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REVIEWS OF Consolidated Theatres Mililani with TITAN LUXE IN Hawaii

Enrique Sanchez

The place can be roomy except on major movie release days. It is not as extravagant as other theaters but we don't really come to admire the building. (Although it is pretty pretty) The food is expensive as it is obvious. The cleanliness is the usual couple bits of popcorn in places. The hallway is pretty cool with the cardboard movie advertisements. Chill place

Patrick Robles

Attended "Angel has Fallen" matinee at 350 pm with the wifey and grandkids. No crowds, theater was clean, enjoyed the movie and the theater. Life is good.

Justin Cecelin

Very nice theater with great seating and small auditoriums. Also a great place to get some good food while you watch your movie

Tamra Castro

Theater nice..but when choose showed seat taking besides us..but no one sat near we could've chosen the seat besides us instead of the ones we got...even though popcorn free...everything over priced..drinks; hotdogs candy;etc...

Sherri Levesque

We love going to watch movies here. The seating is awesome. Staff here have been great, very pleasant.

Talley Davis

They're still working on it but the chairs are sooo comfortable!

Cerina Cottrell

Great service and awesome memories

Reginald Terry

Awesome I give them 10 stars if they were on here.. !!!!!. I'm glad they upgraded yo recliner seats. Plus not as expensive as going to Olina .

Clo Rissa

Much better with the updates. Waiting patiently on the new food section.

Alexander Korovessis

Got the reclining seats (finally). Oh and free popcorn for now.


I really enjoy the renovations done to the theater. The seats are very soft and clean, and I wish I had one in my house. I can't wait to see if the food is worth it in the future, but the free popcorn in the interim sure helps. My only gripe is that I wish the theater was a little colder, I can imagine what it would be like with a more packed room, hopefully this is something being worked on.

Man Vs Movies

i always have a great experience when i go to the movies here. hot,buttery popcorn,cold drinks and friendly staff. the seats are fine and the screen is clear.

The Doctor

Terrible. The seats recline in the worst way possible. The legs go out but the back barely reclines; super uncomfortable. Also, the AC is terrible. My back is always sweating in there and by the end of the movie, I'm drenched. Awful awful theater.

Weylin Leavitt

Only 30 seats on whole theater we were seated in...non stadium and front row was so close even the recliners could lean back enough to see. Also no credit card system for tickets and no air conditioning so room was 78 degrees at least.

Rodney-N-Kimberly Sanchez

New renovations done great, recliner seats and great food options!

Bethany Marcum

I was surprised at the great concession prices that they had with some kind of promo. Great service at the concession area too.

Jerome Palompo

The sound quality is great! I like the old-school theater seats (because they keep me awake:) but please replace them with newer ones.

gabriel munasque

Quick service and now has reclining seats

Jaime Hernandez

Awesome new reclining seats. Love the free popcorn until January.

Tokilupe Havea

Oooo the chairs!! And free popcorn. Loved it.

Michael Gresens

It's nice, because of the location, but the biggest issue I have with the new setup is that the front 3 rows are way too close to the screen practically making the movie unwatchable. The seats don't recline as far as other theaters with the same style seating, but that's negligible to me.


Great service and super friendly. Free popcorn while its under construction. First time there but I will definitely be going back again.


Newly renovated and looks and feels great... Warning#1: price hike (to be expected) Warning #2: Avoid Rachel behind the concession counter. She needs a swift lesson in customer service if she’s gonna continue in this line of work. She knocked off A WHOLE STAR on this rating for lack of greeting, lack of thank you, and body language with a whole lotta attitude much LESS a smile. I had to repeat what I ordered 5 different times while I can see exactly what I ordered on the screen in front of me. Hope she gets her act together before the menu upgrade

Pete Keene

I love going to the movies and have done this since I was a pre-teen at the Kaimuki and Queen theatres. I go to the Mililani theater all most exclusively. I do have a complaint, I believe Consolidated Theatres age discriminate on their hiring practices. I have applied to work there every year for the last 3 years, even during times when a sign "help wanted" is posted. I totally understand the young people look, I have been in the leading edge in hiring teenagers and young ones in my former business. I am retired and could bring much to the table in customer interaction, mentoring young employees and helping them to develop their working skills and habits. The one older employee that manned the ticket collection stand is now at the Pearl Ridge property. Consolidated hasn't even had the courtesy to communicate back to me acknowledging my last 3 years of interest in their company. I'm interested in this job as I would be surrounded by people both customers and employees, it is close and I'm in love with going to the movies.


Still under construction, but it didn't affect the facilities or services whatsoever. Most respectful customer base on island; I have yet to have loud or disrespectful (cell phones/smart watches) people Navy at this theater. The free popcorn during construction is pretty rad, too! Prices comparable with other theaters on island. Plenty of screens, tons of showtimes.

Christopher Camara

Lovr thr new renovation

Brandon Swenson

The seating has been renovated, and they're working on renovating concessions. They're offering free popcorn until the concessions are built.

robert rhoades

One of the few consolidated theaters that have not changed over to newer reserve-recliner seating yet- and I hope they never do. Less people here but screens and seats are still modern standards. Restrooms and soda refill stations are super close to screens too.(UPDATE: DEC 2018 Haha never mind they went and renovated the theater to the Reserve style seating now and of course it costs more and less likely to get a seat on a spontaneous theater decision. However this theater is still better because it seems like there are more workers here and less theater goers so its usually a great experience.

Danielle Hasan

Awesome renovations! Love the seats, great customer service, we'll definitely be back!

Karen Forsythe

mililani still a work in progress new seats are great free popcorn for a bit. love it.

Jonathan Castillo

Awesome new upgrade to the place, love the recliner seats. Bought tickets online, and was able to go up to the check in at the counter to let us in. Also during finishing up construction they give you free popcorn!!!

Daryle Whitney Jr

Saw "Vice". The renovation will make this theatre "the place" to watch films. Looking forward to the new menu

Milan Thapa

Convenient fast easy accessable affordable alright place if you just wanna enjoy movie. Nothing fancy just movies and food.

TJ Jasper

New upgrades ste cool and the free popcorn is a nice bonus

Matt Styles

Place got renovated and now has reclining chairs

JJ Kam

Pretty great now that its recliner seating. The theater we were in was a bit warm though. Theres only one machine to fill your drinks which is odd considering they remodeled and it's a old soda machine not a freestyle one like Olino

Gregory Ewing

It was nice to take my grandkids to the movies, they just are a bundle of joy when they start laughing. We'll definitely have to do it again someday soon. Thank you..

Matthew Emblidge

Comfortable seating, large theaters and good staff. Their rewards program is nice too. Military Discount and matinee pricing are about the same.

Ben Mugunbey

Last night was my first time back since the renovation and it was a very pleasant experience. The have expanded the menu with better drinks (including alcoholic beverages) and way better food. My wife had the some kind of burger which she loved. I stuck with popcorn and a drink because I'm a normal human being. In any case the food came promptly. Everything was upgraded the Titan Luxe room lived up to its fancy name. All in all a very successful night out. It is great to have a modern caliber theater in my neck of the woods instead of having to make the drive into the city or Kapolei. We will definitely be back!

William Kurtz

Recently has been upgraded although they are not done yet.what is done is definite improvement(seating mostly. It hasbeen upgraded to the much more comfy recliner seats with swiveling snack tray.) Cant wait for new snack bar and menu.

Desiree Evans

We watched the new Aladdin and it was great, what made it better was that we got a free large popcorn, what a nice surprise. I don't know why it was free, but it was a surprise!! Not sure how long it will last. The theaters we clean amongst the construction everything still went smoothly. Thanks Mililani theaters.

Michal Holliday

Still under renovation but the theaters are very nice and comfortable. Snack bar is very basic, hopefully it will become more extensive with the completion of the renovation.


I love watching movies here. Good food, seats, and movie showtimes.

Eden Redona

Great place to watch movies with the Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Titan Luxe movies and when you get tickets you pick a seat in the theatre to reserve seats. They serve great food and have a menu of food to choose, from burgers, loco mocos to sundaes and churros.

Dawn Kamaka

The renovations are going to the movies so expensive and unaffordable. I drive out to Kapolei to the old theaters to watch movies.

Glenn F

Newly renovated with comfortable leather recliner chairs.

Rick Sanchez

You get your tickets outside, and they cost $14.50. At the time of this post you can get a free popcorn of any size due to the recent renovations that they are finishing up. Food court was moved to the back of the theater, instead of near the entrance. New electric recluning chairs with a small place to set your food and a cupholder for your drink. Seats are very comfortable, and easy to sit in for the length of a movie. I only give it four stars because screens 4 and 5 are unmarked, and I had to be directed to my movie by an employee. Overall a great experience.


Damn! This place just got renovated to be one of those theaters where you can RSVP seats online in advance (i try to not use my credit card as much as possible). Which means ticket prices went up! So i only have the old Kapolei theater and Dole Cannery theaters left with cheaper ticket prices.

Deniece Smith, Realtor

For Hawaii it’s not bad. Has some pretty good popcorn in the usual candies and snacks and some very accommodating people to help. Also shows up-to-date movies

Courtney Hamilton

A nice experience at the theater, staff was very friendly, they have nice new menu options and a large variety of drinks. Theater and bathrooms were clean. Best of all it wasn't super crowded and difficult to get food or use the bathroom or anything. This will be our theater of choice in the future.

Jessica Franco

So under construction right now, but this place is very clean other wise! The seats are great. Not many options right now on food and such. But popcorn, 4 types icee, nachos, that’s sort. Prices a bit high compared to others, but if you buy tickets here. You get free any size popcorn with your ticket ( until construction is over )

Barry M

Remodel is great, too notch theater!

John Chang

Good seats and currently free popcorn. An excellent option if you are in mililani

Cobra Commander

Still under construction but the free popcorn makes it worth it. The theaters are vastly improved with great sound.

Matthew Penrod

Go here for every movie I see. Excellent staff and seats are comfy too!

Joyce Macpherson

I like coming here free refills staff is nice

J Gorne

Always appreciate a theatre up-island. Just waiting for the new kitchen to finish!

claudia jensen

Great staff- awesome seats - great Dolby Surround Sound

Lily Parker

The remodeling is almost complete. Until the concessions are complete complimentary popcorn.

jordan keith

After the renovation everything is very comfortable... and LOUD! Excessively loud. Maybe bring little squishy earplugs.

Doug Bugado

Renovation nearly complete. Theaters with Lazyboys look same around island now. Free popcorn until construction complete.

Chris Lozano

Great theater i love the seating lots of room also workers are very friendly

Randall Suzuka

Renovated with stadium seats. Price went up. Expanded food service not yet in effect.

l. w.

Clean theaters for most part, courteous staff, military and senior discounts. Extra rewards program. Much much cheaper than Ward or other theaters. Prefer this low-key theater over most other newer ones--they are not 2x the "wow" but they are at least 2x the price. Would return.

Diamond Preston

Currently closed for renovations, but the website will still allow you to buy tickets by automatically loading a different location. So we went to the wrong location because I specifically wanted to go close to home, the website selected a location 40 minutes away. We arrived 15 minutes prior to start time, so no way to get a refund and no way to get to the other theater without missing a lot. UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE!

Nina Mensching

Great Staff. Helped me get great seats for my Grand Daughter and I

Renee' Parker-Turner

Basic local movie theater, decent discounts during the weekdays, & military friendly! Review edit: Since renovations, I would say it isn't so basic anymore. Currently equipped with the leather recliner seats & working on new eatery.

Miguel Valentine

Great theatre. Very clean. free popcorn. Good prices.

R Paylay

Super nice remodel!

Michael Onzuka

Love the reclining seats and icee flavors. During construction, they offered free popcorn was was great.

Gary Hara

The renovations are very nice. These reclining seats have a little tabletop with a cup holder. Reserved seating is also a plus. They have a special of free popcorn, any size that you want. Since everything is new the auditoriums are very clean. I hope they keep it that way. The prices are slightly higher than regal but the free popcorn of sweets that.

Peter P Carvalho Jr

AC was cool but not to the point of freezing half way thru the movie! The free popcorn was a bonus.

Jerika Ternora

The food is really good and well portioned for the price n good quality!!! Do yourself a favour and get the honey chicken sandwich it comes with fries!! Drinking? Yes this place had drinks for us 21+! I got an continue to get the lychee cocktail! 10$ , worth it for taste but kinda small and it needs to be stronger but that's just me fam, the drink is good!!!!

Hawaiian Knight

New seats and good theater!

Brian Buchanan

Reclining seats with trays. Theater was clean. First time I didn't freeze to death or go deaf in a theater. Very comfortable.

M Burdette

Can reserve specific seats so you know going in if your whole group can sit together. Very comfy reclining chairs and you can buy alcohol to bring into the movie with you. Convenient location next to lots of restaurants and shopping so if your movie doesnt start for a while its easy to find something to occupy your time. You bet I'll be going back.

Ashley Adams

Sadly we had the first row cuz all the other seats were taken but those chairs was bomb! Thank God it could recline kinda far back or else our necks would've been sore! Watched Hobbs and Shaw, awesome movie! And the popcorn was sooo delicious!

Keoni Watson

Seats are awesome, pricey tickets

Iris Ahern

Kids always really liked this theatre. Last movie we saw there was detective pikachu. Really gonna miss this place.

Kerri Ehnes

Clean theaters, great seats (updated), great sound (updated), great place to see movies with friends and family.

David Naki

Glass was kinda slow on the action!! But free pop corn on a reclined seat, perfect.

Trenton Bernat

Good theatre, especially the titan luxe, would recommend

erik falls

They take way to long to clean the theatre after movie is finished had 10 minutes to get my seat before the movie started

Kaips N Piilani

Workers here aren't too knowledgeable on alot of their products.

Sue Misa

The best service all the time. And I always get free popcorn when I go with my Tribe

Donna Kauwe

Workers are super friendly


Recently opened, Mililani theaters have new accommodations. Reclining seats and a Titan luxe theaters, I saw Fantastic beast and the 360 surround sound was AMAZING! They're really friendly and free any size popcorn per ticket until the renovation for the kitchen is completed.

audraina peak

Had the best time there had my first date with a great marine there

Steven Crupi

A good theater with comfortable recliner chairs. You can pick your own seats at the kiosk when you buy your ticket.


I love this place. Very laid back and great service. Prices are a tad expensive but as everything is Hawaii. Since we go regularly as new movies come out we get great awards!

Clay Ellis

Kinda dated needs a little refresh other than that had a good experience.

Patrick Cooper

There ok but they take to long to let people enter the theater.

Tayler Wiens

My favorite theater on island, not the newest or the nicest, but is much more convenient. I always show up 10 minutes before a premier showing and am able to get a ticket. They are never sold out or overfilled, and have a good amount of food options too.

Corey Lusk

Construction took a while but now the kitchen is open. Their fries are excellent, bartenders are ok but they had just started this service. The seats in the back have a railing in your view when you recline in some theaters. Overall a good but not great experience.

Ivan Rudenko

My favorite cinema. Cheap and comfortable

Victoria Marsik

LOVE the renovations; the new seats are SO comfortable! Yes, prices went up but you get your money's worth. We watched Aquaman in LUX and got a free large popcorn, not sure if that's a temporary promotion or something you get for spending that extra few bucks for the experience but well worth it. Walked away from concessions only having to purchase a drink. Can't wait to see the finished remodel (the front concession stand is still blocked off).

Kristie D

Best theater on the Island!

EARL Wolfe

The theater should be and needs to be renovated. Seats are broken and dirty from people putting their dirty shoes on them were your head rest us. Some of them have damage to the fabric that covers arm rest and or the seats themselves. Paint on the outside of the box office is peeling and is in bad need of repair. Many of the younger generation play games and text during the movies which is very distracting. Management rarely monitors the individuals during the movies. When they do monitor they don't correct or do anything to correct the situation.

Paul Roman

Great place for a movie, but still under construction. So, just be ready to make your way through a work area. Once it's all done I am sure it will be wonderful.

Shadrack Ansong

nice place though some maintenance is ongoing. seating is superb with reclining chairs.

David Z

So nice. I own the butter

Caleab Harless

Always is nice to go here. I don't give 5 stars Because it's a little out dated, and Really they need to increase the options on the snack menu. Maybe add pizzas and things like that to keep up with competition, but staff is always wonderful and I recommend if you are looking for a budget movie to go to.

Isabella Redona

I have never been to this theater before, but when I went there for the first time it was amazing. They have a menu for you to choose from to eat in the theater!I thought that was really cool because I have never seen that in a theater before. They also have seat recliners in the theater. I would recommend you to go to the Consolidated Theaters Mililani!

Amanda M W

I went to go see Aladdin yesterday. We got free popcorn it was delicious with extra butter. I just went again and we went to see angry birds 2, But you have this one worker there that just left her station after seeing my dad, my nephew and I were going to order snacks. I thought that was kind of rude because we were waiting for a long time in the line.her name is starts with N and i don't remember her name

Thomas Elkins

Love to go here to see new releases, usually not overly crowded and the employees are friendly.

Jonella Peters

It was great.. plus they still giving free pop corn..


The new titan screen and sound is great

Empress Lee Cook

This place is ok... In need of a desperate face lift and make over. Other than that, it's a great place to see a movie or movies...

Jennie Corbett

They made this handi cap assesable and very comfy recliners and free popcorn


Awesome since the renovation

Glenn Yri

One of my favorite theatres on island as it it usually not very crowded and they offer unlimited refills on sodas. If you're looking for a decent theatre, this is your beat bet. It isn't upscale like many of the newer venues on island; however, the screens and seats still provide a good experience.

Trevor Woodcock

Love this theater, good prices too

Bill Bauman, Jr.

The Titan Luxe is great, the improvements are great!

Lance Cabral

New upgrades are awesome but wow $14 a person yikes.

Miranda Sheffey

Great prices. Regal in pearl city has better chairs though that recline.

Donald Jones

Them seats that all im saying lol

Chad Ginoza

If you are watching your movie in one of the big theaters then it is fine. If you are in the smaller theaters, you are better off waiting for Netflix or DVD.

Juanita Clark

Loved the upgrade. Very spacious. Employees great!

Rebecca Giallongo

Very nice theater and just open backup and I'm so glad because we were tired of driving so far away to see a movie and it's nice that it's right here by the town center


Much better now with the renovations. Loved the reclining seats.

Lisa Berg

The overall experience was excellent I was just one problem they don't have any automatic openers for the front and for the bathroom in the front and no handicap accessible signs on the bathroom so that you know which one is the right one. The incline seats were comfortable and the atmosphere was clean except for the dust so they're still under partial construction and they gave away free popcorn I guess that makes up for a little bit but it does make up for the bathrooms and having to fight doors that hit you in the face. I hope management will consider this and change the problem

Indy Hamada

Great renovation of the theaters though concession is not pau yet. Free popcorn made up for it.

Christian kurch

Updated modern theater. Recliner seats and the most up to date surround sound. Hotdog, nachos, popcorn along with all the normal snack at a theater. Mr. Carlyle

Nick Lee

Did very well with renovations.

Dominik Parker

I love that they have free popcorn! They should continue to do that even after they remodel. I would definitely mark this as the only movie I go to.

Johna Hankins

Worst popcorn I ever had, but the strawberry icee was good, theatre was as clean as to be expected. Smelled a lil funky. Sound was good and the screens worked, so. Good enough.

Y Oh

Conveniently located

James Slye

This is awesome

Livingston Muasau

?Not to good soda machine down and small water and soda bottle at $5,00 dollars NO refill another $5,00 dollars for another bottle NOT TO GOOD??

Chad Nakaz

Nice new seating, friendly staff. New food and beverage area. Cant ask for more. Even though the prices are a little higher all the theaters have reclining seats.

Brian Lawton

This theatre is located in a great spot with many restaurants around it. Make it a night of food and movies. They are having Mahalo days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were the prices are $7 and this is the nicest and cleanest on the West side. Great staff and the inside is well decorated.

Louis B

Nice small theater.

sara kanna

Nice. popcorn

Hawaiian 79

Love the reclining chairs. Don't have go to kapolei now.

Ricki Jones

Loved that we were able to buy our tickets online and skip the whole line out front!

Jonathan Thoennes

Great reclining movie seats.

Antawn Bradley

Great theater, good food. The titan luxe here seems better than other locations on the island.

Sean Thomason

Not as nice as the Olino in Kapolei, but the improvements are definitely nice, and they give free popcorn during the renovation.

Ellsworth Oshiro

Spring break but not crowded at all. Of course it was a great day to go to the beach though, I digress, the theatre is very good great seats and view. A little pricey on the drinks but hey they gotta make some money. I don't like crowds so it was very good. If you like crowds,I heard it's crowded at night.

Cornell Thompson

So so service it feels like they're trying too hard to be a restaurant more that a movie theater

Lion Master

My wife and I had a good time. Front window was closed off and front door propped open. You had to go in door and buy tickets at concession stand. Confusing at first, but with a little common knowledge, success to see the movie! We felt good as if we solved a puzzle. Like most theatres, concession prices were on the expensive side. Seating was good and our theater seemed clean in the dark. Air conditioning was a plus. All around good experience. So if, you want a night out to watch a movie. This is your place.

Aurelio Reyes

Great seating (recliners), free popcorn

Carol Philips

New seats are so comfortable I fell a sleep during the movie.

Ryan Joy

Cheap on weekends, nice theater, decent location too.

Nehemiah Bermoy

Great quality work on movies and show

Skyler Bleu

4 stars cause seats were comfy and I got free popcorn there today!

Yuen Liang

Great to find a local run theater that doesn't charge a ton for seats. We were comfortable during our afternoon matinee. Thank you for running a 100 year anniversary special!

wick nilson

Super comfortable seating

DC Rocks

Good place to see a movie during the week when no one is there. Everything is old and outdated.

Sai Music

Theaters are the best and this is definitely my favorite.


Needs some renovations - screens, carpets, chairs, etc. - although it is still enjoyable watching a movie as they are now.

Dave Oman

Most comfortable seats ever

Noelani Shipley

They are upgrading the theater so the popcorn is free here. Love it here cause it's close to home.

Mafiakanesi Falevai

Seats were good

Michael Sarrafian

Nice theater to sit and enjoy a movie in a recliner. Good food too. Where else can you go and watch a movie and enjoy loco moco, except maybe at home.

erin reeve

Awesome syadium seating and recliners in the titan luxe theater


Great place to go Movies

rowena bacarro

Kauai should update their Theater. Love that you can reserve your seat/having the comfort of soft/recline chairs


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