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REVIEWS OF Ruskin Family Drive-In Theatre IN Florida

Tracie Swart

Very affordable! Family friendly, food is not outrageously priced, 2 movies for the price of one (usually) I would much rather go here then to a movie theater. The only thing is I wish the times were a little more accessible. Most of the time I have to work the following day or son has school so we pass on going. But when we can make it, we love it! Help keep them open by supporting this place. Not a lot of family things to do anymore and def not many drive ins left.

Michael Mullady

Very highly recommended!! I had never been to a drive in movie before this but I can see what makes it a different experience. I loved it. The window speakers had decent sound and we also were able to play the sound over the radio- which made it like a personal surround sound! The food at the snack bar was decent and reasonably priced. The tickets were also reasonably priced. This would be a great place to bring your kids if you have a family.

Sairah Church

This place is a town treasure. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to get enough business to keep the snack bar cost down or to widen the variety of snacks. None the less, what is offered is good and the staff is friendly. Anyone who is …

Christopher Mitchell

It is what it is an old-fashioned Drive-In actually one of the last in America. watch new movies cheap, snacks reasonable

Julieth Monsalve

This a very nice and tiny place to enjoy with your family and do something different.

Linda Rehanek

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place!! Eat dinner before you go OR grab a pizza there! Great prices at the concession stand. Pefect family night!! They even have coffee for that late night ride home. Don't forget your mosquito repellent!! But if you do they can help you with that too!

Diana Tiwari

Fun family theatre. Great new movies, great food and great prices!

Morgan W

Love this place. I had forgotten this place was even here until my kids told me about it. I'm thrilled that there is still a drive in still around. Just bring our own chairs or sit in the truck. Cold weather or warm. Just an overall awesome experience.

tammy cambridge

Avenger was great. Wish there were more drive ins. Affordable quaint friendly folks. Take the kids enjoy 2 movies at a cheap price boast 1950s here

Mike Jones

Love this place, been coming here since I was a kid.. Over 20 years!

Julia Mayeux

Super family friendly environment! Also great for date night. The most affordable thing to do in Tampa or surrounding areas. Plus you can watch two movies for less than 2 people can go to one at a regular theater.

Emily Larson

Me and my family went one evening and had a good time. The prices are decent. I was happy with the quality of the food and snacks. The movie quality was good too. The people are so nice. I like the charm of this place the paintings in the bathroom are cute, and they have old school window speakers! You can also tune in via radio of course I just thought the window speakers were cool. Kind of annoying to use when the person next to you keeps their car running and all you hear is that. But all in all it was a great experience.

davidsin magras

We always come here to see a movie or 2. We always order the pizza, hotdog, burger amd when cold the hot cocoa. Wish the speakers were a little louder. Nice time at drive in.

Ruth Santos

The Ruskin Dive in is a friendly and Family environment outdoor movie Theater

Clint Gadrim

Love the nostalgia of attending one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the state. Snack bar and bathrooms need a little work but hopefully the solution comes and a change can be made to revitalize this historic landmark.

juan soria

Been living here in Ruskin since the 1980s and that's the place to go to watch movies always had fun there

Eduardo ceballos

Very nice place for the family. Kids love to run and play before the movie starts.

Ayesha Nabi

It's a small, family-owned place. You get 2 movies for the price of one. Food is good and well priced. Take bug spray if you want to sit outside. It's a fun experience, but I'm giving it 3 stars because ticket lines are getting to be extremely long...we don't even bother on Fridays and/or weekends. Also the movie equipment needs a major upgrade.

Adam Mefferd

Best drive in around. Family run and concession stand is awesome. Love when they have chili in the winter!!

Wayne Jowers

Take me back to when I was young and went to the drive-in movie theater great place and very nice and friendly food is good

Yesenia Delarosa

Family friendly. This drive in has been here since I was a kid and now it's an honor to bring my very own children here. I love that this has a very comfortable environment and let's not forget the great tasty food! Shall I make a suggestion please hot Cheetos with cheese :) we love you drive in

Rhonda Banks

We are here visiting family and it was a fun place to go.Not many places like this left, got to keep it alive. Bring the kids. Bring your friends or just bring yourself. Come help keep this place going. The movie was good Lion King and Spiderman. We left before Spiderman but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Saavik Boomgarden

I wasn't very impressed with this theater. We went a while back ago to see Aladdin and then dumbo. We arrived 30 minutes early, but learned that is not early enough if you want to be anywhere towards the front. We were placed all the way in the back. Tried to make the best of it, but it was difficult due to big lifted trucks and SUVs with outdoor equipment strapped to the top negatively impacting our view. People working the entrance must not care to give directions to these people that they must be in the back. Stepped outside my vehicle to take a picture with my children and within 30 seconds all of us were getting bit by fire ants. It was miserable for the next hour as we all found we are allergic to them. Thankfully I had benadryl in my purse. You would think a business would treat for ants in a field where people sit in camping chairs to watch a movie. I have been to the drive in theater in Tampa and they definitely treat for ants and do not have a pest problem. Due to the two issues that severely impacted our experience I won't be going back. Advice to management: have ticket workers instruct larger vehicles/vehicles with items strapped on top that can obstruct view that they must park in the back lot AND please treat for fire ants in your field. Should these two issues be addressed I would gladly come back and revise my review based on that experience.

Ellen Krenn

Very rude people drive through with lights on or keep opening their car doors & leaving dome lights on and standing with door ajar blocking view. Owner tries to get them to stop but people are just plain rude. Too bad cause it would be nice other wise

chris chudik

Great price, movie selection, family fun and nostalgic environment

Chris Johnson

Very cute secluded gem in the middle of the town. Favorite date night destination.

Jennifer Wright

First trip and loved it! We drove 40 minutes to join friends there and had such a great time. We will be back.

Dyna Akin

Used to go here every month or so when we lived nearby. We've moved several hours north, but still plan a stay to watch a movie when heading south.

Michelle Hamlett

Love love love this place! Took all 6 kids to ight and we all had a blast from the 3 yrs old to Mom and Dad.

YoSoy Dámaso

Great place to bri g the family to watch a movie. All in the comfort of your own vehicle. Family owned and they offer a wide variety of snack at an affordable price.

Holly Gentile

It was wonderful going to a drive in movie again! The food at the snack bar was awesome. The owners wife even makes baked goods, cupcakes and cookies. Loved that they play national anthem before movie starts! What I really liked was that my grand daughters got to experience a drive in movie. The place is clean with family movies, we will visit again. Had a great time!

Nelson Havier Perez

I am new in this area. I take family to first drive movie cinema. They love it!

Nash Hand

Love this place. It reminds me of the old days

Gwendolyn Vencil

Great place! Kept clean. Great customer service. It's cash only so come prepared. $5 per car to bring your own snacks

Eric Leski

This place is the best! Old school drive in theater. It's in a small town so you don't have issues with light pollution from surrounding businesses like I have noticed at some other drive ins. Great selection at the snack bar. Prices are very reasonable. Recently upgraded digital video system gives it an even better picture. I hope this place can stay in operation for a very long time. It's an oasis in a world of too much too fast.

Justin Cupler

Great place with fair prices for tickets and food. Plus, you can bring in your own food for a small fee. The screen was big and clear, and the audio was great. Getting in and out of the parking area is a breeze too. My only issue is not all the parking has a good view. Some spaces have a very hard angle that make it harder to get the full experience. Overall, though, we had a great time!

Hooka Jones

Was decent environment , had reasonably priced snack bar .

Stu Ottolini

Wow what a wonderful experience, a throwback to the 40s and the 50s which was incredible. This place is a must go if you're visiting Florida and they Ruskin Apollo Beach Tampa area. It is a fun night out with a date or the family. They really keep this place authentic and clean. The bathrooms are clean, the parking areas are clean and well it. The bathrooms and concession stand for a pleasant surprise, good value on snacks and food drinks Etc... The movie was fun but it was more about the overall experience. Don't forget the bug spray if you tend to leave your windows cracked or down you will get bugs particularly mosquitoes in your car if you leave the windows down. I would suggest a Bluetooth speaker that you can connect for Ultimate Sound otherwise you can tune into the radio station for sound or use their old fifties speakers which are fun but don't sound very good. Again this is a must go and you get two movies for one price! Great value!

Lois Miller

I can't believe they charged me for taking water into the movie, that was robbery.

lisa galvan

Love coming here brings back great childhood memories. Now i bring my daughter so she too can experience how we watched a good movie back in the days. 2 great movies for the price of one. Can't beat that. Food is also great. Great movies great food awesome staff. And clean restrooms

Robert H

Great place for families to watch a movie or two. Is probably due for an update in the concession building, but our family loves the theater just the same. Movies are new, and the radio transmission is very clear.

Eb P

We love coming to this drive-in! Very family oriented and the staff is amazing! There's not many drive-ins left and I would hope this one will stand the test of time

TJ Collins

Nice family atmosphere, but they charged me 5 bucks for a bag of McDonald's I brought in.

Robin Roberts

Great 'ol time experience, just updated. Definitely go see a film there!

Rahela Mahmood

A great place to truly enjoy a movie! Their is nothing like the traditional drive-in that provides an open relaxing environment to enjoy a good movie outdoors with friends and family. If that’s what you are seeking this place provides it all. My husband and I came on a date night to watch The Avengers End Game. I have been here a couple of times with the family as a whole and always had a pleasant experience but realized I never went into the concession area until that night. With a misconception on my part my night would have been ruined if it was not for the exceptional service of the owner herself little did I know she was the owner from her humbleness. Once realizing who she was and how she handled my dilemma help me to understand what gives this location its traditional charm. With and enjoyable atmosphere and genuine owners, It just overflows with positivity! Thank you for everything it was a pleasure and I highly recommend this place to everyone!

Gary Allbright

The screen needs some repairs. But I did enjoy it plus the are reasonable on the food

Kristie Cardoza

Family, friendly fun. Been coming here since I was a kid. Will continue to come back as long as they are here. Have to get a pizza and a pickle if you visit.

Tony Climer

Had a real good time with my kids at the movie saw two movie ., we saw Lion king and spiderman it made me feel like a kid again going to a drive in movie.

Chris Kelly

This is a great place to take the family for a movie night that will not break your wallet or budget. Takes you back to a simpler time and yes, they still have the speakers that mount on your window!

Stanley Sultanpuss

Best family driving around it's the best deal going to for seeing movies shows to first-run movies 4 $10 a car load sometimes. I highly recommend this place especially when the weather is great but you know what at the weather is bad this is the place to go to see movies best snack bar around.

Devon Wolf

Went on a beautiful February night. Very reasonably priced and a local family affair. You can bring your own food in and just pay a 5.00 "food fee". I'd do that- snack bar is ok quality but a much more budget friendly option vs. Traditional movie theatre. Oh, bring your bug spray but if you forget- they sell it at the snack bar for five bucks.

Holly Rumpff

I had a great time at the drive in. Such a great family run business. A rarity to find a drive in anymore. Will see all movies here instead of a theater as long as they are available. Great prices! Very fair price for tickets and bringing your own food is an option for just $5 per car. Lovely experience.

Deb.davis808 Davis

Great for everyone, affordable concession offerings, bacon cheeseburgers are delicious. They need better quality napkins. They may be cheap but using many cheap napkins instead of one or two of good quality, costs more money. Pop corn bags are cheap too and butter leaks out the bottom which gets on clothes and vehicle upholstery.

Ashley Zappa

Nice setup with clear views of the movie, and loud speakers! Great family enjoyment. Only bad thing is the mosquitoes. Have plenty of bug spray!!

Eric Owen

Great place. Old school drive-in movie. Food is really good too. Restrooms are super clean. Price can't be beat for what you get - 2 movies for one price.

Maria Arias

Great environment. Nice people.

Rachel M

Cant beat $6 for double feature for age 9 and up. Food is just ok. You have to pay extra for outside food. Cash only. Lots of space. Can stay in car or sit outside tailgate style. Nice having a drive in Movie theatre

David Palm

My family and I love this drive in great place to go with kids

Alex Edwards

I love this place! We try to go here at least once a month with the family. Its super cheap to get in. The owners and staff are very friendly. They always have good family friendly movies on. You get two for one movies every time you arrive. The food is also very good and the prices are fair to cheap. If you haven't been this a must visit place in Ruskin. If you have never been to a drive in movie you need to go TODAY.

Michael Christensen

Such an awesome place to take the family to see movies. You get to see two movies for the price of admission and they have an awesome concession stand. A great local business!

Tom Ward

Awesome place. .... brings back good memories of years ago.

April Fusillo

I love this place. Great prices and their food is actually good.

Michael Nelson

I love this place. I only wish I didn't live 40 minutes away. Great prices and atmosphere

Luis Ortiz

We love it. Just wish it had at least one more projector. Fills up fast have to be there about 1:30-2 hours before showing to get a good spot.

Cha Cha Charity

Family-friendliness = 5 stars Staff = 5 stars (more if possible) Sound = 2.5 stars Prices = 4 stars ($6pp ages 9+; compared with other drive-in theater rates) Food = available, but we brought our own (food, beverage, cooler permit is $5/vehicle) Restrooms = available, but we did not use View = 4 stars; Everyone has a view, but some spaces are better than others. Go early! This is a great drive-in! The lines do get very long, quite quickly. The volume on the sound system is too low, and the equipment could use an upgrade anyway. The staff is just wonderful and accommodating. They even give treats to their canine guests, in accompaniment of their humans of course. Go early and get your spot secured. The spaces are 2 cars in between each of the speaker sets. They give a break in between the movies. Enjoy!

Eric Suttner

Gotta love this place! Our family has been going here for a long time and we tell everyone that this is the spot for family movie watching. The owners are great as well.

Sabrina Spokes

I am so glad my husband found this drive-in. Our experience was everything I hoped it would be and the nostalgia was everything! You get to view two movies for one price and you have the option to bring your own food (for a tiny fee) or purchase food there. Their menu even has gluten free items. We also purchased bug spray there and never had an issue with bugs. You can either sit in your car in the ac and listen through your radio or sit outside your vehicle. We laid in the bed of our truck under the stars and it was truly magical. With it being in a small town, there isn't a ton of pollution or lights and the sky is just beautiful, stars everywhere! Not something you can do everywhere and great for everything from date night to a night out with the kids. It is cash only so come prepared.

Joyce Jimenez

I enjoyed the drive in haven't been to a drive in I a long time it's a good place to go to the movies with kids they show 2 movies at a very good place only draw back are the bugs but I bought a coil set by us and had no more problems all night

Linda Gallegos

Love bringing the family here ! Have been coming to the drive in for the past 15 years !

Pedro Casals

Interesting place. A typical 50's drive in still live in Florida. Worths the visit.

Jennifer Pena

I've been coming to this drive in since I was little and I love the family friendly experience. Food is amazing. A pepperoni pizza, popcorn, pickles and a coke is always a must here! Great place to take the kids and movies always great.

Savage Soccer

Honestly the best place in Florida. You have not had an amazing night until you’ve been here with their snacks and prices.

Will Smith

This is a good place to go watch a movie outside with the kids.

Rebecca Game

Loved the food. Movies are fun. However remember mosquito spray. A few updates would be nice. A newer screen or a newer snack/ bathroom building. Charge $8 per person to help with improvements.

Phil Stevenson

You gotta love the Ruskin drive in. GREAT price with two movies a night. Not old titles either. The concession stand it reasonably price and they have good stuff. It's a perfect place for a family night out.

Mercedes Vargas

Love this place. Is family oriented. Burger pizza popcorn candy bar with great prices. You can watch 2 movies and enjoy food for $40 for a family of 4.

Larry Taylor

Just don't let your FM radio play too long without starting your car up to recharge your car battery...but if your car battery does die...they have people there with battery charger/jumpers

jenn Rodriguez

Love this place! Wish some of the customers would respect their rules and clean up after theirselves. Workers are very friendly great prices

Elias Pena

Awesome family atmosphere. Can take the kids there and not have to worry about drunk, belligerent people. Great prices as well!!

Marco Moya

Such a great drive-in. You can see the screen from anywhere and they have plenty of sound poles as well so the sound will carry through out. The concession stand is great and has a good variety. The picture was very high def and look great. All the people who usually attend are very curteous of others and try to keep headlights off while navigating the lot. Will definitely be back for movie nights!

Awaken - Balance - Transform

We have been going here for the last 7 years at least! Always a treat and worth the 45 minute to an hour drive to experience. The people that own it and that run the concessions are awesome too! Always nice and kind. The ticket prices, which include a double feature, are unbeatable. We get concessions which are so much less than the indoor theaters and it supports this local owned, family business which makes most of their money from concessions just to keep the place running 365 days. It's a tripback in time. Definitely a gem worth keeping around as long as possible. This is a favorite family tradition my kids will tell their kids about one day. Thank you Ruskin Family Drive In! ❤


Worst drive-in experience! Do NOT waste your money on this place. It’s ghetto, run down, and the staff do not care about anything but getting your cash. The food is overpriced, the movie screen is old and is really dark to the point where you can barely see the screen. The movie completely stopped mid-movie and everyone was left wondering what was going on. It eventually came back on at a different time than it left off. No announcements, apologies, nothing. Not returning back. Horrible experience.

T-la Ziolkowski

Have been going there since I was a child, all my family & there kids go there & there kids go there GREAT family place!!!

Anthony Harris

It's a great experience for the family! My only wish would be that people who were also watching the movie were more respectful. They will throw garbage on the ground and smoke cigarettes disregarding those around them. Aside from that small gripe there is nothing to complain about. The staff if super nice, half the price of a normal movie theater and twice the experience. The concessions are very inexpensive as well.

Robert Casteleiro

Such a great theater. I love going there with family and friends and doing a movie night. Cant beat the price, especially when bringing outside food, only $5.

Ashley Parker

Love that a place like this is still around. One of my favorite things as a child was the drive in movie. I hope places like this are still around when my little guy gets older, so that he can enjoy it too.

Airin Giltner

Get there early to ensure a spot. Adults are 5$. Snack bar available, can bring outside for for a 5$ fee per car. Very reasonable for a family night at the movies. Bring bug spray

Vonda Tackett

Throw back fun for the family! Love it!

Pam Hegger

Loved it. Had not been to a drive in for40 years. It was clean and the workers were extremely friendly. Also food from the concession stand was very good and reasonably priced. Will definitely go again

Emmanuel Vargas

If you are looking for a drive in theater this is the place. Had a great time last night with my family.

Brianna Mitchell

2 movies for a low price. Great people and very family oriented. Always have a good time.

Massa Works - Photography & Wood Art

Fun! Family friendly! Ok to Bring your pets! This drive-in is old and really reminded me of the drive-in when I was a child! I'm happy to see there's still a few of these.

Amanda de Mandujano

Clean, friendly service, food is inexpensive and good. Great family place!

Timothy Baierlein

Great family place to take the kids

Alexandria Harrison

This is a great place to see a movie! You get two movies for the price of one and they're current movies too. They let you bring in your own food (for a small fee of course) and there is also a concession stand. There is plenty of parking. It is one way in and one way out, so it helps to avoid confusion when you're ready to leave. You can choose to use the speakers provided in your parking space, or, you can tune your radio to hear the movie from the convenience of your speakers.

Jared Cook

Food popcorn, junk food, movies, great price. Enjoy. Your welcome.

Jamie M

A hidden gem that needs to protected at all costs! I been going here as a kid up until a young adult I would love to take my children here in the future. The prices are fantastic the food is tasty as well! I love it here

Linda Wolff

Always enjoy this event!! Not a huge market but well covered in most areas of products. Vendors are friendly and always ready for questions.

Jena Stephens

IHad to ask 3 times for people in front of us to lower their hatch so we could see. Owner finally helped over half hour into movie. People behind us couldn't have been more ghetto cussing and threatening us when credits we're already going up so we of course started the car since this was a one movie night due to it was such a long movie. Not to mention after paying for a food permit we decided to walk to McDonald's for dollar menu which they said fine but on the way back wanted another admission?? Awful experience but was a memory.

Allison Vetzel

Great location, friendly staff. Clean environment. Brought a bunch of kids for summer vacation. Definitely will be back! Love this place!

Nina Peck

I love love love coming here!! It’s fun for the entire family. The people who run the drive-in are so nice and the movie selection is always fantastic! I’m so glad there are still places like this around to enjoy.

Monique A.

It's an awesome experience! The weekends can be hectic so I suggest getting there early. You may think an hour is good enough buttt it's not.

Kim Przekop

Old-time family drive-in with decent snacks. You can bring your own food if you pay more at the box office. Two movies for the price of $6 adults.

Robert k

Great price for 2 movies but you have to get here early or risk waiting in line Best day to go is on sunday's

Antwan Alvarez

Been to this place over 25 times and it’s a great feelings to watch movies outside!!! Family oriented.

Ju Maximo

First the positive: very family friendly, staff is very nice and polite, cheap compared to the theaters ($5 for 2 movies). Now the ugly: Place was overcrowded, staff kept letting people in. Projector froze SEVERAL times throughout the movie, infested with mosquitos- I get it, this is Florida, but I'm sure they never paid to have that place sprayed. Bathrooms are a joke, unless you want to hold hands with another person while doing your business DO NOT use the restroom

M Orosco

Great family place with good service and prices

Priscila Goodall

Old fashioned fun. The staff is friendly and prices are decent. Fun date night.


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