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REVIEWS OF Consolidated Theatres Kapolei IN Hawaii

Reginald Redd

Pretty good experience

Frank Rosado

Yes, it's older and yes it's out of date with today's standards for movie theaters. The people are very polite and the ticket prices are fairly cheap compared to others around kapolei.

Richard Drake JONES

While, I will agree, the staff at the Kapolei theater, are awesome, this theater DESPERATELY needs renovation.

Ashley Bustamante

Nice movie theater with a great deal on Sunday. Me and my husband went to the movies, got a large popcorn, 2 drinks, and candy all for under $30 on Sunday!

Cherylann Rivera

And customers service st the counter when purchasing food. You basically gotta tell at them to get help or service when their standing around falling story and see you standing there waiting to be served.

Sherri Levesque

This place is awesome! Been twice and have no issues with the service, staff or quality of food. Location is great. Wish parking was better

Clare Yasutake

No line. That was great cause we were kinda late! Always friendly!

Mitch Rao

We went for the discounted Tuesdays and found it a bargain. Seats were good, popcorn was good, people were very nice. Kudos to the people, they make it happen.


No too crowded and feels welcoming the atmosphere!!!

David Piansay

10 out of 10 would keep coming here again.

Fernando Muro

Deal's are great right now.

lisa ashley

Love it price is right and not crowded!

Camryn Girl

It nice and cool

Rebecca Puu


Allan Davis

Good theater!

John Kavanagh

More reclining seats, but prices are lower than other theaters.

Hector Santos


Keith Kuniyasu

An older establishment. Like an old favorite shirt. Worn but comfortable. Awesome ticket prices, too.

Gloria.E Park

What are Life Church we use in the theater For church service And the message was Pride holds everybody down

dominic aina

Popcorn tasted stale(old)...popcorn(all you can eat),lg soda & mochi $17.00 didnt know about the $10.00 package til we got inside and saw on reviews...workers should mention the packg deal and Stale popcorn too! So sad

Ruby Melendez

From day one when the Kapolei 16 Theaters open til now it is my favorite place to watch movies...I worked there when it 1st opened..the best 8 years of my life...good work experience & most of all memorable friends...As for this theater..i love its old feeling & of course the staff is super friendly..MUCH MAHALO FOR THE MEMORIES KAPOLEI 16...

Kendall Kahl

,Cozy older style mall type movie theater.

Mataio Matthews

Great place to go with friends, family or a movie date night. Very affordable n convient for the wallet. Esp if you have a big family. The seats could use some updating but the theatre is still gr8 too go and watch you favorite movies.

Mini_ B

Not a bad place, cheap tickets, somewhat decent priced concessions but obviously very old. I got to my theater and realized this place could use a good deep cleaning, I could smell the dust in the air.

Maili Lani

Child hood movie theaters! So much memories here. With all the new, more fancy theaters out in kapolei I rarely take my family here anymore but after realizing how much more I spend at those other theaters I can't understand why, to lay down!?! It's usually over $50 for our tickets another $50 at the concession stand and my husband falling asleep on his laid out chair. Last night we spent $28 on tickets and $14 on snacks and more popcorn then we could handle with their bottomless buckets. Say whaaaat!! Never again!

Dalia Jurado


Richard Jones

Fairly good theater.

Shawn Supan

Older small theater with friendly people and no hassle to get in and out

pam courtney

Rest rooms very clean. Popcorn fresh. Ticket price family friendly. It's a shame we sat in a theater with 1 other family. So kids could run around if desired. No reclining seats, but clean in good working condition & comfortable.

Manuel Nicholas

It's okay but I didn't like the idea of that he search your bag what you have in your bag is your personal items they don't have to look in your bag and I think that's wrong now if you carrying a big bag then I think that's obvious but he only got a small backpack you shouldn't do that

Shandee-Lyn Emerson

Although it’s not a five star theater with the best specs (like surround sound) it’s still a reliable theater that will get you through any movie. It’s not super busy and always a guaranteed showing for popular movies. Walked into both Deadpool and Solo no problems. So if you ever wanna see a movie in kapolei but the other theater is busy, my bet is this one won’t be!

Donna Y

Went to the 9:30pm show. Concession counter and floor had butter and popcorn all over. We bought the popcorn worth refill. Asked if bag can be refilled after the movie. The worker said yes. Upon leaving the theatre we were not able to refill (concession closed). When we were going into theater, the guy collecting tickets said we can't go in yet. Asked why, he said they still cleaning. But doesn't make announcement when we are able to go in. Went back the next day to get popcorn refill. Employee said only good for that day. Told them concession was closed and we couldn't get it last night. The manager finally gave in. Popcorn was stale and old tasting last night and today.

Basilio Nava

This place is in competition with the new Regal Theater that opened down the street. Its not as nice as the new place but it is still nice. Also I'd rather pay $8 for an adult ticket than $16.50. Depends on what you're looking for. I highly recommend.

Redsectora 21

Could smell the restrooms from the lobby area.

Karen Forsythe

love Tuesdays cheap tickets 2 dollar hot dog

Ruth Patoc

Like the prices


This place may not be as fancy as other theaters, but I still enjoy watching here.

Elle Melinoo

$8.50 admission price. big theater. gr8 customer service. n great prices

Jim Connell

Ok theater. Current movies. Could be updated.

Eldon Ngo

This is my first time at a theater here in Hawaii so I can't compare it to others. Right now, I'm watching Jurassic park so there's like only 10 people in here could be less. The seating is pretty worn and the cup holders are fading color and lightly dirty from time. The quality and sound of the video sounds very good and crisp video. Didn't stop at the food stand.

Euphemia F.

Honestly thought my friend and I were going to Olino when he put this address in his GPS and honestly I was highly disappointed that it wasn't. But it will suffice I was able to watch the movie I paid for. Granted the workers didn't seem to care much just had a monotone feel to them. The theater wasn't as comfortable as other theaters on island.

don everett

Value and always a seat. Saw endgame first day 1440 showing 20 people in theater. Pass the word.

Zac Fliss

Awesome experience, great and helpful staff. Older - nostalgic theatre, my oldest loved the layout "she said felt like home," and asked to come back again. Endless popcorn was a great addition. Thank you again.

Ronald Smith

I have to say that I have enjoyed the visit and the movie. The staff is very nice and helpful.

Bj Astronomia

Its the best theaters to go to always great services and cheap movies tickets and very close to my house too

derrick nuesca

Love this theater its simple

Richelle Quindica

Great prices, friendly service, yummy popcorn and enjoyable movies.

Ally Abe

Haven't been here awhile and decided to go since they have a standard $8.50 ticket for all movies. The theater was musty smelling and the popcorn was stale. I'd almost rather pay a few more dollars for reclining, reserved seats at Olino or Regal Cinema.

Sonia Vasquez

It's like every other theater as far as it shows every movie however they are not up to date. I guess no one told them about the updates in 2018 someone should let them know that you can have a card on your phone and they should also know that now you can purchase your tickets from an app that they have. I recently purchased a ticket from the app and no one could tell me how to or where to go to scan it. There's a convenience fee attached to the app if tickets are purchased with it. It's a $3 charge. Is also located on the app is my loyalty card. On my loyalty card on the app it shows all the rewards that I'm able to claim however no one at this location was able to tell me how to redeem it. They wanted me to purchase additional things to see if any other reward would print out. They were unable to tell me if I needed a hard copy or if my phone was sufficient. For this reason I'm giving this theater two stars.

Shane Blah

It's good if you don't like crowds


I like it because tickets are much cheaper than at the new theaters. I don't have to mess with RSVP tickets. And because of the newer theaters being open, this location is rarely crowded.

Rochell Cruz

Great place good people clean place

Rainbow Pie

This is a very old theatre but I like it very much. It brings back memories as a child. It is much cheaper than the 2 "luxury" theatres by it. It is well kept and set up.

Rogelio Jaralba

Seat comfort

Tammy Scism

Went and seen a matinee and wasn't crowded at all!

David Gagnon

Great Theater not all upgraded. Prices are great also. 8.50$.. Before 4 its 7$.. 6$ endless popcorn.

Danielle Fukumoto

This theater does not have luxury seating, but it was still comfortable. Most staff were friendly. We had the place to ourselves. Bathrooms are always clean here which pushed a 4-star rating to a 5.


The seats are old and the place was dirty.

Simon Smith

It was ok dated and the sound system was old but for the price it's not bad you get what you paid for

Plaridel Villegas

With two other movie theaters with reclining seats in close proximity it's easy to see why there is so little moviegoers. The seats are old and the theater seriously is in need of a face-lift. We visited this theater because the show I wanted to see was pretty much sold out or not playing at the other theaters. Plus is that you're most likely to be able to purchase tickets even if arriving right before the movie starts on a Saturday evening.

James Galban

Free parking, older style seats, $8.50 admission, not usually not crowded.

Jocelyn Sato

Kinda run down, but not too bad. Friendly staff and the movie prices are family friendly.

Brenda Detwiler

Smells, dirty floors & seats. Lights turned on before movie was over! 12:50 Greatest Showman. Only the movie was good.

david nahaku

Nice theater

Cresencia Iese

Finally went movies and watched Black Panther, AWSOME!

Zyer Vailuu

I'm always getting bit by a bug in those chairs it's not what expected. Change those seats out


Cons: Theatre is not the most up to date in terms of decor. Does not effect the quality of the movies, just looks a little old. Pros: All movies are $8.50. These are first run movies. You cannot beat that price with a stick. Concessions are the usual movie theatre price...unless you get the unlimited refills popcorn. $6 for a bucket of popcorn you can butter and salt yourself. Again, hard to beat that. Restrooms were clean and well maintained, parking was ample and the staff was very nice. Theatre seats are comfy. They do not recline like some places I have been, but the legroom was sufficient so I was not bothered much. Overall, we will definitely return and see movies here. We have not been to any other theatres on O'ahu yet but the prices here are just too good to pass up. I can handle the slightly out of date interior given how close to home and price of this theatre. I recommend giving it a try!

Charlie Marcaida

Not crowded theater, staff are friendly, clean and I felt very relaxed and peaceful!

Calvin Glenn

Place I love to go

Jason Speck

Great theatre for the price. A great place to escape the heat and not crowded at all

Steven Montoya

While this is certainly an older theater without reclining seats, I still very much enjoyed my experience watching Aquaman here. Part of my enjoyment certainly stemmed from the fact that Consolidated seems to be a local chain, if the branding & messaging prior to the showing is to be believed, which has serviced Hawaii since the 1920's. I like knowing that my dollars are supporting what I hope is a vested, local business. Our tickets were purchased either online or through an app by our Tito, so I can't speak to the ease of that process; however, it's at least nice to know that an older chain has that as an option. The lack of reclining seats wasn't such a big deal and certainly didn't distract from the experience. Overall, had a great time watching the movie, and the staff was great!

Marlene Sale

Deals. Old fashioned movie theater wouldnt have it any other way

Eleanor Trinidad

Less people and affordable.

Randall Suzuka

Old theater but $8.50 movies and $6 large popcorn. Great value!

Jesse Sotelo Jr

Least crowded of the 3 theatres in the area. I like less crowded. No recliners, but it's all good being 1 of only 10 people in a opening weekend movie (Deadpool 2 no less) in the middle of the afternoon. Clean, plenty food, and cheaper than the rest. Great deal!

Lily Bee

I love this theater! The staff is friendly and the have so many special deals. On Sundays the concession stand has an incredible popcorn deal with drink and candy for $10. The seating is vintage compared to all of the new and renivated theaters. But... I like it. It is nostalgic for me.

Matthew Faleafine

On point

chris barnard

This is the place to take your big family I love it

Peter P Carvalho Jr

Nice but food too expensive!

Heather F Powell Heather

Word of Life Church services are held in the theatre at 830 am on Sunday. normal theatre starts at 1130 am, we watched Godzilla, he always comes at the right time, so it was pretty good.

lotchell okrasinski

Staff so RUDE! We took the kids to see Cars today and everyone who ate the popcorn got sick. When I called to tell them, the kid who answered was rude and crude. When I started to explain to her the first thing she blurted out was "there's nothing wrong with our butter!" She was also very rude. I didn't want anything but to save someone else the pain and help an old local business. Guess I'll be going to Regal next time.

One_ Thunder 808

It is a good and Cheap place to watch movies

Jaysen Ribac

My personal favorite theater in Kapolei. $8.50 movies all day, every day, no need to reserve seating, all you can eat popcorn for $6. The only downside is no reclining seats and the seats aren't inclined much so if you're behind someone tall you won't be able to see.

Memory Olomua

Friendly worker's and best food and comfortable chairs to enjoy the movies..

Pat Gomes

Older theatre but still a great one! Lots of parking too.

Davin Anderson

Sunday is the best day to go. They have specials.

Gaige Harris

The place is empty I love it we watched Deadpool 2 and there wasn't a soul in the theater

Gilbert Richmond

1st time at this theatre. The lobby was well kept and auditorium and facilities were clean. Overall good experience.

Harold Bray


Jennifer Johnson

Cheap price for new movies

Jerry Shafer

Nice, clean was a Friday night and the place was empty, we were the only ones in the movie.

Salena Salena

Great location

Jake Freeman

Best deal on popcorn.$6= LG bucket + 1 refill FREE

Kathy Paaaina

Aloha for a older Theater we still have fun and We'd are 7$ day night The people are friendly Hugs from our family to your family oh 2$ Hot Dog and small Pop Corn it's a perfect family Time

bobi wu

The place is very old, seats are not recliner, smells bad. Dont recommend this place.

Ashley Jane Silao

$10 bundle deal on Sundays! Endless popcorn, 2 medium drinks, and Nestle candy! $8.50 movie

William Rash

Tickets are $8.50 for all times. I use Fandango for $7.00 tickets, how ever they charge you a convenience fee of $1.50!

Rose Simon

The cheapest option to watch a movie on Kapolei if you dont want oothons like recliner seats.

Joshua kukar

Soooooo comfortable

Cody Judd

We just went to this theater because it had the last showing for Transylvania 3 but we just so happened to go on a sunday which had a cheap 10dollar combo and this theater is offering 8.50 tickets which is a pretty good deal spent 50bucks for tickets and food for 2 adults and my son. Seats aren't recliner probably one of the last on the island that hasn't been renovated to the new mainland style and if your willing to look past the non recliner seats it's still a great theater.

Resa Reesa

Had a great time, saw John Wick 3. It was not freezing cold inside like other theaters I've been in.

EARL Wolfe

Was not crowded and it was only$8.50. Never ending popcorn 6.00.

Khiem Truong

Pretty dated theatre wth a small screen placed way too high.

Max Tuitele

I used to love coming here in the 90's when it was much cleaner. I think it's due for a renovation, a major one.


Smells of musk but for 8.50 a person and 10 dollars for an ohana snack pack Sunday's... Why not?

J Weathersby

Still have classic seating.

Esther De Francia

At one time this was the only theater on the west side, but now it has a lot of competition! The great thing is that the tickets are cheap, no crowds and they offer discounts. I gave a 4 because the seats are somewhat stained, however, it is very clean and the staff there are very attentive and helpful.

Beth Whittenbury

Left our windbreaker there by mistake. Manager was really nice and held it for us to retrieve the next night. It's nice to have a movie theater where you can just show up and still pick your own seat. It's been Hawaii's theater for 100 years. Way to go Consolidated!

Glenn Yri

The theatre is a bit dilapidated and the customer service has left some to be desired. As for concessions, they are stuck on a single refill for sodas. This theatre will soon be gone with the addition of newer theatres in the area. Hopefully it will be made into a budget theatre as it still has potential.

Ellen Smith

Seats are cheaper but not comfortable, very old

Chris & Lucy Quisido

Love this movie theater!! Mainly because it isn't packed!!! You can get in quickly and almost have a private showing.

Layla Rohde

Line looked long, but we go through it fast. Movies were only $8.50 regular! Didn't buy any food, so expensive would never recommend. The place was clean and not too crowded even on a Saturday night. The ticket takers were pretty inattentive but that doesn't really bother me

Kale beyond

Well this theatre is not so busy at times that's why I like it so much. There's no waiting to purchase tickets most of the time. The seating is not stadium style but there's a lot of seats. The concession stand is ok like Nacho's, hotdogs, popcorn drinks & candy. Friendly staff that helps right away. Matinee times are the best time to see a movie cheaper than it's near by competition. I will go back again and again...

Chris V

Not as flashy as the new movies, but reasonably priced and their rewards and Mahalo Day pricing make this a good choice

Alvin Roque

Its old, its getting messed up. But the Theatre is really good in my opinion with great service. I have been going since I was little. WORTH IT

joey krems

Good to veterans...

Haixing Wang

One of the only consolidated theater on the island that offers $8.50 for all tickets. Also one of the ones that doesn't have any recliner seats. Most of the time it's gonna be pretty dead. Which is nice if you're running late.

Donneice Opunui

Older style theater (no reclining seats or movable trays to hold drinks and popcorn) but was still a nice place to take the family and enjoy watching a movie.

Sylvia A Barker

Endless popcorn for $6. Need I say more?


Regardless of the theater being old, a little smelly cuz its old, no recliner, or all that ambience my 2 teenage boys and I LOVE IT...!!! Cheaper all around, dont have to order ur seats, first come first serve, friendly staff and LESS CROWDED. Has 16 theaters more than the other theaters so more show times. Better parking cuz they have their own parking lot and did I mention cuz its LESS CROWDED?!?! LOL...!!! They always have matinee deals, double features, they show the UH Football games, and summer specials as well. As for the seating you pay for comfort at the other ttheateters. But if the movie was terrible you just spent $10 - $17 on just comfort and that dont include snacks. We like simple and if the movie was terrible we only spent $6 - $10 just to watch a movie. Thats why we love the this theater because sometimes LESS IS MORE #haveablessedday

Robert Morales

Love the seats and sound

JA Dread

Nice place to relax and enjoy a movie since everyone is at the new theaters. The only drawback, the place could use a makeover.

Summer Pakele

The place is getting old. Smells musky. However the price is unbeatable movies and popcorn under $20

Charles Elia

Reasonable prices

Maria Ulep

I watched Avengers Endgame here at this theater and the atmosphere is great. The tickets are at an affordable price. Each ticket is the same price no matter what age which is a plus. However, when getting popcorn and other snacks it is a bit pricey. Overall, I love this theater.

jude highstreet

Kapolei Theater is a very welcoming, friendly, and accommodating establishment. I love it.

Starkid Salvacion

Love the filipino movies its the only reason why i come here but man They need to update.

Iwalani K Blair

Usually don't have a problem besides sticky floors and arm rest. But today my family paid extra to watch Avengers end game in 3d.. Movie comes on and AC still not coming on. We inform staff about 30mins or so in to movie and they say manager knows of the issue. So, hour hour and half into movie. We all sitting there uncomfortable and still no AC in the theatre. I ended up walking out of movie bc couldn't even enjoy it!

Dominic Naki

Cheap prices and good service

Momi Otake

Best service ever!

Michael Clancy

When the other theaters are full, there is this option. I expected it to close with the other two new theaters in the area, but they are always sold out, so this one may be your best bet. Classic old school theater. Screens are a tad small. Sound system is fine.

Edward Hanohano

Good to be one of the couple when only two couples there

James Slye

Yeah. Best theatres on Oahu

Brian Lawton

This theater is in need of new carpet, it looks old, dirty and stained. The staff last night was great at their job. They all had smiles on their faces and fast getting popcorn and drinks. The seats are old and need upgrades, however you can't beat the price on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for $7. The outside of the theater did provide a great picture of a Kapolei night.

Sarah K

This is a decent theater. It is fine for what you need it for. it is not the flashiest and does not have any stadium seating, however. It is pretty much like the rest of the Consolidated Theaters on the island.

Dean Fuller

Good place to catch a movie. Kick back in a recliner and enjoy.


It's an older theater, but they still play the newest movies with good picture and sound, also in 3D if that is your thing. They always seem to have lots of seats for the newest movies, probably because of the newer theaters with reclining seats and more food and drink options, such as Olino or Regal in Kapolei. Great place for the family if your looking for a less crowded movie experience. P.S. Please stop using cellphones in Movies, just put them on vibrate and watch the movie you may or may not have payed for.

Leinani Y

Go there on a Sunday they have unlimited popcorn two large drinks and a candy for only $10 ❤️

lolita neizman

Cheap place to catch a movie. Recommend for everyone. Very friendly staff too!


Smells be it's the best movie pricing on the west side of Oahu.

Paul Dennett

Older theater, but better pricing and plenty of parking.

Aisha Silao

Love the $7 Tuesdays...along a with $2 hot dogs and $2 popcorna. Allows us to still have a "date night". And spend quality time outside our home as a family.

Paulette Watson

It was wonderful because it wasn't very crowded. We watched, "Ocean's 8"...My friends and I really enjoyed the movie about 8 Smart, individually skilled women. Quite empowering to see strong women band together, instead of competing against each other.

Roman Salas

My favorite theater, satisfied with the courtesy of employees services and Aloha. Thank you very much.

Liz Santa ana

Great place to see UH games!

Keith Kenyon

We've watched movies here for 9 years. It's near our house and less expensive than the recliner places... plus they serve jalapeños at the ketchup table... we love them with popcorn

Charles Kawaiaea


Mystical Missy Brewer

Great place. Friendly staff. We went to a later showing and we had the whole theater to ourselves. Will define be going back.

Roque Lindow

It was a lot cheaper than other theatres...

Debbie Rogers

Great place to go see a movie. Not crowded.

Kalani Borgeling

Cheap and they have great deals on food

Hili Keohuhu

Cheapest theater to watch great movies..

Debora Kinney

Clean, great movie


The ticket lady was nice, but the people working concessions, their attitudes sucked....the popcorn was old and stale.....Can't believe they charge you $5 for a small 20 oz. Water....or they charge the same price as a soda for water.... Ridiculous....this location needs to teach the ladies that work concession on service with aloha, cause they no more aloha

Sadie Ricks

Best prices for tickets island-wide. Endless popcorn for $6? Yes, please!

Duke Jumawan

Nice place cleaner than Pearlridge theater and newer!

Franklin Robinson

The one experience I had was awesome, I recommend if possible going Thursday evenings. You will pay full price but there will be no crowds.

Kale Lope

Word of life ⛪ on Sundays are awesome


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