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Alfred Kern

Pretty nice overall experience. I did not get to enjoy the movie much because, well, it just wasn’t very good, but that’s what it has been like lately. Nothing decent comes out. It’s like humanity is completely out of ideas for new good movies. The tavern is well managed, clean and has decent food. I will certainly come here again if another movie worth watching comes out.

Bridget S

Great location, clean, friendly staff. They have $5 Tuesdays with free popcorn. You really can't beat that!

Nancy Coll

Tuesday $5 deal is great. You get a movie and a free bag of popcorn. Our food was good, we're not talking fine dining but it was what we expected.

Angeliqué Israel

Exponentially better than the Flourtown location. All staff members greet you as soon as they see you. The food arrived before previews were over. Though we ordered a salad that never came, I just chalk it up to being a full theater and a bit of miscommunication. I will definitely be coming back. Highly recommend. This is how eat in theaters are supposed to be.

Desiree Collier

Beautifully big theater, nice comfortable reclining seats, great food service, and tasteful drinks/food. Highly recommend! We seen the new lion king tonight :)

Steve Barrera

Nice comfy chairs. This is an expensive way to do dinner and a movie.

Carol Cullen

This was my husband and my 1st time here we loved it, we will be back from the tickets sales, our waiter, (who by the way has spidey, sense ) haha was so friendly and answered my questions I had since it was our 1st time. The food was so good well worth the money and thank you for our free popcorn.

prathik bachaboidi

Manager was so helpful. Seating was so comfortable.

Stefan Soo Tim

As a movie theatre with reclining seats that serves beverages, it is a wonderful experience. The food they serve, however, is sub-par at best. I ordered the "carnivore" pizza and was served something that looked like slop on a flat plate. I tried to pry a slice free and to my dismay, at first I thought it was unsliced but I soon found that it was sliced, in little rectangles like you would a rectangular Sicilian pizza. What a mess! I decided I would try taking it home instead so I asked for a box for take-away and they brought me a rectangular box about 1/3 the size of the pizza. I assumed they made a mistake, and asked for a pizza box and they brought me another of the same box. In disgust, I left the pizza and the boxes there. I no longer order food from Movie Tavern. I no longer order desserts from Movie Tavern. If you're going to Movie Tavern, go for the luxury seating, the assortment of beverages but don't expect even diner quality cuisine. If you're in the Exton area, you're better off eating at one of the local restaurants before going to Movie Tavern. If you're going to the one in Collegeville, then PureFire pizza is a quick, in-expensive and delicious option for a meal before the movie. If you want something a bit more involved, Firebirds is always a great option as well.

Will P

Friendly staff and a great selection of menu items. For those wondering how movie tavern works, basically you order food and they bring it during your film so you can eat while watching. It's pretty neat for when you want a special occasion


Love this place , we get are tickets online but when got there at 8:07 movie starts at 8:30 when went to be they we're not setting yet waited till 8:28 and still did not let in they should allow more time to find your sets and to order food before movie starts in stead of doing it in dark not pleased with wait 15 min to go in ....

Tyneisha Gattis

Recently visited movie tavern I became very sick and had a ER visit due to the food. Overall the sever was excellent , very comfortable but it seems that lately the food has not been up to standard.

Katherine Barnhardt

Good food. Great service. Comfy seating!


Great theater for a movie and dinner

Sarah Acuna

Comfortable seats, $5 Tuesdays and a new easier to use app. The food and service aren't great, but the aren't bad either.

Mick Brannan

Can't beat $5 Tuesdays with free popcorn. Good movie and a date with the wife, all good.

Kyra Foggie

Good food great movies

Rich Dillon

Service was great!!! Server (Lauren) was extremely pleasant and efficient. Food came out pretty quickly exactly as ordered. Our server checked in with us enough to get what we wanted but without disrupting the movie. This place is so great! I liked Collegeville, but am so much happier now that there's a better one in Exton!!!

John Hee

It is a wonderful experience with the family unlike standard trips to the movies in the past. The joke about the cost of taking a family to the movies is however now more true than ever. I don't know that my family of four has gotten out of this place for under $120. OUCH!

saravanan gobi

5$ Tuesday movies are great.. Food quality also good

Jake Arnold

Charged $1 for butter on free popcorn day? Seriously? Everything here feels like a cash grab even when you are getting a “discount”

Tommy Madonna

Food is pretty good. Drinks a little pricey.


Absolutely amazing place. Everyone single one of the staff members is very friendly and happy. The food was really good and the drink selection was great too. I would recommend this dine in movie theater over the rest of the competition in the area. The prices are slightly higher here for tickets but it was worth the up charge.

Sachin bhatnagar

Amazing place. $5 Tuesdays are fun..

jake revlonski

Love it! Amazing service and super comfortable chairs. Cupcake wine is the best thing I ever tasted!

Michelle Thomas

We go regularly. Since bought by Marcus the food quality has gone downhill. The menu selections have been grealty reduced. Staff always freindly.

Johns Familyphone

The staff is so friendly and fun from the front desk all the way to the servers. My salad was very good.

Susan Christopher

I really enjoy the Movie Tavern in general and Axton is a great addition to the chain. What I think is really need is a have now added $3 family movies on Saturday morning making it more affordable for people with kids and of course someone like me who enjoys a good kids movie every now and again. The seating is comfortable and I really like the trend going towards pre-purchase spots. The food is good although I wish they had a few more healthier choices on the menu. Their salads are good and I do enjoy an appetizer every now and again. It's really neat that you can get a glass of wine and have your popcorn delivered! I've never had a problem with the service. Also, the servers do a great job of keeping it low-key. This is one of my favorite date night locations.

Nicole Carrillo

Awesome place. food was great and so were the drinks. Very nice staff and great service even during movie.

Lori Gurley

I loved this place..our server was really nice and patient to our clients that we took. The establishment was very clean..

Dave Evers

Dinner (or lunch or breakfast) with a movie in leather recliners. Fun, relaxing, and you don't have to clean dishes afterwards.

Fury Nick

If you have never been to the movie Tavern Good don't more room for me. But, if you want me to just stay in one spot come on over. Tuesday is the day I Go. Tuesday's for now are 5$ day and night. Theaters are clean☺☺☺☺

Hillary Hunter

Just get dinner and then go to a normal theater. It's not worth it.

Daniel GW

Good theater, comfortable seats. Food is just okay and they could use a better bear selection.

Christopher Battaglia

Good food, great service, comfortable seats, and cleanliness. Great destination for the movies

David Smith

Best movie theater ive been too

Matt Howey

Food wasn't too bad. Decent experience, but $$!!

Saely Espaillat

If I could give 0 stars I would... we got to the movie early so we could order our food no server ever came to us. I had to get up and ask for someone to serve us. After that we waited over an hour for our food, and order wasn’t even correct when I received it. My server failed to mention that they were out of Ice, and gave me a disgusting warm soda. I would’ve gotten water if I would’ve been informed that there was no ice, and would’ve saved 10 dollars on two drinks. Only positive experience was the very understanding manager. Will not be returning.

Wayne Gamble

Awesome place all in one eat,drink and watch a good movie

Carol Fish

Great $5 movies on Tuesday The seats could have been cleaned better. Employees great.

panneer a

Comfortable seats and very good movie experience

Jessica Herr

Sit back on a recliner enjoy dinner and a drink and enjoy the show! A really cool theater we go to for special occasions or just because

Nidhi Patel

I love Movie Tavern. BUT... Recently they did change their menu of food which I am not a fan. I feel like in trying to add more menu items the quality of the food as decreased extremely. They also do not have regular crust pizza it is only thin crust pizza cut into about 14 pieces (super inconvenient). They also removed the Chocolate chip cookie which is a classic dessert item. Also we went on a Tuesday and never got the free popcorn which they advertise EVERY movie preview. (I hope Movie Tavern at least addresses this. all my other comments are pure opinion but they literally advertise this) (Disclaimer: We are vegetarians) Aside from all this, the reclining seats are very comfortable. The service is also great. The temperature of the theater is a bit cold at times but we just take our own blanket and make it cozy :)

Deana Steil

Went for the very first time last weekend and I'm sorry I waited so long. The experience was fantastic. Love the way it's laid out and all of the employees were very friendly.

Scott Chance

The Movie Tavern provides an excellent service of casual dining and drinks too, if you wish, while enjoying a movie. The electric recliners are also quite comfortable. Four stars for spending close to a hundred bucks for two people, without alcohol.

Kyle Provo

Great food, comfortable seating. Make sure Alex is your server. She is amazing 3000. Great menu for breakfast and lunch with specials all at reasonable prices.

Jessica Byrd

Super expensive. Food is good

Magali Tranie

I actually don't understand why people like having servers interrupt the movie to ask you about your food. Went to see End Game and he kept coming by and being super attentive, which is normally awesome but in this case, I kept missing bits of dialog. Not for me, I guess!

Dezsaray Shores

We see all of our Marvel movies here, this place is the best!

Sarah Toms

After years and years of serving meh food, about a year ago The Movie Tavern fixed the menu and started offering nicer, gastropub choices ... Tonight we went back and were disgusted by how bad the food has become. Bring back the fresh, tasty choices! We live in Exton but will be taking our business back to AMC DineIn.

Merrie Schonbach

Theater was clean and we'll maintained. Drinks are all from one of the 100 drink soda machines. If you like ice teas they only sell Pure Leaf in the bottle. Food is average mostly heated up items.

Marcia Bauman

Love $5 Tuesdays (with free popcorn) and "Young at Heart" (senior) matinees on Friday.

Valerie Greet

New ownership and new menu. Flashback Cinema, classic movies shown on Sundays, is gone. Food is pretty junky, burgers, fries, tacos, fried stuff like pickles and mozzarella sticks, and mac and cheese, kind of like Applebees. Service can be pretty bad, can take a long time to get food and drink, although wait staff is friendly. Go on Tuesdays, pay $5 and eat the free popcorn. If you order wine, don't order the rose, you'll never get it.

Lori Johns

Had their salad with salmon and brussel sprouts and it was so good!


Nick was a great server for us. We went on 11Dec18 to see the new Grinch movie. Nick ensured everything we had was perfect and would literally run to avoid being in the way. Explained how everything worked. No orders messed up. Knew the entire menu amd amber super positive and extremely friendly. We never have had a service as flawless as his. Food ordered: BBQ wings - pretty standard Mozzarella sticks - pretty standard Nachos - really good. Would recommend. Churros - were pretty good. Not my thing but my girlfriend likes them. Drinks were made pretty strong so that was definitely a plus in my book! We will be coming back here again.

Joseph Coleman

Enjoyed The Kitchen Movie, also an ice cream sundae for my birthday and a cup of freshly brewed coffee served by Jason. Thank you.

C.A. Jefferson

Great atmosphere, great food and service. Prices are good and menu selection is broad. Dinner and a movie all in one. Definitely will be going again.

teryk carpio

So u can watch a movie and eat food, its a lil over priced but all arround fun.. no arcade no other entertainmaent, so dont come early unless u like staring at ur feet...the chairs recline and each chair has a table that swings back and forth for easy use..a call button lets them no you have money to burn for food stuffs....

Sihan Huang

Combining a restaurant and a movie theater together is definitely a cool concept. Saves me a lot of time as well!! The recliner seats are awesome too! However, there are some problems that might cause me to go there less in the future. 1. When I watched Toy Story 4, my food did not come out till the end of the movie. 2. The price of the food is reasonable, but drinks were definitely overpriced. I ordered a diet pepsi and a Guinness beer, it was $5 + $7.50!!! 3. I am a reward member, I was supposed to get free popcorn on Tuesday, however they charged me $1 to have butter on the popcorn. It is like charging for putting ketchup on a hot dog :(


This place is fantastic, The service never fails the food is always good the prices are reasonable and they have so many showtimes it’s great. I’d recommend this to anybody who would like to see a movie especially with their new promotion where you can see a movie on Tuesdays for five dollars plus you get a popcorn with that deal you really can’t beat it!! And if I’m not mistaken I think new releases are also included which is pretty cool because they could definitely exclude the big title movies like the avengers

Pete DiPaolo

Enjoying a cocktail at the movies is a good idea but the traffic and subsequent noise it creates takes away from the experience.

Jamie Burro

I love this place a lot more than is probably healthy. I have been here a number of times. I enjoy the food. Though, every time the menu is changed, they seem to take off the stuff I like, but it's not that hard to find something else anyway. The service is typically great. Every so often there's an issue (like the time I waited over an hour for tomato soup and grilled cheese), but overall, it's been great. The people are nice. The environment is nice. I'll go see movies that I don't even want to see that badly because I genuinely enjoy this place.

Leon Cleveland

I expected a better tastier meal. I order a steak and shrimp but everything on the plate seemed overcooked and even "old" as if is was somebody else's order.

Jerome Lindsay

Our waiter was quick and courteous, all of our orders were out fast and accurate. Always a good experience at this theater.

lori lassak

Food is mediocre. Seats are comfy. Just wish the place was a bit cleaner since it looks like they don't clean up between showings

James Poland

I loved it! I can have a couple beers while watching a movie. Comfortable seating, friendly staff, and quite a selection of food and drinks. For the movie purist staff walking around during the movie might be a bit annoying. I had no problems withthis, they do their best to be quick and stay out of the way.

Beth Mcguigan

Had chicken tacos with movie. Did not taste good. Chicken was mashed up like tuna fish and tasted off. Just a big glumped mess on a tortilla. Within 7 hours I had severe food poisoning. Called and spoke with manager who denied everything I told him. He repeated as if reading from a training manual. No compassion nor any follow up. As we left on Saturday eve after the movie, walked past the kitchen and the area was permeated with the smell of garbage/ sewer. Could not imagine what the smell was actually from. Also, my husband's burger did not taste good. Do not have Movie Tavern's food! Who knows what is crawling around that kitchen.

Peter Castillo

Nice staff, didn't eat anything but I'm sure the food there is good as well. $5 for a bottle of water is a bit much though, luckily they give out free cups

Jordan Axt

Great service experience and comfy seats. I actually was slightly disappointed that my wine wasn’t really cold and they took it back and brought me back and ice cold glass at their insistence. Made me really happy.

Angela Huyghue

Movie Tavern please open your location in Lancaster soon!!! Imagine sitting in a leather lounge chair with tray and server in front of you ready to take your order of food and drink for your Choice of Movie! The food is excellent and anyone that tells you differently simply does NOT know how to order for example you never walk into a Seafood Restaurant and order Fried Chicken and expect it to be the best you ever had, right? Our server was Johnny on the Spot. I ordered two Adult beverages before the movie started and my Johnny said "Would you like me to bring one now and the other 20 minutes later?"

Raheem M. Abid

Great theatre! Always super clean and well kept. The staff members are incredibly friendly. The food and drink options are great and the seats are very comfortable. A fantastic place to go to the movies. Highly recommend.

Myria Nerolich

My boyfriend and I come here a good amount the seats are super comfy and the drinks are pretty good for the price. However the food isn’t all that great which is disappointing because of how much they charge. I usually don’t have too much to complain about overall but this time the waiter messed up our whole rows checks and even managed to add things on checks that weren’t ordered. Considering they swipe your card with your order makes that very concerning. Other than that it’s a pretty good atmosphere, a little pricey though. If you’re looking to save a few order your tickets on a Tuesday because they’re only $5 on those days.

Jamie Melville

Not the most expensive movie ticket but definitely not the cheapest. Very comfortable seats and friendly wait staff. The food is good.

Adam Kunz

It's just great... For what you get, when compared to your typical theater, the food is excellent and reasonably priced. The seats are huge and comfy and they recline. Matinees are very good price. And popcorn is free on Tuesdays. What else could you ask for?

Comedy Adjasont

the food has been going downhill steadily for the past 2 years. last time I went it was practically inedible. I heard there was exclusive cards so I was gonna go see the pikachu movie today, so I called and was told they "still have a ton of the limited edition cards" and went for the next showing to find out I was lied to. I understand that stuff happens, but if theres one thing I dont understand it's being forced to waste my time, money, and energy due to employee incompetence.

Christopher Harrer

Watched the new Tarintino movie in complete comfort with food and drink. This is the way to go to the movies!

Rich Sara

Great food very comfortable but very expensive

Sean Rutledge

Well laid out theater with dining and electric reclining chairs. Well worth the ticket price and we'll definitely return.

Jonathan Moody

Friendly service and good food. We had a great time!


Had a great time, service and food made the experience much better

john m. muller

2 May 2019* This was a mess. My wife and I split a carnivore pizza. The pizza was not cut all the way through the crust. It also was cut in a grid pattern. It did not come apart properly and when cut with the knife the toppings slipped of the crust. So the mess was eaten with a combination of fork and fingers. All while a movie is going on. Service The service was awful. The fellow had his speech down and did not stop during said speech. When we changed our order he had already sent in the first part and told us it was corrected. Then at the end of the movie we were given the wrong bill. He tried to correct it and we were given yet another bill that was incorrect for it had the first cancelled item on it. We still gave him a good tip. This morning I find that we have been overcharged by an additional six dollars. So now I have to go fix this problem.

Lisa Jeanette

I was surprised at how well run this place is. The employees seem like they love working there. The food and service was great - there are definitely healthy choices on the menu. Was not expecting this experience to be so positive!

Karen Stephenson

I had a great time! Nice place to go, for dinner and a movie. I love the reclining seats they are so comfortable!

Carole Zipperlen

We watched the movie "Glass". The movie was excellent and the food filling. I want to compliment Nick G. and John for making this evening even better.

Chante Moses

Absolutely love this place, the seating and the food is so good. It's a little pricey but who cares when you can watch a good movie while getting good service and food. They got my vote!

Ashish Khedkar

Great movie experience!

Amber Crouse

I Love the food,l however it can be a bit pricey. terrific service very friendly staff always making sure you are taken care of. amazing movie quality sound and visually. comfy seats reclining for comfort easy to fall asleep . overall apealing and comforting expierience for any movie.

David Stewart

A combination of Restaurant and Movie Theater. There is nothing better if you want a night of entertainment. The staff at this location are always pleasant, and helpful. While the prices have gone up a bit since Marcus took over, the food is still amazing!

Steven Ferracci

Spacious reclining seats, good selection food and drink and servers are fast. Reasonable price.

Jannette Bickert

Best chairs ever and so comfy! Our server was super friendly and high energy!! Food was very good, can't wait to go back!

Andy Crosby

I would hardly call it gourmet food. On more than one occasion, the food was partially frozen. Prepare for a stomach ache.

Ron Beebe

Really like it here. Bartender is really good peeps.

Sandeep Pinjerla

Loved the experience. Food was good and moreover service is very neat and just perfect. Even the front seats weren’t that bad. Would love to again any time. Huge parking around the building.

Thais da Silva

Huge improvement with new ownership. This 5-star review is mainly for the amazing service from Zoe. She made the experience the best! Seriously the best server we have ever had!!

Candida Warfel

Lots of fun! Relaxing and comfy seats

Lauren Crean

Comfy chairs! Not all of the Movie Taverns have reclining chairs, but this location does. It's a great way to watch a movie. The food is decent. I haven't found anything amazing to eat, but there a couple of things on the menu that I like. The food comes out quickly, so we usually ask them to space the entrees and appetizers so they don't come out within a few minutes of each other. I like that they serve water in giant glasses because I drink a ton of water, and this way I don't need to constantly call the server for a refill. I also like that you choose your seats when you purchase the tickets, so you don't have to worry about getting there super early to get a good seat.

Dmitry Akselrod

I am giving the movie theater 5 stars, but if you are there for food, I wouldn't expect too much. I am never there for the food and I love watching movies in this theater. The seats are amazingly comfortable. Sound and picture are fantastic. Best of all the audience stays quiet, even the children.


Comfortable theater and great value if you catch their $5 movie Tuesday (you also get a free little popcorn!)! Sadly, the food is expensive and pretty garbage. We tried the Game Day Platter, thinking we could try a bit of everything and have enough to share but it was tiny and we picked around stringy wings and soggy mini sliders. Soft drinks are close to $5 a piece, and we paid $12 for a Bloody Mary that was basically tomato juice. My advice: go for the recliners and $5 movie, but eat before you get there.

Tristan Anderson

Excellent staff and a great movie theater. The food could use some work, but for the most part is is okay. Highly recommended to a moviegoer who wants to enjoy a film and grab a drink.

Maria Giudetti

We have been at this location several times and although the service and food were never spectacular it was acceptable. Tonight however we had a terrible experience. They would not let us into the theater until it was almost time for the movie to start, claiming that the crew was cleaning it. The lady checking tickets was incredibly rude. It turned out it was not even true. Then we to wait 40 minutes drinks to come and over an hour for food. The hamburger I ordered was so overcooked that I could not it. The staff was apologetic, blamed it on Mother’s Day being super busy, still... it felt like they seriously understaffed. We were still there waiting for our check after the movie had ended... Do not go on a holiday.

Shawnee Strehse

Movie Tavern is one of my favorite locations for a date night or for a movie night with my 8 year old. Food is good, seating is incredibly comfortable and spacious, amd service is great.


Ridiculous prices for pretty average food, but I guess you're paying for the "experience." Staff was very friendly.

David hollebeek

This used to be a great chain, but it seems like it's just overpriced now. Maybe the novelty has worn off. I wasn't that hungry so I got the chicken wings and the portions seemed really small for the price. And the service was slow too, which isn't surprising since they have fewer servers and depend on a call button now. I guess this place is now for those people who absolutely must drink while watching a movie.

Jack Mort

Very nice movie theater food was good very comfortable recliners staff was friendly slow but friendly took the waiter 45 mins to bring me a refill besides the slow staff everything else was pleasing

Chinda Kao

Just signed up for Magical Movie Rewards and tried to use it at Exton location on theatre meal. Server stated it didn't apply for food. Got the check. On the black booklet the check comes in, it even advertised to ask for the Magical Movie Rewards to be applied to your meal! Please train your staff better. Well at least train Alex S better.

David Tirpak Sr

Good movie ,good seats,great specials.

Brian Ewing

Too much commotion to really enjoy a movie.

Cameron Powell

Fun experience movie and food with super relaxing chairs.. be careful or you'll fall asleep

Olivia Sommar

The food was great and the show even better. The server went above and beyond to make sure that our experience was amazing

Mona A.

I just had my daughter's birthday over there!! Everything was beyond spectacular!!! Kym the event specialist took absolute care of everybody. Our server was Dylan..a perfect proffesdional gentleman and made sure everyone was happy. Thank you so much for everything.

Devon Roncase

Awesome to order drinks/food while watching a great movie..and the seats are extra comfortable

Manjunath Hampole

Clean and overall very good place. Staff is friendly. They take good care and check up if we need anything through out the movie.. very much recommended. Food is also good

Matthew Gusler

It was fine as a movie theater. My drink was brought out significantly after my food. When I asked about it, was told that "they come from different places." Besides that, it was clean service was quick and fairly non-intrusive during the movie. Theatre was clean, bathroom floors were sticky.


Foods bad, movies are good. The tacos had horrible tasting meat.

Aaron Resnik

Always an enjoyable time. Love the $5 movies on Tuesdays.

William Foley

Excellent service! Food was tasty, seats were comfy, and all the waiters and waitresses are always there for you. Make sure you tip them well!

Michele Zinner

Love to see movies here. Comfy seating, courteous staff and Brad Pitt Ad Astra kept me awake. Good. Thoughtful movie

B Williams

The new menu is horrible, all the items I like were removed. The food now taste bad overall. The drinks are horrible. They changed the menu and added 19 specialty drinks. While the price is high for drinks they primarily consist of lots of ice and 90% syrup. Don’t think people don’t notice that. Not to mention you got the blue light and it will almost 10mins or more before someone comes. Also in Exton they have changed the policy to pay cash up front before you get your food. What if I want to order more food or drinks during the movie. That just says to me that they don’t trust the customers to pay at the end.

Sai Tarun Meka

The best movie theater. Great seats, in-seat food ordering (just press a button on your seat for service).

Marie Remy

This is the first time my daughter bring here we'll l enjoyed every minutes of it

Dominic Smith

Good food, good drinks, and to can kick your feed up, man I love this place


Pretty good customer service. Seats are great! Food and food service was great. Great bar drinks.

William Chuisano

Pretty cool place, watch movie and eat at same time in comfy recliners! I would give it a 5 star if the meals were a little bit better

Benjamin Sauk

The movie tavern is awesome. Simplifies the concept of a meal and a movie into one trip and is good at both. The seats are comfortable and the service was very good. They were also open on Thanksgiving so I could watch Harry Potter!

Chaitanya Motupalli

Nice place to watch a movie, but horrible place to dine in and watch a movie. Food here sucks and over priced. I ordered chicken tenders, you wonder how can anyone screw the tenders, well i got roasted chicken nuggets. Its garbage. Don't order food here!

Kalpit Nagrecha

Clean , good food , decent screen size. Immense value for money. Tuesday $5 with free popcorn is amazing ! Way ahead of its competition in the area.

Dee Maurer

I was just visiting the area and went here. Love this experience... wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised with good food and good drinks. Need one of these where I live

Qiana Treadwell

Great staff, great service, clean location, good food choices (although VERY pricey, but what theater ISN'T nowadays?!

christopher glakas

***HONEST REASONS TO AVOID THIS PLACE!*** ***IT'S NOT GETTING BETTER!!!*** Horrible experience during Avengers Endgame. -The theater was incredibly hot and humid, before the theater was filled. -The ac was obviously off or broken. -There was no ice available so drinks were served room temperature and disgusting. -They also left the lights completely on throughout the entire movie. Not dim...they actually left the lights on. Everyone on the staff had a different excuse when asked about. -The sound for the movie was also not coming through the speakers properly. People were beginning to notice the lack of base coming from the speakers/subwoofers. This was by far the worst experience at a movie tavern/movie theater in general and I will not be going back. I will tell everyone I know about this experience. All of these problems are entirely manageable and in the control of the theater yet they failed. Usually a bad movie experience is due to the people in the audience, but this wasn't. This place has completely gone downhill over the past 2 years. Save your money and wait for the movie to come out on Amazon. Also the movie experience is continously ruined by staff shouting throughout the movie while taking orders or having side conversations with other staff members. They honestly don't even try to be less distracting. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! You'd expect with a big premiere like Endgame there would be some attempt at professionalism, but sadly there wasn't.

Jim Shaut

Daughter and Is first time - loved it and was a cool experience


The new menu is much better!

Katie D'Amico

Great place to watch a movie. Comfortable seating. Food I think is a little over priced. Server was horrible. Only checked on us once and didn't even come pick up the check had to go find him.

Jeana Schreiber

I used to work here (it's been two and a half years though) and I can say that it's definitely not up to snuff anymore. It's not the servers or the employees but the actual training itself from the higher ups. For one, I asked for cheese on my sandwich and they forgot it. The server came back with a huge plate and a slice of American cheese on it, that was fine but they need to read the tickets better in the back or something. They advise that you arrive 30 minutes before the movie to get food delivered to you before it starts, cool. We got there 30 minutes before and weren't let in until 15 minutes before. It was a smaller theater and the cleaning time isn't that unmanageable. Food came during the movie itself. They have changed how they give you sauces. When you order something with fries you get one ketchup packet for the whole plate, not exactly enough. They only do prepackaged sauces now which is fine if you actually bring enough for it to be worth it.

Holly Stong

took 15 mins to get waited on and not even a packed theater than I felt rushed to pay the waiter handed me my bill not event half way through the movie and than proceeded to harass me if i am ready to pay yet ! oh and nobody else had a bill just me he kept running into my feet i mean come on i didnt even have the chair fully extended ...let's just say overall they need to up some standards for these waiters and waitresses....not a very positive experience today

Susan Sylvester

Waited 90 minutes for food to be delivered. Server was very good, felt sorry for her and the predicament the kitchen was putting her in. Facility clean and food good when it finally arrived. If a manager had come and apologized and spoken with us I would know they were at least trying. Situation handled badly.

David Pilz

For a movie theater, not too expensive. Food is somewhat pricey. Food is standard fare, burger, fries, pizza and such. Sodas are huge. They are trying to get a liquor license. Seats are comfy. Not bad views from seating. Worth doing at least once.

Kimberly Moore

How do you mess up a movie theater?!? Popcorn was cold and salty. Not buttery at all. Half the reason I like going to movie theater is the movie theater popcorn! Won’t be returning

Dave Gingrich

Was just at Exton Location. We were the first one's in the theaters, yet it took an hour to get our food. Burger tasted like it's been under a heat lamp for 4 hours. Chairs are comfortable, but there isn't enough space for the staff to walk by without clipping your feet each time when reclined. I think we'll eat at home and just go there to watch the movie next time.

Joy Vining

Fun food and great $5 Tuesday!!

Joe O

Way to loud. Made my ears bleed. Manager said they could not turn down sound. Measured sound and it was way over 100 db. Will never go back again!!!!!

Mikayla Malchione

Beautiful and large screens. Slightly expensive. Wish they had more vegan options.

Giovanni Damato

Great experience. Better than watching a movie in your living room. Food was great and the beer was cold.

Matt Seese

I love the idea of having nice recliners to sit on, instead of being packed in, in tiny seats, and the Movie Tavern is set up very well this way. The theaters seem to always be well cleaned between showings, and the floors are carpeted, so you never get that sticky feeling walking across the floors. The neat added thing of having a restaurant that brings food to your seat is a great idea and is fairly well executed here. There is a good range of food options on the menu, and they do seem to try to make menu changes every so often so you don't feel like you would have to keep eating the same thing over and over. The food itself ranges from just OK, to actually pretty good, but just like anyplace like this, looking at the calorie counts is a dangerous thing. The movie selections are always current of course, but they also offer some nights with retro movies, or other types of themed movie selections. You would need to check their website for days and showtimes for those, as they change all the time. I did include a picture of a series of kugmds movies being shown over this summer though.

Debbie Lyons

Nice but a bit on the expensive side for food.

Bob M.

My wife and I went to the Exton Movie Tavern a few weeks and did not have a good experience. We had been there numerous times before but this and never had a bad experience. However, it was the first time we went under Marcus Theatre management since they bought Movie Tavern last February. We were not impressed. We got there a half hour before as we always did before to eat dinner early. We were denied entrance for about 15 minutes. Our food order was taken about 10 minutes after seating. So far so good. The movie started and my wife was delivered her dinner about 50 minutes into it or about an hour 10 minutes after ordering. Not good. Then I waited...and waited...and waited. Finally with 25 minutes to go until the end of the movie my burger came out. This was after I asked the server twice what was going on. I did notice that food was coming out in dribs and drabs over the course of the movie to other folks. That being said I will give them another chance to see how they do. If it happens again I won't go back and instead use the Regal Theatre a short distance away. Regal has the same comfy reclining seats Movie Tavern does as well as 16 screens. By the way, the menu of dinner items has changed and has become a lot more boring than before, especially the salad offerings. That is also unfortunate.

Michael Kraszewski

Just saw a movie last night, was the first time I'd been there since the ownership change. They have changed the menu which was expected and the food was better than the last few times I was there, everything came out hot/warm in a timely manner. There was still some confusion among the servers as to who certain drinks and meals were going to, but, that's expected it seems like they are training new people every time I've been there. Draft list seemed a little dumbed down selection wise, not sure if that was just due to timeing or they are cutting back on offerings. Overall compared to my last experience there it was a complete 180 and that's a good thing.

Kelly Hanshew

Food is good but has a mildew smell they do not take care of. Neither do they listen when we complained.

Cheryl B

We had a large group and didn't get our food until movie was almost over. Food was cold and not too good. Saving grace, the manager did apologize and let us know this was not norm. So we will try again. Please, clean up after each session.


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