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REVIEWS OF Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes 17 IN Florida

Aylen Soto

I love going there with my son.I go on Tuesdays because is 5 dollars per person,for the kids is really good too.

Daniel Diaz

The staff is polite. The theater's seating is dated. The crowd is immature and noisy. My most recent visit was a terrible viewing experience with people constantly making noise/talking, coming and going, looking for seats, and blocking our view of the screen.


Nice theater never knew it was there

Nichole Raygoza

Had the best time!! Food was amazing!!! The service was extraordinary!!! The management and his team were A1!!! The fountain drinks actually tasted like how soda taste nice bubbly and clean!! It was a great way to end the day with my perfect hair from wetdry.. Will definitely come again. Thank you miami lakes 17 it was a pleasure.


Safe place for kids and teenagers.


Nice theater, incredible sound quality and good service in Miami Lakes Main Street. Frequented by young public on weekends. Lot of options around to spend a great evening.

Glenda Peterson-Forbes

Pleasant atmosphere. Enjoyed the movie.

Marc Anto

Use to come here years ago needs a face lift with modern seats recliners

Ivan Brito

been coming here for years loved the place the people only bad thing about it too many kids becoming on the weekends and spoiling the movies with the talking.

Natasha White

One of my favorite theaters! Right next to Cold Stone. YUM!!!

Secille Fernandez

The theatre's fair! It's one of the safer ones in the area, and the location is good if you're looking for places to eat before or after. Sort of pricey and dirty though. If you don't care for the location you might be better off going somewhere else, but if you value safety/location, for example if you're going with kids, the cons may be worth it. It depends, really.


Just moved to Miami lakes and decided to take in the movie Joker. What low budget ancient location this is?! Are there no owners or new managers. For starters no hot dogs, the cola was flat, the nachos stale, the nacho cheese horrible, even the jalapenos were with no flavor I will not be coming back. I rather go to a drive in .

Doris Acuna

The movie theater could really use an upgrade. The seats are not that comfortable, and the spaces are small.

Vladimir Delgado

Pretty nice theatre

Daniel P

I come to this theater very often. Mostly because I like the environment that is around it. Overall the movie theater is fairly clean and organized. It does get pretty packed during weekends though.

Drugofchoice M

For years it was a great spot to go to but for the past few months too many teens have been going into the movies to disrupt . Loud talking,screaming and constantly going in and out of the rooms while the movies are playing. Im seriously thinking of not going there anymore.

Evy Pierce

This is absolutely the WORST theater to go to besides MAYBE Cobb 18. I couldnt enjoy my movie without a bunch of teenage kids running in and out of the theater, yelling, cursing, running in and out of the exit doors, throwing book bags around (including once that grazed my head when I first walked in--that should have been a sign of what to expect) . A group of us complained to the manager and all he could say was he wishes we would have told him earlier so he could ban them from coming back (and miss the movie I paid for?) He didnt even bother to apologize. We all left upset; hence why I'm writing this review. I pointed the kids out and he still did nothing. My partner was the one that suggested this theater even after I expressed hesitation due to bad experiences before, but I figured we could give it a shot and this time wouldnt be so bad. I was as wrong as I've ever been! I will never ever EVER go back. As we were leaving we saw security everywhere and some denying teenagers. I guess unaccompanied minors are allowed until 10 p.m.

Stephanie C

If you're a high schooler, you'd be in your zone. Everyone else wonder why these teens are still up so late. My last experience was subpar. People talking while the movie was playing. Police coming in three times to kick people out and break up a physical fight. Lights turning on so you couldn't watch the movie. The manager actually had to stop the movie and reverse it. If I wasn't with other people, I would've left early and fought for a refund like half of the audience did.

Yannier Campos

I can't say more about that place, just I love it.

sal desravines

The seats were so uncomfortable. The movie screen is small compared to Cobb 18

Yoilán Fimia León

Quite movie theater in a very nice location.

Jorge Bolanos

Excellent for Family

Shiki Ichida

Clean theatres, amazing venue and fantastic snacks

Ramon Rodriguez

Unfortunately, not all the Cobb locations are equal. I found a theater which was dirty, smelly, and in very bad shape. Perhaps I'm unfair to compare other with this one; or because it was a movie release so they staff didn't have time to clean. However, there is not excuse for the seats to be broken and the sound was not satisfying. I am all for paying a bit more if I'm having a great experience. The personnel is really friendly and with the combination of the help of the local police, the organization was incredible.

Ileana Silvestre

I purchased ticket on line . Paid for it. Then theu tell when i arrive that it is in order of arrival and change my viewing time to next showing. What is the purpose of paying on line if your goin to change it ehen i check in. Very disordered.

Ronald David

It was a great movie theater just simply just gonna watch a movie but it was not the cleanest. Apparently my movie was starting around 10:50 PM. When I arrived inside the theater at 10:40 it was absolutely filthy. I had to leave the theater ask the manager to get this place cleaned up by the time they’re still cleaning it while the previews are playing on the screen.

Iwill Not

Very clean and very nice staff. Also very secured.

Carl Bern

great staff and management. always clean environment

Hope Reynolds

Miami Lakes Cobb Theaters are the local hang-out for youth during new releases, such as Star Wars / Avengers / Justice League. It is an anchor store for Main Street Miami Lakes, and the nearest movie theater for Miami Lakers. The proximity of great places to eat make going to movies an ideal opportunity to grab a bite to eat. Highly recommend!

Theo Aguilar

Great atmosphere

Lauren Lorenzo

Big screen and space

Taylor C

The movie theaters clean and I always go with no problem. But the workers for the food concession are absolutely horrible. The last time I went there was about four workers laughing and playing around and one was even crawling on the floor. These are the same workers who are making food and being unattentive to all the customers. One lady asked for honey mustard and one of the worker's said, "no. Dont have." Instead of asking if they would like something else or at least being apologetic. They really need to work on the customer service here. All the workers are constantly talking to each other and look super annoyed if you ask him any kind of question. If you're just going to watch a movie, it's an okay experience but if you're going to try to enjoy yourself and expect good customer service, go elsewhere. They also need to remodel the seats because every other theater has recliner seats and they still have the small uncomfortable original ones.

Luis Romero

I love this place, everything is excellent.

rockman rodney

Movies can be seen here 5 stars

ricardo perez

Nice ambient


It was fun and the ticket prices were cheap but unfortunately the seats weren't recliners :'(

Luis Leon

Good seating and nice theather being real clean. Great environment.

Rosalinda Mercado

Cobb Theatres Miami Lakes offers newest movies, arcades, videos games. Great service at concession stands. Located at Main Street Shoppes and Restaurants. Perfect for date or family night. (5th Star? - Some of the theatres and bathrooms need upgrading)

Ariadna Bu

Love the $5 deal. Nice and clean theater. Great for fam and friends


It's nice & clean and in a great spot to walk around or eat before or after a movie.

Jorge H Rocha M

Good movie theater complex for my Moviepass subscription. Few people and so far good experience with the staff

Johnson Fleuriot

It's beautiful

Ephanie Ly

Always busy but still a nice place to hang out

Jake Sandahl

Tuesday’s are great

Barbara Starr

Real good no problem


It's a nice calm place with kind people

Hernando LLanos

Nice place to see the latest movies

Miguel Gomez

Excellent Theater.

peggie paschal

Very nice atmosphere popcorn was good

Dre Smooth 46

Place to go to watch a movie

Alexei Tablada

Wan to a movie?, do not go too far!!!

richard swenden

Theater wasn't bad but dont feel like I want to go back.


Amazing theater, always clean and spectacular. 10/10 would recommend.

Gary Brentley Sherman

Staff very friendly....

Mario Cepe

Very nice people, wonderful theater, and wonderful view !

Romina Castro

I don't know why the entrance was so expensive, for a regular movie, poor quality on the food. To bad because the place is nice, but the staff no so good.

alyandra salguedo

Great theatre in our area where lots of teens like to go to hang out!

Tatiana Merilus

Honestly, in comparison with other movie theaters like AMC it just doesn't hit the mark. But if your bored and want to catch a movie then go for it.

Ramonin Alvarez

Very goodplace, lazy staff they just don't care you're waiting let you waiting a 6 people line tock me 20 min but in general very good

Johan Sanchez

It's a quiet place.

James Napier

Pretty good movie theater never had any issues there, pretty clean everyone there's pretty nice. It's very convenient easy to find and their art a lot of restaurants around there so you will enjoy yourself.

javier guerra

Really nice theater

Eli De La Nuez

Great place to go for an afternoon movie to avoid the crowds.


Well kept spot.

Andrew P.

A great long time movie theater at Miami Lakes Main Street. Not fancy, but has stadium sytle seating and rocking chair seats. I also love the the abundance of old school and well kept Neon signage here, very cool imo.

Sherley Noel

Love it ..very small and lowkey

Alexander Hannett

Theaters are good, but bathrooms are almost always dirty.

Carlos Armas

Good place for the family

Daysi Morales

Always celan and staff is kind

Michelle Torres

Great place!

Alonso Menendez

Nice theater, comfortable seats and movies are $5 on tuesdays but cobb theaters needs to transfer its rewards program to an app and this theater cant scan fandango tickets so you have to wait in line anyways.

G Brackett

I've been here for more than 17 years, areally nice place to have fun with my family. I'm here today with my daughters. We are lucky to live really close to this area surrounded with a lot of restaurants, and an ice cream shop. We are going to watch the next showing of the new Star Wars movie!...

Rosy Bermudez

We love Cobb's theater Miami Lakes!


Nice environment, also many shops you can walk to.

Vicente Antonio Llovera Reggeti

If you are thinking of going to the best and cleanest cinema, this is not. It is cheap buuut not fancy.

Alex O.

Not much parking so if it's raining prepare to get soaked because I don't believe in umbrellas


I came down from Lake Worth to catch a midnight showing, but a bunch of kids walked into the movie twenty minutes in and started talking loudly through it. Then the theater wouldn't refund the ticket because I'd purchased it from the in-theater kiosk. It was like living through a Netflix ad. Never coming back here again.

Joshua Flores

Love this theater no hassles no long lines great seats also awesome surround system won’t be disappointed

tiffany wilson

Haven't been to this theater in a while. Theater is ran down and dirty. Needs to be remodeled.

Christopher Carman

The theater has great stadium seating, except that the arm rests don't move for you to sit close to your sweetheart. The sound is great and there are plenty of registers at the concession counter. The only drawback is since it's a great theater, it get's packed during peak times.

Carlos R

Great customer service and popcorn!!!

Jessica Echevarria

The ticket lines weren't long at all especially for a Saturday night! It was easy to get in and locate my theater room. Also the environment was great! Truly enjoyed watching Creed 2 with the crowd.

Tracy Herrings

Loud noise with disturbing teenagers running around making noise!!

Brian Oneil

Was very respectful and welcomeing to multicultural family and fountain soda was filtered and not watered down ,co2 levels on point no taste of mold or midew, chicken strips were cooked perfectly and fries and nachos were the best. MY NEW GO 2 MOVIE SPOT FOR MOVIES ! Will always come here and come to wet dry salon visit the nice salon wet dry aim walking distance.

Willie B

Good management, great security!

Lou Vicven

The theater is big but I think it needs some renovations. The chairs are not comfortable, and not good for little kids. If an adult seats in the front row, you need to hold your kid on your lap so he can see the movie.

Martha Valdes

Go there all the time

Dora Benoit

I'm a local so not trying to be biased but it's awesome low key great family atmosphere. I've been coming since I was about 12 lol now I'm 34 bringing my little one so we all love it.

Christian Hernandez

I really like going here. Can get a bit crowded during the weekends but otherwise is pretty available. Food isn't cheap but that's to be expected.

Agustin Menduina

Nice theater, rather go for matinee, because at night its filled with teeny boppers

Manuel Rodriguez

Just like everything in Miami it's just getting full of people and dirt place

Marilyan Robinson

Great movie

LaNeisha Johnson

Tuesday is 5$ all day any movie expect 3D... A must do on Tuesday afternoon

Parsuram Ramkissoon

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Geanelle Gaviria

Yusleidy demonstrates great customer service she greeted my partner and I with a smile had answers for all the questions I had about the theaters, I will definitely come back

Евгения Бабаджанова

Joker was good

Althea Gibbons

Great place! Really clean

marlen fernandez

They should keep up with the other local theatre near by and up date it its falling apart its sad is in the middle of miami lakes we need an immediate make over

Abdi Rodriguez

Really good and they have all the new movies

Your Boi

It was soo nice. Employees are respectful and food is delicous. I absolutely love the style of this theatre

Tammy Mejia

Really bad experience no customer service really bad service really dirty everybody talking no respect

Rony Jacob

Need upgrades and too far behind in technology and customer experience. Horrible till they upgrade

Lizzie Brown

Nice inside

Yannis Estrada

This is the kind of souvenir you can take home when you come to this place to watch a movie. Spoke to the manager and she couldn’t do anything to compensate me for this horrible experience. My advice: keep off this location.


Our neighborhood theater is the best!

Erika Benitez

Really enjoyed. And good prices

Toneyah Townsend

The movie was amazing

Nicoya King

Awesome place to take your kids.

Raul Mayorquin

We bought our tickets on Fandango Avengers endgame for the 9:10 showing line to get our tickets. at about 9:20 we were told that the movie was sold out we asked how could this happen if we had already bought our tickets and she said that the movie theater had sold tickets on their own two and that if we wanted to watch the next Showtime we would not get a refund now and we had to buy the next Showtime out right so we made a new line to purchase tickets only to be told the movie was sold out too. We ended up having to go to another theater to watch the movie. We tried to call Fandango and finally got through to Fandango the next day and they told us they had no reports of the event. And until they could corroborate the situation they might give us a refund or a credit from the theater but that we had to sign up for their VIP and that we would be getting an email at some point. So we contacted Miami lakes Cobb directlyafter numerous phone calls and long waits we finally got a hold of the day manager which is a different manager from the night manager and when we explained to her our situation she said that that was highly unlikely and that she had no report of it and started interrogating us about if we remember the name of the person that spoke to us and why we did not go inside and speak to anybody. We explain to them that there was the huge line and that we never even got to the front of it we got cut short before we even back in the theater by an employee saying that everything was sold out even though we had already bought tickets from Fandango. Kept on asking us what were the employees names that had done this because she had no record of it and that over 60 employees work there (I'm wondering why they were not helping to improve the situation). We went back and forth for a long time until she finally told me to go by to get a refund. So I had to take my time to go back to the theater once again. This was a Saturday night showing I have to assume that Thursday night and Friday night were even crazier. I don't understand why they were so understaffed there were only two people at the counter to give tickets and I was told there's only one computer at that counter. I don't understand why there was three people at the box office still selling tickets and only one person inside when there was a line how about a half a block long just to pick up tickets from Fandango. I'm thinking if what's the Sunday daytime manager says is correct that you have 60 employees working for that location there was the manpower to employ for that evening but it is my humble opinion that the night manager on April 27th 2019 whoever that may be, is not doing a very good job Side note nowadays when people purchase tickets online you get a barcode and it is very easy for someone with a scanner Just to scan you in the system. Whatever method is used at this theater is very antiquated and thus resulted in us spending more money having to go to a different theater having to spend more money on a babysitter because we had to go to a later Showtime. This theater is not equipped or prepared to have movies of this caliber. I suppose you will get other complaints as I was not the only one in line who was very disappointed and treated this way. Needless to say I doubt I will be revisiting. I hope nobody else has to go through this again as me and everybody in this line did last night for such an epic movie.

Carmen Chery

I gave two stars for Michelle, the manager who refunded my money. We went to watch the movie US and everything was ridiculous. First off, the prices went up for everything (including a small box of candy, yes). Secondly, and more importantly, is the kids that are there. Loud and rude, not to mention the bright screen illuminating across the theater. I had to complain several times because they would not stay quiet. Here's what I recommend: Have a employee at each auditorium (preferably in the back row) to keep watch of any disturbance. That way you can keep your earnings received from your customers/viewers. Thank you again Michelle for helping, but I doubt we'll return any time soon.

Leo Victory

Decent theater, relatively clean, volume in our theater was a little low.

Daniel Amores

Saw Avengers: Endgame was so excited and knew the theater would be packed! Went to the 7 show couldn't get seats that offered any comfort to my skeletal system so I decided to get a rain✅. The staff was nice and quickly helped me get a ticket for the next show. The movie was amazing! The

angelia Williams

Love the theater but couldn't enjoy my movie because teo crackheads decides to smoke weed where me and my 17 year old daughter was sitting. Got the whole theater smelling like weed smh never again.

M WFrederick

Friendly staff. The GranKids love the interactive games in the lobby. Great kid movies.

Bella Ferrer

Many movie options are always available. They have an arcade area. The area around the movie theater is great for walking around, and has a lot of options for dining and shopping. A lot of teenagers tend to be there on the weekends, but during the week it's usually not too crowded. Great time with the family every time we go. The food from the actual theatre is pretty good, but like most theaters nowadays, pricing has gotten hefty.

Sergio Penton

I'm going to be a little biased here, Cobb theater is a 2 minute drive from the crib, literally. Cobb has always been very clean, the staff always polite and courteous. The seats are fabulous. Now the prices are stupid expensive. $5.50 for a bottle of water? Seriously? The pizza was priced pretty much appropriate, popcorn too. Tickets were $25.00 for two, haven't been to a flick in a longtime so Idk if that's about right or not, so I didn't really mind it, well spent time with my 18 year old daughter.

Stefano Ciotti

Good experience.

Annelay Riestra

I always have a good experience. It is a safe and clean place.

Uniquely Blu

A little pricey but clean. Great place for teens.


A great place to watch movies!

Deborah Quirantes

Do not see a summer blockbuster here!!! They totally ruined Spider-Man. Last ten minutes the projection stopped, just sound. Complained, said they would rewind but kept playing sound with no picture. When I asked them to turn off the sound so the movie wasn’t spoiled while they were fixing it, which is logical, they didn’t. Bad, bad, bad. Never come back again and you shouldn’t either.

Raymond Miller

Cleanest Movie theater there is !

Moreno Capote

Nice environment


Very loud. Teenagers unattended screaming hitting the walls, using their phones.

Jaime Rodriguez

I enjoy the movie experience at this location, and also I love the popcorn it's the best! Always so fresh and your in charge of your own butter!

Anna Carrazana

This is one of my favorite theaters to go to.

life is a little weird fun

It's a good movie theater, it's good. I rate this movie theater 5 out of 5. I like this place very much.

Manny Vargas

Some auditoriums are not signaled with numbers and shows presented. Called the main phone number to advise that there was audio but not video at the auditorium before the show started but I no one answered the phone. Lack of customer service. Need improvements or customers will be going to nearby theaters.


Went there at night and my experience was great

Leslie Galarza

This theater has gotten better over the years which was much needed. The perks of this theater is the places you can visit after watching a movie which are like cold stones, pizzerias, sushi, etc. It has an 80 vibes as far as the theater looks inside but they do keep a good environment for movie goers like me to keep coming back again

Jose Borot

Good theater, lots of security. We recommend this place highly. There's a lot of places to eat and it's a great environment for family's.

Gilberto Lopez

Good place to watch a movie. The best thing is that there's many great surrounding shops that you can eat or shop before your movie begins. Great for families and date night.

Benson Norvil

Can enjoy a great movie

Dario Vilches

It's a Movie Theater and I like Movie Theaters.

Jessica Morrinson

Awesome place . Very organized some theaters can be hot but eventually it gets cold after time

Karelis Vieira

Most workers at the concession don't know how to make the Minute Maid smoothies. A fee times different workers have told us they don't have any. The only one who truly knows how to make it is a manager.


It needs a facelift. Seems run down

Family Tails

Wish they had reclining seats. Other than that ok. A lot of kids on the weekend.

Jordan Cruz

Avengers End Game was FANTASTIC!!!


We’ve been waiting 40 minutes for our movie to start! What the hell Cobb?!

Yucky. Roses

The experience was overall great but there were two small problems. Somebody was ordering my ticket for me but was but was not coming along. The lady gave her two tickets anyways. And also the person who was telling us where the movie was supposed to be playing wasn't very clear on the directions. We ended up trying to find the movie for ourselves.

Un Known

Tall slim african american Manager was extremely kind , so helpful ,and attentive. God bless him. Nice service i will always return ! Aside from that the cinema is relaxing. Nice family vibes

Taimara Batts

best date night here ever! clean and right on the main street!

JC Gonzalez

This is a revised review and I have to praise management for getting rid of all the unattended litle punks... Let's hope they keep up the good work! I guess Cobbs Miami Lakes is back on places to go on weekends...

Naisha Dorvilus

Watched the Avengers and it was great clean bathrooms loved it

Kaliyah Miller

These spanish people kept turning on the flash.(and they was talking) This girl next to me was on face time, Instagram, she was texting, and she fell asleep snoring


Used to be great, but now they allow children under the age of 17 to go into R-rated movies and they are loud and don’t care about the people trying to watch the movie. When you asked them to come in and do something they just stand around and don’t take the kids out. Pretty sure legally they have to ask for ID and somehow they let all these kids in.

Evelyn Ros

I love going to the movies at this place. The chairs are really comfortable. Service is very nice. You should totally go here.

O. Torre

The service at the popcorn and soft drinks stand was prompt and friendly.

Jasmine Rodriguez-Mena

I’ve been going here for years and haven’t had any problem, the service is great. but they don’t answer the phone and I find that disrespectful

Sulen Balber

Never crowded, quality of sound is really good!

Kimberly Reyes

Great comfortable theatre

AB barrios

Its smell like toilet, just like a 9 year old that never brush the mouth

Kayla Jay

Everyone claps and makes noise after every scene. Not worth it.

Andy Ramos

Awsome for some muvie nights !

Black Rozela

Called like crazy (30min wasted waiting for an answer ) A HOLE theater -_-

m p

It was okay. Cozy theater.

stefano ciotti

Good movie theatres.


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