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REVIEWS OF Tiger Drive In Theatre IN Georgia

Olga Barcenas

lynette chamblee

We took our grandchildren to see the movie Lion King. I really enjoyed and appreciated the old time atmosphere of yester years. The prices weren't bad either.. On the down side.. 2 big pet peeves... 1. People brought their dogs and let them potty where children walked around and played.. totally unsanitary .. they should have to at least pick their waste up and dispose of it properly. I mean..come on people !! 2. People set up their chairs and blankets in the middle of the road and was very hesitant to move for vehicles trying to find a place to park. This could absolutely be a safety concern.. Emergency

John Freiwald

Had a great time at the drive in. Easy to find, great value. We brought our chairs and a blanket. Great time had by whole family. Prices are per person and are for the double feature. It's an inexpensive family movie night at the drive in. Would suggest you get here early to get a good parking spot. Try to park towards the first section of the lot (entrance booth side). If you're past the concession stand there is one or two street lights to the right of the screen that are annoying.

Mike Burdette

Kyle Thomas

Great movie night. The concessions were great. Hot wings were really amazing, which sounds weird for a drive in. Some of the best hot wings I've had. Two movies for $10 is a great deal

Michele Vaughan

We had an amazing time our first time here. We found a coupon on Guropon for a family of 4 for 27 dollars to get in regularly 10.00 per person which isn't bad for 2 movies. The staff was so friendly , helpful and most of all welcoming. It was nice to watch movies under the stars and spend time with each other. It's nice to be able to go to a movie and not have to take out a loan to do it. The snack bar was awesome with a great selection and I strongly recommend the pretzel with beer cheese. My husband had the half pound burger and it was awesome. I have to recomend the onion rings as well their the real deal. It took both my husband and I back in time and gave our kids a glimpse of what the good ole days were like. They enjoyed it so much. We'll be back as much as we can. It was worth the hour drive to get here.

Kristjan Thompson

Jessica Mason

Food service not the perk of the visit if it's busy....the screen they view it on looks like a bunch of sheets of paper taped 2gether, so there's all those lines and squares making the picture not as solid as it could be better! Please get a all solid white board by next year! Have a fundraiser 2help with be interested in pitching in on any help 2organize sumthin let me know! Thanks!

Jeff Jordan

Went on Friday night to see The Lion King. Has been a couple years since I have been to Tiger Drive in. Needless to say, the place is due for some renovations.The movie was good, but the snack bar was terrible! Way overpriced, and the food order took forever! Unfortunately I will probably not go back ...

Carl Freeman

I have never been there to watch a movie. It is fully functional

Donald Robards

It's Greeeat !!!!!!!!!!!°

Michael Lipscomb

Michael Casavant

Great classic drive in, if just a bit dirty.

Pam Lutton

Such a great family adventure with a picnic and lawn chairs. Friendly staff. Not best picture quality but that's what you get outside under the stars. Very comfortable and safe. Surely a memory maker.

Scott Head

By far the best drive in around its the only one but reminds me of going when i was a kid

Laurie B. Kozlowski

Fun after dark when it's cooler weather. Toilet facilities,porta-potties, are not as sanitary as they could be - it takes fun away from an otherwise relaxing time with family when ladies and girls have no option but to hold their bladder or stand in a line obstructing the main doorway to go to an inside toilet or go in a poorly maintained porta-potty.

Tony Phillips

Great place, good people, new movies and a playground for the kids, watch from your car or bring your chairs and sit under the stars

Nicole Karpinski

Love this place! Everytime we go is great!

ava simone

Michael Kimble

Loved it

Jeffrey Audet

Overall a decent place to see movies.

Roscoe Smith

Great parking arrangement. Good food. Has a play ground and horse shoes.

shay vilchis

Great place love the simple life and this was a great spot.

Brenda Hess

Felicia Brigman

It was great. They even let you stay to see the second movie for free.

Brenda Chumbler

I enjoyed it. Good family atmosphere.

Jim Adams

Who doesn’t like a drive in? It is fun to stop in for a double feature every once and a while. There are times when the audio is out of sync a small bit, but that does happen.

Lewis Bonner Jr

Tim Marshall

Simply awesome! Great venue. Drive in theatres rock!

Jackie Turpin

Robin Collinson

We brought a credit card to pay for our admittance. We were told that too many people were using the internet so the credit card machine would not work. So we had to dig up enough cash to pay. Strike one. After taking our entrance fee we were told there was no where for us to park. We were told we would have to park at the fire department next door and walk back over. Strike 2. Then we went to the snack bar. For the 4 of us ordered chicken tenders, hot wings, fries, a hot dog, popcorn, onion rings, candy and sodas. We spent about $60. Then when we went to the condiment station there was NO ketchup! There was 2 small empty bottles and we were told they were out! How do you not know how much ketchup to plan on having! Strike 3. We brought family with us telling them what a wonderful experience it was going to be. On a positive note we have been on 3 previous times and had positive experiences. Unfortunately our family members stated they will not be back again. I think a better way for management to have handled it when there is not enough parking is to give people half price if you have to park off location and walk in. And plan to have enough condiments people please! 1 or 2 strikes can be tolerated, but it's unacceptable to get this many strikes in one night.

Delfina Barrientos

Great place .. my first time to a drive in!!!!!! Loved it!!

Elizabeth Culver

A real live drive in! Current movies

Dontrese Mize

Old school drive in movie. Double feature for $10 it's a great deal, plus you can bring your own food and drink.

Stephanie Levesque

Bryan Miler

Love it there. Would love to camp in the future

Glen Greenman

A fun experience for my family. We visited on June 16, for a double feature: Incredibles 2 and Solo for $10 per person. We also tent camped for $10 for the whole family. (RVs are welcome also; no hook-ups.) Good food at the snack bar. Typical movie snacks, but also burgers made to order, and good pretzels with a beer cheese sauce. A few comfortable lounge chairs were available on a deck at the snack bar, so this is where we sat for the movies. A restroom and outdoor shower are available for campers. Friendly staff. I talked to the owner the next morning, whose father opened and closed the theatre. He reopened the business, and described constructing a DIY screen at a cost of 1/10 of a professionally installed one. The screen is the only reason I dock a star; it's constructed of panels, which are noticeable during bright scenes. The owner did mention plans to upgrade his screen. A small detail, but I must mention how nice it was for the owner to fill my cooler with ice. A great experience, (and unique one if you camp) so be sure to drop by if you're in the area.

Dyan Nill-Finnicum

Robert Ortiz

We went to the drive in to share the drive in experience with the grandkids and it was great. Upon our arrival we realized that the place was kind of small but had everything a drive in should have. The playground had a few slides and swings for the kids and a corn hole game for the adults. The snack bar was nice and the food was delicious and reasonably priced (hot dog combo was 6 bucks and a big slice of pizza was 3). This drive in also allows camping. For an additional $10 dollars you can stay overnight with an RV or tent (outdoor shower and potta-potty included). If you don't have an RV or don't want to bring one, there are a couple of airbnb trailers for rent for $99. The airbnbs are nicely equipped with a nice porch for your viewing pleasure. Overall, great visit at a very reasonable price. We saw two first run movies for less than you spend on one movie at the theater. Price for the show was $10 per adult and $5 for kids (3 and under are free).

Kimberly Rhodes

Paul Christensen

Neet off the wall place good food for a snack bar

Zachary Seabolt

Great venue, stadium parking, clean and friendly. Drove an hour to see the movie and had a chicken sandwich. Simple and tasty. Well worth the drive. The only negative is price of entry but even then, the food was cheaper than any commercial theater I've been to. 4.5 stars.

MaryJane Webb Phillips

Love the movies, staff, owners, everything about it.

Doug Mead

Gloria Edwards

Fun, friendly environment, concessions were good and fairly priced.

Becky Mooney

Had a great time and it is great for families. Kids can play and ride bikes around. It feels like the old days. The only thing is the food prices are high but its a great value for the price. 2 movies for $10 each person.

Sara Green

Jessica Farrell

Christian Thompson

Really cool experience, come prepared with blankets and chairs. Best bet is to setup in the back of a pickup. Sit close to the speakers or bring a radio for the best listening experience.

Jennifer DiNovo

Great experience

Bruce Crichton

Great throw back experience!

Randy Hughes

Enjoyed it

The Zookeeper

Screen needs a little work, but experience was awesome!!

Samantha Balduff

Christine Luckhurst

Screen was small, but an awesome experience. A sense of community. People sit out in their chairs as well. Don't buy the popcorn. It was burnt, way to buttery and salty and we do like butter and salt. It was way too much.

Tammy Laborde

Sommer Burton

bobby pearson

A great overall experience, low prices,friendly staff, and no crowded theaters. Everyone should try it once, you'll love it.

Alesia Turrill

Tanner Dover


Realy good survace

Yarina Williams

Who doesn't love a drive in!!! Very clean

Nicholas Winslow

I had forgotten how much fun drive-ins were. Excellent place to take your kids

John Winblood

We drove 2 hours to get there. Myself, my daughter, my friend, and her son. They were at capacity when we arrived. Rather than turning us away they allowed us to park our vehicle next to the fence and walk in with our blankets and chairs. We saw the new lion king. They didn't charge us a dime to get in. It was heart warming. I highly recommend this place. I hope it stays open for years to come.

gary hart

History and Family ....and the best Burger in the State. ...

Nancy Collier

Bill Horne

Liza Montoya

Me, my youngest son, nephew, and mother went to see emoji. We had a great time!! Everyone was so friendly!

Dewayne NeSmith

They play first run movie's and they have a great concession stand. It gives you a little more privacy, so you don't have to hear some nut critique the whole movie so loud you can't enjoy the movie!

Shane Horton

Good times

Brad Chalker

Had a great time. $7 a person. Fri and Sat are dbl feature.

Jessica Smith

Love this drive in, they are rare now and I just love sitting outdoors or in the car watching a movie! Very family oriented!

James Johnson

An old time drive in with some new modern advances (nice projector and sound is played via car FM, or you can sit where they have speakers. Double feature, means twice the bang for the 10 bucks. It also means a late night drive home! :-)

Frederick Noble

Excellent family-friendly drive in on grass.

kaylee jo

You need to clarify you facebook page and website. Waited for movie to start but it never did. I wish I could of put 0 stars.

Quentin Decker

Neal Morgan

It's the only Drive In that I know of in the area so if you're looking for that experience it's worth the drive. With that said, just be aware that you need to turn your car off during the movie so, no A/C. The picture quality is not great either. It's a fun experience once in a while though.

Belinda Turpin

it is a great place to go watch a movie...its at your own comfort....whether you sit in a chair or stay in your car...the sound is clear...there is variety if you want something to eat and the prices are comparable...

Megan Williams

Nice drive-in. They have a play area for kids.

Gabriel Kellar

Brian Schmid

Reminds me of back in the day.

Amanda Fulmer

Fun. Old fashioned. Not very organized with parking. There are no spots just gravel and grass so once it gets busy, people start to park in crazy ways. Overall a fun, family friendly place. Cool experience

cyndi siegel

jd schmalshof

as good as the old days, current movies, sound and movie in sync, snacks arent bad and prices are reasonable - it's a new old adventure no matter your age.

dorothea adams

Keep our GA Drive ins alive!

Rocky Burton

Best movie theater ever

phillip boisclair


Donovan Harness

Wonderful place last drive in place left amazing family experience and not super expencive

Jack McKinney

Great place to watch a football game.

cal brady

Good time

John Maddalena

The drive-in was pretty relaxed. It’s a little off the beaten path, but still pretty good. They have a little play area for the kids when you’re waiting for the movie to start, which was cool and thoughtful. The parking can fill up quickly so I would definitely recommend getting there about 30-45 mins before the movie starts.


Love love love Tiger Drive In friendly staff and good food Takes us (me and my husband) back to our teenage years THANK YOU !! TIGER DRIVE IN ♡♡

Megen Still

Cool little place. Had a good time.

stiven zatulovski

Sat in the back of my truck and watched joker. Food was really good too and cheap. Awesome place. Drove from north carolina.Def worth it

klc elliott

Great place! Love the atmosphere! While we waited for the movie to begin my younger kids had a fun at the playground and my older son tossed a football back and forth with some other boys. We brought pizza and salad and packed our own snacks. Plus the double feature makes this place well worth the money!

Jan Ray

Neat place, good food, great service.

Angela Fuelleman

Tony Courville

We had a great time haven't to been to one in years there were some nice people thier looking forward to going back

James Yarborough

Love going to the drive in

BJ Van Gundy

Great drive in! Took a Boy Scout troop there this evening for their first experience of a drive in. In the rain. Management was awesome and helpful to making the best of the wetness. Don't let this American tradition die! Go!

haley mims

This was a fun family outing while visiting the Georgia mountains.

Taylor Konley

That place is amazing!!!! We will definitely be bringing the family here over and over again. Brought the family out to see toy story 4 and already can't wait to go back.

Jason Hollis

Great for kids ,loved it

Donna Pedigo

Throw back from childhood,!!! Really nice set up,, took cool pics, and the food was sooooooo not expensive!!! Funnel cake,, was all you smelled all night,,,,, ahhhh will go back!! And they've got a playground for kids!!!

Tim Dow

vanessa smith

The movies are a great deal on double feature nights. Concessions leave something to be desired.

Joseph Lee

Love the pa system. Been awhile since I've been to a drive in and they didn't fail to provide great service and 2 awesome movies. Will definitely go back.

KandyDarling KandyHide


Very nice. Only problem was that there was bats flying around. But is Georgia so its fine

Stephannie Bartlett

Perry Lambert

Nice, if I was in charge the screen would be replaced and a shield would be installed below to prevent the street lights from shining in your face. Also playground closed during movie.

Jim Breen

Michelle Chason

Great prices and a real fun time. I love this place!!

Jennifer Bowling

isaac garrett

Great family event

Christy Arrowood

No better place for movies and family time.

Trey Godfrey

Second time we have been and it was a good time again. Pretty good food selection I wouldn't recommend the chicken tenders though. Nice family atmosphere. Get there early for a good spot, playground for the kids.

Julia Wood

Mingion Plummer

This place is always a must do when me and my girlfriends head up for our girls weekend!

Allie Menge

Deb Moore

Had fun with my hone.

Griff Jenkins

Unfortunate review for the old Tiger tonight. I traveled an hour with the family to catch a movie that was supposed to start at 9:15pm. Well, after we paid and parked we found out they actually started the film at 8:45pm without amending the showtime on their website. The manager was exceedingly rude about the situation when asked. This could be a really nice place with proper management and customer service training. One-star for now. It’ll be a hard decision whether to visit again or not.

Michelle Sigman


Screen resolution is terrible, food prices are overrated for the ghetto facility and service, rude employees, no military discounts, outdated playground, swings are literally breaking any minute, don’t waste your time people. I promise it’s not any good

Flavio Villanustre

Great experience to feel like you are back in the fifties. Good service and family friendly environment.

Dalton Stone

Bruce Dierenfeld


Jimmy Nations

Fun place to visit

Tifftony Littrell

Cost to much

Suzanna Richards

Friendly staff, nostalgic way to watch a movie, good value for the money. Food is a little iffy, but prepared fresh in front of you.

Rider Westerberg

Fun expierience.

Katie Pierce

Fun times

Berry Skelton

Grandkids love it

Laura Byers

Food can be a bit rough but they're absolutely fantastic here with service and kindness ❤️

Allen Walker

Love this place

Grace Henson

Tammy Cornwell

SO much fun! Glamping retro style! Pet friendly and family friendly.

Larry Thornburg

Thus place is awesome, very retro drive in theater.

Luania Rumph

As always a great place to go back to my youth and enjoy a great movie with great people!!

John And Jenny Brown

Beth Thran

Brett Backer

jennifer gilmartin

Unique family experience. Great setup. Played corn hole before movie started. Concession stand had all our favorites.

Ricky Holcomb

Connie McCall

Best experience ever!

Katie Rice

Jody Mann

Super nice owners & the grill was good. Great way to see a movie!

Shaun McAllister

Bettina lynn Yarborough

loved it, had a great time

Jessica Holloway

Kayla Collymore

Overnight camping allowed on grounds on nights that movies are presented! Affordable, fun, family atmosphere.

Sarah Bowling

Susan Campbell

I love bringing my grandson here. The experience is fun for everyone. Although having kids playing on the playground during the movie should be banned, too noisy

Brittany Lee

Steven Weidler

Love this place! Low key fun for families or a fun date night out! They have good food, swings and slides for kids, corn hole, horse Shoes too!

Joel Sigman

We had a blast! The environment was family friendly. And even a thunderstorm during the first movie didn't "dampen" the fun. We brought our little camper and spent the night after the movie. I highly recommend doing that.

Donnie Mitchell

Had a great date night with my beautiful wife and enjoyed the show.

W Woods

Katie Gibson


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