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7192 Kalanianaole Hwy Suite AB100, Honolulu, HI 96825 Located in: Koko Marina Center

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Where is Consolidated Theatres Koko Marina?

REVIEWS OF Consolidated Theatres Koko Marina IN Hawaii


The seats are awesome, the food is awesome, and the movies are awesome!

kandis jackson

Jeffrey Huang

Amazing theater its even better when there's free refill for popcorn

Carolina Zuñiga

Es un cine pequeño pero tiene de todo, la confitería cuenta con amplia variedad de productos. Las salas son pequeñas pero están limpias. El personal es muy atento.

Antipatiko 21

Evan Knight

Nice stadium style theaters.

Darian Lopez

Star Wars Last Jedi

Cerina Cottrell

Great service and awesome memories

Paul Kanemori

Great show

Akoni Ah Yat

Best theatres ive ever been to. Its usually never crowded and I can get a seat anywhere I want. Not to mention theres a few places close by to buy your candies and mochi crunch and bottle water and soda. So basically all you need to do is buy the popcorn. Hahaha

Zenelle Rawlins-Hinsey

Staff was friendly as always and I like how it's not crowded. The only thing I just can't get passed is how filthy the seats and armrests are. I felt like I was sitting in filth. They really need to clean them and in a regular basis. The saving grace was the staff which is why I gave 2 stars instead of 1.

Kim Hollandsworth

Roberta S

Pieter Vliet

Not exactly old school like kahala, but not a new style theatre. More intimate seating and theatre doesn't hold that many people...

Abby Conroy

Good movie prices and popcorn too!

Daniel Rau

Big, clean, and always cool on a hot day.

J R Lazar

Arlene K.

Edward GuardianArchangelMichael Odquina

...Dirty Floors! Sad especially... for it being upscale Hawaii Kai!

Gina Drewes

I love this theater and the people working are always very nice!

Bridget Xueting Wang

The theater is too old and smells bad. Definitely needs renovation.

Mariliz Reilly

Yumi Otaki

(Translated by Google) Movie theaters are cheap! Vacant. The shop is small, but there are quite a few finds! There are Leonard's wagons, so you can buy them without lining up. (Original) 映画館は安い!空いている。ショップはこじんまりとしてるけど、掘り出し物がかなりある!レナーズのワゴンがあって、並ばずに買える。

adriana Pizzia

Theater is a little rubbed down

Dalia Jurado


Leo sa

Small run down theater for the same price as the top places.

Mister Gold

Great place, but I don't like the long part before the movie starts right after the trailer just to promote it self

Jabbawaki jaja

Analu Morris

Cammy L


First time at this theater and it's ok. The area around here is good though.

Michael Melcher

Sticky wet seats


Bryson Moats

Chaz D

Great place in it's own little nook & kranny

Neal Dixon

If you grew up on the neighbor islands where, up until the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace you knew absolutely nothing about the "megaplex" or "stadium seating," then this theater might feel quite a bit nostalgic. Other than that, this establishment doesn't have much going for it except for the Consolidated Amuesement policy trailer (granted, that's one of the best things about Hawaii). Here's the skinny: the theaters here are pretty much standard fare, remnant from the days before theaters had to accommodate the desires of the moviegoers. There are small screens, the rise between rows isn't all that impressive so you may have an obstructed view of the screen, there are no assigned seats, and no table services.

Levi J.

Friendly staff, good seating and their fresh popcorn!

Jon L

Not crowded and ample parking.

j virtudes


Great theater, not normally crowded, and pretty nice staff, been here a ton of times. Enjoyed many great movies here. Should check it out

stephen jones

"Staff is so friendly, and they serve beer now!"

Joyce Guieb

Friendly staff. Clean. Wheel chair lift. This place is getting worn...but we love having theatres in our community.

Max Max

I enjoy going to Koko Marina, there is always plenty of parking, the staff is friendly, its more affordable than Ward and the seats aren't that bad!

Leonard Keao

First time there and will probably go again...

Eden Redona

Nate Tai

It was Okay. I wish they would update their seats. But the movie was great "Hobbs and Shaw"

Charles Lavoie

Victoria Simpson

It was really nice

Ellen Sheppard

Better than adequate in all ways. There was no one in the box office booth on my visit so I had to stand in a 10-person-deep popcorn line to buy a ticket. Other than that everything was fine. First-run movies, pretty good speaker and screen quality, reasonably clean restrooms, and comfortable seats. There was virtually no one in the theater my movie was in, since it was midday on a weekday. At one point the projector stopped, and because there were no employees in the theater, someone from the audience left to bring the problem to Management's attention. It was quickly resolved after that.

Jabez Gill

It is an okay theater—friendly staff, reasonable prices, and everything is pretty clean and well kept (they keep it nice and cool—not cold— inside too). The downside is that the chairs are permanently stuck at a 90 degree angle—so there isn’t any leaning back to enjoy the show— and the theater rooms are fairly small...if you sit anywhere in front of the 5th row you have to look up at quite a steep angle. This is all in comparison to more modern theaters—massive theaters— on the mainland. All in all, if there is a movie you want to watch I recommend this theater—3.5 stars in my book.

Philip Suh

theaters are empty - good place to see movies without having to deal with a big crowd.


No very crowned, small theater, friendly staff, theater food and prices.

Marc Rapoza

Nice theater. Expensive and a little small, but always clean and easy to get in and out.

Harry Hale

Excellent experience. The second best deal for a night out at the movies to be found on the island.

M. Takeuchi

They don't let you play Xbox

Marcy Hernandez


Grace Kaleikilo

Leeann Sullenger

Rick Monteverde

Slade Neeley

It's a great neighborhood area. It has variety of restaurants and shops, but admittedly not everything you need. It is clean and although it may not seem like it, there is plenty of parking. You may have to walk a little extra.


$8.50 tickets all day for everyone in 2018

Tristan Stalbaum

Good theater to just run and see a movie but far from the most comfortable the padded seats would be great if the chair wasn’t 90 degrees straight. Will say they make the best icees though

Kahala Morse

I called ahead to find what time a movie I wanted to see starts. I made it in time watch. Very good.

Michael Botelho

Dell Lavina-Lopez

Excellent customer service!

Clint Tsu

It's a great place to watch matinees. It's not very crowded during the day. Very convenient to have an East Oahu theaters don't have to leave the east side if you live or rent in the area.

Paulina Ruelas

Great place to take the family, go with friends, or by yourself with some good popcorn and a drink. There are no reclining seats, but it is comfortable. There is parking around the shopping center, but it might be a little crowded especially on the weekends.

pedro pasa

eddie nardo

Joni O

Nice quaint theater. Great if you don't like crowds


More welcoming rhan mai,land theatres and prices are lower.


Tom Ratcliff

Average theater. Old school seating (no stadium) Screens seem small?

William Allin

Karen Thomas

A great local movie theater!

Tyler Hall

Julius Willis

Cy Shimizu

Love it here. No lines. No crowds. Don't come here.

Jeffrey Smith

Nice theater but older style seating. Lots of great restaurants around

Audrey Keesing

Love to go to the movies on a hot day.

Oscar Barrera

Keith Montross

Reasonable price, clean facility and honest people. My cell phone fell out of my pocket last night and when I went back today, the manager had it when the cleaning crew found it! Mucho Mahalo!

Jedi McHam

Norrin Lau

Lots of screens. Staff friendly. Movies only $8.50. Endless popcorn $6.

Syd Leung

$7.00 Tuesdays.

Reina Yamashita

Brie Teas

I remember coming here over 2 years ago during my 3 year stay in Hawaii. This place makes good popcorn, and their prices are reasonable. This was my sanctuary.

Kimberly Sneed

Like the comfort of a small theatre.

Rina Cheung

Darren Tatsuo

Clifford Kiyabu

Great service. The staff is nice and friendly. Its always a pleasure viewing films at this theater.

Derrick Fujii

The movie was exciting to watch , no picture

Isabella Redona

I love watching movies. If you love to watch movies then this is the right place to go to if you live in Hawaii Kai. It is in koko marina and that is my favorite theatre to go to. I would recommend it.

Arcader Gamer

David Tammens

Steven Chu

Small theater. Not exactly new, has theater seating. Sound and video quality is sufficient.

Mihai Iosivas

Conveniently located in Koko Marina for the neighborhood. The seats are a bit uncomfortable in the smaller theaters, and they could upgrade their menu, but it is still my weekend destination

Gary Baker

My local movie theater. I can and have walked here on several occasions to catch a movie. Starbucks and the Kano Brewing restaurant are close by.

Ana Char

Easy parking no line to get to the ticket office or the snack bar we went at 7: 20 for 7: 30 show the staff was very friendly the bathrooms were clean and the seats were comfortable


Jason Hew

Love this theater in Hawaii Kai. Not crowded, no rush. It's great!

Chloe A

Okay theatre... Wish they had better seating.options

S Gonzales

観光客居ません! ローカルな映画館!



Decent movie in Hawaii Kai.

Krystl Slaughter


モールの中に有ります。 駐車場とかは目の前に置けます。 味は普通。 キュートな双子(?)のスタッフが親切に対応してくれました。

Henry Wagner

Friendly staff and great seating.

Eddie Wii

It’s good

Timothy McGivern

Well maintained, stadium seating.

Ted Burke

Great neighborhood theater! Clean and reasonable prices. Friendly staff.

J Butler

Small but convenient. It's always tidy, always friendly, and even when its busy, it's still got a cozy convenience. It doesn't always have the biggest selection, but it usually has the big blockbusters. For a small neighborhood theater, it's great, and if it weren't right there, I would seldom go out to the movies at all.

Sue Alden

Very enjoyable and friendly staff.

Gloria Kay-Gouveia

The staff is very friendly and professional. I like that it's close to home.

Pomaikai Konohia

There popcorn is the best!!!!!!!!!


Always come back here: 1) All staffs are friendly even the people. The 1st night here as I was standing in line to get refreshments a man offer me free popcorn said it's too much for him & his family. God bless to you & family! 2) Service awesome. 3) Theater clean, great seating & nice place to watch movie without having to deal with a big crowd. 4) Parking is close to theater. You don't have to


Good price, the small theater tickes are like 8 bucks and the larger screen theater is 11 bucks

Mike Nakagawa

Kurtis Im

Always good since it so near my place and less crowded then other theatres in town.

Marifrances Krstic

Rote Pixel

Had a good experience at CT Koko Marina, which has a nice vibe at sunset. Was a bit flabbergasted though that people are allowed to take really small children into a R-rated horror movie. Anyway, would recommend it.

Pat Cawley

Raynell Libokmeto

The place needs a little upgrade but its good. Never really crowded every time I go. I like that they still have a butter machine near the condiment table though

Lê Quang Kiệt

shawn chang

The employees are always so nice. The service is amazing. I straight up love going there I just wish they would hire family members.

Chris Piekarski

Linda C

would give it only 3 stars for movie selection -- mostly the comic book and extremely commercial fare -- and mostly for kids and younger audiences, but still a nice movie house

Er S

Stadium seating, not too crowded. Parking is usually pretty good.

Dale Hall

reinton kawamae

Tony Liese

Screens a little small, but the sound was good. Friendly staff.

Jeffrey Hosley

Noah Berry

Justin Habi

808 girl

Shannon E

sierra Caywood

really expensive for crappy seating and bad popcorn but the only reason i come back is because the people that work there are kind and respectful at all times overall its a good place to go

Cody Koehler

Very small movie screens with no 3d movie options. You pay a lot for tiny screening rooms and non-reclining seats.

Lynn Caplan

Close to home


Small theater, also needs some updating, but otherwise is clean and organized.

angelo laskowsky

Kohta Horike


Mary Lii

Small theaters but price are very reasonable

Sis Hula

Always a great experience. Employees are warm and friendly especially Naia, very helpful in the concession. Mahalo

Joaquin Diaz

A simple old school theater at Koko Marina. The theater has typical stadium seating. The theater could use some upkeep. The food, as always with Consolidated, is good. The customer service is top notch. The movie quality is really good but not up to newer standards.

Diane Oliva

Stani K.

Great place to watch movies. Friendly staff, never overcrowded, clean and roomy movie theaters

Jessie Hawkins

Mark Benson

Maybe I have experienced the next level of theaters on the mainland..... but time to upgrade your facility at your price point.

Jeri Swank

Erick Tanuvasa

Jo Ann Viernes

Alissa Coleman

Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Sherri Barrett

Marc Gamboa

Chill people chill theaters Netflix and chill

Ronnie Carroll

Yasuo Ogawa

Great price corrections

Robert Frame

Great movie and staff was very professional.


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