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REVIEWS OF AMC The Regency 20 IN Florida

Mandy Mandell

Theater was clean, staff was friendly and personable, seats were more comfortable than other theaters I have been at. Concession area was clean and food was delicious. Only gripe is that of the four or so automated ticket kiosks, none of …

Holly Arnold

What can I say.....I love this place. Yes, I've grown up there and my love of movies makes it the perfect place.

Zach McCormick

Great movie theatre, love the mini bar inside and very clean.

Arkeeta Maria iwasbornfabulous1st

Love it! Loved The new animated Lion King movie!


The theatre was clean, the movie volume and temperature was perfect, and all of the workers from ticketing to cleaning and the food stand were wonderfully pleasant. A patron could ask for nothing more, Thank you all so much. I live in Tampa and this was my first visit, loved it !


Love that they now require minors to be accompanied by adults. This theater use to be a hotspot for teenagers, thankfully not anymore. They have police officers guarding, added a small bar. Only thing is last time I went to see lion king, it was late and there was so much trash around and spilled popcorn and no one around to clean it up.


I had a family emergency and the managers here was very nice and understanding, Tjere clean and very family friendly.


I had a great time! We went to see Endgame and it was awesome! The theater was nice, clean and the temperature in the theater was perfect. I am a Stubs member so I got free refill on my popcorn and the tickets are discounted on Tuesdays so that's pretty cool.

nicole fournier

Great movie- saw the hustler! It was HILARIOUS I-it was date night with my almost adult babygirl... the seats were so comfy n you can lean back also can rock... I'll definitely be going back!


Unfortunately, the theater I was in was small with no leg room space. Also, the seats weren't reclinable in there either. Sorry, but GDX has better theater rooms, popcorn, and a variety of other foods to choose from.


Their seats are always dirty, the theater had the volume cranked way too loud. Staff aren't friendly. Popcorn tastes stale. They dont butter it when they serve it so it's hard to get butter halfway thru your popcorn. Drinks always taste like their isnt enough syrup in the mix. Concession prices are always a rip off

Ayesha Nabi

Good theater. Good food. A late night show made me laugh...they started vacuuming the outside while our movie was still going on and we could hear it. Someone got up and had to tell them

Kylie Brown

Nice place to go to relax and enjoy a movie and fast service also respectful employees there

Brian Artis

Great movie theater,different setting but love AMC theaters.

Tony Trester

Went for a special presentation and the promo material that was promised was not given. Prices are high compared to other local theaters, the theater was warm and smelled of musk. Theater #9 on 9/16/19 Completely unhappy and will most likely not return.

Joshua W

Not every single theater is great. But if you can, opt for the premium Dolby or IMAX rooms. Much better quality.

Andrew R

Always a good experience here. Clean facilities and theaters. Good food and drink. Prices are look. A list and premier is where the value is at. It's our definite preference for theater in the area.

Joshua Taylor

AMC really is dated and on a Friday night they have four employees to accommodate long lines. There really is no comparison to the new theaters in the area. The website wouldn't allow us to purchase tickets and the automated ticket machine is broken. They wont last unless they make drastic improvements.


Sat at the top thinking no one would bother us. And sure enough right before the movie a young couple brought in a baby in a car seat and about maybe a 3 yr old. I guess we should of got up and moved but it was during the movie and we didn't want to disturb other people.

Marge Landefeld

That was amazing. Dolby theater has very comfortable reclining seats.


Yesterday, 9/27 the entire place headed towards theatres 4-6 smelled like the toilets were backed up. Sewage issues. Theatre was not clean, stale smelling. Get it together Regency! The place is dark, dank and stank!


Worst movie theater ever!! It's beyond dated with uncomfortable chairs, super overpriced, and the crowds that are attracted there have basically no home training. Everyone talks during movies like their sitting in their living room and everyone is on their phone. I can't even pay attention to the movie because everyone is scrolling through snapchat or some other social media. Especially people sitting right next to you. No one puts their phone on silent. Can't even watch the movie without hearing a, "Bing!" Are you kidding me? I don't like leaving bad reviews but this theater is going to have to do something about enforcing these rules that they display BEFORE EVERY MOVIE. Seriously. Enforce phone rules. Never coming back.

BE Garmon, Sr

Nice theater, but cleanliness inside the theaters could use some improvements. Especially the old, matted, dirty, sticky, carpet!!!

Derryck McKenna

Saw Toy Story 3 with our Daughter. Theater was dirty. It was Hot and stuffy the A/C only came on 1 time for about 20 seconds. Seats were uncomfortable. People were arguing over seats because there were teens, theater hopping. We will be seeing our movies elswhere in the future!

martha colon

Still needs some adjustments to be the best but has improved a lot in food options and in service.

Nicholas Moody

The theaters are very nice and there are definitely plenty of them. We love being A list stubs members because the perks make you feel like you are getting a lot of extra value. This place has a historic vibe the way the outside is set up. It could use a little TLC but is still in great shape.

Charliiieee Ed

We had an amazing time here. Went to see John Wick. The location was great, impeccable service, prices not bad. Ps. They have different ticket rates for various time frames. Seating inside the theater was adequate. They only have reclined seats in the extreme front but otherwise, it wasn’t bad. Overall, a good experience. Time and money well spent.

Alex B.

I love being able to pick your seat. The theater is always clean and they have a fully stocked concessions. Prices are a little steep but that’s movie theaters in general. I highly recommend matinee as this will save you a bit of money.

Estevan Rojas

Outdated interior and decent screens. I wish this theater could get an overhaul because it's closer to my home and they hold the fathom events which I love to go to. Unfortunately there are other theaters nearby that are more comfortable and have better screens and sound. If they could ever update their screens and their chairs they could easily hold their own against the rest.

susan lewaine

Comfortable theatre BUT 20+ mins of nonsene & previews VERY Annoying & waste of my precious time.

Kay Fonder

Very nice. But when they have an overabundance of people at thecan concession stand, maybe they should open up the other one down the aisle.because it was ridiculous trying to stand in line get popcorn & soda. Only to walk all the way down to find out there was another concession stand, but not open.

Carol Dempsey

Pretty good movie theater. They are like most AMCs and the closest to us so we go here. I really do wish they would install recliner seating like we see in some more modern AMC movie theaters.

David Moscrip

The theater has decided to have a separate line for some kind of club members. It results in nobody wanting to wait in the normal line to buy anything. They have a singular person working concessions on the night of a premier. We’ve literally been standing in a five person line for 30 minutes. Terrible service. Always buy tickets online and ALWAYS bring your own snacks/drinks or you may miss the movie.

Chrissy C

Compared to the new theatres.....AMC should be going out of business. The other 2 theatres in the area give more room, more times, cheaper tickets, better food options oh and better parking!! AMC ya need to step it up and get with the new. I haven’t been back in years.

Valerie Hilton

Visited on my birthday to watch Aladdin, great time for all

Cindy Haas

It was great! Senior reduced tickets on Tuesdays are great..I will say the gourmet cheese popcorn needs work..

Nee R

Place was clean. Staff were friendly and helpful. I had no problems whatsoever going into this place and would definitely go again.

Otelo Rodriguez

Bigger than what it seems, concessions stand service is very slow. Missed first 15 minutes of movie even though I arrived 30 min prior to the trailers

Melvin Hernandez

Dirty. bad attitude. I try to find the good in everything. I came here to see the avenger movie. Sadly I won't be back


It's a nice place to watch movie. And I think the only place to watch movie at Brandon. The screens are good. They are big and have a clear view from every angle.

Mr&Mrs Nelson

It was a great night " End Game" in theatre's now. What a great night I really can't complain smooth transition. We bought our tickets in advance. The lines were not long if any. The longest line was concession. Which honestly wasn't bad at all considering open night. It was packed but very organize. However I do think amc need to come down on their concession prices. $36.00 for 3 small drinks, nacho and small popcorn...that's ridiculous

Provided Jet

It's about the only movie theater that I've ever been to the greatest movie theater I would never go to the tickets are pretty cheap for a great experience I would highly recommend going there also there is an ice cream shop right there many little stores around the place so go and watch something awesome like Godzilla or Endgame.

High Low Plumbing

The chairs that we were assigned to were dirty. I had to get dried gum or candy off of both seats. And the chairs were "SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE". The movie was great , but my back wasnt after the movie. Chairs are definitely old and very worn out. If you want luxury and comfort during a movie this isnt the place.

Sonya Hamil

The previews and commercials have gotten entirely too long and too loud, (I know I sound old) but when you see adult's covering their ear's, it's too loud. This particular visit just was not good. The Fountain drink area is always a mess, like the staff forgets it even there. We did order the new Toy Story metal bucket Pop corn, with 2 adult drinks. The bucket was worth the trip.

Dennis Kinney

A List is the best value.... love it and love going to the movies

Dragon boy

Very good place to watch a movie, but waiting outside to purchase a ticket in tdd he heat with no fans mounted was rough.

Tim Macfarlane

If the ticket guy didnt hassle me for a little 2 long about looking like a UFC fighter and the seats werent sticky I would have probably gave this place 5 stars... but alas here we find ourselves, now close your eyes and envision a movie theatre. Can you smell the popcorn? Can you hear a cellphone or 2 vibrating? Well then you have arrived my friends and you wont be surprised by anything that awaits you under the cover of darkness and behind these doors.

Willie Neves

Snack bar was great need more cashiers during summer vacation time

Courtenay O'Connell

Very disappointing theatre experience on a Tuesday night. We came from Palm Harbor to meet friends from Lakeland to see Kinky Boots @7. It started at 7:18 - 18 minutes into the show. We sat and watched as it was rewound to what we hope was the beginning. But we aren’t sure. At 7:19, the lights went out. At 7:20, the volume was turned up so we could hear it clearly. At intermission, I used the women’s room. No soap was in 3 dispensers, and the fourth had just a little spurt. Of the two towel dispensers, only one had towels. The two Dyson hand dryers did work. After the movie, I used the bathroom again. The fourth dispenser had no soap now. I tried to use the hand sanitizer, but it was empty, too. When we first got to the theater at 6:30, very few people were in the lobby. Rebekah was accommodating and friendly, providing quick service with our popcorn and drinks. However, after the movie, the staff at concessions was doing the best they could with only 3 cashiers on duty for a very long line of customers. At Customer Service, only one person was available. When I asked to see a manager, I was told that the manager was assisting the 3 ushers on duty. For so many theaters (20?), these young people had more than they could handle though they tried their best. We have had a high opinion of AMC Theaters, especially AMC Woodlands, 3 miles from home. But tonight’s experience lowered that opinion.

Susan Baker

I love how AMC makes it easy to use their app to purchase your tickets, pic seating and time to watch the movie. I also like the not having to wait at the ticket box just walk in open your phone and scan. The theatre itself needed cleaning but thats exspected at the last showing. Overall it was a great night my husband and I enjoyed our movie Overcomer.

David Harkins

AMC has become the definition of a standard movie going experience. The seats are quite comfortable, but not recliners in every seat like other theaters in the area. The movies always start on time. Picture and sound is very clear. Concessions are you standard movie theater overpriced junk food, but they do have a small bar if you'd like a libation during your movie. The main reason I bumped the score up to four stars is the movie selection the theater provides. Yes, they show all the major blockbusters, but they also show smaller independent films and Fathom events including live plays, operas, anniversary screenings and limited anime runs. The only reason we go to the movies is to see movies, and any and all theaters that bring smaller runs to the area should be commended.

Teyonia Hayes

Absolutely hate the seats, needs updating in the theaters, always too many kids hanging out, trash flying outside, and bathrooms just dont use them. The sound quality isn't terrible but maybe a 7 out of 10 this theater is for the kids and that's ok

Sulia Torres

Great place to take kids especially Tuesdays when your on a budget.

A Yambo

It one of the old theatres, not bad.

Efrain Villalobos

First place that I've gone to that one gives a single refill on the tub of popcorn, everywhere else has a bottomless tub. They should also have a better system to serve their regular customers, and their preferred customers. I wont pay for the preferred but they should have a dedicated register for them alone so they dont complain when us regulars who wait longer get called before they do.

Adam Rossman

Lots of theaters that are in good shape. It’s nice being a part of the Stubs program, which allows us to buy our tix on their app and to use the short line at concessions. Also, we definitely thought the refillable popcorn tub was worth the price. Parking isn’t the easiest to find, but I think that’s pretty common at theaters.

Anon Blackman

AMC has been around for a while. I recall when they went to 20 theaters and everyone lost their mind. They could use some subtle renovations as a whole. Some people like the new feel of recliners in every theater. I think i works for me. Still a packed house with crowds regularly without complaint. Good theater. Great rewards program. If it weren't for that small feature I might have given this 4 or 5 stars.

Lexie Townsend

Shabby theater compared to GQT or the newer Riverview theater. Not a fan of the concession line having a premium member line, just do order ahead for stubbs members, don't penalize non-members for not wanting to pay to be a "preferred" member. Not all of the theaters have been upgraded to the newer seats and their bar is seriously overpriced. Staff is friendly and the place is generally kept clean.

Barbara Barron

Terrible experience, never seen so many rude patrons in theater. Saw 11:35 Judy movie. People talking out loud during movie, 7 phones ringing, one lady in second row texted with bright screen through whole movie, another a couple seats from her also held hers up that shadowed the movie screen.

Sheila Murray

Clean theater. Early afternoon show was not crowded at all. Purchased my tickets online.

Tatiana Moody

Clean place, food was good. It was busy when we went. The seats were comfortable.

David Calhoun

Comfy seats. Good room. Sound a bit loud.

Robert Valdez

The place here in Brandon Florida it stunk the hole movie theater had a stink to it I was scared even by eating to eat I just left the theater tonight at 11. If the manager owners of AMC The regency are reading this you guys need to go down there and smell it I'll never go there again.I wish I could take the star back because it doesn't even deserve one star of the fact that the movie was good that's the only thing I was good about that whole

austin g

This is a pretty good theater. It’s worth going to Dolby showing especially with Alist. I personally did not like the IMAX screen. Chairs take up the bottom part of the screen and they cramped people in so no room to walk. Regular screens don’t have recliners and are not that comfortable.

Sarai Mota

I liked it, nice staff and snacks. The place seems to be in need of a little bit of TLC but it was nice overall

Isaac Redman

I love going to the movies and I have always enjoyed AMC theaters. The popcorn station looked like it hasn't been cleaned in a long time and their was also trash all of the place. When I walked in the actual theater, the trash can in the entrance hall had a sour smell which means it hasn't been cleaned out in days or weeks. The seats in the theater are outdated and not very comfortable. I didnt mind paying the $14.50 for a ticket in the past but when their are so many new theaters to choose from with cheaper tickets and more comfortable chairs, I might rethink where I choose to watch a movie next time.

kelanni green

Small and nice theater. Has popcorn, has extra food, nice drink machines. Good selection of movie with many options.

David DuGay

Pretty nice location, has a built in iMax theater.


I forgot how much I loved this theater. It is spacious well equipped theater you can't go wrong. There are plenty of restrooms in every corner which I really do like about this theater because if you leave the theater for a quick second to use a restroom you won't be far from getting back to watch your movie.

Devan Falcon

Great way to spend a bit of time with friends. Cheap tickets on Tuesdays with stubs membership

Sean Townsend

This place is still great to go see movies at. It is starting to show signs of wear and tear though. But still not bad.

Nancy Portz

We are movie-aholics & AMC A-List is perfect for us. We see from 1 to 3 movies a week & the value is certainly inherent in this program.

Nay Gargano

I'm a premiere rewards member. So my review may be a little different as it's coming from that point of view. You do pay extra for it but it's worth it. I purchase my tickets in the app and they are the same price as going to the counter. You also get priority line for purchasing concession stand items. This location: Its fairly neat and clean for theost part. There seems to be a lot of teenagers hanging around. It may just be the days that I go which are typically weekends. This location offers alcohol and specialty popcorn which is popcorn mixed with Cheetos and caramel corn. It's neat and if you're a premiere member you get a discount as well. For the most part it's a nice location.


I have been to plenty of AMC theaters. This one is clean enough, the main issue I had was the quality and cleanliness of the actual screen. I was in theater 1 and there were multiple black spots on the screen and other quality issue with the picture. It was extremely distracting. I ended up leaving before the movie ended. I'll just stream it eventually.

Free Breathing

HORRIBLE SERVICE!! Colleen at the drink counter served 3 other guests before me, which is fine usually if it’s busy, but I got a racy vibe when she made eye contact then continued to serve the white customers that came after me. I continued to be patient. I ordered my drink and went into my movie. I finished my drink and went back to the drink counter. When I gave Colleen my order, she explained that she couldn’t sale me a different drink order, but she could sell me the same drink I ordered earlier in the evening. Do they think I’m handing out free drinks in the lobby? WHAT?! I’m only allowed to order the same drink at AMC 20 in Brandon, FL? I requested a manager. The two whispered together a min before I could even join the conversation. The manager (Rachel) then proceeded to say the EXACT SAME THING as Colleen. I was refused service. I’ve spent 1000s of dollars at this theater. Yes, we see many movies lol. We all know concession stand prices and I usually go to the movies hungry. NOT ONE MORE PENNY!! I understand the fight against under age drinking but I’m 33 with valid ID. Give me a break.

Kimberly Norman

Fun times. I feel bad for the people who have to clean the theater after the movie ends. Have to clean up after people, be ayse they are too lazy to throw away what they brought in.

otis Smith

Need to update seating. Riverview theater is very much better experience

Ervin Britton

last night 6/13 Paid $28.05 for lg popcorn, reg sprite, jr mint and triple play slider. no fries or cookie were delivered with slider. cashier said he changed price since i only wanted sliders. i made no special request. GC endiug in2519

Tionne Marcus

The place is completely understaffed. I miss the opening of movies because they have only two or three people working; one or two people work the ticket stand. They need to hire more employees.

Bray Machado

They should update their screens if coffee aren’t offered. Waited 20 mins to get coffee and the lady in the counter said the screen was wrong....

Kurt Vegas

No one is ever there, I usually have the theatre to myself. Its great.

Janine Feliciano

If you're seeing a late show, eat before you go because everything is closed in there after 9:45pm. Theater was comfy and nice.

Brian Shaffer

I grew up in Brandon and the improvements they have made are fabulous.

Andi Anderson

Seats in the back smelled like urine and were hard to hear the movie from. Difficult to get popcorn buttered properly since its self serve butter... Ideal to have popcorn and butter layered but have to keep coming back to the counter and waiting for someone to fill it with popcorn. Several self serve kiosks were down and line to get tickets was slow moving.

matthew fjelstad

Great place to see a movie. Seats are comfortable. Staff is very quick to serve you. Theatre is very clean.

Devoe Digital

Saw the Matrix 20th anniversary release. The Dolby AMC is an absolutely incredible sound system!

Jerry Washington

This is a great place to watch movies great place to relax be with friends let me just say that the customer service lady was absolutely excellent she gave me information that show me how I could afford to attend the movie theater she was helpful and every way she knew how to engage in conversation she knew how to entice me to buy something from the concession stand it was a total sale and she did a great job without even pushing it she simply gave great service. It is for that reason that I will be coming back it'll be mine go to place for movies in Tampa Florida. I want to thank the staff the people that work at concession stand and the people that clean up the place for doing a great job of keeping the facility clean. You know a place is clean when the bathroom reflects the management style. I saw shaft at the movies the movie was okay the actors were perfect but you know I grew up watching the real shaft Richard Roundtree and back then everything was funky everything was absolutely Throwdown but it was good to see Samuel Jackson the young man named Usher Jessie Usher appearing in Rolls by which the chef go to the Next Generation it was like giving the Next Generation a chance to see and experience what we did when we were kids coming up. Thank you AMC for a great experience and also I like the fact that the bus service runs right alone the thoroughfare anybody that wants to go to the movies who don't have a car can cats one right outside the building and they run at such a timely fashion that you want the inconvenience in anyway. I also like the fact that you're surrounded by other stores where if you are just going to the movies and you need to get some other things you're surrounded by the convenience a variety of stores you can do all your shopping in one location.

Esteban Holguin

Went opening weekend for Endgame. Place was packed, concessions were ruinning low but the staff handled everything like pros. Got my stuff and still got to my seat with plenty of time. Good spot.

Amanda Hall

Great atmosphere, great movie, comfortable seating but $10 for small popcorn???!!!

Patricia Williams

Hadn't been here in years. Sane, comfortable setting, ease of purchasing ticket and best of all there was a coupon for a medium size popcorn and Cola Cola freezie...for $5!!

Rick Neese

Nice and clean. The chairs are very comfortable. I watch movies all the time, 4 out of 5 times the popcorn is awesome! More then every place else I have seen movies.

Bob Joe

It's old, but nice to visit old places. Very comfy

Maurice Graham

Worst movie theater in Brandon. Period. Kids kicking seats. People popping out sodas left and right. Babies crying. No reclining seats. My movies experience has been ruined here do yourself a favor if you wanna actually watch a movie in peace without all the distractions go to Xscape or GQT.

CMI Photgraphy Studio

The concession line was crazy. However they handled it so quickly. Movie theater was clean and staff was nice..

Bobby Bouche

Nice theater rooms & friendly staff.

Kathy Avera

They needed more help. All the cost service employees were slow. From greeting tickets to getting our treats. Good thing it wasn't a busy time of day. Also we saw Lion King (which was awesome). And we could actually hear the movie next to us during the quiet parts of our movie. And of course a bad review wouldn't be complete without complaining abbot the price of popcorn, a Slurpee, and gummy bears for $20.00. Not even a large popcorn.


Staff was nice and pleasant. A-list is a great deal. This theater is in need of an overhaul. Time to follow the lead of Xtreme and the GQT theater and add a ton of recliners and update the sound system


Fantastic theater that is one of our favorite spots to go to the movies and of course our son systems are awesome offering also IMAX and Dolby presentations.

Heather Beckman

The theater was clean, movie had quality sound and image. No complaints there. Price of food as always is crazy and ridiculous. Get over it already AMC. But I have to say, I have been going to Regency for over 20 years. It used to be a safe yet independent hang out place for middle school/high school. Movies were actually watched and there was minimal crime. Kids being kids. Like a promenade. I went on June 7, 2019 with family to see a movie. It's been quite awhile since I was there on a Friday night. I shared the fun along with thr stories of expected trust and how to behave unsupervised. I was so disappointed to see it dead, with cops lined up. I'd like to see the movie theater and Regency bring back a community hang out spot, hand in hand with the businesses. Fade the offical imposing cop presence out, this generation is over it. Replace with community interaction and responsibility. Might allow this movie theater to open up both snack bars.

Margaret Maike

Clean, well organized, plenty of parking, saw a good movie, courtesy of AARP. Thank you.

Fernando Sanabria

Dolby Cinema is absolutely stunning, and my main reason for coming here. Some of the Digital theaters could use improvements/renovations. This location tends to be under staffed at times which causes long and slow lines, but everyone has been friendly so far. All in all a good theater that could improve a couple of areas.

Timothy O'Bryan

I love the convenience of this theater and the staff were kind and helpful. The bathrooms are modern, nice and clean. The snack bar has the typical movie menu. The reason I gave 3/5 stars is based off the dated design of the theaters. The seats have to be at least a decade old and I was more than ready to leave by the end of the movie. With a bit of a makeover and reclining, modern seats this place could easily be a 5.

Sara Tessanne

Very fancy. Comfy reclining seats, a snack bar, a bar, and a sushi bar all to choose from to enjoy while watching your movie. Staff is fast and efficient, and the cleanliness was on point!

Melissa Prater

My son went with his two uncles to watch Avengers Endgame and they were turned away by the ticket booth lady stating that they had to be 21 or older to a pg13 movie. Both of his uncles are over 18 which is absolutely disgraceful. My son is 14 and is quite capable to watch this movie with two consenting adults. I am outraged. This is absolutely despicable and disgusting.

kaitlan corsell

Its okay. The only reason i tolerate this movie theatre chain is because of their A list option. Other than that this location of amc is disgusting. Bathrooms are atrocious. Seats in theaters are greasy, not cleaned or sticky. Staff doesnt really care. I Only see movies in their dolby theater because its the only one they seem to actually clean. Before i joined a list i would drive to farther locations or other movie theaters.

Mary Wyche

Always love it!its clean and comfy

Praisefire Worship

Regency I L❤ve you! Your popcorn excites me, and makes going to the movies a greater experience. On another note, when someone has stolen your seat you have no way to resolve this. Why do you have reserved seating then?

Lisa Trimble

Great local movie theatre. Always clean. We joined the premier members club and get back the membership pretty quick. Free upgrades and accumulate point for free $5 rewards. Go during the week to avoid crowds. Plenty of security in the form of Tampa's finest sheriffs. Enjoy!

Bryce Flemister

Older and smaller theater but a friendly staff. Work going to for the Stub Tuesday specials. If you miss the 80's this place is a must visit

Andrew Lynough

Theater itself was clean, the screen was big and the theater had a smaller more intimate feel but the chairs were very uncomfortable. They were almost a 90 degree angle, and just not comfortable for a longer period of time. We went to a later showing and found that one of the bathrooms was unusable it was so filthy.

Erica Thompson

I saw 2 movies today. The staff was very helpful however they could do a better job on cleaning through the place. The floors were so sticky and there was food all over the floor in one of the theaters.


The place is nice but the service is not. The employees look like they don't want to be there. No smiles. No greetings.

Cidney Oliver

Theater was very clean and the seating was comfortable.

Logan Harry

This place need to remodel old chairs with recliners and better lighting in smaller theatres. Food prices are insane cocktails prices are insane so I suggest flask it and dollar store candy and purse full of popcorn ! Buy one drink and share lol

Steve Jackson

Good theater. No problems. Was your traditional movie experience. Of course the concession is expensive. The seats slightly recline, but it's not the same as the newer seats I've been seeing around that provide more room, and recline to your preference with a button and with leg rests.

Maharshi Tikiwala

Best picture quality, awesome sound quality and comfy seats. Love the movie experience here.

Darrell Stringer

It was very clean the employees were very friendly and helpful. The seats were comfortable and the screen and sound system was awesome!!!

Ryan Cooper

Growing up, this was THE movie theater to come to. While they have made improvements to keep up with the newer and more updated theaters, the overall appearance still brings me back to the early 90s. Not a bad theater overall, but given another option, I may chose different.

Luna Bleu

It was so overwhelmingly hot in the theater. I felt so claustrophobic the entire movie, even being in the IMAX. Don't waste your money, find a better theater.

Jeremiah Bunworth

Worst AMC ever. No parking, it’s dirty, customer service isn’t good, and seats are uncomfortable. I once waited 10 minutes in line with 2 people in front of me. I worked at an AMC and it was amazing. This one is trash.

Jenee Peele

Nice spot.. Never personally ran into an issue with customer service or cleanliness... close to many restaurants

Brandon Plunkett

Very happy with this theater. The theater has been updated and the workers do a pretty good job.

dawn etheridge

Our fandango gift card wouldnt allow us to check in for the time we wanted and we thought we werent going to be able to see the movie we wanted. The girl at the ticket counter was amazing and gave us complimentary tickets so all we missed were the previews.

Trevor Lane

I never had a bad experience here, Prices are expensive but I guess that's normal these days

Serenity Taylor

Its nice but after 9pm if your under 18 and don't have an adult over the age of 21 with you, they wont sell you a ticket to any movie.

Aut B

Really enjoyed this theater. Went to the Highwood one first and this one is mich nicer. We don't go to the movies much any more because it's so expensive now, but the seats were comfy and everything was nice and clean.

David Thorpe

Movie was good went to see new Kendrick brother

Jackson Derrick

The movie was alright I guess. Biggest concern is the quality of the concessions. After taking a handful of my large popcorn I felt something in my mouth. Confused, I spat it out only to find it was a short and curly blond hair. My mind started to wonder, best case scenario it was someone’s beard hair. When I went to return the popcorn and offer my complaint, a large blond woman with a hair net received me. My current idea of what happened is this large woman misplaced a pubic hair. I am disgusted!

Elizabeth Wilson

This theater’s not bad. It’s our local one and they do $5 Tuesday shows, which we like to capitalize on sometimes. The seats are fairly comfy and staff is pretty nice. Several theater rooms so they usually have a good lineup of movies and showtimes. The kiosks have always been quick and easy to use. We don’t usually reserve tickets online, but that’s an option.

christine booker

They ruined my childrens birthday plans by giving misinformation, I tried to speak with Nick the manager and he did nothing about it. A more extensive explanation of why my experience with them has been placed to the BBB

Eric nelson

Had a lot of fun there an the people was very nice

Alonzo Gary

The seats were outdated and uncomfortable compared to other movie theaters I've been too. The demographic group of people were kind of loud and outspoken. Talked during the movie. I'm not the type to be that bothered by it but i could see how others would be annoyed. Not a very good experience for the price of the movie experience. Would be better off renting the movie online and watching at home. A lot cheaper and a lot more comfortable.

Reda Thomas

This is a great place. Comfy seats and good sight and sound quality.

Sarah Gulamang

I love how quick the service is here. The restrooms are always clean when we show up. The theaters are always clean and kept up well. One of my favorite AMC’s because of the option to reserve seat

Elamaruthan Manoharan

Theater is clean and good. ITs big and some times its confusing to find an exit. They serve alcohol and they had a bar as well


It's nice and clean. Like all theaters food is over priced. Go before noon save yourself some money.

Zach Wiles

Every time I come to amc I’m reminded why I shouldn’t . The old school seats I can deal with, the prices are whatever , but multiple times the movie has stopped working an hour in. But I’m sure a free ticket voucher can make up for it ... not.

J.R. Dear

The theater itself is average(3 stars.) But it services an area with limited options for movies, and has the latest movies available when they come out so there is that. The bar is nice, and can really take the edge off being annoyed at the sticky floors in every other theater and overpricing of the concession food. I've never had any issue with any of the staff, though none of them have been memorable or more than "adequate" either. They do have some really comfortable front row recliner seats. Although it really kind of messes up the view of the screen with the positioning of them. One really positive thing about this place is the Men's Restroom is almost always very clean when I enter. This is one of those places you go for the movie, enjoy the movie, and don't really think about much else.


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