establishment. Pretty ridiculous in the 21st century, but the place hasn't been updated since probably 1991, so I guess it is part of the theme? We were not allowed to purchase tickets in advance. The lady at the counter very rudely let us know that if we were going to buy tickets that we have to stay inside and will not be allowed to leave for any reason. Kind of ruined our dinner plans. Likewise, the staff running concessions was very rude and seemed to have complete contempt for dealing with anyone and everyone. In this age of streaming movies and TV, this place gave me little incentive to return to the Big Screen for my cinema experience. Definitely will not be visiting again.

Jeff Smith

Their website says the wrong times for the theater. Frustrating when you have to drive from far away.

90h7 AK

Cute little theater with comfortable seats! The employees were nice

AnnaMea Guerrero

Great movies to see with great friends and it was my second time with my boyfriend

Chris Terry

The owner of this horrible establishment needs a reality check. She treats customers and potential customers with contempt, disrespect and hatred. She clearly has an anger problem coupled with some mental health issues. People leaving positive reviews of this decrepit theater and equally decrepit owner are locals who depend on this hole as their only form of cinema. It's a shame that this is the only option on the whole island. Locals should demand better treatment, service and hospitality. You give this pathetic excuse for a theater your hard earned money and you should be treated with kindness and respect, not as though you're an inconvenience. She has zero business acumen and clearly fosters a culture of hate and discontent because her staff are as equally rude and dismissive and seem to be intimidated by this pathetic owner. We had a few hours to kill before our flight and figured catching a movie was a great way to beat the heat before heading back home. I backed my car into a stall and before i was able to open my door i was greeted by a young man in a very confrontational and defensive tone telling me i parked incorrectly and I needed to correct this or I would not be allowed into the theater. I asked this young man to explain to me how back in parking constitutes an act worthy of being refused service and his only retort was "its just policy". I educated this young man as to why back in parking is far safer than forward facing parking and he again replied that he did not care and that i needed to follow the policy or leave. So, i complied. I pulled forward out of the stall and drove around the lot and parked in accordance with the old womans inane and ignorant policy. My family then walked into the theater where i was "greeted" by the woman herself, the lovely owner, Mrs Blair. She not only told me that my family and I were not welcome as guests in her theater but if we dont promptly vacate she would call the police. This all took place BEFORE we fully entered the theater or even spoke a single word. Her only justification was that she didnt like my "angry" attitude. An "attitude" she was able to assess in a matter of seconds. Pretty impressive if you ask me! She had decided that i was not going to be welcome in her theater before i even exited my vehicle due solely to the fact that i didnt follow her stupid, archaic parking lot rules. I did not allow this frail bully intimidate me though .I continued to respectfully prod the woman for a valid reason for refusing me entrance and she had absolutely no rebuttal. Neither did her staff. She finally agreed that her initial assertion was wrong and she conceded to allow us entrance. To which i responded with a prompt exit. You couldnt pay me to step back into this sub par establishment . Residents of Kauai deserve far better. You should show her that these backward business tactics are not going to be tolerated anymore by no longer patronizing her business. Competition breeds excellence. Someone should open a competing theater and run this garbage establishment out of town.

noah madigan

The staff is great! Good times. Overall the cinema is better then the one on the island I grew up on.

Kamai Napaa

Very good place to take the family out to the movies

Matt Simms

$9 matinee, good place to chill on a rainy day

David Engelman

No Aloha given at this theater. Never in my life have I ever experienced such rude customer service. My wife was parking the car and the lady would not sell me tickets because my wife was in the car. All parties have to be present before you can purchase a ticket. She was so rude. I thought it was just her. The owner is the same way. When my wife walked up, the man had switch places and he was just as rude. No Aloha. And they don't take card. Bring cash. Movie time was 8:40. Previews didn't even start until 9pm. They left the doors open so you can hear the whole lobby. One of my worst movie experiences in my life... Never again


Only place for movies on Kauai, so the owner chews everyone out at the entrance to clean up your mess and we all get to deal with it her attitude while trying to go have fun.

Jason Alford

Don't take Credit cards, it was like going back in time.

Tyler Erickson

Nice theater

Nathan Vogt

Decent place, saw a movie and had some popcorn. They didn't take credit cards which was kind of a bummer, we would have been out of luck if my wife didn't have an atm card with her. Other than that, our experience was pretty standard, nothing special.

Jeff Esposito

This is the WORST place I’ve been in a looooong time! We came in with our kids who are 11 and 9, and two friends of theirs who are also 11. The guy at the counter argues with my wife telling her she’s a liar as he changes the price to a child’s big deal really. Then when he gives us our tickets. It’s for the wrong movie...ok.... we tell hem that they are for the wrong movie to be honest people and he throws our money back at my wife and said to get out because we shouldn’t take our kids to watch Annabelle. That’s not his decision to make for one. Two, who does he think he is to treat paying customers like this. My wife asked for his name and to speak with his manager and he said his name is “Bob” and he’s the owner! Are you kidding me?!!! I live on Kauai and have heard nightmare stories of this place and finally got to see it first hand! This place needs to shut down. Can’t even believe these people are still in business.

Sean Blair

Family run business that gives back to the community. Love this theater!

Cee Cof

its ok..think in order for them to generate more business they need to upgrade..atleast to credit card readers

Jordan Brooks

It's a bit older but not bad. We saw the Avengers, Infinity War here. The theater was better than I thought. The screen was big and picture quality was good. As far as I remember the sound quality was good. It is not stadium seating though. As others have commented the cost of concessions here is pretty good (below average).

Ashley Lara

Prices were decent but the food is microwaved mush. DO NOT get the pizza pretzels.

Ling xoxo

Its a cute little old school feel movie theatre but they play the latest movies.. People expect too much and they aren't even that thorough in their everyday life like eat some snacks watch the movie and shut up lmao Every seat doesnt have to be your recliner 3000 from your house and not everyone in life is going to be extra sweet like your mother (staff) ..Live in the moment.

Tano Mack

Best 4 plex on the island!

David Implom

The theater is outdated. We need another theater on Kauai.

Kathleen McNamara

Friendly Service Great popcorn great movies

Tamar Anderson

Employee tried to steal the $10 I dropped.

Ava S.

Great little theater, and the only good one on the island. You are required to pay with cash or a local check, however an ATM is available inside. No advanced ticket purchases, so arriving early is a good idea. I have found the people to be friendly most the time, and the staff does a good job keeping the theater clean. Screens are decent sized, and they have digital sound and standard seats. A really FABULOUS place to cool off in summer

Kyle Cloos

Great movie. Great time. Prices for movie food is not that bad and they have a big variety compared to most theaters.

Julia Tamami

Tips for a successful, fun time: Enter the main door that is all the way to the left. Don't try to bring a water cup in, buy a water cup or ask to buy a soda cup but fill it with water. You will not be received well. You have to pay with cash only. If you have a diaper bag, even of it is small and you show what is inside, it cannot look like a backpack. :) I'm not staff I just watch movies here sometimes. Theater is clean, staff is as friendly as they are allowed to be and movies are current.

Eric Champagne

Only theatre on island. Does not have stadium seating, relatively small screen and the surround sound is average. But that said it's not expensive or pretentious. We're a relatively small island and we probably just can't support a big flashy mainland theatre. This is home and I love it, know what it expect and you'll have a great time! Cash only.

Jill Weiner

It the only commercial cinema on island so how can I knock that. They try to have good first run movies and are getting creative with themed older movie runs. 1st matinee of the day is a great $ deal. Snacks are expensive but they have a lot of staff to pay. Some of the theaters smell of BO, don't know why some do and others don't. But please support them.

Larry Baker

I only went there once and it was a good experience

Daniel Mouldey

Went to see Iron Man 3. The movie started about 15 minutes late, and the lights turned on and off during the entire movie. Also, there were kids sitting in - and running down - the isles during the movie (I know that's more of a parenting issue than a theater one - just saying!) Other than that, it was a fine experience ... And $5 cheaper than back home.

Alloflightx2 x9

I was surprised by the picture and sound system here. Very pleasant venue for viewing. Definitely recommend.


Lots of rain while we were in Kauai so we decided to go to a movie. I had read previous reviews where some said they received comments, from the elderly lady selling tickets. The comments were about using the wrong door to enter the theater. This intrigued me so I made a point to pay attention to which door we used... There are 6 doors. Yes, SIX doors, at the small main entrance to this small theater. There are movie posters plastered all over these doors (which makes sense) as well as other notices and signs. So, we literally couldn't tell which door to use. Of course we chose incorrectly (twice) and received a comment from the lady once we actually got in. I wanted to laugh, but I controlled myself. (Turns out, there really is an "entrance" sign on one of the 6 doors, but it's small compared to most of the other posters/notices/signs.) The theater seats are not kind to the behind, but otherwise the place is in decent shape. It still looks like the theaters back in the 80's - which actually gave me a really nice sense of nostalgia. The place hasn't been updated in who knows how long - but, it was CLEAN which is what mattered to us. Good popcorn too!

Matt Lloyd

Cash only. No tickets (pay as you enter). They charge for water. The movie was late to begin. Not the most friendly service. And wow, no air conditioning. It was muggy and sweaty during the whole movie.

Jamey Kaua'i

Bottom line, this is a dirty theatre and kauai needs better options. Three times over the last year the movie stopped around 30 minutes in and started over. The floors and seats are always dirty. Just not a good experience but it's all we have. This isn't the result of living on an island. It's apathetic ownership with no competition.

Gabriella Apodaca

Cinema is small but nice!


Old school theater with strict rules about parking, standing in line and NO outside snacks or drinks. Very clean, good selection of movie treats and pretty comfortable chairs. Good sized screens and clear sound. Great for what it is in a small community.

Jay Dorrance

I give this 5 star 'cause its Kauai old-style. A real family owned type place. Not a big mega-kine in the mall theater.

Todd Zaharko

My husband and i were there last night to see the new Star Wars Movie. It is a lovely little local cinema, with lots of very friendly local people. the prices are reasonable and the movie screen great as was the seating. We enjoyed our popcorn and pop and the laid back atmosphere. We truly cannot understand any of the negative comments. RELAX you are here to enjoy yourselves if you want your local Cineplex or Big Box movie theatre Stay home and pay more !!!! Thank you @Kukui Grove 4 cinemas

Colby Goettel

Great prices, but cash only and the website is updated at like 1130am for that day's showings. But they did show a movie instead of the lame pre-credits which ruled.

Relationship Literacy

Fun Cinema with the latest movies

Pierric Villoin

Very rude service... and dirty

Lyn Wandell

Only theater on the island! Theater 1 has a mild smell. Very reasonable admission price.

Markie Scheidegger

We found this small movie theater when we really wanted to see Incredibles 2 during our vacation on the island. It wasn't busy when we showed up (most of the theater was empty in fact) and so we got great seats. It's a small theater but has very friendly staff and soooo many food options at their snack counter (like ice cream, burgers, tacos, popcorn, etc etc). It was $9 for a ticket (movie time was around 3 pm). The only thing that was slow was the concession line, other than that it was a great place to see a movie.

Rochelle Kimball

21 movies, 3 per day, each week, for 2 weeks. Check it out. Excellent. Cost $20 for one week, $35 for both weeks. Fun!!!

Chuck Lasker

This is the kind of review that must take into account that we live on a tiny island. There are two movie theaters, and the other one only has one screen and only shows movies a few nights per week that came out weeks before. So Kukui Grove Cinema is the only option to see first-run movies on Kauai. With that said, the staff is fantastic. Always friendly, always working hard at the concessions areas. The theater is clean. It has four screens. Screens one through three have relatively new, and comfortable seating. Screen four has old, hard as cement seats. None of the seating is stadium style, so there's a chance someone tall will sit in front of you and block part of the screen. Just think of how theaters were 15-20 years ago and you can picture this theater.

Jennifer Laurico

Very small theater. Go in exactly when the movie starts as space is limited. Concession a little slow.

Matthew K. Davis

I love watching movies at this little theater. They have digital projectors so the image on the screen is super clear, and they also have digital 3D and digital surround sound (5.1 and 7.1). Also, their concession-stand has a huge selection of different types of foods with reasonable prices. My only gripe would be that there's no free refill for the Extra Large Drink and/or Extra Large Popcorn. So if you're sharing with your friend(s) or family, be ready to buy another one if you run out. Other than that, everything is good. I recommend it.

Moviee E

Tried to take my kid who is 14 to see a movie that had an age limit of 12 and was still denied access to the movie. Waste of time and money

Tim Dallatomasina

We went to watch "a star is born" during our vacation in Kauai. This is a small and somewhat old cinema but the sound was surprisingly good

Debbie Rogers

Not crowded. New seats. Rocketman!!

Quantum Knot

I get wanting to round out the nostalgic experience bit by playing a Pink Panther movie from long ago, but that carried on way too long. 30+ min too much not including previews. There were a number of us, clearly not locals, wondering if we were in the right theater. Aside from this, the place is well maintained and friendly staff. 7.1 surround which worked well for Jurrasic World.

Colin Dilts

Cash only, great seats, reasonable price.

Troy Alford

Nice theater. Cash only, however - and they have a very interesting alternative to advertising - they show a different movie, right up until the show starts, then shut it off in the middle, and show your show. It is delightful

Rosario Garza

Friendly staff, good snacks and decent pricing!

Aniase Sol

I just read a review from a Chris Terry and Mariah Henderson. My name is Luis soltren I am using my daughters account because I never respond to knuckle heads. But in this case I have too. Chris Terry all you have to do is read your long long long long statement. To know that your the one with the problems. Plus you sounded a little racial us local dont need your advise. You need medical help.and for Mariah. Really come on now. THE OWNER OF THIS THEATER MISSES Blair her sons and daughter her whole family and every employee are the salt of the earth. They are as kind of people you would ever want to meet. When you find yourself in the small minority quit. Everyone thinks they are great. For those who dont know I have a program for over 30 years for needy children mrs. Blair is always there to help. If you would have opened your heart you would have seen she hired from every walk of life. She is the love of my life.

Panorama Fly

I have visited better cinemas but it's ok

Robin Vaughn

Always Good Movies, Clean, Tilting Chairs.Try the Roast Beef Sandwich,Ono.


I loved it it was wonderful Anybody should visit or watch a movie there it's so wonderful

Daniel Martin

Just an overall cool place for children of age also young and aged


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