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Michelle Brantley

Inexpensive ticket prices. Great food but as is typical of all theatres, the food is high priced. It was very nice though to have the food and drinks brought to my seat rather than missing part of the movie while waiting at the concession stand. The seats were very comfortable. All in all a great experience

sabrina morrison

I normally have a good experience but not tonight. I ordered food and a food came out after abt 15-20 mins but my drink came out 15 mins after that. I called for a refill on my drink and after 20 mins I called to say I hadnt got my refill. The server had the nerve to ask me was I sure no one brought my drink...DO U SEE A CUP SITTING HERE?! They finally brought my drink...while the credits were rolling!!!!

michael frederick

Theater was great, pricey for the food you buy during movie.

A.J. Betts

My fiancé suggested we go see a movie and I immediately knew what theater I wanted to check out. AMC Dine-In Athens 12 was a clear choice because I have never been to a dine-in movie theater. I downloaded the Atom Tickets app and wen to town. It was a really cool first experience. My only hang up was once we were done eating, we didn't have too many options for where to place our plates. Of course we didn't want to leave our seats during the movie & we didn't want to be interrupted either. I thought about putting everything on the floor but I didn't want us to accidentally make a mess or potentially cause someone (particularly, my fiancé) to trip. It was nice overall.

Daffodil 26

Hit or miss. Sometimes you get good food service other times you get none! Their popcorn and food is very expensive but fun to do once in a while.

Mary Mcfarland

The food was not good, we had ordered the big sampler and the fish and chips and the wings from the sampler meal was the only halfway decent item to eat, otherwise a nice experience - one star only because of the food.

Michelle Mashburn

Clean location but the food is terrible. We have tried everything on the menu. Besides the popcorn & ice cream. Only the chicken strips are worth eating but you can get better strips. For cheaper. At a fast food place. Staff is nice but not all are very knowledgeable.

Lisa Roberts

Very friendly staff at the ticket counter. Theater was clean and wait staff were very welcoming. Spacious seating in the theater.

Cat Who

Excellent for a date night. Sound in the theaters is balanced (not so loud it gets distorted.) Food is good, service was very good. Drinks are a bit on the pricey side, but tasty.

Amber Cathey

AMC Dine In was what you would expect from a good dine in movie theatre, but it was not exceptional. The service was fast, but the seats DO NOT RECLINE. If this is important to you, then this isn't the place for you. The bathrooms were moderately clean, but with the amount of staff I saw just chilling in the halls, I was expecting them to be slightly cleaner.

Wesley Hayes

Decent theater, I really feel I shouldn't be hearing people in the projector booth talking so loud when the movie gets quiet

James Doyle

Saw endgame. Had a good time.

Franco Lozada

Movie quality was nice. We were not offered a menu but luckily our seats had 3 menus and 2 napkins left from the previous movie before the movie started. We used those menus to order (not the napkins).

michael theodorson

I went here the other day and when we got to our seats they had food crumbs on the table tops and underneath where the cup holders were. The A/C also seemed to be off when we went into the theater because it was much warmer then the lobby. But the friendliness of the staff made up for those issues because they took care of everything right away when we informed them of the issues.

Rebecca Lawson Carruth

I drove 1 hour along with my sister to see a move. I told her how good the the wings and salads were. The wings were great ( dry rub) we ordered Cobb salads and when we got them, we both did a bite or two before looking at each other and us both saying “ there's nothing in it other than chicken and lettuce and that they brought us the Caesars”. We called the waitress over and told her. ( the move has started and it's dark) she looked at them with her phone light and agreed with us as she removed them. After enough time had passes to have made new ones, she returned with her manager and the same salads. We were told” they they changed the way they make them, that they mix it all up and that the other stuff wes in there” after they left and we ate a few more bites, I got up and went out into the light, where I was only able to find one sliver of bacon the size of 1/20 th of a slice. 1/2 a cherry tomato. The salad was so bland. In hind sight I should have called the waitress back and refused to accept it, but the movie had started by now and I did not want to miss the beginning especially. We had actually bought tickets to two movies, so in the next one, I asked my sister if she was still hungry and with a nod, I ordered popcorn which is not on my keto diet :( I hate that such a thing thing can ruin a night out, but it does!

Chelsea Randolph

Great seating and tons of space between the rows so you never have someone putting their feet up on the back of your seat. The only drawback is the prices. The food process are astronomical as well as the drink prices.

Nick Singleton

I am an a-list member, so I attend this theatre a good bit. The theatre is a fairly nice facility. Most of the time, the employees are kind and helpful! Occasionally, you get one that seems to be short and unfriendly, but I guess you will always deal with people like that. The most frustrating things with this theatre... 1.) Cleanliness. To be such a nice theatre, the rooms are always disgusting. The menus are always sticky and nasty with food on them. I always have to wipe food out of my chair, and half of the time don’t even touch the table or use the cupholder because they are so nasty and sticky. I expect more out of this place. It’s truly nasty at times. 2.) The Chairs. 50% of the chairs in the theatre rooms squeak and make loud noises. It’s so frustrating trying to enjoy a movie when you have constant squeaking the entire time. It’s not that hard to maintain you’re equipment. 3.) It is frustrating to deal with the servers, because they are so focused on the money. They ask you if you want change, no matter how much you hand them. There has been twice where they never returned with my change, even when I specifically said yes. Even if it is just a couple of dollars, that’s still MY money that I worked for. I tip well if service is good, but stealing my money isn’t the way to get a tip at all. Common curtesy of other people’s things should be a given, but obviously the servers need better training on this issue. The theatre would be so great, if the managers would just take charge and make sure things were being taken care of.

Monique Michelle

I had a awesome experience and our server was superb. Her name was Ansley and she really made sure we had refills and that everything was hot and good. She totally made the experience so much better and she had such a good attitude throughout the whole night . She was so sweet.

Mark Mimbs

Great staff for my first 3 times going to the movies overall friendly and helpful

Amir Perry

This theater isn't like a regular one. Which is good in this case. You have very comfortable seats and beside them are menus and buttons you use to call employees to take your orders. They are quick , prompt, and do their best to serve their guests to ensure they enjoy their movie.

Sarah Bennet

Second time coming to this location and it has been great both times. The tickets seemed cheaper than what I remember, so that's a huge plus. Theater was clean and the theater attendants were prompt.

Melisa Long

The bathroom is Flooded and smells like urine took a piss on a hot summer day. No tissue. Disgusting and gag worthy. Obviously no attention given to it even after speaking to 2 staff members. Food is mediocre and way overpriced. A basic beer being between 9 and $11. Not Good. This place was much better just a few montgs ago. Ovation, you have let yourself go 'fam'.

kristhen williams

I love bringing my family here to eat and enjoy a movie

David Astralla

Nice theater. The price of the snacks and drinks are like any other theater, to expensive.

Amanda Arce

This was such an awesome experience! I am new to the area & had never heard of a dine in theater so wanted to try it out! The food was good & reasonably priced. I thought it might be super outrageous pricing since it's a theater. We got steak nachos & bbq brisket fries. The tickets were only $8 per person on a Saturday evening so not too expensive either! Servers were attentive. Next time, I'd order a drink from the bar! I will definitely be back!

Sandra Johnson

I love going to the movies. But their women bathroom was disgusting! I told the on duty manager the night of Tuesday March 26,2019 and he seemed to not be concerned at all.

Jessica Williams

Volume of the movie was VERY low and made it extremely difficult to hear over the employees chatting below. Our server was great and the food was decent. Way too cold in the theater.

John Crawford

I love this place you can watch a movie you want to, you can set in comfy chairs' and you can eat good food.


Absolutely loved it. My wife and I really enjoyed it. We ate there. We had a few drinks everyone was nice and respectful. Ordered a pizza that was to die for. Super good.

Arafat Fasuyi

The space and the bathrooms are clean. The movie theatres are spacious and comfy. The workers are nice. The only downside was their food. For a dine in theatre, their food is a large platter that's too expensive for the taste you get.

Ron Freeman

First show of the day. Still waiting for service. Theatre is a mess. None of the trays are clean. Floor is dirty and sticky. Can't even sit down. Considering leaving but I'm hungry and we can't get to lunch and another theatre in time.

Robby Wisecup

I'm not basing my review on the movie. It's based on the fact that they had only oneperson taking orders for a theater with a lot of people in it. They also charge entirely too much for the amount of food they give you. I realise that movie theaters tends to do this, but still.

Melissa Burgess

This was my first and Only time at this particular AMC. The Employees Aren't Welcoming and Act like they Don't Want To Be Bothered. From the front desk ppl, to the ticket girl, to the servers. We had our service light on to order drinks and to Possibly order food, But after waiting till the movie was Halfway over to come to us for our order, I was too disappointed and upset to give them the satisfaction. We ordered 2 Ice waters. The waitress that did Finally come was nice and apologetic, But the Staff Can Do Better! After the movie I went to the bathroom and it smelt like mold or like someone just smoked something in there. It wasn't the cleanest either. This theater needs to tighten up or close down

shaina knight

Unprofessional kitchen staff, no one appears to wear hair nets, hats, or gloves. There is metal/hard rock playing loud enough for the public to hear all the way in the front of the lobby. I have heard profanity and inappropriate staff conversation in the kitchen behind the bar at least 8 times and I have only been here 5 minutes. Management this falls on you, and staff in the kitchen I can tell you have no shame, but tone it wayyy down. Your staff should be held to a certain level of professionalism and should understand the general public and the several families that are walking through this lobby just heard the F word 3 times in a row among several other profane words. This happened at 9:15 to 9:20pm 8/10/19 while several families were exiting movies that just let out.

Diana S

AMC stubs membership worth the money. Normally not crowded. Food a bit pricey but it is a movie theater.

Stephanie Vanegas

I usually love this place, which is why I will give it two stars, instead of one, but today my vegetarian husband was given meat. We ordered the jalapeno burger with a black bean patty and tater tot substitution, which the menu gives the options for. All seemed fine, the order came out and it appeared our server, Christian I believe was his name, messed up the tater tots. We brushed it off as it is not a huge deal and my husband started eating his burger. He was abut halfway through when someone else I'm assuming was the manager, came over to inform us they made a mistake and gave him beef. Although I was very angry, this was in the middle of the new Harry Potter movie, so I just told him to take everything away. He comes back 15 minutes later with a new burger saying he was going to comp the meal and apologizing for the situation. A while later, the original waiter comes by acting as if nothing happened, no apology or acknowledgment of his mistake, and brings us the check. Nothing was comped, we were billed the full amount, so I set it aside so I can speak to someone about it after the movie was finished. The server comes back a couple of minutes later and takes the check. I tell him it is not ready and he says it doesn't matter and walks away. I am livid at this point and eager for the movie to finish so I can go talk to someone. Lo and behold, though, after the movie, there was no employee in sight. I have NEVER been mistakenly given meat after ordering a veggie plate. No where, ever. I was excited to watch one of my favorite movie franchises and I left very disappointed thanks to a crappy experience provided by the staff.

Connor Ryan

Went regularly when MoviePass was in its heyday. Now only go on $5 Tuesdays. Always enjoyed my experience. Very spacious and comfy seating, though no recliners. Food is pricey like all theaters but pretty good. Best bang for your buck is probably the Big Bite Sampler.

Shaun Fortson

It was very nice. Just a little pricey.

Cynthia Stanojevich

freezing in the movie theater. big seats but did not reclined. take a blanket!

peaceful soul

my family enjoys it here. I think the food and drinks are priced reasonably for a theatre. Non alcohol drinks are free refills. There is a bar here as well for stronger drinks and you can hang out and watch some tv while you wait on your movie. Not 5 star food but who would expect that from a neighborhood theatre? We pass up 2 other theatres just to go here.

Michael Casuccio

You can have a meal and drinks in the restaurant/bar area before or after your movie. Or better yet, you can enjoy a meal and drinks in the theater while you watch the movie. Distraction from the wait staff is minimal.

XxY2Hacking __pro__xX

This place is great we went to the AMC in Bethlehem Georgia but then we found this place and tried it out and it was just amazing service is great and the its clean

Anna Holland

I love this theater! It's definitely a treat when I get to go, because I like the food and of course theater food's a bit pricey. But in my opinion you can't beat having a big glass of wine and a great burger while watching a movie

Ray R

Been here several times over the years, but since I can only comment on what it is now. The customer service is great here, and during the movie it's also good. I agree with another reviewer wish seats reclined, but then again might fall asleep. Also can't forget about the food they serve it's good enough that if you could just come up for that alone.

Mathew Williams

I hate that I have to rate a movie theater 5 stars; I'm not a fan of movie theaters. But the food they sell is top notch. The crispy shrimp was some of the best shrimp I've ever had, both in preparation and quality of shrimp. Big and meaty, I only wish there were more of them, but honestly the price wasn't ridiculous for what you get. It came with fries and slaw, which also were both solid. As for the theater aspect, it's about what I'd expect. Nothing I saw would cause me to call it anything but a 5-star experience. Can't imagine wanting anything more from them.

Doug Ray

Would go see a movie there anytime. It was so comfortable. Large seats with plenty of room to relax. The food was bad, I can't really explain it, but I ordered crispy shrimp, the stuff came out limp and nearly soggy. Next time we'll go out to eat and then to see our movie here!

Keirra Swallows

A little pricey but great experience!

Kelly Sheffield

Movie theater is dirty. There’s popcorn all over the seats the trays haven’t been wiped in idk how long. There’s food all over the floor and the staff just goofing off instead of finding work to do like this place don’t need to be cleaned. Poor staff

Emmielou Mooney

Super nice theater. In and out, no problems. Very clean and comfortable

cyndi burnett

It's okay. The seats do NOT reline like other places. My food (the chicken plate with biscuits and fries) was horrible and it took us 30 minutes to get service and that's only after chasing a girl down and asking her for assistance.... The movie was good though

Patrina Huff

Been a little while since I've stopped in here. Has a nice vibe and is good for family or more adult outings. Plays a range of mainstream and somewhat smaller flims.

Steven Lindsey

It part 2 at a great theater

Angela Burke

I only have this theatre 3 stars because the movie was supposed to start at 430pm and we arrived at 420 pm and the movie was already in play so we missed the very beginning of the movie. And not to mention that 3 small orders of fries,3 drinks, and bottomless popcorn was jaw dropping 80 dollars!!

Ruby Peel

Comfortable seats, tasty food. The salad is yummy...yes, eating salad at the movies is not common but it is big, flavorful, and filling.

Caroline Westbrook

Absolutely terrible service. We walked in 2 minutes before our showing, and the customers occupying the theater for the previous movie were just then leaving. Had to wait for the theater to be cleaned while our movie was supposed to have already begun. Employees were nice, but there were several of them just sitting around in corners on their phones. Seemed very chaotic and we felt unsafe. So we got a refund and left.

Mandee Floyd

Clean and comfortable. All the people working here were very nice and accomadating. We enjoyed our movie and the service we received. Just super pricey on the food and drinks. Movie prices were great tho and will will more then likely return in the future.


It's so nice to be greeted by friendly staff and have such comfortable seating. I just wish their menu items came with a few cheaper choices. Being disabled, going to a movie is a rare treat. It would be nice to afford something to eat there too.

Tonya Johnson

Very cozy. Food/snacks is a lil pricey's a theatre!

Faith Marie

My favorite place to watch a movie. The seats are comfy and the staff is very friendly.

Blake Pace

The bar tender is great, but it tends to take a while for a server to show up when you need one. Also it would be nice if this AMC would catch up with the other and also have motorized reclining seats.

Joshua Holcomb

Cheap on Tuesdays. Bring your own food and drinks tho. It's expensive.

Beauti FAHT

Love coming here but sometimes the staff ruin the experience

John Matthews

Love that place seats are comfortable now with convenient service buttons

Sarah Copeland

Love this place. Wish they'd bring the club sandwich back!

Daphne Wilson

This was my first visit. I went to a matinee. I don't know if they were understaffed or what, but it took awhile for someone to take our order. When our food finally arrived, it was lukewarm, barely cooked, and overall gross. I went to the ladies' restroom, and there was a bunch of water on the floor, and half the stalls didn't have toilet paper. If I can help it, I will not return.

Nancy Callahan

Beautiful! Lovely place, every seat is a good one. Great staff, friendly and helpful and paying attention. Prices are crazy but free refills on popcorn and soda would be great. I was by myself so it was kinda expensive for one

Karen Barnett

Excellent ... And a bit of a hidden gem. Not crowded and the food is delicious. Really enjoy seeing movies at rhis AMC Athens.

Brandon Tyner

I hate that I have to give 1 star. During the climax of avengers end game a employee came and stood in front on me for 5 minutes collecting credit cards from the people who ordered food around me. Remember that super cool thing Thor said to Captain America? Well I don't cause I couldn't hear it because this guy was blocking my view of the screen and talking.

Nazia Bashir

Lovely theatre. Great food choices.

Gabriel Ethridge

Now while our last trip to the theaters didn't go as well as others, it was still phenomenal. The service was slower because of how packed they were but they still managed to do a great job getting our orders. This is my family's goto theater and will remain that way.

Charlie Jameson

Most of the time, the food in this place is ok. It is always expensive, but the quality has been good and the delivery service is handled well. This latest visit was a major disappointment. Staff was friendly and helpful and this is where any similarity with previous visits stopped. They changed some things in the kitchen. The quesadillas were not as good. The fish was smaller, with a different breading and was Very greasy , while the chips were the same, the whole order arrived much less than hot. Not really cold, but obviously had sat around for much longer than necessary. Gonna be really difficult to order food there again. The beer was cold tho'. And the staff is still friendly.

Tashay Meadows

Love this theater because it's right next to my house..Great people and all around great place

Christy Lyons

The screen was green for about 30 minutes. Nobody came when the service button was pushed. I had to go get somebody. My family will not go back.

Charles Edwards

Where great food service was terrible Movie was great seats

Jason Vogt

The bathrooms were disgusting and the seat arm rests were very sticky... very disappointed......

Taylor Gannon

Been here several times. The servers are usually really awesome, tonight was not an exception to that. If I'm not picking, I wish the seats reclined, and I wish they turned the lights off completely. Its comfy and convenient and I think matinees go until 630 or so, at least on weeknights.

Jenny Benton

I really enjoyed my experience here! The lady at the ticket booth was friendly and helpful. The chairs are roomy and comfortable. The bathrooms were a little dirty but that was obviously from inconsiderate people throwing tissue on the floor and clogging toilets. I did have 1 problem that I can't seem to excuse. The only way to order food is to have it brought to your seat. I don't want to interrupt the movie for my snacks. I want to be able to buy a bag of popcorn and a drink before entering the room.

Jai deLovely

Has lighted seating. Staff is friendly. Found a lost item I left and put it in a secure place until it was recovered

Nathan Gilmour

This is our family's favorite cinema in Athens. After 30 years of watching movie tickets get more expensive, AMC made them cheap again! Wonderful! The annual popcorn bucket is a great deal, and the reserve seating on the app makes arriving at the movies smooth every time.

max norman

you go in and buy a ticket, maybe you are with some friends or maybe you are on a date. you can sit down and watch the movie and then order lunch or dinner or desert while the movie plays and you can relax and eat while watching. the place is very clean and amazing, the people who work there are friendly. go here about once a month.


Great theater... sound system... seats... parking... but the food prices are ridiculous. It's like eating in the stadium. Just sayin'

John Goddard

I love this place! The luscious pizza and fries are awesome and the service has always been good when I have gone here. I love getting to have great food with a movie instead of having to settle for lousy movie popcorn. The servers i have had have always been nice and friendly and eager to please. I live in Atlanta but I always drive up here when the Movie Tavern in the metro area doesn't have (or still have) a movie I want to see and it is up here at the AMC Dine-in. I just wish they didn't cut out the late shows just because there is school, most theaters don't do that. That makes it harder to get up there but I still go whenever possible because I love this place and its great food so much!

Kenny Hembree

Best prices in town for matinee shows and specials on Tuesdays.

Matthew McAbee

I just watch avengers endgame and the movie was great and the staff was amazing we were the last ones in the theater and the staff came and gave all of us a free tub of popcorn and coca cola plus I suggest for people to see the movie and to visit the AMC theater

Emily Gilreath

I have been to several movies here and it’s a great experience every time. The ticketing is fast and simple, the workers are friendly, and the theaters are also super clean. The food selection is awesome for a movie theater and the service is great delivered to your seats. bellamarie1

Service was terrible had to wait almost an hour to get service to order popcorn then it showed up 20min before movie was over. Y far slowest service I have ever had

Gingers Biz And Events

Nice, clean facility. Food was good, had the bacon ranch tots and brownie sundae. Friendly staff.


Pretty nice. Clean. Good service.

David Anaguano

Nice place to watch a good movie and have a good dinner too.

Antonio Cooper

The ultimate nachos was not good. It took over 30 minutes for them to bring my food and I had to go to them to get it. The theater wasn't even busy at 4:15 pm, the service has been like this the last 2 times I've been here and go to the movies at least once a week. Also they tried to give me a smaller portion of the ultimate nachos and took a picture of it from another patron who ordered the same thing.

Danielle Vogt

Was pretty disappointed. The place was so dirty--the bathrooms smelled like pee, the food trays at the seats.

chris ruf

Theater is clean and nice. However there was a group of people who were theater hopping who watched youtube videos on phones and continued to be disruptive during whole movie. Not the theaters fault directly but maybe they should periodically check in their screen rooms.

elizabeth stewart

Staff is courteous and the theater is always clean. My fave!

Caleb Pittman

The movies are good but I don't like when the waitress say do you want your change back,hell ya I want it,let me see how you going to serve me first. When you order they say pay now so yes I want my change,you haven't showed me nothing.

Lori Springer

Movie prices are decent but concession prices are too much...$16 for one drink and popcorn


Clean, and I love having drink and popcorn refills plus regular food brought straight to your seat! No missing the movie for refills!

Kathryn Titus

I always enjoy this place.

Linda Guinn

Very nice. Seat comfy. Wings very good.

Butch Lewis

Had to clean my seat and arm rest. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer.

OJ Sims

Webt to see Godzillla. Good flick!


I love the place...only thing that should change are the seats...they should have like a recliner type style

Eir Beir

Big seats with lits of space between rows. The pretzel bites are fudging delicious with some honey mustard. The fries were also good. Thankfully the staff has started trying to get you to pay your bill before the movie starts so that they do not bother you during the movie.

Barbara Ellington

Great experience. Just wish the servers would be less intrusive during the movie.

Olivia Shore

Great service, phenomenal movie and food. I only say 3 stars because there were TONS of these weird little moths flying around and the entire time I was too busy swatting the bugs out of my face than I was really enjoying the movie.

Crystal McDaniel

I give 5 stars because they went above and beyond this visit. I would touch the blue button and without me asking someone would show up with a drink refill and popcorn refill. Woot woot and the theater is always comfy and movie screens never disappoint.

Tia LaFlam

I love that I can sit down watch a movie and also eat food and order from my chair. Very clean and service came around fast. The food is good and they have a coke machine that does all the different flavors. Very satisfied.

Sarina Kelly

Ok could be better no refill on drinks good ok

Audrey Cox

Clean, comfortable, good service, good food, and not over-crowded.


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