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REVIEWS OF Tilton Square Theatre IN Delaware

Tee Brown

Nice, comfortable movie theater. It's not too big that you feel overwhelmed. It has a "neighborhood" vibe. It was clean and the ushers were friendly and helpful. The seats recline and they are comfortable. It's a good place to see a movie when in the Atlantic City area.

Alissa Walkoviak

Awesome theater. I love that you can get your concessions at the same time that you pay for your tickets (which works great if you're chronically late, like I am! No standing in two lines!). The seats are nice, roomy, and adjustable and the staff has always been helpful and kind. We've thoroughly enjoyed our visits to this theater!

Val Tedesco

In need of a little sprucing up in some theaters. Comfortable seats. Convenient that you can reserve seats in advance (for a fee) but you can arrive last minute and not worry about being in the front row.

Danielle J.

We drove 45 minutes to this theater and it was worth the trip. Awesome seats, plenty of space, very nice staff and super clean place. Purchasing tickets and snacks at the same time was very convenient.


This theater is immaculate. All new, very large motorized reclining chairs except for the IMax theaters which have their own type of chairs. I like that they advertise for local businesses and encourage support of their locally owned neighboring businesses. A rising tide floats all boats.

Tyler Dorton-Beck

This new theatre is GORGEOUS. It's honestly perfect and I'm so proud of the new and improved Frank's.

sandra Robertson

Everyone was friendly, greeted us when we got to the counter for our tickets and later when I purchased soda and popcorn. The seating was very comfortable and relaxing. I recommended this theater to co workers. It was clean and beautifully remodeled too. Can't say enough good things about this experience.

Joseph Korba

Nice theater. The recliner seats are amazing and super comfy!

Tesseraction Theater

Came on a hot hot day to hide from the heat. Theater was very clean ... but it was early. The seats are incredibly comfortable. A bit odd to have assigned seats in a nearly empty theater but likely it helps when things are busy. If walking is hard for you temember from ticket booth to theater is a bit of a hike.

Lorie Fischer

Nice place. They will not give an ADA (comp) pass for my disabled friend.....Regal DOES!!! We go to the movies once or twice weekly.

Dave Pew

Theater still fresh from new renovation. IMAX is great, clear picture & sound. Quick & easy to get tickets & snacks.

Linda VR

I was extremely surprised at how friendly and polite the young staff members were to us. The theater was clean and the reclining chairs were a hit. Added bonus - only eight minutes of previews compared to 28 minutes at the Regal theatre! Thank you!

Robert LaCourse

Awesome remodel. Reclining seats are perfect... only issue they don't dim the walkway lights so it stays to bright.... like mini high beam headlights

Austin Massey

Awesome imax theatre. New chairs are comfortable


Great place to see a movie now that's it's been redone. Reasonable prices and reclining seats are amazing :)

jalisha rob

I was at this theater last night and I can not get over the way I was treated. I booked my tickets on Wednesday on Fandango for 6 seats for friday. I went friday and sat in my seat and the next minute I knew someone came up to me and said that we was seating in their seat. Now they want disrespectful or anything. I showed them my phone and showed them that we had these seats. The guy said it's ok we will go figure it out and they walked off. Next minute I knew two employees came and was asking to see my tickets. Again I pulled out my phone and showed them the tickets. They said thank you very much and walked off. Then the MANAGER came and said can I see your tickets. Now mind you I showed them twice and now he coming to look at them. I pulled out my phone and asked him why I just showed the others he said WELL I NEED TO SEE YOUR TICKETS TO MAKE SURE THAT MY EMPLOYEES IS DOING THEIR JOB. I showed him my phone and he looked at it for a good 5 minutes and then gave me my phone and walked off. Didn't apologize or anything. I could not enjoy the movie because I felt though that they will be back. So I left my phone in my hand the while entire time. I never was treated this way and will never go back.

cedar lane

Best cleanest theater in cape may area..!!

Christa H Middleton

Renovations are good and the new seats are awesome.

Nugz III

Freshly renovated. Its great

Felicia Dousharm

This place looks great after the renovations. Comfy recliner seats. Only thing is lacking imo, is ticket kiosks.

jt griswold

Seats are super comfy and everything was really clean.

Krystal Breedlove

Second visit since Infinity Wars and just gonna say 10/10. Not a local, but we visit family often and this is definitely my favorite theater now. Looks like the interior was remodeled for the better, and the red recliners really make the visit.

oxkar barron

Amazing theater!! I love it go with my family to watch every new movie !

Tenzer 57

Holy ti.ts they updated eveything, I liked the fact I was going into a near xxx venue for a movie but since the update you might as well dress up for your show. Would watch again

Mary Sundra

Beautiful job on the rennovations. Very comfortable reclining seats.

Craig Allen

Antique feel to the new renovation and the limitless refills on the coca cola machine is also a plus. They did a great job renewing a theater I've been going to for over 30 years. I worked years ago when it was the tilton 9 and wow what a difference with the newly designed appearance. It's my first choice now for movie going which is about 25 to 30 times a year over the Regal theater. The regal cant come close to comparing with the TILTON SQUARE....


All renovated. Seats are all leather and recline. Very comfortable. Pricey but worth it.

Charlie Costello

Reclining seats! Finally a theater with something to put on my popcorn. Thank you for bringing Atlantic county out of the Jersey stone age!

patty carter

Very tastefully decorated. Popcorn was delicious. Counter help was very polite and happy . It was an enjoyable experience. Keep up the good work !

Yolanda Trujillo

nice theaters, but a little over priced in my opinion. And with their upgrade they failed to get nice carpets..

Eric Butler

Great theater unfortunately movie stop twice and had to start over from beginning.


1st let me just say the Theatre is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE all the renovations. PROS: The imax theatre, for those of us who like a ridiculous amount of butter on your popcorn, you butter the popcorn yourself (I personally like that) they also provide flavored salts for the popcorn (free of charge) CONS: The concession stand and ticket counter are combined, which makes the wait in line longer, the bag of nachos (I believe cost $5) comes with a glob of cheese in a container that taste HORRIBLE, it wasn’t melted, they didn’t have any pretzels, for some reason I assumed With all the upgrades the concession menu was gonna get an upgrade as well, NOT. The fountain drinks only come in one size 32oz.

zero mine

So glad they refurbished this great theater. The modern amenities are fantastic. Makes me enjoy going to the movies again.

Mack Ade

We went to see Endgame a couple months ago and it was comfortable seating, good concessions, and high quality movies

Patrick Engroff

Chairs weren't really the best. IMAX screen was a good size

Charles Dearlove

Awesome new imax the renovation was well worth the wait. New seats in regular movies sweet Highly recommend going back to the movies


Love the reclining seats, very comfortable.

Allen Carter

Great job updating this theater and giving it character. The recliner seats were great, very comfortable. Will they also be taking over the old Frank Theater in Rio Grande? That would be great.

Dilip Rajagopalan

Awesome renovated theater, recliner seats are awesome

Al Crowley

Totally remodeled with the new owners. Theater had new recliner seating. Very comfortable.

chuck mcveigh

Excellent experience. Nice, clean and has reclining seats

Sara Varani

Love the new seats. Clean. Comfortable. Overall had an enjoyable couple of visits.

John Russ

Love the remodel, I hope they do well and stick around as long as the building has.

Margaret Curry

Love the new Tilton theater! Amazing facility with great deals and comfy seating!

Joseph Zeisweiss

They did a tremendous job redoing this theater its beautiful. Seats are spacious and comfortable, the staff was friendly and helpful.

Travis S

Free refills. Good popcorn. amazing seats. Great prices


Really good I love the update. We went to go see avenger the end game. The IMAX wasn’t working which is what I bought tickets for. Anyway I got there because when I went there the day before they said it should be fixed. It wasn’t but they refunded my ticket and got to see the movie for free. Great customer care! The only issue I have is that I struggle find what row I’m suppose to sit in. I’ve seen others struggling too. I’m always worried I’m sitting in the wrong wrong. I would love to see them somehow improve on that. They never pick the phone up. Every time I have called they never pick up.

Kathy Izzo

Large oversized recliners, very comfortable. Downside, very expensive. 2 adults and 2 small children = $48 for tickets

Donna Gerace

Arrived at theater and asked a single question who I should speak to about discount Tuesdays. Manager came over and stated we will never have discount Tuesdays that's how previous theater went out of business. I said how about in the winter when business is light. With an attitude he said business won't be light. Keep speaking to your patrons that way and you will have no one here in Winter.

Aquila Evans

awesome comfortable seats,cleanliness, fantastic restrooms. The only theater we're patroning anymore. Done more than normal movie trips this summer, thank you tilton nine!!!

Don Preziosi

Wonderful experience. They made unsalted popcorn for me upon request. I purchased tickets online for a later show and was able to show up early and they refunded my original tickets no questions asked. Went to the IMAX theater, was an amazing show and inside the theater was spacious and clean.

Ivan Dinchev

Great theater. Probably the best I've ever visited in my lifetime. Comfortable chairs, good sound, friendly staff

Assata Goode

I enjoyed this theater. I was gorgeously kept. There were a variety of unique snack options. The seats were cozy and comfortable. It was a good time.

Matt Hecht

The theatre combines concessions with ticket sales, which is moronic, especially during opening weekend for a big movie. Not that I got to enjoy a movie, since "digital key" problems kept Avengers from playing in IMAX. It was a great reminder that movie theatres need to go away. The one star is for the staff, who seemed friendly but frustrated by what looks like a pretty but poorly executed facelift.

Arvydas Draudvilas

Very nice theater, looks like it has been redone not that long ago, very clean

P Craig

The best movie theater ever. Comfy seats and great staff.

Dara Hartell

Still smells new!! Nice reclining seats!

SickRick TheCook

FANTASTIC theater! Incredibly comfortable,reclining seats,more comfortable than home recliners! Great sound! TONS of leg room! My new favorite theater!

Tony DePietro

Great channel speaker(dialog) could have been louder in my theater..ever so often I could hear the air blowing out but didn't ruin my experience.

quinn stewart

very clean and well put together, really enjoyed it

Tom the Glowolf

I came to see Avengers Endgame with my family. I paid for tickets through Fandango and a family member decided they couldn't go. I panicked and thought I couldn't get a refund, but the staff happily assisted me with the refund. Everyone else went had a great time in the IMAX theater seeing the movie. It was a great time for family time!

Outrageous Gaming

I’ll be honest, this theater used to be extremely dilapidated and bad. But since the upgrade, my god is it awesome. The Dolby surround sound, the full recliner seats, the reserved seating. It’s amazing! This theatre is awesome!

Cynthia Scharon-Knight

We picked our seats and bought the combo popcorn with drink at $14. The IMAX theater was impressive. The movie looked amazing. I don't usually eat popcorn but it was tasty so I overdid it. Everything was clean. We left with our refills.

Josh Touchton

It was a very nice place. The chairs recline which was an amazing plus. But it smelled like feet everywhere.

Dave Kohn

Clean atmosphere, awesome reclining leather comforter seats, and a *HUGE* IMAX screen. A better way to see a movie ! You can even choose your seats.

mike little

The reclining seats are to die for...dont go tired they will put you to sleep

Patricia Smith

Very comfortable seats. Just seen The Lion King awesome

Joanne Engel

Great theater! Awesome seats! This theater spared no expense on seating. There is SO much room between rows! You will stay fully reclined, in comfy adjustable seats.and there is still a nice walkway in front of you. I also love being able to buy your seat in advance ... No waiting in line,.no need to get there too early.

Robin Moore

The renovation of this theater is amazing. The recliners are very comfy, and the price is reasonable. We love the self serve soft drinks and butter! We've already seen five movies since they're opened, and we look forward to returning soon.


If you rate theaters by the comfort of their seats, concessions, cleanliness, and if they have IMAX, then check all the boxes on this one. Take a look around for yourself as they have a 360° tour on Google.

Deandre Yarborough

You have to be crazy to buy water or popcorn here or even the candy its very expensive almost as expensive as a movie ticket. The big strong ticket collector man stopped me, my pops, and my big mama before we entered the movie he then grabbed my fanny pack and searched it without my consent and he unzipped it saw the snack stash he picked up the hot takis and said we cant have any outside food in here. He then searched my big mommas purse and found my cat in there she was trying to see the movie too and he said you need to buy her a kids ticket or she cant enter. This place is horrible i should of just waited to buy the movie at cedar market for $1 a dvd

Atira Alexander

Love the renovations to the theatre. Its comfortable and clean. I hole it stays this nice!

Paul Finelt

Nice theatre. Clean and fun to visit

Stacey wills

Seats were super large & luxuriously comfy, even in the front row. Great sound & spacious surroundings.

David Madara

IMAX is fantastic. Any movie worth seeing is worth seeing in IMAX...

kevin tees

Great little theater. I booked my seats through fandango. I did not use the IMAX but maybe next time I will.

Constance Jarrard

The reclining letter seats were soooooo comfortable. My friend fell asleep. Lol. Liked that we could pick our own seats. I chose handicapped which I am, but was told only the white seats were available so we went up one row. During the movie at 4:15 on Wed, only 2 of the 6 handicapped seats were filled. Annoyed!! Liked that you can put in your own butter, seating in the lobby if you get there early, but the volume especially during fight scenes were TOO loud. I had to cover my ears. Just a notch down or two would have helped. Others said that too. Did enjoy the movie and comfort. We'll be back!!!

Dana Morel

Went for afternoon matinee... Most comfortable environment with the reclining seats and staff was ok. Only real complaint audio was way too loud

Joseph Catenaci

Definitely the theater experience I have been looking for! Refillable soda, comfy seats, nice atmosphere, excellent all around!

John Jackson

Beautifully renovated, super clean interior, awesome reclining seats, courteous staff, very impressed, will back again soon!

Demitry Rubino

I love going to this theater they have plenty of staff which makes sure that when you buy your tickets or snacks from the snack stand that you get everything as fast as possible and the have people taking order while people are getting popcorn cookies milkshake etc but there is one thing which is that you get your own drink with the coke freestyle machine and you put you own butter on which is good if you like a lot or little after you put your butter on the last little thing closest to ticket stand there are seasoning for your popcorn for people who like that like me and that’s just the beginning then you go into the theater which has beautiful leather like seats which are extremely comfortable and the best part about the seat is that the recline except for imax because imax doesn’t support that but that’s just one theater the rest have recliners but if you go into the there at the very end which I think is 8 I would highly recommend that you don’t sit in last row because it is hard to see borrow of the screen unless people in front of you are reclined which I wouldn’t always count on that cause the 2 times I sat there they weren’t reclined but in any other theater you can sit where ever and tbh there is no bad seat even the first rows not to bad because you are reclined and don’t have to keep head up except in imax when your movie is over and you are waiting for someone to get you they have seats to sit in while you wait to go in theater or while you wait to get picked up which is a very nice feature but overall this is one of the nicest theaters we have in south jersey and I love going there because they have low prices for a movie theater and everything is fast and runs smoothly

Edward Moore

Great place. What movie theaters should be.

Rosalind Watson

The new theater is beautiful down to the bathrooms with one major flaw in the women's receptacle to discard used feminine products. As it was brought to my attention by one of the employees that the owners are male and didn't find it aesthetically pleasing. I would urge the owners to take this matter serious as to show you aren't insensitive to womanly matters.

Chris & Kris

This place is amazing with the reclining seats and your able to butter your own popcorn, you also can get refills. Everything there is good.

Thomas Falco

Saw the IMAX good picture good sound comfortable seat overpriced soda popcorn candy just in case any other movie theater

Johnna Rivera

This theater is so comfortable, u feel like u r home in your recliner watching a movie. Except the screen is a bit bigger, lol!

Sarah Leatherwood

BEST theater in Atlantic County! The remodel is absolutely beautiful. Most comfortable seats I've ever sat in for a movie theater. Very soft leather that reclines all the way back.

Jeffrey Fox

First time back to that theatre since its renovation Love the new set up of the facility & the new seating layout & seats the are great. Really enjoyed my movie experience


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