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REVIEWS OF Sarasota Square IN Florida

Derek Mederick

Store by store, the mall gets smaller as the stores close down or transfer to another place, but it's a nice place. The stores that are left are worth visiting and purchasing items from. The security there cannot do much when shoplifters are in the picture, but people just need to be attentive and responsive. I always keep hearing how grand it used to be to people who've visited for decades. It's saddening to see store by store disappear, but times change, of course. Whatever comes from it in the upcoming years will hopefully revive the mall, and the area surrounding it.

Brian M

Nice place but a lot of stores have left or plan to leave. The mall itself is clean, easy to get to and what stores are there, are pretty good. It's actually kind of sad. It use to be very active and bustling with people hustling with people but now it's more like a ghost town. It's mostly Mall walkers and the store employees. I don't think you'll see more than two or three people if that in anyone store with the exception of the big department store like JCPenney. On the other hand because of that there's no waiting on line for anything no crowds and shopping is a breeze. I would recommend for anybody to go there and Shop. There are some great deals and no crowds.

Jonathan Willner

It’s a decent mall with some parts dying like a cancer hanging on. Most of the spaces are closed and this mall is dying. I can see they are still somewhat trying because of how clean it is and kept up. One of the anchors is just unoccupied very bad sign.

Luna Mily Sanchez

Not very much open anymore. Just went to Spencer's for some backpacks and hurried out. Sad to see a fun place to come during my teenage years.

Linda Baglio

Who ever owns this mall had better jump on it quick before they lose every store. Each time I come in another store is gone.I live by the mall and frequent the mall and each time I come more more stores are gone. All that’s going to be left is Costco and the movie theater and you can’t support them all with two stores. Came in today to go to Costco and now I see prime serious is gone. What are you waiting for? Why are you not doing something to revive this mall?

Kat Fowler

Hate that they're getting rid of all the good stores. Guess I don't have to spend my money there.

Bobbie Hernandez

Just didn't like it. To many rude snobby people.

Adam French

Honestly haven't been inside in a long time but I love Lucky's grocery store

Erica Miller

It's super slow and many of the stores have gone out of business... But there's a Costco, so that's nice.

Russian kid

Fun the boats were really cool and ice just yum

Elizabeth Hannon

My mall and they keep shutting stores down but opens big ones that aren't needed, now university Westfield is like only mall ppl have ever heard of before, but this is my home, I know I'll miss it once it's gone

Luna Rios

Small mall, but there's a lot there. I only come to visit Buckle and Hot Topic... the service is wonderful. I also like the Asian food that they have in the cafeteria area.

david schramm

Very clean very nice Mall. We should had some more anchors

Ingrid Magsam

Went to the movies to see Downton Abbey.

Julia Smithson

Seems like this place is not thriving as many stores are closing but the play area was nearly empty which was great for my little one!

Charandeep Singh

Good place to be with friend and movie.

Bert Bosse

Love COSTCO - selection and price. Excited for new location on I - 75 and Hwy 64 in Bradenton.

Ruby Johnson

Very fun. Loved going to oldnavy

angel koeppe

Thank goodness for Penny's and mall walkers or this place would be closed down

Barbie Kesling

I really wish this mall would revamp or put some new stores in it. A couple of my favorites are in this mall and I would hate to see them go away bc it looks like this mall is sadly on it's way out. I remember back in the day when it was hoppin' as Sarasota Square!

Michaelene Klotz

We go here to visit Costco. Costco is always good.

David Awesomenes

Slow death of a once vibrant shopping mall. Good place to fitness walk, shop at Costco, ..and there is a first run movie theatre. Well lit inside, cool, comfortable, felt safe...just sad to see so many storefronts shuttered.

Christopher Dillard

It's sad that this mall is having a slow death a really great mall to go to and love the fact that it has a theater in it so while you wait for a movie you can shop. But the internet has killed this place. .

Joy Estaris

Mostly empty stores...There is an H&M, Express, Old Navy, JC Penneys, Bath &Body Works, and not much else. The only reason I go is Costco.

Raymond Piontkowski

Costco is always a great deal.

Lilly Gutnik

Wish there were more stores but a nice and clean mall.

Anthony Glaude

We go here for the Costco only, which is the best"warehouse" type business around. Once the new Costco is built in Bradenton, we will have no reason to visit this Westfield in Sarasota.

Carl Oros

It is a very disappointing place to see all the empty storefronts. If Costco wasn't such a nice place to shop I wouldn't be going there.

Jeanie Baker

Fun mall, good store choices, great seats for daddy's to nap in!

Linda McClure

Not many businesses and alot of empty stores. Almost like a ghost town. Very disappointing and non productive shopping trip. Save your time and go somewhere else.

Ashley Dean Cooper

Mall pretty dead everyone goes to utc

Joseph Persicketti

Dead! The previous owner was so dang smart to sell this place to Westfield! Wow! It's all at UTC now!

Marcia Hertz

Good place to stop and refresh. Good fresh & packaged food choices, clean. Beware of scammers & drug dealers who inhabit the place at night.

Jean Mumper

A theater where we enjoy seeing the simocast productions of the Metropolitan Operas.

Jeanne Minnear

Family friendly mall with many stores for everyone needs. Bathrooms that accommodate families. A nursing station for mothers which is wonderful. Clean movie theaters. A food court that suits anyone palet. Has a Costco attached to the store which is very convenient. Highly recommend this mall.

Vincent Leto

I shop at this mall. It is always kept clean and well-maintained. Never have any problem with parking.

Joan Hengy

To my surprise it's a very clean mall. The directory is easy to read and you don't get lost!! Very friendly and helpful staff. I will be visiting it again! I hope everyone has the same experience.

Kenneth Schweizer DDS PA

It’s a shame stores are pulling out. It has such a great location.

John Moffo

Great way to beat the heat, take a nice walk and grab a bite to eat

Heather Priest

This mall has absolutely nothing in it!!


Removed anything for kids. 0 stars now if I could.

Tropical Breeze

Place is dead. If not for Costco or AMC, would be closed. Needs to be torn down and rebuilt is way too outdated having all the right stores would probably not even save it.

Louise Bishop

Movie theater is wonderful! First show of day $5!! But I fear this is dying, the place was empty even with all the sales. There is a big Victoria's Secret that I enjoyed. And you can't beat the $1.50 hot dog at Costco.

Scott Gardner

Last local holdout of the "standard mall". Unfortunately lots of vacant stores. Good movie theater.

Brittany Leydon

This is a dying mall. I went to see a movie and I was shocked by how empty it was. The food court is down to 2 or 3 restaurants and most of the surrounding stores have closed. Sad story for this place because I remember when it was the place to hang out in HS. Atleast the movie theater is nice and it has the only IMAX around.

Lyle Horst

Unless you're going to Costco or seeing a movie, this place is dead and/ or dying. No Starbucks, no anchor stores to speak of, most mall staples have left or are having going out if business sales. Youve got better choices than to shop here.

Wine Ondevine

Nice, upscale mall. But be prepared to pay a premium on everything you buy. Example: Olive oil at one of the stores for a 4 oz bottle was 36.00. Bring your large credit limit card. You'll need it. Other than that, nice to take in the sights. That's free. At least for now.

Micheal Brown

A lot of childhood memories there. As of my recent visit to JCPENNEY'S there aren't very many business left. Westfield hasn't done much to attract it retain businesses. Makes me wonder if a residential/commerical projectile is in the best future. Nothing in the mid income range which is what is desperately needed. Either way.. The mall is dead and it's sad to see


I've been coming to this mall for 15 years. It's always an interesting experience. Wish they had a wider variety of stores.

Richard Glidewell

Clean and well maintained despite being mostly vacant. Good movie theater (AMC), Penny's, Costco, and a few small vendors remain. Food court is almost empty.

Brandon Green

Nice cozy small/medium size mall. It doesn’t have all your big name stores like the UTC Mall has off of Exit 213, but has some smaller stores. I love the movie theater and the food court they have.

Chris Hain

We went here solely for the Costco. We love that there is always a Costco nearby whenever we travel. We were able to get fresh local seafood at a fraction of the cost of the fish markets on the island. We had forgotten our ID cards and were pleased when we found out that the service desk was gracious enough to print temporary ones for us.

Shannon Hill

Mall is empty barely anyone in it and almost no stores in it.

Literally Matty

The mall itself is dying but the places that are still open there are great

Joseph Andrade

Pretty good food court. Still very good AMC movie theater.. Huge Costco there.

palma talarico

Love Express, Buckle, Yankee Candle , H&M, JCPenney I always find everything I need and more at this mall. Everyone is so pleasant!

Virginia Owens

Love their Santa! Great place to go while it was storming as it's all enclosed. Some decent stores

David Bat

I go there to buy at Costco mall is very quiet chain stores are leaving

Horacio Arevalo

Lovely place but loot of stores closed, the dining court have only 3 stores open, it's a shame because is a nice mall and they still take care of the maintenance, wish they can get all the store full again

Cynthia J.

Its nothing like it uses to be. Very empty and its very sad that such a popular mall back in the day has lost its businesses and glory.

Bruce Crow

What a great ball this is. However it's turning into a ghost Mall not many Shoppers anymore. But it's great for walkers on a stormy day. Great atmosphere Great Mall

Keino Parchment

Very spacious Mall. Need more shopping store. Knockerball n ninjas was a very nice place to take the kids.

Call Me Friend

it's a dead mall but has some nice places

Ralph Pena

Almost all the stores are gone. Old navy Costco and movie theater are all that's left

john buckley

A really nice mall but like all malls today alot of the stores are going out of business


Nice mall, go to LA Nails for the best pedicure & hot rock massage feels great!

Ken Armstrong

One of my favourites. Fresh food great value


Not that exciting. But they do have a movie theater. The mall was nearly empty.

Ann Huddleston

We saw the movie overcomer, great movie, about who we are in Christ.


Another short lived mall. I guess when online retail causes all the traditional retail stores to close up shop... They will then be able to charge us whatever they want for merchandise. Sure glad that I have all I will ever need. Come on old school retail show us some great prices and excellent customer service to keep those doors open.

Jennifer Humphries

This used to be where everyone went to shop but unfortunately many many stores have closed down and there are only three restaurants open in the food court now. Very disappointing to see it withering away. There are still a few good stores that I would encourage you to check out if you’re in the area.

Erin Roberts

I found a deal on Groupon for this place. Two tickets, 30 minutes each, for $13. The normal price for one ticket is $11. The lady was super cool and made good suggestions about glasses and hats so nothing would be damaged. The games were fun and there were plenty of options for different kids. Will definitely be going back.

Bill Fleck

It was a nice mall but it's slowly dying.

andrea supe

Nice mall. No complaints

Elizabeth Kostyukevich

They have a good shopping center. I went here two times in my overall four days in Sarasota

Michael Suit

I remember the mall full of stores. Now there isnt much other than a few stores the movies and small food court. I would love to see businesses come back.

Rich Little

Costco, Victoria's Secret's, movie theater, and several other stores with a food court. Costco has a kitchen where you can buy pizza that is pretty good for Florida, sorry this isn't Chicago pizza, better than New York or New Jersey pizza though by far, but that's not saying much. Pizza made in the northeast by Antifa members is not very palatable. Plenty of parking for handicapped people, half the parking lot actually is handicap parking, so if your handicapped you got it made here, which brings senior citizens by the drove. So walking in the parking lot is almost as dangerous as walking the streets of Baltimore late at night, but not quite because at least in Baltimore they murder people with intention, here its just because they can't see you......

Chas Giltner

Closed at 6pm on Sundays missed out on Costco pizza. 1.98 slices.

Linda Caporale

Easy access and parking. Restaurants and department stores. Very nice workers.

Evan Slaughenhoupt

Went to Costco and got in and out quickly and conveniently

Leo Mayne

Some Nice Nail salons and Costco is there food court is nice too

Michelle Samartin

So sad to see what happened to this mall. What happened to all the stores ? It used to be such a great shopping experience. 3 places to eat in the food court , 2 on Sunday ? UTC is 15 minutes away but so worth the ride. Shame on this mall management Westfield!

Jean-Ann Botner

Come visit us at Atomic Tattoos located in the mall between Costco and the food court! We’d be happy to make your next tattoo or piercing!

Geri Cwik

Theatre in the mall is great... not too far you travel to


Always enjoyable, Costco near, nice food court, I usually go here to watch movies at the theater here.

Crystal Wist

Used to be better. Half the stores are closed down now.

Nick R

This mall isn’t what it used to be in terms of stores and excitement, but it’s still nice and clean and has a few good stores. Perhaps one of the greatest assets is the fact it’s quieter than UTC mall or Port Charlotte mall and its movie theather is way better quality than the ones in Venice and port Charlotte. I would love to see this mall revitalize itself and live up to its potential as it’s a nice location and huge parking lot. It could easily accommodate more stores.


Very few stores left. Teens don't even hang around anymore. Only thing keeping it alive is the movies and Costco.

Bill Morgan

Costco & much more in the mall. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Nice just to walk around. Parking can be a challenge at times, especially around holidays & weekends.

Jane Harris

Great mall. Super clean. Easy parking. Not enough stores.

Carson Carson

They seem to have remodeled it only for it to be a bust.. In my opinion. A lot of spaces are empty and every time I go, it grows emptier. Still a good place to walk around and window shop. Not too busy usually.

Rodney Thompson

Found exactly what the daughter wanted and she's happy!!!

Shane Smith

It's close and always decent for the kids. Movies, ice cream shops and restaurants. They have a couple misc shops sprinkled in

Robert Sturk

This is a mall. I come here almost exclusively to go to Costco. Many of the big stores have closed shop. There are some smaller stores but many seem to be struggling. The restaurants close regularly (permanently, not for the day). I suppose the big draws are Costco and the movies...

Gloria Wingrove

Welcoming but sad to see so many vanishing stores

Game Squaf

Many stores there 1 time shopping area! Has a very good Costco!

Stephen Callaghan

I'm sad to say that this mall is on a steady decline. From what I could see, more than half of the shops that once populated this place have shut down. Even the food court is a shadow of its former self. I really can't recommend this mall for anything other than the AMC theatre, which is still going strong. Shame really, it used to be a very nice place


Dying mall, on life support, half of parking empty, very sad, many memories at it, thanks to Costco, keep bringing some folks.

Matt G

Grew up going here, was super busy until 3-4 years ago when the big anchor stores left. You know those youtube videos where people explore dying malls? I feel like im in one every time i'm in here.

Joan Mcmahon

Convenient to those of us in South Sarasota area. Hoping they will be able to add more stores after losing Macy's and Sears.

Maria Annika Smith

Smells awful but the absolutely best shopping experience you'll ever have! H&M seems to have absolutely everything for 5 bucks! Its 18 items for $152 amazing!

Kassie Foster

Very pretty inside! Very clean and nice workers! The only bad thing is the outside is unwelcoming but the inside is much better!

Carol Fisher

Great parking - large Costco- easy access

Beatriz Rosado

Good mall, though stores are slowly but surely closing due to most shoppers going to UTC.

Whitney Harney

Not many stores left but journeys still being there saved it for me i love their shoes and hot topic but i was unhappy to see that lids and most of the clothes stores are gone

Druskoczi Szilvia

Sadly, this mall is dying off! Many stores have closed, including The Body Shop. Victoria Secret has limited stock. There is a very limited, small food court. The mall is empty and in desperate need of a facelift. I love the location and would be happy to see it revamped.

Curt Bloodworth

The mall is tired and dated looking. Many stores are vacant.

Marlon Lopez

Nice mall with a very nice movie theater. Food court could use more selection & of course it would be even better if they brought back a GameStop.

Lee Cowan

It's pretty dead in there, lots of closed stores and not many shoppers. It's too bad, I love the location and the building looks to be in great shape. Mostly we go there for movies or Costco but occasionally stroll through to see what else is going on.

Irene Orf

We scored lots of great back to school clothes at Old Navy this trip. The store was well stocked with pre-teen sizes at great prices. There are still some great stores here that keeps this mall on our list as one of our regular shopping stops.

Mark Thomas

Astounded this place is still open. Same could be said about any old style mall. Other than the movie theater & Costco what is still there? What is the draw? I remember buying CDs there in the 90s & buying tools and appliances from Sears - now closed - but other than that.....

Aqua Grip

Great place to hang out!

Jamie Carr

What happened??? The place looks like the set of a post apocalyptic movie! Stay away

James Williamson Guyer

Love this mall. So sad that all the stores are leaving. What's up? Too expensive? Wish it would thrive. It's a place to really move around while also getting out of the heat.

Christy Temple

What used to be a great mall is now almost a ghost town

Lisa Williams

I love this mall.. unfortunately most stores are empty. Costco and AMC movie theater still busy places.

Lily Hope

Cute small mall, very clean and quiet. The stores are easy to find. Not overwhelming like larger malls can sometimes be. I would recommend it.

Sarah Davis

Unfortunately it is a dying mall. There are not many stores here. The majority of people at this mall were mall walkers.

Gary Burt

Unfortunately this is another brick and mortar mall that has lost some of their anchor stores. Costco and Costco fuel are here and the movie theater seems to be successful. Hopefully, a great use of this building can be found. There are two other thriving malls in town. It's sad, but history is rewriting the use of buildings like this. Time will tell.

Jacob Bruntjen

Mall was clean and not desolate. Food court had a wide variety of choices. There was a good directory at all entrances. Had adequate security for the parking lot. Hand cap parking. Had a movie theater with a IMAX. Costco was located in the mall for the bulk shopper. The arcade in the mall took way to much of me and my brothers money lol. The skill stop quarter is not to be trusted.

Robert Siegel

Costco has a superb selection ,clean and organized ,safe environment

Leedog Rottie

Convenient location but several stores have vacated. Amazon is putting the hurts on the brick and mortar stores.

Monika Braun

Nice food court. Not many good stores.

Tom Mckenna

As most malls are going...dyeing on the vine. Love Costco.

Grace Lafo

This mall is many of the stores that once attracted people. Starbucks is gone, the Children's Place, and many more. They do have a good food court, although some of these places are coming to and end as well.

James Eckman

Great place but very few shops

Becki Lally

This mal is going down the drain quickly. It's losing all the higher end stores..pretty soon it will just be Costco and the movie theater. UTC must've really killed this place. Also the food court is half of what it used to's very disappointing.

Jubilation Yates

This place use to be my favorite place to hang out...but now there is barely any stores in there and hardly anyone goes there. Its depressing to only see about 20 stores open when there use to be around 50. I wish this place could come back from the ashes and be the place it use to be.

Christine Patterson

Wish this mall had more stores to shop at. Love this mall and location better then UTC mall

L E-Wathen

My family loves this mall. There is room for improvement. It lacks luster and be honest it is the place we go when we are NOT in the mood for crowds. I hear they are wanting to add condos...don't! There is enough housing in this area but very little for younger crowds. We are a young family and will be in the area for many years..add stores not housing.

Its Viper

Honestly the mall is amazing, there's so much to do! But sadly it's slowly dying, stores are being put out of nusiness very fast due to the lack of activity.


This mall is really going downhill... It is like a ghost town in here. Businesses come and go so fast and lots of lots are empty. Must be cost to rent space here and competition with UTC. Wondering how the mall would survive without Costco and the movie theater. Used to be my favorite mall to go to! :(

Neil Thomas

Sad - where have all rhe businesses gone?

just enabzzz_

Was a good mall, but its just dead now. I feel bad for the people that work there, theres not even 1/10th of the people that used to go there. Barely any stores.

Gregory Golub

To be honest in the age of Internet shopping the Westfield Sarasota mall is almost obsolete. With the new UTC installed on University really in my eyes the only benefit to Sarasota Square Mall is Costco and I personally believe they could survive there without the other businesses.

David Lipsy

If you're a birder, the water retainment pond is a big draw to an amazing diversity of birds. In a mall parking lot!

Bob Colby

Beautiful mall that is nearly dead...soooooo many stores have closed.

Michael Garrett

Great mall. But it's going down. Many empty shops and not to many people going there anymore. Sad to see such a beautiful mall slowly decay away to nothing.

Nine Nature

Cool mall has alot more than just clothes stores, offers a laser tag place, and a movie theatre.

Jordan Bradshaw

There is no air in some spots, most stores are gone. Movie theater and cosco is basically all that's left.

Josh Duell

Stores that are there are nice. Lots of empty fronts.


Amazing i went to ninja and knockerballs but there arent many shops they are mostly all closed

Estefania Hernandez

Very nice fancy mall. Found great dresses here

twidgetbee 30

While the mall is slow in traffic it is a very well kept place. The stores that are there are really great and I enjoy going here!

aleface smugglar

About to be like the rest of the malls in the country. Shut down.

joseph kimerer

Lot of empty store fronts if it wasn't for the movie, Costco and Penny's this would be a dead mall. Half the good court is closed down.

Steven Hill

Unfortunately, it seems as though the mall is standing on its last legs. I find it pretty sad, myself, and it just shows how different and anti-social everything is becoming...anywho There's about 2-3 restaurants open in the food court, on a good day, and maybe 25-35ish% total business occupation (Hot Topic, Buckle, Old Navy, Spencer's, Costco [actually worth going for]). Still, I do enjoy stopping through and wish it would find some purpose really soon, before it hits a threshold.

Dylan Garner

The food court decor is very modern and pretty. Not as many stores comparing to a couple years ago, but still very,very clean, and usually easy to get around.

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