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1600 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19121, United States

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REVIEWS OF The Pearl Theatre IN Delaware

Shawntel Singletary

Actually my favorite theater to go too because the seats are very comfortable and the staff is cool. Just be careful where u park. We got towed

Paul Goldston

Its renamed anc theater better service but could be better ...

Ryan Henry Neris

There was trash everywhere and they have two armed guards with bullet proof vests on.

Amirah Gordon

If your SOLD OUT of every show for the day for a specific movie WHY NOT UPDAYE IT ON THE WEBSITE so when people go online to check showtimes they won’t waste their time going there smh just HORRIBLE and very unprofessional

G I Jane

They closed early I didn’t know until I got there. 9/10/18 11:45pm the nun. Paid a Lyft and I tried to go in and they closed. It wasn’t on the website...wasted $20 in lyft and time.

Gloria Davison

I love the reclining seat. I like the fact that you can choose your seats.

Michelle Patterson

The movie theatre is in the heart of Temple University. So, there are opportunities to shop and eat. The theatre area does have paid parking or off street parking. Going to this particular theatre is approximately 7 dollars a ticket. It is clean and well maintain. Overall, I had a nice experience. Would recommend.

kenneth pagan

Comfortable seating quiet environment convenient parking

Christopher D Crist

A Nice place to See a Movie. It's Across the street from Fresh Grocer & Rite Aid & Around Many Other Stores and Places to Eat from Many Different Cultures and Tastes.

Sarah Harkins

Good theater to check out.

Heather Fox

This is my favorite orite theater. If you're in the North Philly area, it's close, has reclining seats and is the place to be for early weekend showings when you don't want an overcrowded theater.

Xena Mc Cree

Well it no longer it existed but I am glad AMC brought it

Feminine Eagle

This Movie theater is a very comfrontable place. I enjoy coming often with my son's and family. The prices are reasonable, it's clean and perfect location. I rate this place a 5 star company.

Tina Turner

It's very nice but wear a sweater

The Greene Family

This place has been updated is really nice, they now have reclining seats and the free style soda machine. On my visit I was unable to really watch the movie because of my young child and without me saying anything what I assume was the manager was really nice she want ahead and refunded my money.

David Melvin

The service was much better than when it first opened up

Derek Kingcade

Good movies needs imax though

Vanessa Alexander

They do not clean the ladies bathroom. They don't clean the movie theater, the seats are dirty and I swore something bit me the last time I was there.

Rev. Michael Robinson, M.S.

The patrons can sometimes be a little talkative during the showing of films.

david baker

I work there

Kristoffe Brodeur

Staff are great, movies are awesome, quality of sound and video are excellent. But, it is a gross mess because of the patrons. They haven't figured out it isn't a diner and leave trash and food everywhere, and I mean in the seats, behind them, in front on them, all over. It's bad. What can the staff do but try to keep up?


This is a good theatre, we're you can enjoy the movie with your family or by yourself.

julio centeno

The seats are comfortable. & on Tuesday they have a Discount ! & also a benefit for seniors. The atmosphere in The Pearl is very friendly & helpful.

John Dominguez

Great, reclining seats; cool and dark theatres; everything you want at a movie venue. One drawback is that it's expensive.

Jamela Jay

Customer service was subpar to say the least

Chelle S

This theatre is nice, clean, fully updated. They have the self serve soda machines and gourmet flavored popcorn which is great. Reclining seats, good customer service. Other bad reviews are complaining about the locals. This is North Philly, its a caveat of going to a theatre in the city. Choose another theatre if that bothers you.

Brenda Core

I enjoyed the movie nice place I'll be going back to you to see another movie

kirsten amaker

The bartender that was there was great. He told us it was only his 2nd week but I could tell. This places changed a lot. Only had one issue was that there is a 7pm curfew for teenagers but yet it was lots of them there wild

Sanja Wilkins

Upgraded nice

life with nairan

Love the movie

Shirley M Smith

I went here one time Me My Granddaughter and Son and i Enjoyed it the place was cleaned and they even have Recliner Chairs how Cool is that!!!

earl prather

They've definitely improved since the last time I've been there.

Mohammed Ali el

Better than i expected i remember when it was built a few years ago but all in a good place to take the family to a night at the movies

Lilygames mobile

The bathrooms were disgusting clean it up and get it together people

Belinda Jackson

Me with some of my grandbabies had a wonderful time cs was great also

Sabria Rockeymore

Has been upgraded since i last been there. Pretty decent.


Had a great time and the chairs are super comfy

Nomad Skateboarding

Dirty theater. Speakers blown, still had volume turned up to ear bleed level. Audience laughed entire time during a horror movie. Guy checking tickets literally was wandering around, not talking, lost in a haze of some drug, looked exactly like Kriss Kross. Craziest movie theater I've ever seen.

Onjel Hash

Greatly remodeled comfortable seats!!

Myra Brooks

The movies was excellent quite clean and relaxed

Terry Jr. Phillip

Great acoustics and performance

Chris Holland

I enjoyed myself me and the person I took

AP Compas

Dont go. Gonna be in the way

Ty D Mack

Great seats food and theatre

Angela Bell

The Pearl Movie's was great. It looks very nice. I love how they have re-done it..

Eagles Girl

To high on tickets prices and food

mark wysinger

Pearl theater is no longer Pearl theaters AMC Theater it has a bar in it nice food and really decent prices especially before noon. Very nice.

Kita Bell

It has great staff, reasonable prices for refreshments and a bar

Tyrone Tikey Shavawn Branson

It's good to have a movie theatre in North Philly, on Broad St.

Nicki Jones

Need free parking for paying theatre customers

Pamela Powell

Not good. Broken sofa machine, very limited selection. Dirty, soiled seat, asked cleaning person to please wipe the soiled seat, she didn't. Went back to the lobby found a cloth and wiped seat myself. Very disappointed .Enjoyed the movie.

Nicky M

We had a great time

Luisa Mina

I had the worst experience ever in the movie theater last Friday. Me i my boyfriend went to see A Quiet place and there were a group of school kids running around, using cell phones and talking during the entire movie. I asked to one of the security guys and he just told them to be quiet. Also many of those kids didn’t even have a ticket for that movie. The kids were between 8 years old to probably 16 without ant adult with them.

Charles Daniels

It was a beautiful theater nice and clean pedal hold out of theaters in there in the good part I went at 2 and I got in free I don't know how I did that because it was my first time going there I just walked straight in and went straight to the movie nobody was sitting around or nothing and I need to know where the ticket booth was so when I left I noticed the ticket booth was once you enter you have to look straight ahead and walk about 25 steps and that's where the booth had so I wasn't trying to be dishonest and not pay but the next time I go there I know what to do God bless y'all have a nice day and always love peace and respect

Rachel Meyner

Really unprofessional staff eating chicken wings while taking ticket stubs. Seats were sticky and it was clear staff members were not serious about their jobs. 45 minutes after the movie was supposed to start, they announced that there would be no showing and tried to compensate with free movie tickets. What about the hour of our lives we will never get back and the parking we paid for? Oh well.

Dj Rek

Very comfortable and the air conditioner was just right

Jacque Mack

The bathroom was toilet paper. The seats were split n lumpy. Children making noise after ten o'clock. Ghetto movie. Clean it up.

Mark Johnson

I like everything about this place except its small only 7 theaters so it only plays about 6 different movies. love the recliners, the staff is great, great and fast the concession stand, also it's got a Bar for alcohol drinks! I didn't give it 5 stars because it has No IMAX theater.

janice code



A very nice movie theater to go too

Erica Johnson

I would have given it 4 stars but the bathrooms were disgusting! However the theater was awesome! Big screens, lazy boy style seats, and numbered seats.

Jalisha Nunez

Love the recliners but it's a bit messy but who cares.

Nakaya Powell

I saw What me Want it was a very good

Walburn, Gabriel

It’s actually an amc now

lavette matthews

. Need better customer service, nice upgrades. Tho Love the new place. Serve real food. Need a chef (philly chef)

Jen Cochenour

Very easy to access theater by Uber. Security guard (really tall guy) was extra kind and helpful in giving advice since we had never been there. Clean enough bathrooms. Concessions were quick, loved filling my own icee. Our recliners wouldnt recline but they sent a tech and he fixed them before the movie started. Only annoyance was a hispanic lady sitting next to us translaring every single line of the movie from english to spanish for her date.

Lisa Roberts

Great place for your favorite movie

Samantha Owens

The movie was okay and the chair was relaxing

l odom

The theater has great seating options and basic snacks such as popcorn, pretzels and nachos. Most of the snacks are on the expensive side, but overall a good place to watch a movie.

Harold Watkins

Seat are very comfortable. A great screen. But totally too loud. I don't need to feel the movie in my seat.

Michael Bell

Small theater but great for staying on campus if you cant get away to other theaters

Warren Weir

The recliner seats were so comfortable....

Anita Henry

It was nice but small drink and small popcorn came to $15 kind of expensive but I had to admit the size of small is pretty big for the popcorn and drink I did get though.

Jamira Fitchett

Good theatre on avenue plaza

MargaretLaGolda Valcárcel

Love coming to have a relaxing time with h my family and friends!! Get your rewards card and save!!

keke kenneh

Every thing was nice after we watch the incredibles movie, I really liked the recliner chairs

Jae Sin

Love it besides the fact that children can be here unattended...

Ru Piner

The reclining seats are the best. Go in the morning to get tickets for less than seven dollars.

Umm Layla Mujjahid

I takes my kids 2 this movie theater on Tuesdays, The movies are 5.00.....The theater is very clean, The staff are friendly, The bathrooms are very clean....I love this theater.......

Animated Awesome

Its good I mean its not the worse

joe lees

Sabrina and I had an awesome time watching "Pet Sematary". The seats were comfortable and theater was very clean and quiet (besides the lady snoring

Wallace's Squad

Take my kids .clean and fun for kids

Nyeesha Sanders

Mr Baker and his Staff Are Amazing!! I Love the teamwork and the Customer Service is Excellent!! Keep up the Great Work!! I would recommend this theater to anyone..In addition Just turn the Heat up.

Myron Cohen

The place is in a great location and the atmosphere is wonderful!!

Spring Gass

Even After the renovations they still dirty af.

Briana Williams

Haven't been here in years.For $5 a head,can't beat that.Bathroom was clean.Recliners were comfortable.Mine was broke,but comfortable

Frank Cipparone

I absolutely love Tuesdays at this place str8 up $5 movie day

Ninqi Stratton

There's another bus that may have taken me there faster. The route was completely unlisted as an option.

Sylvia Wright

5 stars for location. But our seats weren't working, which is nonsense, seeing as how you're essentially buying reserved seating AND comfortability. Mice were running around DURING the movie. And they only have 2 sizes for popcorn??? Depressing, but at least they play movies, right?

W. Lilly

Could be better.

Renee Smart

My son and I had a wonderful first-time experience! The reclining chairs were in mint condition and the movie 10 out of 10 just like the Pearl Theatre!

Nikki Boo

It has gotten better over the years. Assigned seating, seats recline but not all of them work. The staff is very blah.

Tyjae Mcvey

Almost always some type of issue when I come here. Theater is nice I suppose but there are some many issues

Nyeta Allen

Love the seating. Clean

Carl Harmon

Pretty cool theater.. Best time to go is during the weekday in my opinion the staff could be more professional but all in all not bad.

madhurima ray

Try for Tuesday which comes af 5 bucks. You can reach easily by subway. Location is prominent. Mostly clean and screening is good. Locality wise ticket cost is little high.

Geoff Bennett

Moviethon. Love the relaxing seats. Friendly staff. Great hangout spot. Nearby dinning and shopping. Cincinnati to mass transit.

Michele Payne

Good to go and take the family


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