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REVIEWS OF Regal Cumberland Mall IN Delaware

Carlos Flores

Employees do too little to make sure some people aren't disruptive

Vincenzo De Thomasi

Staff there has always been a teir above the rest.

K Brx

Almost every theater room I've been in, in this place smells like musty old pee.

marcus e

A nice place where you can have a good time. Service is somewhat fast when busy and the staff are friendly

carol maybrook

not crowded and super friendly staff. The food is ridiculously priced, so eat before you go. The theater is cold, but better cold than hot. I just remember to bring a warm coat.

Beast _

It was cool og

Mike Boggs

Your average movie thearter. Beware of sticky floors and lines to the bathroom.

monica brodnick

Movie prices have gotten so expensive its no wonder why people wait to see it on tv. Food very expensive as well however the chicken tenders with waffle fries are excellent!


Good prices

Noah Halstead

Has good movie titles and has clean and fast lines and service.


Clean and Quiet..

Cris Jones

The movie could have a better theme. Hard to follow it's motive.rate from 1-10. 3 is best I could do.

Jimmie Atkins

Great service wonder staff popcorn yummy

x reyes

Was very pleased with the movie

Sonya Saul

If it wasn't for discount movie tickets, I would never go. So expensive.

Alan Canseco Ramirez

Best Theater I have been to. Great service, clean bathrooms, and comfy chairs. This place is amazing.

Darlene Camiolo

The seats were very uncomfortable!! My Husband & I had to keep getting up& going out to the Lobby to circulate our Body!! Also It didn't smell very needs to be updated for sure! Also very warm when we first got there...I guess someone complained......finally they must have turned the air on..which helped circulate the smell & air!! Staff was Great no complaints!! It just needs an update!!

Beth Goldstein

Just got home from seeing the Fathom Event Pokemon The Power Of Us The movie its self was a treat especially having to sit threw the previews twice! Because staff forgot to turn on the projector till after the movie proper started to play and another guest went to get the staff who thought just turning on the projector 5 minutes in to the movie and then had to be told to start it over so we could see ALL of the movie we payed for.

steven flores

Nice place good movies very nice and friendly worker's .

Laura Finlaw

Very expensive for a matinee and very uncomfortable seats

Michael Jee

Clientele here is super ghetto, rude and disrespectful. If you don't feel like driving to another theater than it's the only game in town but the people here are extremely rude (and no, not every theater is like this). We actively avoid this theater at all costs cause people always come here to talk through the entire movie. Or they come here to bring their cranky children to watch a movie at 10 o'clock at night, crying and carrying on. This happens without fail if it's a super hero movie of some sort. This isn't an isolated experience but a trend that's been growing within the last 5 years. People who come here have lost any sense of respect and decency for theater going. Chairs are uncomfortable, and they never put the heat on, so it's freezing in cold weather. Carpets and chairs are filthy. Arcade games are way too expensive and feature a paltry selection. Food is standard for a regal theater so won't comment on that. Queues for concessions can be quite long sometimes. Sometimes they'll open all queues and it goes a bit faster. Staff is friendly, courteous and sometimes quite funny and Charming. Screen quality and sound quality is decent enough. Using Sony 4k and 8k projections. Prices are absurd but pretty much all theaters are like this now. Movie selection is okay best, all the usual things are here but more interesting options or rarer options will never be screened here. Most theaters don't do this so I won't hold it against them.

Guy Martin

Drove 2 hrs to the drive in was really packed there so I went to this theatre just to be told I couldn't bring my kid in because of the rating .Regal just lost my business.


Dirty food service area and very impolite counter person. Still has old nonreclining seating.

Beatrice Darby

We had a great time with the grand kids.

Joe v

Even better now with Regal Unlimited!! Only $21 per month in Vineland Regal.

Amanda Lawrence

We went recently with a group of special needs kids and their families and the manager went above and beyond to accommodate us. Some of his staff not so much. But there were a few other employees that were amazing like he was.

Margarita Biddle

We have been going there for many years. Lately our visits has been a little disappointing from selling tickets to a movie that is so packed that there is no seats empty and having to reschedule the tickets for another day to paying as much as 5.45 for a small bottle of water. Prices keep going up.

William Laun

We had a good experience here they we're helpfull

Zion Perez

I love it and the games

Rodrick Zapanta

pretty good theater, but could be a little cleaner.

Amy Matish

I like that there is no crowd but who really wants to watch a movie in Antarctica. It is freezing in there!! I went back to the theater since a year ago and realized that the reason I never came back there was because of the temperature they keep it. I am willing to drive fourty five minutes away to a different theater who keeps the temperature comfortable than to be in a position where I wish the movie was over because it is so cold. Just isn't a good time out and deters me from ever wanting to go again.

J. J. Bennett

One of the worst movie theaters I've ever been to. Does this place not have a furnace? Freezing. And I mean freezing. It was very cold in early April and the auditorium we were in was like an ice box. I have read other similar comments about the uncomfortable inside temperature. Even the lobby was cold, which is weird, because one would think with all the people in the lobby, including the employees, it would be warmer. The concessions are laughably expensive. We did not buy anything. How about a special Mini popcorn and mini drink for those of us who want a little snack but don't need to gorge ourselves? Perhaps a $9.99 special. Oddly, even with digital projection, which should solve any presentation problem because it's all automated, the movie began out-of-focus, and I had to go out into the lobby to find somebody to get it fixed. Rather than believe me, he walked back into the theater and said: "Ooops, oh gee, I guess it really is out-of-focus." I missed the beginning few minutes of the film, which I hate doing, and never do.

Constance Reeves

Go during the week....never crowded!

Jean Torres

Clean and comfortable seats. Food is a bit over priced. Cool arcade for the kids.

Kathy Solor

This is the only theater that allows staff to go in for free that supports people with intellectual disabilities.Without Vineland Regals support, these clients might never have a chance to go see a movie. Our Staff Team thanks you so much for supporting our individuals.

Jo Jo

Love the place, clean comfy chairs but HOLLY COLD bring a sweater. And if you can wait till you watch the movie and drink something from outside do it, $5 for a bottle of water, I don't think so. Staff is nice.

Michael Galzerano

Not worth going to with the general clientele the area attracts. 9/10 times your movie-going experience will be ruined. Worth the drive to go out to a theatre a little farther in a better area if you're from around here and want to have an enjoyable time.

Melissa Campbell

Great movie. Clean theater.

Monica Brown

I usually enjoy going to this movie theater. I come here all of the time and don't have any problems till the other day. I went to see the hate you give around 1:00pm on a weekday. There were only 2 young ladies working, 1 at the ticket booth and the other at the popcorn stand. The young lady at the popcorn stand took soooooo long (the other young lady said that she was new). I was the 5th person in line and the line didnt move for a while. I asked for the manager, they said he was in the back cooking food. When he came out I asked him if he can help get the line down. I also asked him if I get get a refund because I missed some of the movie already, he said no. His name is Dave, he was not very pleasant and he did not help get the line down. He had the other young lady get the popcorn line down and mann the ticket booth. My opinion, Dave being the manager, he shoulve of shut the kitchen down since they were short of staff. He shoulve told us customers that we could only get food that was already prepared si he could help with the lines until the lines went down. The other young lady should not have had to run from the ticket booth to the popcorn stand, Dave is the manager but he didnt act like it. I missed some of the movie and Dave wasn't nice about it that's why I rated this place a 3.

Carla Tull

I love the movies always Happy

Sharon Laughead Pensa

It would be nicer if they had the recliner seats. Got spoiled by the Deptford theatre

James Caldwell

Always a fun time out at the movies this place is great

david jay

update your damn projectors! its 2019. you cant charge what other theaters are at vhs equality.

sophia pagan

Don't go here. Why bother pay all that money just to hear people on cell phones! Expensive candies and foods.

Bee Tee

Like the atmosphere and theatre presentation, HOWEVER it was as cold as a walk in freezer in the middle of June. I should have wore my winter clothes to see a summer release! Layer up!!

Jamesha Newman

So expensive 60 bucks for 3 ppl

Nora Smith

Nice comfortable seats. Great sound!

Jose Acosta

Immaculate facility

Carmen Santiago

Great nice a clean fast service

Sánjin Cresent Tail

ZOOTOPIA was best film there

Allen Brooks

They dont support vets at all... And if your active duty youll get a whopping 1$ dollar discount.. Lmao but other than that there your every day average expensive movie theater.. #Usmc all day

Michael Bates

Took my kids to see captain marvel. Had a great time. Only complaint I had, and it had nothing to do with the theater, was a family who came in and sat right behind my kids and I even tho the entire theater was empty. They were constantly banging on our seats and we had to move. After 3/4 of the movie had passed the kids got up and started playing tag while the movie was rolling. Other then the disrespectful family, me and mine had a good tjme.

elsuavesito 896

I like going there because its a great place to take family oit

Sonia Lacy

Needed a donation of popcorn cups for a out door family movie night due to my dads cancer. We set up an out door theater on our deck. Regal donated. Thanks Regal you helped make it special!!!

Brianna Porteus

Quick service. Cleaned theaters. But I also was watching a 1030pm movie on a monday so it wasn't packed and it was close to the final showings of the night

kenneth wilford

Nice, clean theater in good condition for pleasant movie viewing.

Jeanette Lenzsch

Great staff and always clean.


Movie was great but the cleanliness of the theater is in a horrid state. You cannot walk five feet without stepping in some unknown substance. They obviously don't clean the seats I sat down and the seat in front had nacho cheese all over the back and the one next to me was in a sorry state as well. I would rather drive 30 miles to another theater then return to this place.


Been going here most my life like the theater wouldn't mind lower food prices


This place has absolutely fell by the wayside. I understand why, with all the streaming services out now there really isn't any reason to go the the theater. But anytime I go in here anymore I'm reminded of what it used to be. They cut out a lot of little things and it's the details that made going to the theater a great experience. Still overpriced but always a good time.

Jo H

Clean and comfortable theaters and bathrooms.

Yarelis Vega Galan

Awesome but not their cups they leave it open a little and then my popcorn is a little set. But awesome popcorn and great in 3D.

Scott Hackett

Very clean movie theater with plenty of space to park and plenty of movies to see.

Rebecca Putney

the paper wrote that their were bed bugs in the seats here, went home and washed my clothes, took a hot shower, etc. not going back. was told by multiple people to not go here because of the bed bug incidents.



Killer Queen

The movies are the best

Elijah Tard III

Nice, clean theater, family-friendly also. Every month I see at least 2 movies there it seems.

Virginia Santiago

It's so expensive. I rather wait for the movie to come out in redbox.

joie Strick

It's a movie theater. Could be a little cleaner the theaters smell like mold.

Jessica Stout

Love this theater. It's close to me and they have friendly staff there. They have all kinds of food here to eat while you watch a movie and they have many show times of movies playing so you don't have to wait long to see another showing. It's a clean movie theater. They have a good rewards system as well.

Keith Nelson

Great place for popcorn and drink, and some chocolate

Elsa Solomon

Nice theater. Just wish want so expensive to have popcorn and a snack! (We usually sneak oue dollar candy in!)

Quincy Frazier

Had a awsome time

Hector Montalban

Courteous staff, safe security on site. Also theater area clean, comfortable seats, theater in a convenient location , the mall.

Tim Miller

Best movie theater in the area. Staff is friendly, theatres are always clean and bathrooms cleaner then anything I have ever seen. Movies are priced ok and there's usually no wait time.

keepin it cool

I wish I could give negative star. The security tried to harass my kids and their friends. They were aggressive and rude. They ARE children. If you have teenage children I advise you to go with them because your children may get treated rough

Omar Jo

Great theater, little pricey, but a great theater

Joshua Huff

Always friendly service and a good experience.

John Hitchner

Good movie theatre. Pricey. Local.

Hugo Nieves

This has always been a good place to watch a movie. I have rarely had any problems there.

Kevin Frost

Does NOTHING for our Vets. The owner should be ashamed. No senior discounts. Nice friendly staff, can watch movies all by yourself. Great place to reflecting ones life. Refreshment prices are astronomical so eat b4 you go there. Restrooms are well kept. Parking addiment. Handicapped friendly parking and seating In The theater. Get there early and sit where you want.

Melis'a T.

A pretty gd movie theater. More hot food options which is nice

William Kennedy


Angel Ocasio

Pretty clean movie theater

StrokeO'Luck Da DJ

Typical movie everything

abraham reyes

Been coming here since I was a little kid and I always loved coming here and it’s a fun experience coming here the sound is good staff are very kind screen looks great and I can’t wait to come back to see Lego Movie 2 with my friends


Wonderful experience

Leila Abdelmeguid

Love the dollar movies weekday mornings with my kids!

Denise Johnson

I like this theater. Clean & polite

Preston Weiters Jr.

Good. Malls are about the same.

Andy Martinez

How often does the theater update and refresh their upholstery? These seats literally smell bad and i had a rash last time i wore shorts and sat on the seat

Nicolas Hrynenko

Always good to go to. Fast purchase of tickets and slays get to see the latest movies.

Suzanne Castro

I love our movie theater

George Linen

Lion King was great!

Lisa Angelini-Trexler

Great place. No hassles

Jacob Agronsky

Great memories. I wish the place had more patrons like it used to.

Christopher Eldridge

Favorite place to go to for movies. 10/10

kevin whitney

Very good

Latisha Crowner

The place is clean but they always havr a slow worker on counter. They only have 2 counter people which means they need to move especially at the time of thr movie. They have to scan tickets and then get the food.

Dennis Laspata

Expensive and crowded most of the time. Too many loud kids.

Wayne White

Love this place, consessions are WAY overpriced.

Scott Afflerbach

68 degrees outside.....32 degrees inside

Rosemarie Maggiore

Should be ashamed of themselves for charging over 5$ for a bottle of water & if u ask for a cup with no ice they charge for that too .. can’t take the kids to a movie without spending 100$ here.. absolutely Ridiculous

linda muhligcapece


Layla Jones

Good customer service clean bathroom so much better then the that other place #drive in


I've been coming here for over 15 years and I've always loved it. It's changed a lot, but is fine as far as theaters go.

Grace Kelly


Toby Flenderson

I've been coming to this theater for years, and the prices have increased a lot. Prices are ridiculous. If I wanted to enjoy popcorn and a drink with a movie, it would cost me about $30- and I'm just one person! If my daughter tags along, it'll be $45!!! The theater has a nice retro design to it, and it is easy navigating through it. Nothing too spectacular though, it's rather simple. The screen is nice, good quality and sound. The seats are okay, wish you could raise the arm rest, though. When I go on dates, I like feeling comfortable and that arm rest just really gets in the way of putting my arm around my lady friend's shoulder. I'm 51, do you really want to see my die alone REGAL?????

Keven Coleman

The staff are equipped to answer questions. The bathroom was very tidey.

Stephen Butts

Spider Man was awesome

Tori Myrick

The service great

Zully Keen

Nice, clean theater. Wish they upgrade to recliners.

John Pearson

Very clean helpful staff had a great time

Elaine Harris

Movie was great, however the theater was hot and stuffy. I found it hard to breathe. The air quality was so poor that by the end of the movie I was coughing and wheezing and needed my inhalers for my asthma.

TJ Kenny

Clean, comfortable, good popcorn.. what else can you ask for out of a theater!

Victoria Santos

Took over 25 minutes to get one order of food on a day that’s not busy. Never order during a movie. Apparently the manager didn’t think it would be a good idea to at least apologize that someone forgot to put my food in while I missed 25 minutes of the movie.

Duncan Munson

Clean facility welcoming staff. Been coming here for years. Price has gone up but still an awesome time to get away. Fun for all ages always have good movies playing!

Sharon Farmer

Manager personally handled a problem that I had

Veronica Jordan

Theater had no air condition during movie

Joseph Hague

Great place for new releases

edna pierce

I love the movies and my free items because I used my regal card


Fairly clean and a wide variety of options. All ages. A little pricey but other than that, I can't complain. My family and I love visiting and always have a good time.

jc young

Was good . first 3 seats I treied were broken though. They should work on that

Tonia Hall

I only come here as a last resort. They never have enough staff and if you want popcorn etc, you will miss half of your movie waiting on it.

paul fichera

Great location to catch a movie on a movie theater. The screen is nice and big, great audio, great image. It beats driving all the wss to Atlantic city just to watch it in IMAX at the Tropicana.

Bruce Levinthal

Movie with good popcorn with fresh theater was clean

Lidia Capazzi

Favorite movie theater.

loredana squecco

Local theater. Wish they would upgrade the seating though.

Stephanie Stepsis

Nice service and comfortable

Ally Wenger

Regal Cinemas is a nice place to bring your family for a movie night. There is plenty of parking and they offer a variety of movies to choose from. The staff was friendly and the theater was clean. But, like most movie theaters, the tickets are snack shop are a little pricey.

Gabe Burns

Freezing in the theater, concession line moves very slowly and workers seem interested in talking to each other instead of filling the order. Often the movie is blurry in the beginning and we would have to go out to the manager to let them know. (this happened on the last two visits)

Joan Kathleen

Employees were polite, but that theater always smells dirty.

Jay S

The GM was very helpful

Edward Meehan

Great place to catch a movie always clean

Julio Lopez

Great place to take my handicap wheelchair bond mother in law

Sam Hedz

Love that this theater isn't always packed. Sometimes I wanted to hear my movie, besides that I love the kiosk where I can buy my tickets and the concession stand is pretty quick.

Nelly Gonzalez


Smart Clean Residential Cleaning LLC

Isn’t the cleanest place... but we like that each room isn’t huge!


Staff is always friendly, theaters and restrooms are always clean. I usually go during matinee hours so long lines and parking are never an issue.

kathleen mason

We came to enjoy $1 summer movies

Jean Cooper

Pleasant afternoon- surprised to see only 1 ticket taker but made it in while lights still on

Andrew Smith

Always get there early..

Michael Venditti

It's OK they need updates of all equipment and seating

Rosoro 1980

At lease twice a month my fiancee & I attend the Regal. I love the Regal.

Abigail Kuligin

Love this local movie theater !

Marie Cliff

Always a great time..My mate and I enjoy comedies,drama and Chick flicks..Temperature not too cold,seats are very comfortable..Like Tuesdays because popcorn is 1/2 off, and what is a movie without greasy buttery popcorn..Kudos


I went to this movie theater hit a refill on the popcorn that they gave me out of trash bags and the popcorn had a screw from what looks like it came from the machine I chocked and chipped my tooth on it and the insurance company blam me as if I put it in my popcorn on my own

jose delvalle

Very comfortable and spacious

leslie bateman

Captain Marvel, excellent movie. Like this theater, People are nice and it's clean

New & Improved All Day

Great theater

Anthony Dejesus

Nice and Clean movie theater

Joann Uzzolina

Clean, good popcorn.

Jonathan Bates

I always go at night and staff are excellent. Wish the prices were a bit cheaper.

Jennifer Gerner

Love this place. I think its the only one around

Cookie kim

If you wanna get a cold during summer watch a movie in this theather.

Brittany Roagers

Not as great as pa regals


Nice movie theater.

Brian Sciubba

Nice clean theater, half of the concession shut down.


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