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4211 Waialae Ave Suite 3080, Honolulu, HI 96816 Located in: Kahala Mall

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Where is Consolidated Theatres Kahala?

REVIEWS OF Consolidated Theatres Kahala IN Hawaii

Ruthie Daniels

Rockin Good Time Date Night! !

Evelyn Lum

Very nice movie

Todd Okamoto

No crowds. Good for family and kid movies.

MurugaMullai Subbiah

Decor is very old. Could use some upgrades.

Cynthia L. See

The convenience of shopping and watching a popular movie is always a good thing!!!

John McCloskey

Great customer service.. always good seats available... get their frequent user card!

Evan Knight

It plays outdated movies. It will not be with us long.

Cerina Cottrell

Great service and awesome memories

Akoni Ah Yat

They need to upgrade the seating. Its horrible. Not to mention its uncomftorable and small.

M Liu

Although this is an older theatre in the Consolidated Theatres family, we like going here because it is smaller and they treat you like family.

Pieter Vliet

Old school theatre... Brings back memories of high school days...


A little smaller than most cinemas but still has 4 star rating service

Bob Jones

Most all big city movie houses i visit on the mainland are WAY better than what we're offered here by Consolidated and Regal. More elaborate. Better seats. Texas even offers theaters with alcoholic drinks and food served in regular seats. Many have all-reserved seating -- you pick a seat when you buy the ticket at the box office. Our theaters are very old-fashioned.

Bob Berry

Uhh it has nice cups

Matthew Eftink

Theater was very small

Cameron Kirsch

Small, cute, nice. Classic theatre, nothing will surprise you here

Carleen MacKay

Sometimes, it is a step back in time that fuels the fun of the future. Stop worrying about what "isn't" and enjoy the experience of a good, modern movie in a gentle step-back environment to the past. Life is not about one moment or the next but, rather, about gentle experiences that matters to old and young.

Loretta Curry

So limited on movies, unfortunately it's the only theather on the island so they have no need to make it better. To bad for movie goers.

Edmond Chong

Wish they would update the theater similar to ward.

David Friar

Along with what's showing in mainstream theaters, Kahala also shows important high quality films that don't get screened anywhere else. The movie schedule rotates rapidly so it's important to stay on top of it, but well worth it. They show foreign and independent films that are sometimes absolute gems. In addition they have special event National Theater productions from London and New York (e.g., King Lear, Equus, War Horse, Hamlet). The theater itself is in Kahala Mall. Rooftop parking is usually fairly easy, in my experience. There's an automatic ticket machine outside that shortens time spent on line. The individual theaters are adequate, almost always clean. The sound is usually ear-splittingly loud, so I recommend some form of dampening- earplugs or equivalent.

Edward GuardianArchangelMichael Odquina

Love it... TITAN !!!

RokZ Tanaka

Older theater, they haven't renovated it yet, but the do have $7 movies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Daniel Yau


Tanya Fontaine

Theatre they showed my movie was old style, aisle down the middle. No stadium seating. Need to look a little higner up to watch the movie and it begins to hurt your neck. However, the Staff was very friendly so that warranted the 3 stars.

Camden Mullenaux

On the small side compared to Ward Theater but Kahala offers a cool array of foreign films alongside the top blockbusters.

Craig Paul

Recliner seats, digital projectors, Tuesday discount prices.

Brennen Smith

Seats are weird (on a slope as opposed to stadium style), but they have a nice selection of movies

Desiree Uehara

We love going to Kahala because small and familiar. Their seats are new, the theaters are clean. The only thing I really dislike is the smell of the bathroom. Yikes.

Ina Fruean

Better than Consolidated Ward 16 I would say lol

Noil Bee

As time goes on and technology advances, I feel that the Kahala Movie theater is falling behind. I've stopped going to the Kahala Movie Theater because of it's terrible viewing experience. The sound and visual aspect of each movie theater is a disappointment. The seats are very uncomfortable and just suck to sit and view a movie in. The Kahala movie theater needs to be renovated. Kahala is one of the nicest area's on O'ahu, I think its movie theater should be too.

vtcycles LLC

Never busy, lots of free parking and prices are good.

Trisha Juke

I had fun at the theaters...My friends and family laughed way too hard at the comedy movies. Jeez...but it was fun anyways

carl francis

Love the theater seating. Hate how expensive it's become. Not the best customer service. The employees appear bored and unhappy.

Vince Mathis

Tuesday only $7 each. You can't beat it.


For an old theater the sound and seating is ok and the price is right

Greg Dalin

It seems as though this is relegated to showing some top movies and art flix. I wish they would invest and renovate this theater as it is run down and not well maintained anymore. But it is a good alternative to the crowd at the ward location

A. McKnight

Good selection of art movies, convenient parking, but prices are high in the evening and some screens are small. Used to smell bad, but they seem to have fixed that after getting flooded a few years ago.

Shay Badham

Actual theatre is good. Everyone goes to the movies for an excuse to eat candy, which they have a good selection of. Yet it costs 3.50 for the smallest candy there. And its 6.50 for an icee. Go to longs and sneak stuff in.

Diana Valle

Great!! Place to see movies!! Awesome!!

Gerald Quintana

I love going movies here....It has a touch of the "olden days" movie going experience ...for reals !! :-)

Aulden Pedro

So awesome I

rodney flores

Very comfortable and watch a good movie.

E Colby

sean Kelly

I like the location but the place need a redo. I just walked into a theater and the old mildew smell is over whelming. Smells like sneakers you got wet and left in the closed car over the weekend.

corinnne ching

Thank goodness for Kahala Theater! A balance between international films played at Art Acad and mainstream films played in so many other theaters. This place is a special, kamaaina tradition... it's nice to have an old-fashioned smaller theatre - makes my mom happy and very familiar and comfortable. The selection of films and friendly staff (often young people from nearby neighborhoods) make it a delight!

Princess Tai hook

Love the pop corn with mochi crunch with butter

Nancy Yoshimoto

Seriously needs an update and their a/c cleaned; smells like mold.

Brian Piotrowski

Seats are outdated, but the theater is clean and easily accessible in Kahala Mall.

yewon kim

When I went in to the theatre I smelled stench that could smell of wet clothes.. and it was hot there. Seemed like air-conditioner in that particular thetre was not working as normal..

Justin Ching

If you do not want the crowds normal theaters have. This place is great to just walk in and get pretty good seating in your movie.

Roberta Chiocchetti

Nice staff and comfy chairs

Anthony Spadaro

A great place to take in a movie with some great food choices outside the theater.

Scott Jones

Really bad experience because of rude employees who do too little to keep the place clean. Why so dirty? Sad, especially because I'm a loyal repeat customer.

Max Max

If you're looking for an ultra modern movie theater, don't come here... But if you're looking for a place without lines, friendly people and a smaller screen this place is for you. (= lots of awesome places to eat before the movie...

heekyung YANG

(Translated by Google) $ 7 if you buy on-site on Tuesday. Talk to the counter to see the subtitles together! (Original) 화요일에 현장에서 구매하면 7달러. 카운터에 얘기하면 자막도 같이 볼 수 있다!

Philip Suh

good theaters. avoid the crowds and problems w parking at ward.

Andrea Neal

Great location and decent selection

Alan Kim

Great place to watch a movie.

Doreen Cazes

Was very clean

Justin kaneshiro

Small theater compared to Ward or Dole but it is very mellow and hardly crowded even on weekends so you can watch movies in a leisurely way. Seats and floor are much cleaner than Ward. Only thing is movies go out faster than the bigger theaters so don't expect movies to stay screening very long here.

Robert M. Armstrong

I go despite the setting and occasional rude staff person because they carry art, live theater, and foreign films. I appreciate this as often the only venue for such fare on Oahu but the place has been quite neglected by Consolidated.

Guy Steele

KAHALA MALL THEATERS are GREAT for FOUR reasons. First, they show indy, art house, and limited-distribution films that you otherwise just can't find in Honolulu... at least not since the legendary Varsity ceased to exist. Second, it has smaller crowds than other places. Third, there is plenty of good restaurants nearby. Fourth, IT'S THE BEST PLACE IN HAWAII TO SEEK REFUGE FROM KONA WINDS HEAT AND HUMIDITY, BRAH! COLDEST A/C ANYWHERE! Bring a hoodie or coat!

Ted will

We had a great time at our theme party. The staff helped us out tremendously.Thank you Kahala theaters for make my sons welcome home surprise party a great success .

Roberto Silos

Nice theater in a great mall

Barbara Hart

Would like to be able to purchase tickets outside but everything else was great. Popcorn

Cresencia Iese

Awesome place!

Christian Goode

Casual, easy going theater with fun and good-hearted staff.

William Thompson

A spacious, medium-rent theater that offers the classical movie theater experience with modern touches like the choose-your-own-flavour Coca-cola machines and boxes to lay out your popcorn like a small trough. My wife and I saw some musical simulcast here, and I’d come back.

Alison Dingley

It's the only commercial theater in the area that regularly shows independent and thoughtful movies.

Dee Mosher

If you don't want a crowded theater like Ward, go here. They usually have a few movies that aren't at Ward.

Dr Jackie Brown-Hitomi

Very dated needs renovation. Often volume is low and can get really cold.

Eileen Conway

Every time I've dropped something/lost in the movie theater it's been found by one of the people that clean after a movie. One time I lost my wallet with cash in it. One of the people that clean turned it in to lost and found. Everything was in it even all my cash.

Keahe Davis

Great selection of films not available elsewhere in Hawaii.

Joni O

Great that it is located in a mall but it really does need a make-over

Ted Baker

Like every other movie theater, it smells. Bathrooms aren't too disgusting. Food is standard: overpriced and underflavored. But it was a mildly less expensive matinee with solid AC on a blazing hot day.

Florence Kawamura

Nice theater always pleasant experience.

Julie Strait

Good seat, prices for popcorn too high

Thomas Glanville

Seats are not great

Michael Blair

Was at the mall and decided to check times for the new Halloween movie on Halloween and they were not showing it which was kind of odd. A few weeks later I went online to see if they were showing the new JJ Abrams movie Overlord and that wasn't showing either. Does this theater not show horror movies?

Tammy Nagahama

The seats were uncomfortable.

craig roberts

A great movie theatre with fantastic sound and 3D glasses available if needed. Great food is present as well.

Patriot Whitewash

The best feature of this theater is that the screens are never crowded. Employees are friendly enough. The cons are numerous: -Poor selection of food -Quality of popcorn is average -Seating sucks -Movie times are limited -Movies shown limited

Paul Hamilton

We like movies that are foreign, film festival spinoffs, & look for films not shown elsewhere in town....

Audrey Keesing

Go to the movies!!!

Donnie Cervantes

This sleepy Kahala Mall theatre is best (only) place in town to see Art or Indie films and for that we are extremely grateful. However, for any blockbuster or mainstream flick i’ll always go to a better theater. The theatres are small and the seats are old style, think 80’s. IT’S ALMOST ALWAYS FREEZING, bring your socks and sweatshirts!

Michael Finley

Mike Karla

Brenda Fletcher

Love the fact that they show art house movies, which makes it a decent substitution for Angelika theaters. But I have to agree with some other reviews; seating is old school arranged and worn, the floors are dirty at times, not enough show times for the art films and recorded plays, and the staff can be snotty at times with a "kahala-tude" as if you shouldn't be there, but you should be grateful they will provide a service or answer a question, and the concession stand is totally unappealing looking. For example, no onions or jalapeños for the hot dogs; I was told "patrons" dont like the smells! Renovations of facility and staff are desperately needed to bring this theather to the level of Ward 16 or even the Regal at Dole Cannery. And if they renovate the theater please renovate that mall too!

Stuart Scott

Kahala theaters are nice, clean, old time theaters, playing art flicks, and not just the latest adrenaline rush movies. If you're jaded by the razzmatazz of the new ultra-theater 101-plexes around with all the bells and whistles, then go deal with it. If you want a good movie, with healthy food nearby, come to the Kahala theaters.

claudia akei

Small theaters but not overly crowded

Daniel Murakami

Excellent theater, plus air conditioning.

Shihchuan Lin



Expensive snacks and drinks like most other places. The staff are nice and patient. I still can't believe it's around $4 for a drink.

Christopher Dean

Theater needs updating. The seats are un comfortable.

George Matsumoto

Convenient location for where I live.

Victoria Rivenburgh

I love going to this College solidated theater Tuesdays are always $6 for every seat no senior discount at that time doesn't need to be the movie theaters been renovated it has seats that you can sit in like a lounge chair with your feet up and it's pretty cool to go inside there

Mike Yokoyama

Shows movies not playing anywhere else. Free butter for popcorn! Ha!

Mae Fukushima

Conveniently located in the mall, but they should upgrade their seats.

Rowan Locascio-McLaughlin

a very comfortable theatre featuring many outstanding films of all genre. Easy parking, pleasant location in the Kahala Mall. Top gun!!

Anton Chekhov

I miss the old theaters like Varsity, Kaimuki and Queen in the neighborhood so please keep Kahala Theater the way it is, dirty floors and all. If those whiners want modern facilities showing the latest Transformer movie go to Ward Warehouse and pay the premium.

Les Rosenthal

Movies in a tunnel. The theater feels dated and in need of renovation. My friend in a wheel chair didn't like having to sit in the very last row.

Daniel Iki

Headphones for the blind.... best thing ever...

David Yang

Theatres are old and food is ridiculously expensive, regal blows consolidated out of the water. Especially the reward system is way better.

Tom Norwood

Good movie Free Solo

Chad Brownstein

I love coming here because its sometimes the only location to see arthouse movies in the state. The center aisle and no stadium seating bug me though.

Lori Ann Wong

No stadium seating. But clean.

Rick Canencia

Always clean, always great customer service.

Michelle Kerklo

Loved Mary Poppins returns it sticks to the storyline and songs are fresh and catchy


I've been here. A lot of teenagers enjoyed movies.

Sandy Gottesman

There was someone a few rows down from where I sat who continued to text on her phone after the movie started and the light was bothersome. Finally, someone behind her tapped her on the shoulder and she quit, but ushers should sweep the theater to enforce compliance with the "cell phone off" rule.

Jeff Muir

We went to see Incredibles 2 on a fluke. Nice to see the same format of theatre as always. We compared it against a typical experience in Australia. The hot dogs at the stand were delicious. You can still add butter to your popcorn. There are a large selection of different candy bars. The one section that needs to be improved is the theatre. The seats are standard from probably the 1980s. Now, it is more common to have stadium style seating to make it easier to see the screen regardless of where you sit. The theatre itself was not that large either. Still enjoyed the movie. Seems odd that they have not upgraded yet.

Rasa Fournier

I really like that they bring in awesome art films that the bigger theaters don't bring in

Leslie Sharp

The place is old and needs a face lift ... the movie Peanut Butter Falcon, on the other hand, was nothing short of absolutely delightful!!


The is half price day

Glenn Yri

This theatre is fairly mediocre compared to others on the island. The screens and scenes are a bit outdated; however, they suffice. They offer refills on sodas so that's a plus. Another upside is they often play foreign films as well as indie films.

Sheil Merrill

Place need upgrade. It's kinda smell.

John Tapia

My favorite place to see a movie, and lots of places to eat lunch afterwards

Hillary Juliette

If you are in introvert that hates the sun this place is for you.

Sandee Niblock

Clean, no stadium seating. Seats were wide and comfy

En Gu

Look I am simple and this place is too. I do not need the fancy chairs and huge crowds. Popcorn is fresh and trust me I know. I used to work at a movie theater.

Scott Ishikawa

A lot of independent films

Kevin Lu

This place is quaint and comfy, very close to home. Their theater is small and their screens smaller. If you want a full experience go somewhere else. But if you dont like crowds or people talking during the movies come here. The theaters here are pretty empty most of the times and they sometimes show indie films. Concessions are always an arm or a leg so you probably want to eat before you show up.

Johnson Cheng

Kahala Consolidated was my neighborhood theater. We didn't have to go to Waikiki Plex or Cinarama (both had been shuttered) I heard about theater subscription are coming soon. All-you-can-watch for a monthly fee. That may bring me back to watch more movies than the past decade.

Debra Caracol Person

Haven't been here for awhile..seats were not the reclining ones; am so spoiled. But, otherwise it was an enjoyable afternoon!

oliver byrd

For a ritzy area this theater leaves a lot to be desired. No stadium seating, and small screens.

Timothy McGivern

Ample parking, clean, nice theaters. Known for their wide choice of small, independent and foreign films as well as the big, popular Hollywood fare.

tjiaea tjiaea

they need to play more popular movies that come out, they play movies that aren't really new or good, and to expensive!

Robert Morales

Great staff

David W. Stout

Park on the 3rd floor of the mall just sayin

Sam Lau

Old crappy theater.

Jasmine Grossi

Loved it ❤

Elliot Lau

Place smells.

John Edwards

Real comfortable theater with easy parking and lots of options. It's more cozy than most other theaters.

David Ho


Ramona Kazma

This theatre shows the best films in town.

Gloria Martin

It is an old movie theater, yes, and the show the best movies in the island. Most interesting, cultural movies. So what that it is older theater. It is personal and people that work there are super friendly.

MegaBaka supreme

Nice open theatres. Movies here are great. Saw movies here I couldn't see in most theatres

Darrah Brown

Generally friendly staff, decent bathrooms, and not usually as pricey and crowded as Ward Theatres. I tend to head here. There is a keiki snack box that is about $7, and includes a drink, popcorn, and a box of candy.


Love coming here on Tuesdays with reduced ticket and food prices. Not to busy, which is good because of no stadium seating with no tall people sitting in front of us.

Patrick Cherniga

Essentially an art-house theater, featuring all the foreign and independent films that other theaters dont. A little outdated facilities, but where else are you gonna have a chance to see these films on the island?

Linda C

lots of non-commercial offerings, like the opera, National Theatre of London, Royal Shakespeare, and the like. Plus movies that are not from comic books -- great staff, ticket kiosks (to avoid the line), and always air conditioned so bring a sweater if you don't like to be chilly


It's usually pretty quiet.

Patti Lopez

Different movies, interesting.

young hun Oh

(Translated by Google) The bathroom is free ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (Original) 화장실이 무료이고,,,, 화장실 써도 눈치 안 주셔서 감사햇습니다^^ 팝콘, 뽑기 ㅎㅎ 좋았습니다

Sky Marchand

Small selection of movies but I always come here for the smaller budget artsy/intellectual type films. Small selection of snacks, small theaters. Clean bathrooms and a wheelchair lift.

Doris Chu

Art films not shown elsewhere. Great friendly staff.

mike lei

Place look old , but very confy , !!

Raymond Herradura

Chairs can be updated.

John Kato

A good place to watch a movie and have a quiet discussion.

Cathy Jones Wolf

Mildewy odor.

Helene Spencer

Convenient, always plays movies I want to see as well as excellent location

Gregg Oliva

Great theatre for independent and. Cultural kine films. Concessions need more variety and they need to modernize and put in stadium seating. Theatre seating is from yesteryear and they should update them at the high price they charge for admission. Koko Head theatre much better but they dont show independent films.

purgatory's eye

It's old, it smells, there's always work that needs to be done, this place needs an overhaul, but the staff are great.

Chris Neal

They don't always have the movie you want to see, but it's clean, quiet and not over crowded.

Lily Love

Its amazing


Smaller theatre and nothing fancy. They often bring in movies other than the usual blockbusters though. I've seen them do Asian or film festival movies as specials. You have to dig a little to find the info though. Free parking at the mall. Staff is friendly.


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