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REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN Disney Springs 24 IN Florida

John Washabaugh

The theater is actually nice. The service is decent and it's pretty modern. The reason for one star is the Dine-In food is that bad. My wife had the nachos and there's no way it should of made it to her seat like that. Brown guacamole and a small amount of cold cheese on top, cold beans in the middle, and the chips way too salty. I thought she was exaggerating so I tried one and got one of those gross sensations from head to toe, from nachos! The bacon burger I had wasn't as good as burger king. Both very expensive $15+. Will still be seeing movies at this theater but the food was so surprising considering the location.


We have not experienced the Dine-In service, but every time we come here we never have an issue. What we like best is the concession area set up. It is so much more efficient to have self-service and you don’t end up waiting for 10+ minutes just to buy popcorn and drinks. If you’re able to catch a movie before 12 noon then you’ll only pay $6 per ticket.

Nik S

My favorite movie theatre! We love everything Disney so this makes it even better for us. After we finish our movie, we usually just hang out in the area, hop on the ferry for a ride and enjoy the evening out. We also always purchase our tickets online to avoid the lines and are always in and out easily. Love this location.

Kelly M.

We were visiting the area on Sunday and decided to stop in for a movie. We always go to AMC at home. We chose the dine in option and it was a mistake. We paid 115$ for dinner, only for the whole family to get the poos. It was the only meal we ate since we were traveling, so we are certain it came from here. After seeing the bathroom on the way out, I never would have eaten food here. It was 1,000 times worse than a truck stop restroom. So basically we spent 200$ to watch a movie and get diarrhea. So gross... :(

Jason Knize

The Dine-In theater has been remodeled and we won't be back. Previously some of the most comfortable theater seats in Orlando with a full length table for dining, now replaced with recliners with the swing out tables. How anyone can eat a fork and knife meal in these seats with these tables is beyond my comprehension. Couple that with the regular theaters not converting to premium/recliner seats any time soon, and there's no reason for us to visit this theater. We'll wait for Alamo Drafthouse and continue to visit the Cinemark Artegon, the best all-around theater in Orlando.

Alex Gonzalez

Really disappointed of how unhelpful AMC has been. As an A-List member you expected a certain level of customer service, and AMC Surely disappoints, you would think being in Disney some of the Disney Magic would rub off but that is not the case at all. Save yourself money and headaches and go to Universal’s theater, they are cleaner, nice and better customer service.

Vincent Gaines

This is a fine theater that had lots of screens, lots of movies, plenty of regular and 3d venues. Ticket cost me 20 whole dollars, which is much more than a comparable theater back in Texas where I pay 8 bucks usually.

Gabriel Bogar

My review is for the Dolby Cinema at this theater. was not impressed because of the way its set up . if you get the right seats, its a good experience . but the layout of this cinema room is a little weird .. they have 2 levels . if you get seats on the first level all they way on top .. you will not get the full dolby cinema experience because you are blocked by the roof and wont here all the speakers .. same if you are on top level you will not get the full sound . i never seen a set up like this . weird. but if you sit in the middle of the bottom deck .. its pretty awsome .. and the base and seat resistors hit pretty good . so if you go here .. get seats in the bottom deck in the middle .. which will still be a little confusing trying to get them !

Aisha E

I am a fan of AMC theaters but this theater is way too chaotic. It's busy because it's in Disney but that's even more reason to organize & simplify the checkout experience for the customer. 1.) It's easy to miss the only entrance of the concession area if you aren't paying attention because there is so much going on. 2.) They have checkout on one side (to the left when you enter the concessions) and your food order on the right and the drinks away from both of the previous mentioned areas. It's clear why everything's separated it's just not a good system or it's too congested of an area. Some stuff you grab & go pay for it at the counter, some stuff (hot foods) you need a ticket to get the item but there are no clear indications on which is which. I suggest searching for what you want then you pay for everything and pick up your items last. Also we thought the entire theater was dine-in and it's not. Only one or two screens and the movie we saw was not so that was a disappointment.

Rodney Black

Nice theater just too cold

Karen Grimes

Not a good experience. Chairs csnt recline all the way because there isnt enough room for walk space. If u sit up higher you cant see over the rail. The only thing it had going for it was how quickly you could get through concessions.

Jeremy Landry

May 24, 2019 Brightburn to be seen in a non dine in section which is nice and quiet. Super hero movie in reverse of what is the normal. Cannot wait to see. Today is Avengers: endgame. The new style of the remodel was awesome. Hostess in front area was also very helpful and courtesy. Hostess inside auditorium 22 was very cordial. Mrs. Ansel (hostess) I would highly recommend. Go see avengers: Endgame with dine-in. Today is Marvels: Captain Marvel. DAVIANA was very cordial, helpful, and a great server. AMC is going through a transition of construction so please be careful and call if you not sure where you auditorium is. Dine-in is usually 19-24 but not to sure about the construction if it is expanding. I have come here for awhile now and each time I love it. . So please enjoy your visit. During g the movie our hostess never once came back to make sure if we wanted refills on drinks and I personally think this should be performed. Also a suggestion when someone order a chocolate milk shake that has a 4" brownie on the glass a napkin and spoon should be given upon receiving item to customer. This why I have down graded from previous stars. Otherwise movie was excellent, atmosphere was superb. The one down fall I did experience is the customer next to me had his cell phone on the entire time and you would hear him receiving texts messages or email alerts. This was annoying to say the least.

Gabe Dodd

All the staff were rude. It was like we bothered them to come see a movie.

Tommy Farmer

Definitely one of my all time favorite theaters, comfy seats and good food options.

Jordan Norwood

Emma was a great waitress and she was fun and sweet helped with loud kids too. But the theater kinda smells which makes it weird to eat at but I did anyway and it was alright. Free parking :) orange garage lyfe

Glenn Willerforde

The only thing I don't like about this theater is the regular movie side. People don't know how to shut up when you are watching a movie. They want to talk at flash their cell phones throughout the film. It's ridiculous. The staff never comes around to check the auditoriums either. People talking or using cellphones should be removed from the theater and never come back.

Renee Konieczka

Sooo,disappointed. We have been going here for years, always trying to plan our Disney Vacation to include a movie. In the past we have always had an outstanding experience. The theater was innovative, clean, beautiful ,had great fresh food and organized friendly service. This time it was a let down all the way around. The entire theater was filthy, rude unhelpful staff, and concessions were a disorganized mess. They were out of ice on all Freestyle machines, out of everything except water on most all machines,paper,lids and straws strewn everywhere, dirty countertops and 2 staff at the registers to pay for concessions. They advertise their dine- in service where you pre- order a meal to bring to your seat and even though we arrived a half hour early, we were discouraged from ordering this service because they were “45 min to an hour behind” . Come on AMC! You are giving Disney a very bad reputation. We will not be returning and we discourage anyone else from wasting their money.

Joshua Baker

It was just okay. Other movie theaters have better layouts and way better seating... and more movie selections playing.

Lillian Donaldson

I was going to see a movie last summer, but the two people in front of me got the last two tickets. Service was slow trying to get a ticket, staff seemed indifferent to the lineup. The lobby was dated and dark, nothing resembling what you think from an updated DS area. I was rather relieved not to be going to the movie since the interior lobby gave me a creepy vibe. Nowhere near what you'd expect from a Disney experience or a movie theatre in a major city in 2018/2019. If the staff had been friendlier and willing to help speed up the line or suggest an alternate movie and help with the self menu monitor I might have considered another movie.

Migdalia Blanco

Not only do you get the Disney experience at Disney Springs, but you can also watch a movie at AMC Dine-In theatre. They provide IMAX, 3D, Digital, and Dine-In showings to choose from. Their IMAX theatre has comfortable recliners that allows plenty of sitting room and the movie will blow your mind. Dine-in theaters have comfortable reclining seats where servers come by and you can order food from the menu. This theatre accepts A-list and I come here all the time! Recommend catching a movie here.

Rickey Pierce

Really rude staff member. Didn’t acknowledge my wife.. then made a big deal about us not being able to bring our stroller in... we had done it before and checked online and theater was not full. When we got in we saw low and behold... it was half empty. Be friendly have empathy that is customer service. I have been here a lot and this was the first really rude person we encountered. That being said still only takes one.

Brian Huff

WARNING! Not all the theaters are dine-in. Yes there are some indicators about this online but for those used to other dine-in theaters where all theaters serve meals (like Studio Movie Grill) you have to be careful to specifically select a movie that is dine-in. I did not know this and ended up spending 2 hours with my family enjoying a movie but disappointed at the lack of a meal. So hungreeeee.

mike w

Aside from a seemingly nonfunctional AC unit in theatre 23, the experience was amazing and without issue.

Francesca Hart

Fun movie experience! We tried the dining theatre for the first time. Variety of food for everyone. Picked a movie middle of the day to take a break from the heat. Our server was extremely nice! Everyone had fun drinks and adults can order from the bar! ( the theatre is in remodel mode but we werent bothered by it)

Jon Pates

Ordered appetizers did not receive until movie more than halfway over. Waiter came right after my food arrived to apologize about food not coming. Says they will... Then sees my food is there so says nevermind and leaves. My partner waited even longer about 15-20 min to get his appetizer.Got refill of drink before I was finished drinking before food arrived. Then request for refills after food delivered ignored. Real disappointed!

Gabrielle White

Service was great . Walking down dine-In side hallway smelled like a dirty bathroom like pee and there was no bathroom down hallway so i don’t know where the smell came from. The movie theater was hot and the smell burned my eyes. They turned the air on when movie actually started. I got bit by bed bugs I had 3 bumps in a row on my left shoulder. I was in auditorium 24 seat h8. I sit up the whole time after I got those bumps. Still have them next day. So won’t be going back.

Brian Chang

It was good service and stuff but I believe I lost my phone there. I contacted the movie theater and AMC customer support and no one ever responded to me. They claimed for two days in a row they will send me and email or call me back on 01/02/2019. I waited for a week but yet till today 01/09/2019 no one have tried to contact me regardless weather they found or not. Not really happy about the online service thought it would be better.

Shayler Levine

The Dolby theater for the Avengers in the top balcony front row, didn't have the great of effect. Also the treats are very expensive and the cashier used our friend reward points without asking us. If you sit in the front row in the 3rd flood balcony, be prepared not to lean back because the wall blocks the bottom of the screen.

Kiren Sohpal

If you want to experience the horror ride of errors, come here!!!

Mandie Rose

Love coming here. Tickets aren’t expensive. Always a great experience.

Adriel Zalez

Oh boy, where to start. This was my first time coming here, bought the tickets and at first we couldn't find 'Section U' in Auditorium 2. Then we found out by looking, there's a second floor, we walked upstairs, nope that just brings you to the same area. Next thing we find out, there's a 3rd floor? What?!? Nowhere on the app doesn't say 'Are you sure you'd like to buy these tickets, they're on the 3rd floor,' not even the ticket-taker doesn't even say; 'Oh hey, Section U is on the 3rd floor.' Nobody says anything so we got lost for a little bit. Besides that, the non-dining seats are pretty uncomfortable, feels like something out of the Cinepolis, very cheap for overpriced tickets. I feel like the dining side of the theater is better, even if you don't want any food or drinks at all. With that being said, since Section U is on the third-floor, that mean't we sat on balcony seating and the viewing wasn't that great, so don't sit there. Sadly we couldn't get anything to drink or eat because we got lost. ----- On 5/4/19, I saw Avenger's Endgame in the AMC Dolby section of the theater, we sat in row C and now from experience... Don't sit in row A, B or C (near the middle section of the row). Why? 1) Because the recliners don't go all the way back like Regal recliners so your neck will mostly hurt by the end of the movie, plus because the screen is so big you kinda can't see all aspects of the screen, you have to move your head up, down, left and right. I doubt balcony seating great viewing either, so don't sit there either. 2) A, B and C sections aren't at a incline whatsoever so the top of seats will cover some of the bottom screen section. 3) Because you're up so close, movie feels washed out, kinda 3D'ish. Other than that, Dolby was amazing. The screen was huge, during specific scenes of the movie you could feel the vibrations of the movie from the seats.


Doesn’t exactly feel like the “Disney experience.” My pizza has been burnt so much that I stopped ordering it and many of the cashiers seem apathetic. The only thing that keeps me going back is the AMC Stubs A-List.

Kelly Fortin

Very disappointed. This theater is advertised as a dine in theater “restaurant and movie theater.” We came to watch a movie with two small hungry children to find that it is not dine in. They had regular movie theater food - nothing more. To call packaged nachos or premade pizza “handcrafted food” is ridiculous. Additionally, the theater was very small and the seats were not recliners.

Brian King

AMC Theater Disney Springs is fun and an interesting concept but you need to have the staff to do it correctly. The food was good, expensive but good. The theater is a different story. We could hear The Avengers movie next door booming through the walls, even when our movie was loud. A huge rumble from an explosive during a chase scene with no explosions is distracting. I never got my honey mustard either, even though I called a waitress twice. I would give more stars but the pros do not outweigh the cons. The reservation system is easy to use but there is a $5.75 convince fee to book online. Cheaper tickets compared to other theaters.

Frankie J

I give AMC DINE-IN Disney Springs 24 FOUR stars. I really enjoyed the 3D seating option and that is why I give it FOUR stars. Was not a fan of the grab yourself popcorn setup because people can be sick or dirty and they can be touching the pre packed popcorn Packages. 8-P I noticed people grab one and put it back. No thank you.

Gabriella Cee

This theater is a “standard” movie theater. It is nothing spectacular, but is clean and well-stocked in terms of snacks and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Our theater, Theater 11, had standard movie theater seats which did not recline which was not a major issue, as I went there for the movie, not the seats (but it is noteworthy, as some do prefer the reclining seats). The theater itself utilized space well whilst being built; areas do not get too congested, and there are bathrooms conveniently located near all of the theaters. The screen in our theater was clean and high-quality, and the volume sounded great, even for just a standard movie showing. Unfortunately, during our most-recent visit, three separate parties (each containing eight to fifteen people) came and were extremely noisy during the entirety of our showing. Our movie was one that had a lot of “quiet” parts, and their conversations could be heard, nonstop, at all times. Additionally, one of the parties divided their large group with half of them sitting in the front of the theater, and the others in the back, which resulted in numerous disruptions when certain members of their party got up from their seats and walked to the front of the theater to talk to others in their party and/or bring them snacks. Additionally, three other patrons directly behind my significant other and I kicked our seats throughout the movie which we found to be distracting and frustrating. There were a lot of young children during our movie (a Rated R movie, starting late at night) whom got up to go to the bathroom (without their their parent[s]) and ran up and down the stairs due to being scared. We eventually decided to leave due to the fact that neither of us were able to concentrate and/or hear the movie. Sadly, a movie at home would have been more enjoyable this time around. The main reason I am still rating this theater Five Stars is because the manager, Matt, listened to our concerns and took initiative to make things right. He is a genuinely kind person, which was evident during our short interaction with him. Matt also seems to be very on top of things. The other reason I decided to give this theater Five Stars is because they are not in control of which guests come to a movie showing, and/or the guests’ behavior. If you are hoping to get a secluded theater with minimal guests and/or no distractions, this may not be it, as it is located in Disney Springs after all. However, I do recommend this theater overall, as all of my previous experiences at it have been positive as well as because their employees (in particular, Matt) are exceptional!

Lucia Kennedy

We paid a lot extra for the Dolby Cinema to see Dark Phoenix. The reclining seats are much skinnier than in Regal Cinemas, so it was uncomfortable, especially for a whole 2 hour movie. Every time we reclined back our seats more than 25% of the way down, we couldn’t see half of the movie screen because of the wall in front of our seats. Then to make matters worse, they wouldn’t turn on the air conditioning! I asked the staff about the A/C and they said they would “look into it”. Our entire group of 8 people all sweated the entire movie, especially since we were in the last/highest row, heat rises!! Highly disappointed with this theater and the prices, definitely not worth an upgraded price for a worse experience. Very disappointed in you AMC!

Heather Cabrera

Didnt want to put a one because we made a 2 hour and 30 min drive to see the lion king in a Disney setting and got asked to remove a two year old who is got a lil autism and ADHD. From the movie when all he was duing was saying what the movie was saying a waste of 23.00 to us

Angela T

The bathrooms were filthy as well as the common areas. The staff were not overly friendly or helpful. Surprised that this type of establishment is connected with Disney Springs, clearly has its own management that is not connected with Disney. Saw our movie in a Dolby theater which was enjoyable, otherwise this would be a one star rating!

John M

AVOID THIS PLACE!!! Worst Customer Service you will EVER experience! In July 2018 I invited visiting family to go to the movies. There was 16 of us in all. We got our tickets and the coming attractions had yet to come up and My Wife's sister (62) said she wasn't feeling well. She was recovering from triple bypass and this was her first evening out. She was adamant not to let her not feeling well "ruin the night". After she and my brother left with they're kids and grandchildren. My family and I decided it wouldn't be right to stay, so we decided to leave. Knowing how hard my brother works to provide for his family, I made it a point to get a refund or even just future tickets for him. I wasn't even concerned about the loss myself. Remember the movie HADNT EVEN STARTED YET. I went to customer service and a nice young lady said I'd have to speak to a manager since I didn't have all the ticket stubs. The manager arrived and after baiting and abusing his authority by taunting an elderly woman asking for something for her handicap granddaughter (he was making strange comments like "Though it is in my power, I don't know if I will do that for you" while two other workers laughed behind him. The women was almost in tears and admittedly my blood pressure was rising knowing I'd have to deal with this smug 20ish year old kid next! I approached him and explained the situation. He interrupted me and said "no", "no refunds"! I said fine, tickets to a future movie would be fine. He then made the mistake of saying "not without proof you and that many people came through here and laughingly said "good luck getting someone who remembers you buddy, we get thousands of people each night"! Since we just arrived I got the ticket taker to come over and she stated "Yes I remember taking your tickets sir, and I remember your grandchildren, you needed all the 3D glasses right"? The manager pulled her to the side and she then went back to her post taking tickets. I said there you go, relieved. He raised his voice and said "I don't care what she said". "No refunds". I explained again, future tickets would be fine. He said " I said NO!, I'm done with you, now leave"! Not wanting to put my wife and children though anything more. I left and decided to handle it with a supervisor online and by phone. Nightmare 2 followed. I spent hours online in chats with customer service reps, and on the phones. I was given the runaround. Told mailers would be sent to me ("only 8 tickets") then told that no mailers would be sent. I was told to write this person than that person. I was told to call and ask for this manager or that guest relations person etc. At that point I just wanted closure. I had been going to Amc theaters for over 30 years! And to be honest, I couldn't believe I was being treated this way. Sorry for the long review, but I would hate to think of someone and they're family being put though what my family and I was. This is what happens when a company gets this big. This theater usually handles tourists (being Disney springs) and it knows it will always have tourists seeing a movie while on vacation, so it obviously doesn't care about offending and ripping off a local or even a tourist now and then. The irony is that AMC wouldn't send ANY tickets out, yet there CEO is paid a BASE SALARY OF OVER 10 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR!!! I insist anyone interested to look it up for themselves. I always wondered why so many people no longer go to the movies often (most it seems only go when a new comic book hero movie or the like is out). Now I wonder no more. After this nightmare, I now understand how companies who stream movies in the home are making BILLIONS. I loved AMC theatres and looked forward to another 20 years of enjoying movies multiple times a month. After this and how I am continually disrespected and treated awfully, I sadly will newer return. Unless, they finally make things right!

Rachel Minnear

Dine-in part needs more comfortable chairs. Pretty outdated. Food is good for what it is. The regular theaters also need updates chairs. They only have one screening that has the recliners. This theater is mainly good because of location.

Shar Be

Staff is unfriendly and unhelpful. My particular server during the movie was ok, (he was not the problem) but the staff behind customer service seem annoyed that customers actually need help when they go to the customer service desk. I've gone to dine in before and there was different staff and still not the best attitude. I guess that's the atmosphere this particular location creates and allows. I usually have nothing bad to say about the other AMC locations so I'll probably skip the dine in from now on.

Ashley Tatreau

Our seats and the three surrounding them were absolutely filthy. Popcorn on the seats, cups in the cup holders still, stuff spiled on the seats. And seats are assigned now so it's not like we can just switch... our next visit we will likely not return to this amc location

Samantha Copple

I have never had a bad experience at this theater. Everything is always clean and easily accessible. The staff is friendly and helpful and inside the building is easy to navigate.

Robin Jackson

Theater was awesome! Food was good also.

John Berrang

When this concept first started with a meal while enjoying a movie, the service was great. It's really slipped though and our last couple of visits the service has been really slow even though the theater was not busy. The chairs and tables have needed to be cleaned better as they been sticky and dirty. Really hope they can get their act together again as we use to see movies only this way. Starting to watch more at home with the decrease in service and cleanliness.

James Martino

Took my wife to see the lion King for her birthday. Movie was awesome. The server inside was amazing. Unfortunately the team members at the concession stand was less than professional. As I was getting out drinks team members were cleaning area. They removed the mattress in front of the free style machine rubbing dirt and old soda onto my shirt. Ontop of taking some of my rewards from my stub account and ruining my shirt. I tried contacting someone to discuss the situation and no one has been in contact with me. I am highly disappointed as my wife and I frequent Disney springs often.



Jennifer Berrios

A lot of attractions. Wish there were more things for the kids to do. But very interesting.

Lee Ann Pefley

We thought this would be a fun treat with our kids while on vacation. The food service took a long time. We were the first ones in the theater and ordered well before the others in there. My caesar wrap came with a side of fruit which consisted of 3 small pieces of pineapple and a strawberry cut in half. My child got more with his kids meal than I did. We waited 30 minutes or more on popcorn. Once the show was over our server was no where to be found and neither was our bill. We had to go to the front counter and ask for it. It would have been less expensive and better food to eat somewhere else then see a movie.

Gary Mathews Jr.

I enjoy the wings a lot. Everything else is decent....service is not that great hit or miss. We do frequent it and have more good experiences than bad.

Tabitha Talley

Very nice theater. Comfy seats. Seating charts are a little misleading as the back rows of seats are on the 3rd level.

Armand X. Goldman

Horrible place, loud screaming kids, unable to use Handicapped seating due to kids demanding the seats. Unable to hear the movie. People pushing and bumping into wheelchair causing pain. Staff didn't care, they said if we don't like it leave

Debbie Parker

Love the many choices of movies and then afterwards you are in the heart of disney springs

Glenda Helvey

They say military discount. Nothing on the sign that says it is after 4 pm. Bought tickets for a 3:15 3D movie. Said it was "policy" i would say false avertising. Not even offered "senior"

Lauren Krajewski

Food was actually good compared to other dine in theaters and the seating is clean and comfy

Betsy Middleton

Nice theater but....trying to contact them is ridiculous. After spending $200 on tickets and another 20 minutes on the AMC chat page with no resolution, I attempted to contact the theater directly. Automated answering machine sent call through - it rang and rang, then disconnected several times. I gave up. Disappointed that I paid high 'convenience' fees for nothing but inconvenience. For the ticket prices, I'd expect better from AMC.

Natasha Keller

Couldn’t get a reservation for the dine in because I had free movie tickets I couldn’t use online. Couldn’t get a person to answer the phone after trying to call 25+ times. Really should have a Reserve Now Pay on arrival option. What’s the point of even having gift cards?!

Margarita Acevedo

I being calling they never answer phone and this is emergency that bad they should answer they phone

Mari Arellano

They have reserved seating to watch a movie and dine in as well as drink your alcoholic drinks. Its like your normal dine in movie theatre. The ticket prices are a little bit more on the pricey side than your average tickets, they range from $13-$22 all depending on if you want 3D or not (Dine in is not included in the ticket price ). Their menu selection isn't bad they have anything from popcorn to chicken/steak bowls to sushi and or just plain chicken tenders! The food isn't gourmet but it also isn't fast food. You are able to order food or drinks up until an hour into your movie. The seats are a bit much outdated, not much cushion in the seat and very little reclining that you can do as there is a table behind you where people put their food. You can also shop around various shops before or after your movie or simply walk around and see all the wonder Disney Springs has to offer!

Angela Jean

Horrible customer service. Walked up to the ticket booth where there was 4 people standing around, one of them being on their phone and the other just sipping coffee. The one girl made a face and pointed to us and then they all turned their backs to us. If the booth was closed at least they could’ve motioned that they were closed or pointed to the other booth that was open. Don’t just ignore your customers, it takes two seconds to motion you’re closed. That was extremely disrespectful. For an AMC that is associated with Disney you would expect better customer service. Extremely disappointed.

Lisa Mae Reid

I love going to the movies here.. So clean and love the food.

Christina Balmes

Theater is dirty and run down. Food took over an hour and when it finally showed up it was cold.

Jose Martinez

I like coming here! Neat experience being waited on while watching a movie! I liked it and will be back!

Amanda Mcdaniel

Love coming here. Our favorite theater. We look forward to coming here every time we're in town.

Jacqueline Doby

Had a great experience. Went to see the new Lion King. Servers were great, cocktail was great. Will be gping back the next time we are in town!

Dave Caplis

We went to this theater since it was one of the last places showing Bohemian Rhapsody. Sure glad we did since many of the music and concert scenes were so much better on the big screen and with the theater sound system. Park in the orange garage and its pretty easy to get in and out of the theater area. We are amc a list members so cost was not a factor and parking was free. Then either before or after your movie you can enjoy shops and restaurants at Disney Springs which is a nice side benefit of going to this theater.

Henry Williams

The place to have a great movie experience!

Robert Reinhold

Great theater going experience, especially in the Dolby theater, which has large, reclining seats, and the best picture and sound.

John Wright

My wife and I love going to the DINE in side. The food and drink is great. The service is good when you hit the call button but if you don't get your order in before the movie starts it can take a while as everyone else in your auditorium also ordered. The only thing I would fix for the DINE is the option for a small or medium popcorn, large is your only choice. And add at least one dolby room for the DINE in side.

Raven Assault

Unless your right in the middle all the seats are terrible. DO NOT GET TICKETS FOR M ROWS AND ABOVE FOR DOLBY CINEMA! You literally have to be sitting completely up to see all the screen. I was so mad when I realized I had to walk up 3 flights of steps to just get to my seats. Absolutely not worth it. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. Also do not recline your seats or you will miss a 1/3 of the screen. Absolute garbage.

philip ballou

The food was not that great. There are so many restaurants in Disney Springs that do a great job but this one is bad. My food was served lukewarm and not how I asked for it. It was a departure from our normal dining experience.

Otto Grogger

A very properly maintained venue that gets crowded and dirtied by its clientele. As far as movie theater and AMC standards go, this place is solid. However, being in Walt Disney World (at Disney Springs), the average crowd-going experience is tough. Tourists who munch, talk, and overall annoy throughout the films. The AMC team does their best to properly maintain the cleanliness and quality of the theater I’m sure, however sometimes the weight of the people who come here overpower them. Don’t expect a respectful movie experience.

Carlos Perez

This place sucks!!! It is truly a hassle to try and redeem any vouchers at this location. You can call a 100 times and no one answers the phone. Since you can never reach anyone on the phone you have to then reserve your seats via the website which then charges you a fee of $6.00 " as a convenience fee" it is not convenient to be charged an additional $6.00 due to someone not answering the phone. If you wait to arrive there before the show starts to purchase tickets there are never any available.


So, out of the many times I've been here, it has been quite nice. A couple flaws that hurt the experience however, is the trouble of getting here, the dine-in theater is not accessible directly from the regular theater, so if you make it to the wrong theater or use the wrong parking garage it makes it that much more irritating. Another thing that's been happening more recent than not, is the doors being locked after the theater is supposed to be open and an embarrassed worker comes over to unlock the door in front of all of the valuable customers. And last but certainly not least (Why this review is getting two stars), is the new seats. It used to be where up to 4 people or so could seat in comfortable chairs with a nice and big platform to hold your food and all around a cozy and enjoyable environment. Now, they've changed their seats to recliners and give you a TV-Dinner tray sort of thing with one cup holder. So, if someone gives you a refill and you have an empty glass, you'll soon feel like The Cat in the Hat trying to juggle while standing on one leg. The food is a little above mediocre at best. But, I would reccomend the wings and the pretzel-bites. The wings definitely have a unique texture that makes them really good in my personal opinion. And you can't really go wrong with pretzel-bites. Also, the honey mustard is a great addition to the food. And on the not so bright-side, the food is typically room temperature and slow-serviced. However, I like my food to come out during the movie rather than before, but it seems like every other person likes to eat their food before the movie so it is not so dark while they're eating. Not to mention, the chairs are reclinable (Which is a hit or miss for a lot of people) and have a heater installed that you can activate with a push of a button, BUT the heater is hotter than Equador on summer in a sauna built in a volcano (Even on the lower setting). And, another problem would be how disgusting and sticky the menus are. Bottom line, don't eat here unless they bring their old seating back and adjust the service and cleanliness.

Jess Colopy

I enjoyed my experience here! It's priced mostly like a normal AMC though more expensive on peak times, and the ability to buy tickets online then print or use your phone is great. You can even preorder snacks.


The place is in desperate need of updating. The seats don’t recline, they are pretty old and shabby and not comfortable. The food and drinks for the dine-in side took forever and the food was cold when it arrived. It took 32 minutes to get a beer.

Steve Settle

Will not take disney rewards from chase. Disney card at a Disney shopping area. How more Disney can I get. #chasedisneycardscam #chasedisney #disneysprings #amcdisneysprings #amcsucks

Juan Bernal

Amazing attention to quality! This is the best theatre in the area and it have some of the best food and picture quality.

Berdo Barrera

Greatly dissapointed that the whole place isn’t Dine-IN but overall good experience . They should be more careful on how they sell popcorn and food . I saw two people grab popcorn and walk away feom the line and whisper to themselves “Free Popcorn” . It was so crowded no one noticed ! Good theater though and nice staff .

Chris Gomera

I am seriously thinking of canceling my amc perimeter due to this location . You’ll think because it’s by Disney they will be up to date. There dine in Theater Is super out dated . The light are so bright in there and the have old wood as tables to eat the food. The digital theater sound is so low I can hear the other movie next to me. Don’t come here because it’s by Disney . There’s no magic by this AMC.

Melissa Contreras

This theater And their staff discriminates against children with disabilities. My son needs to take medication at a certain time and temperature (needed the medication to be in a cool place to keep its temperature) and this theater refused to accommodate or call the centers first aid department to assist if they couldn’t however instead they did not have no idea what protocol is nor did seem to care that a child’s sickness can result in DEATH! I asked to speak to a manager and yet that took 15 min for that to happen. Than another manager (female, white blonde hair) thought it was funny when I explained the situation and life or death for my child. Maybe minority children disabilities aren’t as important for AMC and their staff. The disrespect and disappointment I have felt today is beyond any experience at any Disney or theater. Children with disabilities should be welcome without someone laughing or not able to accommodate a simple request. I am sure no one will respond to me in reference to this from AMC and that’s a shame. I have been a constant amc member for years. This just made my whole experience here something I rather not deal with. Take my money to another theater that is more pro-disabilities. I have a family of 8 and we are always here to watch movies this will be a huge impact on us and others we come with. As a advocate for my son we will voice this discrimination and hope for change. Just a huge disappointment I’m so upset. staff is RUDE and huge disappointment for the prices of tickets and food here. Do better AMC


Love coming here. Only down side is the new theater seats and table are not friendly for someone who isnt skinny.... Disappointed

Andrew Garcia

Alot of people go here so it can only be so clean. They say the food takes 30 mins but it really takes 50 mins. They dont put that much meat in the tacos. I would pass on it.


There are nicer dine-in theater options in the area for a comparable price. The theaters desperately need renovations.

Gordon Alexander Fallon

It was fun. I did not do the dine-in, also the reserved seats really do not work. U reserved my seats only to arrive and find people sitting in them. They do not apparently enforce the reserved seating rule. But, all the chairs seem equally comfortable.

Matthew Sparks

Do not recommend. You can smell the mold and stench of old food in the theater. Go to the IMAX on international drive instead.

Beverly Mount

Currently, this section of the theater is under construction, so you have to walk to the other side of the building to use the restroom. Also, I pressed the waiter button about 45 minutes before the movie ended to request a refill, and no one ever came. I also asked a passing waiter for a refill, and I never received a refill, so I didn't like that at all. Also, the menu on the website is not the exact menu at the theater. I was not happy about that either. They no longer offer salmon, but salmon was on the menu on the website. Other than that, the experience was great. And, the chicken quesedillas I ordered against my will were forcefully delicious lol.

KC Harrelson

We chose to see Spiderman last night at the AMC DINE-IN theatre and were pleasantly surprised by our overall experience. We have been there in the past and weren't thrilled but we figured we'd try it again since we're local. We usually like to choose Dine-In for better quality food (not just popcorn and candy) and BEVERAGE SERVICE. The have completely updated/renovated the theatres which I didn't know, so that was a nice way to start the experience. That was much needed, especially to keep up with all the fancy theatres out there. The seats were big, comfy, leather, reclining seats. They even had HEATERS, which I loved and used since I'm always cold at the movies. They have a nice little swivel shelf for your food and drink. It used to be a large clunky, not move-able counter in front of standard movie seats before. This was a HUGE upgrade. The service was OUTSTANDING, also a huge difference from our last experience. Luis was our server and was attentive, polite, helpful and efficient. We ordered several appetizers and they all came out relatively quick (maybe 20-25min) and hot. We loved all the items we ordered and would definitely order again or recommend. We shared - dry rub wings, pepperoni flatbread, crispy brussel sprouts and wedge lettuce cups. We also ordered a bottle of wine. This is a huge kicker for us compared to the non dine-in theatre since you can only get 1 glass per ID, which means you're in and out of the theatre throughout the movie. Overall, the experience was great from the upgraded/comfy chairs, to service and food quality. We will definitely be back and highly recommend Dine-In if you like to enjoy good food and libations during your movie.

Mike Weinstein

Our 1st visit to Disney Springs AMC Theaters. Probably our last. Movie was advertised in Theater #2 as a "Dine-In" experience, with their online photos showing a small table in front of the seats to hold all your snacks and "dining" food. Except... no table, nothing to hold any snacks (aside from the cup holder). Nothing dine-in about it. No button to call for service, as advertised - nothing but a regular theater. The main concession area was disgusting. It was early evening on a weekday, very few people (or should I say guests) there... LOTS of staff standing around visiting with each other. Drink counters were horrible... spills everywhere, supplies missing, Icee machines inoperable (only 2 of about 10 spigots were even working, with some showing operable (no out of use light glowing) yet the Icees were like water). In asking the manager why the machines showed to be working but they were not, the manager and staff echoed, "Oh, they've been that way for a week or so." And one oh-so-helpful female clerk behind the counter offered that if I wanted to wait 15 minutes there, they should freeze up some more. I had to point out that the multiple machines I tried were not lit as being in cooling mode, and my movie had already started and I didn't feel like waiting 15 more minutes for a machine that had been inoperable for over a week. I went back to exchange my Icee cup for a soda cup and the clerk seemed surprised that I wanted a refund of the difference (the Icee was more expensive than the soda). Another man asked for ketchup, which there was none on the entire 50' concession bar. A staff member brought him one tiny little cup of ketchup from who-knows-where in the back, but didn't even bother to fill the machines on the counter. There were literally 10 staff standing around talking, yet not one of them was cleaning the spilled drinks, or refilling the missing condiments, napkins, lids, or doing anything to make the place the least bit inviting. After the movie, I asked the guy at the front why there were no tables inside, as advertised... he simply said they'd recently remodeled some of the theaters and some simply didn't have them any longer. I asked why my ticket said it was a "Dine-In" theater... he said, "Oh, that's just the name of the theater." Overall, the seats were fine, but it was definitely NOT a dine-in anything, and I'd never order anything from their concessions again. There are plenty of other options. Shame on Disney for even allowing this lack of standard at Disney Springs - very much NOT Disney-like, regardless of the business owner.

Hype Em

Where do I begin , April 6th 7:30 vieiwing of us.. talk about the complete disrespect I encountered tonight . So before the movies even started we were completely disrespected by the manager and our server simply for having a conversation before the movie started with a couple next to us( I’m sure they left a review too). Without getting into we talked down too , accused of being drunk while not having one drink and we’re told we weren’t allowed to drink ( I’m 33 by the way)due to the way they treated us and us complaining to the higher up , they knew they were so wrong and the manager kept offering us free stuff like 2 large popcorns and begged us not to leave this review . So to the management, shame On you . We will NEVER step foot in your theater again and we’re really upset our night was ruined and no offer of a refund. I would have gladly left 20min into the movie if a a refund was offered due to the disrespect

James Westfall

One on the best AMC's I been to. BAR and good food. Recliner seats and big screens.

Nicole Griffin

Terrible experience! The server was extremely rude. Not attentive whatsoever. It took them halfway through the movie to bring our drinks. Do not waste your time or money coming here. Also there was an unpleasant smell in the theatre and restrooms were all disgusting.

James Crenshaw

Dolby Cinema is so amazing. The food at the eat in is really good too. If you want a great experience for your family definitely stop by. Everything is on point

Hector Londono

My first time ever in this movie theater at Disney springs to watch the Aladdin movie sitting for about 40 minutes and it’s a 730 showtime. We haven’t even been told or explained of what’s happening. And it’s warm on top of this.......what is happening?

Ashley Timmerman

Once you go dine-in, there is no going back. We will never go to the movies again unless it is dine-in! Tickets and food are very reasonably priced too.

Rene Lowery

Great place to see movies and order food. Comfortable chairs too. I've been here several times. Located at disney springs. The 3d movies are awesome here too.

kyle vasquez

Love Disney dine in great experience and environment give it a try!


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